Routledge Re-loaded Re-loaded

Here’s the latest, new improved version of tenant blacklister Paul Routledge explaining in an interview how his service could be used to illegally discriminate against tenants with mental health conditions.

Routledge’s chums at the website have been working hard in an attempt to remove any trace of this video after Routledge claimed the transcript of the interview posted here was anarchist lies.

See for yourself who’s telling the truth as Routledge mocks a former tenant with a mental health condition to ‘hysterical’ laughter from interviewer Vanessa Warwick.  The video features additional footage of Routledge appearing to pine for the days when landlords could use a chair leg to deal with unruly tenants.

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64 responses to “Routledge Re-loaded Re-loaded

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  2. @Johnny Void i left you some very intetesting info about the Routpig on hr previous reloaded blog…Check the link..Btw you could ask the routpig about muddy puddles…..he will know about that…lol!

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  4. Has anybody reported this blacklist to the Information Commissioner yet? Is it actually criminal? I know that the blacklist for union activists was highly illegal but I’m not sure if this is similar.

  5. Wow it just keeps getting worse eh….

  6. and yet the polititians will not do anything about rent capping etc etc.
    despite the fact it will benefit everybody, except greedy unscrupulous landlords.
    the HB is high because of high rents, people in work need to go to the govt just to pay the massive rents, how dumb is that?
    a boring semi, in a boring surberb of bham, costs 800 quid a month, no one on minimum wage could afford that, its madness..
    but i know why they dont do anything..
    old school thinking. the land owner and the peasent etc.
    in other words they place more importance on property than people, and untill that victorian attitude changes, im afraid the other stuff wont.

  7. no vid: “An error occured: DailymotionPlayer is not defined at undefined line undefined”

  8. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    Routeledge is such a fool we don’t need to say anything, just stand back and listen as he compromises himself over and over again. Anyone know how old is this awful woman is for gods sake? Fucking nightmare!

  9. It appears, that there is another website called ‘tenant history’ which by its own account, has been registering ‘bad’ tenants since 2010.
    Found it via ‘Muttons’ tweeting !!!!

  10. Paul Routledge’s tenant must have been doing a Glen Miller and Getting in the Mooed! Well I thought it was funny!

  11. Thought i would repost this here. Routpig owes the bank close to 5 million quid..him and missus are shareholders worth about 600,000 third director is a previous company that grew out of muddy puddles farm ….dissolved companies and companies he walked out on .and het he thinks he can fucking play god.

  12. Linda Hansard

    Go Jonny Go.

  13. Surely this sounds well…illegal…and if so why hasn’t this guy been arrested…..
    Could it be his pals in the Regime all go drinking together or something?

    • Someone on his forum cited the blacklisting in construction industry and suggested to the routpig he could be in trouble in same way..he ignored it of course…oh well..maybe he will try and sublet his prison cell either that or bribe ppl in high places that Im sure he knows..

  14. “We have to grasp, as Marx and Adam Smith did, that corporations are not concerned with the common good. They exploit, pollute, impoverish, repress, kill, and lie to make money. They throw poor people out of homes, let the uninsured die, wage useless wars for profit, poison and pollute the ecosystem, slash social assistance programs, gut public education, trash the global economy, plunder the U.S. Treasury and crush all popular movements that seek justice for working men and women. They worship money and power.”

    ― Chris Hedges, The Death of the Liberal Class

    “The corporations that profit from permanent war need us to be afraid. Fear stops us from objecting to government spending on a bloated military. Fear means we will not ask unpleasant questions of those in power. Fear permits the government to operate in secret. Fear means we are willing to give up our rights and liberties for promises of security. The imposition of fear ensures that the corporations that wrecked the country cannot be challenged. Fear keeps us penned in like livestock.”

    ― Chris Hedges, The Death of the Liberal Class

  15. Why are landlords so fixated on drugs? They all think benefit claimants are on drugs..

    • Having had a former flat mate who decided that his half of the rent money was better spent on drugs, leaving me right up shit creek I might add, it’s possible that they’ve just had bad experiences with drug users in their properties.

      • But not all claimants are drug abusers are they? In routy land they are druggies and mental people. On the forums the word ‘ tenant is a euphanism for subclass and its obvious now that routpig is in debt and using this prejudice to scam others

  16. I’m not sure who offends me most, Routledge or that woman who’s so far up his arse Routledge will need an enema to get her out.

