Universal Jobmatch Makes A Mockery of Minimum Wage Clampdown

internships_UJEarlier in the year Jo Swinson, Minister for Employment Relations at the Department for Business, released a stern press release in which she declared that:  “Paying less than the minimum wage is totally unacceptable.”

This accompanied a story from HMRC which detailed a £4 million pound combined pay out to workers denied the minimum wage by unscrupulous employers.  Several of those compensated had been working as unpaid interns, the latest fad amongst some employers keen to avoid paying young people a wage.  HMRC have announced that they are fast-tracking investigations into this form of unpaid labour:

“Anyone who believes they are not being paid the National Minimum Wage can call the Pay and Work Rights Helpline on 0800 917 2368. Calls to the helpline from interns, who are working for nothing or for “expenses only”, are being fast-tracked to HMRC enforcement officers for investigation.”

Yet if Jo Swinson wants to track down businesses breaking minimum wage laws then perhaps the first place to look would be the Government’s own Universal Jobmatch website.  This is the website which unemployed people are increasingly forced to sign up for as a condition of receiving benefits and which is riddled with scams, spoofs, sex work and dubious self-employment vacancies.

Nestled alongside the adverts for lap dancers and Mafia drug couriers, the website features a whole host of unpaid work.  Those who are prepared to work for a daily lunch allowance can have the privilege of working full time for this recruitment agency as a ‘volunteer’.  Astonishingly they even expect applicants for this unpaid role to have “previous sales or recruitment experience”.

Other opportunities for people to line the pockets of bosses by working for free include a role at Mansion Estates, London.  This involves working six days a week propping up the profits of an estate agents and ‘may’ even lead to a real job.  It is unclear whether this role is unpaid, or whether it attracts the £500 a month salary listed in the side bar.  Either way it breaches minimum wage laws.  Another London estate agent is also on the look out for free workers.  Simple E14 Ltd are keen to recruit a ‘voluntary receptionist’.

Some of the unpaid work advertised on Universal Jobmatch may be legal, but only if it is part of a recognised Government scheme.  So this position, as an unpaid office volunteer with Aquaseal,seems to be part of the Work Experience scheme and is likely to be legal.  This one however, ten weeks unpaid work for the law firm Adonai Beulah Solicitors, seems to be completely illegal.  You’d think a bunch of solicitors might know better.

Another exciting opportunity is this vacancy advertised by david@sign-meup.co.uk who wants people to spend the Summer working without pay answering the phone, filing and ‘mainly data entry’.  Be prepared to work hard for no wages, the company warn: “You will be set daily targets to meet and be expected to reach that target.”

According to Jo Swinson: “Whenever we find examples of businesses breaking the law we will crack down on them.”

Perhaps she should have a word with Iain Duncan Smith who seems to be aiding and abetting employers who break minimum wage laws on a national scale.  It is not just unpaid workers who are being ripped off by these companies.  The tax payer is paying benefits to fund these unpaid workers whilst the companies are dodging the National Insurance they would have to pay were these workers on wages.  The renegade DWP is making a mockery of the minimum wage laws, and we are all paying the cost.

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131 responses to “Universal Jobmatch Makes A Mockery of Minimum Wage Clampdown

  1. What’s to stop every employer using constructive dismissal to rid themselves of paid workers and take on the unemployed for free ?- talk about a free for all especially where the deadly duo combine i.e. corrupt business and corrupt ministers.

    • Guy Fawkes.
      I said this would happen. The gullible working public who condemned the unemployed by listening to the lies of this dreadful government naming them as workshy parasites. It became quite obvious early on that this was the end game for the Condems.

  2. Design and Art Direction an esteemed organisation should not be encouraging design graduates to work for nothing…after spending three years slaving away as hard up students they should not be encouraging the something for nothing culture that appears to be happening in various trades, added to which the student tuition fee hike in which students are expected to pay back their fees once working makes you wonder what should happen here..after all if they are indeed employed it would then mean they would be expected to start paying back their tuition fees, but how on earth can they do that if they are not being paid…

  3. @helen thank you for that i did not see that item..however it still raises questions about graduates…re: tuition fee payback / internship..

