The Mass Sleep Out Against The Bedroom Tax – August 24th

mass-sleep-outOver 40 towns and cities in the UK and Ireland planning to take part!

To gather in all main cities in the U.K. and sleep on the streets, to raise awareness of the impending mass homelessness brought on by bedroom tax.

Help spread the word on Twitter Please Hashtag #TMSO

Also: Actions against sanctions in Glasgow today and Bootle on Thur!

Blogging will remain sporadic until September.

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69 responses to “The Mass Sleep Out Against The Bedroom Tax – August 24th

  1. Please show your support for the people affected by the unfair Bedroom Tax…
    Take thirty seconds to sign our growing petition against the Bedroom Tax now at:
    Thank you…

    • I signed the petition yesterday (while on a computer at the work program) Not a hard core thing to do but, all the same I am somewhat smug for having used their computer

      • something survived...

        Work Programme staff guy is now (long after it ended) continuing to follow me round town. He followed me today. I reckon that is stalking. Does he think I’m committing benefit fraud? Yes I had a large shopping bag but, there was no bus, I used my first money in ages to spend a tenner on shopping, most of the bag was a double pack of tissues on special offer at Lidl. I have bad hayfever and need it. What are we supposed to use if not tissues? My CV? Employers will love that…

        UJM sent my email address malware. This morning I emailed myself more malware, only I didn’t; I was at home having major epileptic seizures, at the very time it claims I was here sending viruses to myself! Scum. It also sent a pile of bogus companies to pester me with fake jobs and ones you have to pay for. And offers from Nigeria all promising that I’d won millions of pounds. And UJM sold my email address to somebody who said from America that they had interviewed me (no they didn’t) and I’d got a job with them; and that if I typed all day I could earn 300 dollars for 45 minutes of typing if I did the job. It looks like a scam. As it’s online it seems silly that you would be typing from scratch, surely it’d be cut and paste. And how did they interview me when I’ve not been to America for 13 years? And they don’t know which country I live in, as they’d know if they’d really interviewed me as they claimed to have done. Plus, it is based on having a very fast typing speed. They do not recognise that my typing is less than a quarter of the speed expected in the workplace and I’m disabled. They don’t mention accuracy, quality, knowledge, English language skills.They didn’t say who the company is or what I’d be typing; I don’t for example want to promote the military, family-values groups, catfood, alcohol, debt/gambling, McDonalds, workfare, etc etc.
        How can you even if it is a legitimate company, sign up to type whatever they tell you to say? I wouldn’t force someone who was pro-McDonalds for example to write something against it, or force someone to go to an event they don’t believe in.

        UJM also caused me to be sent an email that said it was from recent lottery winners, giving me £800,000. It clearly wasn’t from them; so I’ve told the Lottery to tell them they’re being impersonated, etc. One ad that didn’t come from UJM, was one I subscribe to because of my language work, and it offered a week in Spain teaching English and learning to teach it. You get free food and accommodation. It said you only have to pay for a £70 flight to Madrid. Well, at that price the only carriers I know of are Easyjet and Ryanair, both of which I boycott because of their crap treatment of disabled passengers and their shit attitude to passengers in general. I’d have to pay more AND get a special offer, from another airline. It might be cheaper to get there by Interrail or even coach. Or ferry, but none of the placements are in Galicia, the area I’d like to go to. Now assuming I could sort out getting a whole week of veggie food (Every previous trip to Spain has resulted in 3 salads a day, unfortunately), I would have been up for it. So I didn’t delete it at first. I thought it would look good on my CV to say that I used my own initiative and finances to train in TEFL, and was able to travel abroad independently as a disabled person, and spent a week teaching Spanish people conversational English.
        As a second choice I would have liked a placement in the Pyrenees. But there doesn’t appear to be one. One is on a ranch, so might give the rural experience I was looking for, or then again it could be in the middle of nowhere without public transport and with nothing I could eat.
        And the ‘eejits’ at the JCP tell you to think outside the box (then blame you when you do). At the very least it must make me about 2% less unemployable. Here is where I hit a brick wall. The JCP refuse to allow me to leave the country without permission, particularly not to do unpaid work and unpaid training for a week. Then they said I could go but: they would stop all my dole and HB for 6 months if I went.
        Really they are morons. They don’t want you to have found yourself anything, or do anything you wanted to do. They’d rather I was doing workfare in a placement I hated. Ironically I reckon I’d be GOOD AT the job in Spain!
        So reluctantly I hit delete.

