Low Paid Workers Will Pay The Price of the Benefit Cap

IDS-isLow paid workers in poor cities are set to bear the brunt of the benefit caps as tens of thousands of families, including up to 200,000 children, are  exported from London into already cash strapped cities.

This massive internal migration could see some areas overwhelmed with claimants.  A recent DWP report (PDF) suggested seaside towns in the South East are expected to be hit hardest as thousands of low income, unemployed, sick or disabled parents are socially cleansed from London along with their kids.  This report was only looking at the impact of the Housing Benefit caps already introduced, not the far more extensive overall benefit cap introduced this week and which will make the problem much worse.

The mass forced relocation will not even stop with the Benefit Cap.  Some London councils are rewriting the rules on social housing with the aim of turning it into a subsidy for middle class professionals unable to buy a house in the capital.  Social Housing rents can now be set at 80% of the average local market rent, meaning that even a council flat will be unaffordable for claimants in London.

The Benefit Uprating Bill which caps annual Housing Benefit rises at 1%, when rents are rising at a rate of 16% a year in some parts of the capital, will only add to the tidal wave of people forced to leave the city.  The bedroom tax, and other benefit reforms will also help contribute to burgeoning benefit ghettos in South Eastern seaside towns and beyond.

Astonishingly even this is not enough for greedy Tories who seem intent on exporting all low income families to the North of England, Wales and Scotland where they can then be abandoned to managed decline.  A cap on benefits at £20,000 a year, an idea floated this week in the Tory press, will make almost the entire South of England unaffordable for people on benefits.

It is difficult to even imagine the scale of the social chaos this would cause.  Up to a million people, possibly even more, would be turned into economic refugees overnight.  Cities like Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow or Birmingham could see population increases that will dwarf anything ever seen due to immigration from overseas.  None of these people will have homes or jobs.  Some will be unable to work due to sickness, disability or childcare responsibilities.  The pressure on schools, hospitals, housing and other local services would be overwhelming for local authorities already making vicious cuts.

Currently the cap will only apply to families.  Whilst a cap on benefits for single people has also been introduced at £350 a week, this is actually more than single people can currently claim in benefits in all but a tiny fraction of cases – if it impacts on anyone at all.  The Benefit Cap for single people has been pure spin, designed to give the impression that people on benefits were receiving more than they actually are.  However should this cap be reduced, in line with George’s Osborne’s recent fantasies, then the impact would be huge in those areas swamped by economic refugees.

It is no secret that a very small minority of claimants face significant difficulties in their lives, such as a serious criminal history, or addiction to drugs or alcohol.  Many of these people are single claimants in the private sector where rents are soaring.  Others are socially housed and vulnerable to eviction due to the bedroom tax or other cuts to benefits.  Eviction from social housing in London will now often mean exportation to private sector housing in the North.

Imagine for a second every chaotic heroin addict or street drinker in the South of England, every unemployed convicted violent offender or every family like the Philpotts, turning up in Northern cities  after being socially cleansed from the South.

At present these people are dispersed, albeit in already poor areas,  throughout the UK.  As London and the South East seeks to eradicate poverty by eradicating the poor, the intention is that all of affluent England’s expensive social problems will be exported elsewhere.  One of the richest cities in the world is about to get even richer at the expense of everywhere else.

For the poorest in London the cap will be devastating as lives are destroyed and communities have their hearts ripped out.  But anyone who doesn’t live in London, and thinks this cap is a good idea, should really think through the consequences of what they are supporting.  Some of the biggest losers due to the benefit cap will be Council Tax payers in places like Margate and Southend.  If the cap is reduced even further, and those forced to move to outer London towns have to move yet again, then the costs to the North of England, Scotland and Wales will be astronomical.

The benefit cap is one of the biggest confidence tricks the rich have recently played so it is hardly surprising it has been built on a string of lies.  Only a handful of families were actually living in Chelsea mansions – and in most cases these families were homeless and in emergency temporary accommodation awaiting rehousing.  Housing Benefit is available to those in work, meaning any hard working family could have moved to London, claimed for help with their rent and been better off than those on benefits.  The Housing Benefits caps have not brought down rents as promised – with demand for private rented property soaring the opposite has happened.  And no matter what the Government claims, there is no evidence that anyone has got a job due to the caps which have already been introduced.

