Ed Miliband Fuck Off

miliband-cameronSo the chinless Adrian Mole clone in charge of the Labour Party has shown his true colours by launching a tirade against ‘worklessness’ and single parents whilst cheer-leading the murderous Work Capability Assessment.

Ed Miliband’s speech today reveals the modern Labour Party’s utter contempt for those who are poor in this country, as he tried to outdo Iain Duncan Smith with a string of vile slurs aimed at those with least.  Even his language is the same with his nasty insinuations that those out of work are idle and that idleness can be passed along through generations.  And anyone who uses the word worklessness, when they mean unemployment, is a cunt.

There was a time when the leader of the Labour Party might have been brave enough to challenge Daily Mail myths about welfare, but not Ed Miliband.  Today shows he’s just as happy to play the swivel-eyed fool as the worst of the Tory Party.

Some might have thought that a so called socialist (stop laughing) might have shown some anger at the tens of thousands of people about to be driven from their homes due to the bedroom tax, benefit cap and other changes to social security.

But not Ed Miliband, after all, he knows nothing of the lives of those he seeks to condemn.  Why would he with his Primrose Hill schooling, Oxbridge education and then a series of lucrative non-jobs before he stitched up his brother to take the Labour Party leadership.

Ed Miliband has never done a real day’s work in his pampered life.  You can hardly expect him to understand the suffering that has been brought to the lives of those with nothing, not even their health, due to the Work Capability Assessment.  An assessment process which has led to countless deaths and which the Labour Government introduced.  And an assessment process that Ed Miliband today praised to the high heavens.

Meanwhile his big idea on Tax Credits is to pay the money to businesses instead, whilst single parents with young children are to be hounded with pointless compulsory appointments at the Jobcentre – no doubt under the threat of having their benefits sanctioned if they refuse.  Hungry children mean nothing to Ed if he thinks there might be a vote in it.

And his other big idea, the Compulsory Jobs Guarantee – which he pretends will cure unemployment – is nothing more than a fraud. These so called jobs are not intended to be a job for life, but a six month period of enforced work on poverty wages before claimants are slung back on benefits.  No new jobs will be created by the scheme as employers lay off staff to replace them with tax payer funded workers.  In fact this Government is already handing a fortune to businesses in this way through the Wage Incentive programme.  This scheme has already been thoroughly rinsed by the private sector looking to hire temporary staff on the cheap before laying them off when they actually have to pay them proper wages.

Miliband’s speech today shows he is quite happy to further the myth that unemployment is caused by unemployed people, an idea which feeds off nasty, class-based bigotry and has no bearing in reality.  He even goes as far as telling the bare-faced lie that “among the biggest drivers of social security spending are the costs of unemployment”.

In fact spending on Jobseekers Allowance costs around 2% of the entire social security budget.  Even if you add Housing Benefit for those who are unemployed into the mix then spending reaches probably little more than 5% of the total cost of welfare.   The bulk of spending goes on Child Benefits, Child and Working Tax Credits and pensions.  But then these are benefits claimed by lots of people.  Far better in Miliband’s eyes to stigmatise the unemployed then stand up and admit the truth about the welfare budget.

Unemployment is a structural consequence of capitalism as Ed Miliband – with his Marxist Dad, who must be spinning in his grave – knows only too well.  To be more charitable than Iain Duncan Smith deserves, at least the Secretary of State is quite stupid and does seem to believe his own bullshit.

The treacherous piece of shit Miliband has no such excuse.  He knows he’s talking bollocks and that all his policies will do is further stigmatise and in many cases destroy the lives of sick, disabled or unemployed people.

But the squirming little scab doesn’t care as long as he gets a chance to be Prime Minister one day.  This is all we can expect from the new breed of Labour politicians.  No heart, no soul, no principles, just naked and ruthless ambition.  And if they leave a trail of bodies on the way then that is just collateral damage in their quest for power.

And Liam Byrne can fuck off as well.

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  1. HEY jOHNNY , guess who i got an email form today? the ED Miller band himself…

    this is what he wrote to me..


    I’ve just given a speech on what One Nation Labour will do in government to control public spending and get Britain working – and I wanted to make sure you heard direct from me about it because this is how we are going to turn our economy round, protect our NHS, and build a stronger country.

    Here’s the quick version:

    We all know Labour in 2015 will have less money to spend, because the Tories have failed on the economy. So we are going to take action on the big problems our country faces to control spending:

    * Cut costs by helping the long-term unemployed back to work
    * Make sure jobs are well-paid to reward work, so the state does not face rising subsidies for low pay
    * Get the cost of renting down by ensuring more homes are built – thereby reducing the welfare bill
    * Cap social security spending by focusing on the deep-rooted reasons benefit spending goes up.

    Robert, can you help spread the message? Share our graphic on Facebook or Twitter, or forward this email to a friend…

    • And it’s fuck off, Millipede, from me also

      • What a load of cobblers. Fuck Off Miliband and Blue Labour. Fucking clueless, spineless twats.

        • something survived...

          Strange usage of the verb ‘help’. They seem to be confusing it with ‘force’. As in ‘Helping spina bifida babies off Beachy Head’. ‘Helping you lose weight on 0 calories a day’. ‘Helping you boost your cyanide intake with our lovely not-showers’.

          As for millipedes: They are inoffensive, harmless vegetarians. Without them we’d be up to our necks in leaf litter.
          Alternative terms for Miliband/s:
          Tweedledum and Tweedledee
          Dumb and Dumber
          I’m With Stupid
          Deadwood [ie not exactly Jedward]
          Cummerbund [look this one up in a Victorian type dictionary]
          Milliways [The restaurant at the end of the universe]
          Gastric Band
          Milli Vanilli
          Mivvi [sort of icecream lolly in 1980s]
          Scritti Politti
          Edvid/Daveward [sort of like Brangelina but less attractive]
          Thompson and Thomson/Dupont and Dupond [Tintin’s incompetent police duo]
          Braindrain [like brain fart but involving a full flush]
          Bodger and Badger
          Wallace and Gromit
          Roobarb and Custard
          Itchy and Scratchy
          Rod Hull and Emu
          Pot and Kettle
          Devil and Deep Blue Sea
          Pepsi and Coke
          Football and Soccer
          Mirror Mirror

          ‘So stupid it occurred twice.’
          ‘Crap policies – now available in stereo.’
          ‘A man with a tape recorder up his brother’s nose.’ [Python joke]
          ‘Do your eyes need testing? No. Someone was dumb enough to hire them both.’
          ‘The heroic attempt to build a rope bridge between the twin peaks of Kilimanjaro.’ [Python joke]
          ‘Finishing other people’s sentences.’ [Python joke]
          ‘Psychiatrist Dairies!’ [ditto]
          ‘Krakatoa, East of Sheppey (Low-Budget Films Ltd.)’
          ‘Great Big Bouncy Tits (We apologise if this was not the feature presentation you were hoping to see, but they really are a pair)’
          ‘Storage Jars’ [Python again]
          ‘Owl-Stretching Time’ [more ditto]
          ‘Privates on Parade’
          ‘The Ministry of Silly Walks’ [ditto]
          ‘Across the Andes by Frog’ [ditto]
          ‘Idiocracy’ [movie]
          ‘The new labour fragrance for men – Incompetence.’
          ‘Double double toil and trouble’
          ‘101 Uses for a Rubber Chicken’
          ‘If you have worn out your Miliband, don’t worry, another will be along in a while.’
          ‘Twin fantasies to put you off sex for life’.
          ‘Bring back Jedward!’
          ‘All the utter uselessness that is a Miliband – because you can eat a chocolate teapot’.
          ‘No, I don’t know what it’s FOR, either’.

  2. couldn’t have put it better myself

  3. Well, I was always going to be voting Green at the next election (they advocate a Citizen’s Income – no conditionality bollocks or anything) but now I think I might be putting my money where my X is and joining them.

    • Alternatively you pay people not to work. Have 2 classes of unemployed: type 1, those who want work and are looking for it, and type 2, those who don’t and are not allowed to work (though certain voluntary work might be OK so long as it doesn’t take a paid job away from someone else). Pay whatever is necessary to type 2 unemployed to encourage enough of them to opt out of the work force, so that the number of vacancies matches the number of type 1 unemployed.

