More Charities Abandon Work Programme As Long Term Unemployment Continues To Soar

IDS-slugNothing demolishes the sham which is the welfare-to-work sector more than the soaring long term unemployment figures.

The number of people out of work for over two years has risen almost every month ever since Iain Duncan Smith’s bungled Work Programme, his magical cure for unemployment, began two years ago.  Today’s unemployment figures show this number has risen yet again, to 458,000 people whilst the number of those out of work over a year has jumped by 11,000 to just below 900,000.

This is despite the fact that the Work Programme, which has already cost hundreds of millions of pounds, was specifically designed to bring down long term unemployment.

It has been a dismal failure, with recent news of yet more charities abandoning the scheme.  Even Tomorrow’s People, the Tory dominated front organisation for brewing giant Diageo, announced they were leaving the Work Programme at the beginning of the month.

The Chief Executive of Tomorrow’s People is Baroness Debbie Scott, a Tory life peer who used to run Iain Duncan Smith’s think tank the Centre For Social Justice.  They are most famous as the organisation who forced young people to sleep under a bridge under threat of benefit sanctions during the Queen’s Jubilee.  The charity say they are leaving the Work Programme due to a lack of referrals.  Coming from his own side, this is a hugely embarrassing snub to  Iain Duncan Smith which shows that even if you’re a Tory you can’t trust a Tory.

They are to be joined by the Volunteer Centre Kensington & Chelsea who have also announced they are leaving the Work Programme.  The charity say they are withdrawing from the scheme due to restrictions placed on how they work with service users – meaning long term unemployed people, or those claiming sickness benefit ESA in the Work Related Activity Group.  According to Third Sector, the charity claim:  “We thought that the best way to influence the service was to be inside it, to speak with the voice of evidence back to the primary contractor and say ‘This works and this is great, but this doesn’t and this is our suggestion’,” 

“But our experience was that they simply didn’t want to listen.”

The primary contractors on the Work Programme are the welfare-to-work companies such as A4e, Ingeus, Working Links and G4S.  These companies have fleeced the tax payer for billions over the years by feeding off the orchestrated  attack on those claiming social security benefits.  This multi-billion pound benefit fraud has tricked both the current and the last government into believing that  unemployment can be fixed by harassing claimants with workfare and benefit sanctions.

None of the schemes these companies have leeched off have ever made the slightest difference to the unemployment figures, although the appalling performance of the Work Programme represents a new low.  This is hardly surprising as these companies have been given free reign to do whatever they choose under the payment-by-results model.  This has meant for those long term unemployed people who are hardest to help find work – and therefore unlikely to be profitable – they have chosen to do nothing at all.

Instead they have picked up lucrative job entry payments by claiming credit for the people who would have almost certainly got jobs under their own steam.  The scrounging welfare-to-work sector have fooled the DWP into thinking that no-one unemployed has ever managed to get a job before attending an A4e CV workshop, or being forced to work in a charity shop without pay.

The end result of this has been the tax payer handing over hundreds of millions to welfare to work sharks whilst long term unemployment – the very thing they are being paid to fix – has sky rocketed.

Every modern capitalist country in the world has high unemployment.  In times of economic growth unemployment comes down and when the economy stagnates unemployment rises.  This has nothing to do with people suddenly becoming lazy or workshy.  Unemployment is still so high because George Osborne fucked the economy.

All the Work Programme has achieved is yet more profits for the welfare-to-work sector.  Mass workfare has meant the number of real jobs has shrunk, whilst benefit sanctions lead to people queuing up outside foodbanks rather than trying to find work.

An individual less arrogant, or less stupid, than Iain Duncan Smith might at least acknowledge the evidence and stop spending millions of pounds  forcing people into destitution.  As well as being inhumane, it is gross incompetence.  But with such huge sums being trousered by the private sector it appears to be full steam ahead on the welfare reform gravy train.