Long term unemployment is at a 17 year high.  Iain Duncan Smith’s changes to the benefits systems are undoubtedly hurting, but they aren’t working.

Benefits were already capped, at just £71.70 a week for somebody unemployed over the age of 25.  Housing benefits simply lined the pockets of the grasping landlords and buy-to-let speculators who caused the increasing  benefit bill.  The people the cap affects will not have any less money in their hands due to the Benefit Cap.  They just won’t have anywhere to live anymore.

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  1. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    think you mentioned this but the north frequently has higher unemployment rates, so they will be adding MORE unemployed there pushing the resources there will be stretched further, the job centres cannot cope NOW, and thats jsut when work programme 2 years is coming to an end, add to those the thousands more and it will be chaotic.

  2. It’s to punish areas that don’t vote Tory by flooding them with the poor.

  3. But all the jobs are in the south.

  4. UK going back to Victorian era

    Never mind Scotland thinking about independence when the Tories have cleansed London and renamed it Eton sur Thames then they will want independence from the rest of the UK themselves but by hook or by crook they will still find a way for the poor etc to keep funding the new independent country of Eton sur Thames.

    • Hey, UK going back to Victorian era (snappy name!), you might be interested in this imagining of an independent future London by Aditya Chakrabortty in The Grauniad a few weeks back: http://gu.com/p/3gjnp

    • But I speak to a scotsman in the pub, and he said that scotland getting free uni ed you cay shun,shun, shun,, free oap homes and other perks was nothing to do with blair and brown havin scottish links, it was because we nicked there oil ! Mind you, he did admit he might be a little fuzzy on things,.

  5. Who will pay the massive rents the landlords are asking?

  6. There’s not enough houses in the north as it is.

    • That wont worry the bulgarians; there are now TWO tents in our back garden and the landlord keeps takin there money?

  7. Another Even Bigger Fine Mess

    “capped, at just £71.70”
    After council tax, bedroom tax and water, it’s a lot less than £50.
    Something’s gonna blow Captain.

    • something survived...

      Benefits are not per calendar month, but rent and bills are. Result: Some rare calendar months I get just over £600. But some months I get £300. If I deduct my new rent from the £300, That leaves £60. Not weekly – MONTHLY. Now from that deduct monthly bills of £20. So that is £40 per MONTH to live on. £10 per week. To cover any extra travel (other than walking or free bus pass), stationery, household items, TV Licence (if this month is for example £300 benefits, and if it coincides with a month of quarterly payment £37.62 of £150/year TV Licence, then my monthly residual income would be £2.38!!!!!!!!) [£2.38 is not enough to live on for a DAY – how am I meant to make it last a MONTH?], all clothing (can’t afford to buy any), room heater (can’t afford to ever use it, it’s £1 per half hour), all sports activities (entry fees have to come out of this), all leisure activities… and all FOOD.
      I don’t think I am on a £300 month but money is so tight right now. I last had a meal on Saturday night. It’s now Thursday night. Today I found 200g of nuts and ate it.

      • @something survived but you get paid ”free money” in fact more money than hard working ppl do ..it must be true the govt says so and the BBC too and they wouldnt lie now would they?…

      • Jeez, SS, haven’t you ever thought of shoplifting.? Not as easy as it used to be, but not having eaten in 5 days might be a reasonable defence should you get caught…

        • Claimant uniforms we will be wraring

          • Yes bob, but dont forget the JCP issue mandatory red armband

            • dear Johnny i amposting this from mike mouldin who i spart of the save DLA campaign if there is nothingmore damning about DWP is must be this..

              “I am totally ashamed of my past association with the DWP.

              Over 1,000 people yesterday signed the petition calling for an investigation into ATOS, the company getting tens of millions for helping DWP remove as many people from benefit as possible after it was revealed a mum died after being found fit for work. The family believing the cause of death was in part caused by stress. The lady died of a brain tumour.

