Paul Routledge Boasts How Tenant Blacklist Could Be Used To Discriminate Against Disabled People

UPDATE:  The original video which was produced by Property Tribes website and how now been removed.   The above is an edited version which features the conversation Routledge had about a former tenant.

A youtube video has emerged which reveals shocking details of Paul Routledge (@Paul_Rout) boasting how his Landlord Referencing Service can be used to blacklist tenants who have a mental health condition (transcript now available).

Routledge is being interviewed by the Property Tribes website who seem to be affiliated with him in some way.  He tells a ‘hilarious’ story of a former tenant who exhibited unusual behaviour.  Barely able to keep a straight face, Routledge recounts how the man was ultimately sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Not content with mocking him, Routledge also explains how his tenant blacklist could be used by landlords to ensure they do not rent properties to anyone who displays symptoms of a mental health condition.  This kind of discrimination is illegal under the Equalities Act.

On Routledge’s website other landlords have boasted how they would not rent properties to people from certain ethnic groups.  Now it appears that disabled people are also at threat from Routledge’s tenant blacklist.

In this context in it even more disturbing that on Routledge’s template tenant application form (PDF) he asks for details of any sickness or disabilities (along with nicknames and identifying marks).

Ever since details of Paul Routledge’s tenant blacklist emerged he has claimed that he is the victim of an anarchist troll campaign so this video is posted without further comment.  Watch it and decide for yourself whether this man is fit to be a ‘gatekeeper of the community’.

(spotted by @colinsellens)

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57 responses to “Paul Routledge Boasts How Tenant Blacklist Could Be Used To Discriminate Against Disabled People

  1. This is scary, I have tourette’s syndrome, I stand out like a sore thumb, I’m looking for a place to live at the moment.

  2. I hope that the question about disability and sickness is to be able to provide necessary fittings

    Somehow I doubt it.

    • something survived...

      This form is intrusive and illegal. Asking your disability/health and also your employment. Plus ‘identifying marks’: do they plan to burn the house down with you in it and claim on the insurance?
      Pretty much every question on the form is illegal. Single Parent: WTF?????
      If you are a parent with a child that might be relevant, but you could be a single parent of a nonresident child. Otherwise you would be applying as an adult and a child, and usually you are the parent, so they could see that it’s an adult with a child.
      Stigmatises ex-hostel/ homeless/ sectioned people. Data Protection Act breach. What right do turds like Routledge have to this information?

  3. Reblogged this on Dawn Willis and commented:
    Mental Health discrimination…

  4. This is evidence of discrimination and potentially of ‘hate crime’. People concerned should contact the Police and their MP.

  5. Landless Peasant

    “six foot bifta” ? wtf? Whether I choose to use Cannabis or not is none of my landlord’s fucking business. What an areshole.

    • There is a massive amount of evidence that the mentally ill “Self medicate” with illegal substances, it goes hand in glove with the condition.

      • Landless Peasant

        Routledge was talking about (as far as we know) an hypothetical situation with a tenant who is otherwise suitable in that he works and pays his rent BUT smokes a joint when he comes home. So fucking what? Many people drink alcohol when they finish work. I’ve lived with alcoholic neighbours and also ‘stoners’, and I know who I would prefer.

        • something survived...

          Without debating whether or not to take drugs, or the legal state of drugs:
          What about all the rich men on cocaine or heroin???????
          What about chain landlords getting rich from drug dealing, cannabis farms, meth and pills factories etc in their properties? The ones acting as pimps, and running houses as a chain of brothels, full of kidnapped underage slave girls from Eastern Europe for paedo clients to rape?
          What about all the absentee landords? What about big landowners sitting on dozens of empty boarded-up properties doing nothing with them, when people could live there? Or the ones that let such properties fall to bits until demolished, and so they can then rebuild new properties on the site, and charge twice the rent for half the living space, on account of it being ‘new’? Or the ones making new botched properties full of cut corners in terms of amenities, safety, aesthetics, whether things even fucking work, etc. Or the ones charging silly rents and ripping people off. Or the ones owning older, unsafe properties that are death traps for tenants?

  6. Not only that Johnny, but some of his questions, especially when tied to his data secrecy, are probably illegal and possibly criminal, when it comes to his ability to protect data and the identity theft implications in the information he’s demanding… At least on Experian or whatever, you can find out information held against you. Paul just keeps it up his sleeves.

