Don’t Ask Me About Benefits I Don’t Understand Them Admits Benefits Minister

mark-hoban-scroungerSkiving Employment Minister Mark Hoban has confirmed what many people suspected, which is that he isn’t clever enough to understand the benefits system.

Speaking at a recent anti-poverty conference organised by the Catholic Church Hoban admitted: “I can’t navigate my way round the benefits system.”

The Guardian Diary reports (spotted by Obi Wan Kenobi in the comments) that Hoban claims the system is ‘complex’ and that whenever a constituent has a problem concerning social security he sends them to Citizen’s Advice.  Hoban will do almost anything to get out of actually doing some work.

Unfortunately it’s not just his own constituents that Hoban is abandoning.  Over five million people are on some form of social security.  Many are facing unprecedented poverty and homelessness due to the brutal and bungled welfare reforms.

And Hoban’s comments are the clearest indication yet that DWP Ministers don’t even understand the very system they are reforming.

Claimants manage to understand the benefits system.  As do advice workers and (some) Jobcentre staff.  Yet the man in charge hasn’t a clue.  The skiving scrounging bastard is picking up a huge tax payer funded salary and even he admits he isn’t up to the job.

The scary thing is that compared to Iain Duncan Smith and Lord Fraud, Mark Hoban is the clever one.

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85 responses to “Don’t Ask Me About Benefits I Don’t Understand Them Admits Benefits Minister

  1. josephine jones

    Well god help us

  2. Archbishop of Glasgow Philip Tartaglia denounces the injustice of DWP-Atos WCA in letter to Iain Duncan Smith Posted on June 7, 2013

  3. Of course he’s going to claim it’s too complex to navigate; his brief is to simplify as much of it as he can get away with out of existence. It’s all part of the same myth: that benefits systems ensnare poor defenceless untermenschen into depending on them for life, and the only way to help those poor timid wee things stand on their own and carve out some kind of semi-life for themselves is to do away with those cruel, entangling safety nets forever.

    Because, let’s face it – if they really cared about simplifying the system, the first thing they could do is abolish conditionality and means testing. They aren’t – they’re increasing both.

    Actions do not simply speak louder than words, they reveal clearly what words dissemble.

  4. He should be sacked – the man’s a joke, a cruel joke. Not only is he too stupid to understand the benefits system (what’s left of it) but he’s also too stupid to see the irony of sending hundreds and thousands of struggling, desperate people to the very Citizens Advice Bureaux that this toxic government’s savage cuts are decimating.

    • Since the introduction of bedroom tax! It clearly shows how the benefit system works, and as we have always been told, the government says that you can live on X amount of pounds per week. As prices and the cost of living rise every year. We are now being told the government says you can live on X amount of pounds a week. Great!
      Unless you happen to have a spare room or two. In which case, you pay tax for those unused rooms. I always wondered when we would be taxed on something we don’t use. You’ll have to forgive me being so flippant, but when a tax is put upon someone, you generally expect to be gaining from it, this is what taxation is! They have put a tax on people, that dont own the house, and were probably put there in the first place, by the very council or shall we say corporation, that is now charging them tax for what they dont use! Laws were set up for landlords, so they were taxed on their gains, Tenants on the other hand spend their own money on decorating etc. Ita a fair trade off! Certainly more fair than the current one!
      This tax doesn’t affect anybody who purchased a property, only people who cant afford it! Only people who are already so far down, its unlikely they`ll ever get up again!
      Is it not fair then, that the people who gain from these property’s, should pay the tax? After all, you pay capital gains tax when you buy a property!
      Seems to me all the money in the world, is moving in one direction, away from the people!
      It is a tax on people, who cant afford it, and it is a tax on something we DONT use! It is clearly wrong and we do nothing about any of it! EVER! Opinions will vary widely I imagine! But think of this, As the safety nets get pulled away, one by one, propositioning people to stand on their own two feet, maybe one day, the people supporting the bedroom tax, might be pushed into the position of paying it. Im sure then, their opinions will change.