              You all know I am campaigning for just 24 disabled people in Wigan who need 24 hour care. Their care home is set to close causing immense distress to families. The Pines is set to close in October. Campaigners are seeking the support of 10,000 online signatures. We are well over 5,000 so with a big push we can make big inroads. Please sign and help and thank you for your support – http://links.causes.com/s/clLoyF?r=e84S

              Yesterday I was saddened to read the death of a mum after ATOS found her fit to work. It is right that ATOS are investigated but we also must remember that none of their awful actions could be got away with without the complicit support of DWP.

              For nearly 14 years I was employed by the Benefits Agency, the Invalid Care Allowance Unit for many of them. Lets not forget DWP and government have long history of discrimination. Without the European Court of Human Rights it is obvious this and other governments in the UK will erode peoples rights. It was the ECHR that said married women could claim Carers Allowance as in the early 80’s only men and single women could claim. A Mrs Drake, a married woman took on the government on, went to Europe and won saying that married women were being discriminated against. The ECHR agreed.

              Margaret Thatcher’s government were forced to pay thousands to hundreds of thousands of married women of Invalid Care Allowance over over the UK. After all, they were caring for loved ones too as many of you are now.

              So DWP/Government have a long history of discriminating. Unfortunately, usually under a Tory government.

              As we hear of deaths of more and more people after they are found fit to work because of ATOS and DWP and can put my hand on my heart and say :-

              “I am thoroughly ashamed of my past association with DWP.”

              Please also sign the petition to have ATOS investigated but please also sign to save The Pines thank you – http://links.causes.com/s/clLoyK?r=e84S

              To follow Mike Moulding’s Community Action Party on Facebook – http://links.causes.com/s/clLoyS?r=e84S

              Pictured Mike Moulding

              Thank you for your support. Mike X”

      • First off, lose the tv license; thats a MUGS game. Watch tv on the internet.EVERYTHING that is now, and ever was that was any good is available free when it suits YOU. Once you start this, you will NEVER EVER go back. Television channels rely on the docile, inept and tired working masses to tune in and zone out with no effort after a hard days tax creation. It is a tool of oppression, and moderately addictive. If you want advice on this, Its my pleasure to give it.

        • wacky e petitions amaze me…apart from bring back the workhouse there are others which are about benefit claimants..

          “These days every neighbourhood seems to be plagued with litter yet we have 3 million claiming unemployment benefit. I propose that those claiming such benefit and deemed fit for work be responsible for cleaning litter in their neighbourhood. As many of those are often the causes of the littering, they would soon adopt a more responsible attitude if they had to clean it up or risk losing their benefits. Many areas have litter wardens so they could police the cleaning and report to DWP any who fail to clean. The country would be cleaner and the unwilling would soon find some work or save the rest of us a fortune.”

          so far benefit claimnats are: LAZY SCROUNGERS, CHILD KILLERS (philpot) drug dealers (landlords think so) terrorists ( eg boston bombers were on ”welfare” therefore….. and now litter louts..ok so since they dont have work they must be child killing drug dealing lazy arsed bombers who are dumping garbage on the streets..amazing..

  8. overburdenddonkey

    too ensure bullies prosper..their number 1 priority, is to those with portfolio so that they can extract as much cash=energy(stored fat in bank vault, assets, resources et al), out of those without portfolio..that those who control, all vitals, ie, shelter, food clothes and decent health care…prosper, and that the rest must sink or swim…they believe that market forces will sort everything out, who is existed and who de-existed…the south of england is their other priority…and will clear it, by siege and starve tactics..they believe that human beings exist only in paper form..money, admin, and that one only has value, if one owns….

  9. I just love the fact that that google image really is what is shown when you type it in 🙂

    I honestly believe that that cons know they are in for a 1 term parliament and with this in mind have just decided to fuck up everything so any incoming government will not be able to do anything to undo the mess left with contracts so one sided that any cancellation would be financially ruinous in their headlong rush to privatise anything and everything.. what a bunch of cnuts!.

  10. I have been saying for a very long time now, that the Conservatives know that they are not going to get in next election. They are deliberately destroying the country, knowing full well that the burden of putting right what they have destroyed will fall to whoever comes into power next.

  11. Apologies for and off-topic post and for linking to the Daily Heil, but I thought people might find this interesting.


    Miami considers jailing the homeless who are caught sleeping or eating in public.

    You know what they say – where America leads, the UK follows…

    • something survived...

