Alleged Threats Must Not Be Allowed To Shut Down Tenant Blacklist Debate

rent-strikeThere are two things to say about the threats of violence allegedly received by tenant blacklister Paul Routledge.  The first is that Routledge lies.  The second is that if someone really did ring up a member of Routledge’s staff and threaten to throw acid in their face then it was a nasty and stupid thing to do.

Allowing Routledge to claim the moral high ground for the sake of a few seconds of  mildly insurrectionist angst helps no-one except Routledge himself.  And to aim the attack at a staff member, who let’s face it probably isn’t that well paid, is a cunt’s trick. This is not some whiny hippy rant about keeping things fluffy or polite, but let’s have a bit of fucking common sense.

Predictably Routledge wants to shoot the messenger and has blamed this blog and it’s followers for the alleged threat along with accusing it of publishing his home address.  In fact this information -which was left in the comments – was removed as soon as it was spotted, although as a company director these details are accessible to the public.

Yet it was only yesterday morning, long after he made this complaint, that he finally removed the home address, telephone number and email address of a 70 year old man that he was falsely accusing of being me from his own website.  Not only that he repeatedly posted links to this personal information on twitter.

Once again it seems to be one rule for Paul Routledge and a quite different set of rules for the rest of us.

Tenant blacklists are too important to allow a threat probably made by an over-excited teenager (if in fact it was ever made at all) to shut down any resistance to them. But they will not be stopped with threatening phone calls which only increase the heat on anyone choosing to resist these blacklists in a more effective way.

Watch the video where Routledge explains how his system could be used to blacklist people with mental health conditions.

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144 responses to “Alleged Threats Must Not Be Allowed To Shut Down Tenant Blacklist Debate

  1. I really doubt that it ever happened. As soon as you criticise anything he has said, or done (I have always been very polite towards him), he claims you are being violent and abusive. The man just lies.

  2. Well said!

  3. ‘Moo cow’ seemed to be a character they all knew…he didnt have to explain to his disciples who that was. Last night on a thread i saw ppl had written about the alleged attack plus the fact that like me were unravelling his previous business history Which appeared to show some dodgy practices eg many nominee directora suddenly resigning all on same day…all weird stuff..then today on his threads someone blaming us for the alleged incident…Bloody hell weve had members of his fan club appearing on void threads using crude sms insulting language against our readers….they talk about tenants as if they are a sub species…like characters on jeremy kyle..

  4. Btw this ‘staff member’ i am not sure about..

  5. If anyone has any doubt the kind of followers ‘saint’ Paul attracts here is paul barret showing what an utter cunt he is.
    “Absolutely ridiculous that stupid HA have empty family homes.
    What about all the people in London that want family homes.
    Oh yes that’s right; they will have to MOVE.
    When will HB tenants get it into their thick heads that they will have to move to cheaper areas where the accommodation that they require is available.
    HB tenants have NO right to reside where they have been.
    So they should MOVE. 
    That is what non – HB tenants have always had to do.
    There should be a mass migration of HB and homeless people up North where there is ample property available for them.
    We don’t want them down here in the rich south-east and then govt will save a fortune in HB costs.”

    • It’s actually unbelievable.

      When will that cunt get it into his thick head that it’s his fault – as well as other scumlords – that many people in the south-east have to rely on Housing Benefit just to be able to pay the rent, even when they’re working. The proliferation of BTL has meant that house prices and rent have risen massively, and now people are trapped just paying the rent without being able to save anything.

      Does he also not realise there’s a reason for the empty properties up north – there’s no demand because there’s no jobs.

      Here’s a way to save the Government money: instead of forcing an exodus of people who can’t afford extortionate rents anymore apply a rent cap, force scumlords to charge a reasonable rate for rent, then people might not have to rely on fucking housing benefit.

      • And rental properties in the north (north-east, at least, where i am) are also becoming more expensive, along with the “no DHS” condition.

        And, as said, no jobs.

        You’re going to be pretty much fucked wherever you are.

  6. Are all PRS landlords right wingers LRS asks and cites the void ..Paul Barret bangs on about his profit he makes and says anyone who objects to being blacklisted is a ‘wrongun’ whilst another member wonders what all the unemployed do ‘ with all that free time’ they have…

    • it’s like the nazis who were quite happy to profit from the people they despised(and murdered). total hypocrisy.

