Claimants Not Welcome At This Week’s Workfare Love In

CPAGSkiving Employment Minister Mark Hoban will be dragging his lazy arse off his taxpayer funded silk cushions this week to attend the annual conference for the welfare-to-work sector. Hoban will be giving the opening speech at the conference, despite his recent admission that he doesn’t understand the benefits system.

A whole host of workfare parasites will be joining him where they will munch down on vol-au-vents whilst discussing how to further harass and bully benefit claimants.  With prices set at a whopping £414 even for the cheapest ticket,  it is clear that claimants themselves are not welcome at the event.

These prices are unlikely to bother the bloated welfare-to-work companies.   Iain Duncan Smith’s endless crazy schemes are shoveling tax payers cash into their pockets faster than they can spend it.  Some of our money is being used for the three course ‘Networking dinner’ which will be held at ‘prestigious venue within Manchester’ as part of the event.

The conference is being held at the Manchester Central Convention Complex and along with Hoban will feature representatives from G4S, The Shaw Trust, A4e and Working Links.  The knees up is being organised by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion (CESI), a think tank whose main role seems to be providing pseudo-intellectual cover for the vicious workfare and benefit sanctioning regime at the DWP.

Sadly, and unsurprisingly, it will not just be the money grabbing welfare-to-work companies in attendance.  Several charities are also lined up to attend such as Scope, Disability Rights UK (DRUK) and the Child Poverty Action Group (@CPAGUK) who astonishingly are even official supporters of the event*.

CPAG claim to be a “leading charity campaigning for the abolition of child poverty”.  Yet they are not just attending a conference where private sector poverty pimps will be discussing new ways to bully and impoverish lone parents on benefits, they are even helping to pay for it!

Throughout the conference delegates will be using the hashtag #w2w2013,  where they will no doubt be tweeting the usual  self-congratulatory bullshit as they desperately try and justify their own empty lives.  Why not join the conversation on Tuesday 9th July and let them know what decent people think of Britain’s biggest benefit scroungers in the fraud ridden welfare-to-work industry.

UPDATE: Latest information suggests that CPAG claim not to have paid to sponsor the event, but seem happy to be listed as official supporters anyway.  It’s murky, ask them what’s going on.

It’s not too late to join in with the Week of Action Against Workfare.

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78 responses to “Claimants Not Welcome At This Week’s Workfare Love In

  1. Yosserian Hughes

    “Several charities are also lined up to attend such as Scope, Disability Rights UK (DRUK) and the Child Poverty Action Group (@CPAGUK) who astonishingly are even sponsoring the event.”

    Lousy rat-bastard scab sell-outs.

    Nobody left to speak for us. When civil unrest eventually comes; they can fuck right off when their spokesmen appear in the media. I won’t protest if their offices are targeted, after hearin’ this.


  2. What a surprise to see the greedy pigs yet again with their snouts in the trough!!

  3. overburdenddonkey

    yet another example of these, workshy loafers who only use their heads to earn, telling others, the way out of poverty is to use ones body and the imposed oppressive mind set, and get a job, or spontaneous self healing miracles, to earn….barking orders at others, to save them using their own bodies to earn (how stressful, the pain of telling others what to do and how to get it right), and when the others body fails, dumping the failure as dud, no longer fit for use…. cash cow commercial charities..telling others how wonderful life is and would be if one was smiley and affluent like them….look how happy we are…we have jobs and we tell you what is good for you, how fcuking marvelous…debt management experts earning £25k+/yr….telling me off for my spendthrift bad habits on my £71/wk…

  4. How do these pricks sleep at night? I am leaning to the ‘alien conspiracy’ theory, ’cause there sure ain’t a shred of humanity in any of ’em.

  5. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    What we need is a military coup, throw these arse-holes in jail and put an end to this culture of corruption. But unlike Egypt this country is willing to accept a sham democracy which radicalises its youth whilst they scheme to dump the Human Rights Act – not that they take any notice of it anyway. But for how much longer? The evenings are getting very warm.

