Are You Being Libelled By Your Landlord? The Vile Website Every Tenant Should Be Aware Of

paul-routledgeWith more people forced to rent than ever before and demand for properties soaring, landlords are looking for ever more ways to increase profits at the expense of struggling tenants.

One example of this is  This is a website used by landlords to share information about people they consider bad tenants.  This does not just mean tenants who may have struggled to pay the rent at some point, but those with a ‘lifestyle’ which is not ‘decent’.

As well as providing the kind of information which might usually be expected in a credit check – in itself a recipe for mass homelessness as hundreds of thousands of the poorest people have bad credit – the website also boast they can provide information on a tenant’s ‘lifestyle’.  This means that for just a small fee landlords can access information on not just a tenant’s employment or financial circumstances, but also on whether they have what the company calls ‘lifestyle problems’.  This means drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or a criminal record according to the website.

The company requires landlords to give tenants a form in which they are expected to sign away their Data Protection rights in order to gain access to a home.  They claim this means that that their grubby scheme is legal, yet the kind of personal information they hold and encourage landlords to share is clearly skirting unlawfulness.  Any landlord passing on information about someone’s alleged drinking, drug use, or criminal behavior could find themselves sued for libel, and if they cannot prove this behaviour  – and it’s difficult to know how they could – then they would lose.  The company may also be breaking the law under Human Rights legislation which protects the right to privacy.

Just as importantly there is nothing to stop landlords reporting people as alcoholics or drug users out of spite or because they have religious views which mean they object to certain behaviour.  Tenants themselves may never even know they have been libelled as they will simply be refused a property with no explanation.

Not content with digging around in the private lives of tenants, the company also acts a lobbying organisation for landlords with the aim of eroding tenant’s rights.  The company seem to be in favour of illegal evictions, complaining that it is a criminal offence if a landlord violently evicts a tenant without a court order whilst tenants who struggle with the rent can only be pursued through the civil courts.  No doubt they’d like to see the return of debtors prisons as well.

They are also be opposed to the deposit registration scheme, which means landlords can no longer routinely steal from their tenants when they leave the property.  This bunch of grubby little Rachmans want to turn the clock back to Victorian times when slum landlords ruled over the poor with iron fists.

The company was started by Paul Routledge who is the smug twat in the accompanying photograph and can be found on twitter @Paul_Rout  as well as on facebook.  These bastards need exposing before even more tenants have their personal ‘lifestyle’ information passed around by rogue landlords desperate to erode to the right to a home for all of us in the name of swelling their bank balances.

Watch the video where Routledge explains how his system could be used to blacklist people with mental health conditions.

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233 responses to “Are You Being Libelled By Your Landlord? The Vile Website Every Tenant Should Be Aware Of

  1. UK going back to Victorian era

    I see my user name is appropriate here even though been using it for months!


    This Connection is Untrusted

    You have asked Firefox to connect
    securely to, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure.

    Normally, when you try to connect securely,
    sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are
    going to the right place. However, this site’s identity can’t be verified.

    What Should I Do?

    • its fine bob, click on and accept, my browser didnt report any nasties embedded

      • What the actual fuck???????????????

        Quote: It is a proven statistic that most people who actively participate in criminal activity, drug trafficking and anti-social behaviour rent their homes, and that is why Landlords and Letting Agents who unite their data together are fast becoming the gate-keepers of our communities.

        It is the ultimate neighbourhood watch for competent and honest landlords and letting agents who want dependable and decent tenants who, in turn, want quiet enjoyment and a comfortable and stable home.

        The LRS motto is “If we don’t let them into our properties they cannot set roots into our communities, and without roots they cannot flourish”.

    • Couldn’t get the twat’s grubby little site to open in Firefox either.Certainly not going to start buggering about trying to open it in Crapernet Explorer either – life’s too short.

  3. (1) I THOUGHTTHE ECONOMIC LEAGUE WAS CLOSED DOWN PLUS THE ORGANISATION THAT REPLACED IT..THE ‘BLACKLISTERS’… thats what will happen next…. do you remember that newsletter i posted not so long ago which referred to tenants as ”scumbags”.. thought it sounded familiar..

  4. A 3 step plan to getting you better tenants and the rent paid.
    20/05/2013 Paul Routledge

  5. This type of site smacks of the same discrimination as that dished out by landlords against blacks,gays etc. I’m sure such landlords are paragons of virtue themselves – not!
    I’m sure they consider themselves to have the same power as the government to judge and exclude at will – power hungry control freaks that need taking down a peg or two, start by devaluing their property.

  6. If you’ve ever lived with bad neighbours who rent, I’m sure you and me will agree that this website isn’t all a bad thing. Every single one of my upstairs neighbours has been really awful. We’ve been flooded 3 times in one year, they party, they don’t care about anyone else. It would be good if the landlords knew in advance that they were idiots. If the tenants ruin their record, they shouldn’t have acted in such a way in the first place. I’m sure the councils can put them somewhere where they’d belong.

  7. and i thought Localism was bad !! fuck me listen to this statemement from their website…

    “The LRS motto is “If we don’t let them into our properties they cannot set roots into our communities, and without roots they cannot flourish”.

    Fuck me its fascism …….are they trying to exterminate us now?????

    • Psalm 92/7
      Senseless people do not know,
      fools do not understand,
      that though the wicked spring up like grass
      and all evildoers flourish,
      they will be destroyed forever.

      In a more modern parlance…..
      “Those Landlords who do not subscribe to our website, are fools.

      Though the homeless spring up like grass, they are evildoers and we shall persecute them.

      We shall condemn them to death in the gutters.

      Invest now, last chance to profiteer from and suck dry the most unfortunate in society.

      Unless of course, you have invested in

  8. @anonymous this is waaay past crap neighbours its fucking cultural or fascistic…we dont want your sort in our town….NIMBY/FASCISM..

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  10. it is a proven (NO IT ISNT) statistic that most people who actively participate in criminal activity, drug trafficking and anti-social behaviour rent their homes, SO THAT MEANS ALL HOME OWNERS ARE ALL LAW ABIDING PEOPLE ARE THEY? WHERE DO YOU WANNA GO WITH THAT??

  11. One wonders whether the parents of Betsy should have used such a tool when they were vetting George Iain Duncan Smith in 1981, after he had been kicked out the army, and had been unemployed for 6 months… living the life of Riley, sleeping all day, playing video console games.

  12. here’s a good quote from a letter they wrote to the press saying why landlords shouldn’t accept housing benefit tenants due to universal credit:

    “With the controversy around Universal Credit becoming almost explosive and as rent arrears mount up & the housing benefit monies are spent on other things (drink, drugs, pay day loans, etc – which are extremely detrimental to ALL of our communities) Landlord Referencing Services are now seeing a massive influx of landlords AND letting agents joining our free tenant referencing system (literally hundreds every week now).

    We believe that this is because landlords AND letting agents are now starting to realise that the only way to protect themselves against non-paying tenants in these times of austerity and benefit cuts is to not take them on in the first place.”