  7. Claims of extremist behaviour are now a common place device used by the establishment and the powerful to attack grassroots activists and activism in the UK. Just look at the attacks on the Hillsborough 96 and the Stephen Lawrence campaigns in order to undermine them. Even anti-UKIP protesters recently in Edinburgh were smeared as extremists. Maybe these claims of extremism has something to do with the fact there isn’t much of an organised Left at the moment and human rights and progressive politics has taken the individual grassroots campaigning course as a simple matter of reflecting reality. Hence the establishment now doing likewise as a form of resistance and protection.
    In my own wee small part of the grassroots activist world, there are doctors getting bravery awards and BBC journalists getting nominated for prizes on the claim of alleged M.E. extremism. There isn’t a shred of evidence for any of the claims, and is merely a device to shut down debate and to try to stop M.E. activists exposing the fraudulent medical psuedo-science of neoliberal biopsychosocial disability denial ideology which ME sufferers have been subjected to for the past two decades, and which has now been adopted as official policy at the DWP as represented by its ESA regime which has resulted in the usual predictable results of widespread terror, trauma, more ill health and death.

    • overburdenddonkey

      joe kane…u r absolutely spot on, and…depression caused by called oppression….
      bryan..yes, the dwp have wiped out human rights…

      we need a national tenants union and a peoples union, we need toget fully and properly organised, to fight oppression…and to launch a full correlated investigation into spiv landlords etc…





    Sorry, The UK DWP has decided.

  9. Well has Routledge reported this alleged threat to the police? As there’s no mention of such, I think we can regard this as another fabrication.
    As I’ve stated before his type are all bluster & once cornered turn into snivelling cowards, playing the victim. The man truly is a cunt.

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  11. Yosserian Hughes

    Bollocks to him JV. He’s fair game after the way he’s carried on.

    Let him bleat & make spurious claims, he’s diggin’ a bigger hole for himself if he has no proof of these (Probably non-existant) ‘threats’.

    The bloke who had his details published ought to sue him for harassment. I mean, what will he do next? Go “van Hoogstraten” and have an innocent ‘done in’?

    It’ll make the c*nt think again, AND assuage people’s justified ire. Unless there’s some sort of legal redress, he’ll continue to be the stunted, odious little shitehawk that he is. Unless justice is SEEN to be done, people will (rightfully) slate him.

    • Thats weird because the hand grenade van hoog thing was mentioned on one of his of his mob wished he done that..

      • But making empty impotent threats on the telephone – If it actually happened- is not the way to bring this clown to account.

        • overburdenddonkey

          ulysses…agreed..we need to fight with facts…and he has given us plenty of facts to fight with…which is obviously why he tries in vain to cast aspersions and discredit us, for revealing those facts…the late, tim field called it “the mental health trap”, an oft used tactic by bullys in their final throws of losing the argument….

          • overburdenddonkey

            ps..imho..we must stick to the facts as presented in the ethics of the “services” he offers…the reasons for them…the evidence in what he has said, and the way he has said it…in all medias…

            • Absolutely.
              But this latest development, if casting aspertions like this, shows he’s running scared

            • overburdenddonkey

              yep…we must continue to focus on the cast iron facts…and not be distracted by his tactics,which are being used to cause distractions..he portrays himself as being the crusading victim, and tenants as the scourge that must be brought into line..basically he needs to service his massive debts and to do that he needs a reliable income stream…and he does not want “needy tenants”, getting in the way of this..”the job would be ok if it wasn’t for human beings”…

  12. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    Well IF this one actually ever happened don’t you think there is the outside possibility it could have come from a current, or former, tenant of Routledge’s who had fallen prey to his evil little empire and it dodgy practices? Or failing that one of the many people who have been blacklisted by this one man judge and jury.

    • Arbeitsscheu_UK

      And what was to stop the Routeslob paying some low-life to phone up making threats from a prepare script? That way he would be free to report it to the police as the receptionist wouldn’t be in on the deal so wouldn’t have to lie about it.

