There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch – Unless You’re Iain Duncan Smith Dining Out On The Daily Mail

IDS-slugDWP Ministers have been enjoying a string of slap up lunches, paid for by the right wing press, recently released hospitality records reveal.

Iain Duncan Smith had a free lunch from the Daily Mail, News Corporation, The Daily Telegraph (they bought him dinner as well) and The Spectator between October 2012 and March this year.  Even The Guardian have splashed out to feed the sponging Secretary of State, along with the BBC, who were recently slammed over their bias against benefits claimants in a flagship documentary screened in 2011.  IDS also had a free dinner with the McWhirter Foundation, an organisation established as a tribute to apartheid supporting racist Ross McWhirter.

Predictably it is the skiving Employment Minister Mark Hoban who has been the biggest beneficiary of the right wing press’s generosity.  He may not do much work, but he’s not one to miss a hand out from Rupert Murdoch.  Hoban scrounged three free lunches out of the The Sun newspaper in his first six months in the job, along with the Daily Mail, The Times, The Telegraph and The Financial Times.  He also managed to drag himself away from his tax payer funded silk cushions to enjoy a freebie from the BBC , along with one from The Guardian/Observer and a dinner from right-wing think tank The Policy Exchange.

In fact Mark Hoban had more free meals than all of the ministers involved in welfare reform put together between September 2012 and March 2013, although this does take into account Billy No Mates Lord Fraud who has only been bought lunch once in the last two years.  Minister for Murdering Disabled People, Esther Mcvey is equally unpopular with just one licence  payer funded lunch from the BBC since she started in the job.

For a long time the cosy relationship between the DWP and the some sections of the press has been all too obvious.  As Iain Duncan Smith has embarked on a string of brutal and reckless reforms to social security, the right wing media has unleashed a tsunmai of nasty and vindictive benefit claimant bashing stories as political cover.

You might have thought that Ministers trying to influence the press into supporting their policies would at least have had the decency to pay for their own lunches.  The culture of entitlement is alive and well amongst the senior ministers at the DWP.

The records (apart from the months January-June 2012 which appear to be missing) can be viewed at:

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130 responses to “There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch – Unless You’re Iain Duncan Smith Dining Out On The Daily Mail

  1. Does IDS ever look at himself and his life? I can’t imagine he has much self-awareness.

  2. No wonder the fat cunt is getting fatter.Maybe he’ll end up like the greedy pig in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life & explode.

  3. So its business as usual then. Im surprised many restaurants serve them. Thestench of essence of corruption surely pervades the entire eatery? Beware the shiny trousered low cut brigade. Only thing empty is their moral consciences.

    • something survived...

      hope one day the workfare manning the kitchens where he is dining, suddenly decides to deal with that rodent infestation and adds rat poison to his food. Or something quicker acting.

  4. Landless Peasant

    So those idle cunts get a free slap-up dinner and the rest of us must make do on 3 charity food parcels per year? Fucking parasites.

    • something survived...

      I got a charity food parcel today, wahey!

      The bad news: Somebody threw it in a bin and I DD’d for it (pulled it out).
      The good news: it was a cheese sandwich, 100% untouched
      The bad news: there was only one. And I’ve not eaten 3 days.

      Fucking IDS wanker.

  5. This stinks of corruption, but I concede it is probably all perfectly legal. But what a rotten system we have, with ministers dining out on newspaper/media execs’ expenses. It’s all one big private club in charge of this country; the only concession they give us plebs is the illusion of democracy once every five years.

  6. I would rather be economically inacive than morally bankrupt.

  7. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    I wonder how many restaurants have staff in who have family or been punished for stuff.. they may make a special sauce.. just for him 😉

    • Goes on all the time. Staff piss in the ice dump behind the bar reserved specially for them. No doubt the kitchen staff on minimum wage add extras to their meals. Greedy Cunts need medicating. The we’re ok club. Poor Esther…not many invites out. Mustn’t be servicing the right channels.

  8. To Eric Greenwood…… if only! As the saying goes….. `aint got a pot to piss in`, Such a kitchen would have several.

    • I suggest grub seasoned with a squeeze of week old matured bog seat rag and toilet rim orange jelly deposits. The filthy cretins already seemingly snort coke off hoc toilet seats many clubs use wd40 so fkg coke don’t work. Wipe it allover tanks and seats.