    • @JOHNNY VOID thanks for that ….friends were persuading me to go private because of the fucking localism act stopping people like me moving into ‘THEIR’ boroughs the only way around it us going private but if this shit kicks in then what..we could all be trapped in hellholes and becoming more ill and thusly unable to work..

  13. My son has received a good cause notice from the Job-centre.His advisor at Avanta left and he was given an appointment to see someone else.This appointment fell on the date and time he signs on. He phoned Avanta, but could not speak to the person as they were in a meeting. The receptionist said she would pass on the message, however now he is under threat of sanction.I rent privately and he pays a contribution. Does anyone know if his rent will be stopped?

  14. its a piss take as local authorities are talking about stopping homeless from obtaining social housing and there fore dumping them into private rented sector,,now the privates dont want to take them,,fucking stupid…

    • Not just talking about it Bob, but it’s already something that happens, though there is, as far as I know, no bar on the homeless getting social housing it’s just that there isn’t any available and it’s often easier, and a shorter wait to find rented accommodation in the private sector. Also, rules have been changed so that an offer of accommodation in the private sector counts as being sufficient help. It used to be that such offers could be refused, and many were, as anyone had the right to hold out for a council/housing association property. Now the refusal of the offer of a property in the private rented sector would leave the homeless person in the situation of being ‘intentionally homeless’ and the local authority as having discharged it’s obligations.

      It was never a good idea to rely so much on the private sector, and I’m guessing that the increasing numbers of people on social housing waiting lists for non-existent properties was becoming an embarrassment. It was only a matter of time before this situation came about, and whilst no-one should have to deal with the neighbours from hell, this landlords vetting scheme is just plain wrong, and as JV points out, is probably illegal, but even if there was a court case and it found against them, I’m sure it would just go underground. However, this is scarily like ‘The Lives of Others’ the film about surveillance of people’s lifestyles in East Germany.

      On a slightly different tack, it used to be that social housing was something that was aspired to, and not just available to anyone in housing need – if you do a bit of scratching around you’ll find out that social housing (i.e. councils) providers had high expectations of prospective tenants. (I have a few tenants’ handbooks from the 50s and 60s that contain some surprising things, such as ‘suggestions’ for children’s bedtimes) This doesn’t take away that shelter should be a fundamental human right, but there has to be some way of ensuring basic standards of behaviour. This may sound ‘elitist’ but when you live in social housing and someone moves out you are always in a state of anxiety as you do not know who will move in next. I personally don’t care who my neighbours are, so long as they respect the rights of those around them, don’t steal from them, and don’t make their lives a misery.

      I once had friends who lived in a housing co-op and was surprised at the extensive vetting of prospective new residents – not generally through any formal means, but by meeting the person as a group and basically subjecting them to a quite intense interview, and several subsequent meetings.

  15. I live in a street of what were all once council-owned properties, of which many of the houses are now privately owned, and I can honestly say the worst family lives in a private property. They also work, but that doesn’t make them good people. Worst of all, since they own their home the chances of them ever getting evicted are nil.

    This is just another part of the demonisation of people who live in rented property, instigated by this class obsessed government.

    • Those multi home MPs are hardly saints and they are tax payer funded

    • Oh, I’ve had exactly the same, a neighbour who bought her council property suddenly began persecuting me,for what I do not know. Apparently I was the reason she was unable to sell the property, as I was “scum” her words, not mine. WTF?
      But it got worse, much worse. She began obsessing on a fence between the 2 houses about 10 feet wide(on her side of the property dividing line) and boy, was my life hell after that. It was my fault it was loose. She’d start coming into my garden kicking & throwing my belongings about. I suspect she put weedkiller on a Wallonia tree I had in a planter as it suddenly turned brown & died. And she reported me to social services claiming & I quote “fighting with neighbours, pulling down fences & ill-treating my daughter”. Gave herself away with that one but it meant I had a social worker poking around in my business,even checking my fridge & cupboards to ensure I had food in the house!
      Then the fence blew down in a storm..Oh,joy, She came into my garden propping the fence up, on my side, blocking the path, with a plank from it with big, rusty nails sticking out of it, ordered her out of my garden & and the stupid cow called plod on me! Plod saw sense, went to her door & gave her hell for wasting their time.That was the last straw, went to a solicitor the next day, she got sent a stern warning letter, to the effect that if there was any more harassment an injuction would be taken out & spelling out the consequences should she infringe said injuction. So far so good, No trouble.
      Upshot is, after a council surveyor agreed the fence was indeed on her side of the boundary, she replaced it with one with concrete posts & stronger panels. I got grim satisfaction from that.
      I know this has been somewhat long-winded but “neighbours from hell” despite the stereotype are NOT as a rule benefit claimants!

      • This is only a summary of the worst incidents, there were many more, some of them quite disturbing, such as having a laser pen shone through the window late at night. All this went over a period of about 5 years all done by someone I’d never done any harm to.,

        • Thats horrible kittycat..mental case home owner..yet this lot assert that Its Only renters are trouble.

          • Yeah,Bob, the horrible,crazy, nasty bitch tried to get me evicted about 3 times as well.She even stood on my doorstep one day shouting “I’ll have you out of here!” The fabrications she spouted about me to the council were easily disproved though. I was supposed to have kicked the stupid fence down one day. I was 250 miles away at the time & still had the train tickets to prove it! Really don’t know what her problem is/was, apparently she’s a Jehovah’s Witness, that might be part of it

            • @kittycat i had people accuse me of making noise to keep their baby awake which was crap as i had been out of the. Premises for hours….by the way that creep LL twat was virtually accusing me of being a drug dealer / abuser…if he dont retract that ..i will take him to the cleaners..

            • Such horrible people, they should be ashamed of themselves. I am glad you dealt with the middle class bitch for now. The thing is they don’t realise that they are next on the list. Try find: Silent weapons for quiet wars.

  16. The whole lot of it is a piss take, those that have been prosperous enough to have had good jobs and mortgages are the ones kicking those that have to live in rented accommodation, I hope the whole economy collapses and they all go down with it, the downtrodden are being left with nothing to lose.
    I remember a time in the 60’s when most working class lived in council houses and most of the young wanted to be a beatle or rolling stone so used to set up their guitars usually in the home of the drummer whose drumkit was less mobile and jam until about 11pm, All had to work next day but nobody ever complained, people were more tolerant of one another then.
    There is too much moaning and bitching instead of patience and tolerance with the young and the old.
    I am nearly 60 but still like to play my songs on u tube up tempo.

  17. Chewie

    You know what I mean chewie – high volume – up yours.

    Have you seen on the news electricity is to be rationed – they are trying everything to get us all off line.

    • How Bloody fucking nice of them time to get the hamster in the wheel generator out

    • Do you have a link to the electricity story, Guy?

    • Sky news have been banging their gums on that one, apparently it’s only going to apply to businesses (at least to start with) in winter between the hours of 4pm to 8pm. As for getting us all offline, wouldn’t be surprised at all if that’s the real agenda behind this proposal.

