Paul Routledge Is A Lying Bastard Who Compared Tenants To Paedophiles

mortgage_landlordPaul Routledge, owner of the tenant blacklisting Landlord Referencing website, launched the business on the back of a lurid tale about being stabbed in the head by a rogue tenant after interrupting a drug deal in one of his properties.

In an interview on youtube Routledge tells how this experience in 2010 inspired him to set up the website on which landlords can place tenants on a blacklist as well as share ‘lifestyle’ information about former tenants. Whilst no-one was ever prosecuted for the attack on Routledge it did give him a publicity boost in the early days of his blacklisting service.  It might even have elicited some sympathy from his critics.  Despite his site being a recipe for abuse and landlord enforced homelessness, it is possible to understand why he might have taken such drastic action after a horrific attack.

But it’s simply not true that Routledge was inspired by this event.  Routledge first set up a tenant blacklist in 2000 as this copy of Resistance (PDF), the newsletter published by the Anarchist Federation reveals.

Routledge claimed back then that he was inspired to set up the service by the News of the World’s decision to publish details of paedophiles.  The multi-millionaire landlord said he had let to tenants who had turned out to be drug dealers, whilst other tenants had removed carpets from his properties and he had been burgled countless times – although what this has to do with bad tenants is unclear.

According to Routledge: “I had to do something about it.  It’s like the News of the World printing the names of paedophiles.  OK, some paedophiles might have suffered but someone had to start it off”.

The site, called, drew controversy at the time even winning a Big Brother award from Privacy International for the Most Appalling Project in 2002.

Ultimately the project seems to have failed and Routledge was still managing to let his properties to drug dealers as late as 2010 when he was attacked.

His resurrected blacklist has drawn heavy criticism recently largely due to comments left by landlords on his internet forum.  These suggest tenants have been  blacklisted because they had a dog, had a dispute with their landlord over money, were accused of smoking cannabis or in one case simply for being ‘lazy and rude’.

Many other forum members, and Routledge himself, have made comments about tenants on benefits which are just plain nasty, whilst other landlords registered with the company claim they wouldn’t let to some ethnic groups.

Paul Routledge’s (@Paul_Rout) defence of his blacklist is that landlords are good honest people who would never lie about a tenant.  Yet he cannot even bring himself to tell the truth about what inspired his business.  Can this man really be trusted to be the gatekeeper of the community he styles himself as?

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59 responses to “Paul Routledge Is A Lying Bastard Who Compared Tenants To Paedophiles

  1. Never mind private land lords, the so called ‘trusted’ and well known ones are awful as well.
    Rape you for every penny of your deposit.

    Yet another sector of society with disreputable and untrustworthy cnuts running it.

  2. Why not a landlords’ blacklist.

  3. Not being funny, but can I just ask/clarify that this is not The Mirror Columnist Routledge?

  4. Well done ‘the void’ for sticking with this on.
    Landlords and tenants alike will be awaiting your next post. Paul Routledge I see isn’t saying as much as he was when the story broke.

  5. @Johnny i find this. Paedophile allusion to tenants particularly offensive because as some might know my ‘other research job’ is investigating paedophiles historic and contemporary…like other activists and research investigstors all we are seeking justice for those Who have suffered at the hands of these vile nonces and to end the cover ups and protection they receive…so to be compared to with the kind of people i want to stop damaging children is pretty low.
    As much as i find that offensive i also think it shows routledges obsession with illegal drugs as he assumes every tenant is a drug trafficker ..including myself..with no proof whatsoever.
    Someone on his site redressing the balance by him creating a rogue landlord database of Which he dismissed as ‘tenants can just walk out and leave’ overlooking the obvious about where they might go next especially if the rogue landlord has blacklisted the tenant thus making it harder for that tenant to find his next home. What with bedroom tax forcing ppl to move and localism preventing people from moving and homeless being denied social housing and being dumped onto private renting where bastards like this just want to fleece you then chuck you out so they can charge More rent to some other Poor sod..then god help us ..

    • something survived...