      If there has to be unemployment, the above solution is the fairest and cheapest way to do it. It would also take away the some of the stigma of unemployment.

  4. The message needs to get out to voters that you can’t squeeze five million unemployed (the real figure, surely) into half a million job vacancies.

    • Spot on. Really tired of having to repeat this most salient point. My stock answer to fuck-witted protestations that there really are some people who don’t want to work is to say: “Good. Thank Goodness for that. Cos otherwise, it’d be even fucking harder for people to get a job!”

      • something survived...

        Jobshare! Each of us can do 5 minutes for a time once a month for 5 pence and lose all our dole. ‘There is now zero unemployment’.

        Science has decided you don’t need to pay rent, pay bills, or eat.
        God s(h)ave the Queen.

  5. Yosserian Hughes

    Yes – Yes, you should Bob. And tell his fuckin’ plasticine dog to fuck off as well.

    Useless, useless pricks. Call themselves ‘the opposition’??

    • @johhnyvoid and all ok ive done that -filled out contact form on their website so lets see what happens i included link to this blog..as well as tell him that i think he is trying to outdo IDS and the hate monger club…

      “Thank you for your message. It will be forwarded to the appropriate team at Labour to deal with your enquiry.”

      ok lets see what happens now…

    • These days they preferred to be called “the copulation” rather than the opposition.
      Copulation Cop`u*la”tion, n. [L. copulatio: cf. F.
      1. The act of coupling or joining; union; conjunction.
      [1913 Webster]

    • something survived...

      Plasticine dog????

      At last, a believable candidate we could vote for!

  6. CodewordConduit

    If only the Green’s grasp of economics didn’t start and end with “The Magical Money Tree”.

    I’m starting to understand why anarchists gotta anarchy.

  7. Don’t worry – he’ll never be Prime Minister.

    • That’s cheered me up. Another five years of Cameron.

      • @michael fowke no it will bojo or another rupert murdoch placeman…

        • something survived...

          Does anyone remember this from school?
          [NB whoever wrote it can’t count, as it should read ‘four’. But nevermind.
          At least no child is being left behind – there’s no affordable childcare now, so we’ll have to drag them along to workfare with us. How about sending all the single mothers tree-brashing (see May 2012 video on this site) in the middle of Scotland with their kid strapped to their back?
          Remember the wisdom of George W. Bush? “Is our children learning?”]
          Retitled for the sake of topicality.

          ‘The Present Administration’

          We three kings of orient are
          One in a taxi, one in a car,
          One on a bicycle, one on a tricycle
          Wearing his mother’s big bra.

          Of course, often the cuts have shut down the centre where the childcare is, so everyone loses their childcare and all the childcare workers get chucked onto the dole. And all the youth centre staff ditto, and maybe get put on workfare cleaning up the graffiti done by youths who might have been steered away from a life of crime if the youth centre hadn’t been closed.

          Ironically the ‘daft bints’ who work in the jobcentre and work programmes, if they have had kids, seem to get all their childcare arranged and paid for by the work programme/jobcentre. They don’t get the irony that when they tell single parents to get childcare, to ‘be available for work’, that childcare is unavailable or unaffordable.

          Also for all work programme staff: which part of their non-job job is so strenuous that it requires them to take a 3-hour lunch break (return afterwards is optional) and receive a paid-for delivered luxury buffet/platter lunch from a private catering company? Each platter of sandwiches costing more than a claimant’s weekly housing benefit?

          • It was, for me, “We three kings of orient are; One in a taxi, one in a car, One on a scooter, bipping his hooter; Following yonder star” (or change first line to “we four lads of Liverpool are” and the last line to “Following Ringo Starr”).

            How about:

            We MPs of Britain are;
            Two in a taxi
            One in a car
            Titles to gain, expenses to claim
            You know who we are.

  8. What fuckin chance have we got ?

  9. Ed Miliband is a CUNT!!

    Fuck this Nazi bastard!!!!!!

  10. Milliband should consentrate his energies on closeing tax loopholes and evasion,after all most of these tax havens are in Brittish dependancies and durisdictions and are therefor subject to Brittish laws,if even half the monies were recovered it would wipe out the deficit in one stroke.

  11. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    His “solution” to the unemployed appears to be to create an army of temporary workers, Some of the pro labour are just as deluded as the pro tory. They dont see there are questions that havent been answered. This is yet another back of the fag packet idea. SO a person unemployed for 2 years will be put on a job for 6 months paid for by the government so why bother to hire anyone this is turning the government into a job agency, with disposable workers, it will not give stability in peoples lives, If for 6 months they have x amount of money, then no job chances are they will find it hard to go back to dole money (if they even will get that as they should have been “saving” i guess).. so more debt, then 2 years after that back and the debt will be paid off and so on

    • No Eric. Whichever party gets in next time they will be setting in motion a time limit on benefit claims – probably two years. After that your out on your ear, no money, nothing.

  12. He gets a big fuck off from me as well.

  13. Oh i dunno, i think he’s quite cute

    • He is – more dodgy than the artful Dodger on a Saturday night.

      • I commented on his speech and told him to fuck off then he told me to fuck off so i told him to fuck off saying fuck off so he called me a cunt so i said who are you calling me a cunt you cunt. Fucking cunt calling me a cunt.

          • @shirleynott sorry , i went into derek and clive mode there..i have a warped sense of humour..

          • http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/joanne-attacks-plans-to-cut-disability-grant-228135.html

            “Ms O’Riordan, who was born without limbs, forced the Government to tear up plans to cut the disability allowance for young people under the Coalition’s first budget.

            However, a report released yesterday has again suggested that the weekly €188 payment for new claimants be axed, because it was encouraging “early school-leaving and welfare dependency”.

            nice to know these bastards care about the disabled look they have cute videos on youtube…

            • It’s probably been pointed out before, but didn’t Cameron have a disabled son, now deceased? Isn’t it the supreme irony that it is HIS government that is behaving this way towards the disabled? It’s a pretty safe assumption that he was profoundly ashamed of/embarrassed by said son while he was alive, otherwise he’d be a whole lot more conflicted and ill-at-ease with what the Dept of Wolves and Psychopaths are doing now, the inhuman fuck!
              PS: Isn’t the term “worklessness” used lately because it’s a less loaded, stigmatising word than “unemployed”, rather than because it sounds patronising? Still, another fine outburst from Johnny, who is spot on about poor old Ralph Milliband…

            • @bobchewie – loved the Derek & Clive skit! – perhaps we can all tell him to fuck off when… Oh, we probably will at the next election. It’s bloody depressing, if predictable that all the major political parties are now sharing the same hymn sheet and singing in unison and harmony too.

              @timfrom – asking why Cameron allows his government to treat disabled people in such a disgusting way is a pertinent point. Why is he allowing it? And if he was ashamed/embarrassed, why?

              The ‘workless’ moniker is possibly as loaded and stigmatised as unemployed, but in different ways. With the latter it does beg the question if unemployed, why? Thus linking it with the fact that there is a general lack of employment out there, even when there isn’t a lack of work, (though there seems to be a lack of work that they actually want to pay people to do, i.e. employ them). If someone is unemployed, it is because someone else isn’t employing them, therefore it could just be someone else’s fault they aren’t employed, whereas using workless makes it easier to then blame the individual for their own lack of work, as opposed to employment (despite the fact that they are probably working very hard at a) maintaining their existence, and b) doing all they can to find paid work and c) working very hard to avoid the sanctions and hassle that the government sends their way. They may also be working very hard to bring up the next generation/caring for the older generation as well as all the other stuff that they have to do, and maybe doing some of all that work that the government has found for the workless to do, but doesn’t want to pay them to do, not even the inadequate minimum wage). OK, so it’s semantics, but I think that semantics are very important in contexts like this.

              • Thanks for your dissection of ‘workless’ as opposed to ‘unemployed’. Indeed, semantics are important. The language politicians use is very revealing of their true intent/feelings. I was just a little vague as to why one word was worse than the other. Now it is all clear. Cheers.

              • PS: As to why Cameron might be ashamed/embarrassed by his son, I’d say because it casts his seed in a less-than-Master-Race-perfect kinda way, thus undermining his unshakeable belief in his own entitlement to have sway, indeed the power of life and death, over our lives. Or something!

