Week Of Action Against Workfare Begins: Take on the High Street Workfare Exploiters

marks-spencer-workfareThe anti-workfare occupation of Marks & Spencer’s facebook page stayed solid over the weekend and shows no signs of dying down today after Boycott Workfare’s call for online action against high streets shops using unpaid labour.

Joining M&S in the workfare hall of shame are B&M Stores who were recently given a workfare exploiter of the year award by ERSA – the lobbying body whose job it is to lie on behalf of the fraud ridden welfare-to-work industry.

Also on the list are ASDA who are saving themselves money everyday by not paying their staff.  They’ve even been happy to suck up to the DWP and help them relaunch the Work Experience scheme if it means they get lots of free workers.  ASDA are on twitter @ASDA and facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Asda

Overpriced sandwich shop EAT are also a target after it was revealed they take part in the Sector Based Work Academies scheme – meaning they get free staff for six weeks at a time.  As Boycott Workfare point out: “Their website invites ‘Some real honest feedback’. Please feel free to oblige.”

Finally, and proving you really can’t trust hippies – especially ones who run a supermarket – Whole Foods Market are also known to be involved in the Work Academy scheme.  Stores are represented individually on social networking, Boycott Workfare recommend starting with the Camden and Stoke Newington branches.

For full contact details for all of these companies visit: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?p=2730

Pickets, info stalls, workfare walks of shame and surprise visits will be taking place all week as part of the Week of Action Against Workfare.  There will be a different online action announced everyday on the Boycott Workfare website.  Tomorrow get ready to take on the annual welfare-to-work conference where the workfare industry will be shoveling vol-au-vents down their necks whilst tweeting on their tax payer funded smart phones using the hashtag #w2w2013

Please help spread the word about all events!

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9 responses to “Week Of Action Against Workfare Begins: Take on the High Street Workfare Exploiters

  1. Convention network dinner and entertainment
    Tuesday 9 July from 20:00–01:00
    Held this year in the Hilton Deansgate Hotel, this is one of the
    most eagerly anticipated features of the Convention’s social

    • Vultures circling. That nights profigecy would no doubt pay plenty of bedroom tax or jsa housing costs not covered by hb. Truly disgraceful times. I’d be ashamed to be associated.

  2. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    Dont forget to use OUR hashtag Welfare-to-Workfare 2013 out there guys #W2W2013

  3. Reply from M&S:
    “Dear Customer

    Thanks for taking the time to send us your feedback. I’m sorry but this link is
    no longer monitored so the comments you’ve sent this way won’t have been picked up.”
    apparently the new contact is:

  4. I read about the lavish nosh-up that the workfare commandants and their mouthpieces will be attending and that song on the Beatles White Album “Piggies” immediately sprang to mind for some unfathomable reason.

    ” Have you seen the bigger Piggies in their starched white shirts ?
    You will find the bigger Piggies stirring up the dirt
    Always have clean shirts to play arund in

    ” In the skies with all their backing
    They don’t care what goes on around
    In their eyes there’s something lacking
    What they need’s a damn good whacking ”

    Well said, George. Mind you, some of those stuffed shirts would probably enjoy a damn good whacking.

    Let’s just hope none of them choke on their overpriced scran.

  5. Get posting on their facebook page and let them know what you think…I did!

  6. Well done with the Action so far against Workfare – Keep it Up! However I would have thought an effective strategy would be based around the idea of “Bad Work for Bad Pay”. After all the pimps have no power to impose sanctions for incompetence, slow work and clumsiness, although I myself cannot condone such actions. My last period of Mandatory Work Experience was 40 hours a week for 13 weeks as part of Flexible New Deal, and the company actually collapsed financially, partly due to the unwillingness of clients to run themselves into the ground for free.

  7. something survived...

    tell them that unlike the government (lots of pay for no work), you are doing work on a performance based pay scheme. Since they are giving you no pay – do no work.

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