DWP Twitter Feed Hacked, Now Offering Diet Tips!

dwp-hackThe @DWPpressoffice twitter account seems to have started flogging diet supplements.  Top work spammers!  Has anyone seen Grant Shapps?

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79 responses to “DWP Twitter Feed Hacked, Now Offering Diet Tips!

  1. i think its the DWP being helpful as possible to claimants helping claimants save money by not eating as well as helping the poor old UK economy..

    DWP also help by Minimising work-related problems such as death, and severe injuries in workplaces via Health and Safety Executive…

  2. Maybe the diet tips were aimed at that tub of lard, Eric Pickles

  3. This is going to anger job hunters. Its bad enough the jobs are minimal wage shite jobs that no fucker wants. Now this spam rubbing it in their faces whilst they face famine and poverty. They will be starving and thin. The DWP are taking the piss. Diet stuff in their face not good.

  4. jeez – they really are going for this privatisation lark!

  5. something survived...

    Already starving and thin, so maybe they want me dead next?

    Grant Shapps: Last seen on donkeyfuckers.com
    (the donkey is claiming it did not consent)

  6. Rosemarie Harris

    Very funny… Keep it up…

  7. Paul Callaghan

    DWP are cutting benefits and attacking the poorest in society we are all on a diet anyway as we can`t afford to eat

  8. How to lose weight on benefits?
    Easy! You just get sanctioned and starve.

  9. Still, DWP could have chosen a British product

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  12. Well at least now we know whereabouts on the web the Esther McVey Anal Fleshlights will be marketed.
    BTW the Pickles and Shapps versions are in the works.

  13. DWP diet tips? Let them eat cake.

  14. I can remember a booklet put out by the DWP, or what passed for the DWP when John Major was Prime Minister, which advised people on benefits: “Do not go shopping for food when you’re hungry.” Seems like we’re back to this mindset again and all too soon. Mind you the Labour Party ain’t much better!

  15. A man cut his throat with a knife in a Runcorn benefits advice office during an outburst about the bedroom tax.

    An eyewitness, who asked not be identified, heard the middle-aged man say he was ‘sick of all this sh*t’ then watched him drag a blade through skin from his ear down to his throat on each side of his neck.

    The wounds left him and the floor spattered with blood, the witness said.

    Staff hit an emergency alarm during the incident.

    It happened at about 2pm on Monday, at Halton Direct Link in Halton Lea shopping centre.

    Cheshire police officers have spoken to the man, who suffered ‘minor injuries’, about his wellbeing.

    No criminal offences were reported.

    Halton Borough Council said he was receiving support following the incident, as are Link staff.

    The witness, who was waiting in line to see an adviser, said no other residents reacted to the outburst but that staff seemed ‘a little bit shocked’.

    He said: “From what I could see, the bloke had gone to see an adviser.

    “He was upset about the bedroom tax and wasn’t getting through and he started to cut his throat on both sides and threw the knife on the floor and he had blood coming from his neck.

    “There was a lot of blood but it hadn’t come out of his artery, he wasn’t gushing out blood.

    “He went through the side of his neck from his ear to the front.

    “It would have needed medical attention.

    “Everyone was just sat about normal waiting to go and see the adviser. I was in the queue. Nobody did nothing.”

    A Halton Council spokesman said: “We are aware of this incident. The person concerned is receiving appropriate support and we are supporting our staff who witnessed the incident.”

  16. Yeah, because £71.70 a week doesn’t come anywhere near equalling £10 a day. Idiot.

    • My response above should have been to pete. Ugh.

    • i spend £ 30 week on food an live good so£10 on a day. youll still be eatin like a pig you greedy cunt…

      • overburdenddonkey

        pete..so you think £71/wk is just for food?

      • £71 has to go towards the cost of food and groceries, electricity, gas, water, TV licence, phone bills/mobile phone credit, travel costs (especially for job interviews/JC appointments), plus other sundry expenses such as the cost of a new suit (from a charity shop ideally) and whatever else may crop up.

        Do trolls need to spend £30 per week on food?

      • No you dick, after paying the bills its 10GBP a week for food.

      • When did you last shop for food, Pete? Must have been about 30 years ago as you don’t get much for £30, about enough to last 2-3 days. And don’t give any of that guff that those on benefits should just make a lentil stew to last a week. Would you eat a 5-day-old rancid lentil stew? Don’t think so, now piss off back under your rock , Pete, & stay there. Idiot!

