Wages For Interns, Workfare For The Poor Says Hazel Blears MP

blears-smugLabour MP Hazel Blears’ appalling workfare hypocrisy has been exposed this week after she jumped on the intern bandwagon to demand an end to unpaid work for middle class graduates.

Blears has been supporting the Intern Aware campaign, which rightly calls for internships – periods of work experience usually aimed at graduates beginning professional careers – to come with a salary.  Blears claims it is a “modern day scandal” that these jobs come without pay.

Yet astonishingly (as revealed by @boycottworkfare on twitter) Blears doesn’t just support unpaid work for young unemployed people, but she is actively involved in arranging workfare placements.  Blears runs the Kids Without Connections scheme, a ‘work experience’ programme linked to the Jobcentre and which doesn’t pay workers a penny.

Far from being a “modern day scandal” Blears claims it is “fantastic” that scores of young people have been sent to work unpaid for profit making companies like the multi-national Fujitsu.

Rarely has such naked class prejudice within the Labour Party been more exposed.  It is chilling that even a woman from a working class background like Blears appears to think that those who are poor should not have the same basic human right to a wage as everybody else.

Sadly even to Labour MPs the poor are a now seen as a barely human sub-class who can be kicked around at will as a warning to everyone else. In this context it is easy to understand why the increasing number of deaths linked to welfare reforms are glibly dismissed by politicians of all parties.  The suffering of the poor to these scum is nothing compared to the scandal that their own darling little Tarquins and Jemimas might have to work for a couple of months without pay before they begin their lucrative careers in politics, media, law or the arts.

And of course they should be paid, every worker deserves a wage, and Blears is right to say that companies using unpaid workers should be ‘named and shamed’.  So let’s start with @fujitsu_uk, @2ergo and @KeepmoatHomes who have all exploited young unemployed people as part of @HazelBlearsMP workfare scheme.

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61 responses to “Wages For Interns, Workfare For The Poor Says Hazel Blears MP

  1. Credit where its due michael meacher spoke up for Atos victims in parliament …but the front bench can fuck off…we dont need them Anyway

    • And so at last the wheel turns this woman is a menace to society she single handly made me redundant we need to bring back the gullotine for these hypocrites It wont be eggs I throw at her…

  2. Their offspring can afford to work without pay. Why don’t politicians work without pay. If they believed in what they do and what they say, they would. Particularly these inherited wealth chinless wonders like Cameron and Osborne. Why does he even need pay?

    • No, they should get paid…but they should also have to put in the hours (with wages docked if they dont turn up, and the sack if they keep missing work).

      And no lucrative outside interests. They should be told this is your job – if you dont think it pays enough, fine – there’s the door.

  3. How nice to see a Labour MP standing up for the Jemimas and Tarquins of this world, whilst leaving the poorest to struggle on even less than before. It makes you wonder why the two main parties even bother with the charade of pretending to oppose each other at all!

    F*ck the Labour Party if this is how it’s going to be. I think I’ll be voting Green next election, unless of course they are also set to embrace the neoliberalism that is poisoning our political system…

  4. overburdenddonkey

    they great divide is finally revealed….come from the “right” political background wealth is assured…..

  5. The green party has it’s share of middle/upper class snobs too as in the other parties, the worst seem to be those from the working class who forget where they came from, or is it that they want to forget and leave those left behind to fight for themselves to crawl and claw their way up like them?

    • overburdenddonkey

      fawkes…my 1st big awakening come with the battle of the beanfeild in 1985…wtf is going on, homes being smashed to a pulp, mothers with children being beaten..dreadful….i’ve always been proud to be working class…these people run from them selves…eventually…they’ll bump into themselves…as they run from their own history….

      • rab.c.nesbitt

        funny you should mention the beanfield mr donkey.my first awakening came at the windsor free festival in 1974 which was brutally broken up by thames valley plod squad.the conservative mp for windsor at the time grew up two doors down from my granny.in a well working class area of dundee.he at least was an honest class traitor of the alf garnett school of working class tory it was no suprise he set theboot boys in blue on the residents of the windsor free nation.the working class traitors are all in .the labour party these days

        • overburdenddonkey

          yeah, i remember that one too….the tvp they had a reputation….

          • something survived...