  13. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    If you think Routledge’s nasty organisation holds your personal information you have every right to request a copy of all the information they hold on you under a the Data Protection Act. You need to make a Subject Access Request (SAR) in writing, they can charge you up to £10 fee for this and must supply you with all your information within 40 days.

    Details on the ICO website

    • Arbeitsscheu_UK

      This could be very interesting if you have been blacklisted by them as I cannot see how they could refuse to supply all information upon which that decision was made. Leaving them open to legal challenge. and potentially damage.s for the harm any spurious blacklisting has caused you.

  14. Oh dear silly Paul Routpig has got it into his head that @JohnnyVoid is some kind of communist drug dealer now..whats up with him he thinks every one who disagrees with him is a drug dealer.

    • What if some of us go for a job and up comes saintly pauls blacklist and on it says ‘ suspected drug dealer’ ? And do these completely flawless persons contact the DWP and other agencies? Whoops no home no job possibly and up with police files on us…

      Pillars of the community my arse..petty and ignorant prejudice from the godhead routpig and Barret his droog..

  15. @JohnnyVoid so how long have you been a communist drug dealer mate? Lol!
    One of those twats even questions why they should falla under data protection act..then saint Paul the almighty claims they dont store info on tenants lifestyle then later says they do..after all Isnt it a lifestyle blacklist? Is he cracking up?

    • We dont allow Paul or his members to reply on here and give a ballanced view?

      • In fact, thats worth saving:

        To those who have been watching this troll attack. I have tried to post a balanced response on their website but they take down any comments and do not allow us or any of our members a fair opportunity to debate what we do and how we do it and why it is legal, safe and fair. The postings on his blog by him and his followers are pure lies and libellous to say the least, they have no truth or basis and if I truly believed it would be worth perusing the unidentified troll @Johnnyvoid I would. The truth is that he will not disclose who he is and I suspect that his net worth is about as much as his input into our society “Nothing”. So like a bad tenant absolutely no point in trying to pursue compensation from someone who has nothing to lose. Unfortunately @Johnnyvoid and his disciples need to try and stop us networking because we can and are keeping him and the likes of him from using a corrupt system to rip us off time after time and ruin our communities. and investments. The interesting thing is that all this started when we posted about cannabis factories being reported by members so it makes you wonder if he realises that as gatekeepers we have the ability to reduce dear Johnny’s income streams. What ever the reasons we know one thing , they don’t like democracy or freedom of speech they thrive on communism, they dont like the truth they need to hate and create dispair and for those that dont like voids either financial or the Johhny’s then: Please join today free Become a gatekeeper to your community, We really don’t need to take one another’s bad tenants anymore. “

        • overburdenddonkey

          ulysses…is there a date on this profanity?

        • Arbeitsscheu_UK

          In the paragraph prior to this quote the Routeslob states:
          “There is no place for you within this network so please do not return or try to post again otherwise we will have no alternative other than to bar your IP for life”
          Much as I hate to shatter PR’s illusions, and further highlight his universal ignorance, but unless you have a static IP your ISP is likely to reallocate you with a new IP address every time you turn off your router. So PR’s claim that he will ban you for life is once again demonstrating what we already know that this obnoxious little twat is a laughing stock. I wonder if he is getting technical advice from his expert associate and well known ‘exponent of technology” Tadd.

  16. overburdenddonkey

    well i must tell you the latest wca miracle…i suffers h.a.v.s. diabetic neuropathy, all over body and is along term consequence of undiag diabetes…diabetic ulnar hand neuropathy known as “claw hand” in my right hand, starting in my left hand now + various other body disorders, including….reynolds…. hyperglesia alloydia (which means if i touch something warm, it burns), and t2 diabetes..which may well be progressing to t1 diabetes, ive yet to see gp on that one …and i have been….declared fit for work…

  17. if somebody really did that why hasnt he called the police.

    there is no threat hes made it uo.

  18. i think johhny void could consider suing him for libel now.

  19. Off topic, but victory with my lettings agency today. They switched my agent for me and now I’m going to get the infrastructure of my house fixed. For the best part of a year the last person I had managing the property was trying to call a very obvious leak “condensation”; while I was emotionally fragile and (as I have been throughout my life with my estranged family) scared that I could be made homeless if I kicked up a fuss.