            • something survived...

              IDS: “You lazy cow – grow some more limbs! Or lick the road clean with your tongue!”

    • something survived...

      Cute as rabies

      • something survived...

        Good job Ivan wasn’t born in 1930s Germany. Daddy dearest might be, in a time of recession, improving his work prospects by taking Cameron junior to one of those special clinics for disabled people. After being seen by the ‘doctor’, result! No disabled person! (The creeps often used actual ambulances with carbon monoxide, later they moved to injections)
        [NB I’m fervently prochoice, by the way; but the Nazi policy of murdering the disabled was not humane and was the opposite of choice.]

        Imagine nowadays having a disabled son, over 18, needing constant care. Imagine one of these delightful missives arrives on your doorstep. Addressed to your son, but he is too unconscious, brain-damaged, etc to read it. It orders him to a work placement ASAP, or his benefits will be stopped. The work placement is as an apprentice builder.
        You explain this to the DWP but then they pursue you, the parents, for not working. You explain you are full time carers. They say you should be looking for work! Your son is called to an interview to explain why he did not attend the work focused interview, work capability assessment, or other assorted pile of old bollocks. You call them and say he cannot attend. They say they need to speak to him directly and won’t speak with you. You eventually put him on (moaning and unconscious). They hang up. Later a letter informs you that his benefits are stopped, because he refused to engage with the programme and was rude down the phone, also behaved badly at work interviews. (Which never took place).

        Or imagine your daughter has a mild learning disability. She can do most things for herself, but is way too trusting and can be taken advantage of. She has her DLA stopped and changed to IB, then ESA. Then to JSA.
        She gets mandated to a job with an ‘entertainments company’. It turns out to be a job as a stripper. She can’t say no or she’ll lose her benefit. The company tell her taking your clothes off in public is ‘just a funny game’, or that ‘it makes you look grown-up and cool’. Quite often she gets groped and the bosses say ‘they just like you’.

        Or you’re a couple, older but not pension age yet, together for decades. You have social phobia and hate being apart. You are physically disabled. But you have different disabilities and look after eachother. Maybe one is blind and one has physical limitations, but is the driver for the blind one, but the blind one is their personal carer. And imagine being told to look for two separate jobs, or be sent on two separate work programmes or workfare. If you try explaining that you are only employable as a pair, they say you are putting up barriers to employment.

  14. ‘ No heart, no soul, no principles, just naked and ruthless ambition. ‘

  15. I’ve just tweeted him this …”last time I vote for “the lesser of two evils”. It’s like having a babysitting choice between Glitter and Savile. Stay in!”

    It really is. Why even go out in the first place, when every choice sickens you? I only ever get Tory, Labour, and Libs to vote for where I live. There’s no way I’m voting for Labour, even to keep Libs/Tories out. As I said, I’m sick of voting for lesser of the evils and playing a part in electing any of these bastards. All three are pandering to prejudice and ignorance and the UKIP mentality that is being perpetuated by the media. I hate not voting but I no longer have a voice.

    • @mamtor13 no one has the guts to stand up against privatised corporation britain…why is that?..its wrecking this country..what happned to ordinary folks..forgotten about as usual..

  16. overburdenddonkey

    labour has caught the “magical jobs tree” virus..the symptoms of economic down turn..ie cash strapped in local working economy…is escalating unemployment…the symptoms are never, can never be, the cause as well…to create more jobs there needs to be more demand, the demand for more jobs is simply not there..or guess what, there would be more jobs…their is simply no economic demand for more jobs…curing the symptoms by shutting them up can never cure the causal disease..the number of jobs is always limited by the demand for them….basically what they are saying is that they will continue to slash welfare spending…if there were 5m spare jobs and 1/2 m unemployed then he might be right….

    • something survived...

      We keep seeing local stories about a brand new this or that, opening in our city or another town in the region, and ‘job creation’. In an area where most people are skint and can’t afford the goods and services. Invariably, two months later the new shop, factory etc suddenly and without warning closes down. And everyone is on the dole, worse off than before.
      Just about the only arse-berries (human equivalent of dags on sheep) making any money from this state of affairs, are the pawn shops and dodgy loan companies.

  17. “Too many children still live in families without work.” now where have i heard that before? and despite the fact thats its not fucking true either

    • I’m convinced all politicians get their ‘facts’ from the tabloids.

    • “Too many children still live in families without warmth” would be a more honest statement – but ‘workless’/’without work’ must be endlessly repeated in case anyone missed it the first 2.5 million times.

      Some of those children Ed refers to as ‘in families without work’ may have been interested in hearing what the leader of the opposition had to say regarding their future hopes/plans (finally). If they heard/read the speech (unbelievably, they very often do read & are even interested in the world around them) the message being sent out, loud and clear, was a repetition of all the other condemnation of their and their family’s lives as somehow fundamentally not ‘up to scratch’, ‘outside of ‘respectable’ norms’/’less than adequate’. Lovely.

      • Most don’t want to live “outside of respectable norms” assuming Millipede means the respectable norm is having a job.In case he hasn’t noticed there are no jobs.
        Politicians, don’t you just love them? Fucking idiots

        • ~ having a job has traditionally been a ‘respectable norm’ (along with the accompanying money/freedom and supposed status – and the stress/overwork etc.). But Ed M. has conveniently sidestepped the ‘no jobs’ aspect, to say that, irrespective of all that, having a job is wrong (& there’s no real excuse). It doesn’t matter if your mum or dad is finds other ways to contribute to society and their community, if they’re not ‘at [paid] work’ ‘they’re not doing any work’. He more or less says these parents are ‘making bad choices’ and, by extension, must be worth less than the parents of other children/young people ‘fortunate’ enough to be working x(paid)hours/week. (Even if little, or no, disposable income is left at the month/week’s end/ they’re overworked/undervalued – the ‘parent(s) in (paid) work are the ‘right’ kind to have). It starts to seem like a deliberate attempt to inform, not just at the parents, but also the wider family – including any children – that the reality of ‘workless’ parents’ circumstances (temporary, long-term or variable) are a moral/personal failing. Personal/economic factors don’t matter – only ‘Are they employed, or self-employed’?

          Now, it’s no longer enough to be living a constrained/pressurised life (financially) – this now includes conditionality and an additional layer of derision courtesy of the very people whose policies have affected so many people’s chance of living even a modest, half-decent life (if on a low income/on benefits). Now encouraging those affected to blame themselves/one another, at the same time (UC confirms).

          This is eerily similar to ‘1984’ which arrives at a point where a child reports their (father?) to the thought-police after hearing the ‘official’ lies on what constitutes ‘a crime’/moral failing over a long-enough time. It’s not unusual now for many ‘grown ups’/groups to lay blame/believing their own situation negatively affected by other groups (have been encouraged to believe the ‘others’ are increasing national/local problems/contribute less than they do). It doesn’t seem too great a leap to imagine that current propaganda could infect (immediate) family relationships. Growing up in a climate of blame and barely-suppressed loathing might lead some to believe there must be truth in the language routinely and deliberately used by supposed ‘leaders’ in ‘important positions’ – so often repeated. Seeing their parents’ demoralising day-to-day experiences at the hands of DWP/Atos (and experiencing knock-on effects on their own lives), at the same time as hearing ‘voices of authority’ labelling ‘worklessness’ as a direct result of ‘not trying hard enough’. With supportive news items, speeches and a growing body of public opinion in agreement – why wouldn’t they (potentially) start to believe that it might be ‘the truth’? Officially, it’s just part of trying to ‘change the behaviour’ of the next generation – and if they start to despise their own lives or lose faith in their parents ability to make ‘good decisions/right choices’ as a side-effect, it would be unfortunate, but then, their parent(s) should have tried harder.

          • oops. ‘not’ [having a job is wrong].

            • oops. ‘not’ [having a job is wrong].

              Who says Its wrong ?

            • The subject of part time women GPs was on news today with the old bollocks of why should state pay to train women if they go and have kids. So its the whole NHS is costing us money crap. More on that was phoney statistics firm CIPD who in january was telling us part time women workers earn More thanks men. Now DWP ministers are telling us part time work Isnt good enough or are they saying part time male workers isnt good enough. So we so far get told they might cap GP visits then deny It now told part time women cost us ..