      If it means they are left with around £25 per week to live on, Im sure it will drive many to making their money in shall we say, more illegitimate ways.
      It shows the government dont care about anybody but themselves. This was clear in the expenses scandal, they would rather pay for personal items with public money!
      Bully for them, wouldn’t we all!
      To date, it still goes on right under our noses, thus leaving what ever wages they have, to do with what the hell they like!
      The benefit system only helps those, and is only there to help those MP`s with a taste for spending, whilst making genuine poor people, kill themselves because they cant afford to live………………..

      I admit there are exceptions, but the biggest crooks are laughing at us!

  5. You just could not make this up. What a fuckin arsehole.

  6. You wouldn’t let just anybody try to fix your boiler, but in the rarefied world of politics a self-confessed ignoramus is put in charge (along with another ignorant fool, IDS) of trying to fix the UK government’s largest spending commitment – our social security system.

    Worse, these amateurs have had the cheek to come up with policies on the fly, and then blame the real professionals (the civil servants) when things inevitably go t*ts up.

    You couldn’t make it up…

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  8. something survived...

    He is a total waste of carbon.

  9. overburdenddonkey

    perhaps this is his way of saying, what we are doing is beyond comprehension and i cannot bare to look…i’ll put it simply then, the benefits system was designed to provide a relief income, for those who are unable to provide it for themselves, for whatever reasons…to preserve the human dignity of those that are legally entitled to claim it…those that remain legally entitled to claim benefits, are as is, but now the gross and unintended, in the original conception, system of constitutionality now imposed on claimants…are as intended by those of purple politics, is eroding the actual amount paid in this legal entitlement to benefits to 0 and actually rather than protect claimants from the worst vagueries of poverty, is causing poverty, despair and harassing claimants to purgatory …
    perhaps he should be called norman…

  10. This Fkr would sharpen up beyond recognition if his income was reduced to is levels then threatened with ceasing after a year. It remains to be seen what state local economies will be in as uc kicks in. Poor folk have no future…robbespiere would reincarnate instantly given chance.

  11. BBC news this evening, the government policy unit trying to set the pensioners against the young now with claims that pensions cannot have cast iron guarantees if we are to give benefits to the young, especially those that are poor in work.
    If the young are poor in work that is down to the fact that most are only in part time jobs that save the employer on wages,NI contributions,tax and workers rights or they are full time on minimum wage and having to have benefits made up by tax credits instead of proper wages from their employer, to meet rent increases or rises in inflation, but with the cap and index linking of benefits being capped those in and out of work are getting poorer.
    Wages should definitely not be shored up with tax credits, which is taking money away from those on benefits instead of forcing employers to cough up.
    PS the best laugh on News was that Prince william has inherent DNA from his ancestors from the newly emerging economic country India????
    Badly phrased but hope you get my drift?

  12. A fat chin and neck through over indulgent greed. This gluttonous, greedy, selfish pig is a disgrace to humanity.

  13. Hoban is from the North but is a spoiled bratt that has never experienced hardship thanks to his PARENTS not his efforts. Twat!

  14. Words fail me – another clueless twat who’s never done a proper days work in his useless life. Waste of oxygen.

  15. Well it just goes to show what most of us thought all along, that the Tories are a bunch of incompetent clueless fuckers.

    • King Ludd, so very correct….but it continues to astonish me just how many of the clueless, vindicative fuckers there are. Day after day they just keep coming out with more and more mindless crap!
      The real twats, however, are the cretins that voted for them!

  16. The. guy who went to LSE who said that the Libor rate fixing was far too complex to understand has no idea about benefits.. the guy who blanked a 3 hour debate about Atos crimes …
    Check out his website..

  17. The Littlest Hoban needs to do some fucking work for once in his lazy miserable existence.

  18. Benefits system is a foreign language to Hoban. On the subject of poorly performing work program providers he said they will suffer from market share shift. Nothing about tax payers money wasted and claimants who have suffered but thats what you get from crap psychopathic econimist bean counters. This is him when he was financial secretary…

  19. I already knew Hoban is a plonker. In case anyone hasn’t already seen this, check out Boycott Workfare disrupting him at Policy Exchange- it’s very funny:

    • overburdenddonkey

      a4e…great work of the sanctionsabs…amazing people…

      • I agree!!! The lady that spoke out, how brave and courageous. Rich, arrogant pigs. I could here the aggression, ignorance, and arrogance in their voices when they were telling here to get out.