  6. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Marks and Sparks – still getting a pasting on Facebook – Power to the People!

  7. We’re only “stock” to these people remember. Why would these bastards want us spoiling their little shindig?

  8. With only 500, 000 jobs & 2.5 million unemployed by governments own stats I’m beginning to think they would rather we just all rolled over & died, well at least 80% of us. Alas, I for one have no intention of doing any such thing for them. Most people seem to be backing these cuts so they need showing just how fucking awful they are for some people. Keep shoving it in their selfish smug faces with art! Plaster the country with stickers, posters & words. Go to middle class areas & blast them with art. Loads of great images on the net to copy.

    • overburdenddonkey

      sam hain lord f, claims 5m unemployed…and many point to these so called 1/2m jobs, as being fluff and padding…

      • I know real number of unemployed is a lot higher but 1.2 miilion jobs? I looked at the govts own stats for Feb to April & they said there were 500, 000 jobs. Its on the Office of national stsatistics website. Plus in some areas the ratio of unemplyed to jobs is around 1 job for 10. Can’t beleive they might even get a payrise. IPSA says if they don’t there would be more expenses claims scandal, meaning they would steal. Yet they came out and condemned looters! Hypocrites!

        • overburdenddonkey

          sam hain
          sorry..1/2=500000, for 10 people chasing every job…i totally agree with all of your sentiments and points..

          trouble is fawkes, camaroon is also claiming the victory atm

          • something survived...

            A lot of these 500,000 jobs are copy and paste copies of the same jobs. To bump up the figures.

  9. Murray finally won wimbledon ! The last uk men’s champion was Fred Perry 77 years ago.

  10. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  11. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    The UK’s biggest benefit scroungers will be gathering in Manchester this week for the annual conference of the welfare-to-work sector, including Employment Minister Mark Hoban (doesn’t understand the benefits system), A4e (screwed money out of the benefits system and provided practically nothing in return) and Working Links (put unemployed people through appalling conditions as ‘stewards’ during the Queen’s Jubilee regatta day in 2012).
    These are the real parasites, feeding off the Coalition’s desperate urge to pay huge amounts of money to already-rich for-profit companies who pretend they are taking action to solve a problem that, if you look at the figures, simply isn’t there.
    Or wouldn’t be, if they weren’t around to make it worse.

  12. UK going back to Victorian era

    Karma – what goes around comes around and when it does it will be payback time!

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  14. The poor are facing the most severest cuts from Cameron so that he can throw money at the poverty pimps,meanwhile the poor are excluded from not only the shindigs but any money going begging too. Exactly the same thing happened under New labour where the educational pimps providing useless training courses to the unemployed were also invited.
    With higher education privatized and students reliant on loans the government is not going to provide any beneficial courses for free to the unemployed, unless it’s a bursary.

  15. why are comments awaiting moderation?

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  17. Hope the whole load of the skiving shower of parasites die of food poisoning.

    • something survived...

      They might do if they have sent untrained unwilling workfare slaves with communicable diseases to do the catering. That would be instant karma

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  20. how can a charity call itself this if it goes against society taking slaves so that they can have monies yep instead of holding tins out for it ,it now wants to pimp bodies instead but then they now only a slave market supplier user thus making themselves lose that tag of a charity jeff3

  21. I attended a homeless event a couple of years ago in the House of Commons … various housing/homeless/mental health related charities attended and it was quite sickening to see them toadying-up to the likes of Grant Shapps. Without any word against benefits cuts and Universal Credit etc – because they hadn’t even bothered to read the fine print, or simply did not care. Having sold-out they are now trapped (some willingly) into the ‘Victorian’ ethos of treating the ‘poor’ as a commodity to be exploited and patronised. This is 21st Century apartheid – UK style.


      for a response from CPAG re the love-in …

    • The Poverty Industry, for that is what it is, has grown immensely over the past 20 years or so and now is largely staffed with people who have little or no concept of what life is like for people at the bottom. Many graduates now work in this industry, and whilst not all of them come from prosperous middle-class backgrounds, most do. Even twenty years ago when there were full grants to study at university there were relatively few from truly working class backgrounds, (though probably more than now) but housing association staff were usually drawn from the same kind of people who lived in the houses provided by associations, could relate far better and empathise, though there was still the ‘them and us’ situation.