    I hadn’t been able to entertain for a year due to the mess the leak caused in my kitchen. Couldn’t afford to get it fixed myself. I have a little girl and I couldn’t let her friends come round to play because of what I thought the parents would think of me. My social isolation grew and compounded.

    Thankfully, Paul Routledge’s fearful diatribes made me realise that tenants have a lot more power than I ever imagined. I spoke firmly and clearly, as a tenant who has never had arrears in seven years and has left every property in decent shape ought to. Even if I have had a sneaky cig or two inside. I was treated respectfully and they’re going to start working on it asap – well, as soon as they can get the LL to approve.

    Thanks once again to Johnny Void and the places his blog takes you 🙂

  20. welll this blog certanly seems to have him ratteled.

  21. Ulysses ive been struggling trying to post a link about perfectly good tenants get bad reference thing is PB posts on thread with his tips on wife becoming lodger…routine…

    • because none of it’s true, try again Rigsby

    • overburdenddonkey

      lrs…they posted the 70yr old’s details and no one else, without checking the facts…now they try to blame jv for this, somehow they claim it is jv’s fault for their terrible intrusion into the life of another innocent human being, by saying if only jv had given them his address this would never have happend, yet another example of how this person tries to use guilt trips, to justify his ends …his l r s must be full of such misinformation and subjection’s, i note that there is no apology from them for their intrusion…

      • Just for clarity, he is not my former landlord, I do not use the web address as you can see and I did not register that address, which funnily enough is why it isn’t registered to me.

        Also note this: “Running a troll website from a false address I can only assume that @johhnyvoid is prepared to let his 70 year old ex landlords property take the hit when those that he has bullied and libeled come looking for him.” See more at:

        So Routledge responds to a post condemning threats made against him by issuing veiled threats of his own. Says it all.

        • overburdenddonkey

          jv…says it all…and sums up neatly why he and his ilk must be resisted…

        • The words “pot” “kettle” & “black” come to mind, If Routledge was trying to gain the moral high ground, he’s shot himself in the foot by hinting about “sending the boys” round. If he had brains he’d be dangerous.

          • @kittycat yes that sounds ominous but do you think he’s just showing off or really mean it?

            • if someone intends to have you done in it’s unlikely they’d tell you about it first. some people have far too much to say for themselves is all. not many of them can really back it up.

        • Arbeitsscheu_UK

          So add to Routledge’s failings that he has no understanding of the rudiments of domain names, so he just guesses, he then jumps to conclusions and publishes spurious allegations based on his ignorance….he really is a class act, no wonder he is unable to hold down a real job. He’s would be a liability to any employer. What a fucking idiot

  22. @JohnnyVoid ibe been trying to post the same link for hours now..but it wont post…

  23. johnnyvoid , sorry but ive been struggling trying to post that link about’ why do good tenants fail referencing” and every attempt it disappears now I see you are modding it…is there a problem?? I hope not as its in reply to the aspect of referencing plus its got one of routledges mates on comment thread which is ironic..

  24. ok johnny many thanks mate,, sorry about that ….

  25. oh dear Johnny I did refresh but am getting this….

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    @JohnnyVoid and all here is Paul Barret crapping on the comment thread about his ‘clever’ schemes’

  26. ok sorry but there are weird things been going on with me and the net all day….ive tried posting on 3 mobile, wifi, and now internet café bb using different browsers always the same , I think its posted now….

  27. in case your readers don’t read that link this is PB…

    “Nothing to stop a LL putting the husband only on the AST on £100000 per year and getting the RGI check.
    The wife becomes the husband’s lodger.
    No law states that a wife must take the husband’s name.
    When and if eviction is carried out the lodger must vacate no later than the eviction day.
    Of course a wife being a lodger might be too much temptation to the husband to give the wife 1 months notice to quit!!! as that is all a lodger is allowed.
    RGI is only for a tenant on the tenancy agreement.
    They are not involved with any aspect of whether a tenant has been given permission to let to a lodger by a LL.
    The fact that it might be the wife is purely coincidental!!
    I always give permission to LL to let to lodgers having checked on the proposed lodger!
    How I achieve the rent; I am NOT concerned with, as long as I receive the rent form the tenant who is on the AST.
    If there are 3 people in a 2 bed flat and I only have 1 tenant on the AST, then that tenant is wholly responsible for the full rent.
    If the tenant does not pay the full rent i would submit a RGI claim against the tenant.
    Lodgers are nothing to do with an AST
    Eviction gets rid of tenants and lodgers.
    RGI does eviction.”