  4. @helen “I should have made it clear that I was referring to student internships and NOT graduates.”

    hmm this still does not excuse the issue around internships…

  5. Landless Peasant

    The only way I can pay my Bedroom Tax & Council Tax out of my poxy 70 quid a week Dole is by breaking the law. This I do by working illegally on a part-time (very) casual basis, doing gardening/odd-jobs, for which I am paid just £3 per hour cash-in-hand. Other alternatives might be drug dealing or shoplifting. And now my Landlord is saying I am £120 in arrears and should be paying £68 per month in Bedroom Tax rather than the £49 I was initially told to pay! Thank fuck I probably only have around another 20 years or so left on this fucking shit-hole of a planet.

    • @landless peasant..there you go…paul routledge that ALL private renters are criminal drug dealers….he knows this cos he iz clevva and we isnt..

    • Bernadette H.

      @Landless, query the bill as they are making loads of mistakes.
      I just has a letter from my council telling me, that, they have awarded me a ‘transitional grant’ (extra funds). Its not much, a few quid, but every little helps!!!.

    • Landless. Good on ya for working on the side. It’s the only way to survive and I respect anyone for using initiative, well done!

  6. Bernadette H.

    Wage labour is a commodity to be bought and sold. It all I have!!!!
    I have worked for nothing, but only on my terms, ‘what’s in it for me’ mentality, I suppose.
    Just watch out for the F——- sharks who come in many disguises to get you to work for nothing. Bastards.

    • @bernadette i fear that the work for nothing culture will become the norm..

      • Bernadette H.

        Yes Bob, it will. But, we just got to pick and choose what we want to do with out time.
        If graduates are stupid enough to work for nothing, thats their problem.
        Most University degrees highlight exploitation!!!!

        • @bernadette with the greatest respect i dont think its just ”their problem” after flogging their guts out for a few years being a student its true to say they are ambitious…..why would they study so hard, having said that it doesnt follow that they should be exploited nor indeed should anyone..the bills still have to be paid after all..

  7. @bernardette further more ‘getting paid for work done is/should be part of the education…

    • Bernadette H.

      Bob, yes graduates do get exploited and it not fair. I am one and I have been exploited by promises of jobs, great pie in the sky bullshit.
      Fuck paying back the student loan.
      My academia told me that I would find work, the government gave me money. You cannot get blood out of a stone.

      • @bernadette yes an old college friend of mine who graduated told me that his first job was making the tea..thats the thing about expectations isnt it….

  8. The situation we find ourselves in now is exactly the same situation that gave rise to the unions, and then the Labour party…..Where the Fuck are they now, when the workers need them most???

    • @murray but you see to work for nothing is to be ‘noble’ and selfless….in order to help this great country to get back on its feet and to be great again..and if anyone believes that then……we are in deep shite…

    • Bernadette H.

      Spot on Murray!!! The labour movement emerged as a product of, and as a critical response to, the capitalist labour contract!!!!
      We are being ignored. Why? I have no idea.

      • @bernardette ist because that trade union movment are all communists and out to wreck the country you see….well thatcher in her more insane moments beleived all that tosh..oh ands MI5..as well..

        • Bernadette H.

          Bob, we got no members of Parliament to protect our interests in the House of Commons.

          • @bernardette thats very true westminster land is very separated from the real world..

            • Bernadette H.

              Bob, I once knew a man once called Bob, who at the time, was a specialist advisor on homelessness, to the then office of the deputy prime minister (I know fucking Prescott). Anyway, when he was invited to the ‘commons’ he spent the afternoon looking out at the Thames.
              The moral of the story: They do fuck all at Westminster.

    • Landless Peasant

      The Labour Party was infiltrated by wealthy intellectuals and capitalists, and ceased to exist when they re-wrote Clause IV. Pilger called it a “silent coup”.

    • Most People in my workplace won’t join the union. They are happy for the union members to pay the subs, strike, lose pay etc to sustain and improve working conditions.
      As long as *some* people are union members, the rest get the benefit by default. A Thatcherite legacy of demonisation pitting worker against worker.

  9. The government should be paying the students to study, not the other way around – further education should be free and grants should be issued for the student to live on, how did we go from this to student loans for tuition fees and living costs?

  10. If we are to be “noble” then we should all get a seat in the house of Lords,and receive all the benefits that go with it.