      It’s pretty sick really, as those that work in this industry have a vested interest in maintaining this status quo and sod the morality of it! Instead of questioning the ethics of what this regime is actually doing they are more likely to come up with yet more fanciful schemes with which to waste taxpayers money whilst making our lives even more difficult.

      On leaving university myself 20 odd years ago one of the first jobs I applied for was one on a project that was profiling an area where most people were on low incomes. The scope of the project was to predict the kind of healthcare problems that would emerge in future years in order to prepare for the eventual demand. Given that it was already known that there is a strong correlation between low income and poor health I thought the project a bit on the sick side. I didn’t get the job, but it struck me that a lot of thinking is hellishly lopsided when many of the projected future healthcare problems could be completely avoided by paying people properly and investing properly in health education.

      The only comment I have to make about UC is that in one sense, and one sense alone it is an improvement over the present system, and that is we just have to fill in one application instead of the present proliferation of forms. In all other aspects it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

      • UC is not quite even a one application improvement – granted by the time it is fully inforce in 2017 there arenot likely to be any of the other benefits anyway, except council tax reduction which still has to be claimed separately of course. Simplification is the big con – it has always been possible to have one application – there has never been a need to have them separate not even between the DWP and local councils (as I say this as one who worked in housing benefits for 23 years). We have had the technology for decades – although our IT companies are better at screwing the taxpayer than producing working solutions but that’s by the by. The idea of making things simple/easier for claimants has become the smokescreen for a much more sinister reform. While everyone – including charities – focused on that they ignored the wholesale slaughter of the welfare state until it was too late. IDS performed a sleight of hand Houdini would have been proud of – tragically it was all there to be seen in the draft legislation as well.

  22. I’m not sure how much more of this libertarian nightmare I can take. If these filth weren’t so shamelessly hypocritical it might be easier to swallow. At least Hitler had principles, even though they were utterly vile odious and throughly foul. Today he’d be selling off the ovens to G4S and outsourcing the Gestapo to Serco – G4SS!

  23. Unfortunately whilst cuts only continue to impact mostly on those not working the public in general does not care because they are not affected. I don’t know if this is still the case but people working & getting benefits to top up their low pay are not subject to benefit cap. Seeing as how benefits to such people is equal to or perhaps more to the amount spent on those not working how much longer will they continue to enjoy being exempt from these cuts? The government has continued to protect pensions which currently accounts for 50% of the welfare budget. So I would hazard a guess that government will next target benefits for those working. In fact I think they have already started. I’m sure that some people are being taken out of the Child Tax Credit threshold and possibly Working Tax Credit. I think when this happens then you will hear more squealing. Remember the outrage when people earning £60,000+ were told they would no longer receive Child Benefit? Nobody cares unless it affects them so we’ll just have to pray it starts affecting another group of people sooner rather than later! Maybe then BBC and other mass media might give it some more attention. At the same time maybe they will also start highlighting the outrageous lies this government has been peddling from day one of taking control of the state. As far as I can see that’s our only hope.

  24. How can CPAG ever have the nerve to call themselves a charity after sponsoring this shindig? They ought to be ashamed of themselves but instead they’re just in the same corporate trough. Hope these greedy cunts choke on their £400 vol-au-vents.

  25. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Universal credit fears revealed through Citizens Advice survey.

    Survey conducted by charity suggests 90% of benefit claimants will be unprepared for new single payment benefits scheme.

    • UC “dogged by rumours of IT failures” – wow, now there’s a surprise!

