Transcript of Paul Routledge Mocking Man With Mental Health Condition

routtweet2UPDATE:  The original video featuring this interviewed was removed from youtube shortly after this piece was published.  Routledge claimed the transcript was a lie to smear him.  You can now decide for yourself by watching a new version of the interview:

Just in case it disappears, here’s a transcript of the interview in which Paul Routledge (@Paul_Rout) explains how his tenant blacklist could be used to discriminate against people displaying symptoms of mental health conditions.

Routledge is being interviewed by Vanessa Warwick (cheers BA) , former MTV presenter and now landlord and owner of the Property Tribes website – she’s on twitter @4_Walls.

Warwick:  And you told a story which actually had me really in hysterics erm it wasn’t funny at the time I’m quite sure but you had a tenant that had a very strange habit that actually made other tenants in your building want to leave.  Now what did this guy do?

Routledge:  Ok well, he had this feller that came to us and he was er I don’t know, mid twenties I s’pose and what have you, he was perfectly okay, he was great, he looked okay and what have you, I mean he wasn’t affluent or anything but he had a job.  But err we called him moo cow (laughter) and the reason we called him moocow is because at 3 ‘o clock every morning, we don’t quite know how, he opened up his sash window and Moooo (pulls funny face, more laughter).  So we don’t know why it happened but needless to say we nicknamed him moocow.

But the problem was, he was a funny feller and it’s a funny story but at the time, to all the other residents in the block and much to our distress this is what he would do, and they left and in the end he was sectioned because of problems he had, I think he actually went into shops and mooed as well (laughter from interviewer).  But y’know it’s something that you can’t check on traditional referencing with but had somebody now had they said look what about this guy it’d be great, well he pays his rent, he’s a smashing feller but actually he’ll lean out of the window at 3 ‘o’ clock and mooo he’ll give it the moo (laughter)

Warwick:  But during the interview I doubt he went mooo to you (laughter)

Routledge: No no, I didn’t get one moo out of him, know what I mean.  I didn’t even get him going down and eating some grass or anything.  There was no tell tales signs at all (more laughter)

Warwick: Ahh it’s hilarious.

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28 responses to “Transcript of Paul Routledge Mocking Man With Mental Health Condition

  1. well done jonny this vile man needs sorting out.

  2. Carls Dickinson

    That’s perfectly OK in my book. I have an autistic brother who gets super hyped whenever there is a full moon and unplugs the fridge like clockwork, otherwise a quiet, peace loving soul who goes with the flow. Why are people so intolerant?

  3. Ignorant and horrible

  4. Hilarious!! (Irony) Unbelievable – it’s like there’s a vacuum of empathy – how do we begin to bridge that gap of ignorance and arrogance?

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  6. is this the same guy who used to write for the daily mirror or just someone with the same name.

  7. Yosserian Hughes

    And he complains about bein’ stabbed?

    Pity the bloke what stabbed him didn’t do a good enough job; the rat-bastard certainly deserves it.

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  9. overburdenddonkey

    it just shows the permission he thinks he has been granted to say these vile things about other human beings…and to post it for all to see, as if, his view is ok…tis gone now from previous post, pity coz his body language and gestures would have revealed a lot more…the previous vid…he said he took his son with him, so where was he when he was being attacked?…”i’m not a control freak”….gap….a few words filled the gap…then, “i like to be in control”…with him it is ownership of property and tenants…what an earth does he say in private…+ pat atos accurate comments on the vid…they think that they own the tenant..and rent is paid for the generosity of them being landlord….for granting permission to have a roof over the tenants head…

  10. Mocking somebody with mental health issues is really low, even for a scumlord. I was volunteering in a charity shop up until recently and we would often get customers who quite clearly had mental health issues, but nobody – neither staff nor other customers – would think of mocking them.

    It just proves that this blacklist is there to serve his prejudices; it’s nothing to do with the ability to pay rent. He only wants to blacklist people with lifestyles he personally considers wrong, and mentally ill people are also potential candidates for blacklisting.

    I wonder if he’s one of the types of scumlords who’d refuse to rent to a gay/lesbian couple? I doubt that’d be the stated reason for blacklisting, because even scumlords aren’t that stupid, but I’m sure it does happen.

    • something survived...

      It does and they refuse to rent to you even if single and not shagging anybody, or even if you never bring anyone home (whether for sex or for tea and biscuits). Or they rent to you, ‘assuming you are straight’, then they find out you are gay, and then evict you. If I was to count the instances of the latter, I’d nearly run out of fingers. ‘But I thought you were straight’. So try to do you for fraud. You could have the sex life of Alan Bennett and still find yourself slung out by those creeps. It’s illegal so they make up other reasons for (still illegally) evicting you. To get a place you say nothing (why is it their business anyway?), but they can say even 2 years later ‘I didn’t know and if I’d known I would not have rented the room to you’. They even say silly things like that you should act in a stereotype camp way and constantly say that you are gay, to make it clear. Possibly a tiny percentage of the community are like that, so the rest aren’t! It’s like saying all straight women must wear makeup and no gay woman is allowed to, to identify them. (If she’s bi is she only allowed makeup on half her face?) Because it’s easier stuff to get away with saying, than: ‘All lesbians are asocials so get the black triangle, and all gay men must wear a pink triangle’. Orientation is one thing, and a male attracted to males could be masculine or feminine (possibly stupid terms in themselves!), and either type could be attracted to masculine or feminine males. And then their interests go into subgroups. Like men fancying women could be into model-esque women, sporty women, natural-looking women, large women, intellectual women, whatever. And women fancying men don’t fancy ALL men!

      Labels, labels: just the word ‘gay’ only means an orientation towards the same sex. It doesn’t describe anything else. To generalise about personality and lifestyle from that, is as stupid as making a similar comment about ‘straight’. ‘All straight people are going to have hundreds of kids so I won’t rent to them’. The term ‘pretend families’ from Section 28 still holds sway, it seems: gay couples, and gay families with kids, are seen as abnormal. Anton, the young actor, in last night’s ‘Free Speech: Magaluf Special’ (BBC3) made several really sweeping generalisations. He blamed ‘single mothers’, and linked it to ‘bad morals’ – also, that men could not help their hormones making them attack women. A lot was said against ‘immigrants’ on the show. The level of ignorance shown was high, as immigrants can’t get benefits and a free council house, not on arrival anyway. Unfortunately Anton (one of the ‘debate’ panellists) WON! Was he born in a copy of the Daily Mail? Nobody pointed out ‘this is racist’ or ‘that is sexist’ to the most offensive comments, including the racist ones from the blonde woman from UKIP. It said a lot about the audience, that the consensus was that it is good to drink until you collapse/puke/pass out/fight, regardless of the effect on the local Spanish inhabitants. That this constitutes a ‘holiday’ and ‘a good time’.

  11. Routledge obviously has mental health problems of his own,and should seek some therapy as a matter of urgency.

  12. hes firm could be sued out of existence for this he has clearly broken the law.

  13. The Routledge Report

    Paul_Rout is getting fucked over on twitter

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  15. says no longer available again

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  18. rainbowwarriorlizzie

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