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  1. Cue irate finger pointing from IDS in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  2. More should be made of the experience of Volunteer Centre Kensington & Chelsea, I think. Wasn’t the big selling point of the Work Programme that providers would be able to work with clients in whatever manner they deemed fit, without bureaucratic interference or counter-productive proscriptions? If that’s not what’s happening on the ground, then the Work Programme stands exposed as a lie from top to bottom – which could potentially bring down the DWP.

    We need some brave civil servants to leak some smoking-gun emails. Are there any left?

  3. Eric Greenwood 4727

    then they will ask the centre for social justice for an idea, which IDS has already told them, so the think tank tells teh government see we have done this this will work..

  4. The Work Programme has been exposed as a complete failure countless times, yet we still suffer it,opposition politicians are obviousely not doing their jobs properly,and exposing this scam,to the people that could do something about it,namely the mainstream media.

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  6. “But our experience was that they simply didn’t want to listen.” Well of course they didn’t, their only interest was in how much money they could make. Entirely predictable, as are the well-renumerated positions senior DWP Ministers will soon be taking up with the WPPs.

  7. Rosemarie harris

    it’s a bit late in the day to say ” We are not going to work with the unemployed” It’s people like these who kept thousands of the unemployed being used for free and at the same time using them to get money for the paid top people. These compainies are scum, how many of the unemployed did they sanctioned and put in the shit? don’t buy or donate or help at any of these slave places. These places had a choice the unemployed didn’t!
    just remember they caused misery to thousands and now they are all saying it’s not worth it. We need a list of every place who had their noses in the trough because this isn’t over because they say it is! Boycott the bloody lot forever.

  8. GOOD! the more the merrier I say. I only hope than Ian Dungcan (no not a spelling mistake) Schmidt’s (no not a spelling mistake :-)) days are numbered.

    • Interesting phrase “your days are numbered” , but does anyone know who originally said it?

      His [Lord Deas] closing words to her [Mary Timney] have a chilling ring.

      “It only remains for me to pronounce upon you the last sentence of the law,” he said.

      “The time of all of us in this world is short.

      “With most of us it is uncertain – in your case your days are numbered.”

      He then put on the black cap and sentenced her to be “hanged by the neck upon a gibbet till she be dead”.

      Mary Timney: the last woman publicly hanged in Scotland

  9. It’s about time these people were arrested for theft of public money. And that includes their co-conspirators in Government.

    • Odious Bastard IDS

      That’ll never happen. There’s far too much money involved and lots of fat fingers in pies for anything to change.

  10. Iain Duncan Smith

    When I’m down in the dumps I just pick myself up and get on with it. It was men of enterprise and fortitude like me that built the British Empire. Men that stand on their own two feet and, once weaned, don’t expect or need to be attached to the teat of state sponsored handouts for the rest of their lives. If you people had more spine and determination the Work Programme wouldn’t need sanctions to shake you loose from Britannia’s apron strings, because you’d all want to get out into the world and achieve. Instead people like me have to keep you by means of involuntary donations taken out of our earnings. If you people had the gumption and courage to grab the future with both hands and participate in the Work Programme to the fullest extent you’d all be in good paying jobs right now, with mortgages, aspiring to do the right thing and get on. Your failure is your fault. Shame on the lot of you

    • But you don’t stand on your own two feet. You parasite off parents, off wife’s parents and off taxpayers. Cavalry officer and scumbag politician, you’ve never had a proper job in your life. You failed as leader of the Conservative party, and you are failing again now. All you can do is lie and whinge.

    • For satire, that was chillingly authentic.

    • I take it Iain Dungcan Schmidt, that you are being satirical here… I have a fairly well paid job, I have a mortgage.
      However, I have respect and empathy for my fellow man.
      If you give someone medication and it doesn’t work then you change the medication not give the patient more of the medicine that doesn’t work.

      Noblesse oblige my friend, noblesse oblige

    • IDS, you are a great (t) wit.

    • Satan kidnapped IDS as a baby and took his place.

    • Odious Bastard IDS

      You are a complete failure as a human being. Do the honourable thing and kill yourself.

  11. something survived...