      • something survived...

        The other month the papers said domestic power (light, heat, electricity) would be turned off at times. And that new fridges etc. will be designed to turn themselves off at times of high demand for power.
        What about fridges defrosting, wrecking food and medicine, flooding your home and that of the person below? What about powered medical devices?

        • This really isn’t news, as this kind of energy ‘crisis’ was predicted way back as far as the 80s and certainly the 90s which is what partially informed moves to more energy efficient appliances, (with supposed spin-off benefits for the environment). Our appliances have become more efficient, but most of us have far more of them thus increasing demand. Many people are also amazingly profligate with their energy uses and amaze me when they tell me their energy bills. I know people in similar situations to me who use more than double the energy that I do. I’m not particularly careful, but I don’t have the lights on unnecessarily and don’t have a tumble dryer, and I only put the amount of water in the kettle that I need to boil and things like that, but on the other hand I have at least one computer that is on all the time, (though it is modern, and pretty low consumption when idling) and I tend to be partial to fairly long hot showers under an electric shower and I’m paying out between £5 and £7 a week for electricity, depending on time of year.

          Friends in Venezuela tell me that it is common practice to have backup generators, for even though the country is one of the world’s major oil exporters the internal energy supply system is notorious for frequent power cuts due to deficiencies in the system. It seems that we may have to adopt similar approaches, or go entirely ‘off-grid’.

        • We are in a war, the rich elite against the rest, just most do not realise this as they are fighting just to get by. I am busy reading this article about it. I have downloaded a copy of it, not all the links work. But the endgame is US of course.

  18. Johnny, want to make Paul Rout squirm? Here’s how to do it…

    If you go to and put into the whois search, you will see that Mr Rout claims to be a ‘non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted’. Unfortunately, given the services he sells to landlords on his site, he clearly is trading.

    Now what you can do is contact the legal department of and put in a formal complaint about this abuse of Nominet’s registration system. You will then find that Mr Rout has to either put his trading details (including his address) on his Nominet whois entry or face having his domain taken away!!!

    Be nice to see the salubrious area in which Paul resides!

  19. No it was just on the news at 10 pm our area is tyne tees. I’ll see if I can find one.

  20. this is the BBC news Ulysses but I heard it on tyne tees but can’t find it on I player.

  21. Ulysses

    it is on page 2 of the link to bbc news24 above.

  22. Reblogged this on kickingtoryassonwelfare and commented:
    This is an absolute disgrace . . . I urge you to tell everyone you know about this, and to tweet the bastard, and to write to your MP, and generally make a big noise; with homelessness on the rise, the criminalisation of squatting, the bedroom tax, the odds are stacked against tenants – but this behaviour, as Johnny Void points out, is of highly dubious legality. Know your rights, then shout about them!

  23. Johnni Stanton

    And just WHO decides if a “lifestyle” is “decent” or “not decent”??? As long as a tenant pays their money upfront, it is nobody’s business what their tenant’s “lifestyle” is … unless it is bringing disrepute to the address! Otherwise, “Can you pay?” is all that is required by a landlord, and frankly is the landlord’s “lifestyle” and record-keeping of accounts needs more calling into question …

  24. As a small child I remember seeing notices on lodging houses, “No dogs, no blacks, no Irish”
    Fast forward 55 years later ……

  25. Rent is a feudal institution that should be completely done away with and replaced with universal home ownership as of right: not through usurious lifetime mortgages, but through free, or affordable at each person’s income level, conferral of a home on every household, with no further state involvement.
    It’s unfortunate that Thatcher’s right-to-buy policy, in its context of mass unemployment and low house-building, gave home ownership a bad name on the left, which now worships council housing. But council housing gives the state control over people’s lives, and is rapidly becoming just as insecure and expensive as private renting.
    If the left supports land redistribution in rural economies, why shouldn’t it support house redistribution in ours? The home is the basis of your life; without a home you have nothing. But when you rent, the person or corporation (public or private) who owns your home, owns you.
    Of course people should not buy a home to let, or as a speculation, but simply to live in. Renting should be only for people in transient situations, such as students.
    Universal real homes now! While attacking the immediate hardship caused by the bedroom tax and other rental policies, we should be promoting this long-term strategy.

    • The Left in the UK has traditionally worshipped council housing, and has manipulated that fact in the past in some areas – and worshipped it precisely for the reasons you state.

      There are a lot of things that the Left supports in theory, in other places in the world, but for some reason finds them ‘impractical’ or ‘unrealistic’ when it’s suggested that those policies should be implemented ‘at home’.

      Whilst I totally agree with you, the kind of policy you’re suggesting will draw opposition from across the mainstream political spectrum – after all, such an anarchist policy would go a long way to making them powerless…

  26. Everytime you attack me you encourage more and more members..
    Thank you

  27. There’s nothing wrong with wanting decent neighbors in your community, as a private landlord I appreciate Paul’s website being up as it helps me achieve this. Surely tenants should abide by the rules given to them by their landlords anyway?

    • #holly so you want to expunge people like us from soceity ?

    • But you see this is way past ‘bad neighbours’ your glorious leader has a vision of respectable clean living acceptable (to him) types living in places and having unacceptable (to him) types expunged from soceity..without offering any view as to what will happen to them. But dont worry its not your problem After all…”We are in business to make as much money as we can; otherwise we wouldn’t bother being LL.” To quote you guys.

  28. So stop complaining

  29. I am a privet tenant and im so happy that something like this has been put in place, i have had so many horrible neighbours that have been rude and made me feel uncomftible in my home, with something like this it will make tenants feel happy about paying deposits and rent knowing that the person living next door want be a neighbour from hell it makes u feel safe in your home.i think its a brilliant idea!

  30. I find the disclaimer at the foot of this form very concerning – i.e to whom is he sharing information and why would it involve renumeration of any kind?

  31. Who ‘vets’ the Landlords? How can a private tenant ensure a Landlord is up-to- date with a mortgage on the property, or that they have informed a mortgage company they intend to rent out the property. I have encountered several people who have fallen foul of Landlords who had mortgage arrears and the Banks repossessed the property, and in 4 out of 5 of these the Banks had not been informed that the property was let.

    How does a Tenant know a Landlord has a decent lifestyle profile? How can they be protected from stalkers, sex-offenders and criminals? Again I have seen cases where Landlords have sexually harassed female tenants.