    • @murray perhaps it was a typo amd it should read ‘nobble’…

      • something survived...

        Or ‘Nibble Nobby’s Nuts’. Or IDS’s. If you can bear the taste.
        “We welcome diversity in this vacancy. Sharks are particularly encouraged to apply (if landbased, large monitor lizards will also be considered).”

  11. :@guy its form the old idea that people are begrudged something…a case of ok you can have some money but we want it back and you got to prove you are worth it…we dont get that from MPs and workfare providers though…

  12. hey did anyone catch the blindingly obvious photo op by jeremy hunt in his hospital gown doing his ”other job’ going “undercover ” to gather info from patients about how terrible the NHS is…do they really think we are that gullible?that from the daily fail…oh please…

  13. Obi Wan Kenobi

    If you are told by a JCP adviser you ‘have’ to allow access to your UJM account and/or told you ‘have’ to give them your phone number – this is classed as coercion and is illegal – if this has happened to you go see your MP immediately – don’t wait.

  14. “Evidencing Provider Job Outcome Claims

    It has recently been brought to my attention that some of our contracted employment provision providers are using colleagues in Jobcentre Plus offices to provide them with the evidence they need to be able to claim job outcome performance and therefore payment from DWP.

    This evidence usually involves Jobcentre Plus personnel checking customer records to confirm that the individual has signed-off and/or gone into work – in some cases we are aware that colleagues in Jobcentre Plus offices have also run the equivalent of an off-benefit check giving providers what they believe to be robust evidence to support their claim and proof that it will be processed without question.

    In reality some of these claims subsequently fail the formal off-benefit check when submitted to DWP for payment, eg because of mismatches between the dates used in the informal check and those used at the formal claim stage.

    The off-benefit check in itself does not confirm that an individual is in employment and, whilst we do accept this as a proxy for making payments, it is the responsibility of each provider to satisfy themselves that individuals have been in work for the required period of time (not off-benefit) when they make their claims to DWP.

    Other than maintaining good working relationships with their providers, there is nothing to be gained from Jobcentre Plus performing this informal off-benefit check. Not only can it be counter-productive where claims subsequently fail the formal off-benefit check but it is also using valuable Jobcentre Plus resources.

    With that in mind I would ask that providers look to their own internal systems and processes to gather the evidence needed to support their job outcome claims in the future.

    Derek French


  15. Jobcentre Plus Districts now have more discretion to design, influence and deliver services to help customers move off benefits and into employment sooner than would otherwise be possible. District Managers will continue to engage with local public and voluntary organisations, particularly where this joins up collective efforts and stimulates solutions for improving employment and skills.


  16. “sooner than would otherwise be possible. ” what a curious phrase that is…..

    • Bernadette H.

      Effectively, jobcentre plus are being left to their own devices in designing questions to trip up the vulnerable, influencing ‘team member’ in how to ‘identify’ the vulnerable and deliver services which IDS has demanded. Sadly.

      • @bernadette well IDS visited an jcp to congratulate them for hitting or exif they succeceeding their sanctions target…and dont they get awarded some prize..if they succeed..

  17. Obi Wan Kenobi

    It looks like Jobcentres are now becoming overloaded with people returning from The Work Programme, my appointments started at one per week, it’s now just jumped to one per fortnight.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      I also overheard a JCP adviser saying to someone who was at their first appointment, they couldn’t see this person again until August 12th due to being fully booked up for the next 3 weeks.

      • Dear Ms Jackson,

        Thank you for your Freedom of Information request which we received on 15
        August 2011. In that request you asked:

        ‘A recent response has been made by the DWP in relation to work
        placements on the work programme, which stated:

        The Work Programme gives providers the flexibility to design innovative and
        personalised approaches to help participants back into sustained work. This
        may or may not include a period of work related activity, but Work Programme
        providers are not required to inform DWP or Jobcentre Plus of the names of
        any organisations used for this activity.

        Surely this is open to abuse? If Providers do not have to inform DWP who
        they use in these ‘work placements’ they could be taking back-handers
        (excuse the colloquial expression) from certain ’employers’ who have found a
        great new way to save money. Instead of actually ’employing’ someone, they
        will have the ‘use’ of slave labour namely lots of Jobseekers, who will do the
        same work for free, with a continuing and rolling supply of new and fresh
        people sent from those Providers every few weeks. What safeguards has the
        DWP in place, if any, that will ensure that JSA claimants are not abused in
        such a manner? Because if I was a local employer and I needed more help,
        why would I want to employ someone on a wage, when I could get people for
        free – from the DWP?