    They are non-doctor morons who will tell you you are not disabled. Really?
    Not only do these total strangers instantly know all about you, having never met you till a second earlier, and (never having graduated from medical school) suddenly with the ability to understand and cure all disabilities and diseases; if they even accept for a bit that you are ‘a bit’ disabled:
    They then go on to totally disregard this fact. Like they think you can climb fences, lift bags of cement, push a skip or pull a truck. As if the (only notional/nominal) ‘equality of opportunity’ clauses, instantaneously and miraculously cure your disability and take away every physical barrier to doing something.

    You know that product IDS? It used to be called BS but it didn’t sell very well so they relaunched it. They found consumers confused IDS with UPS. But the difference is, generally UPS actually works.

    (IDS joke:
    IDS, Michael Gove, Nigel Farage, Nick Griffin, and Tommy Robinson of the EDL, are in a car, on the way to a rightwing conference. Suddenly it explodes, the bomb killing them all. At a leftwing conference on the same day, it suddenly comes onto the news, and the conference leader halts proceedings, to announce to the floor what has just happened. Immediately, the young woman next to the leftwing conference chairman, on the platform, howls despairingly, bursting into floods of tears. The chairman, perplexed, turns to her. “Please explain yourself?!” Through her sobbing, she replies../……. “Poor CAR!!!!”)

    Our local work programme (about which, more later) has ONE placement scheme. One. It is in construction. For which you are technically meant to have a CSCS card, asbestos-handling qualifications, some interest/aptitude/knowledge in building, your own safety boots etc., and the ability to drive a range of construction vehicles and to work at heights of up to 200ft.
    The workfare people on this placement have none of the listed requirements. But in a rare moment of sanity, the dodgy corner-cutting piratical construction company at least, in my case, conceded that there was no way I could work on a construction site. Thanks for that!

    Unfortunately, the DWP/JCP are blaming me for not being on this placement. They say, you should be on a placement by now. I tell them it’s the only one and that they are only taking people less disabled than me. They say that is irrelevant and I should be on it anyway as it’s the only one. I say the construction company don’t want me and the workfare/work programme people refused to send me even when ordered to do so by DWP/JCP. So they’ve attempted to write me up for ‘refusing a work placement’. Um… actually what I said at the time was, ‘there is no way I can physically do any of the jobs on this building site and both the company and the workfare don’t want me, but in any case I am applying as mandated though they both refused to have me/send me.’ Then DWP said go for another placement. I said the construction one IS the only one. And the people on it (like the dwindling number of paid staff) are laid off every few weeks because there is no work or the funding to do the work ran out. And some of the paid staff then got benefit refused because they were told they voluntarily left employment, while several of the workfare force had their dole stopped ‘because you have abandoned your work placement’.

    So the DWP said then you must become a builder and we want you to get help from the work programme to remove your barriers to work.
    (Oh, which ones? Like: my total dislike of heights? My lack of a driving licence? My shortness – or does IDS have a rack out there? My crappy lungs, kidneys, nerves etc etc? The epilepsy? The ME/CFS? My zero interest in construction? My unwillingness to inhale asbestos and later die in agony? My antipathy to the construction company? The fact no PPE commercially available actually fits me, making it more of a hazard to use PPE than to go without? The construction site’s lack of suitable disabled toilets, not to mention the inability to use ANY toilet while 8 hours up a 200ft crane accessed by a terrifying ladder? My home lack of facilities to get cleaned up after coming home each day covered in mud? The industry’s traditional ‘robust humour’ incorporating known attitudes towards ethnic minorities, women, foreigners, Muslims, vegetarians, disabled people, and gays? The fact the building project/plan is in contravention of several laws like disabled access and its own planning permission? Their use of some paid workers who while on a site elsewhere the other year, were involved in a homophobic assault on a member of the public, and recently suspects in another more serious homophobic assault in the same place, but were not arrested for either? Or possibly my zero interest in wanting to be a builder and do that till retirement? Or maybe my multiple allergies? And they can fix my bad back – worse due to a previous placement – through the power of prayer? Or maybe they plan to cure me of vegetarianism, pacifism, anarchism, shortness, deviancy and general disobedience/ nonconformity?)

