Yet More Government Enforced Sex Work On Mandatory Job Seeking Website

lap-dancing-UJ“In addition to our main stage entertainment we offer private dances in our basement booths or on one of dance beds from topless to fully nude.”

These are the type of vacancies still being advertised on the sleazy Government job seeking website Universal Jobmatch which has just been revealed to cost an astonishing £5 million a year  (spotted via @refuted).

And once again there is nothing to stop people under 18 from applying for the jobs, possibly even unaware of the true nature of the role.  Appallingly, people could even be forced into making an application for these vacancies or face having benefits stopped for up to three years.  This is not scare-mongering – if whoever is monitoring  Universal Jobmatch is unable to spot obvious vacancies for sex workers then what chance do front line Jobcentre staff have?  Claimants are already being threatened with sanctions for not applying for enough vacancies via this shabby website*.

These vacancies (seven in total at time of writing) at least appear to be for a legitimate business based in Norwich.  But with seemingly no real checks over whether employers are who they say they are, then what is to stop any old pimp from attempting to recruit young, and quite possibly vulnerable unemployed women through the site?

There is no safety information on Universal Jobmatch despite the website being plagued with a string of spoof vacancies and out and out scams.  It seems that if you are unemployed, sick or disabled, then this Government couldn’t give a shit if your identity is stolen or worse you end up butchered by some crazed pervert as happened recently to job seekers in the US.

Whilst David Cameron is pretending to go back to basics with his clampdown on online porn, Iain Duncan Smith’s department is actively involved in recruiting sex workers for strip clubs at a huge cost to the tax payer.  The DWP is making this Government a grim laughing stock, and it’s not like Cameron and Osborne needed any help with that.

*This advice for claimants mandated to register for Universal Jobmatch has not changed.  Whilst you can be issued with a Jobseeker’s Direction forcing you to sign up to and use the site, you do not have to tick the box giving Jobcentre staff access to snoop on your job search.  You should also unticked the box – ticked by default – which gives your permission to receive DWP emails.  You can not be forced to use Universal Jobmatch on your home computer, or anywhere but inside the Jobcentre.  Should your bungling Jobcentre advisor attempt to force you to apply for sex work then ask to speak to the Jobcentre manager immediately. 

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  2. Would love to dance on tables but having ME has put the kibosh on such high jinks.

  3. And let us not forget the hairy legs, I doubt if any of us have the moves like Jagger… not even Jagger these

  4. At 16 stones plus I don,t think ive got what it takes plus am 54 years old maybe not got tables strong enough

    • JULES you and me both girl. Bastards would get more than they expected. LOL. Strewth…….I want to know if young underages have been coerced into it via jobcentre. Equally what is that shit doing on jobsearch?

    • I am also 16 stones and 56 so I’m sure I’ll empty a lot of sex clubs

  5. Well now. Plumbing new depths of depravity. Anyone who is forced to apply for.such work needs to inform their Euro Mp immediately. Then and especially if under 18, child protection.newspapers all media and especially the Void. Is this really the state of matters? LET’S HEAR RIGHT NOW from anyone forced to apply and sanctioned when they refused.

    • overburdenddonkey

      i too am outraged that these adverts can appear on a govt website let alone people be pushed into applying for them, by jobcentres ..

      • OVERBURDENEDDONKEY- it confirms the moral bankruptcy abounds. My local rag prints details of court appearances. People in mid 50’s doing sex for money, stealing, protection racketeering and a 5th foodbank has opened. Largely I reckon these are crimes of desperation. Just completely devoid from the ‘reckless spongers” doctrine.

  6. Carolyn in Baltimore

    If they are advertising on an official government job site, I think they could be sued for discriminating against men, overweight, or older workers. I say apply away! And then a big ol’ civil suit for whatever laws apply when they don’t seriously consider you.

    • Carolyn in Baltimore you are so right but sadly there is also a market for all perversions. I wouldn’t trust they wouldn’t send an overweight double ostomy patient to somntion filth eating club was infiltrated by the press. A London council tried to shut it down but were powerless as it was private members only. Seems now dressed in nappies there etc. Now where do they get ‘the turns” from? Doubt its an artists agency cos they charge fees. Oh no…it will be jobcentreplus, just like clerical agencies. Mandatory work experience forced to do allsorts, oh and forced to sign official secrets act to avoid exposure of punters. Unbelievable times ahead.e deviant behind closed doors club…not long ago a flagellation and bondage, not to me

      • Sorry last post truncated. I hope you get the gist. Over my neck of the woods public toilets closed down due to.high ranking filthy perverts meeting up.those same types stand in judgment of us…yes, I’m disgusted but not entirely surprised. Police photographer had a breakdown after what he saw. A copper told me exhibits were so filthy they had to be double bagged. Size 12 red stilettos whips and flak jackets.

        • OMG, not high heels for men and bondage, the country is falling apart (I think you might be on the wrong website)

          • Johnny this is right man, judges barristers etc. One witness told me they had drilled holes in cubicle walls to stick their wares through. Out for a bike ride sunday pm. 7 yr old wants the toilet so dad stands dog minding the bikes. Son crying on rapid exit having seen the lot. I tell you. This country is in big trouble.

  7. if job centre staff attempt to force ANY women into applying for such jobs its against all the laws of decency and those women should report it to the police. as a crime. its nothing more than recruiting for prostitution. then a solicitor to get ti know their full rights.if under 18, childline. and take the bastards to court for procurement. whether or not they sanction them for not applying.

    • It is only a matter of time until the legalisation of brothels becomes law, as we already know, there is a lot of profit to made from human suffering, not a chance the right wing will want to lose out on that, when have they not!!!…

      I also think it is only a matter of time before it becomes law (that by pushing young people into destitution) that the young will be allowed to sell their bodies parts to the rich!!!.

      Its the right wing way, everything has its price to them, and human life is worth absolutely nothing to them!.

      • we dont want to know all the atrocities that MIGHT come about. whilever people are voicing those things its giving those in power more ideas. cos ive no doubt they are watching all these sites. its bad enough knowing what IS happening RIGHT NOW.

        • hugosmum70,

          These people know all the “atrocities” there is to know, it is us that must keep up with them, not the other way round!!!.

          • and what if we do keep up with them? what we gonna do about them? worry ourselves into an early grave? cos i dont see an aweful lot being done to stop their gallop at all. yes there are one or two of the lesser evils they tried doing thats been stopped or waylaid. but the more important ones, fast as the “common” people make headway and get court rulings in their favour. that lot in Westminster get top lawyers to find ways around it, making the judges decision null n void.
            as i say, i dont want to know what MIGHT happen, only what IS happening. period.

            • That’s a very pessimistic view to take. OK then, seeing as we can do nothing about it, let’s legalise child sex trafficking and female gemital mutiliation.

              We’re not going to “worry ourselves into an early grave”, we’re going to do something about–as you say, the things that are happening now. This site is part of that. Let’s not throw in the towel just yet.