      I didn’t know you did that. Good luck with it.
      Have heard of tenants (often single mums) who were harrassed by perv landlords, or had ‘friendly’ landlords who were ‘so helpful’ and befriended the family, and ‘tried to help them out’…. and raped their kids.

  6. Rosemarie Harris

    Are there any tenants of his who has had any problems with him or his buildings? Or better still tell us how much he charges for a one bedroom etc.
    Is it a nice end of town with all mod cons Etc.
    We can all play his game and let’s re name him while we are at it … I like a bit of fun.

  7. @Rosemarie, What about the ‘man that cried wolf’.
    Clearly, for someone who was ‘attacked’ quite viciously and for no charges being brought against the ‘perpetrator’, is he (the man that cried wolf) tempting fate? I dread to think!!!!

    • If you listen to what he says happened, the reason no charges were brought is obvious, and that is the story he tells is at least 50% fabrication.
      He claims he was called to the property by another tenant,the wrong address(or number)
      was given, he let himself into the building,
      came across an open door,and called through the
      door but nobody answered.(b/s;he walked in)So he made his way through the property,challenged the occupants in the kitchen, and was assaulted. Reading between the lines, this fool got a phonecall there was a dodgy deal going down,so he decided to progress from having his tenants spied on to policeman.
      Its not his job,and very indicative of the ‘my property’ attitude. The fact no charges were brought speaks volumes. No jury would believe a word of the statement he made.

  8. Wirral In It Together

    @AlexCasale ~ A landlords’ blacklist would indeed be an excellent idea. To get the thing populated though, would be full time jobs for a building full of people – for a couple of decades. At least once it’s completed you could check online and if your prospective landlord ISN’T on it, happy days…

  9. To be fair, having read the passage in question, Mr Routledge doesn’t claim to have blacklisted a tenant simply “because they had a dog”. He claims he blacklisted them because the dog was causing constant noise nuisance to his other tenants. Which is a different kettle of fish entirely.

    Now it may sound like a rather trivial issue, but I had an experience myself of living below someone who decided to get themselves a Rottweiler. It was a lovely animal and perfectly friendly, but the trouble was their idea of exercising it was to literally give it a 10 minute walk round the block once a day. Obviously that wasn’t nearly enough exercise for what is essentially a working dog. The result being that it spent all day barking its head off and jumping around on my ceiling. Naturally, the owner didn’t understand why I would possibly have an issue with this. It didn’t bother him, so why should it bother anyone else?

    I think anyone who’s ever lived in bedsit land will be able to tell you stories of nightmare neighbours who disturb the whole household with their obnoxious antisocial behaviours, and who seem completely immune to reason. Wherever you move to, it seems there’s always one.

    It’s all well and good criticising Mr Routledge, and yes I do understand that the website he’s set up could very easily devolve into a kangaroo court. But if you’ve ever encountered these neighbours from hell, you’ll realise why they provoke such strong reactions from both landlords and other tenants.

    So my question would be this: what would you consider a more constructive way of ensuring that consistently antisocial tenants are prevented from making the lives of everyone around them a complete misery?

    • sorry the link wasn’t very clear – if you read the whole thread you can see that the only gripe the original poster had was that the tenant got a dog, the other post was another landlord who recommended they be added to the blacklist for this:

      Lots of landlords ask for references, if a prospective tenant can’t provide one then they can make there own mind up – just like employers landlords are likely to just refuse to give a reference rather than provide a bad one because there could be legal implications

      One of the problems with this blacklist is this all happens behind closed doors, and landlords are encouraged to give information on ‘lifestyles’ – tenants may not even know they are being discussed, meaning,as seems to have happened, a tenant who a landlord thinks might have smoked cannabis because they smelt something a bit funny can be branded a druggie (in Routledge’s words) and blacklisted for 6 years, even if its not true. with an open system of referencing this would be unlikely to happen and if it did a tenant could easily take legal action.