        Work placements provide people, many of whom may have been out of work
        for a long time, with the opportunity to get used to returning to a working
        environment. Rather than exploitation this provides a useful stepping stone
        back to employment. Furthermore, a placement does not affect benefit

        Also, providers are not paid to arrange work placements. Rather, they receive
        payments when they help people into paid jobs, and help them keep in work
        and off benefits.

        With reference to safeguarding participants, DWP has issued instructions to
        providers setting out the legislation they and their subcontractors must comply
        with and the steps they must take to ensure people on work placements are
        not exploited by employers. The following link to DWP Provider Guidance
        Chapter 2 gives more detail, particularly paragraph 73 onwards:

        If a customer has a complaint about a Provider’s service they have the right to
        complain to the Provider directly. During the initial meeting Providers must
        explain to the customer their “Grievance and Internal Complaints” process
        and the escalation route through their organisation. Providers must inform
        customers of the timescale for resolution and how they will formally notify
        customers of the outcome.

        If a complaint is not managed to the customer’s satisfaction, they can access
        the Jobcentre Plus complaints procedure. Where a customer wishes to
        complain to Jobcentre Plus the Provider should direct them to obtain the
        leaflet ‘Our Service Standards’ which explains more about how to complain to
        Jobcentre Plus. A copy of the form is available here or from any Jobcentre
        Plus office.

        Yours sincerely

        DWP Central FOI Team


    • Same here. I am about a fortnight myself!

  18. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/work_placements_on_the_work_prog

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    A recent response has been made by the DWP in relation to work
    placements on the work programme, which stated:

    The Work Programme gives providers the flexibility to design
    innovative and personalised approaches to help participants back
    into sustained work. This may or may not include a period of work
    related activity, but Work Programme providers are not required to
    inform DWP or Jobcentre Plus of the names of any organisations used
    for this activity.

    Surely this is open to abuse?

    If Providers do not have to inform DWP who they use in these ‘work
    placements’ they could be taking back-handers (excuse the
    colloquial expression) from certain ’employers’ who have found a
    great new way to save money.

    Instead of actually ’employing’ someone, they will have the ‘use’
    of slave labour namely lots of Jobseekers, who will do the same
    work for free, with a continuing and rolling supply of new and
    fresh people sent from those Providers every few weeks.

    What safeguards has the DWP in place, if any, that will ensure that
    JSA Claimants, are not abused in such a manner?

    Because if I was a local employer and I needed more help, why would
    I want to employ someone on a wage, when I could get people for
    free – from the DWP?

    Yours deeply concerned,

  19. someone had put forward an e petition against this..

    DWP should not expect people to work for nothing

    Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

    The DWP should not expect people to work for nothing whilst they are looking for paid employment. After all, DWP staff would not work without financial recompense so why should anyone else


  20. http://indusdelta.co.uk/discussion/forced_labour_illegal/12207

    am quoting here from a comment…..

    MWA/Workfare is really just a way to circumvent the minimum wage laws.

    From DWP guideline: “Work Experience for JSA Claimants
    14. Where you are providing support for JSA participants, which is work experience you must mandate participants to this activity. This is to avoid the National Minimum Wage Regulations, which will apply if JSA participants are not mandated.”

    The only people it really helps are the businesses that exploit the ‘workers’, and the political parties that receive donations from grateful businesses.

    Incidentally the DWP PCS Union has said: “This is a very significant ruling that we believe supports what we have said all along, that no one should be forced to work without pay.
    The government can not continue to help private companies and charities to exploit people who are out of work, and these schemes must surely now be scrapped …”

  21. oh this looks fun a job on Universal jobmatch

    Leaflet Delivery Person
    Job description

    This is a self employed vacancy.
    Applicant must be able to prove eligibility to work in UK.

    Leaflet delivery persons required in the Tilbury, Grays, Chafford, Thurrock and Ockenden areas.