      Fascist scum! (Jail – and a lot of shelters- means being stripped, cavity searched, drugs tests, being locked up with people who can rape you, being split up from your opposite sex or same sex partner, being put with people who can abuse/assault/rob you, having your things stolen/destroyed by the authorities, curfew in shelters….. Not good for disabled people and no help or support with your problems. Often no veggie or other special diet food. Often, including jails now, run by religious crazies.No respect for your religious/cultural beliefs. Forced work in many cases, which could be for things you disagree with eg making supplies for military, or working for the religious cult. No help getting a home when you get out. No privacy, and an even worse place to be if you have mental health issues or social phobia.)

      The scum who thought up this policy should live on the street themselves; and the highlight of their day should be being pissed on by drunks, kicked, or have people trying to set them on fire (all stuff that happens to homeless people). Or visited by another exploitative scum who wants to film the homeless being forced to fight eachother for money/beer/meat.

      Stupid and massive and obvious points they miss:
      -A lot of the homeless are military veterans! Often wounded or with PTSD. The military are a group the rightwing claim to support by default. It’s hardly ‘support’ to wash your hands of people you deem no longer fit for service, in other words useless to you and your military machine, and let them end up on the streets and/or mentally ill and on drink/drugs.
      -A lot of the homeless (as in the Depression/Wall Street Crash/Dustbowl/etc) were businessmen and high-fliers who suddenly lost everything and are now on the street. Or families (foreclosure) who had their homes repossessed, or who got evicted. (Google the term ‘Hoovervilles’.)
      -All the people who lost their jobs when large companies (eg Ford) go bust, and people end up losing their homes; they could end up on the street.
      -Women on the street often fled abusive partners. Not all become street prostitutes! But all are at risk of rape.
      -Young people are there after fleeing abusive homes, and many are there because their parents threw them out for being gay. Even straight kids of racist parents who threw them out for dating someone the ‘wrong’ race/colour/religion.
      -People with learning disability, learning difficulty, or mental health issues, can end up on the street.
      -If your welfare money is stopped, which after all the government is responsible for paying, you can end up homeless (ie the government’s fault).
      -Disabled people are more likely to be on the street. So are elderly people. And people can fall into several of all the above groups. For example a person thrown out of the military for being gay, loses all pay and benefits, can’t get care for wounds/PTSD, and can be made homeless. It is legal to evict people for being gay in the USA, too.

      And unless they are so wealthy they’re untouchable, the people in power and with homes could in theory one day end up homeless too.

      Homeless people are not subhumans or a separate species but they’re being treated worse than dogs.

      • they have crufts for dogs maybe we need the national homeless show..

      • Something survived
        Its truly disgusting how the Gov treat homeless people. Do you think the government are trying to discreetly get rid? Gov is doing a great job on this social cleansing. Lets face it, a lot of poor and disabled people that are no use to the Gov have pegged it. So many now. Think how much money they have saved for themselves. Your right about the soldiers coming back from war and suffering Post traumatic stress disorder. This is really serious. They get forgotten about, many do not get the help they need and deserve. I saw a programme where Ross Kemp investigated this. Fucking disgusting. Also when these boys come back from battle with missing limbs again, no help. No DLA at all!!! I would think again if there are any young men thinking of going into battle, to get out of poverty. You could end up much worse off. Mental health is ignored in this country, they need to stop putting those patronising adverts on. Who really gives a shit then??? Many people need good therapy but will never get it, unless you pay for it. I think only the rich can afford it. Many homeless are also sufferers of schizophrenia, again where is NO help for this?

  12. So if all the low paid workers/unemployed are being shifted out of London, who’s going to work in the minimum wage jobs and workfare in the capital…interesting

    • something survived...