        Meanwhile, UJM’s own Bad Tooth Fairy scattered some brick dust my way, in the form of the UJM email. It sent me another weekly list of jobs far away I can’t possibly do. The only real job in my city was one I’m banned from because I objected to their employment practices, working conditions, and the way they force the poor into debt and obligations to endlessly buy. But I’ve had too many seizures this week to make it into the JCP that much, and I need to do jobpoint tomorrow or be sanctioned. And the next working day, Monday, I sign on again. They will ask what jobs I applied for. So I figured tonight I’d have to grit my teeth and actually apply for a job on UJM. I clicked what I thought was ‘Apply’, but it turned out to be ‘Submit’ (button to get yourself automatically sanctioned). Fortunately, this button refused to work, as it said I had not cited a reason for refusing the job. (um I was trying to APPLY for the sodding job you morons, and spasms can cause me to click at inopportune times) I quickly deliberately caused the tab to crash, and opened a new tab. I got back to the same job, and this time clicked on the Apply button. It took me back to the same page with the ‘submit reason for refusing job’ button on it. This told me to phone. Well it is hours after work hours end, I don’t have a phone, I can’t afford a public phonebox call, I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to hear the person or vice versa. And whereas sending emails is free, it is at least 60p to call up the guy at the employer, when I know he’ll be furious with me for calling. 60p is enough to buy me economy pasta for 4 days. So why the fuck would I starve for 4 days a week, to pay for a phonecall to an already pissed-off employer who will be rude to me and call me a joke caller. When I don’t have to be psychic to already know the outcome of my application. And of course the JCP staff would say, you have self esteem issues and you can’t possibly know you won’t get the job.

        Well actually I do know. Because it is a job in Ellesmere Port, a day away if you go on the motorway. ‘Commute by train’, the JCP would say. (Except that costs about three times as much as you’d be paid per week from the job!) And the final decisive point about why I could not possibly get this miraculous, wonderful job?

        Because it is a job driving tipper trucks. (JCP: ‘Take it!’)
        /but my epilepsy bans me from ever holding a driving licence!

        • You got passed as fit for work despite having all those seizures? Jeez! This system is disgusting and must be overhauled.

          Have you noticed on the submit button on UJM the reasons for turning down a job don’t include, too far away, too many travel expenses, not enough hours. Not the main reasons for turning a job down. Just reasons to hit you for a sanction, sneaky cunts.

          • something survived...

            yep: and when I got sent in 2009 to dig holes, several older men and women with terminal cancer got sent to clear an overgrown graveyard in a church with no toilet facilities, at the same WPP (All4Emma). To twist the knife A4E, the cunts, called the press – and the papers ran a success story (on their graveyard scheme not mine) about how A4E was a wonderful provider of jobs and training and opportunities (was it fuck!), and the story called the people (all either 1) older jobseekers with cancer, 2) WRAG group disabled on ESA, 3) other disabled people on JSA; or 4) nondisabled people on JSA, plus NEETS, who had drug/alcohol abuse problems, mental health issues, criminal issues, behavioural issues, learning disability or difficulty.) “volunteers” They were photographed too, and captioned Volunteers. I told the paper the truth, but got no reply.
            Imagine getting cancer and because you are expected to die in over 6 months you get put onto WRAG or even JSA, and then have to sign on, then get sent to work scheme (as it was then) and they then send you on Workfare?! Though there was no training, what training do you really need for ripping up tangled bushes? Hardly a fucking job, as you are not paid. And opportunity/future, if terminal = just die, workfare or none.

