Spoil The Poverty Pimp’s Workfare Dinner Tomorrow!

manchester-welfaretowork-demoShort notice but please spread the word especially if you live in and around Manchester.


Protest outside the Welfare To Work Conference’s Network Dinner at the glitzy Hilton Hotel, Manchester – Tuesday July 9th 7.30pm.

Remind the parasites who paid for the food they are eating!

(and don’t forget the online action tomorrow – tweet using the hashtag #w2w2013)

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74 responses to “Spoil The Poverty Pimp’s Workfare Dinner Tomorrow!


    Here is another event it might be worth keeping an eye on when it comes up in November – assuming IDS is still the Work and pensions Secretary then:


    Tickets are free!

  2. Hi this is the workfare conference organisers does anyone know where we can get any cheap pig troughs will need about 400 many thanks Please send the bill to Ian Duncan Smith



    That’s the same Network which has invited IDS as a speaker on Work and Worklessness in November this year:


    Worth keeping an eye on.

  4. overburdenddonkey

    i am there in spirit..and i am there in solidarity to all who are able to attend..i am outraged at those who tell me what is good for me..when telling me only serves their gut..and not my own…they browbeat one into telling one what is best to serve them..and their gut…these, “mythical job and cure creators plc inc.”..self serving their own interests…and they could not give a diddly sqat, about what i have to say about me or what i feel about their schemes…or how my body illnesses affect me, and only about how this affects them…they control my vitals…and rub my nose into it…”i suffer energy sapping illnesses…………” their reply ah, never mind, make every effort and you’ll be rushing around in no time” …i am outraged by their cruel goadings….stunned by them…unable to mount an effective defense, at the time, they deliberately keep one running around in circles claiming benefits and then stopping them, them more fighting then same again and again and again….because of my energy sapping illnesses’s…and they know it!

    • overburdenddonkey

      ps…truth and help, serves everyone’s gut….their “help”, always leaves a hollow, m/t, sucked dry, feeling in my gut…

  5. This is from inclusion moaning how hard the pimps feel theyve been done

    The main clue is in the numbers of unemployed people that have been referred by the prime contractors to the survey respondents. 35% have received no referrals at all and a further 15% have only received between 1 to 10 claimants. So 50% have virtually had no business to speak of. It is not surprising that contracts will be at risk if voluntary organisations are not given the people to work with. It’s like a Virgin train never getting any passengers.

    • Thats how they see us folks..We are just ‘business’ a commodity to be traded and profited from…

      • overburdenddonkey

        chewie…it is interesting to note, what they consider social inclusion to be…it is what they say it is..and in their view, any opinion to the contrary is wrong, be a member of their fold and all will be well, according to them….cognitive dissonance theory…therefore they right and disagreement is wrong…they know what is best for you…is what they are saying…the only reason society, is fcuked up is because the other never gets it right..but the real reason society is fcuked up is because they insist, that they know what is good for one…by using their power over ones vitals…if one does not agree…

    • “’s like a Virgin train never getting any passengers.” How ironic that statement is..virgin who avoid corporation tax and is intent on destroying the NHS …claimants are scroungers,child killers,terrorists,drug dealers, and now passengers..and yet to companies we are ‘ business’ but not afforded any respect…

    • No mate Its because all the main poverty pimps are keeping ‘ the business’ all to them selves ..

          • From A4e website ” govt funded for profit company ”

            Finding the right people for your business can be a challenge. It’s essential to get it right, but it can be time-consuming and expensive. At A4e we have the answer – our team offers a full recruitment service with all the expected benefits – and we won’t charge you.
            It might seem too good to be true, but unlike high street recruitment agencies, we’re a for-profit company with a social purpose – and we’re funded by the government to get the right people into the right jobs.
            This means that you, as an employer, get the benefit of expert advice, personalised service and our access to motivated candidates. And in return our candidates get the support they need to find sustainable employment. It really is recruitment made simple.

            • overburdenddonkey

              chewie..they do act as if they are bona-fida part of the government…

            • They are in all but name!

            • something survived...

              Finding the right automatons for your business can be a challenge. It’s not essential to get it right, as they can be sacked and instantly replaced. At A4e we have the answer – our team offers a bullying and intimidation service for all the expected benefits scroungers – and we will charge the government thousands of pounds for everyone who gets a job and also for everyone who doesn’t.
              Our reported success rates are obviously too good to be true. But unlike high street recruitment agencies, people who come to us are sent there with no choice, and have no legal rights or protections. We’re capitalist authoritarian heartless bastards with no social conscience – and we’re stealing from the taxpayer to lie about our results and to get you endless and interchangeable hordes of slaves for your soul-destroying non-jobs.
              This means that you, as an exploiter, get the benefits scum working for you for free; plus you get our questionable advice, dishonest and misleading service, and of course our legions of fully-broken slaves. And meanwhile our other slaves get the sanctions they receive for not finding any employment. It really is a whole barrel full of rotten apples.

