Reclaiming Our Futures: 7 Days Of Action From Disabled People Against Cuts

atos-paralympic-protestfrom DPACOur rights are being stripped away day by day by the neo-liberal policies being imposed on us all by the Condems leaving us without any hope for our futures or our children’s futures.

DPAC say this is not fair, not acceptable and we must fight back against the continuing attacks. We will be having a week of actions nationally and virtually from August 29th and culminating on September 4th with  mass events and actions in London.

Thursday 29th August – launch on anniversary of coffin delivery to Atos, make Crossrail fully accessible protest, plus more….

Friday 30th August – local protests –go to local MPs, Atos offices, schools and colleges that are creating barriers to more…

Saturday 31st August – disability, art and protest exhibition and gig.

Sunday 1st September –
The Social Model In The 21st Century – Why Is It Still relevant?

Monday 2nd September – Media direct actions, picking up the pace as we come to the end of the week of action, despite everything we do it is getting more and more difficult to get media space to present the facts whereas there is plenty of space given to misrepresentation of stats and government lies.

Tuesday 3rd September – ‘I Dare’ day – to reinforce that we want Rights not Charity and a society where we are able to operate on our own terms as disabled people.

Wednesday 4th September – Grand Finale events in London and public launch of the Manifesto ‘Reclaiming our Futures’

For more info and to get involved visit:

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30 responses to “Reclaiming Our Futures: 7 Days Of Action From Disabled People Against Cuts

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  2. denise clendinning

    Yes we are human beings and want to be treated like human beings instead of scroungers and let us live a dignified life.

  3. Yisraels Redeemer

    Reblogged this on The Voice Of Australians and commented:
    Its not the only thing we need reclaimed, Id be honest in saying, that I don’t feel secure under Australia’s Govt, Dept Of Justice or Medical System.
    That is something every disabled person should feel, Secure.

  4. Excellent timing – these events culminate on September 4, the day Iain Duncan Smith gives his (long-awaited) evidence to the Commons Work and Pensions Committee.
    I think everyone with a stake in these matters needs to get in touch with members of that committee, to ensure that they ask the questions that need to be answered (such as, for example, how many people have died while going through the Atos assessment system since November 2011).

  5. Yes I agree every disabled person should feel secure. They certainly do not now. Not one bit, after all this government have deliberately dismantled the Equality Act 2010. They have changed the law on human rights. Its all going the neo liberal way now. All planned. The smarmy gits. Taking away peoples right to legal aid and fight. How sick does it get. How long before this government start taking away our rights to free information on the internet. They are so controlling. I am sure they have their controlling plans for it already. Something sinister is going on. They will disguise it in a stealthy way too. Making out it is for something good.

  6. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This comes from DPAC via Johnny Void. It’s the agenda for a week of action by Disabled People Against Cuts.

  7. overburdenddonkey

    the system is being increasingly overt in dumping the responsibility (blaming the victim of disability), for being disabled onto the disabled, and also claiming that it, the system, is a victim of the disabled..the whole wca system is set up to find the disabled fit for work, and/or set up a bias in that direction, so that one is slowly but surely talked out of one’s symptoms. from esa50> all disabled people who have been involved in this system will know what i am saying is true…the same is true of the way the unemployed are blamed and punished for being unemployed. note that e and sa wrag is also slowly being shifted to carry jsa conditionalities, before long the term disabled, will be hollow in meaning…it almost is now. “mythical jobs and miracle cures, plc”…as for the church, anyone who claims that they know god better than me/ones self, is a power crazed fool…the whole wca system is irrational to say the least, and needs to be scapped,now, doing more of what does not work, is insane..the disabled should not be involved in the medical dispute in the way that they currently are..a gp says “not fit for work”, the dwp disagree, points to something being very badly wrong with our health care system…symptoms cause diagnosis and prognosis..i want the rest that benefits are designed to give, not running around in circles desperate to keep the benefits that provide my vitals of life…

  8. Yiiiipppppeeee, bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yes Jasmine I agree with you it is very sinister, iv said from the beginning I believe there is an ulterior motive lying under the surface with all this, they have taken away every possible safety net that people might need to fall back on, iv have a very bad feeling in my gut about the whole thing.