            • Something survived
              “YOU TOLD THE PAPER THE TRUTH, BUT GOT NO REPLY” well done for this. Disgusting making people with cancer with only six months to live, to work for fuck all in a grave yard. This is sticking the knife in a bit. I am disgusted to hear this. I know how nasty wrag is mind. Funny how you get SILENCE when the truth is told. I have seen it time and time again in my life time.

            • Workfare for terminal cancer sufferers. Every time I think they couldn’t get any lower they surpass themselves. What kind of evil fucker thinks up this shit! Scum.

          • Yeah, it’s an auto-sanction… but think about it… say you win a few quid on the lottery, at the bookies or for whatever reason you are feeling flush and decide to make a charitable donation to the government coffers. There you have it an instant “DONATE NOW” button.

        • Micheal O'Leary

          Well, I be darned if you object to the Wheelchair Levy… you think I have time to push you around the airport you fucking cripple?

          • Michael if you ever get sick of your current job and you want to piss off a much greater amount of people than you already do, give it 6 months. You’d be a shoe in for DWP secretary once old Dickhead-shit has got the boot. The moneys fantastic, barely any hours, slap up lunches for doing fuck all and unlimited amounts of poor peoples blood to drink for the more vampire like parasitical creature. It’s made for you.

          • Language, language, Michael dear, boy… this is a family-friendly blog 🙂 And, top ‘o the morning to you 🙂

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  3. Landless Peasant

    The only way I can possibly pay any Bedroom Tax is by committing crime. Is that what you want Mr. Cameron? Ok, fair enough, a life of crime it is then. Fuck you.

    • something survived...

      Inspired by Hoovervilles (slums), Hoover Blankets (newspapers) and Hoover Hogs (rabbits), here are some terms we should introduce and popularise as marks of our era, and for the present administration to be known in this way for the rest of human history.

      CAMERON CONDO: A cardboard box.
      POVERTY PORRIDGE: Another cardboard box.
      AUSTERITY ICECREAM: Frozen midwinter sperm in a discarded used condom.
      DUNCAN-SMITH DINING: Climbing in a skip or rummaging through a bin, in order to find something to eat.
      SLIMMER’S SURPRISE: The dole
      HEALTHY OPTION: Air for dinner again
      OSBORNE ACCOUNTING: An empty wallet and an empty bank account
      MCVEY MOTIVATION: This is where we take away your wheelchair.
      IDS SHOES: Chip-papers tied round your feet in winter
      FAMILY VALUES: An evicted family shivering under a bridge
      HAGUE HOLIDAY: 4 weeks of workfare living in a shipping container on the east coast and picking cabbages for no pay
      GRANT SHAPPS GARDEN: Two old trolleys, some urine-soaked mattresses, a pile of bottles, and half a burnt-out car.
      HUNT HEALTHCARE: A bottle of antifreeze to drink
      MICHAEL GOVE MATHS: £0 plus £0 = £0
      =1 Closed-Down School
      LANSLEY LIMO: A shopping trolley that still has wheels
      THERESA MAY TIMESHARE: Detention without Trial
      G4S GRIN: The graph showing the profits of the workfare companies.
      KEN CLARKE CHARITY: Pork pies for Muslims
      CHRIS GRAYLING COURTS: Innocent Until Proven Asian
      NICK CLEGG RESOLVE: Formerly known as Blancmange
      BROKEN BRITAIN BOG: Telephone box
      WONGA WINDFALL: Getting £5000 (lent by another shark) to reduce your debt of £50000
      BP 2013: Beyond Pay
      DUNCAN-SMITH DUVET: A copy of the Sun to sleep under when homeless
      LANSLEY LIBRARY: The ingredients lists on some packets and boxes, next to a broken jobpoint machine.
      CABINET JAM: 95% Earwax, 5% Pubes (they all contributed)
      MARK HOBAN MENU: Socks with ketchup
      DWP DOWNSIZING: Eviction onto the street
      BED-BLOCKING: Life
      PICKLES PIE: A cat
      DEFRA DELI BURGER: A horse
      JOB CREATION: Workfare, McJobs, Nonjobs, Fake jobs, Scams, etc. collectively
      IDS RATIONS: 4 tins of baked beans (to last a week)
      PAY AS YOU DIE: Self-explana-Tory
      LANSLEY LUXURY: A tent
      IDIOT BOX: The Cabinet