  6. gone quiet at my jcp no mention of ujm just asked a few ppl what they think off it and the reply they get is its a pile of crap!

    job points all turned off no jobs advertised and no pcs to job search and told to go to a library for 35hr job search.

    2 g4s at door thats it going to turn in to a fucking war zone if they keep this up hahaha.

    • G4s knock on your door? Tell them to FO…

    • They haven’t turned off the job points at my JC but they might just as well for the rubbish that’s on them. 35hrs at the library is going to cost a bit but then what are you supposed to do just keep scolling over the same jobs? Bonkers

      • something survived...

        Most jobpoints at mine are turned off; though all 4000+ jobseekers in the area are mandated to use the 2 or so (not really functioning properly) ones left, at least twice a week?! Do the math…. (as the Americans say).

        On a shittier note, they just closed down my bank.

        To pay anything requiring direct debit or debit card, I must first put the money into the bank, so I will now have to wait up to half an hour for a bus in two possible directions. If I go west/north there is one that takes 90 minutes each way to get there but up to an hour waiting to get a bus back. If I go east, there is a bus that takes 60 minutes with only 15 minute waits but it isn’t always open there. At least the buses cost nothing as I have a free pass for being disabled. If you don’t have a pass and are on benefits, and if that was your bank – you can’t get money to buy the bus ticket to get to the bank, to deposit money to enable you to have money to take out to get the bus ticket.

  7. At the fucking HIlton as well
    Talk about taking the piss

    • If the minimum wage slaves who are going to serve these cunts their £400 dinner are savvy enough they should leave the vol-au-vents out in the sun, in this heat the things will soon go off & put laxatives in the main course.
      After all ,no doubt these greedy poverty pimps have been spouting enough shit durning the conference, so making it a bit more personal is only suitable!

  8. So govt hands out tax payers money to profit seeking companies..do they pay tax on those profits? Lets guess..that would be weird ..govt pay them money which becomes profit of which they pay tax on back to govt…no that would be silly…are A4e registered in cayman islands ?

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      Its a big circle;

      1. Bankers and big business contribute donations to the Conservative Party.
      2. Bankers and big business set up the likes of Private Providers as a front.
      3. The Conservative Party hand out contracts to these Private Providers worth Billions.
      4. Private Providers use these contracts to take benefit claimants on for 2 years and recieve a start up fee and outcome fee.
      5. Because the bankers and big business own the Private Providers, they get the lions share of any profits from the start up fees and outcome fees.

      This could be regarded as ‘Money Laundering’ and were the poor saps caught inbetween.

  9. Humpty Dumpty

    I’ve got a few boxes of rotting eggs all prepared, I’ll pass them around If anyone wants to egg these bastards. 😉

  10. Well I wonder what will be on the menu, for the greedy pigs. lobster starters, streaks with all the trimmings. Fine wines for the swines no doubt. Bet they get a grand dessert too. I am fucking starving!!!! not eaten for days. My Esa was cut months ago. I am in a lot of pain. I am going to have surgery soon, and I am starving, livid, seething and worried sick about what will happen to me. And these greedy fucking swines are going to be talking about how wonderful their work programme is going. How they are getting all the’ skivers’ back to work. I would like to shout out BOLLOX to them from the roof tops !!! and that I am too weak and ill to do their fucking work programme. Idiots are living in a false world of their own. Stuck up old gits. They make me sick!!

    • something survived...

      Steve Bell (1980s) did a cartoon about Nigel Lawson. The Tory cabinet go to a private party, and Nigel Lawson builds a multi-tiered pile of champagne glasses to illustrate and explain the Trickledown Theory. (the wealth in the capitalist system will trickle down so the poor will get it too)

      Lawson climbs onto the table and pisses into the top champagne glass. It creates a fountain, but not of champagne…

  11. I’m ok, but sad about all the people whose lives have been ruined or even ended by this vile government. The only ones who want to employ me are money launderers.

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  13. I’ve just seen an advert for a show called “we all pay your benefits” with “Nick and Margaret”, this sounds like more judgmental, condescending crap.

  14. That programme is due to be aired on you guessed it the BBC 1. like the saints and scroungers show.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      When is this programme due to be aired – what date and time?

      • This Thursday, 9pm

      • bbc.co.uk/programmes/b036yrm8

        • Obi Wan Kenobi

          The person in this trailer is not indicative of someone on benefits, this looks like a blaitant attempt to make the unemployed look bad in the eyes of the taxpayer.

          Nice to see the BBC obeying their government masters again with this very biased programme trailer.

          • Obi Wan Kenobi

            Note the Big TV, it still has the protective plastic covering over the screen, an obvious plant by the BBC.

            • Obi Wan Kenobi

              And said TV (which is rather heavy) is sat right on top of the supposedly functional Sky Digibox – no one in their right mind would do that and this Liam doesn’t strike as a numbty.

          • Obi Wan Kenobi

            Sorry its sat on top of a bluray disc player which is sat on top of the tv – again, no one in their right mind would do this because of the weight and ventalation issues.