  32. GotYourDataPaulRoutledge

    Registered Address
    The Granby Building
    5 St Margarets Terrace
    BS23 1AH
    United Kingdom
    Registered Tel: 01934645237

    Trading Address Edit details
    Flat 1-15
    The Granby
    5 St. Margarets Terrace
    Weston-Super-Mare, Avon
    BS23 1AH
    Trading Tel: Add Telephone number


    (Have removed the home address, it’s in the public domain if anyone wants to find it, but let’s keep on the moral high ground eh – jv)

    Accounts Date 30 Sep 2012
    Accounts Filed Until Unknown
    Accounts Type Total Exemption Full
    Employees (0–50)
    Turnover 8,766 GBP
    Cost Of Sales 2,479 GBP
    Gross Profit 6,287 GBP
    Operating Profit -216,423 GBP
    Pre-Tax Profit -216,423 GBP
    Post-Tax Profit -216,423 GBP
    Net Assets 47,321 GBP
    Total Assets 65,893 GBP
    Total Liabilities 18,572 GBP
    Cash 280 GBP
    Tangible Assets —
    Intangible Assets 59,877 GBP
    Fixed Assets 59,877 GBP
    Current Assets 6,016 GBP
    Stock —
    Other Current Assets 5,736 GBP
    Assets Current Misc —
    Current Liabilities 18,572 GBP
    Creditors 12,901 GBP
    Trade Debtors —
    Overdraft —
    Short Term —
    Misc Current Liabilities 5,671 GBP
    Other Long Term Finance —
    Total Long Term Liabilities —
    Wages Salaries —
    Director Emoluments —
    Shareholder Funds 47,321 GBP
    Dividends —
    Cost Of Sales 2,479 GBP
    Audit Fees —
    Tax —
    Retained Profit —
    Book Value -12,556 GBP
    Depreciation —
    Capital Employed 47,321 GBP
    Audit Date 28 Jun 2013
    Audit Qualification

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  34. So putting up one of my company details on some troll page “is that it?” What on earth do you think that proves so you went to company’s house and got details of my directorship – No rocket science there I am afraid or gold star. However unlike people like you I do not hide in the shadows or behind ghost internet profiles, I stand up for what I believe in and will always will maybe you will tell us who you are so we can have an open debate
    Good luck in your quest but unfortunately we are here to stay because all the time you attack us we get more members who are intent on trying to reverse the rot in this country..

    • Awwww, is your sphincter twitching?

    • The rot in this country ..self proclaimed messiah you mean the rot of westminster corruption of lobbying and tax avoidance ? Of course not ..

      • I think Paul aught to be made aware of the large institutions, corporations and government departments that have been forced to change their policy, modify their behavior or, outright stop doing objectionable practice due to the weight of public opinion once Blogs like this have made people aware.
        The welfare for work sector is in tatters due to us, Atos victims know thier rights due to us, Jobseekers are bringing down Universal Jobmatch due to their rights being investigated and published by the likes of JohnnyVoid and his readers

        Tesco, Superdrug, Boots, Starbucks, Greggs, Marie Curie, The Salvation Army among many, have all been forced to rethink their actions by weight of public outrage.
        Large corporations, “Charity” sector, and Government department brought to task.
        Osbourne , Cameron, IDS, Hoban, Shaps all have had the spotlight cast on them, some are under parliamentary investigation for fiddling statistical information as i type.
        And now you have lined yourself up in to our sights, Paul.
        Little ‘ole you.
        This one is gonna be interesting

      • Yeah, like MPs & this Routledge creature a fish rots from the head down.

  35. Well done get your data paul routledge for info and also Dawn Willis for highlighting the dangers this scum’s information can bring.

    Amy and Holly, as we do not know the nature of the problems you have had with neighbours we cannot judge whether your complaints about others are reasonable or not, those in rented properties are being subjected to landlord interference when surely it should be down to councils or the police in extreme cases to issue warnings of noise or threatening behaviour and give the tenant a right to refute allegations .
    The landlord of tenants is not the place to complain, especially as owner occupiers who are also culprits are not faced with the reprimand or eviction.

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    • Haha how cowardly. Should be retitled ‘criminal underclass threaten saintly landlords’

    • Paul, you bleat on that by us blogging about you activities, we bring more members to your forum…
      Your ill advised knee jerk reaction by linking back here on your forum also works 180 degrees, bringing us new readership who’d otherwise be unaware we exist.
      Thanks, Mukkaa!

      • @ulysses you think that by visiting us they might get to learn something like how we complain about crooked corporations ripping off the tax payer ? Thus having ordinary tax payers having to make up the difference…
        No what was i thinking..they wouldnt be interested in that..we’re just anarchistic low life vermin criminal scum..even though we have kids and families and severely ill in and out of hospital and had worked for many years…
        He is on a quest to rid the world of diseases like us..and his followers Who pay to hear his proclamations are devout followers Who must be lead by him to the promised land…hallelujah !

  37. I certainly will not be accessing his site. There is freedom of speech and treason of speech, those trolls signify the latter.

    • You gotta satisfy your curiosity Guy, its worth it for a laugh!

      • @ulysses i wonder how long it will take before his members will realise he is taken them for a ride? All they wanna know is how to make More money not join his ‘crusade’ against disabled and poverty stricken families..unless they believe all that stuff..Which i guess they probably do…

        • They cant all be Neo Rachmans, Bob, even if one of them reads one of Johnnys pieces, this, or one of the many other subjects, if they care to flick through that strikes a chord and stops and makes them think…
          Small steps, mate

          • @ulysses nah i think that by comíng here it just confirms their prejudice that we are all.communist Molotov cocktail bomb throwing low life benefit scrounging illegal immigrant loving pot smoking vermin that needs to be eradicated from the world..After all Lord Paul the saviour of the planet tells them so it must be true


  38. The funnest thing is that all the bad publicity is making his site slow to a crawl with pages timing out all the time… not increasing his members, just his server bill, lol.

    Personally the guy seems like he would have been at home in the ussr or nazi germany as a quisling or snitch always telling on his neighbors for some alleged wrongdoing as he didn’t like them…. what a cunt!

  39. All I can see here is a few short sighted people twitching and bleating at us because we have got together in making sure we don’t rent our property to those who have a bad past history of tenure.

    I have over 100 tenants and they love what we do because I don’t stick the arse from hell next door to them anymore networking helps me give them a better home and to be a better landlord and for that I make no apologies.
    I take offence at those who try and throw crap at the wall and hope some sticks and that is why BobChewie you just seem to make it all up as you go along and spout your vile twisted opinions which have absolutely no merit or truth and very little relevance to what we actually do. If you wish to discuss what we do and how we do it then read about us and ask sensible relevant questions and until then please stop guessing the name of the pig that you see fly past. has been working with landlords, tenants, the police, neighbourhood watch and most importantly good tenants for over 3 years and we have never had one single complaint and with over 65.000 unique users every month we are here to stay.

    A dedicated team of people and over £300,000 of our own money has been spent over 3 years trying to make a difference to the PRS to help give us safer communities and troll sites like this just get us more and more members because the truth is; landlords are human and most are decent law abiding people who have had enough of people thinking they can use the law to protect their immoral and violent disruptive behaviour and destroy our incomes and property because the law does not protect us.

    We are not outside the law and therefore have a right to the same laws as everyone else and that is why we will work together lawfully networking to protect one another.

    If you go to the site and read you may just learn something about what is happening within the PRS in this country and why it is so important that landlords and tenants work together to make our homes safer and better “TOGETHER”

    • Wonder if your 100 “grateful” tenants are actually aware of what a revolting, odious slimeball they are renting from?