      Landlords can evict tenants who make other peoples lives a misery with anti-social behaviour if they choose – they dont then need the power to then make it impossible for people to find another home for the next six years, better than that tenants can take collective action themselves:

      It’s not landlords job to be ‘gatekeepers of our community’ especially claimant bashing racists like some of the people registered with Routledge’s site, they are leeches and their website is about increasing profits and pandering to their personal bigotry and nothing else

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  11. Johnny void ha ha ha – we dont even know who the lying scum bag is ..come and tell me who you are and lets have a clean fight in the open, you wont do that because you are spinless – You are exactly the type of coward that posts this type of crap that draws in decent people to your web of lies..

    Any fool can post on an anonymous forum but only the brave will confront the truth and stand up for what they believe with their head held high.. you are a weak and evil little troll of a man with absolutely no minerals and I laugh in your face at your attempts to stop decent people protecting themselves and every day you post your bile here it gives me strength to keep going. 🙂 now disciples of this leach have a go back and make me smile.

    • Rattlecans (@rattlecans)

      eYu assumed the author is a male. Tut Tut.

      Nooooooooo, remind me, just who was George Orwell? Ye don’t seriously think his name was really George Orwell do you?

      Ye just cannae cope wi this nom de plume malarky can ye? Dearie me!

    • Mr Routledge – you are a vile, small, disgusting excuse for a man.
      Your site is a hideous example of the “golden rule”. (those with the gold, make the rules).
      Have you ever run for parliament? I have a funny feeling you’d fit in well with Iain Duncan-Smith and chums… You seem to be blessed with the same morals and ethics (or rather the obvious LACK of!).

    • The law locks up the man or woman
      Who steals the goose off the common
      But leaves the greater villain loose
      Who steals the common from the goose.

      The law demands that we atone
      When we take things we do not own
      But leaves the lords and ladies fine
      Who takes things that are yours and mine.

      The poor and wretched don’t escape
      If they conspire the law to break;
      This must be so but they endure
      Those who conspire to make the law.

      The law locks up the man or woman
      Who steals the goose from off the common
      And geese will still a common lack
      Till they go and steal it back.

    • I bet as chuld you would pull the wings of flies & watch them writhing on the floor, til you got bored then you would crush it with your plimsole. Evil man !

    • You cant be the guy, your English isnt good enough.

    • Spinless? I agree. Very little spin around these here parts.
      No minerals? I’m pretty sure Johnny has salt somewhere. Maybe a few other minerals.

      • something survived...

        I thought UKIP said that if you don’t speak English properly you should be deported? Where would you like a one-way ticket to, having failed your spelling test? Hear South Georgia [the islands, not the part of the US state] is nice this time of year? and it hasn’t really got any black people???? the arse-side of the moon is similar! No oxygen or food but then again no Asians. If you are a zombie, as it could be possible that you are, these conditions sound ideal. [Newsflash: Hate to break it to you, but YOU are Asian AND African – just check your genes!]
        [More breaking news: the seabirds of South Georgia have refused a tenancy to the above]
        Possibly ‘no minerals’ is a way of saying ‘you ain’t got no balls’?
        Or you mean ‘no morals’? (Coming soon to a street near you)

    • Arbeitsscheu_UK

      As your website is now, according to your forum post, blocking random IP’s for being ‘trolls’, as you refer to the responsible people who take offence at your nasty little empire, those ‘trolls’ have consequently succeeded in their aims of your website being effectively disabled as you are now blacklisting your own site visitors you fool.

    • CodewordConduit

      >”you are spinless”
      >”no minerals”
      >”no minerals”
      >”no minerals”
      >”I laugh in your face”
      >”troll of a man”
      >”no minerals”

      >”gives me strength to keep me going”
      >”no minerals”
      >”no minerals”
      >”I laugh in your face”
      >”head held high”
      >”no minerals”
      >”no minerals”
      >”only the brave”
      >”head held high”


  12. Does this blacklist comply with data protection law? I seriously doubt that a tenant will be able to see what is written about them and correct any errors.

  13. Whatever you do on the internet, stays on the internet… may be gone but there’s an archive of the site with snapshots from 18 Oct 2000 including an angry press release headed “DSS NEED NOT APPLY!!!!” from Paul Routledge after the project was criticised by Shelter and many others.

    The forum is probably worth exploring too.