            • I posted on the void a letter someone complaining about too many disabled parking bays driving ordinary people away from high street stores .
              Now am reading this from the daily hatemail and asking whats wrong with this picture when i read such words as exploiting a weakness in the system .

              atos benefit fraud checks and benefit sanctions and yet there is a weakness in the system?

            • @bob – Ed said. I’ve never really bought into the whole thing – (mentally/logistically) – couldn’t agree that ‘full time’ should have to mainly be 5 days/9-5 (or 36+ hours) & when Tomorrow’s World used to hint that we’d be able to have start to think of things to do with all the extra leisure time we would be forced to have ‘in the future’ it sounded too good to be true – (& it was). (Quite a few people start looking around to see who’s listening if the question of ‘why not a 4 day on/3s day off week?’ is raised (before they start to laugh). We have all these many many people who don’t get to do what they love (for a living) or in very many cases what they’d be good at doing, and can end up watching the clock for years on end, always either waiting for the weekend and/or their next holiday. Why do we do half the things we do? Because that’s the system we find ourselves in .. because we’re on the treadmill before we realise it – (& the pattern was set when it became ‘usual’ to exploit labour in exchange for earnings/a place to stay). Thinking of Grapes of Wrath – for some reason.

              – I would never say that not having a job is wrong (some of my best friends etc. etc.) – I would say that not allowing anyone enough money to be able to ‘live’ rather than barely exist is wrong and morally indefensible).

            • @shirleynott

              Yes. According to Tomorrow’s World, we were supposed to get our own personal robots by the year 2000, that would make us breakfast and bring it to us in bed, make our beds, hold our towel for us when we come out of the shower, bring us a cup of hot cocoa at night, take the rubbish out etc and the computers and automation were going to do most of the work, which would give us lots of leisure time. Little did we know, that what they would actually do is, use the robots to replace us in the workplace while simultaneously dismantling the welfare state and use the computer systems to put us under constant surveillance (UJM) to monitor our 35 hour a week search for jobs that don’t exist and to autonomously sanction our ever decreasing benefits. This isn’t the future we were sold!

            • ~r33, you’re right, welcome to the alternative, nightmare version.
              (fiendishly clever beyond anyone’s wildest fears). There did somehow always seem to be a niggling ‘what if?’ lurking at the back of the set, in hindsight – only seen more clearly now years on. But for late 1970s people, being able to wake up to tea at the touch of a button *In Your Own Home* seemed like the start of amazing times ahead a few short decades later – if this is their fantastic future, they can keep it.

          • “Growing up in a climate of blame and barely-suppressed loathing might lead some to believe there must be truth in the language routinely and deliberately used by supposed ‘leaders’ in ‘important positions’ – so often repeated.”

            This reminds me of something that should always be born in mind when it comes to neo-liberal UK governments (1997-2013). They are particularly fond of Joseph Goebbels, in particular his dictum: “Make the lie big enough, repeat it often enough and the people will believe it”, or words to that effect. You could say the Nazis never went away, they just learned to be a bit more discreet…

            • something survived...

              @shirleynott: It’s called a Teasmade.
              Now there’s a new invention: Everyone can have one in their home. At 5am every morning, the new state of the art IDS shits on your face…

              Some years ago, I had a place with bottled gas, no hot running water, no bathroom (or access to a bathroom), and an outdoor toilet. It had a perspex window, and a skylight made of a clear plastic bag! At the time it was ‘luxury’ as it had more space and privacy that I’d ever had before. Then I got burgled, evicted for being burgled (really for being ‘abnormal’), and made homeless.

              Is our world really run by wankers?

            • @something survived …
              Originally going to be known as the ‘Tea(se)Maid’ to maximise impact/best represent the Utopian dream (more or less what happened anyway) . It was only when domestic power cuts at any hour of the day/night became usual for years (months?) on end, that sales went down and/or people couldn’t find them. ‘Candle-power’ option not included on early models. IDS’s (a)version only around the corner – in planning stage already.

              It’s been near-impossible to put a price on having a room of one’s own – until recently, when we now know it costs from £19 upwards/week extra if a social tenant/double for any two. And just what kind of people are (still) running the world is rhetorical with the jury are no longer out (if they ever went?). There’s been a Jarvis Cocker song posted on here not so long ago that answers it though, (in his own inimitable style) and gets the message across clearly & in words of one syllable.

    • fuck tory rats

      This guy has already thrown his dad under the bus.

  18. Jonny my old bro. You can’t do the fuck the system blog with a
    “Dine at Walt Disney World” Ad

  19. Great post, thanks. Apart from all the points raised in it, which I agree with, it’s important, because due to Labour’s treacherous policies (which I’m so glad more and more people are coming to realise) we effectively live in a one-party state. Nothing will change for the better with Labour like this. With a Tory, despite the lies to the contrary, you know you’ll be shat on. But Labour – the party pretending to support the less well-off – really are hypocrites. Can you imagine the mindset of a Labour MP – pretending to be one thing and doing the exact opposite. The are evil, weak, charlatans. And because of their position and policies they leave vast swathes of working people with no representation. So it annoys me when I come across people say they hate the Tories and then go and vote Labour, as if Labour still had the same policies it had in the 1970s.

    • It’s worse than a one party state, though – it’s the supermarket state. We have 4 big supermarkets in the country. They all do exactly the same things in exactly the same way, but they’re just different enough to make people believe that they have a choice. Except they don’t – they have the illusion of choice without the reality; and because the big four can carve up the food market between them, wield huge power towards both consumers and suppliers, and effectively tie up both ends in such a way that their smaller competition dies or can’t get started…

      Free markets don’t stay free. They’re dynamic systems, and will eventually settle into dynamic equilibrium – with a few big players dominating the landscape in such a way that competing with them becomes impossible. When that happens to a market, it ceases to be useful as an economic driver and instead becomes an economic dampener. Turns out the same thing happens to political parties too…

  20. The Labour leadership must stop reading the Tory press and believing what they read,because everything in it is bogus.

  21. i dont get the disney stuff thank god…but i did inherit some virus that placed shit ads on any white space…

    • I guess I must be very lucky then, because I don’t get any ads whatsoever using the Chromium browser on Lubuntu, though perhaps I ought to shut up about it in case that gets fixed.

      Bob, aren’t all ads shit? Most of them are trying to persuade us to buy crap stuff we don’t need.

      • Not Only are ads shit they are propaganda too. Eg the symantec one for anti virus which depicts the hactivist group Anonymous as a threat

        • Well, they are a bit of a double-edged sword, but hardly what I’d call a virus… but me, a (sometimes somewhat smug) Linux user doesn’t really have to worry about viruses and worms and trojans and spyware and…

          I can afford to stop worrying and ignore Symnantec, (though I do run ClamAV to make sure my Windows using friends are not affected by viruses I might inadvertantly speread – it’s free with Linux!)

          Thus endeth the Linux ad.

  22. Delusional swivel-eyed leftists at their best.

    Hiding in the corner with sore bottoms.

    When you find the real world, make sure you join the party of this universe. The Tory Party…..

  23. I’ve literally no idea who I want to vote for. I guess the Greens but even they aren’t that appealing…

    • I vote on policy. There are a few policies I really care about, and the Greens mostly (and uniquely) tick the right boxes. When they stop, I’ll go elsewhere. (Until 2010, the Lib Dems did that. I didn’t realise it’d only take the tip of a banker’s hat for them to abandon everything they ever stood for…)

      • I agree, I voted for the Lib Dems in 2010 as they most accurately represent(ed) what I want in a party, but no longer. I’ll look into the Greens some more I think.

        • Even the Greens are out for me, as many of them here seem to be colonial white settler types with a less than positive attitude towards the natives (Welsh people) and have attitudes that in my opinion are in favour of ethnic cleansing.

          So I guess for me it’s a case of voting Plaid Cymru again in despair! (Though if Scotland goes independent next year, as I hope it does, things could radically change, and not just in Wales – Scotland going independent could be the wake up call for Labour, as it has never, and could probably never form a government relying on votes from England alone, and it’d be a tough call with votes from Wales as well)

          • Fair call; if I were in Scotland, I’d certainly be voting SNP and for independence, and if I were in Wales I’d vote PC for much the same reasons. But here in the middle of England, my options are limited – the Greens are probably the best of the also-standing-weres.