              • its not being pessimistic at all. its called being realistic. these things ARE happening, but i for one would rather starve than become a govt prostitute. and i would find food/money to keep my daughter and son out of those sorts of clutches. you have taken my remarks completely wrong. i dont throw in the towel. but i do think about whats reasonable. whats happening and so far all Ive seen is loads of comments about this and nothing being done so far to stop them. i am a labour supporter but even milliband appears to be doing nothing to stop the onward going atrocities. all i can say is that at 71 i am glad my life is coming towards its end. but i am devastated at what ill be leaving my 2 kids and my grandkids to face.

            • Manic Street Preachers

              If you tolerate this your children will be next…

              • did i SAY i was willing to tolerate this Manic Street Preachers???? and everyone else who has misunderstood me…………….i am totally against all those things. i have said i would take a gun to anyone who tried to force my daughter to apply or take one of those type of jobs. i did not bring my kids up to have morals for this evil lot in power right now to make them go against those morals in order to survive. its disgusting and immoral what they are doing. can i suggest you scroll through all my posts on this subject maybe then you will see what i was getting at……….. what i said was in answer to someone else. after i had said that we have enough to cope with that’s bad without having to hear what so n so THINKS is going to happen next.with no proof or real reason for saying it,only THEIR opinion, and which may or may not happen at some time in the future. we have to deal with the here and now. the future isn’t promised to us. the past has gone but we can learn from that. what we really have is just the present. whats really happening now, at this time.why cant we concentrate on that. surely its enough to deal with for most ppl.

            • Manic Street Preachers

              If I can shoot rabbits than I can shoot fascists…

            • “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

              ——– John F. Kennedy

    • @Hugosmum70 I must say your disillusionment in Milliband is justified IMO. Labour are almost as bad as the tories. We must face it that the whole political class will not help us. Liam Byrne has said IDS isn’t going FAR ENOUGH in certain policies!!! Change can happen but it won’t til the so called squeezed middle really feel the pain, the pain that we are feeling. Britain is a gutless, I’m all right Jack society and at present too many people are ill informed or don’t care what these evil bastards are actually doing. They will when it’s their ass on the line. At some point they will push it that bit to far then it’s bound to kick off. Until then we are ruled by psychopaths!

      By the way…. Manic street preachers wasn’t having a pop, he/she was just quoting lyrics from a band called the Manic street preachers. The song is called ‘If you tolerate this then your children will be next’, check it out, it’s about 15 years old but you’d think it was new, very apt.

      • thanks RICH and sorry to manic street preachers….not my taste in music i am afraid so dont recognise such statements as lines from a song.
        however, Milliband, may/may not be keeping things under his hat till nearer the election. not much point doing anything else if he intends going against camerons lot, as we have seen, on the rare occasion milliband showed his intentions on one austerity measure or another, all the libcons did was tighten things so labour either could do nothing about it or to make it very difficult to do anything about reversing things. this however does not help those struggling to fight whats happening with no APPARENT leadership at govt/shadow govt level. Liam Byrne has ,(if i remember from yesterday or day before,) thrown HIS weight behind the removal of the bedroom tax and talked of the austerity measures not working etc. as if he had finally come to HIS senses… unless it was all eyewash… and we all have come to suspect anything that slaps of being on our side as just that as one says one thing another says the opposite.

      • forgot to say i would still vote labour at this moment in time because choose what else we need the libcons out and i dont feel any other party would have the numbers needed to do that. last thing we need is another coalition.
        this is the article re Liam byrne and bedroom tax….

        • Yes Liam Byrne knows the bedroom tax is a voter turn off and is bang on the money there, I believe he would scrap it and he would be given the power to do so by those above to stop the poll tax type riot that might happen, however he loves workfare, he brought in ATOS and has contempt for skint people. Unlike IDS (certifiable!) I reckon Byrne is an intelligent, sane bloke which would make him worse than IDS for having those views but remember the politicians are merely goafers for the big money men. All the big 4 or 5 parties are only slightly different factions of the same beast. Taking their orders from above….. licking ass upwards and shitting downwards. Under control. I say don’t vote for anyone. If no one votes, no one has a mandate to govern, that way we might get rid of the tossers, the lot of em.

          There are a handful of MP’s I believe have some, even a little integrity but they will always be back backbenchers because of that. Jeremy Corbyn is a prime example.

          I really limited my swearing there out of respect to you, sorry can’t hold it any more….. BAAASSSTTTTAAAARRRDDDSSS. Phew!

          • lol. re your swearing. thank you for your show of respect, though to be honest you only have to go on Facebook and it ingrains itself on your mind so much it doesnt take long before you start swearing yourself.i have shocked myself many times by coming out with worse than you just did since this lot got into Westminster.they are enough to make a parson swear. so i am afraid the lady that WAS in me appears to have
            what about Michael Meacher? i get emails from his page every evening and each one is a controversial subject where he comes down on the side of those who are suffering due to that particular atrocity/austerity measure or whatever..
            ill take your word re Jeremy Corbyn as i know nothing about him i’m afraid, having only heard his name (well its stuck in the recesses of my mind but why i have no idea.)

            • Yeah Michael Meacher does seem to piss people off at the top a bit. Controlled opposition never the less. Old labour are better than con-dems or Blair and browns lot for sure, the likes of Michael M, Skinner and the like are obviously better than Osbourne and Hague but not better than destroying the effing slags and making our own way. Bollocks to them, a world without politicians would be heaven.

              Corbyn is the MP for Islington north, I think he believes in what he says, a supporter of the Palestinian people, he actually sends his kids to state school (hello Dianne Abbot!) and is the 2nd most rebellious MP of the lot, my MP is Emily Thornberry in the next door constituency, very new labour unfortunately, I would vote for very few individuals, she certainly is not one of them. In time there will be no old school people like that just party machines, these evil fucks have to go.

  8. Universal Jobmatch is a sick joke. 5 million pounds a year just for the maintenance costs alone for this shody piece of crap! The sole purpose of universal jobmatch is to have Big Brother sat in peoples homes spying on their internet usage to sanction as many people as possible. I would urge people to never use it, there are better job sites out there that don’t keep logs of all your online activity to try to get you sanctioned.

    • 1984…. correct me if im wrong but doesnt mandatory mean forcemeat? i,e, being forced to use the site or lose their money?johnny said it was a Mandatory Job Seeking Website.

      man·da·to·ry (mnd-tôr, -tr)
      1. Required or commanded by authority; obligatory: Attendance at the meeting is mandatory.
      2. Of, having the nature of, or containing a mandate.
      3. Holding a League of Nations mandate over a territory.
      n. pl. man·da·to·ries

      • Unless things have changed no, Universal Jobmatch is not mandatory (though I think it may be for new claimants on universal credit!!). But Jobcentre advisors can issue a ‘jobseekers direction’ forcing people to sign up to it or face sanctions. I’ve told my advisor UJ is a terrible site and that I prefere to use others, never heard a word about universal jobmatch from the jobcentre since. Depends on your advisor/how good your jobsearch is I suppose!

        • 1984 so your saying johnny is wrong giving this status the name he has then? i.e.Yet More Government Enforced Sex Work On Mandatory Job Seeking Website…. notice the word Mandatory.