      You get the idea…

      • Something Survived – the view now is benefit claimants are not supposed to do anything (pastimes, hobbies), go anywhere or even have a pet, otherwise have any of the things that bring any pleasure to life.
        This mean-spirited attitude is repeated ad nauseaum by the swivel-eyed right-wingnut press to their brainwashed, up-themselves middle-class readership, who lap up this shit that “benefits are too generous”
        Meanwhile back in Camoronland there seems to be plenty to squander on foreign “aid”–How-1billion-cash-used-help-Nigeria-join-space-race.html.If this report is true, one has to doubt the priorities of the condems when there are individuals & families in the UK starving & homeless. What happened to charity begins at home? Doesn’t look good on the world stage though,
        Fuck the Nigerians, maybe they’ll return the favour & send aid to the UK’s destitute, ha,ha!. Some hope.

  4. Landless Peasant

    I signed the petition but they seem to have blocked my comment!

  5. Up to 50 events now – and still growing!

    • overburdenddonkey

      due to cumulative affects of my illnesses caused by a harsh working life.. i am unable to attend..but i will be with you in spirit, it is a really creative idea..i thank you for the inspiration that it has provided me with today..

  6. overburdenddonkey

    the whole system is oppressive and demoralizing, disability and/or unemployment, blamed on its victims. as a fully skilled tradesman i always work back from the symptoms to discover the causal origins, and when i do i discover a system deliberately engineered to cause said demoralization, and suffering, i cannot escape this conclusion, the benefits system is now used to destroy lives, it has evolved into a virtual workhouse..willing the future not to be bleak will not help, the future is now bleak for many, some say if one dwells on things this will make the situation worse, i note those who say this can guarantee their next meal and a roof over their heads..thus by implication blaming the victim.
    how life pans out for one is entirely due to fate of belief is that we all step onto the path of life full of the best intentions, and that our positioning within the structural framework that we all have to wake up to, determines our personal fate…we are all aware of this unnatural framework that we find ourselves in and we all try to make the best of things as we go along, but the benefits system with the concept of human dignity was created in recognition of these facts..say by clem atlee, to at least try to give a human being a minimum standard of living with the certain knowledge that everyone naturally tries to make the most of their lives, and pass on a more equitable life than the one they found, where has it all gone? end conditionality now, introduce a citizens income, and workshare, for the likes of some to smugly declare, fate is in our own hands is plain wrong, and immoral..

  7. I have applied for the housing discretionary fund, but won’t get my hope up. I have my daughter who is 7 stays every weekend and wens eve, she has her own room. I have a resident order from the courts for her her to stay at mine for these days. I have had a meeting with my council they have told me my daughter should only have one fixed address but with the order the days she stay at mine thats her permanent address on those days, which means I am not under occupying. Can anyone spread some light for my please

  8. The Bedroom Tax MUST DIE!!


  9. Damien Dempsey

    We sing, sing all our cares away
    We’ll live, to fight another day
    We sing, sing all our cares away,
    We’ll live, to love another day,

    We grow strong, from it all,
    We grow strong, or we fall,
    We grow strong, from it all,
    We grow strong, or we fall,
    We grow strong.

    — Sing All Our Cares Away
    (c) Damien Dempsey

    • Watched this on Film 4 a few months back… Olivia Colman and Peter Mullan were outstanding. Well worth watching if you haven’t already.

    • Spoiler Alert:

      The Tyrannosaur in the title was the nickname of Joseph’s (Peter Mullan) wife, because if I recall correctly she became ill with diabetes and had to have parts of her body amputated so she turned into a Tyrannosaur but “wouldn’t stop eating the shit that was killing her”.


      FUCK YOU IDS, Freud, Cameron, Osborne and other assorted shower of shite. FUCK THE LOT OF YOU YOU FUCKING CUNTS!!