      • @kittycat Its cos they all fall for the ‘message’ that Paul the deity sells them. They love to scapegoat others to make them feel better..this business of him attacking shelter just shows how low he sinks to line his own pockets therefore it follows that his disciples are on the same level and follow the routledge doctrine of persecuting sick and disabled…and i bet they go to church and call themselves christian too…

        • Scapegoats lol, people who make a living robbing the hand that feeds them “literally” makes them worse than dogs. Even they have higher morals. I’m sure that you believe that shariah law should be accepted too. Another jackass that hasn’t a clue.

          • When you write about tenants can you please use the correct terminology that is common parlence in landlord industry..the correct term is ‘scum’ many thanks..i just want to be sure Who we are talking about thats all..

        • Well , Bob, it certainly looks like we’ve all got him rattled

      • Do you even have a fucking clue what your talking about ? My guess is not, honest to god I have never heard such a group of drivelling whine bags so aggressive to someone who in my (and 1000’s of others) opinions is doing a justice for the landlords of this country. LRS does not provide a credit search unlike Experian, equifax or hundreds of other corporations that you most likely BITCH about a lot less, in relation to your human rights and laughable Nazi statements……. What the fuck ?? LRS does not inform landlords that there are Jews moving in …. TWATS, they inform landlords of wankers that cost landlords like me thousands a year.. Your obviously not landlords therefore you know not of what you speak so get a job and spending my tax on fags, corsa’s with large exhausts, booze and of course lotto tickets. Many thanks

    • Paul i have had the neighbours from hell likewise i have Also had the landlords from hell too. Jacking up the rent to 100% and going without heating during the coldest winter in years and them cutting off the electric to save money..we meet people like you every day of the week banging on about workshy benefit scroungers..even when weve just come out of hospital…the difference being is that they dont see themselves up as some kind of messiah that is going to save soceity from the ‘dregs’ and is intent to put an end to the ‘rot’ ie us lot.. using your own words.. just to convince your followers Who have same prejudices to part with their money..perhaps you should rent out prisons for us low lifes as Its the Only suitable places for ‘ our sort’

      • Ian Huntley enjoys prison @ the cost of £1,000,000 a year, courtesy of the “messiah’s” to use your own words. LRS does not persecute the genuine sick/disabled nor people on benefits of any kind, it stops the ones who take the piss of landlords, private or Dss ,maybe you should research the topic before posting such frivolous statements and pitty tales. Guess what, 6,000 children die due to water disease every year… Now that’s sad, get a coat

        • Ive got a coat thank you. It keeps me warm when they turn the power off .
          5 years the landlords persecuted my friend using harassment and intimidation even entering his place ransacking his room and changing the locks..he was pushed down the stairs and spat at and called a spastic..they wanted More lucrative tenants in place and did everything they could to kick him out..they even bribed others to leave…putting a convicted felon in nick we all pay for ..pointless argument…so is it your intent to to drive the lower orders from communities thus moving ‘the problem’ onto other areas..oh i see its not your problem is it ….as long as its not in your back yard thats ok….

        • Now he’s a bleeding heart, but only if they’re African. Poverty in Africa is a result of corrupt,uncaring, greedy governance. But don’t worry Ryan this craphole of a country is already heading for third-world status, where 10% of the population have 90% of the wealth

          • So the privates wont house the homeless because they dont belong to the same golf club or vote the same way as them. The borough council using localism shit wont house them because they are not people Who ‘contribute to the economy’ so wont offer social housing so chuck them back at the privates Who dont want them so they end up homeless and because of that are unable to work because they cant get a job as they dont have an address. And sinceros they are jobless end up on benefits and labelled as a scrounger by the people Who refused them housing .

  40. Jonahtan,

    You are right we are getting so much traffic that it is slowing the site down and I apologise to our members and visitors. However we have seen over 25,000 visitors through the site today and that is telling us one thing that people are interested in what is going on and if people are interested then we have a chance to display a need for change in getting rid of bad tenants and bad landlords toghether.

    Let us not waste what we have by bickering let us embrace communication and work to get better homes and fairer rents , there is nothing worse than a man who has no vision because he chooses to be blind to see.

    I am not that bloke, my name is Paul and you can come and have tea with me any day and discuss you issues and I will work with you to bring about change that will better us both.

    • I worked in the property industry, mainly providing properties to landlords as they took advantage of the hole left in the rental market after Thatcher flogged off the social housing. I left because I have a conscience. Of course, Thatcher deregulated the banks which allowed landlords to finance at low or no cost the properties they were “buying”. Of course, most landlords didn’t buy and instead mortgaged themselves up to the hilt, (banking mainly on capital growth) with mortgages obtained during the dodgy years leading up to the banking crash of 2007/2008. I can assure you, having seen both sides of the fence, I would, in most cases, rather have a “cup of tea” with a tenant. Landlords are in the main, not a decent bunch in my many hundreds of personal property dealings with them. Your site is also galling to say the least. No wonder tenants have the opinions that they do, of landlords, having seen some of the hateful and terrible comments from the landlords on here. Be careful with your distribution of tenants data, just because they are forced into agreeing to it in order to get somewhere to live, it does not mean it is legal for you to distribute it willy-nilly.

    • I’m glad you’ve had lots of hits. Perhaps they’ve visited your forums where racist landlords discuss how they would (illegally) refuse to let to East Europeans, or blacklisted people because they thought they might have smelt cannabis or because a tenant visited citizens advice to complain about them.

      Perhaps they’ve seen your members cheering the closure of Citizen Advice Agencies, calling homelessness charity Shelter parasites, laughing about tenants for being over weight, discussing strategies to harass tenants they think owe them money or making vile comments about single parents,

      I hope people have seen all that and seen you and your grubby money grabbing members for exactly what you are. And you think you are the good landlords, says a lot for the PRS sector doesn’t it.

  41. I am truly sorry to hear about your friend! No one should have to experience that, but again I feel that we are missing the point! LRS is not designed to aid landlords to behave in this manner, as I am sure they are a minority. LRS is designed to aid landlords in ensuring that tenants out to exploit their landlords do not do so! You clearly have a personal vendetta against all landlords due to some personal experiences. I can assure you that my tenants do not live this way, however they still felt the need to exploit my good nature, costing me thousands of pounds! Your argument of persecution has no relevance LRS’ overall goal in protecting landlords like me. Therefore I am a proud supporter of LRS.

  42. Ignorant internet trolls make my blood boil !

    Anyone that wishes cancer on someone (or is associated with them in any way) is just sick & inhuman.

    LRS Data Control, Paul & I talk to hundreds of landlords, letting agents and tenants on a weekly basis who all fully understand and support the LRS system; so it’s clear to me that LRS is truly making a difference in achieving safe, comfortable and happy communities within the PRS.

    As a private renting tenant myself I dread the day that any one of these trolls becomes my neighbor!