          • overburdenddonkey

            hugosmum70…it is mandantory to some jobseekers as per their jobseekers agreement, and for all the above mentioned possibilites, ie being put on it without fully realizing all of the other options, jobcentres can be bewildering places…

            • i agree, job centres and the whole lot of DWP departments are a minefield for all that have to try to negotiate them. but as for this so called mandatory job search site, from what Ive read the idea of it was that people were going to be forced to use that and that alone to search for jobs so the DWP staff (or someone somewhere in govt )could monitor how much or how little time each person spent looking for and applying for jobs that were on that website and apply concessions or stop their benefits if they deemed any one person to not be doing enough. mandatory does mean to force someone to do something against their will. not being of eligible age for work i wouldn’t know from personal experience. i can only go by what i have read or heard from those it applies to or who have been sanctioned for whatever jumped up reason.
              so has all that changed again? if so the word mandatory should not have been used in this status. mandatory means forced… so if its not a website ppl are forced to use then the whole discussion collapses surely. tho if ppl are being forced to take such jobs as were highlighted on this blog/ on that site then thats a different matter.

              • You can be forced to sign up but you can be forced to use it in Jobcentres only and you do not have to tick the box so they can snoop. this wasn’t the intention, they rushed it through without thinking about laws on cookies, data protection etc. You can also be forced to apply for any job, although there are get outs such as reasons on conscience, so you could refuse to take a job in a pub if you are Muslim, or a job in a slaughterhouse if you are vegetarian.

                The problem is that the Universal Jobmatch website is largely automated and poorly monitored, this means someone could be forced to apply for the vacancy above, even though its against the rules for Jobcentres to advertise sex work, because an advisor may not realise the nature of the job, and a claimant may not know their rights and complain.

            • overburdenddonkey

              .the new jobseekers agreement gives people no option, but to use ujm..and many current js already do have to use it, so eventually all js will have to use it…

            • overburdenddonkey

              hugosmum70…i see what you are getting at yes, their other sites that one can look at in the steps/day…but ujm must always be one of them…

        • Job the Seeker

          It’s written into the new JSAG “agreement”:

          Check on line with and apply for all suitable vacancies.
          Register for universal jobmatch and bring the details to your next signing appointment.
          Check on line on a daily basis.
          Dedicate at least 20 hours a weeks to jobsearch activity.

          Oh yeah, and do at least 25 things a week!

          • I have been directed to do 40 hours jobsearch a week and go on UJ 7 days a week. She looked gutted when I refused to give access to my account. Trying to tell me it was more convenient for me. I don’t know how the he’ll your supposed to prove you’ve done 40 hours jobsearch a week, let alone do it.

            • Impossible, Lisa, meant to be deliberately. They are going to turn round and say: “you couldn’t possibly have spent 40 searching the internet for jobs”, and then they are going to turn round and say: “but you checked the internet and looked at the papers last time. I want to see 40 DIFFERENT activities this week… and the next”. There is only so much you can do jobsearch-wise and those EVIL FUCKING CUNTS at the DW-FUCKING-P know only full well. What is being imposed on jobseekers is like something out of a Monty Python sketch, that is how farcical the whole Kafkaesque nightmare scenario is. Anyway, its nothing to do with getting a job – JCP talk about “off-flow”; they have “targets”… I mean “spotlights”. The whole purpose of JCP is to KICK jobseekers off JSA by any means possible. The are raising the bar so high it is impossible to meet their demands. FUCK THE DWP AND THOSE FUCKING EVIL NAZI DESK JOCKEYS – BURN IN HELL YOU FUCKING CUNTS.


              Lisa, if you give these cunts access to your UJShite account, or maybe they don’t need access to check your log-in times and they find out that you haven’t logged in one day out of 71? WTF you will have broke the terms of your JSAG and we all know what that mean. This UJShite is nothing more than an electronic ball and chain. We “forget” to do a lot of things but “forget” to log-in to UJShite and you can kiss your benefit goodbye!

              • JCP ARE SCUM I
                I haven’t give them access and there’s no way I’m going to. But I don’t see how, unless they planted some kind of bug on me, they can know if I have done 40 hours Jobsearch in a week. I have to go on UJ seven days a week. So while they relax at home for the weekend with work off their minds.I’m supposed to spend my Sunday applying for shite jobs with Company Confidential that never reply. It says I have to do eleven action a week so if I have applied for at least 11 jobs over 7 days each week I don’t see how they can sanction me. And they will be providing the printer and ink for the screen shots they want for proof as well.

            • Yeah, but is applying for 11 jobs eleven actions or just the ONE action – applying for jobs? Are they talking individual actions or types of action? How granular are actions? Or are ALL actions grouped under one great big “looking for a job” umbrella so that no matter how many actions you do you it will be a case of: “But that falls under looking for a job. That’s the ONE action. You need to complete 40 actions a week.

              • Well I asked this, but it’s like they are deliberatley vague so you fall into a sanction trap anyway. I mean your either looking for work or not does it make any difference how? The actions are UJ seven days a week, write to two employers, phone one employer and visit one employer. I could do all that without applying for a single job if there are none.

                • how would they know if you have phone anyone? and you can visit an employer dont mean you get to see them. and anyone could sign a bit of paper to say you’ve been/ stupid. the lot of it

            • They will say that the cost of paper and ink is provided for in your JSA lol Jokecentres have been ordering jobseekers to purchase luxury items such as mobile phones from their miserly subsistence allowance. WTF!!
              Of course the exorbitant cost of the latest gee-whizz mobile gizmo is nothing when you are an over-paid hard-working taxpayer funded useless cunt sat on your arse in a cosy office all day doing jackshit save for the occasional break to sanction and harass jobseekers. Not to mention the sheer effrontery of expecting jobseekers to starve, sit in the dark just to give the sadistic bastards at jcp the warped pleasure of tagging them with an electronic ball and chain.

              • At the moment my JC does provide a printer to print off screenshots. If they stop then I’ll be writing a job log because they ain’t getting access to my UJ account.

            • Too right, they want jobseekers to fall into a sanction trap! Who is to say that applying for 11 jobs isn’t just the one activity? It’s just what the jokecentre says it is like Humpty Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland: “when I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.” Also, remember, that your jobsearch has to be spread over the whole 1 week/2 week/whatever period.

            • LisaP, according to their own guidelines JCP staff cannot force jobseekers to provide print-offs from their UJ accounts either. It is stated that claimants are free to provide evidence of their jobsearch in any way they (the claimant) sees fit, and this can include oral evidence, a written joblog, or even written down on a piece of A4. It states categorically that Universal Jobmatch does not change this. Don’t tick the box, and don’t provide screenshots.

              I know it’s difficult to stand up to thee fuckers, but it’s best to be armed with the facts. Use their own rules and guidance against them!

              • Thanks for that information Sam. I have been taking screenshots of jobs since Friday. Apparently everyone in my JC is being told to provide screenshots. Someone I was speaking to claims they were told by one advisor that they had to get their own printer. When they replied they couldn’t afford one, they were told that was their problem.