  28. in response to a previous post which goes ”
    No need for a lodger scenario just us unauthorised/authorised occupier letters making the wife the licensee of the tenant and he her licensor.
    ALWAYS ask for a copy of the referencing report the agent has on file. You (and indeed they) are not entitled to see the actual references, unless you reference yourself, but you are entitled to the summary report”

    Paul Barret says “Interesting response; would you expand on the licencee and licensor methodology.
    I would just use a simple lodger agreement.
    Is your way a more efficaious way!?
    I am not wedded to any particular way and am therefore interested in your proposed strategy.
    A little explanation of the nuts and bolts of your suggestion would be useful.
    I’m sure other LL looking at this post would think the same.
    Especially as I believe more LL are using RGI and will face the issues that have been highlighted here.
    A suitable methodology to manage these circumstances would be something that most LL would desire.”


  29. sorry everyone I just got this from ‘the slog’

    •75 MPs have recent or present financial links to companies involved in private healthcare
    •81% of these are Conservative
    •4 Key members of the Associate Parliamentary Health Group have parliamentarians with financial connections to companies involved in healthcare
    •4 Patrons of the pro-reform think tank 2020health have Peers with private healthcare links
    •Nearly 40% of the most powerful individuals in healthcare are from companies with links to Lords and MPs.
    •145 Lords have recent or present financial connections to companies involved in healthcare
    •333 donations from private healthcare sources totalling £8.3 million have been gifted to the Conservative Party.

    That’s pretty damning stuff eh? no wonder they want to close A&E wards..

    • please keep on topic eh, especially on this thread Bob

      • @johny certainly sir..but that info just leapt out at me……I felt the need to share…oh well not to worry you can delete that……and I will get back to my usual digging away on the ‘GOOD’ Landlord vs nasty scruffy drug dealing communist tenants..LOL !!…

  30. so johnny where is this all leading to? its obvious neither side is gonna back down…is this the longest running ‘spat’ you have had??

    • overburdenddonkey

      chewie..we are saying that there are landlords and tenants…not just landlords….and he cannot justify his schemes by hearsay, and/or saying he is right and everybody else is wrong…judge ye not lest ye be judged yourself…he has to morally justify his scheme and he cannot, saying people are bad for opposing it, simply will not do…

      • @donkey Yes and i also object to any form of blacklisting ..i noté that even one of his. members thinks Its borderline illegal especially when some of them hold very prejudicial views..did you noté Paul Barret has strong views on immigration

        • overburdenddonkey

          chewie…i am only interested in this one debate, about paul r…

          • Donkey of course you are except you overlook something Which is that his members keep re enforcing his views not all do however Which is interesting in itself and letal not forget hes not jappy about losing customers….

            • overburdenddonkey

              chewie i overlook nothing…but i am not going to take on his membership piece meal…the lrs overview is what interests me…the big picture…

        • Paul Routledge is very fixated about drug dealers he is suggesting every tenant or opposer of his views is drug dealer..he needs councelling ..its obsessive

          • overburdenddonkey

            chewie…imho…he will disagree with you…his site IS up and running, it is real..and it is being used…you may wish to move onto other issues i do not…his lrs must be resisted…

            • Donkey his site will only continúe if he has his fan club agreeing with him ..once his own followerd start wondering about him and membe falla away rs

            • overburdenddonkey

              chewie …yes which is the whole point of resistance is to raise awareness of the implications of such endeavors, so that all can have a say in whether or not it is a good or bad, for all concerned he has no right to decide what is good or bad for others which is exactly what he is doing…he claims his system will benefit all, we disagree and because we do he throws toxic tantrums….he fails to convince me it is in the tenants interests to live his way….

          • Oh and he wants ‘HIS’ scheme to become national across the More dosh for him and it demonstrates his narcissm only too well..