    • my most sincere advice to you is dont vote for any of them they are all pure scum

  24. After Milliband’s historic speech today choosing between Conservative and Labour policies is like having acid thrown in your face, or having acid thrown in your face.He is nothing but a spineless copycat,desperate for votes believing IDS type rhetoric is a true perception of public opinion .

    • Even stooping so low as to borrow ‘make work pay’ – straight from the current song sheet. Either (not so well read) Ed believes the majority of voters have now gone to sleep/stopped listening – and/or he knows it’s clear to all that he’s not about to say or try to do anything to reverse the devastation, so he might as well use already normalised terms of abuse (worklessness & etc.). Why not? (he has only his ‘credibility’ to lose).

  25. F***k all the parties!! their only out for one thing, to be leader some day! none of them have the nations best interests at heart, bunch of w****** the lot of them!!

  26. Here’s what we need to do: get the Tories in for a proper full term, vote them in, campaign for them, campaign against Labour, all that – no, seriously, hear me out here.

    The fucking wholesale destruction they will do to everyone in the country between 2015 and 2020 will make the People RISE UP and revolt and hang all those Party bastards in the street. It will be Revolution time! No half measures.
    Then we can get down to a Year Zero of proper Socialism.

    That’s what we need to do.

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  28. Labour is not our friend, but who is? Lib Dems are in bed with the Conservatives, UKIP are fascist and the other parties can’t get seats.

  29. so that it then 5 more fuck years of the con/lib oh god ed why you have to be a idoit god i wish they all fuck off

  30. Why, oh why do you have to spoil a perfectly good rant against a weak and ambitious slimeball by using the name of a lovely and useful part of women’s bodies as a term of abuse? I’m fed up with it, really I am!

    • I agree. How about maggot dick?

    • At the risk of ducking the issue, why does ‘useful’ have to come into it? (pun not intended or strictly necessary).

      • something survived...

        How about appendix (like Michael Gove) or ‘nasal polyp’ like Jeremy Hunt? Theresa May as a cyst; the Milibands as genital warts; Cameron as ‘Unwashed Scrotum’, IDS as balanitis; Eric Pickles as smegma; Capita as buboes; DWP as a carbuncle; Atos as crab lice.

  31. so….how the hell can we stop this which hunt,,without assassination,
    are there any answers ,,REVELUTION get these toffs silver spoon fed oiks out the way (france and the guillotine ring any bells eh ,,governmental bastards ,,my mates mum killed herself because these cuts ,she would still be here now if it wasn’t for all this victimisation ,,execute parliament fools

    • I am voting for a tree stump next election

    • overburdenddonkey

      steven…they have set the whole system up to dominate those who are, not like them, they want us to use the same tactics of domination, back at them…we have to find our inner strength…and find another way..that is beyond this type of corruption…find the unshakable reasoned arguments…also, we are the many they are the few….the peoplesassembly.org ..is worth looking at….we do have to get rid of this brutal regime of governments….

    • We need to do it not talk –
      get off the screen and into the REVOLTION!

  32. I-am_SPartacus

    CUNT is not swearing twat is. A cunt is by definition some tosser male or female that gives rise to other cunts through demonstration of bullying and bigotry as acceptable and promotive nepotism or maybe just mimicry, thereon perpetrating the abuse by giving rise to the next generation of abusers. From my perpsective your comment Dee has substance in that if we use abusive words then the trolls and punks that target us and vicitmise us will tar us with their perversions and call us.., but from what I can see JohnnyVoid is simply stating the truth that these people are bastards and cunts [FACT]. When used in the correct context this is not swearing… it is only when it is taken out of context through use wrongly or offensively that it becomes vulgar. It was OK in Shakespeare’s time to use profanity to express frustration…this is why after all we are all subscribe to this channel. We have a bond of brotherhood and sisterhood through pain and suffering at the hands of these pigs (‘everyone’s equal said the animals just some of us (the pigs) are more equal than others)
    Dig in and prepare for siege
    We are Spartus

    • something survived...

      Twat is a milder way of saying cunt, but so is twit and prat. A few years ago I saw some stupid censorship: the word censored was twat or something slightly stronger, meaning vagina. In the context of ‘idiot’. However the word they replaced it with, was ‘berk’. I think this was the BBC! Not knowing that berk is Berkeley Hunt = cunt. And on a breakfast show once a woman got away (I think plugging ‘The Vagina Monologues’) with saying, “Reclaiming cunt”. Shakespeare is full of it: ‘Country matters’ (Hamlet); ‘Her fan’s the fairer face’ (Romeo and Juliet); ‘[my sting] if the fool could find it’ [clitoris] (Taming of the Shrew). References to ‘fools with baubles’ are actually originally about long jesters’ staffs with a knob on the end, used one time as a form of medieval dildo. In ancient Greece the play ‘Lysistrata’ refers to leather dildo use.
      You can call somebody dick, bellend, knob, but it seems not as strong as the c word.
      Possibly we need better swear words. Maybe we should make the names of IDS etc. swear words that are stronger than our current ones. After all, fuck is losing its power. “You goving, milibanding IDS!”
      And in centuries historians will try to find out the origin of the swear words, and some may find out about, for example, an obscure fly-turd on the armpit of history, called IDS. And they will find, if researching his life, that really he was an utter… IDS. Because there isn’t a worse possible word for it.

  33. I-am_SPartacus

    READ the speech by Milband and see for yourself … he is yet just another.
    We deserve, the country deserves BETTER.
    The solutiion will be a real politician with real values nand vision ot the idiots and bigots that foul the ploitical landscpape currently. We need a man/ woman with humanitratian values. Labour needs to sort its vlaue and its leadership out DOUBLE TIME !

  34. I-am_SPartacus

    READ the script and see for yourself. Miliband IS just another. Speeches like this vilify the vulenrable just like the brown shirts past. Labour needs to sort itself out DOUBLE TIME. We need, we deserve NO we DEMAND better !

  35. Miliband is blaming the tories for the fact that he may not be able to restore child benefit to those earning over 60k (which I believe was a step in the right direction by the tories), but then Ed proposes to cut off benefits for the poorest, just who does his party represent?

    His policies are contradictory at least and treacherous at worst for the working class who the labour party once represented. Why do we pay for a shadow cabinet that agrees with the prevailing government, we may as well half the number of mp’s in the commons and let them join the rest of us in the dole queue, better still get rid of government and the lords altogether because they all refuse to sanction the rich and their illegal activities.

    Local government who are still behind the housing associations are now calling tenants customers, they carry out estate inspections looking for people who have not done their gardens probably checking how clean their windows are too. They are amalgamating with all and sundry to provide invasive services into peoples lives as opposed to real help,they talk down to tenants via their magazine as if they are two year olds. They are duplicating services of the job centre with the offer of help to find work, train or fill in cv’s, yet make a complaint about them and they tie you into a three stage useless complaints system before you COULD appeal to an ombudsman, a system which has now been changed and is trying to prevent you the comlainant from presenting your own case to the ombudsman instead dictating to you further by telling you to find a councillor or an mp to present present your case – like hell, they are all as bent as the ones you are complaining about. When they are in the wrong they do not want you to have access to any real justice, it’s all stage management, corruption and dictatorship.

  36. we do need to stand up and be counted ,,but how ,there’s no Jarrow marches anymore ,and police and army would stop us before we got anywhere near London ,there’s no unions,,and we don’t have a voice that will be listened to we may be majority ,but number do not count anymore . the government know the people are not happy. but they will not listen to us ,,they have made decisions and are sticking by them . we are nothing to them . how did this country go so wrong

  37. andiantichrist

    And mine. I could barely believe what he was spouting, fucking bluenose Tory twat.

  38. 23 Million ‘adults’ gave their personal mandates to these f*cks in Westminster at the last General Election……….well done shitheads, you’ve just screwed up your own grandchildren’s future. But hey, never mind, you’ll still have the Royals and Britains got f*ck all Talent and Emmerdale and PG Tips and the Premier League (the best league in the world don’t you know) and Jeremy Clarkson and……….