            • And in case the bastards at the JCP demand to know which guidance you are referring to, these links should be enough…

              Quoted direct from the Universal Jobmatch toolkit, section 82

              “We cannot specify to a JSA claimant how they provide us with records of their jobsearch activity and Universal Jobmatch will not change this.”

              More at


              And straight from the horse’s mouth…

              Click to access Universal%20Jobmatch%20Toolkit.pdf

            • It seems to be a common problem that people are just accepting what JCP staff tell them – understandably many will be somewhat overawed/fearful of the perceived power that JCP staff weild, but apart from a few really nasty individuals most JCP staff in my experience are either just wanting to get through their working day with as little fuss as possible, or are bascally OK, so long as you treat them with respect. This doesn’t mean falling in with everything they say, or suggest, but by presenting reasoned arguments as to why you won’t do what they say or suggest. Always base your arguments on information you get from the DWP website where they publish all the relevant rules, and be aware of the exact situation. It has been put about on various blogs, including this one that UJM is ‘mandatory’, however well intentioned this may be in terms of propaganda value, it is slightly inaccurate in that you can be mandated to sign up to UJM if it is deemed that you aren’t doing enough to find work – again the DWPs own guidelines come to our aid; so long as you stick to your Jobseeker’s Agreement you will be safe.

              No matter how hard the DWP tries to push this rubbish on us, it is heading for a massive fail, as one commenter put it, it is as absurd as a Monty Python sketch, and that will ultimately be it’s undoing as even the densest Daily Mail reader tumbles to the fact that there are so many unemployed people because there are simply no jobs around, and not because the unemployed are any more feckless than any other group in society.

              • Thanks for your advice. I am looking for work and have two interviews lined up. I just think it’s a bit ridiculous that they think if I sit clued to a computer for more than five hours a day I will find a job. I do job search most days anyway, but there aren’t a lot going where I live, unless you want zero hour contracts that is.

      • something survived...

        Oh I thought it was by someone called Amanda and she’s a Tory.

  9. Perhaps Cameron ought to apply porn filters to the DWP job site

    • YES let’s see see some management from the front. Society crumbles when decent people turn a blind eye.

    • This Government dosn’t know its arse from its elbow. They are trying to ban porn and yet advertise jobs for ‘good time girls’ on thier own website! History has shown that the Tories are some of the most vile sexual deviant people in the country. Hypocritical bastards the lot.

      • I tend to agree with you, but sexual deviance is not class specific but in a climate where the Tories are using morality as a weapon when it comes to justifying their policies and are happy to preach such things and expect people to support their stance on a moral level, it does indeed go against the grain that history does prove such sexual deviance is ingrained with arrogance, wealth and privilege and is even more offensive when it becomes a case of “Do as I say, not as I do”. If people are willing to buy into that and vote for it I would need to question their own reasons if they themselves are not of that social class and assimilated into the mind-set.

        It’s not about the line “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, but the very fabric of the Tories based upon their class level and nature does
        not hold gravitas to wield the sword of morality and to preach what is right and what is wrong on a moral level to justify one or other policy. To be model upright hard working citizens is one thing to be judged as sub-human on the basis of not being able to meet that criteria possibly through no fault of one’s own is a different matter completely, the Tories and anyone supporting their fascist policies agenda would never see the difference between sexual deviance or any other kind and not having the right to preach morality and how people should behave and conduct themselves as if in all cases it’s a choice, they claim to be Christians but many laugh at that and may subscribe to the black humour of too many Christians and not enough lions.

        If you are adulterous do you seek counselling from a white faced virginal priest?.. no you don’t! you seek it from someone who has been there and turned their life around and come through it to become a better person and maybe saved their marriage if lucky and deserved a second chance. I use that as one example on another level. But when you see such a job available there is a laughable side but equally a serious side to it. If a pretty girl with a good body and unemployed turns up at the job centre and if she was forced to consider such position as gainful employment and should she refuse to consider it and be sanctioned I’m sure more than a few fathers would be heading up to the specific job centre with less than good model citizenship on their minds ready to break heads.. maybe that’s an area of Cameron’s idiotic “Big Society” coming together for the good of ordinary peoples civil liberties which I suspect will be diluted more and more as months and years pass under a tory stranglehold. The wrong party with the wrong policies for the wrong times, but if you are wealthy then nothing could be better, the sun shines and you are making hay.

        Cameron’s “Big Society” may be a reality but not in the way he ever thought it should work, in the near future it’s going to rise up and bite him on that pale saggy arse of his, that is if we can figure out which end he talks out of. 🙂

    • johnny no one is saying those who CHOOSE that line of work shouldnt do it. but decent normal living women with principles should not be made to do these things. if they tried to MAKE my daughter do this i would be the first in that job centre with a pistol. or some such thing. i would kill anyone putting her in that position. AND ANY RIGHT THINKING PERSON ESPECIALLY PARENTS WOULD FEEL SAME WAY.

    • something survived...

      Department of Warty Penises

      Actually the library calls the jobcentre and UJM sites a risk of porn and safety problems so it blocks them!

  10. For the record, this post is not intended to be anti-sex work or anti-sex workers, who should have the same workplace rights and protection all other workers have and not face prosecution as in many cases. There are huge problems with the sex industry and the abuse and objectification of women that can come with it, these problems are not helped by the criminalisation of sex workers. I am opposed to government mandated sex work however, obviously, even if they are doing it by accident.

  11. It’s lucky Steve wright the Ipswich strangler has been caught or UJM may be putting these unemployed girls in harms way. How do we know there isn’t a Steve Wright 2 out there? If women want to sell their body or just dance naked for a living good for them but if they out of desperation from a threat of benefit sanction feel they have to…. Fuck, that is so wrong you’d think even this evil government would stop it, if only for face saving purposes. What next ‘wanted bondage expert’ employer: Max Mosely, must like wearing Nazi uniforms and whipping etc etc … you get the point. Hey maybe get strippers on workfare? I’ll shut up now it’s probably giving them ideas!

    • something survived...

      From: Universal Jobmatch
      To: Ian Duncan Smith
      Subject: Mandatory workfare

      Dear Mr Duncan Smith,
      Following the miraculous successes of the Universal Jobmatch, Workfare, and the excellent Work Programme, our newly-sentient Computer has expanded the list of those eligible for inclusion. Congratulations, your name is on the list. As one with exceptional skills, you have also been selected for special duties. We are writing to inform you that you have now been mandated to the following unpaid workfare placement, starting tomorrow, and continuing indefinitely. Well done!

      Details of workfare placement:
      Dog (large, male, entire) seeks male human companion for its own sexual pleasure. Work will chiefly consist of performing orally on the dog, and of receiving the dog via your ‘back door’.

      You are reminded that non-compliance will constitute a breach of your contract, and we can then take steps to terminate your means of support.

      Yours sincerely,
      Universal Jobmatch

  12. When we have the media screaming about child porn killers & pedophiles in their droves loose on the streets, and then we open their newspaper and see happy birthday to little Charlotte who’s 16 today, and here’s a picture of her tits folks, What can we expect?