      • overburdenddonkey

        kittycat58…the writing is already on the wall….it is likely, and true to their typical form…that they will claim it to be a roaring success…and blame the isolated individual user…for getting it wrong and/or deciding that they no longer wish to claim the benefit(s) after all..a survey is required, to discover how many people would have claimed, but decided not to, and struggle on without benefits that they would have been entitled to, had they been able to navigate the uc claim system…a rough guide to uc, must be produce NOW…
        this conference is set up to polish up jargon, as well as all the other points already made…”mythical jobs and cures inc.”

        • Be prepared for umpteen reports of the UC site crashing as soon as submit is clicked, a deliberate IT “failure” perhaps?

        • something survived...

          I got a book the other day that’s from 1937, when even the equivalent of hippies got into stuff bordering on eugenics. Anyway it has a chapter on Phrenology. Idea:
          ”mythical jobs and cures inc.” you (OBD) said:

          So the DWP could feel the bumps on heads to determine the differences between us, and sort and grade us into the Deserving Poor versus the Underserving Poor, the Disabled versus the Not Really Disabled At All, the Truth Teller versus the Liar, the Scrounger or the Valid Claimant, the ‘Genuine’ versus the ‘Fake’ asylum seeker….

          It had another chapter which was on head/face shape, and determines character and personality by this. If you have a facial profile like Neil Kinnock, for example, then you are an ‘Imbecile’! If you have a head resembling the heroes of ‘master race Aryan’ posters, then surprise surprise, you are a superman or Ubermensch. Also you are an intellectual and genetically worthy. There is another ‘acceptable’ option where people with ‘average’ faces/heads can be allowed to live and breed but are not the very best people. Their heads still have to be vertical but not flat (so no Japanese or Chinese or Inuit…) and European looking, etc. Everyone else is a descending grade of lower human, down to ‘Imbecile’. Also it says your nationality is the same thing as your intelligence and personality and health! All ‘negroes’ (sic) are seen as one race or nation, and are seen as physically strong but basically imbeciles.
          [Certain Ugandans for example with really sloping heads, are presumably abnormal in this system] The very top are of course British and Germans.
          ‘Bad’ features (signs of evil) include being a Jew or looking like a Jew (or Arab). Incidentally disability appears to be its own nation and guess what, all ‘handicapped’ people and ‘cripples’ are automatically Imbeciles as well as morally unworthy. It could be a handbook for nazism; except Hitler didn’t measure up to his own ideas on physical perfection; and he and most of his cabinet were a bunch of perverts. (Google the case of Geli Raubal if you want to know what Hitler liked in bed) A chapter lists body types too but it’s out of date, they don’t have ‘The Blob’ or ‘Jabba the Hutt’; or, for that matter, ‘Effects of living-on-benefits starvation diet of circa 2013’. But anyone skinny and/or starving is in the category of ‘unworthy of life’ even if their condition was caused by the government starving them.

          They could be like that in the immigration police (UKBA?): picking who they want to let in or deport, etc. (AND a lot of them are racists and perverts) ‘From Iraq? Send ’em back; Further South? Keep ’em out!’

          Another chapter is on (not palmistry yet, that’s another chapter) looking at the shape of the hand to determine intelligence and personality. So if your hands and fingers are long you are creative and intellectual. If you have short stubby fingers you are weak with no intelligence or imagination. Etc. (If you have NO hands, it doesn’t say, presumably you are disabled so an imbecile…)

          Really I think this could have been written by the expert psychics and mediums they have at the head of ATOS and the ESA decision makers.

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  27. Damon Gibbons, Director, Centre for Responsible Credit

    Karen Michael, Service Development Team Leader, London Borough of Southwark

    The financial pressures on benefit claimants are increasing. Although Universal Credit is designed to improve work incentives and help people achieve financial independence, DWP has recognised that some claimants will need support to manage their finances effectively and address existing debt problems.
    To provide this DWP has established an exceptions regime for those with the greatest problems. It has also announced its intention to financially support local delivery partnerships. These will need to develop effective networks capable of demonstrably progressing people toward financial independence. Further to this, DWP is also leading on the delivery of Government’s Social Justice Strategy, which seeks to address high cost borrowing and personal debt problems more broadly.
    This seminar will focus on:

    The DWP role: the Universal Credit exemptions regime, development of the local support services framework and the delivery of the Social Justice Strategy

    The challenge of building effective local delivery partnerships and the practical tools that have being developed to help meet the support needs of claimants

    What works: sharing the lessons from local projects designed to support benefit claimants, including the direct payment demonstration projects and the Big Lottery’s Improving Financial Confidence programme

    The seminar will run from 10:00 to 16:00. It will offer a great opportunity for networking with delegates from organisations across all sectors also working in this field.