    • Andrew Coates Old Granny

      I remember Damien playing this when he was busking outside the Town Hall… until the bleeding filth moved him on.

  10. the bedroom tax another evil vindictive kick in the teeth by the NAZTI party,, when do you reach the point of nothing left to lose,,,,

  11. “David Miliband: working for the man”

    Click to access lob65-david-miliband.pdf

  12. I am opposed to the bedroom tax. I understand the people affected by it feel scared and often isolated. I’m glad people are taking action against it. I want people to campaign against the bedroom tax as hard as they can and encourage others to do the same. Concessions are being won as the result of campaigners efforts.

    I slept out all last winter, from September through to March. I know a lot of other people who had to too. One night there was a sleep-out, similar to what TMSO are organising, in a local churchyard. This got discussed on the soup run that night, while we were waiting for the food to turn up. Just 30 or so homeless people, all sleeping rough or on the margins, wet, shivering, hungry and talking over the sleep-out intended to raise awareness about our lives.

    Everyone was opposed to it. We appreciated the intention but not the action chosen. It felt wrong, like if I’d blacked up for a day to make some point about racism, or pretended to be gay for a night out in a campaign against homophobia, or cut myself up to express solidarity with self-harmers.

    I’m not saying don’t participate in TMSO’s sleep-out. It’s up to you.

    • That is an excellent point Inks. I thankfully have never been homeless, technically homeless yes, in shitty B&B’s a few years ago but never out on the street. For the reasons you have stated I am unsure if I will participate in this protest. I am also against the bedroom tax, in fact I’m against anything which widens the already huge gap between the rich and poor but the point you make about blacking up to make a point about racism is a powerful one. Still it’s great there’s a lot of people out there who do care. This disgusting policy must be scrapped.

      • Everybody Hates A Tourist

        What you saying? That this Mass Sleep Out malarkey has a whiff of the pretentious, middle-class “Occupy” shit about it?

        • No, good on those who will do it. I might to, not sure yet. What I’m saying is I don’t know if this is the right way to protest about it. Hey we need the middle classes to unite with us if were to change anything, when they get fucked over even half as much as the working class it will kick off and we need to stand together, the Tarquins, Jemimas and Ruperts will be on side when the tipping point is reached, we are not there yet though.

    • I think there is a difference between some wanky middle class charity sleep out where people pretend to be homeless for a night, and something like this which is a political protest to highlight the effects of the bedroom tax and other housing cuts – if I’d thought it was the former I wouldn’t have posted it.

      • "Occupy" was a LOAD OF SHIT!!

        “Occupy”… what was that all about? Nothing more than a middle-class wankfest. What were there objectives? Elimination of poverty? Don’t think so…. more like rescind student loans taken on by middle-class wankers… and what else… oh, yeah… giving the banker “bailouts” to middle class wankers to pay off their mortgages i.e. giving middle-class wankers FREE property at the expense of the poor WTF. Yeah, “Occupy” was a complete and utter load of SHIT!!

    • What action would be acceptable?

  13. Arbiet macht frei (Iain Duncan Smith)

    Look the only way to make them take notice is to under pay your rent by the bedroom tax amount…

    The government and media take little notice of protests in fact laugh at them… Remember the Iraq protest…. Also there was supposed to be a protest against the bedroom tax by the group “Anonymous” …. never saw light of day …

    Don’t pay it….. The housings associations have already admitted that it costs them an average of £6000 to evict an obstinate non payer. As they are only going to lose approx £600 per year from the higher bedroom tax payers then it cheaper for them to write it off or try and reclassify the rooms or knock them to one. Also the knock on costs of putting people on the street … social workers… police…. Doctors…prisons…

    Do it….. under pay… and make it clear that you do so because you have to not because you want to.

    The system will crumble and they will have to revise it.

  14. The way politicians and economists are playing politics with peoples lives by creating a housing shortage to try and revitalize a failing housing market is totally immoral – house prices should be going down not up and so too should rents.
    Those tenants earning the minimum wage, even in so called affordable housing, are paying a third or more of their income on rent while quantative easing and low interest rates are benefitting those who have been living beyond their means or bought into a high priced housing market and are in debt and they talk of fairness.