            Wasn’t born then, but if I’d been at Cable Street…

            WAS around at the time of some of the 1980’s race riots, and NF marches etc. Aware of football thugs/skinheads from an early age. Vaguely made the connection between the two things. Too busy with CND. But later got into poll tax riots etc, though too young to pay. Marched against Hizb-ut-Tahrir in their first incarnation (a platform of ‘kill the gays’), when they were the favourites of the government and we, the counterdemonstrators, were the terrorists. They never got done for doing these anti-gay demos. Marches against the BNP, immigration detention centres, the deportation murder of Joy Gardner, etc. And loads more demos.
            About to go on another demo now, because EDL are marching.

  6. I am so glad they enjoyed their business lunch at swanky restaurant as many unpaid may well go without food.. i hope those greedy arsewipes choked…

    “They registered for the second Kids Without Connections after attending a business lunch to find out more.
    Each will offer a young person aged 18-24 up to four weeks of work experience from March 25.
    Thirty-four firms signed up for the scheme following the lunch at the stylish new Damson Restaurant at MediaCityUK in Salford, including 2ergo (mobile phone technology), Fujitsu (IT) and Helping Hands (home repairs).
    More than 70 people attended the event and it is hoped that other businesses will register before Job Centre staff help match up businesses and young people at a ‘speed dating’ style event at the University of Salford’s MediaCityUK campus on Friday, March 15.

    Fuck me speed dating slavery…
    And their poxy UJM dont work…

    • something survived...

      Kids Without Connections….
      Patronising crap! 18-24 is not a kid, it’s an adult. Without connections makes you sound exactly like a NEET, like somebody aimless and useless. No skills, interests, ties, networks, community, aspirations.
      Parris’s book ‘Scorn’ has a quote that fits Blears well: “Wouldn’t piss down her throat if her chest were on fire”.
      Utter bollocks. If you are under 25, you have just had all your housing benefit taken away. You are told to go and live with the parents. If you even get on, they may have rented the room out. They may have care of an elderly relative in your room. Or the government ordered them to kick you out. Or to downsize. Or to pay bedroom tax. It messes things up if you have a partner or spouse you want to live with. If you’re both under 25 and married to eachother then you have to split up and go back to your parents’ homes, and live as 2 single people. What if you have kids already?

      Other side of the equation: Recipient of the services. Are the ‘kids’ (sic) DBS checked? If not, that is a risk to the public and service users. If they are, it’s a breach of privacy as meant to be illegal without consent.
      Even so you could be dodgy, criminal or a pervert with no criminal record or convictions. Hospital patients and old people: do they want these young people, unwilling to be there, unskilled, untrained, perhaps prejudiced – coming in at random to give highly intimate and sensitive personal care? Potential for abuse? Ditto with childcare jobs.
      Checking the safety for the young person of doing the job?
      Crapness of service, as opposed to paid trained qualified staff with respect who want to be there.

  7. A week unpaid might be acceptable, but after that it’s the real world.

    How are people supposed to deal with a change in their benefit status, feeding and housing themselves, paying transport costs etc.
    These ’employers’ make a mockery of the term.

    Especially when they bin people off their ‘trial’ and just take on the next bunch of mugs…

  8. I think these people need to suffer a bit so they can have some connection to the poor and disadvantaged in this country.

  9. Lets not forget the fact that, during the last Parliament, the pathetic Blears was found to be complicit in deceit in respect to the expenses scandal, and nearly found herself hung, drawn and quartered as a consequence. No bad thing had such a Ginger Rodent been forced to leave Parliament…. one criminal in the guise of Chris Huhne is sufficient.

  10. Another betrayal by another labour party mp,at this rate they will be as well calling themselves the new tory party,these people really need to get their heads out of their own arses and look at the world in real daylight instead of through rose tinted glasses.

  11. Obi Wan Kenobi

    I saw that question Hazel Blears asked Cameron live in the House of Commons today- he did not answer her question.

  12. More than 70 people showed up…wow…
    Hangers on..others just for the freebie slap up…others who showed up just to find out wtf it was all about then fucked off early….not exactly a success …why didnt they invite IDS? He does anything for a free meal…i bet a few deals done there like swapping tax avoidance wheezes…

  13. Obi Wan Kenobi

    And what the hell happened to all this ‘Transparency’ Cameron was banging on about when he was out campaining back in 2010?

    I think Cameron and IDS should be given a stiff reminder of that promise.