            • overburdenddonkey

              a national scheme does not necessarily demonstrate narcissism..only the facts of the scheme will..and so far the facts of this scheme do not bode well for the rights of ANY tenant..except the ones the lrs say are acceptable behaviourally to it…the list of the unacceptables are as listed in all previous posts and this post…he is acting like a self appointed sheriff of tenant morality…this is not good…

              • Donkey. A self appointed sheriff ..he will bring all his members into disrepute before long and the result will be loss of income as that is all they care about..he will become a burden and a liability to them..

            • overburdenddonkey

              chewie…but that will only happen if the facts of what he is doing are revealed….which is why these facts need to be revealed….

  31. in case anyone is interested this is Paul Barret member info on property118..

    “Paul Barrett

    Name: Paul Barrett

    Location: Bishop’s Stortford


    I am retired following a career in fire and rescue, I live in Bishops Stortford.

    I am a small landlord with 5 properties, should have been more but I had a few repossessed. In a nutshell, my story is that websites like Property118 were not around when I became a landlord. I knew very little about tenant referencing, due diligence and rent guarantee insurance and I took on a few bad tenants. I had over stretched my finances by acquiring too many properties and as a result, when my bad tenants didn’t pay me I could not afford to pay the mortgages. I had no idea that it took so long to get rid of bad tenants.

    Property values fell and I was effectively trapped into being a landlord. I had no choice other than to get things right, otherwise, everything I had ever worked for could so very easily have been lost.

    My message to all landlords reading my member profile is don’t be shy. Join in the discussions here, leave comments, ask questions and don’t worry about having to be an expert. If you are wrong there are always people here with far more experience to put you on the right track. It’s not going to cost you anything to be wrong about something here but it may if you actually do what you think is the right in the real world and you end up being wrong.

    I have plenty of time on my hands these days so I get involved with as many discussions as possible, not just here but on other property forums such as LRS and Property Tribes. If only I knew then what I know now! But Property118 didn’t exist when I started out. There is absolutely no excuse for people to make the same mistakes as I did anymore if they know about Property118, that means you because you are reading this. I think we all have a duty to tell our friends about Property118 too, especially if they are landlords or thinking about renting out a property.

    I look forward to chatting with you on the forum and hopefully we can learn something from each other.

    PS – I have very strong views about immigration and often have a bit of a rant about that in my posts too. Please don’t mistake that with racism, it’s nothing personal. There is nothing wrong with immigration per se; we just need appropriate immigration!!”

  32. Yosserian Hughes

    I must say, that ‘alfie bruce’ on LRS is a right card, isn’t he? Seen his avatar? Know where it’s from?

    I do. It’s from a Nazi propaganda film about the mentally ill & the case for euthanasia. It’s stuck with me from when I watched ‘world at war’ for the first time, about 25 or so years ago.

    I’m just wonderin’ if that’s the sort of ‘help’ that stunted little tw*t routledge & the rest of them advocate for ‘Moo-cow’??

    • overburdenddonkey

      yosserian hughes..
      the fate of that tenant seriously concerns me too…it is also concerning that history is littered with the terrible consequences, by those who knew what was good for others, and insisted that their way was best for all concerned, and that those affected did not need a say in these matters….for paul r, this is called debate….and not the dictatorship that you insist on…

    • it makes you wonder what sort of individual uses an image like that as an avatar on a web forum. it’s actually quite disturbing.

      • @simon i am able to pick up on some ppl and i can tell you there are quite a few disturbed ppl on there ..Paul R for one his fixations about drug dealers is very unhealthy especially as he is unable to provide evidence for his accusations of ppl on here he has made allegations about… even his ‘statistical ‘ proof’ is flimsy

        • ever since yosserian hughes pointed out the origin of that photo, i just find it very unsettling that someone would use that photo on a public forum as their avatar. it disturbs me.

        • A ‘succesful’ drug dealer wouldnt be living in shitty privately rented housing they would own their own homes..howard marks…et al….

          • lol, ain’t that the truth.