    It’s not so much the supposed ‘hilarious’ joke (mildly amusing at best, becoming distasteful when the sectioning aspect comes in) that annoys me but the fact that this bloke seems to think he’s some kind of linchpin of society, a guardian of morality acting for some greater good. Who is he decide what constitutes a ‘decent’ lifestyle?

    • KJ

      Your right about the joke being mildly funny until the sectioning aspect comes into it. What I would like to know is how these so called psychiatrist can stop someone from mooing, do they drug them, threaten them or what? Psychiatry is a pretentious pastime which imprisons people for trivial matters, on the say so of control freaks like Paul Routledge. Someone should have offered him a home in a rural area where he would have been in good company with his mooing and not offend anyone.

    • overburdenddonkey

      kj..this man is interested in, but one thing..servicing his massive debt…

  17. What a thoroughly nasty little man. Why did he deny what was obvious from the video? Was it a clever edit? If so that’s some very skilled editing!

    Grubby little wanker.

  18. Arbeitsscheu_UK

    Routledge’s little empire is in dire financial straights judging by the online tools available. He has very little working capital and a great deal of debt. However he has enough to make suing him a worthwhile exercise and the way he gathers enemies every time he shoots off his ill informed mouth he is his own worst enemy. He is a failure who is banking on making his fortune with this highly dubious online venture, but he hasn’t got a clue. He has associated himself with this raddled old harridan has-been no account, and a desperate wannabe who laughably describes himself as ‘Landlord and exponent of technology’ the only example of technology I’ve seen is some very third rate photoshopping failing to disguise how old he is. The whole thing is a circus and if it didn’t have such sinister intent it would be entertaining, in a cringworthy embarrassing sort of way.

  19. …and again, Routy keeps banging on about other people’s National Insurance number, when he has no right to have it! From: in the video at 4:32
    This is the source video:

    This is the advice from HM Gov Revenue & Customs who say:

    Tell your employer your National Insurance number as soon as you know it. Do not share your National Insurance number with anyone who does not need it as this might help someone to steal your identity.


    What exactly about “Do not share your National Insurance number with anyone” do Routy and Taddy not understand?

    • Tenants scourge? So tenants are a disease? A disease he profits from ..this self proclaimed saviour who is in reality a failed business man cheap chiseller ..

  20. Yosserian Hughes

    Oi routledge?!

    You do know that if you get sent down for your crimes, you’re NOT gonna be segregated from the ‘hardcore lags’? No open nick for you, sonny! Oh, no……you’s gonna get drybummed for the duration, bee-hatch 🙂

    What sort of ‘gatekeeper’ you gonna be then, eh??

  21. The Hanbury team of appear to be based in this white bungalow, or the funny green one next door…

    However, a website WHOIS puts them up this Croydon cul-de-sac…

    (nothing that looks like it might be a home adress please – jv)

    I’m still checking out GuestScan. One of the directors has been in and out of quite a few companies. Their “working with” links at the bottom I’m clarifying with the organisations involved so I’ll wait for them to reply. The addresses involved are all in the Brizzle and BANES area though they point enquiries to a Mayfair PR agency address!

    • Okay. I’ve had a reply from the first of the “working with” claims by Guestscan.
      Claire Toze from has come back to me and said that Guestscan does not work with “Visit Devon” as they claim, but Heart Of Devon. A whois on says that it’s owned by Exeter City Council but apart from tyhe fact that it is a partnership I cannot find any more on the exact legal status of it or its partners. This is what she said,

      Thank you for your email, which has been forwarded onto me from Visit Devon. It is actually the Heart of Devon that Guestscan work with, we offer our members a discount to be part of their scheme. Heart of Devon is the Area Tourism Partnership for the areas of Exeter, Mid Devon and East Devon, and although we work closely alongside Visit Devon, we are actually different organisations, so I have asked Guestscan to change the logo on their website.

      It’s only a small point, but making claims to look good means that the claims must be accurate.
      When major things like this are done wrongly, how much else is wrong?
      How much else of the law have they got wrong?
      And since, as Arbeitsscheu_UK has pointed out, much of the text is a copy and paste exercise, we have to question the degree of collusion between the various businesses, all dreaming up very similar ways of working, all secretly swapping personal data behind the scenes.

  22. @Johnny Void well now we have ALL been slandered by LRS as violent thugs it seems as this was posted on their forum recently

    ” It would seem that blocking IP’s isn’t enough as I’m now having to deal with being verbally abused via the LRS phone number.
    What sort of people threaten to throw acid in someones face, simply for protecting good landlords and good tenants from bad neighbours ? ! ? !
    @johnnyvoid ‘s followers, that’s who.”