  10. Thanks for this info jv, have you seen the harrowing account of the throat
    cancer victim on the tom pride blog?

    • guy fawkes
      Ive just read that story of cancer victim on tom pride blog. Its awful how people are suffering. He said with all his illness and surgeries his panic attacks and worry is. exasperated constantly. Housing benefit and council tax harassment of the sick. Disgusting. These government policies and welfare reform is totally malevolent. This government have got sick and disabled people constantly in the ‘flight and fight’ fear response. This constant stress releases the stress hormone cortisol which weakens the immune system. Sick and disabled people really.must be looking after themselves in this awful time, and ignore the council tax and bedroom tax bills. The poor fellow said his outgoings do not meet the incomings and that even before he has brought food. Its important that people eat well, ignore the council tax etc. I think to eat and try and calm our fear if possible. Peoples health is more important than giving their little money to this vile oppressive government. Who kicks people in the gutter when they are at their lowest?

  11. This victimization of disabled people makes me angry. I agree totally with your comments Overburdenddonkey. Disabled people should be looked after and not hassled/bullied like they are being now. If the government really cared about disabled people working they wouldn’t have closed all those Remploy factories. I will participate in this event when it comes up.

  12. @Johnny can i post this here is that ok?

    dear Johnny i posting this from mike moulding who is part of the save DLA campaign if there is nothingmore damning about DWP is must be this..

    “I am totally ashamed of my past association with the DWP.

    Over 1,000 people yesterday signed the petition calling for an investigation into ATOS, the company getting tens of millions for helping DWP remove as many people from benefit as possible after it was revealed a mum died after being found fit for work. The family believing the cause of death was in part caused by stress. The lady died of a brain tumour.

    You all know I am campaigning for just 24 disabled people in Wigan who need 24 hour care. Their care home is set to close causing immense distress to families. The Pines is set to close in October. Campaigners are seeking the support of 10,000 online signatures. We are well over 5,000 so with a big push we can make big inroads. Please sign and help and thank you for your support –

    Yesterday I was saddened to read the death of a mum after ATOS found her fit to work. It is right that ATOS are investigated but we also must remember that none of their awful actions could be got away with without the complicit support of DWP.

    For nearly 14 years I was employed by the Benefits Agency, the Invalid Care Allowance Unit for many of them. Lets not forget DWP and government have long history of discrimination. Without the European Court of Human Rights it is obvious this and other governments in the UK will erode peoples rights. It was the ECHR that said married women could claim Carers Allowance as in the early 80′s only men and single women could claim. A Mrs Drake, a married woman took on the government on, went to Europe and won saying that married women were being discriminated against. The ECHR agreed.

    Margaret Thatcher’s government were forced to pay thousands to hundreds of thousands of married women of Invalid Care Allowance over over the UK. After all, they were caring for loved ones too as many of you are now.

    So DWP/Government have a long history of discriminating. Unfortunately, usually under a Tory government.

    As we hear of deaths of more and more people after they are found fit to work because of ATOS and DWP and can put my hand on my heart and say :-

    “I am thoroughly ashamed of my past association with DWP.”

    Please also sign the petition to have ATOS investigated but please also sign to save The Pines thank you –

    To follow Mike Moulding’s Community Action Party on Facebook –

    Pictured Mike Moulding

    Thank you for your support. Mike X”

    • Cheers Bobchewie, I signed both petitions though I’m not hopeful. Nether the less best of luck to those people in Wigan.

      As nasty a company as ATOS are they are only doing what this evil (yes Owen Jones, the Tories ARE evil) government tells them to do. A new company will be just as bad, to think otherwise is pure fantasy. These bastards are culling people and all the ‘great’ British public do is wave a union jack at a building full of scroungers who despise them. Our society is stark raving bonkers. please excuse this sharp loud exclamation. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH. Thank you.

  13. something survived...

    Incoherent Draconian Slime:
    There is no such thing as a disabled person. You scroungers ought to follow the excellent example set by the knight in the documentary The Holy Grail. When he had his arms and legs cut off, he did not apply for benefit, he got on his bloody stumps and carried on fighting.

    PS If sufficient supplies of fresh Stock are not forthcoming, we shall be issuing workfare orders to the formerly-alive.

    It’s a Man’s Life in Zombie Broken Britain!

    (Every Glumday, compulsory universal jobmatch prayers to be said to St. Eva Braun and St. Unity Mitford)

    • LOL Yeah that seen from Monty python is a classic. That Knight could still go to work, he has a head and a torso still. Please please please let the people of Chingford vote IDS out in 2015. Wasn’t Norman Tebbit the MP there before IDS. What is it with that place? Stop voting in slaphead Nazis, They are bad for your health!