  39. @ Thomas M The other parties can’t get seats only because you don’t have the sense to VOTE for them. Vote GREEN.

  40. so ,,ok,, which party is the most trustworthy to have on the PEOPLES side ?

  41. Fuck those fuckers, they can all fuck off!

    On a serious note, TUSC for me if I get half a chance come 2015!

  42. TUSC is a coalition, not a political party, with a federal structure. All candidates supporting the coalition must support a core declaration of principles, but beyond this each candidate is free to campaign on the platform of their own political party.

  43. Gutless. Spineless. Wanker.

    As I said, to Ed, yesterday, he’s just another Tory.

    Fuck them.

  44. Ed Milliband has adopted the Tories and Lib Dems anthem………KILL THE POOR by The Dead Kennedys.

  45. They are just puppets dancing to the tune of the Fat Cat Corporate Capitalists. We’ve got no chance of these people ever doing any thing for us because we just ain’t got enough Wonga to fill up those brown envelopes that they slavishly work for all their political lives. We are screwed well and truly. As technological advances increase with the lab rats now working on designing machines that will have the capability to make more machines, the rich 1% elite will soon have no need of people, certainly not the poor ones who helped make them rich by working their arses off day in and day out for a pittance. Dystopian future no longer a myth it’s coming nearer everyday. By 2020, the poor will probably be living in shanty towns. Business leaders though don’t give a shit,. On Bloomberg yesterday an investor was practically drooling over the prospect of Businesses making money in countries like China and India whose middle classes are growing at an exponential rate. Yeah they’ve shafted the Western Middle Classes and have left them with oodles of debt hanging around their necks for decades to come. So now they will go and do the same to them. By the way the majority of so-called middle classes are really working class they just now believe they are middle class due to all the funny money they were allowed to borrow to buy things. Now the funny money is gone yet they still cling to the bullshit illusion that they are middle class.

    • I-am-Spartacus

      The Director of Blade Runner wept recently…he never knew that he’d imagined stark reality to come so accurately when he capturwd it on film. Fiction IS now , reality is real.

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  47. Sad truth is it is a race 2 the bottom. Single mums do a valuable job clothing, washing, feeding and bringing up the next generation. Jonny you are correct in that it is popular tripe that Ed is spouting, lets hope it is just 2 get in!

  48. we are not represented by any political GANG the only reason we are given the vote is to create the illusion that we have a democratic choice , we dont we never have and never will . no matter who one votes for the government always get in , all the partys are one political gang of of corrupt elite they answer only to the corperate they serve only themselves . modern day politics globally has failed society the only option left is revolution peaceful protest has not made one bit of difference .

  49. We should not have in all honesty expected any better from Millipede, what with his privileged background, expensive education & total lack of experience of what’s like to do a REAL job, a job in which he had to get his manicured hands dirty that is. His compulsory jobs guarantee is just smoke & mirrors, workfare but with the minimum wage,nothing about creating real jobs, housebuilding & improving the country’s infrastucture
    Worst part is the repeating of the tory lie, that unemployment is caused by the unemployed & the unemployed are “lazy” “workshy” & all rest of the tired old rhetoric that we’ve heard so often now, to the point it’s become boring. But still the public believe this crap, on channel4 news there’s this guy , a fisherman moaning about having to get up at 3.30 in the morning & “those on the dole are lying in bed till midday”. Excuse me, where’s the proof? He chose to work in the fishing industry, so do some snotty relatives of mine, what with their fancy houses & BMWs, conveniently overlooking the fact that there’re subsidised to the eyeballs by the EU!
    The tories are done such a number that the country is hopelessly split, there is no solidarity any more, & it would no better under labour, so who do we vote for?

    • Vote for whoever offers the policies that you support,regardless of party affiliation, they could be independent, as long as you use your vote,most important.

      • something survived...

        If I lie (on the busted couch) till noon, it’s because I’ve been jobseeking till 6am, you Jeremy Hunt.

  50. An independent who is not a ukip wolf in sheep’s clothing

  51. Anyone that does not vote should have no complaints about the state we are in now !!!

    • Murray thats rubbish and you know It is…no one to vote for

      • If you don’t want to vote, that’s (extremely) valid, but you could at least spoil your ballot paper so people know that.

        If I had £500 going spare, I’d stand as a “reopen nominations” candidate, so that the ballot-spoilers at least had someone to vote for.

        • Perhaps that’s an idea to consider – if it’s £500 for a deposit, it’s not such a hard hill to climb, and perfectly possible to raise that kind of money by campaigning locally. A lot of people are hacked off and simply don’t vote because there isn’t a protest option – and we get shit government, (though from my perspective, governments can’t be anything else), so having an option like that would allow people that choice, and go some way to challenging the validity and legitimacy of our electoral system, which would be good, as it’s something no major political party wants to have to address – even thought it relies on the ‘legitimacy’ of the electoral system to form a government, though how legitimate a government that can be ‘elected’ on the votes of a mere 25% of the electorate, which the Tories didn’t get, remember, goes to show just how rotten our political system is.

          I’m always torn by whether to vote or not, and usually end up voting for my usual choice in desperation, but mostly to shut the ‘don’t vote you got no right to complain’ brigade up, neatly sticking one finger up at them and pointing out how utterly absurd their argument is – if voting made any fucking difference it’d be illegal!

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      Murray Your vote means nothing you have a choice between hell of the tories, hell of labour or hell of another party. There is no difference so in effect we have a dictatorship masquading as democracy. Labours plan is to be a tory, why bother to vote when no matter what happens we are screwed by them. This if you dont vote you should have no complaints is an easy excuse for people, Hell is hell, a vote would not have changed anything

      In other news Jonty Olliff-Cooper has left back-to-work training provider A4E, where he was director of policy and strategy. According to an A4E spokesman, Olliff-Cooper resigned and has decided to take a few months off before starting his next role. Olliff-Cooper declined to comment. http://www.brandrepublic.com/go/public_relations/article/1185183/news-round-up-home-house-pigeons-amplify/

  52. Miliband’s speech amounted to nothing more than a cowardly capitulation to the right-wing media’s hate campaign being waged against all of us. Not so much a case of keeping the red flag flying, more the white one.

    Yup, there’s a lot of cowards flinching and traitors sneering in today’s “Labour” Party.

    • What do readers of this blog make of this idea local mini houses of parliament and lords


      • A totally absurd idea – we need more government like we need a hole in the head – it’s merely a tactic for diverting attention away from the real issues. I’m not saying that localism and local democracy isn’t a good thing, in my view local democracy, ( and I mean really local, at the community or even strteet level) is the most important level of control, but this can be done anyway – all people have do is hijack an old Nike slogam and ‘Just Do It’ and two fingers up at government and political parties of any colour, showing what utter irrelevancies they are!

  53. I’ve just read something announced in the June 2010 budget:

    “Switch to CPI indexing for Local Housing Allowance from 2013-14

    “Reduce awards to 90 % after 12 months for claimants of Jobseekers Allowance”


    Does Ed Miliband support this? People who are unemployment should have their benefit (LHA) cut BECAUSE they are unemployed!

    • That’s been axed. The original proposal was to reduce both LHA and JSA by a tenth after 12 months unemployed; then it was announced that it’d only be JSA that was decimated; and now, the policy appears to be in limbo. Is it still in force? Has it been superseded by the DWP’s “we’ll sanction anyone, whether we’re allowed to or not, because seriously who’s going to stop us?” policy? Has anyone had their JSA cut by a tenth yet?

  54. Who is making these policies? We should not be giving them web space.

  55. Ed Miliband is a dribbling cunt-faced bastard.

  56. This grotesque fuck, and his brother, piggy backed into politics on their fathers name, who, did not go without either. So who could really be surprised that they are poly tics and not politicians.

  57. chewie twickerati wordpress not available it says.