    And why the fuck does he need your national insurance number? From the HM gov website ( it states:

    Tell your employer your National Insurance number as soon as you know it. Do not share your National Insurance number with anyone who does not need it as this might help someone to steal your identity.

    So I repeat, why the fuck does he need your national insurance number?

    Further down his “form” he asks for Additional Identification of Passport,
    Current Driving licence, Birth Certificate, Bank Statement, Bank Card/, Identity Card, Wage Slip, National Insurance number card, Marriage Certificate, Medical Card.

    What the fuuuuuck? Like ….der?

    On top of this he needs actual wage information (as a landlord, we just ask an employer if the person works there and can he afford the rent), credit card statements, liabilities and more. The disabled bit is just the tip of a huge great stinking iceberg of a criminals charter.

    What and who the fuck does he think he is? Even banks don’t ask for this much personal information. Personally speaking, he needs bollicking at the very least and preferably locking away for the cavalier attitude towards people and their own private information.
    You’d assume that the self-preservation instinct would kick in because the potential for himself getting put away under existing legislation is immense and he should watch out – but of course, he won’t listen as he’s always right, innee?.
    He’s the man.
    He’s the geezer.

    • They get you to give them your NI number, contact the DWP and claim you have given them permission to enquire (signing the application form) and asks for all the details about any benefit you may or may not be getting. If they find this out they then ask for the benefit to be paid directly to them, again stating you have given permission. This is a common tactic amongst landlords.

      • something survived...

        I know about this one. And of a twist, like the landlord that stole their tenants’ HB cheques and evicted them for not paying rent.
        The twist on it:
        Landlord uses FRAUD (as in Lindsay’s comment above) to obtain your personal details and get the DWP to commandeer/divert all your benefits money to the Landlord.
        Landlord simultaneously launches eviction proceedings against tenant for nonpayment of rent. Or they wait months and claim an upfront bill of thousands of pounds of ‘arrears’. If challenged, claims that tenant’s HB and JSA etc (AND their ESA/DLA/Child Benefit) taken by the landlord, were either ‘donations’ voluntarily given to the landlord for a good service and no part of rent, which is still due separately – or are arrears dating back to before you even lived there (!). Or are charges for fictitious ‘damage’. Or they say the money was paid to an ‘agent’ and the landlord claims they never got it, or both bank accounts are the landlord really and they shift the money around.

  7. Landless Peasant

    “That was really funny” ? There is NOTHING remotely “funny” about someone being detained under the Mental Health Act.

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  9. Wonder how many of this arsehole’s former tenants have been victims of identity theft?

  10. The sooner Mental Health organisations hear about this clown the better.
    He is in deep shit, he just doesn’t know it yet!!!! The fucking muppet.

    • Yeah, the charges are racking up- slander, libel, fraud, bullying,discrimination, breach of the data protection act, can’t be many more skeletons in the creep’s closet can there?

  11. just says this video is private now

  12. ignore last remark it ok now

  13. By the user.

  14. I wonder if he has any contracts with authorities?
    Doubt he would get any if he wanted em now. .

  15. Yeah. Routledge (or his compadres) had done this for a lot of his videos when I looked yesterday when checking some of his other warblings in various forums etc. Invariably, the video would be up and then, when someone said an adverse word, they’d be pulled.
    I saw the moocow one yesterday and a couple of others, so at least there’s a standard pattern – which is – blab confident chirpy bollocks until you’re found out then – try and hide.
    The denials will be next with the words, “you’ve no proof”.
    Fortunately, there’s no knowing now many copy and paste or downloads have happened, is there?

    I’m mystified why he kept them up for so long. Arrogance or maybe just incompetence, since once in the public domain, one’s words and actions have a habit of going further than one’s intended audience!
    Maybe he really does believe the bollocks he spouts and he thought the jokey moocow spiel was okay? Thus it’s only now that through reading these very words that the penny has dropped?

    Whatever. Sow as ye shall reap Routy. You’d make a rotten tenant in our house; talking condescendingly nasty words behind folks’ backs isn’t nice. Typical sit-at-the-back schoolboy snickerer.

  16. Video has now been removed by user!!!???…

  17. Here is the video:-

  18. waa-haa! Way to go Lindsay. Got any of his other ones?

  19. Don’t forget the Big Brother co-nominee with RIPA and the DNA database for his previous database driven private smear scheme –

    MOST APPALLING PROJECT: The lead contender in this category is the government’s “email snooping” legislation – the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) Act. Other shortlisted nominees include the database, which offers an on-line blacklist of tenants; and the national DNA Database.