    Candidates must be polite and able to work unsupervised. Honesty and reliability are of utmost importance. 2 references are required.

    ****Successful applicants will be required to wear a GPS Tracker to monitor delivery performance*****

    oh what fun you can be followed about online…how nice of them..

    • something survived...

      Product testers wanted: DWP is experimenting with checks on the accuracy of Pierrepoint’s Drop Tables. Unpaid benefits recipients are being sought to undergo a full trapdoor based execution. Thin or very heavy applicants (stock) may be decapitated by the rope, and very light people (who are dropped furthest) can take up to 30-42 minutes to die from slow strangulation. All applicants are likely to void bladder and bowels during the process.

      An exciting and dynamic job opportunity that’s really going places!

      Contact: Reinhard Heydrich, hangem.hall@deadnazi.com

      As a bonus applicant can pick colour of rope.

  22. this made me laugh..

    Responsibilities of DWP

    1. Understanding and dealing with the major causes of poverty unlike its symptoms
    2. Encouraging citizens to work so as to make work pay
    3. Supporting sick people or physically affected people depending on their working areas
    4. Offering honest income for pension age people to promote saving for retirement
    *****5. Minimising work-related problems such as death, and severe injuries in workplaces via Health and Safety Executive******

    work related problems such as death…..LOL!!!


    • something survived...

      Understanding fuck-all, and caring even less. Expanding poverty and its symptoms. Encouraging citizens (stock) to work even to the point of death and where there is no pay. Supporting creating more sick people and physically affected people, by forcing them to work unpaid in hazardous working areas. Offering dishonest incomes for CEO’s and the bosses of DWP, while encouraging pensioners to be worked to death so no pensions have to be paid. Abolishing retirement (apart from for Tory CEO’s and those of similar rank). Maximising work-related deaths in order to cut the welfare budget. Increasing the incidence of severe injuries in workplaces, intended as a measure to ‘free up’ more job vacancies; while stopping the benefits of those injured, and forcing them to build/mend roads. Knocking down the Health and Safety Executive and making a carpark instead.

  23. Working for Department for Work and Pension

    Most people in UK are interested in securing jobs in this department. Some of the services offered by this department include the following.

    * Numerous exciting and rewarding careers
    * A great chance of transforming people’s lives
    * A wonderful package of employers benefits

    • something survived...

      Working for DWP: Only callous and warped sociopaths completely devoid of empathy, are interested in securing jobs in this department. Numerous creative and hilarious sanctions. A great chance of transforming people’s lives – into people’s deaths. A wonderful package of excreta (IDS) leading it all.

    • @bob & *Plenty of chances to practice rearranging sentences
      (apparently, there is now someone specifically (didn’t catch her name) in charge of plain speaking on Gov. site. The new big idea is not to use any jargon such as ‘driving’ (unless referring to cars) or ‘disincentivise’ (unless it suddenly becomes a word) as ‘most ordinary people can’t understand long, complex words’.

      From now on, focus is likely to be on continuing to ‘help people into (voluntary/mandatory/unpaid) work’ while ‘removing as much money from them as (in)humanly possible. And trying to justifying this using smaller words (to save time/money).

  24. “I liked the fact anyone who didn’t pay their bill at the grocers was looked down on – even snubbed.” (N (lord) Tebbit just now on R4 …
    (On his younger days, post-war). Interviewer’s description of him:as “the incarnation of Thatcherism”.

    • overburdenddonkey

      sn.. aye did he also nostalgically mention that in those days people actually got paid wages for working..and if politicians suggested work for free…there would have been riots…

      • obd ~ he’s just the same bitter twisted person but older. Cherry picking the bits that fit his ideology and leaving inconvenient truths out. It was bad enough the first time round – in a minute he will probably re-hash his greatest catchphrase – maybe he is fiends with IDS … same views.

    • He is now quoting Beveridge’s initial views regarding the welfare state, that social security should be limited (timewise) so as not to encourage idleness … turning radio off now.

      • something survived...

        He hasn’t been time limited though. They should have cut off his oxygen 30 years ago. (Oh they DID – explaining why he’s a zombie.)