  15. The tonight programme, on itv3 highlights the housing fiasco at 7pm and how to get a council house also depicts the desperation of tenants on ch 4 at 9pm

  16. So how will this work? People are kipping out all night on the college green?

  17. To be honest I agree with Inks. Dont get me wrong, I see the good in anyone making a stand and expressing the what they can to make the point heard. I just think it could be perceived as insulting by those who live their lives on the street.
    I am not knocking those willing to take part, they have good in their heart and are trying to do something.
    Personally, I agree with Arbiet . Its like the TV licence bull. If everyone (and I mean everyone) refused to pay it, it would be quashed.
    People need stop fearing consequences, if we all stuck to our guns, we would win every time. Cant put us all in prison/ take away all our property, not if we (the little people) are all in it together too (play them at their own game).

    Its so difficult to get people to respect they have any power. but, we do have that power if we all say no together. We need an authentic working class political party to rise out of nowhere to start educating the masses that it only takes us all to say no. A nation saying No is powerful beyond belief and government.

    I`m not being funny here, but, listen to us all, We all have intelligence, anger , reason etc…… is anyone here willing to try and make ourselves public and truly give it our all? having a people party would throw a spanner in the works if nothing else

    • overburdenddonkey

      you will agree doing nothing is not an option, individual resistance is powerful..which is why we are attacked as individuals, i gave up my tv years ago, main reason i cannot afford it.
      any stand against bedroom tax and benefit conditionality is always a +. people do fear consequences, getting rid, ie dumping that fear is difficult, but it can be done, but it takes time and a never give up, faith..this protest is a anti-benefit cuts protest, by whatever means benefits are being cut, directly or indirectly. if this protest creates a sense of awareness en mass, then i personally welcome it…this protest is about not being forced into homelessness, because, of brutal changes in the welfare system. that people are homeless imho is a crime on it’s own. people gather and talk, things can grow out of this. people gathering to share a common cause such as this, can be a seed of something bigger and more defined, political movements grow out of such meetings of minds. to gather in common cause to fight oppression is always of benefit, this protest is not about becoming homeless for a day, but to raise public awareness, and bring people together in common cause, if fewer people are made homeless as a result of it then so much the better…this protest is about the fear of becoming homeless, because of brutal ideologically driven welfare cuts…human beings need free access to all the vitals of life or we suffer badly..

      • TV Licence Free

        What you mean can’t afford a TV, overburdendonkey? You mean the “Telly Tax”? Fuck the “Telly Tax”…. just ignore the TV Licencing goons… they got no more power than a doorstep saleman… cos that’s all they are…. salemen… NO CONTACT!!

        * TV Licence free for 25 years and counting…. 🙂

        • TV Licence Free

          btw We DO NOT require a TV Licence*

          * you DO NOT require a TV Licence to own a TV…. 🙂 up yours Auntie Beeb you cunt!!

          • We paid just over £100 for a 19″ “flatscreen”… if TV-fuckingL thinks we are going to pony up another £150 a year to watch it they got another thing coming. Something far wrong when these cunts want more for a fucking licence then the TV cost. Maybe they could get away with this in the 1950s when we all had great big wooden cathode ray black & white TVs that could only receive the BBC. Nowadays TVs are multi-functional devices, jeez they can even play movies off USB that you download from the internet for free 🙂 But today in a multi-media, world-wide global market the TV Licence is an anachronism which has had its day… nothing more then a shell of a voluntary tax for those either stupid enough, scared, ill-formed or whatever to pay.

            • Seriously, man… we keep hearing about those on benefits having a “flatscreen” but just how many TVs these days aren’t “flatscreen”.

            • Scroungers on benefits should be forced to watch a 6″ black & white portable. It is nothing less than the scum deserve!!