  14. die in a skip, routledge

    • As long as the lying cunt dies soon, thats the main thing.Actually it would be rather funny if the greedy, lying, not very litterate Fuckwit was run over by his own bentley. Disgracefull vile lying BASTARD

      • … on the way back from trying to identify a bookshop to find out just who George Orwell is & whether s/he has a ‘proper job’ …

        (Any fule …
        but only the brave)

  15. This man Routledge can only respond in insults and is really quite an repugnant individual. He makes the assumption that everyone who considers his website unpleasant, in the least, must be a ‘tenant’ and accuses them (including me) of having no life.

    Again I will suggest that this man and his site should be reported to trading standards, data protection authorities, police and MP’s. He is advocating vile discrimination,

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  18. Great work, JV – weasel words from the vermin himself prove you’re hitting home.

    • Too right ! Bet the pricks had a few sleepless nights worrying what Jv’s going to do next. Fight the good fight people, for this loon is nothing but a politican wannabe.

  19. Keep on the attack

  20. “Authorities witch-hunt homeless families in Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey”

  21. What a transparent horrid tosspot this man is. He buys up cheap rundown downmarket property, then converts it into expensive properties, pushing rents up in the area. This can be argued as good or bad, but for workers its not always good. The comments he makes about having all his properties close so he can keep control of them shows what he is really all about.What he says about his tenents being ‘all part of a big family’ makes me SHUDDER! I have experienced this attitude from landlords in the past,and have one like it now..They stick there nose into your life. Use communal areas as there own. You get there company mail coming to your door. They stick there nose into your property.You cant get a key cut without paying thru the nose. They make judgements about your lifestyle, and use intimidation tactics to show who is boss, and its across the board tenant wise, even the best people who live in these properties feel like they are living under the stasi.I get regular threatening visits from bailiffs seeking money FROM THE COMPANIES MY LANDLORD HAS FOLDED!(off topic, i kno)
    In my tenancy agreement(dont laugh) it says I have the right to ‘peaceful enjoyment of the property’. As far as my landlord is concerned, its his fucking house and if he wants to park his builders van on the drive he wont bother to ask.
    There is no privacy when renting from insidious control freaks like these. The next logical step in these peoples thinking is that when they own ALL the local property, they will control prices,and dictate what sort of people can move to the area.
    It makes me chuckle when they complain of ‘somebody stealing the carpets’..When you leave these types of accom, they steal your deposit for ‘cleaning’. A months rent! This is so common its accepted as a levy by most people and isnt even reported. They chuck you out after 2 years, to get around the rent protection laws. Sometimes even offering another property because yours is ‘for sale’. The list of landlord abuses of tenants will always FAR OUTWEIGH the number of tenants
    getting one over landlords. I have fuckall sympathy
    for people who want you to buy them a property and give them a wage on top. .

  22. To be fair if he was stabbed in the head I can sort of see his point of view. I’d be furious if that happened to me. But there is no need to go after every tenant for the crime of one.

    • Whoever stabbed him in the head and managed not to kill him ought to go back to Thug School and repeat the course for being an incompetant fuckwit!

  23. Perhaps if the government turned housing benefits into mortgages then we could all eventually own our own homes, which is what should happen across the country and build more homes to cope with the demand – let’s have real socialism.

  24. How can such a thing be legal? For example the Economic League ran a private blacklisting service so that employers could check out potential employees before offering them work which was found to be illegal.

    How can it be correct to have a website blacklisting tenants based on the personal opinions of private individuals, in this case landlords, which cannot be contested of corroborated as fair by those involved. And who can say that people other than landlords, e.g., employers, insurance companies, banks etc., couldn’t consult this website and form a negative opinion of a person (or persons) based on false or exaggerated reports which may have no basis in fact?

    As I say: How can such a thing be legal? How can Routledge make public the identities of individuals unknown to him personally without their consent?

  25. There is also the problem of someone that is blacklisted by creditors at your address, which could affect any future renting capability, even if the debt recovery agency is found to be unjustified.

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  27. Pushingupthedaisies

    Yes, Routledge does sound very much of the same devious ilk as Iain Dunktin Shite, who also dishonestly pretends that his grubby activities are motivated by one dramatic, eye-opening event ( Routledge ~ stab in the head. Smith ~ Easterhouse, Glasgow in the head).