  17. Some advice please. I signed on today and instead of getting called over to sign at usual bit I was called into side room. I was met by the angriest ugliest woman I have met before in my life. The evil was dripping off her.

    She said my jobsearch wasn’t good enough. (I’ve to have 20 steps per week and 20 hours per week).

    I was putting in the jobs I applied for (3) each week and the cvs I had personally handed in (11). Her issue was I was putting I was on pc for 4 hours and I hadn’t put in for a job that day and I was too take note of every job i looked at but never applied for. I told her the jobs weren’t suitable for me as i was underqualifed in them.

    She says she is going to check my search again in 2 weeks. The paper they give you isn’t big enough to detail everything either.

    Do I need to look every day, is it ok to not search weekends? Any advice on what to put and should i apply for everything?

    I’m really feeling sick with all this crap.

  18. Thanks

    Still not sure how to go about search. Could I say i search 4 hours a day mon – fri.

    The fact that they are asking for proof of my hours searching is stressing me out as lots of the time nothing suitable is on. No way can I write down every job I seen but never applied for. Is this even legal.

  19. my agreement says

    access various websites s1 jobs, indeed, total jobs, monster and universal jobmatch on a daily basis.

    Take a minimum of 20 steps per week to include 20 hours jobsearching.

    keep a record of jobsearch activity.

    write to 0 employers a week
    phone 0 employers a week
    visit 0 employers a week

    check universal jobmatch 5 times a week
    ask family friends and look in newspapers

  20. No they aren’t specified.

    • overburdenddonkey

      then google it 20 jobseekers steps that kind of thing see what you come up with..that’s the best i can do atm, i’m afraid ..20 different websites perhaps = 20 steps? i think that this is what you need to get clarified…

      • overburdenddonkey

        yeah they are specified..the 20 steps are listed…4 steps/day for 20 hrs job searching=4hrs/day…ujm 5 times/wk= 1 step/day, leaving 15 steps=3steps/day, however you choose to do it… that’s how i read it..travelling for jobsearch must count…

        • Looking at a newspaper for jobs is a step. Where I live there are four local newspapers so: “Visited library” is one step, “Did internet search at library”, “Looked at local paper 1”, “Looked at local paper 2”, “Looked at local paper 3”, “Looked at local paper 4” counts as SIX STEPS for the week! You can easily make up twenty steps per week like this – EVEN IF YOU DON’T DO ALL OF THEM! “Looked at advertisements in newsagents window” is another step. “Talked to Uncle Bert and asked him if he’d heard of any unadvertised vacancies” is another step.

          And so on and so forth.

          You must have internet access at home or they couldn’t have expected you to look at Universal Jobmatch every weekday. Why’d you tell them? Not only that but they cannot – I REPEAT CANNOT – make you use it to look at sites on the web which send cookies (almost all do). Under European law you can refuse to view such sites on your own PC at home.

          If I were you I ask the old witch to give you a list of 20 steps that you could do every week, week in and week out, week after week, because after so long sending off speculative letters and copies of your CV (or handing them out) sort of comes to an end if you’re unemployed for six months or longer because by that point you’ll have approached most employers near enough to you to be able to work for.

          This 20 step/20 hours a week shit is easy to ask for but impossible to actually do unless you have a centre to go to which supplies you with stamps, envelopes, word processing facilities, photocopiers, internet and email facilities, travelling expenses and so on and so forth for four hours every week day. Nobody could possibly keep up such a pace of job search if they end up long-term unemployed because there are too few employers to badger and apply for jobs with and because on Jobseeker’s Allowance it’s just too costly.

          It is 100% fucking crazy.

          Everybody will end up falling at this hurdle if they enforce it rigidly.

  21. I want to add that on top of all this I am currently still at the Work Programme. I finish in about 3 months.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      JCP advisers are jumping the gun on post work programme interviews, they are seeing people before they have finished the WP.

      N.B – JCP advisers are not (if they are following protocol) allowed to interview you on a post work programme support interview uless you have finished the work programme and have recieved your ‘Exit Report’ from your work programme private provider, because what happens next is based on your ‘Exit Report’.

  22. Would they expect me to apply for say a job that’s 2 hours a day. It used to be that a job had to be more than 16 hours did it not?

  23. I’m lucky, really. Because I’m disabled, I get ‘extra’ money, so can spend £20 a week on food. It’s still not enough though, what with additional dietary disabilities, and I can’t spend as much as I need to on care.