            • Sick to death of this urban myth “benefit scroungers & their 52in plasma tellies” The truth is more likely similar to be me, my telly is 10 years old & cost the princely sum of £10 off ebay. And , I have Sky but certainly not HD, even my Sky box is ancient! That’s only because there’s no freeview signal where I am otherwise I’d saving myself a £25 a month which to all of us on here is a small fortune.

            • something survived...

              Yesterday I overheard a woman in Lidl say she got turned down by Sky even though she had all the money Sky costs, so she has to get pay-TV via BT. And can’t get any Sky channels.

              The divs want us to watch some black and white 9″ mini TV from a caravan or canal boat in the 1970s. In TV shops everything now is flatscreen, huge, and massively expensive. The square old TVs of the 90s are like hen’s teeth. Have these tossers ever been out to purchase anything, apart from an airline or football team?

          • Just forced myself to watch the trailer – load of pish, who on benefits can afford an Apple Mac AND a Macbook? I mean, seriously! Just look at the rest of the house,camera shot to show leather suite (yuck,tacky) leather suite, doesn’t even look lived in.
            Note to bbc, must try harder, although the dumb sheeple will swallow this crap unquestioningly,

      • obi
        don’t know just caught a bit of the trailer.

    • article about it in the daily mirror and margeret mountford and nick hewer are actually talking sense in the mirror article about the hardship people face and they have not met any scroungers at all.

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  16. Obi Wan Kenobi

    This programme in itself is a piss take because most people who are working claim some sort of benefit such as child benefit or council tax benefit or housing benefit at some level.

    How can you have a bunch of taxpayer’s who claim benefit themselves critsizing someone who claims a different type of benefit. – Bloody Hipocrites. Even MP’S claim out of the same pot that we get JSA/ESA from.

    • something survived...

      Unless they are rich they also get NHS treatment. They get education, the postal service (till now), social services, road mending, buses, councils, bin collections, the police, the BBC, courts, the royal family (actually a curse /wart dressed up as a benefit), libraries, museums…..

  17. Those sat in the house of lords are also getting heating allowances, travel expenses and other benefits which they don’t need from the welfare pot.

  18. Obi Wan Kenobi

    J.V. – Welfare to Work UK Convention 2013 – Full details.

    9th July 2013 – 10th July 2013.

    Manchester Central Convention Complex, Manchester.


  19. If the parasites are so cleaver, then how come they’ve not even noticed that we’re in the the midddle of a recesson, and the problem is a LACK of JOBS.

  20. Landless Peasant

    I’ve just emailed the Hilton to inform them that they won’t be getting paid for tonight’s event. 😀

    • Did you tell them the place is full of snake oil salesmen, and to keep a close eye on anything that’s not nailed down.

  21. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Cat…on hearing that UK Coalition intend to kick 12 more bells out of vulnerable people #w2w2013 #workfare #sanction


  22. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Another fake job on Universal Jobwank.


    • something survived...


      Milliways seeks Robot Waitress. McJob serving Perfectly Normal Beast steaks, Pangalactic Gargle-Blasters, and Not-Tea. Pay will be given after the universe ends.

  23. Why in the name of sanity does a “charity” need a “Parliamentary Officer”? – Latest news from our Scotland office, which includes two new exciting job opportunities – Policy and Parliamentary Officer and Welfare Rights Worker: Welfare Reform. As well as the launch of our new elearning website http://elearning.cpag.org.uk/ and universal credit elearning course.

    • The above ad was on CPAG’s facebook page so it’s not even being openly advertised. As for being a job, it appears to be more like money for old rope.

    • something survived...

      In America they are called Lobbyists.

      I found out that charities here must be on £10,000 minimum a year to be allowed to be charities?! WTF!

  24. Obi Wan Kenobi

    If you want to follow all the comments live on Twitter:


  25. Obi Wan Kenobi

    It’s 7:30pm:

    Everybody ready 3, 2, 1, Snout’s in the trough – Begin!

  26. Obi Wan Kenobi

    BTEC Apprenticeships‏@BTECApprentice.

    Opposition believe in job seekers having guaranteed job offers at #w2w2013

    Is 2 years for work programme too long? #w2w2013

    Performance of work programme for people with disabilities is lamentable – #w2w2013


    Steven Timms at #w2w2013 confirming that Labour will keep the disastrous Work Programme and add to it more #workfare and #sanctions.

  27. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Stephen Timms:

    Work Programme should be 1 year followed by a jobs guarantee. #w2w2013

  28. Obi Wan Kenobi

    DWP Press release:

    Universal Credit: Roll out from October 2013:

    Universal Credit will expand to 6 new Jobcentres starting from October 2013.

    The following Jobcentres will be included:



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  30. overburdenddonkey

    there was plenty of support on the other twitter #weallpayyourbenefits…it was very heart warming to see #happytopayyourbenefit tweets come in i was moved to tears…

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