Disabled People Against Cuts Take On DWP Lies

DPAC-LogoDisabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) have produced a report detailing the ongoing misuse of statistics and outright fibs which have been fed to the press by Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP.

The campaign group say: “At the end of this month, the Department for Work and Pensions will be releasing their Annual Report, and Iain Duncan Smith and his henchministers will no doubt be touring the TV studios to deliver more propaganda about worklessness and disability.

We’ve decided to celebrate the release of the DWP Annual Report by releasing a report of our own.

It is a report into how the DWP and DWP Ministers have made claims which are simply untrue. We’ve selected 35 claims and and found clear evidence that these claims have no basis in the facts.

So when you next see Iain Duncan Smith on the TV News, ask yourself, is he lying? or is he simply making it up out of thin air again?”

For a clear and comprehensive record of the endless stream of bullshit which has been pouring out of DWP Minister’s mouths ever since this Government weren’t elected visit (and share): http://www.scribd.com/doc/149776210/DPAC-Report-on-DWP-Abuse-of-Statistics-Final-22-June-2013

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47 responses to “Disabled People Against Cuts Take On DWP Lies

  1. Don’t these clowns realise or care that what they are doing to us sick and disabled, stress, death and despair, leave us alone and go fetch the billions of pounds you are lettering the big companies get away with in TAX.

    • IDS i believe is somewhat psychopathic. i think they’re quite happy for a few “plebs” to just die off. gideon i think is just stupid and in the pockets of the bankers. i doubt he has 2 brain cells to rub together.

  2. Obi Wan Kenobi

    “WOW” – Exellent well presented work from DPAC.

    I really hope DPAC get these detailed reports to the TV and Newspaper media – I hope it’s put out there for all taxpayers to read.

  3. Well done DPAC. Ive waded through no end of govt documents by Now and i can tell you ive seen glaring discrepencies in things said and things written down and things in public statements…from impact assessments to internal reports its always the same…they do not match and when figures are used they are attributed to different matters….

  4. Landless Peasant

    The Tory scum are also lying about the cost of Legal Aid, saying it is the most “generous” in the world, but in fact according to ONS data it is only average, as a Legal Aid solicitor has just explained on Radio 4.

    • something survived...

      You get about an hour and often with a junior untrained person. most of the hour is spent filling in forms about your finances. The rest, trying to explain your case to them. That’s your lot.
      Now that’s being done away with.

  5. Landless Peasant

    I’m now going to forward the DPAC Report to my MP.

  6. Landless Peasant

    Please forward the DPAC Report to your MP, and demand an explanation, as I have just done.

    • Another Fine Mess

      And maybe the PAC.
      Other than a few odd letters I’ve not seen any sign of their misuse of stats inquiry.

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  8. something survived...

    IDS: “Exciting new opportunity for all disabled people! I want you to become, for no money, product testers. Work is out in the open, with plenty of fresh air. The products are landmines.”

    • has anyone been stripped of there disability benefit ?? and yeah IDS is pure evil. How he sleeps at night amazes me

      • overburdenddonkey

        nameless..yeah..all the time..it’s called the revolving door of disability benefits…esa50>.wca.>.lose benefits>reapply and/or appeal..subject to changes in regs..ie “reconsideration’s”

        • I’m confused, and disturbed now … what about if your a soldier and your serving in Afghanistan and you get seriously injured ?? is this thick Government really suggesting that your “fit for work” ?? (btw I admire the work all the armed forces do. They have my upmost respect)

          • overburdenddonkey

            nameless…don’t worry we were all confused by this, one kind of gets used to it….it is called the special insight atos cure where they talk one, out of one’s symptoms, score 0 points…plenty of info @ blacktriangle, atos victims etc

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  10. I am afraid that a lot of the things that many of us has said in the past three years are going to have to be unsaid. Denis Healey

  11. Obi Wan Kenobi

    George Osborne’s demonisation of the jobless is based on complete ignorance.