  13. Do these places have to conform to equality legislation? I mean will they consider applications from old fat bearded blokes who might like to shake their bits on a table top? Not that I’m considering applying you understand.

    • there should be a disclaimer on the vacancy if this is limited to certain ages/genders, the fact there isn’t means the vacancy is also very likely in breach of the Equalities Act.

      • Ever more reason to assume this advertising is for their private delight and delectation. All their filthy emporiums well stocked with fresh talent free of charge…jaba the gut couldn’t invent better. Folk need to come forward so we know one way or the other.

    • You can apply, but you may be later sanctioned for not turning up as their request in immaculately dressed and pretty condition, and too fat? They only need the slightest reason to sanction and starve us all. Maybe try some yellow ribbons in your hair too? 🙂

    • Ha ha ha. That’s a good point. The PC brigade advertising this shit. I guess to them if your unemployed you, at all costs MUST do anything to get work. Like people claiming benefits are an underclass. What about the royal family? to me they and their political pals are the underclass. They get the biggest giros of all and yet get their arse kissed daily by cunts like IDS and Cameron. Dirty stinking bastards. I hope karma is real, I want to see it in this lifetime not a possible one in the next.

      • something survived...

        Nothing wrong with being an underclass, when it’s the scum and the turds that float on top of society.

  14. Remember the Tory’s ‘family values,’ and how they tried to teach their granny* to suck eggs?

    The phrase ‘Family Values’ and ‘Politicians’ – is that an oxymoron by any chance?

    I just hope after the British people wake up (if ever?) and they don’t rear their ugly heads for at least another 50 years! They can take the treacherous New Labories, and Libories with them to hell, too!

    We are the slaves! But not forever!

  15. 80.000 a year /365 = almost 220 pound a night ,just for dancing ? in my opinion this is just a load a pimps ,getting free advertising at our expence ,to say nothing about the poor girls these pondlife exploit 😦

  16. Aaaaargh we need chavs/dole bludgers killed off yes i support them in that..for long time useliss people has been breding useliss people but they are going to far with the genuine people being treated like shit. i be pleased in 2015 when the inbreedin tossers are kicked out. im for hard workin peolple doin work for fair days pay not scroungin lazy twats or knobs fron oxbridge thinking they are better then us. WANKERS!

  17. “This job has been removed”. But not these ones: 2069574, 2069515, 2069507, 2135321, 2135320, 2135319.

    I wonder if the speed dating host adverts are the usual “you find the punters” scam?

  18. This goes totally against Jobcentre ethics. I know that since my days working there things have changed, but not to such a degree. Vacancies blatantly discriminatory, as this is, of a sexual or sexually exploiting nature, which this appears to be, were never ever allowed. The fact under aged girls could also apply beggars belief. Have the staff taking such vacancies not seen the criteria for accepting jobs like these? Seems to me the staff don’t care. Little wonder then that they also treat the job seekers in a cavalier manner!

    • something survived...

      I’d be sanctioned if I even pretended to hit on my new advisor (male), to wind him up. (Not something I’d actually do; but he pissed me off today!) But if he was ‘on my bus’ (I doubt he is, but of course there’s a one in ten chance he could be) then he could buy me at some club, if we had one and if I was mandated there on his shitty DWP/JCP UJM crap schemes.

      If people are meant to look 40 different ways a week for jobs, all different ones each time: Write really small, and put that: “You asked me to look for jobs, and so I had to find a new place you’d not said ‘you’ve had that already’. Applied this week for the following jobs. Pogo-stick expedition to Mars; rain-taster; chocolate teapot engineer; unicorn-whisperer. I had to meet my quota and fortunately I came up with the idea of where to look next for nonjobs: it was inside your mother’s knickers. She was wearing them at the time. But she said I’m better at it than your dad. That gave me another idea, and I did him too. I was going to put next fortnight ‘your wife’. But I’ve had that already.”

      Here are some more ideas for jobs: cloud-catcher, shadow-stapler, nailer of jelly to walls.
      Snowball juggler in hell.

      (Sorry I’ve just had a distressing vision of Gordon Brown as a lapdancer.)

  19. i see 2 sides you see ther some dont want work who is able..these lazy cunts should be made to work. i no people who is on disabilty who’re taking the piss!! they been getting it for years but fuck all wrong with em! depresed and shit like that…my arse!…I know these lazy twats just fuckin lazy! some poor cunts actual want to work but cant get it cos theres fuck all out hart go’s to them, they are fucked. Torys are inbred wankers mind

    • If the people who really want to get work can’t get a job what chance do the ‘lazy cunts’ have? How do you know they aren’t depressed? how do you know they’re not depressed about the minimum wage being £6.39? How about growing some balls and protesting about the scum politicians that earn 6 figure sums doing fuck all except killing the weakest of society and waging wars and snooping on us and….. etc etc instead of poor fuckers on 71 quid a week? why don’t you argue for that instead of slagging someone of who has…. by design of said cunts been left as a vast pool of cheap labour, to work or not to work. Think about it Pete? Who is the enemy?

      • YES Rich, well said. It is snooping on our lives too. I think that’s the worse thing. I just had my jumped up little shit ring me for the 100th time today from Seetec wrag. I spent all day in hospital yesterday, he know’s I am knackered but will not leave me alone. He is half my age, it is sickening and degrading.

        • Don’t worry, Jasmine, his time will come 🙂

          • something survived...

            Today JCP were ringing people up about having missed or been late for appointments. Also people came in late and got hassled because JCP rang them on their mobile and their phone was off, broken, no signal, or not charged. And shouted at the ones they rang on the landline, for not answering. All were women and all got threatened with a sanction. The women came in and said that the time JCP phoned was just as they were leaving or just after they left. They’d needed to come to sign on. If they’d waited to take the call, they’d have been late to sign on and their dole would be stopped. JCP wants us to stay at home by the phone until our signing time, so how are we meant to get instantly into the jobcentre? Teleport?

    • level 1 basic skills in literacy needed here

    • Pete, you are full of shit. Why don’t you do us all a favour and fuck off! Thanks!

    IDS must be getting worried. I am sure he will blame claimants and the BBC

  21. Ironic that in industry anyone with IDS’s record would be sacked and slung out on their arses. irrespective of the level of obnoxiousness and misery they aspire to inflict on us all. He’s as successful at this task as he was when applying for PM! 🙂

    • He’s a politician, and as we all know, different rules apply. They can be crap, but unless they really upset their constituency party, or die they have a safe job for up to five years.

    • something survived...

      I dunno – this behaviour usually entitles you to be made CEO and get a 6 figure salary. If a CEO already, they either keep you on or, if they really can’t stand you, they give you a payoff so you can retire in luxury (or get you another job wreaking havoc somewhere else).

  22. I weigh 16 stones and I’m 56 so can you imagine the rush to see me pole and lap dancing?

  23. You never know these days, Diane, any thing goes now. The country has lost the plot. People are getting desperate, but I would advise women not to be bullied, or hit rock bottom and take the seedy jobs handed out at the bowels of the DWP website. Especially young single parents desperate to feed their children.