      • Starting to warm (slightly) to Norman Tebbit now that we have Increasingly Desparate Sadist.

        • Well I’m only in my early 30’s so my Tebbit knowledge is limited. I know his ‘get on your bike’ speech and know he was in a cabinet crawling with Paedo’s, not that I’m calling him a nonce but some of his mates were. That said I agree Imbecilic Dicksplat Shit is even worse. I Think losing the Tory leadership without even fighting an election was a blow to his massive ego, face it when even your peers who are also wankers reject you, your in trouble. Now he can get some revenge, not on his fellow cunts of course. No no no. Implementing these sick policies and loving it against people who he see’s as lower than him is what makes him feel the big man again. Well I tell you what, I am a better man than him, 99.9% of the population are (I’m struggling to think who is the 0.01!). In summary they are all psychopaths and have to go.

      • Was that the “get on your bike Norman Tebbit”?

  14. Ha ha. I know there’s a ska song that goes ‘Sunday morning I can do what I like, you can tell Norman Tebbit to get on his bike’ for the life of me I can’t remember who? Defo not the specials, beat or selector though.

  15. “Leaked emails reveal conspiracy to throw Detroit into bankruptcy”

    “Urban warfare training exercises continue in Chicago area”

  16. Off Topic i was just wondering what happens if your on ESA and fail the Atos medical which i understand most people do as your more or less set up to fail it and the DWP say your fit to work but your doctor still says your not what happens? do you lose your esa? but what happens when you try to claim JSA yet you have a sick note saying youre not fit for work?.

    • overburdenddonkey

      if one loses e and sa appeal, one loses benefits and housing and council tax benefits…unless one can find a technical reason to get the tribunals decision set aside…gp cert no longer carries any weight after appeal lost, as one has been deemed fit for work, by the e and sa tribunal..see also welfare rights web sites…

  17. Its a popular misconseption that if you lose your jsa or esa you loose HB and council tax benifits. all you have to do is notify the council that you have lost your passported benifits and make a new application on the basis of no income.

    • overburdenddonkey

      sarahj…yes, i notify the council and the dwp do as well and they suspend hb and ct benefits, until one reapplies for also one has to reapply for e and sa still has to prove one has current need of all benefits via fresh applications for them

  18. The storm is still brewing but you know that one day it will be ready to burst. The NHS collapsing will lead this charge. Already its no mystery that crisis is throughout the service. Misery is especially in A+E and yet the medical staff are doing a fantastic job. But they will not be able to do anything when 300000+ disabled folk come there to die next year. The NHS has been set up to fail, by the twat government. But when it crashes it will have a catastrophic impact on the elderly.
    The government is full of butchers, a motley bunch are awaiting your hatred, yes, the 1% have stabbed us all in the back. Lynton is a freak, a cancer on society – his only saving grace is he is not a Tory. Poor Ed made a brilliant speech but the poor neoliberal dawk seems only to be able to gaze reprovingly at his navel. The millionaire champagne socialist is confused. Despite an education at Oxford he listened to a bunch of Blairite tossers and has bashed the unions. But we the people struck gold from his inadequacy, because now the far left has got its finger out. Serwotka and McCluskey are now forced to stand radical anti austerity mps against Labour.
    Some people will probably burble that this is playing in the dirty hands of the filth, but I don’t give a fuck. Only an idiot with too much money will vote Tory at the next election. History is littered with rich fools. The Labour party is not fit for purpose as is shown by Byrne and Balls. Skinner, Meacher and McDonnell are stalwarts – there are maybe fifteen more, but the rest are insipid dross.
    The class war is about to enter its final dreadful phase. In this point there will be hundreds of thousands of pointless death. This vicious stage will end when the Tory cunts are torn to pieces by a ferocious feral mob. If I am lucky, I will get to lob a molotov cocktail through the Westminster entrance lobby.

    • A righteous outburst there, Dr.! Extra props for spotting the still-worthwhile Labour MPs Skinner, Meacher & McDonnell. Ever since he wrote the intro to the 9/11-sceptic book The New Pearl Harbour, I knew Michael Meacher would be worth following. Read this book – it’s well written, thoroughly researched and will absolutely blow your mind! Will one of these 3 PLEASE run against Millifuck for next Labour leader? Or bring the day nearer and plot against him right now!

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