      • Stating the obvious here but, How much do you reckon these lunches cost per head? Given a guess I`d say at least £25.
        So the press expressing benefit claimants as living it up on £71 a week are themselves spending over a quarter of a claimants income on one little lunch for an extremely well off w*nker.

        • something survived...

          Last time I checked that is what some places were charging for a SALAD. A nouvelle-cuisine minimalist one intended for a catwalk model who is a masochist on a diet.

  9. BBC paid for that tw*t IDS’s lunches…another reason I’m glad I can’t afford a tv licence..after that news i wouldn’t buy 1 if i could afford it,there’s no way I’m paying for that sick murderer’s food or paying to watch repeats!

  10. i wish i worked in one of those posh restaurants i could poison the lot of them

    • Jamie Oliver was looking for a workfare slave, not sure if he ever found one:

      • Ah, Jamie Oliver, the sanctimonous twat with his crusade against turkey twizzlers being served in school lunches, turning said lunches from barely edible to totally inedible, all the while being seen taking is own kids to McDonald’s!

    • Nuggy… There’s a queue mate. All restaurant workers note…they can be spotted by thpathetic lanyards round their necks despite what passes as working in a secure environment. They shout loudly click their fingers at staff and usually have too much scent on to cover up the used underwear odour. Oh yes I’ve worked with them and fkg the public is secondrary to doing each other.

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  12. @johnnyvoid and they claim that tha MSM is independant..bollocks it is ..they are briefed by DWP and also agree with the fact its so lazy they are even quoting great chunks of the press handouts..what troubles me is the latest if true about ministers wanting to scrap judicial reviews because its just “PR stunt cooked up by pressure groups” according them , the right to challenge being taken away from us plebs…

  13. My days on the breadline, a disgraceful BBC and the wife whose love sustains me: Iain Duncan Smith hits back at the left

    * Mr Duncan Smith has been reviled for trying to reform benefits
    * But the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has had enough

    Read more:

    I am sorry but this sickening patronising total bollcks spewn for that shit rag and that arsehole is sickening drivel..

    “But the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has had enough”

  14. IDS “I can live on £53 a week”,of course he can when he gets lots of meals for free.Pity this lying criminal in all but name couldn’t choke on one of them.

    • something survived...

      Twat, did that £53 include: shortfall in rent; all weekly LONDON transport; bills; bank charges; expenditure on family; credit card repayments; all clothes bought; all leisure activities (No Iain ‘Sleeping in a coffin’ does not count), all extra transport, all of everything that sudenly comes up; TV licence; computing; childcare; and THEN trivial luxuries like the archaic concept of Food?

      I bet if anyone did this they would end up with fuck-all. Does that mean IDS lacks basic numeracy skills, then? And someone said ‘put him in charge of this department’? He could lose an argument with himself in a locked broom cupboard.

  15. off topic How govt can see everything you do on the internet.

  16. this link was sent to me today but i dont think it would IDS one bit..i wonder why..

  17. Now THAT’s more like it my friend 😉

    • interestingly his freebie with The Guardian was the day after the Cait Reilly court victory in the workfare case

      • @johnny i have found there is no such thing as mere coincidence in this game..

        • something survived...

          Freebies we could give IDS:
          Asbestos underpants, lined with fibreglass
          A factfinding mission to the core of an erupting volcano
          A free state-funded funeral
          A ticket to Dignitas (on the basis of ‘putting him out of our misery’)
          Guest spot in a debate on benefit reform with a tank full of crocodiles who haven’t eaten for weeks (they will win the debate)
          A scuba diving lesson but we only bought half the air….
          A free knuckle sandwich followed by a Glasgow kiss and then a Bailiff’s Genital Rearrangement (sack-kicking).

          A woman is up in court for assaulting IDS. She is asked if she punched IDS in the face 50 times.
          “Yes,” she responds. “So sorry about that. I was trying to tone it down.”

          • Bailiff’s Genital Rearrangement (sack-kicking).
            Where I was brought up, people call that a Mancunian Kiss, except that generally involves a knee rather than a foot.