    So I said to the work programme they should probably send me on the stupid building site just to get the DWP off my back. But they said no, and the builders repeated that they didn’t want me. So I explained this to JCP, and JCP reiterated that I was being investigated for failure to attend a work placement, do/complete a work placement, and/or for deliberately leaving a work placement (and refusal to do said placement). The total divs. It’s of course totally irrelevant that I’m being hassled by my landlord and by bailiffs, as one of my friends is dying of cancer and another friend randomly dropped dead. Those aren’t excuses or stress factors apparently. Or a usually empty bank account. Wondering FRIVOLOUS shit like where each meal comes from or how many days I can go without meals. In between that, I’m actually pretty sick right now, and not really up to looking for let alone doing a job, but working several fulltime mandatory unpaid responsibilities anyway. In fact too busy to even attempt to go to a GP… Okay I have to go now

    • Workfare victims are being sent on a building site & have to handle asbestos? That a violation of H&S regulations, asbestos can only be handled by a specialised team & other workers cannot be present on the site at the same time due to the health risk the substance poses. These work progamme providers must as dim as a 5 watt bulb not to know the rules on asbestos removal & the DWP of all goverment departments should not be sending anyone not trained in the field on placements

    • overburdenddonkey

      something…are you in WRAG? great post as usual…i can’t even reply to it coz i feel so fcuked atm….

      • something survived...

        I’m not in WRAG as I can only get JSA and have never been given disability benefits in my life, including when I came out of hospital and really needed it (was sent on Work Scheme instead!). At the same time it coincided with them stopping my benefits for the evil, heinous crime of undergoing major surgery on my signing on day. Benefits were stopped for 4 months because of it and not repaid in arrears later. It had all been approved but they ‘forgot’ (!) to click on a computer to excuse me from signing on. I had rent to pay, bills to pay, food bills (£50 a fortnight) for private delivered meals as I couldn’t cook/shop and the state meals were denied me. I was meant to be at home resting but had to walk 8 miles as soon as I got home to sort out getting a benefit payment in emergency, government loan and private loans. All of the same Freddie-Uncle-Charlie-Katie’s are still working there. It didn’t help that I had an infection and other complications. Though I wasn’t getting benefits I had to carry on signing on, and attending the work scheme at Working Stinks. At which they (not doctors) said I was fit for work (really? I was leaking blood from the dressings) and should be trying right then to get a job. They called it barriers to employment and said it was my fault. And some of the things they suggested included construction and heavy industry. I was taking about 20 types of medication, none of which took the edge off the pain and all of which made me like a zombie with severe confusion and nausea. So hardly in a fit state to participate in work scheme or argue with them. The tossers even told me to discontinue all my medication immediately so I could be more alert.

        Of the paid staff on the 2013 building site, only a few have asbestos handling training and about half are not wearing correct/any PPE. The paid staff resent the workfare because they’re getting laid off so more workfare can be sent in, and the workfare resent the paid staff who have a portacabin to eat lunch in. The JCP and WWP/WPP are aware of the asbestos as it has been in stories in the press several times, mentioning holdups in the project. The papers are lying around in work programme
        and the staff do no real work so have endless free time to read it. (one week they -staff not claimants – watched a scifi movie and another week a war movie).
        -yes this is while being paid to be helping us find work.

        I found the stats of how many of the roughly 2000 people at our work programme have been found jobs. Well I’ll say this for them, it is a nice round figure. 0. Zero.
        This covers 2010-2013. I’ve been there since 2011.
        But they have a cupboard full of crayons like in playgroup!
        They are supposed to help you with maths but they are the ones needing the help.
        “If you have a city of 20,000 inhabitants, of which around 5,000 are students and 9,000 are unemployed, and the job vacancies are 100…”

        Since 2003 Working Links has not even found 3 figures of people locally, jobs. The figure is under 100 and most were part time, temporary, or unpaid. I’ve been to about 12 ‘cycles’ with them, they should install a revolving door.