  25. Number of Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) sanctions applied for Failing to Participate in the Work Programme: 1st June 2011 to 30th April 2012

    Number of individuals with a sanction applied

  26. Notes:
    Figures are cumulative and rounded to the nearest ten.
    The number of sanctions applied is the number of referrals where there has been an adverse decision.
    Failing to Participate in the Work Programme is a fixed length sanction
    Fixed length sanctions: A sanction of between 1 week and 26 weeks is imposed for refusal, without good cause, to attend an employment programme or carry out a Jobseeker’s Direction. Payment of benefit continues in full pending the Adjudication Officer’s decision on a sanction question.5.
    Gender of claimant as recorded on the Labour Market System (LMS).
    Age of claimant: Age of claimant is calculated at the date the referral for a decision was made.
    Please note that all the information above relates to JSA customers and does not include non-JSA customers who have been sanctioned in connection to the Work Programme. This information is not readily available.
    We estimate that the cost of researching this piece of information for non-JSA customers would exceed the appropriate limit of £600. The appropriate limit has been specified in regulations and for central Government it is set at £600.
    This represents the estimated cost of one person spending 3½ working days in determining whether the Department holds the information, and locating, retrieving and extracting the information. Under section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act the Department is not obliged to comply with this part of your request and we will not be processing this further.
    For more information on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) sanctions please select the link below:

    • Who are the “non-JSA customers [non-persons?] sanctioned in connection to the Work Programme.”? Is there actually a child-catcher-type person going around town centres now and randomly scooping people up to take them to work programme??

      ~ Also, can they not listen to themselves: “For more information on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) sanctions … ” please select …

      • Is there actually a child-catcher-type person going around town centres now and randomly scooping people up to take them to work programme??
        Child catchers, exactly. After all, people aren’t making themselves useful in a job if they’re sitting in a classroom, are they?

  27. something survived...

    The above is shorthand for ‘We are a bunch of lying cunts’.

  28. Rosemarie Harris

    We really need to get this information out to many more papers, unions including students all the polictical parties inc independents.Blogs of every interest, twitter, face book etc.( Yes i know the government know but not every MPknows what is going on)
    I am a basic computer user i don’t do face book etc. if anyone has the skills just do it the more that know this is happening the more something might happen. Also worth doing the European members of parliament.
    We need to keep up the information and keep at it if we don’t no one will ,more people need to see what is happening.

  29. although the vast majority of ads in my area (rural wales – try searching ‘cardigan’ or ‘fishguard’) are ‘sales assistant’ posts which offer you the chance to post catalogues through doors self-employed, my favourite thing about universal jobmatch is how jobcentre staff no longer vet the english, so you get adverts for the job post of ‘robot’ and ‘bacon’ (yep, really) and incomprehensible gibberish from people who can’t spell using phone touchpads. But on topic, i recently accidentally applied for a job whose contract would be ‘subject to weekly renewal’ and asked you ‘to be fanatical about exceeding service expectations’ – talk about a relationship that’s all give and no take

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  31. The sly government must be raking it in. All the money taken from incapacity abolishment, dla abolishment, ESA slashes. Folk working for SWEET FUCK ALL! Did you notice how EVERYONE , on ESA had it took away. Nearly everyone! how strange. Its wonderful how healthy everyone became. Atos miracles cured us all. They must be healers then. Yes that’s it, they have the healing hands of the lord. No more disabled people in England. No more sick people. Oh and the ones that died, well there is always the odd one where it does not work. So anyone heading to Atos to be tested,on a good note you will be cured of all ills. Down side Your money will be gone !!!!!. Unfortunately most folks illness’s seem to have come back even worse. How strange it is. Atos are phoney, pseudo health workers. I bet their computer company (their real trade) is shit too.
    Oh and IDS you bald headed arsole, I have this to say, you are not going to like it but your gonna av to fucking hear it
    it is not much to ask is it? ?????

    • Jasmine you don’t understand what good IDS is doing. He’s cured Britain of all illness, the disabled can now walk, the blind can now see. ATOS have a 99% cure rate. Wow. You’d think the worlds top scientists would approach IDS and ATOS to find out the secret of their miraculous healing hands. What a bunch of wankers they truly are.