    • Above reply should have been to Jonathan Wilson, but I guess this site hates me.

      • Sorry about that, was not directed at you… seems the threading is a bit off, was directed at Pete for being a dick.

        The reality is that single people and disabled (especially single) people are being proportionally the hardest hit as people with children and couples have some lee way as some expenses (elec, gas, water) can be shared… not to denigrate them as they are still being screwed by the gov and mcVile and IDS and fraud specifically, but the extras that are available can make the difference between fuck all food and not quite enough food… the problem is that IDS and camoron have played a blinder where “I hate the scroungers” is played out between not only workers and non workers but even within these groups… “they have kids why should they get more” “He gets DLA why should he get more?”

        They truly have adopted the language and rhetoric of nazi germany… “all hail the IDS… sieg heil ,sieg heil, the poor are feckless shirkers, the disabled are a burden, and the old are a drain on resources.. sieg heil, seig heil”

        With the dail hate already posting articles on how fucked the uk will be by 2020 with the huge “pensions and NHS bill of old people” its obvious they are resorting to their pre-war stance of siding with the black shirts in the new and modern fourth reich.

  24. “Has anyone seen Grant Shapps?”

    Grant Shapps is a very busy man, doing many other things.


  25. George Quinn says:
    July 24, 2013 at 17:29

    lucy wangari decourcy says:
    July 27, 2013 at 12:42


  26. If only the DWP would tell me how I’m supposed to spend 20 hours a week actively seeking work I would do it. I have no real idea at all how to spend such an amount of time pursing jobs. I think I might just make myself a set of sandwich boards to wear with “Gissa Job” written on them and walk around town for four hours a day or something. I can’t see how anybody could really job hunt for 20 hours a week off their own bat without an itinerary specifying what they are supposed to do, for how long, and where being given to them by the Jobcentre. I really don’t know what to do.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi


      The advisers are now that busy with post work programme appointments they are having trouble coping with the torrent of people returning from the WP.

      The chances are: – if you can show proof of jobsearch via UJM (i.e. screen printouts) and other sources such as Speculative Letters to employers you will be ok.

      This so-called Work Programme Support only lasts for 6 Months – Don’t let the Bastards grind you down – stand firm.


      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        Sorry mean’t to say Post Work Programme Support.

      • dwp and jobcentre staffed are overworked, this i guess is mostly due to the large degree of workless people…it must be jolly difficult for jcp staff who try to hard to help ..

        • Obi Wan Kenobi


          It’s because the DWP are to tight to employ extra staff – current staff are now being asked to go beyond their job descriptions/contracts to become ‘Hit Squad’ advisers – no doubt with extra pay for doing this.

          But they are not following correct protocol and as such (if you a claimant know the protocols they should be following and don’t) if you recognise when this has happened – firstly make a complain in letter form to your JCP manager, if you have not heard back in a week or so then correlate the info (complaint) and take it to your local MP.

          • DWP JCP staff are overworked its because mass workshy has suddenly broken out in this country…yeah that makes sense..millions of people have suddenly decided on their own to be unemployed so as to be workshy…deliberatly to bankrupt the country..its flawless logic ..ennit..

            • Obi Wan Kenobi

              I’m gonna start calling you Chewie or Chewbacca’.

              Well, to be honest with people – if you filled every vacany position in the UK right here and now; You would still have 2 million unemployed on JSA alone, inclued ESA and you’re looking at 6 to 7 million more.

              Include the main drain on the welfare system, 75% +, goes to Pensioners – but the Govt won’t mention that to the general public in fear of losing the Grey Haired vote at the next General Election.

    • My (mandatory) Post-Work Programme Group Session was just an excuse to brow-beat people, reminding them of all the penalties for not doing an adequate Jobsearch. I said “So basically, we have to do the same number of things per week as before – nothing’s changed in our Jobseekers’ Agreements” and the guy looked at me like I was trying to spoil his fun. But it did underline the “nothing’s changed” bit for those who thought extra was being demanded.. We were being seriously told we were to do 35 hours a week Jobsearch! I don’t think anyone took that seriously. As ever, being on the dole is a crash course in learning how to lie, or face the consequences…

  27. Not directly related. Man slits his throat in benefits advice office over bedroom tax.


  28. and now a comedy sketch written by a simon stevens entitled ” i have no idea what i am talking about’

    “Many people argue that many genuine disabled people are now being portrayed as ‘workshy’ and this is hate crime and an attack on the ‘deserving poor’ but I would like to argue that maybe if we could reserve the statement and say that actually the problem is that the genuine workshy are actually being portrayed as disabled people.