        Question is what dozy bunch of tossers I’ll be sent to next.

  12. It’s all about Public Schoolboys bashing oiks and having a jolly good larf, DICKHEADS!

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  14. The Work Programme has been one massive failure. Taxpayers have given billions of pounds to a network of parasites who have demonstrably failed to get the long-term unemployed into jobs . These parasites, however, will get more than a pat-on-the-back for their role in having the benefits of unemployed and disabled people suspended or stopped. Will some “advisers” from Tomorrow’s People be signing-on then!!

    Iain Duncan Smith,

    Well said! If only people pulled themselves up by their bootstraps just think how many more world leading companies we would have to rival Google, Starbucks etc. People wouldn’t be bothered about your attempt to reclaim the cost of a £35 breakfast – we’d all be having them!

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      Its only been a failure for the clients (US), It hasnt been a failure for the poverty pimps and slave traders (or corvee traders) they have made millions, the policy makers like jonty with connections to the tories and labour are the ones that profit, leave government join the private company for lots of money, thats why they do this to line their own nests.

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  16. Thus proving that CIPD is a phoney statistics. firm

  17. Brilliant! Working Links are a joke much like the rest of them. I’ve been on their books for 2 years and all they are good for are shallow promise, bullshit and hot air and no sign of employment via them.

  18. I saw an advertisement for a Hotel Cleaning Assistant Apprenticeship. It read and I quote “you will learn how to fold towels, you will learn how to make beds and other aspects of keeping hotel rooms clean.” This position was to last TWO YEARS! Fucking hell I thought, I never realised doing the above was soooooooooo amazingly difficult to learn. There will be a Degree available in this next year probably.
    Yet same hotel chain, merrily employs people from abroad and pays them at least a minimum wage, and does not need to give them much training if any. Surely our Education system is not so fucked that it takes TWO YEARS to train someone how to clean hotel rooms.
    NO! It is sheer exploitation of a young person who is having difficulty finding a job right now. In fact I’m surprised this hotel is not using Workfare, or maybe it did but has now changed its mind and concedes to at least pay some poor sod £2.60 an hour for cleaning their guest rooms.

  19. Another place has opened up in my town that is providing free meals for people. I said there would be more opening, I’ll be keeping an eye our for anymore ‘cos’ if my mental health supervisors get their way and get me off their books I reckon I’ll be needing some free food. Wow, and I thought Maggie Thatcher bad, she’s beginning to look like a pussy cat.

  20. Oh and another thing, they are building a brand new mental health unit where I live and in comparison with current unit this new one is going to have 3 times as many beds! Scary, perhaps they are going to go back to the old days of stuffing people in big institutions for years on end again. Perhaps I better be careful what I do and say from now on.

  21. Obi Wan Kenobi

    When are the latest Work Programme Private Provider performance figures released?

    I bet there even worse than last time, then they had only got 3.6% into work well below their minimum of 5.5%

    Time to shut these fuckers down.

    • On June 27th, a month later than they should have been.

      • That’ll be so they can pull the old “making 13 months of stats look like 12 months of stats” trick again. Just how stupid do they think we are?

    • Well the daily hell readers seem to believe it.
      what a bloody shambles and universal credit looks even worse 😦

    • Can you imagine contracting a building firm to build a 10 bedroom house, only to find that the only thing completed by the end of the contract was the foundation and a single toilet… well thats how the WP provider is paid… fecking madness and an absolute scandal that the tax payer is having to subsidise such large private companies.

  22. The wp pimps should be made to pay their fees back to the dwp to administer to those that have been sanctioned, especially when sanctioned because you refused to work for charities or for benefits only. You should not have been put in that position in the first place.

    • Absolutely. And all sanctions that are not upheld by the DWP should invoke a financial penalty on the providers. A squadron of flying pigs may also mark the occasion.

  23. PS Glad to hear something survived back on site(web site that is!)
    If you fancy a holiday up North, I can give you a room free of charge for a couple of weeks to give you a break I think you desperately need?

