DWP Finally Own Up To Fake Online Campaign

role-models-dwpThe DWP have admitted their involvement in the Role Models: Inspire A Generation youtube channel after first attempting to mislead people that it was initiated ‘by young disabled people for young disabled people’.

The youtube channel hosts 50 videos of disabled people with successful careers and has been criticised as being soft propaganda for the vicious cuts to disability benefits.

The youtube page previously gave no indication that it was a government run campaign, however this has now been changed to admit that: “This account is a co-production between young disabled people and the Department for Work and Pensions.”

The facebook page for the campaign, which also gave no information that it was a government run page, is still missing after it disappeared shortly after it was launched.  Scores of people had visited the page to criticise DWP inspired policies which are forcing hundreds of thousands of disabled people into desperate poverty.

Luckily the youtube channel, which currently has a less than impressive 49 subscribers, is still accepting comments.  The DWP say they want to encourage open and lively debate – but no swearing.

You can join in the open and lively debate at: http://www.youtube.com/user/rolemodelsinspire/

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24 responses to “DWP Finally Own Up To Fake Online Campaign

  1. Cheers Voidman. I checked the YouTube channel and it’s absolutely not packed with commentary that would cheer IDS’s wax-filled ears. One very reasonable comment from Anne Selby spells out the truth very clearly and reasonably, a truth that the three monkeys of IDS, the DWP and Gov’t policy won’t hear because they go la la la, hands over eyes, hands over ears, I can’t hear or see you…
    Anne says,

    Who are my role models?
    Well before I tell you to mind your own business, I am my own role model. I have worked for 30+ years, 11 of them in military service and service in the first Gulf War.
    I am now a pensioner. You want to inspire young disabled?
    Then don’t take away their DLA and their only means of interacting with the other people of this world, which is what you are actually doing.
    There are 500,000 jobs and 2.5 million applicants, even I know, as a dim witted pensioner dribbling into my bib, that 2.5million does not go into 500,000.
    Get your act together and start helping these young people by encouraging educations [sic] and then creating jobs for them to go into.

    God you guys suck.

    I can’t see IDS putting up with the withering humiliation there on YouTube. He’ll pull it. Soon.

  2. josephine jones

    My son with a physicle and mental disability, had 3 jobs and paid to tesco, and 2 other supermarkets, found by disability officer at DWP and paid by the government, which was a very reasonable wage, it cost these shops nothing, only support, one by one they used any excuses to get rid of him, his biggest obstacle was he cannot deal with stress, even at the age of 45 he still can’t, and his leg is very weak.
    Needless to say he was called up a short while ago for Atos, she never examined his leg, she just went on the computer, he scored 0 points, he was claimed fit to work, he rang DWP who told him you should not have been called, and he got an appeal form, and won, I couldn’t help him, we can’t travel, we both disabled ourselves, but they told him it was a letter from his sister, that confirmed he was unable to work.
    The whole point is, if they think that disabled can work, where is the support, when they sacked my son, the disabled officer went each time, to take them on, and pushed hard to make them do the right thing, all he got for his trouble, was a lot of stress, can you honestly think these big shops would treat the disabled any different?
    Even if your not disabled, this new thing about taking on unemployed for nothing, what respect would be shown, that’s one thing missing, and will always be that way, unless the government, learn respect for us all, we vote them in, give money power, and huge expenses, and yet we are class as nothing, and given no respect we so rightly deserve, most healthy people want to work, where are the jobs for them, we are not all lazy people, we just want the rights that greedy government get given, we don’t want great big houses, just food, a shelter over our heads, and a reasonable standard of living.

    • Hoping for Revolution

      Josephine- in my experience, you’re right that employers don’t want to provide support for people with disabilities. I have dyspraxia, and have had problems both when I have and when I haven’t disclosed it to employers. Usually what happens is I end up being criticised for doing ‘dyspraxic’ things- the irony is that I don’t actually need any equipment to be provided (unlike with some disabilities), I just need people to be tolerant and understanding. I am now on the Work Programme with A4e but have not mentioned dyspraxia to them because, from what I have seen, they have been completely incompetent at providing support for people who desperately need it (for example, those with severe literacy problems), so I can’t see them knowing how to provide support for someone who has a neurological condition that most people haven’t even heard of.