    I’m tired of hearing these same old “Rachman” cliches & that Lifestyle Referencing is about finding out whether someone is black/white/gay/mentally ill/Christian/Muslim/disabled/etc/etc/etc – no landlord should be able to refuse tenants on the basis of these prejudices (and in my opinion no-one should judge people on any of these at all…), but the point is is that the LRS database DOES NOT STORE THIS TYPE OF DATA.
    LRS AKA “A Neighborhood Watch for Landlords” AKA “A (free) grapevine for landlords” : @bbcpointswest 14/12/12.

    I believe and agree that my landlord/letting agent should have the right to know if I was a bad tenant in the past (BAD TENANT = NON PAYMENT OF RENT / DAMAGE TO PROPERTY / CRIMINAL ACTIVITY / ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOR ), because on the flip side of the coin I would like to think that the other landlords that own the properties around my neighborhood would do the same.

    If Landlord Referencing Services did not fully comply within data protection / human rights laws then I would not have uploaded my own rental history details onto it.

    I acknowledge that there are bad landlords out there; having previously suffered (for 2 years) at the mercy of one of the the most negligent landlords in the South West (and his criminal “agents”), so would I really support or work for an organization that supports unjust and unethical discrimination against tenants? NO. …Maybe if people took the time to read the many true stories about landlords who have suffered horrifically in a number of different ways at the hands of rogue and criminal tenants over the past 3 years in business (that are fully accessible on the LRS website) then maybe they would think for a second before they spew their vile, stupid & libelous horse ****!
    Those that talk of “disciples” & “followers” appear to have been brainwashed themselves…

    Tenants have Shelter, Crisis, CAB, (the list goes on) to support them against rogue landlords and agents.

    Landlords now have Landlord Referencing Services and we are here to stay, and those that question it simply have something to hide.

    • Something to hide? Oh Yes we all go round offering advice how to smash up places and cheat landlords and run drug dens and brothels…thats because we are ‘bad people’ Who need to be put on a lifestyle register….i can imagine police arresting us for lifestyle crimes….

    • “and those that question it simply have something to hide. like what?

  43. You are actually quite incorrect in your assertions regarding the people who are finding the services of this ‘agency’ to be quite sinister. Not everyone (of indeed anyone) showing interest is a ‘tenant’ or miscreant as you would attest.

    I strongly challenge your comment that I would fit the criteria of an ‘internet troll’.

    Tenant reference agencies should be stringently vetted by the financial services authorities to ensure they are providing a fair and safe service. From what I can see from this company is a group of people who have become a self appointed group of vigilantes who are making decisions about the character and worth of others with no regard for moral or legal process regarding the sharing of personal information.

    I would consider the site to be ‘more’ balanced and considered were there some process for mediation and opportunity for tenants to refute allegations made against them. I would still be steadfastly opposed to the idea of generating a ‘lifestyle’ profile of a prospective tenant. This is a subjective and dubious practice which should is irresponsible, damaging and open to abuse.

  44. @Paul Routeledge; I can’t ask this question through the contact facility on your website, so perhaps you could answer me if you read this: What is your ICO number?

  45. Can anyone tell me where those these landlords have condemned live,will the lack of a roof drive some into jail, do these paragons of virtue even care?

    • @guy fawkes these pillars of the community paragons of virtue with their torches and pitchforks driving the unseemly unwashed out of their cosy closeted curtain twitching zone of self serving analy retentive members Only funny handshake clubland tend to be anything but virtuos

      • Bob why don’t you have a go a neighbourhood watch they have over 4 million “Curtain twitchers” that you can have a go atthat work to keep communities better.

        I wonder what really upsets you maybe it is our members closing down all the dope growing factories that tenants keep opening up in our property

        • overburdenddonkey

          judge ye not lest ye be judged your self…so being old enough to know all sides of the housing market..from a socialist and non-socialist perspective…seen in a historic context, a realistic picture emerges, of greed, avarice, and immorality…worship of money…humanity is now crushed by being valued by what ones owns and no longer by the ownership of moral values..i note that you judge what these ought to be, and as you currently rent property, that human beings badly need to call home…you have done nothing clever…

 father bought and paid for our large, well located home, in a major city in 5yrs,1/3 of his income over 5yrs..everyone knows what has changed from then till now…say 1979> this is the cause of where we are now…asset value outstripped the value of human being, a home become an capital asset, no longer a place to live, but a place to exist in, till the next profit opportunity came along…we reap what we sow, so what is the current harvest,who do we blame for it and since you are quick to diagnose, what is your diagnosis,for cure ? my diagnosis is people before profit..

        • No Paul its stuck up ponces like you who look down their noses and sneer and proclaim themselves holier than thou in order to con other bigots…without any consideration to the consequence of what will happen when you drive the riff raff families out of your precious fantasy world of respectability ..i see you dont castigate the idiot bigots in your fan club..why would you after all as your members say ” we’re in it to make as much money as possible”
          Oh and dont patronise me you cnut i dont do drugs…so you can feck off with that shit…

        • If you are suggesting i am a drug abuser you will find you will regret that comment…i guarantee you will..

        • Dope growing is a “private enterprise” a source of income to those participating. I thought your type approved of enterpreneurship..

  46. chewie

    With the economic climate as it is, is it any wonder that the sanctioned unemployed may be turning to crime to live i.e. growing drugs etc., they can’t live on fresh air.

  47. ”Homelessness charities like Shelter could do worse than having their lawyers check over every fine detail of these discriminatory practices and help tenants bring test cases if possible.”

    well yes but the problem of course is that shelter receive considerable blocks of funding from the more ”reputable” estate agents

    A recent case in point

  48. Carol, I note from your website that your Landlord-Tenant page only gives advice to tenants to help them f*ck their landlords. The world is full of people like you and tenants like the ones that contact you and that’s why we need sites like run by people like Paul Routledge to help landlords spot these fucking lowlifes that you encourage so they don’t just keep moving anonymously from property to property to steal from honest business people who worked hard for what they have.
    You encourage and help people who do nothing in life to do even less, people who want everything for nothing at other people’s expense and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    I also note from your picture that you look a bit ‘butch’ ? If as I suspect you’re a ‘pussy muncher’ you’re obviously a leftie as well and all you people have issues with everything.
    You want all these poor people to have the same as everybody else (equality) but you also want to charge them a fee for your help so you can be more equal than them, don’t charge any fees !!!
    People like you also have low esteem problems and want to champion other lowlife’s and non achievers so you can feel important and justify your pathetic life, why don’t you get off your social soapbox and advise people to pay their way in life.

    No. I don’t own or rent property out I’m just a hard working guy who has always paid his way in life no matter how hard it’s been and I detest scum and lazy bastards, we have enough of them coming into this country and I for one am sick of paying tax to keep them.
    Go lick on a big fat pussy you troubled woman !

    Oh! and bobchewie, you need to get a fucking job mate and shut your big fat fucking gob !

    • oh dear. you’ll probably regret these comments when you have calmed down. you sound very silly.