      Well yeah! if they are crammed into a B&B in Luton for example, and not sure from day to day if their housing vouchers will run out and they’ll be kicked out/moved on; how do they get presentable for work? How do they get the kids to school? How do they commute to London to do insecure jobs that pay not enough to either live on, or to pay for the travel to the McJob? And it yanks people away from their friends and communities!
      Imagine being part of a friendly Bangladeshi community in a street or several streets, with support networks that help eachother. Then suddenly the government kicks you out of your home and makes you all live in a 1-bed shithole flat in a place over an hour’s train ride away. A place you do not know, where you know nobody and have no connections. A place with no jobs. Bad enough already, but imagine this too: On your first morning there you notice England flags hanging from practically every home and even lamppost, and that has nothing to do with sport and it’s not even football season. You realise you’ve been forced-relocated to EDL-ville, and your neighbours are racist, fascist thugs. No normal person would want to move there. And if you also happen to have the wrong skin colour or ethnic origin or religion…. you’ll be an instant target. If you can afford a car, its lifespan is probably a week. You live in fear of being petrol bombed by Nazis any time of the day or night. People spray ‘Pakis out’ and worse.

      And if it isn’t quite that bad- it’s still really alienating to be ripped out of your home and neighbourhood and extended-family/friends. Also what if the dumbasses that moved you, say ‘We know you are Muslim so there is a mosque where we’re sending you’. ~Not knowing about Islam – and it is Sunni but you are Shia, or vice versa. Or it is the wrong sect. Or you are a Muslim woman who likes going to the mosque, and the new mosque is the right branch and sect, but -guess what- it’s men-only. Or you are Hindu and some council relocation scheme idiot tries to tell you where the gurdwara (=Sikh) is. (although a tip if desperate for some veggie food would be to try the public free meals at gurdwaras)

      Another crappy point is that you may have family and friends you are the formal or informal carer for. Being moved away means you can’t provide care any more or even visit them. And a whole lot of other interconnected relationships it buggers up. Friendships, clubs, societies, activities, community work, and sports teams. What if you are dating, or in a serious relationship but not living together (choice, circumstance, or necessity)?
      And one of you gets relocated?
      If the other person can’t move to wherever you’ve been internally deported to (and you don’t know how long before they move you again), probably because of their family, job, caring responsibilities, home, tenancy rules, money – then you are separated geographically (even if legally married to them) and you will probably have to break up! (Helping families like a caring compassionate conservative)
      A sports team could lose its star player midseason, a community group loses their volunteer bus driver so are stuck with no elderly/disabled transport. Church keyholder? Lifeboatman? Mountain rescue? (for the last 2, requires lots of expensive training)

      And if you are moved, you lose entitlement to everything you get by residency. All points accumulated are reduced to zero with no compensation. Housing registers, medical treatment waiting lists… it goes on and on. Of course in the new area you have zero points for anything, and are certainly not entitled to walk straight into a free house.
      Forget education if there are no places, as your points from before depended on living in the old place. They get cancelled so you lose them even if you move back, but the local schools in the new place are all oversubscribed. You can’t do home schooling because the government now only lets the rich do this, regardless of your need for it and circumstances. So how do you get your kids a school? Maybe they’ll get places at different schools far apart in each direction and have travel or uniform costs you can’t meet, and schedules that don’t match the hours of your McJob. All the old sociology books said ‘latchkey kids’ were a bad thing. Nowadays it’s a criminal offence to leave your kids alone. Worse if you are a single parent and/or looking after more than one kid.

      The ultimate irony: You get relocated with your immediate family to a horrible house in Shiteville, to get a job the government told you to get. After a few months of your lousy job, the company goes bust overnight. What the fuck do you do now?

  13. So Johnny agrees with the routpig that criminals are private renters..

    It is no secret that a very small minority of claimants face significant difficulties in their lives, such as a serious criminal history, or addiction to drugs or alcohol.  Many of these people are single claimants in the private sector where rents are soaring.

    • I think crime and anti-social behaviour can be a problem in working class areas, and it is down to working class people, not fucking landlords, to find solutions to that.

      Although take your point that it’s not just private tenants, and have added a sentence to clarify that.

      • The housing associations where I live encourage tenants to complain to them anonymously about tenants and tenants are not allowed to know who has complained or in some cases the real reason why, it’s a bloody disgrace if the complaints are petty or malicious.

    • something survived...

      I thought he was referring to the criminal private renters who are white middle class males paying top-end rents and being cocaine dealers, while working in the City/Stock Exchange and using some of daddy’s money for free holidays and cars?