    People are getting desperate, food poverty is at large on my street. I have been seeing meat and money passing hands from blokes in cars, Usually it was drugs, but it seems to be stolen meat now.

  24. It is precisely the division and misinformation from the media that sucks in the ‘Pete’s,’ in society – pitting one against another over a pittance, and those in power are laughing all the way to their increasing fortunes, watching the poor, sick and disabled destroy themselves, as we all become slaves to those that had a free education and inherited millions.

  25. Pingback: Coalition policy on sex: A return to the bad old (VERY old) days? | Vox Political

  26. something survived...

    Universal Pimpmatch/ Universal Arsecrunch (bump and grind)
    Not to be confused with equally shite sites of similar name and function: Universal FaceBlotch (twinned with Rush Limbaugh), Universal Cockstand,
    Universal Milliband, Universal Millipede, Universal Wanktoss, etc.

    Okay so if pimping is a crime if one of us does it, what is it when the government do it with possibly underage people who aren’t even willing?
    Organised rape and sexual assault?

    IDS: I’ve been watching chav ‘lineups’ (compulsory gang rapes of the females in the gang, or the sisters, friends and female classmates of boys in it), and felt they could do with tidying up and better organising, with a profit for people like us. Long live capitalism!

    If parents of a disabled adult young man buy him a prostitute or sex surrogate they are committing a crime. If a prostitute kills her/his scummy pimp or a dodgy client, that’s ‘a crime’. If a pimp wants to they can kill the prostitutes and ship in ‘fresh’ ones, younger each time.

    Meanwhile shit new ‘reforms’ on housing and benefits will force domestic abuse victims to stay with abusers (to the point where he kills her and leaves her to rot). And people who failed to win (or even get) a criminal trial against their rapist who obviously raped them (even when obvious to the CPS, and the rapist’s defence lawyer urges him to plead guilty), now can’t try mounting a civil trial due to legal aid ‘reforms’ (cuts). No chance for suing a dodgy landlord. Or for custody of your kids.

    Who are the immoral ones? The government.

    Long live the family, stay in a shit marriage where you are being beaten up. Because Couples Good, Singles Bad. Some humans/relationships are more equal than others; This way to the glue factory (if old or useless). Looking from the pigs to the humans and unable to tell them apart….

    Forcing people to sex work: if forced to sex work, film it and put on the internet, saying ‘thankyou IDS for sending me on the sex work’. Put it on their sites. That would work fairly well as most of these politicians are married hetero white Christians, who run family values sites/groups. If it was pointed out that their policies had condemned people to sex work against their will, it is at odds with their family values position. Even funnier if a tory (red/yellow/blue) was caught partaking of the sex services and filmed. Probably one of the most straitlaced, uptight, pofaced ones. It usually is. Or even better why can’t they all be persuaded to hang themselves in weird circumstances, in bondage gear.

    I am angry this morning as I have been Job Searching on UJM for about 16 hours without a break, and then saw an email about Russia. Apparently they have banned being gay or supporting gay organisations, or being thought of as a supporter. You can go to jail. Mental – Russia got famous (tourist revenue) the other year when those girl singers snogged eachother. It seems the fault of far right groups like Nashi and others. Or are the majority of the government homophobic fascists?

    One of my ‘local jobs’ was in Switzerland and they want a baker: the applicant has to be male. (UK women are bakers and cope fine) There are several jobs like that. Other countries ban women from many more vacancies plus ban men from others, and have ageist restrictions and language illegal in British job ads. 35 is the oldest or even 25 for aesthetic reasons and companies openly state they want to look young, fresh, dynamic…. Why does a secretary have to be a woman (originally it was men)? Why does a bricklayer have to be a man? Also they ban disabled people from jobs where they want ‘fit’ people, even if it’s only emailing in an office!

    • Forcing people to sex work: if forced to sex work, film it and put on the internet, saying, “Thank you, IDS, for sending me on the sex work.”
      Bad, bad idea. That would make it look like IDS sent people to work as sex workers directly, which will cause most people to miss the point. A much better idea would be to simply say, “A day in the government’s work experience scheme.” That single sentence just says everything right there, IMO.

  27. Advertising sex work means IDS & the DWP are just pimps. Wonder if IDS could be charged in some convoluted way with living of “immoral earnings?”

  28. MWA’s organised by Private Providers via referral from the Jobcentre: Firms don’t want to take you if you have a dodgy back (like me) or you have had your hours reduced to 16 per week on your jobseekers agreement.

  29. re bedroom tax:posts just come been sent the first stage letter in the legal process for an order to seek possession,I owe £68 pounds not even 1 weeks rent,LHT merseyside a charitable association whose honorary president a bishop,what an absolute nonesense!this government is crushing peoples lives through intimidation,fear and shame,and effing fools like pete who soak their shit up.

  30. The consequences of sex work jobs being on the UJM site are far reaching.
    Imagine the panic of any individual mandated to apply for one of these jobs if they are the survivor of rape or other sexual abuse?

    If the choice for that vulnerable individual is to step into an horrific nightmare or starve, then I imagine there will many more people starving.

  31. I’m your private dancer, a dancer for money
    Do what you want me to do
    (Tina Turner)

    Conservative Party wallahs have been doing loads of private dancing lately. Privatise the NHS ? Certainly Sir. How about some benefit cuts and workfare for the plebs, or lots of licences and tax breaks for fracking industry ? Maybe press regulation or banking scrutiny is your thing ? Just say the word and we’ll fix it for you.

    Tory politicians,eh. The lowest whores in the capitalists gangbang.

    • Interesting that you mention fracking (the word still sounds like some deviant sexual practice or an unmentionable bodily function) as in the well-heeled tory areas where the company involved,Quddrilla(?), don’t know if I’ve spelt it correctly, are drilling there’s protests, yet when it’s in an area where “poor people” live hardly a word of objection is raised.

  32. Cannot be forced to use jobmatch on home computer!?. I just had all benefits stopped for not doing exactly that, after I told them my pc was broken, after they told me not to worry about it.

    • You should appeal and ask to speak to the Jobcentre Manager next time you attend, also try and find out who the PCS Union rep is at the Jobcentre and ask to speak to them

    • JCP are SCUM!!

      Top Tip: NEVER tell these JCP cunts you have internet access at home or a computer! Just say you use the local library, internet cafe or some place. Anything you say will be reduced to the lowest common denominator and used AGAINST you.

      • Telling them you access the Internet at the library is a good idea since they all (in the North and Central England, at least) restrict usage by each member to a set amount of hours each day they’re open, one hour at a time, and they’re never open on Sundays or bank holidays.

  33. Hey dudes!,
    Not sure this is the place for this (might be off topic), I have just been sanctioned for not finishing the Mandatory Work watsit, I explained to the nice people at the DWP that I hurt my back while on placement and that the place they sent me to was a health and safety death trap (Allwaste Recycling Warrington – awful), they where uninterested and now I am skint and v depressed. I am going to appeal but feel this to be a bit pointless! I could go on with my beef(s) against the DWP (soo many), but just wanted to share my tale of woe and to say this is an excellent website! (Keep up the good work).