  24. Could you do us all a favour Mr Void and fix that fucking retard spam filter or whatever fuckwit shite is preventing posts to this blog.

  25. The wonderful world of work has brought us. The too busy to care attitude. I heard a story about a guy who received a called telling him his wife had been injured in a serious road traffic accident. However he told the caller he was ‘too busy to deal with that’ as he was in a meeting at work. This whats happening..the too busy to care…yet we are told work is most important thing…i fear Its costing us something else.

    • You fuckin WHAT??
      Divorce that gobshite and do it quick-smart.

    • overburdenddonkey

      chewie…we are not to busy to care..what is being lost?

    • overburdenddonkey

      they do everything that they can to duck out of responsibility for their actions and then dump the affects of their actions, onto the victims of their policies….they are too cowardly to face their victims…

  26. What on earth was that books meaning you wrote Ian Duncan Smith ‘The Devils Tune ‘? You have made a guest appearance on here I see. Your book was a flop just like you and your work programme. Why do people have to do your stinking minimal fucking wage jobs, when they are in a lot of pain, and have to under go surgery in the near future? What the fuck is going on in this country?? This is the devils tune without a doubt..

  27. fuck tory rats

    Time to bash IDS’s bald head into a pulp.

  28. fuck tory rats

    What nazi loon IDS has planned for UC that includes part-time workers:


      They don’t want much then…

      It’ll be great to see how employers will cope with receiving millions of phone calls from people being forced to ask about non-existent jobs.

    • Maybe the next condition for claiming Universal Credit will be – claimants have to agree to donate their dead body and all their organs to private companies after they have been driven into an early grave by sanctions and stress, so the companies can harvest their organs and flog them to rich people who need transplants and to private research labs for use in experiments. You could drop down dead one day and then subsequently wake up in a titanium robot body, programmed with prime directives designed for urban pacification.

  29. I am no fan of IDS but I would not want to do that to his bald shinning head. I hate violence. Lets not get nasty and stoop to his level. The man is a Narcissist is everyone aware of this??? Talk about a double bind, no win situation. The ESA end and JSA start. What a croc of shit. People are pegging out left right and centre. This can not carry on. Its a fucking catch 22. The malignant narcissists love this game. Its insidious stealth abuse. Its designed to keep us in flight or fight mode. Stress is a killer. Not good to do this to sick and disabled people. Is a fucking disgrace!!!

  30. Ever since the 70s, its been one scheme after another, all designed to disguise the real unemployment figures.

    The plain truth is we will never have full employment, but the government can’t admit that.

  31. Most people who have made such huge mistakes in a job would have been thrown out by now.
    Just wondering how long they can keep on fooling the public for?, surely people must start to realise it is not the unemployed’s fault, but the system that is in place?

    • You overestimate the intelligence of the general public dzwasp, that and their sheer apathy. Most people turn a blind eye while it doesn’t directly affect them but It will affect us all eventually, by which time it’ll be too late.

      If you’re looking for an alternative pop along to the People’s Assembly website:

  32. Odious Bastard IDS

    I don’t think there is a bigger, more odious cunt on the planet than Iain Duncun Smith. He has failed at everything he has ever done and yet still he keeps his job!

  33. Government off to a flying start it seems, with “1 million more people plunged into poverty in coalition’s first year”, according to the Guardian. And all of this was in working households! So much for making work pay…

  34. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Thanks to Lumpenprole on I.U.A. for this.

    Work Programme ‘Exit Report’ JCP/DWP template’s/forms to be completed by your Work Programme Private Provider and sent to your respective JCP. A copy of this Must be given or sent to each person finishing the Work Programme.