    • Don’t know that I’d call it funny (perhaps, if the matter wasn’t so serious)….but well done indeed to all concerned.

  20. Further to bobchewies post I have just looked at Hoban’s website. There’s an open opportunity there to offer him some advice on ‘navigation’ (I just did!) . You can also tell the clueless bastard to fuck off while you are there (I did that as well!!)

    • Good, I am so glad you done that Max. What a pillaging rotten arseole of a man.

      • Cheers Jasmine…like I said, just get on to Hoban’s website and you can add your own comments to convey to the stupid bastard. I very much doubt that the thick twat will ever read them, or take any notice of them even if he did….but it did make me feel slightly better for a short while!

  21. Holy sh*t what an absolute disgrace and example of the nonsense of this regime

  22. He`s not the Minister in order to understand it he is there to control it for the Agenda of his Nazi sponsors .

  23. This pig Mark Hoban claimed £35 on a toilet roll holder but lets be fair to him, he probably spends a lot of time on the toilet.

    • I think it was a 100quid Mark Hoban claimed for his bog roll holder. This is ridiculous. Of course the man has not a clue about benefit. He is too busy robbing the tax payers blind. These rich bafoons make me ill. They are the ‘scroungers’ who do not work. I can not even afford toilet roll right now.

  24. These are the sort of people that are destroying this planet. Once its gone there is no more.

  25. I hope the Libdems feel proud allowing this bunch of thieving,cheating bunch of liar fraudsters into power, to rob and pillage this once great country.

    • murray, I’m sure the Libdems don’t give a shit about the matter as it’s given them five years ‘in power’ (guffaw, guffaw!…and if it actually does last five years..)
      Still, at least we will not have to worry about them after 2015….unless you are unfortunate enough to live in the West Country, of course! (even though the West Country is a very, very nice part of the world, the constituents will no doubt continue to vote for a select group of spineless twats!)

      • I live in Somerset and i wouldn’t bet on the Lib dems being as strong here as they have been. We have an older population by percentage, now this bunch are attacking the universal pensioner benefits, people are waking up to their true colours!!

  26. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Scottish Conservative party conference:

    David Cameron insists brutal welfare cuts are fair and compassionate.

    David Cameron yesterday insisted he is “proud” of his brutal cuts to benefits.

    • Camoron must be back on the Class A’s, otherwise he couldn’t come out with such utter bollox

    • Just watched the link Obi (nice one!)
      Note to Mr. Cameron: I know the dignity and satisfaction of a pay cheque every month…I had known it for thirty eight years, culminating in a salary of about £42K.
      Then a load of thick,stupid, indoctrinated cretins nearly voted in your bunch of even more stupid, totally incompetent bastards into goverment. Now you no longer have your take on my £42K……get my drift?….you’re paying me JSA!!! Thanks Dave!

  27. Disgusting,make an attempt why don’t you?Like your poorly paid staff who do you filthy work.

  28. @max well done..i was hoping someone would let him know how we feel After the contempt he showed for those who have suffered at the hands of Atos. A fucking three hour debate from MPs from both sides of the house representing their constituents and the c*nt didnt even say sorry….

    • Thanks bob…like I said, there’s an open invitation on this slimeball’s website for all to tell him what a completely clueless twat he is. I urge everyone who concurs with this to do the same….using your own words, of course!……I’m running out of expletives!

  29. Where’s MY silk fucking cushions? Where’s MY eighty bloody quid? Hoban DOESN’T NEED to know his way around the Benefits system, he doesn’t have to apply for a sodding “Budgeting” Loan ‘cos his ancient gas cooker’s just been condemned. It took me two fucking years to pay that off. Bastards. These people make me fucking sick.