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  29. @AlexCasale Yes, we definitely need a website that cites lousy landlords! I’d bet there are far more bad landlords than bad tenants!!

  30. But you keep removing my posts when I comment 🙂

  31. I have been on the Landlord Referencing site and its sad, it doesn’t take long for them to turn against each other and Paul Routledge refused to allow my post because I pointed out their vicious assault on a former member who deleted his account.
    I found this site when I Google’d him so I’ll post it here if you don’t mind.
    I said:
    I’ve been following this story of Desperate Landlords for a while now and I’m very disturbed by some of your responses to this mans problems. It seems to me that most of you have missed, or should I say ‘ignored’ the real reason this man feels let down and left the site.
    I’ve been on his website and unlike most of you, if you’ve been on it, I read through all of the pages on there, I read his whole story. This man had turned to people like you for help and the last question he asked you was the most important one in his life at the moment and that was ‘what should he do next?’
    I understand that you can’t answer all the questions straight away but I note there was plenty of immediate critical response from a few of you within hours of him saying he was leaving the site.
    I cant believe how insensitive you’ve all been, you have shown that your purpose on here is just to keep your forums and topics moving and keep people writing in, ‘traffic flow!’
    Most of you are landlords or agents who are involved in these discussions and you must have known the answer to this mans question which is simple for you but I would imagine he’s frightened of making a mistake again.
    Paul Routledge: You have a lot of experience by your own admission and must know the process that people need to go through but your reaction to this mans plight was to be very condescending and give out ultimatums, shame on you. It just shows that you don’t really care about the people who use your site.
    LyndonBaker: You are obviously in the rental business as well but probably only with other peoples properties. Seems to me you’re the one throwing things out of your pram and it has nothing at all to do with you from what I can see. What has this man done to you personally? What have you ever done for him? Your just a backstabber with no guts and s**t for brains so act like an adult and stop trying to make yourself seem important. If you cant say anything nice you shouldn’t say anything at all, especially if it has nothing to do with you!
    PaulBarrett: I found you to be more devious than anybody.
    Your advice to him was to find the information he needed on another site ‘just like you did’ If you found that advice why didn’t you share it with him I thought that was what you were all supposed to be doing on here. Your other advice was for him to pay £500 but from what I have read this guy is out of work and he has no money that’s why he’s in the position he’s in. You don’t want to share the advice Paul because you want him to pay £500 and use “LL Action” you mentioned it 5 TIMES in your post so why have you done that? Your also a very condescending person. The only advice you’ve ever given him is to give in and dump his house and leave it to the rat who’s living in there for free with all her lodgers but he wont which shows he has more guts and morals than you will ever have and it seems like he will fight for justice to the end.

    You said: “he wont be missed and he has brought nothing to the party” You should make your mind up Paul because you go on to say that his case is definitely a timely warning about the pathetic laws regarding evictions and that its an ‘extreme’ example of how an LL can be taken advantage of by the tenant weighted housing law? You also say his loss should be heavily advertised and will bring great attention to LRS and his story will motivate other LL’s to join LRS.
    And YOU say he brought “NOTHING TO THE PARTY”
    You’re a heartless man Paul Barrett with no feelings at all and wanting to take advantage of another mans misery and gain from his misfortune is about as low as anybody can get, shame on you as well.

    There have been some genuine people who have tried to help this man but all he has been given were suggestions and ideas. I read that Mary Latham offered to talk to him on the phone and from his post afterwards he was very appreciative because she was very helpful.
    Mary Latham is the only one out of all you who has come out of this with any dignity, you other three ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves and retire from posting.
    I don’t usually write in to sites like this but this man had named and shamed his tenant to you which is what this is all supposed to be about isn’t it? and I cant see anywhere where he has done any of you any wrong to deserve all this unwarranted hostility against him.
    Time for some of you to reflect, go to confession and beg forgiveness for your sins.
    You can see it here:
    My post wasn’t allowed so I started a new post and you can see the results here:

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