    Don’t let the swine’s get you down!

  34. Hey Not Pete thanks for the info! All the best…

  35. UJM is utter SHITE!!

    UJShite is a pile of shite… most of the ads lead to CV-harvesting sites. Just who are these outfits that we are expected, under pain of a THREE! (3!) year sanction, expected to divulge our private and personal information to. No wonder identity theft is rife and the incidences of Wonga loans being taken out in unsuspecting victims names are soaring. It is outrageous that £5 million per year of hard-working taxpayers money is being squandered on this shabby, amoral, scam riddled, fraudsters paradise, data-harvesting, sanctioning site. UJShite is a complete and utter disgrace and should be shut down forthwith.

    • Zero hour contracts are becoming a norm even in what were once considered professional jobs such as university teachers. It’s partly a product of this particularly nasty government taking advantage of a situation that the previously sell-out Labour administration, who had 13 years to put things right, but didn’t reverse the Tory anti-union legislation, and also the piss-poor opposition from the leaderships of the mainstream unions.

      However, the slant of the Daily Mirror’s argument is correct, but how on earth we are supposed to achieve the situation where people are accorded the dignity of useful work that pays a decent wage with the handicaps of a) the Labour Party, and b) the utterly complacent trade union leaderships of the mainstream unions?

  36. All this fucking 40 hour a week job searching is enough to drive anybody round the bend…

  37. “High street banks have lent to payday loan companies.”

    Have a good look around the above link!!!.

  38. It appears the PIMP agency (Strike Jobs) posted this vacancy TWICE:-

    • something survived...

      It says Local government at the bottom of the ad! Does that mean they are the main clients?
      Option 1) Take the job – but dance in an overcoat!
      Option 2) Delegate the job to Eric Pickles.
      Option 3) Dance away with the table tops.
      Option 4) Do the job, filming local politicians using the club. (‘Here is Mayor Quimby of Springfield frequenting a topless bar’ kind of thing)
      Option 5) Rapidly develop an allergy to tables.

      I think they must be convinced (people who made the ad) that Norwich actually stands for: Nickers Off Ready When I Come Home.

      Dear Strike Jobs,
      Are you pimps? And if so, are you aware that pimping is illegal?

  39. Landless Peasant

    My time is up on the Work Programme and my Work Coach has recommended that I now do voluntary work. I’m just waiting for the Jobcentre to raise the issue so I can tell them what I think of it. This Government has reduced my Benefits by £19 per week and now on top of that they expect me to do unpaid work? FUCK OFF.

    • Welcome to the 40 hours/ 7 days a week Jobsearch club. It’s such fun! Endless wasted hours trawling Universal Jobshite, for non existent jobs. And were not even allowed a weekend now either.

    • JCP Advisers are CUNTS!!

      Yeah, “volunteer” to work in a “charity” shop for FUCK ALL! And if you don’t their is always MANDATORY Work Activity. I don’t know what it is with these Jobcentre/WP cunts but they always start with pressuring their victims in “choosing” their fate: “But you CHOSE to work in a charity shop for FUCK ALL”. That way they don’t have to whip out the great big MANDATORY stick. Maybe it makes their cunty job more conscionable, helps them sleep better at night: “Well, I didn’t force Landless Peasant to work in that charity shop for nothing, it was their own decision after all.” Zzzzz

      • Landless Peasant

        Then they would have to pay travel & lunch expenses as I have difficulty in walking far due to a knee injury, and being very poor have no money for food or bus fare. If they object then I’d be forced to ask my GP for a sickness/fitness note. It is unreasonable for them to expect me to do unpaid work AND be it at my own expense! My Benefits have been cut by £19 per week, as I shall mention, which severely limits my movements. If they sanction me I’ll make an Appeal and send it with a Doctor’s letter attached. I’ve beat them 3 times so far.

    • JCP Advisers are CUNTS!!

      What about Christmas Day and New Years Day? Whilst JCP adviser cunts are partying it up will jobseekers still be expected to trawl that fucking sordid, shabby, sleazy, god-forsaken shithole of a site?

      • something survived...

        Oh don’t be so hard on them. They’ll probably put some cyber-holly on the site that day. Thanks, UJM! You’re amazing!!!

        Maybe a JCP staff member on a party will be catered to by people on workfare with no training. Who didn’t wash their hands, or who gave some dodgy meat/prawns. Of course, no training doesn’t equate to stupid and incompetent. You can get pretty competent at incompetence, if you know what I mean. Take as an example the slaves in USA who ‘accidentally’ broke or lost “Massa’s” (white git) stuff all the time. And because the idea was that black people are stupid, lazy, clumsy and simple… they could do it and not really get punished too much for it. Didn’t occur to the dumb fucks that MAYBE the breakages and losses were NOT a coincidence and NOT an accident….
        Cart wheel falls off, field of cotton accidentally catches fire, jug tips over and breaks, favourite china plate drops and smashes.
        Didn’t occur to the slaver-morons (an earlier generation of camer-morons/camerons) that there was actually a fundamental problem with mass kidnap, genocide, rape and enslavement. Until people get the basics in their thick heads, shit is going to carry on breaking!

        Where is the idea that just because you are poor you are automatically too stupid to write your own name or fill in a form, write a CV? Actually these days we (as a group) do these things the most out of any group. Most people without this amount of practice, have jobs they’ll stay in; or are too old/young. When the WPP and JCP try to write any bullshit statement or CV pretending to be us (that’s fraud by the way!), they display a level of illiteracy only slightly less shocking than IDS’ policies.

  40. advisors must be scum to sanction
    3 million in the last 2 years ..
    in the blink of an eye starving
    and destitute..cos of sanction
    quotas..end up homeless,living
    in caves,cardboard boxes etc or
    chronically in debt etc…
    because they didnt jobsearch on
    christmas day etc…
    how do these evil fucks sleep
    at night and look at themselves
    in the mirror?

    • something survived...

      Well in order to do that they would need a bed, and to see yourself in a mirror you need a reflection

    • overburdenddonkey

      landless peasant…
      the thought is of how bad the clerical/administration process is..there is little or no regard to the human misery these, wicked so called reforms are causing…
      that people are suffering, and how they are suffering is not even mentioned in context to these news me this should be the main story, the suffering of human beings because of this dreadful system…benefits are supposed to relieve suffering, not cause even more of it!

  41. …nothing to do with this post but…

    West Yorkshire fire service ‘hired private eye to spy on sick employee’

  42. Bit by bit, step by step to the world they want….


    I would also like a copy of information held that concerns any DWP future possibility to
    make DWP access to individual’s Universal Jobmatch accounts on a mandatory basis
    or via a Jobseeker’s Direction or Claimant Commitment?

    Having considered your third request (in bullet three above), the Department is not required to
    disclose this information because we believe that sections 35 and, where relevant, 42 of the

    Having considered your third request (in bullet three above), the Department is not required to
    disclose this information because we believe that sections 35 and, where relevant, 42 of the
    Freedom of Information Act apply.