      • Rich
        IDS is showing signs of Narcissism. The black triad of Narcissism. Atos and DWP are his Narcissistic supply. Have you noticed the hostility of the people that work there. They are robotic. It really is pointless talking to them. Its all gone the Neo liberal way. Christopher Lashe Phd wrote a great book on this and predicted the American society were heading this way. Well considering the DWP have gone a bit American if you know what I mean, we are now heading that way too. Narcissism is very much a part of our culture now. Its dog eat dog out there. Each man for himself. Narcissists always have to have scapegoats. Guess who they are today in Great Britain?

        • Narcissistic yes but you forgot ignorant, arrogant, psychotic, twisted, delusional, billy no mates, no good, stinking pile of excrement dropped out of Thatchers dribbling anus at some point in the 50’s and left to fester for decades before being deployed on the masses like some sort of chemical weapon that only works against people with little or no money. Other than that he’s alright! Oh I forgot pathological liar and political failure.

          • Rich,
            all those words you use are the traits of N’s and p’s. To take away sick, and disabled peoples money they need to survive, then tax them to the cows come home is downright nasty. People on Jsa too. This is impossible to pay this devastating tax, its just totally malevolent policy. Was on the phone telling the council yesterday, I have no money for food, but they insisted I gave them my last few pounds to pay them the tax or they were sending the beef cakes round my poor little place that barely has nothing in it. This Regime is getting out of control now. I’ve been reading people are living in caves around the country.

            • That’s terrible taking your last few quid Jenny, the evil bastards. I’d bet the head of your council and his cronies are on 6 figure salaries. We’re all in this together? Are we bollocks. I saw that on the news about those caves near Stockport. What has our country become? All those houses empty and people are on the street and in caves. Shocking.


          • Rich, please don’t call the ConDems psychotic. It’s inaccurate and insulting. You should instead call them psychopathic since that diagnosis fits their symptoms better.
            BTW, when I say that calling the ConDems psychotic is insulting, that’s because I truly believe that people with schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and other psychoses would be hugely insulted by having the sick fucks in Parliament compared to them. No offence.

            • sheograth
              you are correct. I think Rich confused his words. I am sure he meant no harm. Psychotics, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia are all totally different. In fact these people are probably victims of psychopaths and narcissists. Some of the work by R.D laing phd is rather interesting. Psychopaths and N’s have NO EMPATHY. People who suffer the mental illness you mention do have their EMPATHY intact. Totally different mental illness’s I agree.

            • Yeah sorry I meant psychopathic I should be more careful when I post. No offence to anyone reading, except IDS naturally.

            • Rich
              Your o k. Dont worry none of us are psychiatrists, well if we were, we sure would have a lot more money, but we do need to get savy on the world of the ‘Elites’. People in power who are throwing their dangerous authoritarian weight around the world. We will end up in the gutter if we do not learn.

            • DWP sponsored by tesco

          • @rich IDS has a chip on shoulder ever since he was demoted from being the ‘great leader’ he wasnt ever since then he has been trying to prove his miserable existence…..at the consequence of all us lot and many others and its costing the country too..all this money and effort to support that stupid prats ego? is this ”govt’ that mad? oh wait…

  32. I so wish that I still had life left in me, then I may be able to make a differance, but I am beyond caring,the circumstances we are now having to endure are quite unbelieveable,who would have thought 20yrs ago,we would be suffering this kind of shit, from our own countrymen regardless of affiliation,bring back communism as an option, or even socialism,anything other than torieism,thankfully for me alcoholism works.

  33. Murray its not Torieism, its TERRORISM. I know what you mean about the drink. I can not afford it, but the odd bottle does the trick. I know what you mean. Your right it is unbelievable. I am so glad people can let of steam on sites like this. I’ve been swearing a lot but it really helps get the anger out.

  34. We’ve reached a sad chapter in history now. To be unemployed is seen as a slap in the face to people who are employed, but to get a paid job is a luxury you have to pay for or work for. I would have thought getting a job sits at the very basic position of being the work that gets you stuff.

    On an interesting side note, they’ve either improved the work program, or I got pulled off a dusty shelf somehow….. I have been on the WP for about a year and a half (so nearing the end of my sentence). I asked about a year ago for SIA training because I want to get into CCTV. The WP provider told me it would not happen, but I could probably get a door supervisor license if I was lucky. I asked why, and he told me the door one was only about £200, while the CCTV one was about £2,000. I already knew that was false, but with no evidence or any feasible way of changing it, I dropped the issue.

