Routledge Reloaded!

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51 responses to “Routledge Reloaded!

  1. This slimey character is the bad side of buy to let. He seems to be a most despicable character. Selling on tenants details to his subscribers is surely a breach of the data protection laws?

  2. Its hilarious. He was sectioned..its hilarious….yes Paul severe mental health conditions are hilarious…bedlam….the interviewer is just as ignorant as him..i see he was using this to plug his scam site and business

  3. Yosserian Hughes

    Typical stunted little megalomaniac.

    Reminds me of the ‘medieval torture’ scene in the young ones.

    “Tell me spazpecker, what exactly was yer crime??”

    “Uhhhh, whistlin’ on a chewsdoy, jezzturrrr”

    “You barstard”

  4. Johnny where was this video shot and what was it for?

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  6. The Routledge Report


    Send this video to as many mental health charities as you can, they’ll go after this bellend

  7. The Routledge Report

    Pics of Routledge’s injuries

    Had worse in a bar fight; what a drama queen.

    • Yosserian Hughes

      Aye, the little fanny. Bet he copped for a bunce off the criminal injuries, paid for from legal aid as well.

      Where’s the STAB wound, you malodorous twat? I don’t see one, all’s I see is scars that occur from a baton or blunt instrument.

      It’d do well to bear in mind the ‘psychological trauma’ it no doubt claimed it had after that (to increase his CCIB claim), and then imagine how much worse it’ll be if it gets a REAL beatin’. before laughin’ at the mental trauma of others.

      One day he’ll piss the wrong person off……if there’s any justice it’ll be a dennis nielsen type.

    • These pictures are actually quite horrific, and if they were inflicted upon him it is a significant assault. His subsequent reaction in creating the website smacks of a form of post traumatic stress disorder. Assault is brutal and traumatic, but it is rare and Mr R should get help to recognise he was a victim of trauma and violence, but that it was an incidence which could happen to anyone in varying circumstances and he cannot decide anyone who rents privately is a potential criminal who will scam a Landlord. That assumption is unrealistic, cruel and distorted.

      • Yosserian Hughes

        Like I give a shit – the same sort of shit he gives about those he can libel, defame & generally make life miserable for……i.e. NOT.

        Bollocks to him. Some get their just desserts, Dawn. By the attitude & demeanour of him, he’s got off extremely lightly. He was probably a shit before he set up the site, and the tap he’s had’s just added to his previous vindictiveness.

        “Gatekeeper of the community”??? Deluded sanctimonious gobshite, more like.

        Don’t make excuses for his megalomania & attitude. You’ll only give him ideas.

        • I’m not making excuses, just trying to work out how someone becomes this kind of person…… and I really can’t advocate violence regardless of how ‘awful’ he may have been.

          He’s clearly an obnoxious self-righteous fool, but surely people are not born this way? I can’t decide he is ‘pure evil’ – it would make me as wrong as he is…. I feel we need to rise above attack and raise awareness of his procedures and report them to the authorities.

          He’s gone from bully to victim within days…classic signs of a serial bully, I’m curious about his full background and hoping someone comes up with something which may explain his behaviour. He has blocked and insulted all of his critics (including me).

          The whole thing is sickening

          • Yosserian Hughes

            You can’t advocate violence, maybe – but you agree with the principle of ‘poetic justice’ or ‘what goes around, etc’?

            ONE person gave him a few cuts & bruises that went away after a short period – how many people has he made life a misery & for how long? I’ll bet there’s nobody on here will disagree with my assumption that he was a devious shithouse BEFORE he set up that website.

            And why? Because he’s a megalomaniac – so NOBODY who owns their own property is to be trusted. And he even wants to know about those he doesn’t know & never will – and will gladly take the word of some stranger as gospel because those who ‘inform’ him are in his business.

            And that makes them whiter-than-white, does it?

            • Hoe do we know the injuries were not self-inflicted? Could have done them to himself to incriminate the tenant who was supposed to have attacked him. After all we only have Routledge’s word for it.
              Wounldn’t put it past the obnoxious little toad, I’ve encountered his type in the past (not a landlord, an employer), full of their own importance & throwing their weight around. But stand up to them & they’re just snivelling cowards who cry foul & play the victim.
              As for the injuries I’ve seen worse after a pub fight, what a jessie.

          • Dawn Check out his electric fence theory in my post ..its his own words…..

          • overburdenddonkey

            dawn…defence resistance is not attack…the consequences to innocent people can clearly be seen…as can the lies and attempts to cover up, justify,dump blame on the victim, whilst at the same time claiming he is a victim……he needs to wake up to what he is doing..that is his choice…if one hears the unexpected sound of a key in the door is already being violated…what follows, varies….i say, no! how dare you get out! change the locks and then move out, once a landlord thinks that they can enter at will, all trust evapourates, no telling what this person might do next …so i would go on the likes of his blacklist, therefore they have ultimate power over my life to do as they will…so i either accept their will or worry i might not get another home, let alone one with a decent respectful landlord, that sees on paying rent the home is yours to live in..being a landlord is difficult, being a tenant is difficult,but ultimately the landlord has to be competent, a fit and proper person to do the job of work…not a control freak…rule by fear is tyranny…and very bad for all of us…we all suffer it’s affects!

            • Completely agree he should not be able to operate and hopefully will be shut down.

              JV & Co awareness raising and investigation should mean many people have reported him to the authorities by now..

      • the assault happened in 2010. he set up his first tenant blacklist in 2000.

    • Had worse in a mosh pit fpmsl!