    • Doesn’t work though… remember when I was a kid and we had a rent strike. Folks were going around pretending they weren’t paying the rent… they weren’t paying at the local office but they were sneaking into the one in the next town to pay it. My folks, who weren’t paying the rent only caught on to this when my mum saw one of the neighbour’s in the neighbouring rent office. So, if my folks hadn’t caught on it would have been us getting evicted whilst the neighbours laughed behind their curtains. It’s not what people say they are doing it’s what they are doing.

  18. If the protest gets attention from the media then it would have been worthwhile, as for REFUSING to pay your bedroom tax, some have no choice but not to pay and most will face eviction by housing associations.
    There is such a shortage of housing and government policy to only build 1 affordable home for 1 housing association stock sold that there will be plenty to jump into the evictee’s shoes, especially if in work and can afford to pay the full rent.

  19. wow just been awarded the full housing discretionary fund did not think i would get it after reading about peoples story through the media. i feel sorry for the other people in a lot worse positions than me and i will continue on with the battle against the evil that tries to control our lives…..

  20. Julie Hutchinson

    “What do they know” freedom of information site, decided to suspend my account after i asked questions relating to Mark Hoban’s announcement that claimants could request for their examinations, be recorded.
    The DWP keep suppressing information into the public domain. What makes me really laugh is the excuses they use to keep the public in the dark about the continuing attacks on benefits.
    Answers are totally pathetic as they try to twist out of giving the appropriate information.
    They are an insult to peoples intelligence.

    One thing i have noticed recently is the increased incidence of them shooting themselves in the foot, by releasing snippets of info that contradict information given to another persons.

    In effect, they are choking on their own lies as the truth regarding the onslaught of the less able begins to surface.

    “Stepping razor” made comments on the Universal Credit cover up.
    Lo and behold, what he said is completely true!
    Rather than admit the whole scenario of digital welfare is doomed, and has been from it’s inception, IDS is going to pump another £1.3 million into backing up the system with human intervention.
    Money is being wasted, and i mean wasted, in staggering amounts, to cover up the ineptitude of the DWP’s misguided policy on Ethnic Cleansing.
    On a hollow note, the cash used, is stolen from the benefits of persons in real need.

    If 96% of householders are placed in a position where they can’t downsize property, because of the barbaric bedroom tax, surely this is theft on an”Epedemic Scale”.

    The DWP love to quote that £71.00 is the amount the law says you need to live on.
    They have been challenged many times to define where the law is.
    Rather than answer, they give out a paper trail of nonsense.
    Unusually, they admit that an exercise has never been done to see if the £71 measly quid will sustain a human being.
    This speaks volumes………

    I, personally, know many people who are living in council houses and receive £71. Take away the bedroom tax and they are expected to eat, clothe themselves, pay for gas and electricity and travel.
    One guy i know ends up with £48 a week to live on.

    If anyone from another country is reading this, i would implore them to do more research on the way the British Government treat its most poor and disabled.

    The scenario is one of shock horror!
    They appear to be involved in the worlds problems, often highlighting injustices within the third world, whilst inhumanely castigating the most impoverished and weakest, hidden within welfare reforms.

    P.S. If the Queen is reading this, ” the poor and disabled, recognise that you gave your blessing to the most systematic theft of money from your subjects”

    Long live the Queen…………..

  21. Another Fine Mess

    -£14.5 water,
    -£4.50 CT,
    -£11.80 Bedroom Tax,
    -£12 elec/gas,
    = £28 a week left for food, travel, clothing, internet/phone.

    • overburdenddonkey

      fcuk that’s brutal…!

      • Another Fine Mess

        Is it? I’ve been on tea and toast for last the 5 days, plus 1 cupo’soup and 1 out of date readymeal a neighbour was throwing out!
        This is the reality of it!

        • something survived...

          cup a soup and pot noodle is what they expected me to live on 5 days while walking across scotland. carrying all the expedition’s gear. after I got back home I weighed myself. (I’m normally 40-45 kg.) when I got back from ‘scotland by cup soup’, I was 30kg.

          When I did the workfare at the farm digging holes all day I got no food and drink all day, and often was without food for days as when I got back I had no energy to cook/shop, and/or passed out in my work clothes till the alarm announced it was time to do it all over again.