          • What IS happening chewie, is that canabis growers are renting private rentals, and kitting out the entire house as a foil lined greenhouse with hydroponics, very sophisticated- Forced growth for higher strength drugs with heat and ultraviolet light (thats why the modern stuff reeks compared to the stuff smoked in the 60’s and 70’s ). The electric meter is normally hotwired for free supply too.
            Each grow is worth upward of £40000
            I suppose this is the clumsy point LRS is trying to make
            A succesful dealer WILL rent private while living it up in thier own house…

            The filth have tools in their armoury to catch this kind of thing.
            The first is the infra red cams on the helicopters. While not on a shout, it will be played across rooftops- any abnormal heat signature gets noted.
            The second way of getting caught is the less sophisticated set ups dont deal with the smell

            Routpig needn’t concern himself , the boys in blue have got the upper hand on that particular gatekeeping

            • @ulysses he knows that but uses that as an excuse to treat tenants like shit i bet he will use your info as proof to show we are drug dealers. When we are not …and clearly not too some of us on here are severely ill and been in and out of hospital a lot …not that he cares one jot…

    • I feel physically ill, reading this.

  33. Can people avoid making direct accusation please unless there is clear evidence, this means it’s fine to comment on what someone does or says, fine to criticise and even call them a wanker, but accusing someone directly of being fraudulent or anything like that is leaving the blog (including whoever posts it) open to a libel action which would not be helpful at the moment.

    • There are contradictions in things he has stated…he has accused yourself and me and others as being drug dealers ..and that is ok?
      But we must not challenge him or question his methods or motives oh no…that wrong..he can call us drug dealers and we have to put up with that…that shit can follow you around.

      • I am simply asking why he is using the drug dealer rhetoric all the time..the Only conclusión is to fix that idea in the minds of his why would he do that? He cannot back that up.. he has blocked anyone challenging him..i just want to know why he is pushing that line..

    • overburdenddonkey

      are there any suspect posts so far…can’t you take them down if there are?

      • Donkey look at the benefit scroungers crap that went long did that take before it became a ‘fact’ in the minds of many people with us struggling every day having to refute that…and no we have dd to contend with..secrecy even had ‘ benefit scroungers are terrorists’ stuff..scroungers , terrorists, child murderers, drug dealers..whats next..whist the business community is looked on as ‘ decent and respectable’ yeah atos a4e i am sure are fine upstanding institutions..

      • I already do, just explaining why

  34. Jonny Void is an intelligent and thoughtful man, who does not advocate the type of behaviour he is being accused of? Anyone who reads his blogs will know this. He stands up for what he believes in and actively encourages and informs all of us to educate ourselves so we are more able to stand up for ourselves, and/or support others who are less able to do so; Over the last year, the information (which is always backed up with evidence), jonny provides has empowered me and many of the people I know to be more informed and therefore more prepared to deal with the vast changes this government is bringing in which effects the most vulnerable in society. Without this blog, I would have been totally in the dark about many things, because, our press and media rarely cover things and when they do, its usually after the horse has bolted, which is not in the least helpful.

    To accuse Jonny of anything like this is despicable in my opinion.

    And if someone did threaten to throw acid, it more likely as Jonny said, a teenager lashing out in haste, without thought of the consequences. Not a good or wise idea in the present climate, But hardly terrorist activity. Thats what teenagers do. Must have been very upsetting for the worker however, and not condoning that type of behaviour, but we all were teenagers once upon a time, making rash judgments and speaking in ways we would probably cringe at after we grow up more. And as Jonny says, thats if the threat actually took place, as this could easily be a smear campaign, born out of revenge for being exposed in the way he has been. Who knows?

    All just my opinion however.

  35. the trouble is we are now liveing in the worlds first de industreyalized country thanks to 34 years of corrupt incompetant mp,s both tory and labour who have sold of every form of nationalizedcompany and every form of manufactureing thus leaving a country where the selling and renting of property ..has become the economy…its so gooogoo gaaa gaaa that you couldnt make it up and guys this paul whats his name have become all powerfull he unfortunately is the gate keeper of the communitys so called tuppeny hitlers and tiny dictators wehave allowed the like of him to thrive becouse we have become completely obsesed with owning property and endless boom and bust thanks to an economy based on selling fucking houses and esp now you gonna have millions at the mercy of guys like paul whats his name and until we reintroduce some kind of manufactureing based economy and start a mass social houseing building program like they did after the war im afraidepaul whats his name is it…god help us

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