Workfare Week of Action 6th-14th July

workfare-stick-upvia Boycott Workfare – please spread the word!

When the Work Programme launched two years ago, the government wanted everyone finishing it to be sent to do six months of forced unpaid work. But all mention of this punitive scheme has now disappeared: a powerful testament to the strength of your actions.

People are pushing back the spread of workfare: One provider has complained that it has 100 fewer placements each week in its area alone. In recent weeks, Argos and Homebase claim to have pulled out of workfare, Wetherspoons has followed them and Debenhams are wobbling. The government has been ordered to reveal the list of workfare exploiters but keeps appealing: it is terrified that the public response will spell the end for workfare.

Now is the time to keep pushing.

On 6-14 July, the week that the poverty profiteers of the workfare industry will be gathering for their annual convention, let’s remind them there’s a lot to be worried about!

  • Call an action in your town or city: A walking tour of shame, surprise visits to your least favourite workfare exploiters, flash mobs, a chain gang… whatever sounds fun to you!
  • Order copies of our know your rights leaflet and get them to the people who need them!
  • Take part in daily online actions targeting those who profit from workfare.

Whatever you plan, tell us and we’ll help spread the word. Boycott Workfare can help with the costs of props, printing or travel, so tell us if that would be useful too! info[at]boycottworkfare[dot]org

Let the workfare profiteers know: If you exploit us, we will shut you down!

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13 responses to “Workfare Week of Action 6th-14th July

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  2. @Dr Johnathon Void Esq is this manchester poverty pimp gig the same or different from the CRAPITA welfare to profits gig also in manchester? Has it been renamed? And is this the same inclusión people that created the report along with strathclyde university that appeared in levenson enquiry about the depiction of disabled in media? A reply from yourself will suffice ..ta

  3. no, the Capita conference is on the 16thth, info at:

    that’s more general welfare reform, the CESI conference is the annual welfare-to-work love in

    busy month in Manchester

  4. Teesside Solidarity Movement

    Reblogged this on Teesside Solidarity Movement.

  5. Reblogged this on Grannie's Last Mix and commented:
    On a day I find out that the Queen is getting a 5% rise for the second year running I’ve discovered another opportunity to show up and speak out against DWP’s Class Warfare programmes. Mark Hoban will be there and some lesser DWP commandants. Spread the word…

  6. In the How To Avoid Workfare leaflet, it says you don’t have to hand over your CV to a JCP/WP adviser. What legislation or rule can I quote if an adviser calls my bluff and insists I hand it over under threat of a sanction if I refuse?

  7. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Anti – Workfare sticker templates to download and stick on the windows/doors of firms/companies that use Workfare.

    Anti-workfare protest stickers template 2013

    • let’s obliterate workfare. What is the exact anount of workfare companies still profiting, and taking part in the scheme ??

  8. something survived...

    Put up signs ‘Blankes’ and ‘NieBlankes’ – or is that over the Tories’ heads?
    Have signs like ‘Colored’ and ‘White’, or ‘Negro’ and ‘European’.

    Or place signs like “Slavery – the tried and tested route to profit!”

    • something survived, just out of interest do you have any more news on universal credit ?? (can you imagine the hell if Labour win the next general election)

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