  58. All the 3 main partys have been toeing the same line – the bastards.

  59. overburdenddonkey

    basically we must find a workable way of limiting the power of our current political system, and move into the 21st century and out of the dark ages where politics is now at….ie restrict the matters that they deal with as sovereign representatives..and what they can therefore vote on…in the interests or on behalf of the people…so that we the people can have a direct vote on every issue that concerns us…their focus should be to, carry out the will of the people’s and suggest policies…but not to actually make policies..that many ordinary folk will see as wrong and will only serve their interest of the few at the sacrifice/detriments of the many…so that in the future all policies are made in the short long term and sustainable interests of all of the people all of the time….by the people, for the people…
    the whole framework should be based on the fundamental need of vitals for all individual human beings…access for all to a good wholesome healthy diet…fresh water…warm comfortable shelter…clothing…and decent medical care…and freedoms to express human being…fundamental to clem atlees, principles of dignity…this should be always at the core…the whole political structure should be built around the individuals rights to human dignity…and what we say this core right is, therefore consensus based! we must never lose sight of the fundamental needs of the individual’s human dignity ever again…..the regulation of, and access to human rights via the accumulation of wealth, is non-social…i want a socially cooperative society….and personally i do not care if the other is rich, but not at my expense! the balance of power has shifted too far away from the “people”, and needs to be restored…urgently…

    i do begin to warm to the green party…yes…untried….untested…i’ll keep a closer eye on them…!

    • Ummm – it’s called anarchy, and doesn’t need government,or political parties, so rather than things being done on ‘behalf’ of people, why not people just doing it by themselves?

  60. So now we know. Cameron thinks we’re units of labour only fit to be bought and sold into permanent workfare. Now Miliband imagines he can get away with much the same policies. Except when it comes to election time us units of labour will be expected to Unite Behind Labour and vote for even more benefit cuts and even more compulsory workfare schemes.

    The new, improved Labour Party : doing for fairness and equality what Rodney & Del-boy did for priceless chandeliers.

  61. very well said overburdeneddonkey.

  62. Wonder if Freud will be re-hired by Blu-Lab to finish the job on our extinction once they resume office.

  63. If we allow the current poor to become extinct,then that would leave plenty of room for the aspiring poor !!!

  64. looks like labor wont be getting back in then.

  65. and here is the proof thats my piccie so it knew me…..and look what i got in return…http://www.flickr.com/photos/35721010@N02/8980597568/

  66. Thank Fuck for Johnny Void.

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  68. Milliband and the treacherous scum in the Labour Party: FUCK OFF, YOU CUNTS

  69. The Unions should no longer fund the Labour party as it is the same as giving the money to the Tories . Instead use the Money to take Gov Uk to the International courts both in the Hauge and the United Nations charged with Democide and Cruelty in breach of International Law.

  70. I-am-Spartacus

    VOTE DONKEY 4 president

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  72. Rosemarie Harris

    Not voting is how we got into this Government! There are people who are trying to set up a party from the ‘left’ but it is in it’s beginning this might be a party worth looking at and helping out in whatever way YOU can.
    I think it’s left unity,fight back by joining and get other people involved have a input into it and even stand for them in the elections. Many people are not being thought about this could be your chance to change the future!

    • We’d still end up with government, and the government would have a conflict of interests.

      We do need left unity, but not with the idea of forming a fucking government, but for getting rid of the whole notion of government. I’m sure the various Trot and Commie and the few ‘principled’ members of the Labour Party that are left are all for some kind of Left Unity co-alition, but we’d still end up with the same old shit, a government deciding for us what we need to do, and then making us do it.

      A more positive way forward would be for people to form a unity around the idea of ‘Fuck politicians, we’re going to do it ourselves’. Neatly getting rid of politicians and government, neither of which we need. Think about it, discuss with friends/people in the street/the dog, then act!

  73. After all of his pandering and groveling before the right-wing hate media by viciously, cruelly, opportunistically and cynically attacking the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in society who are already overwhelmed by the brutal Tory assault of the past few years, the Tory press are still going to call this dull, treacherous, insipid little weasel “Red Ed” every day, they’re still going to say he can’t be trusted on the economy and will increase the deficit and the debt, they’re still going to accuse him of plotting to let in “hordes of immigrants”, they’re still going to accuse him of being “soft on layabouts and wasters” and they are still going to print hysterical headlines screaming about the threat of a “Communist Takeover!” if he is elected Prime Monster.

  74. Who the fuck is”Eric Hobsbawm” and also who the fuck cares ?

    • I think the tory blog is trying to suggest that Ed is stalin and the NHS is run by the KGB and that privatising It will free it from the yoke of communism e It from

    • Google him, important Commie historian who probably got his analysis of the English working class about right, even though his Commie thinking severely limited his world-view*

      *Snarky anarchist comment about Commie historian 🙂

      • Ah, Marxists. So good at diagnosing problems, so lousy at understanding what’s (not) required in a solution… 😉

  75. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  76. Red Ed is as blue as Jacqui Smith’s husband’s video selection!

  77. Who the HELL can we vote for when Labour, LibDem, Ukip AND the Conservatives are ALL -EXTREME RIGHT WING?

  78. I wouldn’t vote for the Green Party EITHER, they’d just cut benefits even more to pay for a politically motivated ‘environmental’ agenda, just another excuse to take even more money out of our pockets. There’s NO .major actual Socialist party now Milliband has gone over to the Tories side. So who CAN we vote for?

    • Green Party would Nationalize essential industries, such as Power and Water companies. And create Green jobs. I don’t know where you get it that they would cut Benefits.

    • Green intend to raise benefits AND the minimum wage. I should know, having been told that in person by Natalie Bennett herself (it pays off quite a bit to be involved with charities). I was in a meeting in parliament, launching a campaign about food poverty, run by a consortium of over 70 charities and community groups. It really says a lot when the only Conservative MP to even show up arrived late and then buggered off after about 10 minutes. The only Labour MP was juggling the meeting with other stuff and kept disappearing and reappearing. A Lib Dem peer was an instrumental part of the meeting actually happening in the first place (i.e she got us access to parliament and booked the room etc, and was in the meeting throughout). Given that it was totally voluntary for any MPs to show up at all, it was a huge (and very pleasant) surprise to see the leader of the Greens there.

      It’s my opinion that attendance to such events is a reasonable barometer to determining how parties prioritise issues. I was already considering voting Green after comparing multiple parties’ policies and calculating where my allegiances lay. Sending their leader to the meeting pretty much guaranteed my vote for the next election. Sure, my confidence is not high that they’ll deliver results on their ideas, especially after seeing how epically the Lib Dems failed to deliver on theirs last time, but any reasonable attempt would certainly be welcome.

      • @JOHNNY VOID AND EVERYONE !!!! I knew this was going to happen, just didnt know when, since claimant blogsites hace becaome popular i knew before ling that the govt and theiur lackeys would retalitaite with counter blogs..well here is just one….
        let me say first that pretty much all the ”facts ‘ can be shot away..with eg the the sheffiled hallam one of which i am familiar by now (its the 900,000 one) the author of this disreputable blog omits the fact that the people who were on incapacity were LEGITIMATELY places there due to to the severity of there conditions..i note he quiets thema as the ‘hidden’ unemployed which is what sheffiled hallam says in the report but he just leaves out the part that they were in IB becaise of their illness NOr what he claims..


        http://thegreatwelfarescrounge. (break) wordpress.com/parliament/

      • @JOHNNYVOID AND EVERYONE !!!! I knew this was going to happen, just didnt know when, since claimant blogsites have become popular i knew before long that the govt and their lackeys would retalitiate with counter blogs..well here is just one….
        let me say first that pretty much all the ”facts ‘ can be shot down..with eg the the sheffiled hallam one of which i am familiar by now (its the 900,000 one) the author of this disreputable blog omits the fact that the people who were on incapacity were LEGITIMATELY placed there due to the severity of there conditions..i note he quotes them as the ‘hidden’ unemployed which is what sheffiled hallam says in the report but he just leaves out the part that they were on IB because of their illness NOT what he claims..

        I just wonder who is behind this shit with their ‘FACTS’..


        http://thegreatwelfarescrounge (break) .wordpress.com/parliament/

        pass this on to OTHER claimant sites if poss…eg BW…..and others.!!!!

        • Thanks for the link. I just replied to that blog. I was rather more verbose than I would like to be, but I was honest and made a lot of well-sourced points. My comment is awaiting moderation.