    This policy is still being developed. The Department considers that the balance of public
    interest weighs in favour of non-disclosure. This is because the Act acknowledges that good
    government depends on good decision making and therefore needs space in which to
    formulate policies based on the best advice available with full consideration of all the options.
    Ministers also need to be able to conduct rigorous and candid risk assessments of their
    policies and programmes including considerations of the pros and cons without there being
    premature disclosure which might close off other, better options.
    Now I’ve looked at the Data Protection Act 1998 and there’s no fucking way they can gain access to without consent and putting some slight of hand waver in the new claimant commitment will not circumvent your consent .

  44. There are no decent working people: #howtogetacouncilhouse hashtag on twitter.

  45. Please observe this freedom of information request that shows that the DWP are hellbent on sending the disabled on non paid workfare, benefits only………..
    What i find distasteful is they say the pilot is voluntary but go to say that a HCPs decision cannot be overruled by your GP. (SEE SECTION 9).
    As always they have seen fit, not to answer the questions posed but enter into completely different territory.
    These questions were posed on the “what do they know” website.

    14 August 2013

    Dear Ms Ong,

    Freedom of Information Act – Request for Information
    Our Reference: FoI 3528

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request dated 26 July 2013.

    You asked some general questions and some questions specific to the proposed 18-24 months
    prognosis pilots, the Freedom of Information Officer has attributed the responses to the pilots

    Will appellants waiting to go to tribunal because of grade c reports by inept HCP’s, be
    mandated to attend?

    Can a doctor, nurse or physio employed in conjunction with the DWP, enforce a course
    of action or taking of medicines, against the wishes of the claimant, the claimants own GP, or the
    claimants specialist advisors?

    Who will be ultimately responsible if the course of action results in the death of a

    Will the claimant be expected to sign a declaration that they agree to any course of
    action that is thrust upon them in an effort to seek work?

    Will the declaration be a legal requirement that transfers the onus of responsibility to the
    claimant in the event of a fatal accident or severe consequence of the actions of the exercise?

    Can home visits be requested by a doctor? I stress doctor because it has come to light
    that a HCP or PHYSIO is not qualified to write a sick report.

    What enhanced support could be given by a jobcentre worker?

    Is the jobcentre worker fully trained in disability analysis, treatment and effects?

    By virtue of the fact that you have chosen to include, “they will not replace a persons GP”
    casts much doubt on the inabilities of the health team who will carry out the procedures. Will the
    claimants own GP have the authority to deny any procedures that are prescribed?

    Are work programme providers au fait with the needs of the disabled and the extent of
    their dexterity and mental ability in the workforce?

    Has an impact assessment been done on the effects of this 2 year pilot scheme?

    Will the pilot areas be places of high unemployment or places with a high rate of jobs that
    disabled would be able to undertake?

    Would any placements for a disabled person in a workplace, attract less money than the
    benefit they have been afforded due to their disability?

    14/ Finally, if the claimant was to suffer in any way whilst in employment, would they be
    removed from further trials with no sanctions attached?

    Background: The aim of the Pilot is to assess whether a focus on the health of Employment
    and Support Allowance (ESA) claimants delivered by mandatory engagement with Healthcare
    Professionals or increased Jobcentre resource or the Work Programme is more or less effective

    In response to your questions:

    Claimants in the pilot areas with a new 18-24 month prognosis will be mandated to the
    pilot. If the claimant is waiting for the outcome of an appeal they will remain on the pilot until their
    prognosis changes.

    No, claimants are mandated to attend interviews with a Healthcare Professional (HCP).
    Participation in any activities suggested by the HCP is voluntary.

    The Freedom of Information Act is about supplying recorded information held by a public
    authority. It is not an appropriate route for general questions about death of claimants and DWP
    cannot create information in an attempt to answer your request.

    4 & 5. Participation in any activity is voluntary.

    There is provision in the Medical Services contract that home visits can be arranged if the
    claimant’s circumstances merit this. This would be done with the full agreement of the claimant
    and would only be required in exceptional circumstances.

    Claimants will benefit from a significant increase in adviser time (around six times current
    levels) to help provide more effective employment and health related support. The increased
    support should help to address the claimant’s needs, provide signposting to other supportive
    organisations and source suitable work-related activity. The frequency and length of contacts will
    be flexible.

    All Jobcentre Advisers involved in the pilot will be fully trained and will receive any
    additional employment- focused training required.

    If the HCP was unsure of any aspect of the claimant’s treatment the claimant would be
    referred back to their own GP. Claimants’ GPs will not have the authority to deny any
    procedures recommended in the 18-24 months prognosis pilots.

    10. Work
    Programme providers have the flexibility to design an innovative and personalised
    approach to help all participants into work. Whilst participating on the Work Programme, it is the
    provider’s primary goal to improve participant’s employability and tailor support based on their
    needs. Some people will need more support than others and if a participant volunteers that they
    have physical or mental health issues, the provider will develop a plan to help them to achieve
    their specific job goals.

    If the prime provider can not help a participant directly, they engage with local specialist
    organisations and work with a broad range of subcontractors to deliver the tailored support that
    can help them into work. This may include organisations that are part of the voluntary and
    community sector. The range of services delivered by these organisations is very diverse and
    covers both mental health and physical health conditions.

    Impact analysis has taken place. All DWP projects must consider equality to meet legal
    requirements and embed this into appropriate products as part of the proposed pilot’s lifecycles.
    Equality legislation requires DWP to consider equality as part of their decision making process.

    The pilot areas are based on geographical locations to ensure that the number of
    potential eligible claimants is sufficient to conduct a valid evaluation of the pilots. This also
    ensures that the pilot results can be fairly evaluated and will not be affected by other pilots being
    conducted in those areas.

    Work placement opportunities for participants on the Work Programme are not paid
    employment. Placement opportunities, as well as having a training element, are intended to
    foster a work habit, whilst boosting confidence and creating work opportunities for individuals.

    The claimant would not be in employment whilst taking part in the pilot. They would leave
    the pilot if they found work. They would also leave the pilot if they were moved to the Support
    Group (following a Work Capability Assessment), where no sanctions are applied.

    If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number above.

    Yours sincerely

    Business Management Team

  46. We are watching a programme on Channel 4 about telephone sex workers – you know those vacancies that the JCP have been mandating their “customers” to apply for – and the strange thing is that all of workers keep coming out with comments such as “at least I’m not on benefits, I don’t have to go to the jobccentre every fortnight to sign on”. Also, they are making it out to be such an easy, fun and enjoyable way to make a shedload of money. The ladies all seem so shiny-happy! One of the ladies can afford to rent at luxury flat at £600 per month! Is it just us or are Channel 4 in bed with IDS, the DWP, JCP and the whole anti-Welfare State bang shoot. ..

    • And one of them remarked: “it’s my money I earned it, it’s such a great feeling”, this is the sort of brain-washing tosh you’d expect a JCP/WP “adviser” to come out with.

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