    • Hi Tony, you must be the comic relief. Well done, we’ve all had a laugh.

      Time to get back to the serious business now.

    • ‘I also note from your picture that you look a bit ‘butch’ ? If as I suspect you’re a ‘pussy muncher’

      That is a fairly revolting thing to read first thing on Sunday morning. It’s the attitude behind comments like that, that caused me to be bullied and gossiped about from the age of 11 because I was short and plump.

      I cannot see what your totally unfounded perception and ignorant judgement of someone’s sexuality has to do with this issue.

      I think you should apologise to that lady.

    • pmsl @ Tony with his strange, confused boner. I sniff the eye blistering whiff of a disgruntled beta neckbeard in his piss-stained tighty-whiteys, leaking rancid ballsweat onto his basement-dweller chair, straining for the inspiration to start oozing ill-educated mental pus all over the intertubes.

      Ewwwwwwwwww. Gross. Tony is gross, werp werp werp. Gross.

    • It’s an insurance issue, Tony. Getting affordable PII at a high enough level to do large scale commercial work, such as landlords may require, is very difficult. It’s very difficult for everybody in the legal sector, my colleagues and business contacts tell me. I also prefer to work within what I know most about, as that way I can give the best service. So much for your assumptions.

  49. Tony – you need help.

  50. You lot just talk a load of f*cking shit, I don’t regret anything I’ve said and people like you who defend parasites are a waste of this planets oxygen.
    As I said before I don’t rent out, I don’t own any property I’m employed as a labourer handyman who has principles, unlike quite a lot of you people who have nothing better to do. At least I’ve just come on this site because I picked it up on the internet and had a view on it.
    You fucking lot seem to be spending all your time on here talking shit to each other and I haven’t read one single word that any of you have said that’s been constructive or informative.
    You wankers seem to have found something in common to discuss ? Me ! and if I’m pissing you off or annoying you then I’m happy that I’ve given you tossers something to do with your miserable lonely lives : )
    Keep up the good work boys your very impressive, but unfortunately you haven’t got a fucking brain cell between you hahaha !
    Check out another site for a change there are plenty of them on the internet catering to lonely idiots with nothing to do like yourselves.
    This is a good one plent of games to keep you busy on here boys hahaha Wankers !

    I found because of this site and if I were them I would sue the guy who wrote this piece of shit.

  51. P.S.
    Simon, bobchewie, how old are you two ? Does your mum and dad know your getting on these sites ?
    You need to be careful cause if they catch you you’ll get your bums spanked : )

  52. Surely some of practices in this article border on being illegal –
    Word of warning, it also contains the usual slurs against the unemployed – we all know which ones, don’t we?

  53. Pingback: Why Tenant Blacklisting Is A Recipe For Abuse | the void

  54. Hi Johnny is this who you really are:

    No Inspector Clouseau, that is not who I am, so stop posting someone’s home address on this site who has nothing to do with me – jv

    Would be nice to have a picture of you to go with it you put everybody else’s on here that you want to slag off

    If people choose to advertise their business with a photo then they can hardly complain. I don’t do that. It’s no big secret who I am, I’ve been using the name johnny void for nearly 20 years and more people know me by that name than my original name, which is why I still use it – jv

  55. That’s because you don’t use your real name when abusing others. If you have nothing to hide or be ashamed of you should post a picture and your real name so we know who you are and if your trustworthy. In my book if you throw the first stone you you should take down the shutters so people can throw stones back at you and if your genuine you have nothing to worry about.

    I think what you’ve done and said is libelous and they should sue you, people have a right to defend themselves from ponces, leaches and scumbags just as you have the right to defend these nasty, greedy, lazy, destructive people who want to live off other peoples hard work and destroy their properties and cause them untold financial loss.
    I know, and so do these landlords on the LR site and others like it that there are lots of genuine people out there who are having trouble and nobody is out to cause them harm and they certainly have my sympathy.

    You posted the contact details of that guy off the LR site didn’t you ?

    “It’s no big secret who I am, I’ve been using the name johnny void for nearly 20 years and more people know me by that name than my original name.
    That’s because you don’t use your real name. If you want credibility you have to be honest and not hide behind a pseudonym trying to destroy other people

    Name of person who has nothing to do with me removed again – jv

    I’ve taken your address out.

    • I posted Routledge’s twitter and business facebook page, both of which he uses commercially to promote his website. Someone else posted his address, which is on public record as he is a company director. I decided to remove it however.

      That person you keep naming everywhere is the person who presumably owns that domain, which I dont use (as you can see) so please stop posting up the name and address of someone who has nothing to do with me.

      The reason I don’t post a photo is that unlike Routledge, this site isn’t all about me, in fact it’s not about me at all, it’s about cuts to social security and the wider impact on people of the current political system.

    • Tony dont be a dont give a toss about dont even present a balanced your comment to Johnny you refer twice to hard up people as ponces scumbags then say John has the right to defend same ponces dont actually tell us why you have this narrow point of view ..maybe you could tell us..or you could just f.o.

      • He is just a waste of time, Most likely has loads of personal issues and this is a good place for him to blow off some steam. He will get tired of it and soon leave.

    • overburdenddonkey is called a sledgehammer to crack a nut..everyone has a right to defend themselves..but if innocents are by default attacked in the process, this is clearly wrong…, i am a time served skilled tradesman..who has fallen on hard times, with physiological injuries caused by the practice of my trade..i have to now constantly prove need to the state for benefits, we all do…please suggest your solution to the landlord tenant “problem”, or any of the problems we can all face at some time in our lives…or is it we sometimes have to accept shit happens? so what happens if you fall on hard times…do you want a voice a place to express, ones concerns..careful about saying it can never happen to me..oh yes, it can…we all fall on hard times sooner or later..we all grow old and become dependent on others, and those not blessed with immortality, even die ..some become dependent on the concept of dignity benefits were originally designed to provide, sooner, than we all would hope, some are born with a permanent dependency on others…

  56. Listen you lot, you can say what you want I have no respect at all for most of you because of your single minded opinions. You put a lot of effort into sticking up for people who WON’T pay their rent, not the people who CAN’T pay their rent and there’s a big, BIG difference.
    I haven’t, and nobody from the LR that I can see has critisised the people who can’t afford to pay their rent but I, the LR and most of society have a big issue with the people who think they don’t have to pay their rent and who think it’s down to somebody else to look after them for free.

    That to me smacks of a leftie/communist kind of attitude but the only difference with you lot is you don’t want to work and share you want to do eff-all and just take, take, take. Maybe its just a lazy b*st*rds give me everything for free attitude, I think that might be it ? Whatever it is your all wrong !

    I only checked out the LR site because of what was said about them on this site by a nameless individual using the pseudonym johnny void. A man I have no qualms about being entitled to his own views and opinions but I took umbrage at his vicious, unprovoked and unwarranted assault on people who have an equally valid view and opinion and who stirred up you lot of sewer rats into joining him in his attack, which you have, and all because people expect to be paid for a service they provide.