      Or the antisocial criminal renters whose housing allowance is paid by the taxpayer, who are supposed to represent ‘the people’ that did/didn’t elect them, and who can be as corrupt and screwed-up as they like? Because their place of ‘work’ (mostly skiving and sleeping and scrounging and stealing) is Westminster, they get away with it.

      • Something survived

        Your comments are so true. I feel so sorry for you and your predicament, I have gone hungry in my life so know how you feel about not eating for days on end, at the moment my finances are pretty stable thanks to my family, but would like to help people like you if I could that was why I was offering a holiday, a change of scene and food for a week or so at least.

      • @something survived ..”those who have and want more vs those who have fuck all”…

  14. overburdenddonkey

    they destroy families, tear them apart..destroy social cohesion..the very fabric of our society and culture..and yet expect people to magically act, as if this very fabric of society, still exists..but now only in ones heart…i yearn for my extended family, of uncles and aunties, cousins, and grandparents..i took it all for granted, as one should…these bastards tore out the heart of our communities…to make money..rent/buy to let, cram strangers into what were once family homes, now driven out…fragment communities even more..les miserables….it was driven on by thatcher..now they carry on where she left off…there are those who do not need to break glass to steal…

  15. If every benefit claimant were to vacate London and the south east,how would the rest live,as 90% of the population receive some sort of benefit,including all MPs via their salaries.

  16. Those greedy, stealthy robbing, money, hungry MP’s get much more benefits and perks than anyone anywhere. They are the biggest “scroungers” going. All of them have had the finest education money can buy. They have had inheritance and mansions handed down to them. They would never understand the struggle many folk have just trying to pay rent or if lucky managing to get a mortgage. If you are a single parent it could take a life time to pay it off, and that is just on a pokey hole. If a person does not have kind parents or anyone to help them onto the ‘property ladder’ what the hell does one do in this rotten hole of a country now?

    These nasty Tories and their voters are obviously arrogant Neo liberals who only value money, what one owns, status, etc. They favour material life only over real life ,and real people. This materialistic stuff is all nice on the outside but is this what really makes people happy? Oh boy I could do with some of it right now, just like we all could. But some of us are never destined to have it. I hate the way the Tories and their voters have washed out the sense of community. Money certainly is the root to all evil . If this is what the rich favour then they can live like that. Its not for me. I have a conscience and I care about people. IDS has a lot more bad stuff said about him in the Google world. The man is rotten to his core. The evidence is all there.


  18. @Johhny there has been a death at the premises i live at..its rather shaken a lot of people ..what with that and the fucking heat..plus the fact that someone i have been in touch with has decided to break off following a a small matter of my ”coincidence’ factor..that i suffer from..i just wanted to point out in your text that you inadvertantly seemed to agree with PR… and i am sure that was not your intention….it still pisses me off as to why so many members of the gullible public keep falling for the benefit cap propaganda where apparently all these billions of scroungers are being paid zillions more than hard working people..maybe you could look into as to why this happens why despite many attempts to put the pictures straight about these facts does the public fall for this crap hook line and sinker? no matter how hard we try to correct this its doesnt seem to work…why is that Johnny?? there must be something else at play here which has been overlooked..

    • something survived...

      Sorry somebody died where you live.

      The other week a girl (my friend teaches at her school) killed herself because of mental illness (according to media), but really it was because she was being bullied about having a mental illness.

  19. sorry about that it was blocking me all the time..theres some weird shit going on…..

  20. There’s a programme on bbc 1 tomorrow night called meet the landlords, looks interesting if you read the right up.

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  22. typo error – write up not right up, although right up yours to the landlords I say.

  23. The Thatcher government seriously considered cutting Liverpool (and no doubt other cities) loose to wither away.
    It seems the current bunch of pirates are extending the concept to everywhere outside the Home Counties.

    As each week goes by, the policies just seem to get increasingly more insane. What on earth can they hope to gain from it ultimately ?

  24. London and Quadrant

    So much for our collaboration with the Labour Council of Waltham Forest to destroy the greyhound track that provided jobs for local people.

  25. PMQ’s today Cameron was crowing about how he got rid of abu whatever out of the country and the Tory questioner was in favour of extraditing all foreigners who are serving sentences here to complete them back in their own country to save the taxpayer. I wonder if that is a ploy to start the sus laws again, imprison foreigners for nothing then extradite them back to where they came from to free up more housing for the portfolio landlords to get their hands on.
    Someone once remarked to me that the good thing about the mosques is it can be an easy target where all the muslims congregate together.
    Perhaps the same can be said for an elitist southern home counties that is housing the rich, ruthless elite.