    Attendees will receive delegate packs containing supporting materials for the seminar.

    Lunch and refreshments are also provided and included in the registration fee.

  28. Seen this Jonny: Sad to see the BBC sinking to the Daily Mail level of rhetoric in the trailers and advertising for this new series. . Anyway here is my complaint to them. ‘I am very annoyed about the marketing through your trailers and advertising of the a forthcoming series. The Nick and Margaret programme is described here. There are so many assumptions that are made in this that it is hard to know where to start really. The implicit assumption that the ‘claimants’ have chosen to be on benefits and could equally decide ‘that hard work is good for them’ is utter nonsense. I was interviewing for new staff for an organisation I am director of last week we had so many applicants – many of very high standard who clearly put ages into their application. Often being out of work or trying to get well or coping with disability is the hardest work anyone ever does.
    You also describe two groups of people – ‘claimants’ and ‘taxpayers’ – Around 65% of the UK population claims some sort of benefit, and most benefit claimants are taxpayers. Your programme description is factually inaccurate and shows bias and no understanding in describing the two groups of people as distinct and clearly creates an environment of demonisation. Most benefit claimants have paid tax in the past or continue to pay it.
    To be honest, I’d be pretty upset to see the Daily Mail come up with this but for the BBC it is really concerning and I’m disgusted at your appalling and deliberate division. Very very worrying for society’.

    BBC One – Nick and Margaret: We All Pay Your Benefits, Episode 1

    • ” … this first episode sees the taxpayers spend time shopping, socialising and going through the claimants’ spending to see exactly how their hard-earned taxes are being spent. They must decide if they think the claimants are given enough benefits money or not enough and, with the battle lines drawn between ‘scroungers’ and ‘strivers’, this series brings the two sides together to discover if any of them can agree.”

      (Complaint just sent).

    • Another Fine Mess

      The bloke in the trailer lives rent free with his grandfather, has new stuff everywhere, has done a degree, worked nights at heathrow, and has £39,000 debt. He doesn’t seem a very typical jsa claimant to me. I will be watching the prog. very closely.

  29. So will I. However, there is only one way out of the terrifyingly rapid decline in Britain as a “civilised” country and that is for there to be mass protests on the streets. If most people who have been stitched up and kicked in the teeth by this appalling greedster “government” could manage to do this along with fair minded people then a strong message would be sent. Bullies don’t listen, they have to be shown that enough is enough.

  30. something survived...

    G4S and Serco just got found guilty of lying. These workfare scum companies are also in charge of security and prisons and prisoners.

    Both companies charged the government/claimed for, tags (ankle devices) on prisoners, that were claimed for prisoners who:
    -Were in jail at the time, or
    -Were out of the country at the time, or
    -Were dead.

    This speaks for itself. Scum.

  31. Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. This type
    of clever work and reporting! Keep up the good works guys I’ve added you guys to my personal blogroll.

  32. What strikes me is the high level of education the contributors to this post have. Many of whom are out-of-work and on benefits. My question is: would the same people in Germany be out-of-work or be in employment? I personally think the system in Britain is broke which should be more based on the Dutch and German models of job creation and welfare

    • Job creation? What the hell’s that in a country that allowed corporations to take most of the jobs abroad? That’s why the only thing the ConDems can do is to allow the likes of Tesco et al. to kick people out of paid positions so they can fill them with unsuitable unpaid workers and receive a bonuses of thousands of tax payers’ money for doing so. No wonder the unemployment figures remain static!

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