  18. “Double-Feature: “Bradley Manning Verdict Convicts Washington” and “Hiding Economic Depression With Spin” — Paul Craig Roberts”

    • “Why would the president of Russia, a nation ruled by law, want to meet with a tyrant?”

      It’s very difficult to take this amateur hack seriously after a comment like that!

      • something survived...

        russia just passed laws against being gay or supporting progay organisations, this means you can go to jail.


    Looks like McVey may of had a bite to eat w/Duncan-Smith here also on 29 Jan?

    I don’t like this group

  20. Johnny Void.

    A note of caution…

    Before I start: I’m being chucked out of my home of over 30 years since my benefits were cut – if my property, which includes what I have left of my parents’, isn’t out by the 18 th, I lose it. I have no way of moving it. I’m going to be homeless. My appeal against Atos is heard this month. I’m 64 and badly ill. Frankly, I just want to be dead and this all over. So my hatred of the Heaven-Born is visceral, and certainly as bitter as anyone on this site. Plus, I’m an economist, and I know that that the policies of this inept mob are driving the country, let alone the poorest, into an irrevocable decline. (News of economic recovery is bullshit, but convenient forupcoming election.) So please be assured that the following criticism is well-motivated.

    You put it thus: If they take their free lunches, they’re guilty: if they don’t, it’s because they’re so unpopular. Do you mean this? They will argue that since you say they can’t win, there’s no point in taking any notice of you. (They ignore us anyway, but you’re giving them justification.)

    Their arguments are shit; unfortunately, ours have to be unassailable.

    • Sam

      At 64 years old you can get help from age concern or help the aged to help fight your case for you, you do not mention whether you have been taken to court for rent arrears or eviction proceedings and whether you are appealed against this?

    • Hello Sam, whereas I sympathize with your predicament I do not agree `we` are giving any justification here, nor are we posing a no win argument from the government that renders ourselves futile in the trying .
      Firstly, I was in a similar situation to yourself and was in court 3 times for non payment of rent and tax throughout 2010. Long, long story (medical error/medical malpractice causing mental deterioration for over 10years) Atos, for me, resulted in an extreme mental breakdown (2010-2011) Bringing in my MP literally saved my life.

      I am still paying off my debts today, the court did not let the facts stop my debt being paid, however they did allow my staying in my home despite the debt. I believe this was mostly due to my bringing in others of which are higher status (NHS Ombudsman and my MP) than me (the little person)…. .

      Fighting is all we have Sam, despite being the little people we, together are an alliance of voices, giving up speaking out, even here online, gives the ruling class an incredible advantage. Speaking out and scrutinizing the everything they do, does indeed put them on edge and cause embarrassment.
      They are forced to justify the what they do and usually in doing do so, they dig deeper holes for themselves.
      The no win argument is their own, we are just publicizing it.

      To your predicament hon, get people involved, go to the local press, make it public, do whatever you can to tell others….. you have time. Im not saying it will be easy, nor non stressful. But, you have rights and your MP works for you. Please do not give up with a belief you have lost already.

      • PS And thank you elohimette, whose post I just found, as well. I think you’re tougher than you let on, and right now I need precisely your sort of example – if you can do it, I can bloody well try, too.

        By defying the Bastards, we win, even if they’re too smug to see it yet.

        • Exactly!!! They think they can shit on us from a great height but, in reality, they are mere men, like me and you…. they piss, they shit, they bleed and they fall.
          At least the likes of us do not shit on eachother, we rally round offer sound advice and a shoulder to cry on.
          These arse holes will never have true solidarity- their idea of being in it together is until one screws up… when they do? they`re also shat on.

          Another idea……check out and/or If you start up a petition, these guys will send out your petition to every member they have. who will read your predicament and sign.
          Good Luck Hon

        • I think Elohimette has a point, the authorities don’t like a light being shone on their evil behaviour. Shaming them might do the trick. Best of luck to you Sam

  21. Reblogged this on johncresswellplant and commented:
    I thought these things were supposed to be a thing of the past! Can’t we Impeach him?

  22. Profound apologies for my bleating, above. I was in bad state this a.m. I just wanted to give weight to the point I was making (which was not in line with the general outrage) and chose a bad way to do it.