  26. ps the mosque comment I did not find funny at the time or now, just incase the politically correct brigade want to have a go at me again.

    pps moving people to other areas won’t work either with the localism act.

    • @GUY FAWKES…may i quote you ? “pps moving people to other areas won’t work either with the localism act.” indeed you are correcrt sir as i speak from experience..this is an issue i am suffering from from greatly it seems it has kicked in from may i think it was failry fliexible till then..it is most frustrating..i am trying to find a way through this ”nimby’ idea..have you any ideas on such or anyone else??..

  27. something survived...

    As well as losing residency points and your place on NHS waiting lists, if you are relocated it could be to an area where the NHS treatment you need is not allowed/available. Condemning some people to death; and others to terrible lives. Postcode lottery.

  28. When I lived in Brighton I waited forever to have back teeth removed in hospital as the waiting lists were so long, yet up North at the time you could be seen more or less right away.
    It seems the waiting lists have followed me back up North because they are just as bad up here now.

  29. PS something survived what do you eat as a vegetarian when you are not on a starvation diet?

  30. I wonder how many people know of anyone that gets this magical sum of £350 a week as a single claimant, I don’t know of anyone on half that amount. My total benefits package which includes rent and council tax relief is around £145. £71.70 jsa has to cover, food, gas, electric, water, tv licence, mobile top ups, household cleaning agents, toiletries. I can’t afford, bus fares, shoes, clothing, bedding, curtains, carpets, cooker, towels, haircuts, watch, suit for interviews, the list is endless. But nobody cares because they think I’m a £350 a week scroungers, wake up to reality you Tory voting c…s because all this wasted propaganda millions is coming out of your pockets.

  31. Well there is a template for this process in recent history. Take a look at the way in which Africans in the Apartheid Republic of South Africa lived in townships, but went to work in the white areas. Where distances weren’t commutable on trains with carriages little better than cattle cars, hostels were built for the black workers. African men and women, separated from their families, lived in these hostels for months at a time over periods of years. They worked for the whites, paid for the hostel accommodation and sent money home to their families. As apartheid has never really ended [see John Pilger.com], hostel style living probably still going on in some form or other.. Something similar is happening all over the coastal regions of China too, as rural people move from the hinterland looking for work. So why not here too? .What about a privately run chain of worker hostels around the M25? The hostel companies would just have to remember to suspend the suicide nets around the building, in line with Chinese hostel best practice….

  32. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    Ok guys i need your help.. I have been mandated to create a UJM account, I will only use their iad’s Now I will but i will not allow my adviser to have access.. they have asked for me to give them my email address so they can see i have done a public cv. I want to get the information before i meet them again. can anyone point me to the right pages where it says there is no legal requirement for them to see your email address or ;phone number

  33. if they carry on with these housing benefits cuts London will lose all its low paid workers then whose going to empty the bins and Waite the tables of the rich and powerful.

  34. That’s it- I’m going into politics (no it’s not under workfare and I don’t want expenses)…. We need someone to stand up and represent us… Who will do it?

    • I think we’ll call it- ‘we want our fucking schools, money, NHS and quality of living back without tory nazis privatising everything’ party… But in all seriousness- as a female with great respect to the great Ms Pankhurst I have only missed two opportunities to vote and the last local election was one because all parties offer the same corruption and we evidently need some competition to kIck the lot of them out. I vote Johnny V for pm..

      • Well, Johnny, how about it? Or would an anarchist standing for public office be a contradiction in terms? You certainly wouldn’t need a press officer. I’d hazard a guess you have some experience in that (or a similar) department, judging from the speed at which you can analyse each new DWP announcement/outrage and knock out an articulate, perceptive, passionate and often very funny response in pretty short order… (Brown-nosing over!)

  35. I foresee this causing huge problems well into the future. Just as an example, people with housing needs are habitually refused for “not having a local connection” even when they’ve lived in the area for decades … so any displaced people will be de facto unable to access social housing.

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