    Because of society’s continued difficulties confronting disabled people in a normal way it is very easy for anyone to claim to be disabled without being challenged and so this is where the workshy can hide themselves in political correctness. People believe they are disabled if they say they are disabled, they become protected and deemed to too many to then be employable.

    We should not let political correctness be used to enable the workshy to exploit and abuse the label of being disabled, especially since many disabled people can work or make another meaningful contribution to society.”


  29. and now another comedy sketch by the DWP entitled ‘we are running out of ideas so are willing to waste more tax payers money on daft schemes”

  30. Walthamstow Jobseeker

    The jobseekers agreement means nothing

    Mine hasn’t even been filled in

    But the CommuNazi advisers/Decision Makers will still issue sanctions if there is one week where there were a lack of suitable jobs (never mind the other weeks with several suitable jobs)

    • and what pray tell is the DWP part of the jobseekers agreement? apart from ”preventing people from work related problems such as death”?

      • Walthamstow Jobseeker

        The only part that applies to them is their right to check up on your job applications (this is why jobcentre advisers ask for so much detail in so little space)

        If and when they fail to do that (which is at least most of the time) in making a decision about a sanction it can be used against them at an independent tribunal

  31. @johnny just delete the other comments mate i was just replying to obi..i have no idea what he was on about anyway…sorry…

  32. “A previous article discussed Thatcherism. It’s Chicago School fundamentalism writ large. It’s financial terrorism. It’s hugely exploitative.”

    “It’s forced-fed austerity. It’s corporate welfare. It’s mass privatizations. It benefits business and society’s wealthy. It’s government of, by, and for privileged elites alone.”


  33. I was looking online and saw an article on the daily record website regarding a man in scotland who had his benefit stopped because instead of applying for three jobs a week during the fortnight he had applied for two jobs one week and four the next. This sounds really nasty and according to the report he only discovered it when he went to the cashpoint to draw out some money. I would have thought that he would have received information regarding a doubt over his entitlement before his benefit was stopped. In any case to stop his money over such a small point is taking being nasty to a new level

    • I’ve been concerned about this sort of thing myself. When do they deem each week to start: the day you sign on or the monday of the week you sign on? It could be crucial if you’ve got someone signing you on who’s had a bad day and needs to hit their off-flow target in a hurry…

  34. I have a cunning plan. Seriously, I do. Why not link bomb David Cameron’s name so it links to this article?

  35. Landless Peasant

    I’ve been on the DWP Starvation Diet for some time now and it’s great, I’m now down to 9 Stones, well on the way to premature death! If you wanna shed that excess body mass just sign-on and watch yourself waste away!

    • @LANDLESS PEASANT you could start a new trend ‘the workless look’
      ‘scrounger chic’….lol!!…

    • Vicar ‘hated’ for offer of a roof for Newquay homeless

      A VICAR has been branded “the most hated man in Newquay” for allowing homeless “scum” to use his church as an overnight refuge.
      Chris McQuillen-Wright opened the doors of St Columb Minor church last month following the deaths of six rough sleepers on the resort’s streets in 2011.
      In just four weeks, more than 20 people have come to the village seeking shelter from the wind, rain and frost – but many angry locals are boosting security at their homes amid fears of a mini-crime wave.
      One villager even squared up to Mr McQuillen-Wright to tell him his reputation in the community was now in tatters.
      Speaking about Newquay’s homeless problem at a town council committee meeting on Thursday, he said: “This man had his hands close to my face and said, ‘You’re the most hated man in this town.
      ‘You’ve allowed this scum into our town’.”
      Basil Skinner, chairman of St Columb Minor Residents’ Association, told the Cornish Guardian he had been inundated with complaints about the influx of homeless people.
      He said many felt “intimidated and threatened” by their new neighbours.
      “It hasn’t gone down well in the community,” said Mr Skinner. “People have said they don’t want these sorts of people roaming around the village. They don’t think the vicar should be encouraging it.

      Read more: http://www.thisiscornwall.co.uk/Vicar-hated-offer-roof-Newquay-homeless/story-14456288-detail/story.html#ixzz2aLGYTKbv

    • overburdenddonkey

      landless..we truly live in a dreadful country, cruel britannia, best wishes…

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