          • @lepusfelix….ok its a start but we must be vigilant guys..there may be more lurking yet…….i just knew this was gonna happen..its bad enough with MSM but this looks like a considered ‘counter’ to what the void and other blogs have been doing..i just wonder who is behind it….DWP? daily hate?…..the ”FACTS” make you wonder…

          • I think you’ll be waiting a long time. According to the blog entitled ‘Au Revoir’, that blogsite (thegreatwelfarescrounge) wound itself up 2 months ago!

            • @timfrom thanks for that i didnt know it had closed . I came across it Only recently..still i wonder why it was set up and who ser it up. It seemed to me it was started in response to this one. Still it seems whatever it wasnt all that popular…i wonder why?

        • have broken the link in your comment, no-ones reading that site, best ignored imo

          • @johnnyvoid i thought it was created in response to your blog…what did you make of it. Thought you might have challenged it…ppl might think you have something to hide…

            • ~bob, if that’s the case, he’s not doing a very good job!

              • @shirleynott Yes but why break a link to a useless site ? All seems odd to me…i think there are others like that probbly More to come .lets see what they have to say ..it might be interesting

              • @shirleynott and all. This is the author of that scroungers site and what he had to say about Atos victims..

                Enough money has been flushed down the welfare toilet so thank goodness IDS and Grayling are finally slamming down the lid on the benefit bog. Unfortunately, the stench of entitlement will probably linger for a while until Atos mop up the remainder of the excrement.

                • Charming fucker, innee? Speaking of health hazard analogies, here’s a good one by The Thick Of It co-writer Ian Martin. On the subject of turning 60, he muses “…but I cannot remember ever before feeling the visceral contempt I have for this gang of posh sociopaths. As a rough guide, I would say any government that sets the welfare of the comfortably off above the welfare of the old, the young, the sick, the poor, the oppressed, the disabled…well, call me old-fashioned, but any government like that wants hosing down the drain.

                • The wonderful world of work. Has brought us something Which is that people are busy busy busy busy working or just being so busy that they dont have time to give a fuck about anyone any More .ive noticed this More and More. Anyone in crisis or needs to chat or just to talk to a friend or ask advice is told ‘ i am busy call back later ‘ you do that and get same message on and on it goes busy busy busy …it will get worse. A call stating that their loved one was killed will be met with ‘ i am busy’ and yet we are told work is the most important thing ever ..look what Its costing us….no time to care…

                • Personally, work should be restricted to what you’re good at, know something about and enjoy doing. Anything else is, to a greater or lesser degree, slavery. And doesn’t our neo-liberal economy need slaves! More and more all the time. The ever-faster pace of society resembles a tornado, gaining strength all the time, liable to spit you out at any time, to land who-knows-where. You’ve got your work cut out just keeping yourself alive, never mind your neighbour. The smart ones among us know to stay well away and to withdraw our labour until the tornado passes. Of course, it’s in the interests of the powers-that-be to keep us ever-busier with ever-less time for each other and consequently atomised, disconnected from each other and ultimately powerless. Divide and Conquer: it works every time (on the unaware)…

                  PS: Iain Banks RIP. Another great soul leaves us to it!

            • @bog – don’t think much of his writing style; analogies/metaphors stink.

            • ~ bob, (apologies – reading dodgy-doings can affect proof-reading skills).

        • I-am-Spartacus

          Cry HAVOC slip free the dogs of War

            • something survived...

              I was watching Yesterday the other night and the theme of The World At War was the racist beliefs that led to the Final Solution. Apart from the grainy black and white footage, it could have been an IDS speech. Including the excerpts from Mein Kampf, and quotes from the wonderful Goering, Himmler, etc. Anyway the propaganda films, books, school textbooks about the Jews, referred to them as vermin and excrement.

    • Other people have countered your direct assertion that the Greens would reduce benefits for anything, so I’ll just pick up the “politically motivated ‘environmental’ agenda” point. Most of the time, I’ve seen that used as an accusation that the Greens favour an overarchingly authoritarian state – yet their record in Parliament, and their stated intentions, show them to be significantly *less* authoritarian than Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems put together. If the price for having my basic civil and legal rights defended is that I have to adjust my way of life to lessen the chance that our grandchildren won’t be able to survive at all, then a) bring it on, and as soon as possible; and b) have a bit of perspective about the relative importance of basic civic freedoms and minor lifestyle inconveniences, for fuck’s sake!

      • @gwenhwfaer looks like we are under attack now…

      • (And of course it goes without saying that anthropogenic climate change is real and already having a destructive effect on the world. No matter what certain vested interests and certain useful idiots will tell you, this is not a controversial viewpoint; it’s thoroughly grounded in hard science. The only real question is whether it’s too late to do anything about it – and personally I tend towards the view that it probably is. And I don’t think I’m the only one; given that the world’s governments are currently jacking up their overt and covert authoritarianism to China-like levels, one has to ask – what is the calamitous inevitability for which they’re preparing themselves and their populations?)

        • @GWEN HWYFAER ther are counter blogs now !!!!!!!!

          • overburdenddonkey

            chewie…i would not worry about these types…they are already in government…!

          • Of course there are. Astroturfing isn’t new – Grant Green (or is it Michael Shapps?) made his living on it, after all, and has been rewarded accordingly.

            • overburdenddonkey

              or shant craps…”how to lie through your teeth, and still smile”

              • That blogsite looks like it was created in response to this one…doesnt seem original at all…..Its Also stupid and arrogant and lists of ‘facts’ Which omit stuff …

              • The twat who created that scrounger blog is a twat and dropped himself in it because he is suggesting that doctors have been acting illegally by signing ppl off sick..remember thats a shit load of ppl and the govt is going to trust the NHS budget on dodgy doctors?

            • overburdenddonkey

              chewie…exactly he falls at first hurdle..he says gp’s are cheats!..

  79. No need to vote people, just form your own committees and just do it. It’s working for thousands of people around the world, in Greece, Argentina, Turkey and other places. Take a look on Indymedia and vice.com

    Be inspired, vote for yourselves!

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  83. Brilliant! The longer he stays, the longer the Labour Party rots. The longer the party rots, the longer we’re all fucked. There’s no rational left or working class party anymore

    • Nicholas, there’s no party of the working class anymore simply because there are no workers worth bothering about.

      All worthy employment opportunities will be awarded to family and/or friends of those with clout. All menial posts will be workfare.

      Feckless, scrounging types will, when our (ig)noble leaders decide another war should be had, be stripped of any offspring over the age of 16. Well, someone has to do the dirty, dangerous, thankless work that our skiving, dishonest, money-grabbing politicians create….them, and their banking chums.

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  86. Teesside Solidarity Movement

    Reblogged this on Teesside Solidarity Movement.

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  89. squashed nose moronic cunt, god help this country with these freaks in charge, lets all fucking leave now.

  90. So many comments here that no one will notice mine. I’m a member of the Labour Party and I can tell you, hand on heart, that Ed Milliband is an unemployed person himself. This really gives a good indication of the solution. The solution isn’t to swear as loudly as possible (nice try though), the solution is clearly to become a politician or rather to develop a Political Party for the unemployed. Trade unionism has already been tried but that ‘Mark’ guy is a communist and is simply trying to persuade unemployed people to become communists? Politics hasn’t been tried.

    You would have a political party called the ‘Unemployment Party’ who would handle unemployment by giving unemployed people jobs as politicians. You could have your own magazine called… wait for it… ‘UP yours’. You would get the entire unemployed population to vote for you and then you would gradually take over!

  91. Well guys, I’m off to an Atosser medical this morning. This was the last thing I wanted to see. The Labs are no different from the Cons. Ed has figured out that bashing the poor and attacking the sick and unemployed is a vote winner. I mean it’s not like either of these two “leaders” is brave enough to tackle the real welfare hogs, OAP’s. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying pensioners are the cause of our troubles, they aren’t. But if cuts were to be made, then they should be made on those who cost the most, not those who cost the least. That “suicide” option is looming just round the corner for me, failing this medical will just about cement it.

  92. LMFAO! You should see the DM spin on this, it’s hilarious.

    “How Miliband will increase handouts for
    older jobless to as much as £100 a week… but benefit would be scrapped for young adults from middle class families”

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