  30. What’s that noise? Oh don’t worry it’s just the sound of my blood boiling!

  31. I was talking with a mate earlier this evening, both of us have a long history in the welfare rights world, me back to 1992. Essentially we agreed that DWP (previously DSS obv) officials were leading the agenda in benefits policy, rather than politicians.

    Such a suspicion is hardly undermined by the appointment of repeated ministers who clearly have no idea what they are talking about.

  32. If he does not know what he is the Minster of he needs a new job.

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  34. @Johnny void what is this Newcastle stuff .’making Newcastle a working city’ with stuff about avanta and ingeus and volunteering and routeways vocational training stuff…i posted the PDF link on yr previous blog. It says it will go beyond the normal jobcentre powers…ive downloaded the PDF

  35. This link is a discussion about the Atos WCA debate. Hoban does not come out well in it at all..Btw if you have time the atos wca debate is on YouTube i recommend watching it..the sheer litany of horror is revealed in it. What did Hoban do? He ignored it denied it and said it was press speculation…

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  37. Obi Wan Kenobi

    And where the hell is IDS, he has been very quite lately.

  38. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Mean’t Quiet.

  39. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Off Topic: – Everyone on Facebook should read this:

    Facebook, Microsoft reveal surveillance request figures.

    Facebook says it received almost 10,000 US government requests for user data in the second half of 2012.

  40. The “complex” card is very much overstated,further the “reforms” add more complexity.

  41. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:
    In Solidarity!

  42. Reblogged this on Jemmy Farmer – The Boi Poet and commented:
    Really if they who run the system don’t understand it surely we need someone who does – goddess forbid this guy being a brain surgeon

  43. Obi Wan Kenobi

    List of British organisations who have participated in workfare programmes.

  44. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    A bit of extra information about Mark Hoban from The Void. Nothing we couldn’t actually work out for ourselves, but it’s good that it has been discovered, in black and white, in the ‘mainstream’ media.

  45. rainbowwarriorlizzie

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    In Solidarity!

  46. Reblogged this on this 'n that and commented:
    Nuff said, yet another Tory.

  47. Rosemarie Harris

    Lets be honest they don’t give a shit about anyone but their self’s as long as they can keep claiming money for bog roll and the fithy lies that roll out of the mouths about us. Without us these idiots would not have a job,they should embrace us as they would not get a job in the real world and have expences,a wage,and second jobs and they call us scourges!
    and to think these people have familys i wonder who the hell would be with these types of people ….Dead ones!

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  49. bradfordsandrew

    What a total toss pot he is

  50. Bryan Tomlinson

    We can afford to look after the EU and third world poor but cannot afford to protect our neighbours.
    Your choice at the ballot box.

  51. If this guy doesn’t understand the system for which he is responsible, shouldn’t he do the honourable thing and resign? Oh . . . yes I forgot . . . he is a Tory. OK then shouldn’t the PM sack him? If not, is HE capable of doing his job? Wouldn’t it be better for all of us if HE resigned?

  52. Time to give hoban mcvey ids the sack for not doing their jobs properly anyone of us would have been sacked by now over this level of imcompetence they are no different from us should be treated no differently than anyone else.

  53. These are the right people in the right job, as it is the policy of this government to privatise the entire country,everyone in the country should have private insurance,against any possible event occuring at any time in their life,so that the insurance company can find an excuse not to pay,thereby making much more cash for the shareholders to salt away in offshore accounts,where it will remain not doing anything other than making more and more money for nothing. And that Dear Reader is what we have to look forward to !!!

  54. Someone ought to complain (for all the good it will do). If Hoban can’t even be bothered to help his fucking constituents!

    Happy to help himself to £144k though, for selling the second home the taxpayer brought him as a parliamentarian.

    This is sick. These tories are now openly goading us. Has the british public got a ‘kick me up the arse’ sticker on their collective back, penned by these filth?

  55. Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my iphone and tested to see if it can
    survive a 25 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation.
    My apple ipad is now destroyed and she has 83 views. I know
    this is completely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

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