    Johnny Void said: “Paul Routledge Is A Lying Bastard Who Compared Tenants To Paedophiles”
    And if that statement doesn’t get him sued I don’t know what will !

    Is this supposed to be a debate on this site or are you a lynch mob just looking for something to moan about or somebody with a different opinion ? My bet is it’s the latter
    My issue is just that, everybody has to pay their way in life what’s wrong with that ?

    I found this ‘debate’ online and made the mistake of checking it out. I made an even bigger mistake when I decided to add my view but now realise I was wasting my time because you all have the mentality of Muslim extremists and need to be sent away and be re educated.

    overburdenddonkey: I respect your opinion and I sympathise with your problem mate, there should definitely be more done to help and assist people like yourself but there wont be unless everybody pulls their weight and the powers that be who spend our taxes start treating the natives of this land fairly instead of pampering to foreign fraudsters and listening to that overpaid greedy lot in Europe.
    You’re also right that some people are born with a dependency on others and those kinds of people should have their lives made more comfortable and be able to enjoy whatever they are capable of. I’m 100% with you on that one, we should all look after our own.

    bobchewie, you and your girlfriend Simon just keep talking shit and agreeing with each other so unless you have something valid or constructive to add I suggest you go on that Disney site I sent you the link to. I suspect everybody else on this (is it a debate ?) has noticed how vocal you are but have actually contributed nothing and they must feel that your lowering the tone if that’s at all possible !

    Allen, I have no personal issues, you don’t know me and you obviously don’t understand what I’m getting at so any of my comments are not meant for you to read they are way over your head mate.

    I don’t think I have a superior intellect I just have a valid opinion and like all the others on here if it doesn’t happen to be the same opinion as yours then you don’t have the intellect to work it out so you dismiss it. Its not me being intellectual its just you lot making me look good because you’re all so stupid.

    By the way I had BKA in September of 2003 when I had an accident on my motorcycle but I got over that and found a job with a building company so I could pay my way.
    Just for you bobchewie a BKA is a below the knee amputation !

    • @Tony fuck off your sort Isnt welcomed here us gatekeepers are intent to drive you common ignorant gobshites off this blog..go back to your stinking vermin shithole where your kind belong

      • Oh and you and routpig can apologise to me. Then you can fuck off….btw ‘communist’ ? Did you Check the calendar? Cold war ended years ago…what a fucking joke…

        • lolol, landlord “Tony” is a funny guy.

          • As funny as pigshit pie..

            • Love how he’s trying to call people on here “mate” and pretending he’s got some sort of moral high horse; as if we’ve all forgotten his creepy, angry, lusty, droolings, dribblings and scribblings about Carol. As if anyone here is his mate.

              Not brought up, dragged up, by people who taught him that pornographic insinuations and repeated veiled ethnic slurs are tantamount to dinner party conversation.

              He’s either a Bullingdon boy then (unlikely, most of them were at least taught proper grammar and syntax), or your garden variety house-on-the-edge-of-the-council-estate-but-not-actually-in-the-council-estate, snivelling, loser, class traitor; watching his piece of the pie shrink year by year and not having the slightest understanding as to why.

              “Derr imigrunts!” “Derr lezbuyuns!”

              *slow clap*

              Bravo, Tony, bravo.

    • overburdenddonkey

      tony..i am a socialist..and a former grafter..please open your eyes to what is going on in this country….i believe in hard work, in my experience most people want to work..and human equality…and unconditional sanctuary for all who are in need…there are 5m unemployed in this country and a very starved local economy..all now focused on the global economy…mp’s and their ilk should lead by example, and take massive cuts in their incomes…they know this, which is why they turn round and blame the poor for being poor…to absolve their guilt which is also why they manipulate the implications of statistical data..etc

      ie take benefit fraud most believe it is 27%…look

      • Donkey..Tony just loves pissing all his hard earned away on gives him a smug sense of superiority every time one of their victims drops down dead..

      • Oldest trick in the book find someone to blame.exaggerate and distort spread fear and hatred just to get gullible to cough up….been going on for years…

  57. I’m glad you appreciate my sense of humour Simon but most of it isn’t meant to be funny mate, that’s the really sad thing about it.
    Why don’t you lot give in, get a f*cking job and start paying rent like all the decent folk do, it doesn’t really hurt honest !
    Oh ! and don’t forget to take your medication regularly there might be hope for you yet. If that doesn’t work move in with Bob, at least living with him will make you think you’re cured. : )

    • i do pay my rent on time every time, although my place isn’t part of your portfolio thankfully. btw, anyone with a mental age over about 12 will just laugh at the childish insults, including your tenants.

    • Tony you could always get a hospital closed down and kick out all those lazy arsed freeloading patients like having a laugh…on the way back push a couple of wheelchair malingerers into oncoming traffic for some extra fun

  58. Hey you Muppet’s you obviously cant read can you, I don’t own any property I even rent the place I’m living in so silly simon and dead beat bob (Mr and Mrs) I don’t have a portfolio of properties.
    I’ve had a bit more time to read all these comments above I had only read nasty johnny’s verbal assault on an innocent man at first and what I’ve noticed is that you are all seriously disturbed : (

    Every single one of you have issues and it worries me, it worries me even more to think that I’m actually talking to you lot and reading what you’ve got to say.
    I’ve gotta get off this site before I end up talking shit just like you lot.

    • overburdenddonkey

      tony..yes i am seriously disturbed…by what this government that were’nt elected and what the previous govs have set up…see lucy reynolds on (youtube) health and social care bill and extrapolate it…i have also just been declared “fit for work”…now because of my trade, i could get all the work i could manage…so why with over 35 years of hard graft behind me would i not work..because i am not fit to work…and i would definitely know this…because of my work experiences…see jv’s latest posts read them too…change your mind tony…these are good people here and don’t deserve your shit…

    • Goodbye

      • Tony and his messiah routpig dont seem to have a problem slandering ppl.. routpig slurs me as a drug dealer Tony the bigot suggest i am gay as calls me a thats tonys view of disabled is it ? They are a dead weight to soceity..and presumably should be expunged

        • i wouldn’t worry about it. i just laugh it off. “tony” strikes me as a typical buy to let con artist, nothing but lies and abuse. 2 a penny those kind.

          • But that slanderous bollocks could end up on a list and become ‘facts’ in the minds of those ppl..and used against you thats how routpig makes his money

    • Routpig innocent? As innocent as atos and a4e.

  59. Brave Sir Robin ran away,
    Bravely ran away, away.
    When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled.
    Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about
    And gallantly, he chickened out. Bravely taking to his feet,
    He beat a very brave retreat,
    Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin.

    He is packing it in and packing it up
    And sneaking away and buggering up
    And chickening out and pissing off home,
    Yes, bravely he is throwing in the sponge.

  60. Too late Tony, you already speak shit,

    • the guy’s done nothing but talk rubbish since he got here, no ability to self reflect. he’ll probably go and serve a section 21 notice on one of his tenants just for laughs. nasty.

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