    Check this link back to a forum which talks about Pouty’s previous effort. Here, Ian Buckland, MD of Keep IT Legal Ltd actually states that Routy is being illegal way back then by keeping National Insurance numbers!!!!!!!!!!

    If you go on to the website and look at the “news and views” – which includes e-mails slating the site – you will see from the tone of the replies that this man is not going to listen to the likes of you and me.

    I contacted him as soon as I heard about the site and I offered him some friendly (and free) advice on data protection compliance. His attitude was one of “I am right, I’ve cleared it with the data protection people and what have you got to hide?” The nature of his response to tenants concerned about inaccurate data about them on the site is: “Give us the three quid and we’ll let you know what we’ve got.” The site owner purports to be offering a service to landlords yet there is a lot of emphasis on their £80 subscription fee. He pretends to feel that innocent people should not be maligned yet
    they are not allowed to check for malicious data without paying £3.

    I am still waiting for a reply from the ODPC regarding my request for assessment, but I think that if any action is taken it will be too late and some innocent person will be refused urgently-needed housing.

    It may well be that the site itself is not illegal, it may also be that the LandlordsData site owner does not need your consent to hold the details – condition 6(1) of Schedule 2 may cover it provided all the tenants on the list are guilty of the claimed breaches of tenancy contract. However, if the details are disclosed by your landlord without your consent and it is not a term of your tenancy agreement, your own landlord could be committing an offence. Oh, and tenancy agreements containing such terms may be in breach of other legislation such as the Unfair Contract Terms Act and/or the Housing laws.

    LandlordsData may be inciting the offence if they do not remind subscribers to get consent or include a disclosure term in the tenancy contract (in much the same way as finance companies make it a condition of lending money that non-payments will be reported to credit reference agencies).

    The potentially very dodgy area is the National Insurance number which can only be held for benefits or tax purposes so if Mr LandlordsData holds it as a national identifier he is going to be holding irrelevant details in breach of Principle 3. And your landlord would also be breaching that Principle if he/she discloses it. Even if they both had your consent to use it for that purpose!!

    Don’t pass these bits of knowledge on to the site owners as they had their chance for some free advice and turned it down. Just contact the Data Protection Commissioner and tell her your concerns, adding to a pile of complaints she must already have about this site. Whilst waiting for a reply, inform your landlord that if he/she discloses your details to this database without your consent you will sue.

    As a tenant with 25 years of unblemished history I have nothing to hide yet it cannot be said that I have nothing to fear when unscrupulous, amoral, blinkered gold diggers do things like this.

    Ian Buckland
    Keep IT Legal Ltd

    You’ll note that Buckland offered his services to Routy but it appeared that Routy knew best, even then.

    Anyway, things move on. The Data Protection Commisioner is now called the ICO. Routy has visited there and appears to be a bit confused about what he’s actually doing and what he has said to the ICO that he’s doing…. This is his ICO record:
    You can search for it here on the ICO website, him being classed as a “data controller”:
    <don't quickly click away!!!

    There are 4 purposes for which he’s saying, in the very most general terms, about what he’s up to. You need purpose 4 (probably, I’m guessing; they’re all very, very woolly) , which needs a long scroll down to the bottom!! It says,

    Purpose 4

    Information and Databank Administration

    Purpose Description:

    Maintenance of information or databanks as a reference tool or general resource.This includes catalogues, lists, directories and bibliographic data. bases.

    Data Subjects are:

    Advisers, consultants and other professional experts

    Data Classes are:

    Personal Details
    Employment Details
    Financial Details
    Goods or Services Provided

    Sources (S) and Disclosures (D)(1984 Act). Recipients(1998 Act):

    Business associates and other professional advisers
    Data processors


    None outside the European Economic Area

    However, apart from Purpose 1 (staff admin), the other 3 all sort-of do the same thing and all sort-of tell what’s happening – except they don’t!!

    Check out the Data Classes and Data Subjects – all virtually identical.

    Nowhere, but nowhere, does it say the personal details of tenants will be secreted away without their knowledge, analysis or approval. This is in stark contrast to what the ICO says under Principle 1, which Routy has presumably read and understood in his capacity of data controller….?