    His comment that the first week of unemployment “should be spent looking for work, not looking to sign on” is unspeakably crass


  12. Has anyone noticed that everytime a policy is announced how many times the phrase ‘ best use of the tax payers money” is repeated over and over again to justify everything they are doing to convince people that what there doing is fair

    • overburdenddonkey

      several things leap to mind..1st..people are shocked by their lies..2, these arrogant fools think nothing can touch them..3, people still believe that governments work in the best interests of the people, or expect them to, and cannot accept the facts that they do not, or no longer do..it is like a blind faith…people feel powerless to act..what can this be realistically be replaced by…all we can do is be as well informed, as is possible…and collectively and, individually resist,,,step by step as uylsses suggested..there needs to be a fundamental paradigm shift in the consciousness of the individual..to unleash humanity from the chains of oppression….protest is about informing others…overthrowing government is futile, all one gets in it’s place is more government….for now people need to know that they are being lied to..we all need to know the truth however, shocking and bitter it’s taste…the fight to my mind, is for unconditional access to the vitals of life..food shelter clothing and decent health care…no stick, involved = non-violence…

  13. Annos

    bankers still get their bonus’s despite their abject failure and miners who do dirty, dangerous work lose their redundancies and pensions if uk coal goes bust, is this what they call British Justice?

    • cmon let’s keep pushing. Everyone in this country has “equal rights” keep on making the Governments job a nightmare. “Equal rights = equal opportunities

  14. EQUAL PAY.

  15. Reform Agenda

    Seen this?


    “Funding for 16 to 19 education and apprenticeships will also be reformed to “improve value for money” and the review warned “the sector will be expected to make efficiencies”.
    There will be a consultation this summer into options for major reform of apprenticeships funding to give employers more power.”

    • overburdenddonkey

      reform agenda..
      madness, i did serve a 5yr apprenticeship and the vital element of it is to demonstrate that one can safely carry out the craft and practice of a particular trade, in a safe and competent manner..with regard to and ensure the health and safety of all, above all…in other words, i do not bodge, and compromise the safety of myself and others, i am proved by the enduring of apprenticeship, not to be a risk to the health and safety of myself and others…therefore to remove this key principle of health and safety…destroys the whole and fundamental purpose of apprenticeships…

      • something survived...

        When shit starts breaking, falling down, catching fire, blowing up, crashing, exploding, or just not working – then maybe they will start to notice, and to realise what a lousy plan it was.
        (Up there with Baldrick’s ‘we wait till they’ve cut our heads off then run away’.)

        Unfortunately, by that time there could be nobody left with the skills to fix it.

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  17. I printed the report by DPAC and read it over the weekend, it is a brilliantly put together piece of investigative journalism and so very professional. Well done all those who contributed, and thank you very much for all your hard work.

  18. Apologies for going off-message, but I want to put this in public domain and I don’t really know how else…

    I’m waiting for my WCA appeal. December I wrote to DWP about their failure to follow procedures required of them. They didn’t reply, but after two more letters from me, they forwarded one of my letters (the least critical!) to HMCTS calling it a “letter of appeal” with a short misleading statement that a complaint (NOT one I’d made!) had been sorted. I wrote a very brief letter of correction to HMCTS and forgot about it.

    Early June I got a phone call from DWP expressly to tell me what sort of evidence I can and can’t send to the Tribunal.

    Comments please, or a suggestion of who I might go to who might take notice of this outrageous thing, remembering that DWP will probably deny that such a call ever happened.

    Most important: does anyone know of anything similar happening?

    • overburdenddonkey

      sam…ring the tribunal service, make sure they have your appeal, the appeal form number is gl24, download it …the dwp’s role is to forward your appeal to them…the dwp cannot tell you what evidence to present…you send any additional evidence to the tribunal service, with your tribunal reference number..see also blacktriangle site…this all i can do, for you…this info is to the best of my knowledge correct.

      • I’ve written a letter to tribunal service – I know that they do have my appeal, by the way – but I’ll do what you say too.

        I still need to ask if similar has happened to anyone else – it would greatly strengthen my case.

        I’m tired tired tired of DWP’s (horribly successful) attempts to intimidate me. I never knew…

        • Why should we expect anything other than barefaced lies from the Department of Wanton Prevaricators?

          • Yes, DWP officers do lie. Often it’s incompetence or simple bureaucratic error, but sometimes it’s lying pure and simple – and it’s far from occasional. We squeal about it and we try to support each other: the question is what we DO about it when we can’t PROVE it.

            Incidentally, they bully, too. Sometimes, no doubt, it’s frustration etc but sometimes it’s pure malice.

            I’ve counted three clear lies (as well as several ‘mistakes’) to me* and separately two clear attempts to #actively# bully me.

            If I’m one of 700000 WCA ‘customers’ and assuming that my experience is typical that’s one hell of a lot of lying and bullying… seems pretty systemic to me…

            *#2 You can’t record your WCA interview;

            *#3 We WILL look at your GP’s evidence.

          • something survived...

            Deputised Witch-Prickers

  19. Somebody please explain why I shouldn’t seek to incite riotous assembly on the streets.

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