          Death camps are what the government wants. Or the meaning of concentration was to reduce numbers of an unwanted group by exposure, disease, and being worked to death. I didn’t know 50,000 Polish, Ukrainian etc men were forced to dig tunnels under Poland so the Nazis could make bomb-proof bunkers and missile factories. Concentration camps in imperial Russia (Siberia) were later turned into Communist ones, often with the same guards in new uniforms. The Boers came up with the camps in South Africa, and versions of camps were used in Kenya and in Belgian Congo. Also in former Malaya. Some reservations for native Americans and native Australians were (are) basically death camps or abandonment ghettoes, toxic waste, infertile land, no infrastructure or jobs.

    • You forgot the t.v licence bill to the thieving bbfuckingc.
      Gas will be more than that in winter as well.
      There is never any money left for food.
      Many disabled people with chronic arthritis have had esa removed and can not afford to heat their home in winter. This is fucking disgusting.
      On top of this shit folk are expected to do work fare on empty stomachs and aching bodies from coldness in the winter. As I said fucking disgusting treatment.

      • Another Fine Mess

        I’ve had to go to the corner shop for a 70p packet of biscuits, – for a change from the toast, toast, toast.
        Can’t use the gas (even in winter) because it’s stuck on double rate while I’m averaging less than £300/year, would have to spend £8-£10 for a few weeks on the trot to get it down to the normal rate, so use the lecy instead. Washing hands, face, arms is a case of boiling three quarters of a kettle of water!
        On a brighter note… there’s not been any dishes to wash lately!

        The point is, I’ve swopped jobs often in the past but now there’s simply not enough cash – by a long way, to be constantly actively seeking work.

        • Omg, AFMess
          that is not good, but I can relate to it, as I have no money for food or anything. I am too ill to look for work too. I am starting to feel really weird and weak now. Go to Audi or sainsburys basics range (yuk) the biscuits are cheaper. Lack of food is serious, people will really get ill this winter if benefits are not put back to breadline level. I hope it will be a mild winter or else we are in for trouble.

          • Another Fine Mess

            I normally survive on the biscuits from Audi (LOL), I think they’re fine for the price and their tea, but ran out a few days ago, but caved in for some at 9:50pm.
            I’m not sick/disabled but the daily survival grind makes me ill. I don’t feel weird or weak, but the last day or so I’ve noticed my eyesight being very iffy, can hardly read printed text, – normally it’s very good.
            Next door naybour is quite disabled, and gets constant rediculous hassles from dwp, – which is how I ended up with the throwaway readymeal! I will get some food tomorrow.

            EDIT: Glad I always “select and copy” my text before posting in case it doesn’t post – because it didn’t!

            • Yeah, the Audi “Knightsbridge” lol tea is good. Nowt wrong with their biscuits either… love dunking ’em ginger nuts in me tea 🙂

            • lol I meant it’s Lidl that sell “knightsbridge” lol how posh 🙂 tea… am getting old and confused lol 🙂 especially since that evil bedroom tax kicked in.

            • (Dr) Gillian McKeith

              Is this what is has come to? The poor trying to survive on tea and ginger nuts. I’ll tell you what… you won’t last long eating processed muck and drinking tea.

            • lol Gillian 7 packs of ginger nuts and a box of “Knightbridge” tea keeps me going for a week… all for just over 4 quid lol 🙂

            • Forgot to add the milk and sugar… doh! lol 🙂

            • Chocolate Digestive

              @ Ginger Nut… your “diet” is going to make you ill in short order… what about custard creams, bourbon creams or jammy dodgers for an extra special treat 🙂

    • Well done Another fine mess
      for putting up here, the reality, the truth. Omg ,this is nasty. IDS knows exactly what he is doing. No wonder people are pegging out. This is what many sick and disabled people live on when ESA gets reduced. and bedroom tax and council tax gets introduced. What a fucking croc of shit.

  22. Landless Peasant

    *Off Topic

    Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg’s links to Nazi organization revealed on Newsnight last night.

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