    This is the first data protection principle. In practice, it means that you must:

    have legitimate grounds for collecting and using the personal data;
    not use the data in ways that have unjustified adverse effects on the individuals concerned;
    be transparent about how you intend to use the data, and give individuals appropriate privacy notices when collecting their personal data;
    handle people’s personal data only in ways they would reasonably expect; and
    make sure you do not do anything unlawful with the data.

    All the principles are here, should Routy have forgotten something:

    Sorry for being so wordy, but it’s important that this suck on humanity is fucked. Despite the difficulty in comprehension of the law, it is clear to me that he’s using Unfair Contract Terms to get around the full import of the ICO guiding principles, fully defined in law. This makes his contracts, worthless, and even more importantly, illegal.

  21. Should have reupped the video man.

  22. Awww, poor Paul, we are all just simple anarchist troublemakers on here without any technical ability to record vile outbursts

    • Shit! Check out the picture i used when i upped the Frankie Knuckles tune a few month back…
      I suppose it plays right in to Paul’s hands and reinforces his stereotypes, even though i have never once smoked anything in my life?

      Ha ha, fuck you Paul, even Mona Lisa likes a toke or two!

    • overburdenddonkey

      strangely..he continually contradicts himself like this..and appears not to notice and/or believes others will not notice or perhaps more importantly challenge him on it, because of the power he holds over peoples lives they dare not!

  23. The lifestyle bollocks even confuses Routledge. He’s obviously comfortable speaking about it in the video (now re-upped) yet in this shot taken from here, he distinctly contradicts himself – and only a paragraph contradicts himself literally!
    How can “We do not hold any data on a tenant’s lifestyle” be reconciled with “where they can check their credit and lifestyle files” without being anything but a total contradiction?
    But check the stumbling promotional video here,

    , where Routledge, (rightly IMHO), even seems unsure about the legality of what he’s doing. He staggers and waffles, stopping almost completely as he tries to justify his enterprise. We let but there’s no way that we’d ever use this charlatan, no matter how sensible he sounds. The thing is, that he only sounds sensible – in actual fact, he’s right up against the law and his shuffling promotional video, promotional mind you!, just confirms it.

    • overburdenddonkey

      strangly..he is plainly used to contradicting himself, and rarely being challenged over it…when he is he blames the messenger…
      and blacklists them?

      • something survived...

        what exactly is ‘lifestyle’? JSA or being on benefits is not a ‘lifestyle’, neither is being unemployed. Or disabled. If we were asked how we identify, we would probably not say we identify as ‘unemployed’. Or if asked to say our lifestyle we would not say ‘unemployed’ as our first thing. (Actually we could – if the jobs are immoral, then it is more moral to be unemployed, than to work in an immoral job.)
        You can identify by your football team, your food choices, stuff you watch on TV, things you like doing, who you spend time with.

        ‘Gay’ gets put in ‘lifestyle’. Huh?! What straight person (other than some weird god-bothering cult that likes to emphasise their ‘normality’) identifies as ‘following a heterosexual lifestyle’? Words to the wise – many gay people do exactly the same things you do (church, sport, kids) but just with a partner of the same sex.

        Terminology gets problematic so ‘alternative lifestyles’ means different things in different places and contexts and groups.
        It can mean ‘gay’, or, for gay and straight alike, ‘non-vanilla’. That can mean people into BDSM/fetish, or people into swinging/groups/orgies
        or polyamory. In some of those subgroups it refers to the extreme end of their subculture. In the peace/green context it means people who live in a different counterculture way, eg. sustainably: it could include New Age Travellers, hippies, alternative education, anti-capitalism, etc. In the USA some people use it to mean ‘survivalists’, whether paramilitary or not, rightwing or not, religious or not.

        But to avoid any confusion, the appropriate term for the LRS guy is:

  24. Paul Routledge is a Weston Super Mare based Landlord, with over 100 properties that he manages through his own lettings agency. In this interview, Paul talks about his property journey, and how being stabbed five times in the head by a drug-dealing tenant prompted him to start his Landlord’s network referencing service, LRS

  25. Johnny Void : Routledge Reloaded

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  27. OMG, I always new it. I was threatened my landlord once with regards to be getting put on blacklist. Bad, thought it was a joke at first, but googled it (as you do) and shock find here:
    they actually advertise an Iphone to search blacklisted tenants.

  28. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  29. Your video has been removed due to a supposed copyright infringement. What a cowardly response, he’s been caught out saying this stuff and instead of trying to defend himself, he gets his mate to pull the video as a copyright infringement.

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