    Click to access work-programme-memo-106.pdf

    • overburdenddonkey

      the whole “stock”, people management system is designed to place the burden of the symptoms of the disease onto the victim of it, ie act as if there is no disease, and therefore no symptoms of it….tis, all in the victims mind, ditto…mind over matter, comes into play….and for the system to abdicate responsibility of the cause of disease…in this case an economy in slump/unemployment/underemployment/illness, the victim never ever be doing enough to solve the “problems”(we did not cause them)…and then to blame the victim for feeling the suffering of the disease/efforts made to “self cure”, the suffering and rise above ti….”investors in people”, equates to people, as being the currency of energy…in this case the energy as in and stored in money….or as potentially stored in money via what is produced by the energy of labour….as if we still live in boom times, land of milk and honey….plenty of work…when in fact the complete opposite is true…for most of us at least…the great divide between reality (of poverty), poverty of opportunity, as we are squeezed to do more and more with less and less, and opportunity enjoyed by the benefactors of our labour..the rich…the owners…that we too can enjoy the privilege of vast wealth…if we adopt the “right” role models…ie we too can all plunder the earth, (humanity) and be richly rewarded…and defy nature,nothing can defy nature…the more it is tried the deeper our suffering becomes…when will it end?
      there can never be enough money(energy) in the system, to cure unemployment et al…unless it is freed up an redistributed along with all assets of our built environment…the rich cause us to suffer their fools paradise, as if it is a natural reality, it is not…

  35. The evil POS in the photo at the top of this article looks like it had just caught sight of itself in a mirror when the picture was taken.

  36. TOWN halls will be allowed to run ‘back-to-work’ schemes, a Treasury minister hinted – amid evidence that private firms are “comprehensively failing”.

    Greg Clarke revealed he was arguing for areas striking ‘City Deals’ with the Government to be able to bid for multi-million pound Work Programme contracts.

    At present, the programme is run by private-sector giants including Ingeus Deloitte, Serco, A4E, and G4S, on a payment-by-results basis.

    But, last November, official figures showed they were funding work for just one in every 32 jobless people in the North-East and North Yorkshire.

    That meant that – on the Government’s own analysis – more people would have found sustainable work if the Work Programme had never been set up.

    Now Middlesbrough-born Mr Clarke has floated the idea of local authorities bidding to become ‘prime contractors’, when the next awards are made.

    The minister did not criticise the performance of the private firms – but argued for a “level playing field”, as part of the City Deals programme.

    Such deals have already been struck with Newcastle and the other biggest cities, with both Tees Valley and Sunderland shortlisted to be in the second wave.

    In a website article, Mr Clark said he backed the private firms “where they get people into work and provide value for the public purse”.

    But he wrote: “It is not good enough for a provider to be ‘good enough’ – they have to be the best or make way for someone who’s better.

    “I see no reason why, either individually or in partnership with one another, these cities shouldn’t bid, on an equal basis to everyone else, for Work Programme contracts.”

    However, the minister hinted at opposition to the idea from “corporate interests – who’d rather not have the competition”.

    He wrote: “Of course, not everyone will like the idea of entrepreneurially-minded partnerships of local councils and employers.”

    The last Labour government authorised a few local councils to run back-to-work programmes – and pocket some of the rewards from any benefits savings.

    But the Coalition awarded huge contracts to the private sector. Chris Grayling, the-then Work and Pensions Secretary, insisted councils could not run such huge schemes.

    It is the second time in a week that Mr Clarke has marched onto Labour territory – after backing regional banks, at a North-East summit.

    The November figures showed 52,380 people had been put in the Work Programme across the North-East and North Yorkshire, but only 1,630 (3.11 per cent) found work for “several months”.

    In some areas – including Middlesbrough (2.22 per cent), Stockton-on-Tees (2.32 per cent), Harrogate (2.5 per cent) and Sunderland (2.64 per cent) – even fewer benefited.

    Firms earn between £3,700 and £13,700 for each jobseeker helped into work – depending how hard that person was to help – plus a £400-600 upfront paymen

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  38. Smith and his colleagues are involved in hate crime against the unemployed, sick and disabled. They laugh at the plight of people on the end of their vicious reforms and all because they believe all these people choose not to work, it is just a blanket approach to attempt to demonize them so they are regarded as surplus stock rather than human beings. I wonder how far they would go if they had the power Hitler had? Evil ruthless millionaires have taken over politics doing all they can for their corporate paymasters.

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