  14. UK going back to Victorian era

    A FAIR days pay for a fair days work! Would MPs work for nothing? Somehow I don’t think so! Not asking for the moon just for people to be paid a decent wage for any time that they work

  15. Those thinking of voting for the Greens would do well to scrutinise what’s been going on at Green-led Brighton and Hove City Council, where they’ve been leading a vicious assault on the pay and conditions of the City’s refuse workers, some about to have their salaries docked by up to £4000 a year.

    Just another bunch of pro-capitalist rogues out to hoodwink disillusioned Labour voters. So beware!

  16. Who needs UJM when you can try ‘ speed dating’ to find a ‘job’ no more CV uploading and all that shit..get a job as paid intern at saatchi & strangle or even Arsebook….

    Maybe its a new IDS / DWP ‘ initiative’


  17. Hazel Blears was only refering to interns in parliament,who would be paid for from MPs expenses, ie the tax payer.

  18. Chewie

    Satchi and Strangle – love it!

  19. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Off Topic – But funny.

    Simon Parkes, town councillor for Stakesby in Whitby, says he has sex with the alien, who he refers to as the Cat Queen, around four times a year


    Why oh why didn’t IDS or Hoban come out with something like this, they could have been sent off the funny farm!

    • something survived...

      I saw that and not 100% sure with his suitability for the job. Tried to keep an open mind but the show got really barmy. Like the woman who keeps getting snatched while eating KFC chicken wings. Why are these aliens so interested in these people that don’t have much to contribute knowledge-wise? Why don’t the aliens establish better forms of communication? Why do the aliens look exactly like scifi aliens from 1950s B-movies? Why did an ‘expert’ say a mini love egg type device would ward off the aliens? Why did the weirdo take the other woman in a dark tent and strip her to look for signs of being possessed? Why don’t the aliens give the council man better ability to draw? When the KFC chicken/beehive hair woman got snatched with her friend, why did nobody in the block of flats see the flying saucer?
      Did anybody watch ‘Scientologists at War’? That really was weird.

  20. Real life is always stranger than fiction with characters like Simon Parkes, perhaps the next time he get’s pulled out of his car it may be by men in white coats or do his aliens wear them too? Brilliant obi.

  21. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Is this a wind-up? – Tesco Workfare Voucher.

  22. @JohnnyVoid Esq Btw has this ‘speed dating’ for workfare come up before? Seems jobcentre is behind it….new one on me…any thoughts?

  23. Obi wan kenobi

    Who would dream of using the voucher if valid, we would all be considered exploiters then. Any refund should go to those who worked for nothing.

  24. Obi Wan Kenobi

    These guy’s knock them up, there are some pretty good one’s.


  25. More likely that a voucher would only be exchangeable for a ‘workfare forcee’ to carry ya shopping home ….

  26. As if you needed more excuses not to vote (Free) Labour….

  27. Once again I make the point smash workfare once and ffor all use health and safety laws to beat these employers inadequate training. Not providing proper personal protection like boots hard hats gloves wake up you on workfare I can help you beat these basxxxxs emai me for advice betsy234@hotmail.co.uk

  28. The DWP’s top psychologist is under investigation over the fake psychometric test that was forced upon jobseekers earlier this year. The BPS (British Psychological Society) is demanding answers from the government over the misuse of the test. Courtesy of the Skwawkbox blog.


  29. We Now declare this jobcentre open. And god bless all who sail in her…

    Hey the kids get to play in their own JCP…


    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      I can think of much better things to do in Blackpool than go to the Jobcentre – even if you are on the dole.

  30. Murray

    Do you think Mike sivier is trying to tell us something with his moderating ,or do you think our omissions were a genuine glitch?

  31. Not really related to this post, but saw this in the Guardian today


    (couldn’t post link sorry so just copy and paste above in your search engine box)

  32. Landless Peasant

    Bollocks to unpaid compulsory work. Labour can fuck off. New Deal = BULLSHIT. Job Guarantee = BULLSHIT. Workfare = BULLSHIT. Go fuck yourselves. If you want me to work you pay me a fucking wage or do it yourself.

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  34. Another scumbag parasite with her nose in the trough
    Vile woman even tried to get back that cheque she paid for fiddling her residences
    Blears, you are filth

  35. I am not a hypocritical cunt.

  36. hear hear landless peasant.

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  38. So that’s it then, Labour have totally sold their souls to appease the middle-class snobs.Well fuck them, they needn’t come knocking at the door when they want my vote. Wankers

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