    When I said our arguments should be airtight, I was talking about those from our core speakers, of whom I believe the author of this site has become one… I didn’t mean every comment by every one of us… the fact is, JV is held to a higher standard…

    But I’m glad I did bleat, now… thank you, Guy Fawkes.

  23. Dear Meredith Ong,

    Freedom of Information request

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 01 August 2013

    You asked for:

    How many people, who were disabled and were found fit to work after undergoing an ESA
    examination, have now found a permanent full time job?

    Please exclude part time working, short contracts and work placement.

    We can confirm that the Department does hold some information falling within the description
    specified in your request. However this information is not held centrally and to provide a
    response would require us link together data from different sources. We therefore estimate that
    the cost of retrieving and extracting this information would exceed the appropriate limit of £600.

    The appropriate limit has been specified in regulations and for central Government it is set at
    £600. This represents the estimated cost of one person spending 3½ working days in
    determining whether the Department holds the information, and locating, retrieving and
    extracting the information. Under section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) the
    Department is not obliged to comply with this part of your request.”

    • Misdirection – the classic tool of the swindler.

    • overburdenddonkey

      meredith ong..
      shall we pass round the hat? how do they know it will take 3.5 days, have they done it before? or did they spend money conducting a time and motion study, on how long it would take…i would have thought that this would be standard every day statistical data, their bread and butter, that would have already been correlated for their own purposes????

    • “Department is not obliged to comply with this part of your request.” that sums up the DWP quite well…

  24. Sam ~ Read your comments earlier today & also very sorry to hear what’s happening.- none of it should be able to in an [allegedly, once] civilised society. We’ve arrived back at times of ‘Boys from the Blackstuff’ – only now with 21st century ‘Yosser’s’ not even given the courtesy/recognition that the (real) economic situation is desperate & yet being pilloried/labelled ‘workshy’. And no recognition at all for anyone who’s unable to work.

    It’s gets ever-more difficult not to fall back on character assassinations (particularly of IDS & Esther McVey, somehow). There’s no real need though, it’s true, as the cold hard facts themselves are cold and hard enough – but it’s sometimes hard to resist venting spleen. Someone so unable to learn even a very few set lines/repeat a simple ‘idea’ and who then repeats the same few phrases, very slowly & with a strange delayed emphasis, is just too lampoon-able (the longer they persist).

    Your balanced comment, expressed in such a calm way, alongside an account of how things are for you – will at least have given (some) people the chance to hear at first hand (another) instance of what’s happening directly as the result of this ‘government’s’ policies. I hope some of the replies helped/will help in any way(s) possible. Was thinking this morning that it was fairly amazing that (given the situation you describe) your comment sounded so extremely balanced and not bitter (there’s every reason & you do have every right to be).

    [This morning’s news that the ‘racist vans’ carrying out spot checks resulted in 90 people being arrested were disturbing news to wake up to. Reporter’s carefully ‘controlled-shock’ voice stating that “Some people online have described this as being like Nazi Germany!” What are they expecting people to say/think around about now?! This is very like(ly) how things initially started to change up a few gears back then – with an occasional, half-shocked sounding, throwaway comment on the news & then on to something else. The ‘something-else’ this morning was that half of UK adults (it’s official) are now struggling with bills/credit commitments – we already knew this i think – here again, reporters sounding politely amazed & unable to join up any of the dots]. Good grief.

    • @shirleynott i read in the indie that the illegal immigrant vans the border controls were targetting ethnics..

      • something survived...

        Excuse me is this your car sir?
        Yes officer.
        When did you steal it?
        It’s my car! Here are the documents and my ID.
        Obviously fake. Are you a terrorist?
        Of course not – and I’m a Christian from Goa.
        How did you afford this car?
        I bought it!
        Dealing drugs, no doubt. Are you an illegal immigrant?
        No! I came here to work!
        A sneaky economic migrant then. Who invited you?
        Your own government, another department.
        You’re definitely lying. We know you are dating Bin Laden’s 13th wife and you probably have a house full of Al-Qaeda bombs.
        This is ridiculous. Look, I need to get to work.
        Tell your boss you can’t come in.
        No I can’t.
        Surely they can cope without you there for a few hours while we detain you.
        No, they can’t!
        You have no evidence to back up your case, and you are several shades too dark to be the legitimate owner of this vehicle.
        Why should we not seize it and arrest you?
        Are you for real????
        Don’t answer back, you bud-bud. Or we will.
        I really need to get to work….
        Where do you work then?
        I’m conducting the symphony orchestra!