    I decided 2 weeks ago to be a pest, and picked up an application form for a CCTV position. I asked the advisor if he thought they would hire me with no license. Immediately, he referred me to another guy in the same office who, conveniently, was taking sign-ups for an SIA course for CCTV, government funded. I’m now signed up to go on this course, and might be watching some cameras in the near future. Clearly the training provider hasn’t just sprung up out of the ether in the past year, so what the hell was stopping me getting a funded SIA course 5 years ago (this wasn’t the first time I’ve approached WP providers for this. I have also, over time, asked several jobcentre staff)?

    • Would help if it was in english rather gibberish!

      • “rather than gibberish” JV, it would be great if we had the option to edit our comments after posting them!

    • No idea about the ‘lean’ or black/green belt varieties – Six Sigma has been the name given to a ‘managing change’/doing more with less’ series of training sessions being (still being?) used in some hospitals – just prior to/around the time the recent huge restructuring took place. That is a strange advert – I guess you’d know if it was ‘for you’ …

      • overburdenddonkey

        as far as i can tell they are mr and mrs motivators, quasi game boy players nintendo speak..ie those that use to walk round a factory with stop watches and clip boards..now work, is some sort of battle with heroic victories to be won..i might be wrong though….

        • Eric Greenwood (4727)

          I have spent 3 or 4 hours trying to work it out,got some cleverer people trying to work it out they are now cursing me as they dont know

        • obd ~ staff at my last place of work mentioned it it had been done to them earlier – at ‘information session(s)’ on ‘restructuring’. It always sounded unusual/a bit James Bond – but it was at a (not so) ‘funny’ time.

          The (team) were ‘restructured’ with proposal that should be made to work ‘differently’ (producing more effective results, at less cost). … Some people could (re)apply for their own job, others were ‘downgraded’ & paid less, and some work/role(s) were just ‘disappeared’ (subsumed into others). Not really last in first out – but fixed-term contracts just didn’t continue on/were not ‘able to be’ re-funded. Jobs went from the lower echelons to clinicians to more senior people (who might at least have had other options up & running – so that it may have been slightly less ‘difficult’ news in certain cases) with almost everyone unaffected – directly or indirectly (leaving aside patients’ views/feelings).

          The idea of bringing in a new ‘super-person’ who would (yes) – have a clipboard – was introduced. (They would be looking to rearrange something that – by almost all accounts – worked quite well already – for patients – the process of getting them into, through and sometimes even out of the system again). All attempts to ‘consult’/explain why the new superhuman was a good idea (would save money & improve everything) involved a cartoon drawing of this (soon to be chosen/appointed) person-with-a-clipboard ..

  35. Would Idiot Drunken Shit put his money where his gobshite mouth is & “work” (inverted commas as being an MP isn’t exactly a job) for sweet FA? We all know the answer to that one don’t we?

  36. I doubt it makes much point – must jobs are solely for stealing personal data for resale or where there is actually no jobs going.

  37. @ bobchewie on July 27, 2013 at 3:34 pm: Tax payer funded free labour at Tesco. Every little helps.

    • @sheograth tesco can fuck off basically….they have pissed me off several times now..their ‘goons’ ie security guards have picked on me for no apparent reason than ‘something to do to please the company…arseholes..

  38. on the 6 month prog at job centre .refused the toilet. moved to front of groop.threatenf with intensive 1 to1 if dont tow the line. only been there 2 days unbelievable hell from those gits

  39. My area is currently being gentrified- by bearded, middle class twat ‘urban hipsters’ with their non-chain coffee hang-outs where they idle their time away and their organic veg shops. Fully grown men riding BMXs cos they think it looks cool along with lens-less ‘nerd’ glasses and summer festival rubber bangles. A torrent of Nathan Barley bastards who couldn’t afford to get onto the property ladder in the chi-chi area up the road. I fucking hate them and the Tesco and Sainsbury express outlets and estate agents they bring with them. Get a fucking shave or get mugged, you wanky bastards.

  40. @JV actually it wasnt about CS it was about the article where a JCP staff enjoyed kicking people off benefits..actually…but hey that has nothing to do with the subject matter on the void has it? oh no of course not..

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