  23. Read the message from routpig about the ‘mooo cow’ story and how he claims he was trying to help him and how us ‘trolls’ are twisters and a dredge to soceity and violent and liars and wasters and wotnot else….

    • If he was trying to help the moo cow guy then why laugh about him in the video and have video removed?

      • Voltaire's Cabaret

        Routworm is an evil bastard with more faces than the town clock bob. Now he’s realised what a cnut he is so he’s deleting everything that shows his disgusting lies and slander.

  24. something survived...

    I can’t get any of the videos or files to work, but anyway, slagging off people with mental health issues and/or learning disabilities and/or physical disabilities, reminds me of:
    The nasty abuse directed at Susan Boyle (brilliant singer). People said gomper, munter, etc. at the time. How many people match up to the ‘perfect’ ideals, and who wants to look ‘perfect’ anyway? And we all age?! And anyone can get a disability one day. If we were all meant to look the same – we would all look the same! (and how boring would that be?)

    Ablism, sizeim, looks-ism, body-fascism. How many of the people dissing Susan Boyle, or who slag off the disabled, are 100% healthy fit specimens ‘worthy of life’ under the Nazi/eugenics model?

    When there are films about a hero or superhero, it is generally about a large-sized, healthy, fit, ablebodied, white heterosexual male. Usually with huge muscles and massive strength. Defeats the baddies, gets the girl.
    Reality check please, people!

    Ads for working in the jobcentre. I bet that in interviews they still ask ‘Why do you want to work in the jobcentre?’ They don’t seem to be asking themselves: Why would anyone want to work in the jobcentre?

    Does it have any jobs for sucking, one might ask, as I’ve had worse things in my mouth; mainly tory election leaflets. Gods, this is turning into a deep philosophical question. A week of sucking off randoms (paid), or a week of unpaid workfare at M&S????? Tricky!!!! um where did I put my kneepad…
    Amendment: if one of the randoms is Routledge or similar I won’t do it.

  25. @OBi but what was all that crap about part time work not good enough ?

    • something survived...

      IDS etc. want working people to increase their hours and/or pay? What if they can’t? Or if they are fired for asking? Then become ‘deliberately unemployed’ and can’t get benefits! They want people to ‘move to a better paid job for more hours’?! If you have kids, you can’t abandon them or it’s neglect and your kids will be taken and you can be jailed.

      • Poundworld just sent out a memo, forcing all employees to sign a waiver for the working time directive so they can be forced to work above the 48 hours…
        Anyone wants copies just ask away, dont ask me how i got em

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  27. is an online tenant find business for landlords. I have to say that i see both sides of deal landlords/tenants. Really there are some awful tenants out there but that said there are some horrendous landlords too. We do not agree with blacklisting tenants by unverified unlicensed landlords or letting agents that have no recourse. Yes landlords should be able to obtain information about tenants that will be a nuisance but not illegally or through one sided reporting. Tenants should be able to respond to all information stored about them. we know of one case where a landlord was trying to sleep with a tenant and they refused only for the landlord to make stuff up and put it online. The landlord didn’t commit a crime by making a pass on his tenant but the rebuttal by the tenant led to false information being posted online. The problem is that 1. the tenant never knew the information was put up till a year later. 2. the information put up was hard to challenge as incorrect, the landlord claimed they played loud music all day long.

    • @sally we are not picking on this agency we dacre day to day onslaught from the media and JCP advisors who see us as subhuman and responsible for all ills then at the mercy of atos who have made up their mind that severely ill ppl are galera because in order to get their blood money from govt they carry out their bidding then workfare poverty pimps that treat us like dirt whilst lining their pockets ..its relentless. You see Its a pattern treat us like shit and profit from it.

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  31. I read the Private Eye article, which mentioned this blog. I’ve been renting for a few years (from very decent landlords) and this has really shocked me.

    The issue I see is that some landlords have approached their property business without an understanding of the obligation and risks involved, or they have a personality that is not complementary to building a healthy relationship with tenants. Accidental landlords, those with unrealistic expectations of tenants providing them with a £££ property empire, or just plain arrogant people.

    Tenants and landlords simply enter into a business arrangement. There needs to be a bit of checking on both sides.

    At the moment, tenants are not able to perform due diligence on their landlords with the same ease that landlords check their tenants.

    I think it would be good if that changed and I’m happy to try to make that happen if there’s an appetite for it.

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