    • overburdenddonkey

      mcvey, “yes but they might be entitled to even more benefits”…really that’s the purpose of wca is it, and pip to give people more money, it is not working….i sense a plunge people into debt policy, sink or swim policy…bitter, only if i don’t say..! speaking out sweetens the heart…

    • Thank you for thinking I’m calm…

  25. @shirleynott now i think of it the report in the Times about ministers trying to crack down on stopping judicial reviews by pressure groups seems to fit the new illegal immigrant targetting…

    • “… you can’t cure poverty simply by giving more money to the poor” (as if that would alleviate any of it – so completely the wrong way to go it’s not even worth discussing. End of. (So that’s what IDS’s fan/s are so delighted by – finally, a saviour has come who “understands” that the poor can’t be helped by and should be trusted with anything so prosaic as … more money!).


    “The sun and the tories two great bastions of truth and honesty ”

  27. heres is uncle IDS in 2006

    Interim report
    on the state of the nation
    Social Justice Policy Group
    Chairman, Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP
    December 2006

    • something survived...

      IDS is to justice, what a dog is to a kitchen where a very large blancmange is waiting to be served.

  28. A bit complicated, so no details now, but…

    I followed one or two suggestions from here, this afternoon. This was after I had been seriously embarrassed by my ‘bleating’… More to do next week, but there’s just a chance that I have some things to do now which are going to improve my situation very substantially.

    So, thank you guys, more than I know how to say.

    • something survived...

      Sorry I wasn’t here till now. I was reminded of the Peruvian natives who captured a conquistador. ‘Since you are so greedy for just gold, then have some’, and they poured molten gold down his throat.


    Benefit cuts ‘will drain £129m from Croydon’s economy’ according to Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research

    AS expected its all the fault of bloody croydon…

  30. ” Tim Sharville, chair of the Crystal Palace Chambers of Commerce, predicted welfare cuts could take a toll on the high street.
    Ads by Google


    He said: “If people have got less money to spend, it will have an effect. And with the rise of the online shop, it is going to force people online even more, so the high street will suffer.”

    But Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell branded the figures “a nonsense” because they do not take into account the possibility of benefit cuts spurring people on to find work.

    He said: “The first flaw in that is that some people, as a result of the benefit cap, will get work.

    “The second issue is that if you had not made the welfare changes, then taxes would have to be higher to pay for the extra Government spending, and that would take money out of Croydon’s economy.”

    The household benefit cap came into force in Croydon on Monday, as well as in three other boroughs chosen to test it.

    It limits household welfare income to £350 a week for single adults or £500 for couples and parents.

    “”The first flaw in that is that some people, as a result of the benefit cap, will get work.”…oh really and you can guarantee that will you? i doubt very much you twat..after all how are you expected to get a job when you cant pay the rent and become homeless..and no one is going to employ anyone without an address…fuckwit.

  31. Oh so IDS has had his greedy snout in the trough again. If he said he could live on 53 quid a week, perhaps he should try it for a month or two. He would come out a new man and be able to see his long lost chin again. That’s if he was still alive after his starvation.

  32. Shit link sorry I’ll get the hang of this internet thingy one day.

    Esther McVey will be voted out at the next election for sure, she only has a majority of 2000 odd, not that she will go on JSA once she loses her job like us plebs! IDS has a 12 thousand majority cushion unfortunately. IDS being voted out would be Portillo x 100, can you imagine the old Nazis face? Personally I won’t vote I think the whole country should boycott the next election, if no one votes these lowlifes will have no mandate to govern. I would however make an exception if I lived in Chingford IDS constituency. Actually he shouldn’t just lose his job he should be slung in jail for crimes against humanity. Has anyone else got IDS on the brain? It even sounds like a medical condition. Me: I’m in chronic pain doctor, Dr: yes Rich you have a severe case of IDS, I recommend plenty of rest and stay away from the jobcentre otherwise you’ll end up going bald, hating everyone and descending into total lunacy.