    • His wounds look genuine enough, but what did he do to get them? If he was minding his own business and a tenant beat him up, I can sort of see his point of view. If he tried a DIY eviction and got beaten up I have no sympathy for him. Most likely it’s somewhere in between-he saw a drug deal, tried to intervene and got bashed for it for trying to be a vigilante.

  8. Its like i said before. Listening to his statement about what he says happened reads as a total work of fiction. He turned up at someones flat, got
    snotty with them and hot a bloody good hiding.
    Its why no charges were pressed. Serves the Lying shitbag right.

  9. Got a hiding. I need to sharpen my finger tips!

  10. The Routledge Report

    What a terrible cunt he is. Courting free publicity for giving away a bit of junk. I like how they say he ‘owns 100 properties’, which is of course crap. What he has is highly leveraged mortgage debt on 100 properties.

  11. The Routledge Report

    More from Routledge’s showreel

    • something survived...

      IQ of female interviewer: Normal
      IQ of Routledge: Non-Rateable
      IQ of tree in the middle: 200

  12. Yosserian Hughes

    “I ENTERED into this one flat,,,,,,,,,,,the door was open, I called out was anybody there….was anybody there??”

    Utter shabbite. More like he tried to bust his way in and the tenant weren’t havin any of it – hence the ‘drug dealer’ yarn. Hence him havin’ to check himself in the sentence @6:07 onwards.

    Get tae fook you lyin’ hound.

  13. This is why the whole ‘private’ rental market needs thorough regulation, which we know ain’t ever gonna happen with this Govt!

  14. Does he think he is at war creating his own gestapo network.
    This is he…

    ” People are asking why the concept of this web site is any different to every other referencing site on the internet. This can be simply explained that Landlord Referencing is not about referencing against the information a tenant gives you, it is about taking a reference against the information that they don’t give you. Landlords Referencing gives voice to landlords to answer back to one sided legislation. Let us face it, no tenant is going to give you their last landlord if they know they have either ripped them off or damaged/destroyed their property.A good analogy to outline this – Landlord Referencing is like a chain link fence that is slowly locking together and linking landlords and agents as one across the UK. It is like a huge pool of information interlocking members together one by one, with Landlord Referencing just acting as the posts that keep the sections upright and rigid so that each link stays in situ as strong as the last, strengthening the security of the fence as it grows area by area.That is why passing on information to other landlord and letting agents and getting them to join is adding links and strength to the fence daily; every time one member tells someone and they become a member, another link is added and slowly but surely the fence will cover the whole country. When that is done you can imagine the hypothetical situation of passing an electric current through the fence from one end, electrifying the whole fence and thus securing the entire area it surrounds; Information that is passed amongst landlords and agents through LRS is the electrical current that will protect them and then once we have created this secure field all landlords and letting agents wont have to be subjected to the one law for us and one law for others which is what we have in place now. Although Landlords Referencing cannot change the law – cheats, con artists and scammers who destroy our property and steal our rents”

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  16. Yep he is a well dodgy geezer and not very bright.

    On a somber note, my mother is 82 yrs old and took a couple in their sixties in who wanted to rent a room in her house. They were all sunshine and flowers until a few months ago when things started disappearing from Mum’s own rooms. The woman in the couple started accusing my mum of nicking things off her! Then she started writing abusive notes, coming into Mum’s bedroom at any hour, including at night shouting abuse at her, while her husband would undermine Mum by confronting her in her living room about “moral issues”.

    As a severly disabled woman I an not travel to help my poor mother who has lost her husband and is now on medication with all the stress of it.

    I don’t know what the solution is.

  17. The last part of this seems quite apt. Start a blog and write about your tenants

  18. Curious statement by tadd on his website he seems to believe in curating ie storing information online about things…like maybe people ?

    “Curation of information is critical, after all we need our information pigeon holed. When I want a pair of trousers I don’t want to shown a bag of nails! I want trousers to be curated, then I want my buying decisions validated. What I need, therefore, is a network. I need a network of curated information.”

    • So the next time Tadd, Sadd , whatever his name is, goes into, say, M&S to buy a pair off trousers he’ll be handed a bag of nails instead! What a load of pish.That quote is one of the funniest things I’ve read for a while. What a complete doughnut. Haha!

  19. Drug deal going on………..Really! Three men in a flat one stood by the sink. Why was it obvious that a drug deal was going on, did he see drugs anywhere, if he did he would have said he saw drugs with the rest of his baloney statement. Busted……, if he didn’t see drugs in the flat or didn’t hear what the men were saying before he walked in, perhaps he’s physic! Who leaves the door open when a drug deal is going on? He went to the block of flats for a totally unrelated issue and a door of a different flat was open, so he walked in? His story doesn’t hold any water. Tell tale body language sign of a liar, hand to the mouth and nose area, 6.34.

    • Hope it all helps @Johnny

    • Assets 787,117 Liabilities 4,942,140
      I realise its all probably clever accounting to have devalued assets against liabilites which is probably for tax avoidance reasons (perfectly legit) but still… 5mill in hock to the bank.

      • This is why landlords are so disgusting. He owes £5million to the bank, so doesn’t really “own” any of his properties, yet he thinks it’s his God-given right to demand only the best tenants, paying shit loads of rent just for a roof over their head. It’s also rather disgusting to think that taxpayers’ money is paying his mortgages, when a lot of working people can’t even afford a house of their own.

        This is why we hate scumlords – not because we’re anarchist druggies or whatever.

  20. He’s also a complete hypocrite judging others for how worthy they are when he himself owns a company that is £768,830 in debt. Not sure I would give this guy a reference myself, to be honest.

  21. If he’s not careful he’ll end up being beaten up again or worse as he’s making a lot of enemies.

  22. rainbowwarriorlizzie

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