  33. something survived...

    I’ve hauled garbage all day and managed not to think of the evil fucker till tonight. Fuck workfare and fuck IDS. On second thoughts if you fuck IDS, do it by cybersex not by flesh sex.
    IDS: Could put you off men for life (see, his family values thing is perversely working on me), except just one particular man; no actually each time I hear ‘family values’ speeches from one of them, I am more motivated to go forth and ‘sin’ (as he puts it) with strangers. To stop people having babies, put IDS’ face on packs of condoms. OTOH you could do the opposite: get more people to have babies, by saying that statistically there is only one IDS so what are the odds of them having another one? The bottom of the barrel has already been reached.

    Mugabe just got in again; so as far as I’m concerned, he can get a room with Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ law politician.

    • Now I’ve got a picture in my mind that I’d rather be without… I thought the internet was being cleaned up…

  34. Smith;

    If you keep pushing, boxing us into ever tighter corners, denying us any way out, then sooner or later, like cornered rats, some of us will become violent.

    This seemed SO self-evident that it wasn’t worth mentioning.

    Except that, in a state of fairly acute depression this evening, I found myself wondering if, in fact, that’s actually what you WANT…

    The idea seemed ridiculous at first, but now I can’t quite shrug out off.

    Your humble skivvy


    • PS And I forgot mention the largely unearned ostentation which you ensure, on a daily basis, is in our faces – the free lunches of this thread; but all the rest of your overweening privilege, as well.

      Ira populi ira dei. As a Catholic (albeit of the Alexander VI school), I’m sure you know what that means…

  35. That’s why I do not buy newspapers or pay the TV tax. I would be mortified if I contributed toward a free lunch for these monsters.

    • John B;

      Unfortunately they have 94 different ways to ensure that we pay for their free lunches…

      We’re as trapped as any medieval serf.

  36. Minister for Slaughtering the Disabled, Esther Mcvey is equally unpopular with just one licence payer funded lunch from the BBC since she started in the job.
    FTFY to help you avoid charges of defamatory libel, Johnny. After all, in the eyes of the ConDems, we’re not the same species as those in power, so killing us isn’t murder. As for our being people with all the rights that would entail, are you fucking kidding? Everyone here (except pete, probably) knows that the disabled aren’t ‘people’, and the unemployed are nothing more than feckless layabouts depending on who you’re talking to.

    • Hi Shogorath;

      I’m glad you wrote this – my problem is that I lived under the illusion that I >was< a people (while I was paying my contributions…) and it's hard to adapt to adapt to the knowledge that I'm not ( now that I want them to fulfil their side of the bargain…)

  37. @ Sam: Johnny meant it thus: If they take their
    free lunches, they’re guilty of hypocrisy after demonising benefits recipients for being in receipt of ‘free money’: if they
    don’t, it’s because they’re so
    unpopular with the media they’re using to spread their hate-filled bullshit.

    • @JOHHNY VOID AND EVERYONE i was looking up the tragic death ofa friend of friend who wsas very much loved..i have now found the tragic circumstances of her suicide..

      “Westminster Coroner’s Court heard on Wednesday that Mrs O’ Connor had a history of mental illness and was paranoid about going to prison for benefit fraud” isnt this tragic..she was not wrongfully claiming either..

      • overburdenddonkey


        • @Donkey thank you for that..its more tragic in many other ways too…..of which are a bit personal to me..but yes its made me quite cross it should never have happened her best friend is still upset about it too..such great loss as well….

  38. @donkey why did she get it into hear head she had commiteed a crime when she hadnt?? something not right i fear…

  39. donkey ie someone close to her i meant..

  40. Its stories like this one that should be media widespread but, as the media and government go hand in hand such stories will not be made overly public of course. (how can the majority of the general population not note just one tragic tale and ask `Hang on, this is f#cked up`? sadly many people have commited suicide because of Atos but, it`s being swept under the carpet)
    Tragic indeed and extremely disturbing

  41. What with free underpants as well? He must have been fed too many curries ..

  42. @ELOHIMETTE thank you very much i would really like to know who put that idea into her head as its obvious she had done no wrong at all..i wish i could find out…

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