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  4. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  5. The DWP seems to have become the Ministry for Propaganda. Joseph Goebbels would feel right at home in the DWP.

  6. but they are modding comments,are they getting access to private accounts of those who criticise them?

  7. I’m expecting Atos to jump on me when DLA goes PIP. Thing is, it worries me a lot. I am fit for work, anyway. I don’t have to care anything about being declared so. I already declare myself so. However, I am disabled, and it does affect my chances of getting work (even though I do try to apply only for positions which have the two ticks). This won’t change overnight, unlike the end of DLA and the introduction of PIP. In fact, it’s not highly likely to change at all.

    But PIP has different criteria from DLA. PIP involves being assessed by Atos, for a start, and we all know how good they are at getting things right. PIP is also a bit more choosy about who can have it and who can’t. I had an uphill struggle that took several months for my DLA claim to be accepted. My occupational therapist at the time had to write an essay on the application form, AND get contacted by mail and phone, before the application was approved. I think if I didn’t have an OT, I would not have been successful. The thing is, my OT had to discharge me when she got moved to another department and also felt that although I did need her services, I didn’t need them enough to have to go through a change of personnel. So now I have no OT. I have no mental health personnel at all. And I have a government that will probably find me very easy to shake out of the safety net.

  8. After Millipede’s speech this morning, it’ll be no better under labour, they’re sticking to the condems spending plans & will bring in their own form of workfare, just won’t be named as such.

    • @kittycat we would be better off with the marx bros running the country than the big three we have now..at least they were funnier

      • Please don’t insult the Marx Brothers! They at least were funny.

        I tend to refer to the leaders of the three major parties as the Three Stooges. Neither seems any better than the other, and all the seem to do is want to score points off each other.

  9. UK going back to Victorian era

    My brother employs a disabled guy to do light duties mainly paper work eg shredding, filing etc in the office, the guy has mental health probs but never misses a day, dresses immaculately and gets on well with other 2 staff members. DWP contacted my brother and tried to get him to sack Joe and take on someone who was able bodied and long term unemployed saying Joe was unsuitable and unqualified. Joe has been with my brother over a year. My brother took on an able bodied guy who was an Eastern European and was sent by JCPlus. He lasted 2 days and my brother fired him for stealing, bullying Joe and making sexual remarks to my sister in law. Joe still working away but JCPlus still giving my brother hassle to get rid of JCPlus. My brother threatened JCPlus with legal action for harassment so now its peaceful – all because he took on a disabled guy.DWP are a shower of *********,

  10. UK going back to Victorian era

    Sorry typo should have read JCPlus still giving my brother hassle to get rid of Joe

  11. I too was employed by one of the largest companies in the UK in a senior position. Can’t say who, can’t say when, (gagged). I was entering into a long period of increasingly worsening disabling illness, but was supported by Access to Work, and was doing well. Then under the guise of reorganisation I was subjected to bullying, and unlawful discrimination and unlawful sacking. This was the verdict of the Employment Tribunal. And a gagging order, which stops me even saying there was a case.

    It makes me sick to hear them & others crowing on their investor material and PR about equal opportunities, pointing to the logos and double ticks and the occasional downs person doing menial tasks. This is not news to those of us who have actually been forced out by these companies. I have every expectation that they will be taking workfare slaves on as soon as it is normalised, re-branded and utterly prevalent We won’t be able to boycott because it will be everywhere. Roll on UC – they already employ many low-paid part time, zero hours benefit-needing people. If an extra penny can be made for the shareholders, and the pay of the top tier, they will do whatever, despite being on the current list of workfare refusniks. That will not last.

    At the end of the day the 99.9% of companies with the equal-opportunities logos will go back to the same old tricks – the DWP are up there with them and their falsification of the visible/PR information. This is the biggest worst kept secret around. If anyone ever says that the government and the commercial sector don’t lie they must be considered to be paid actors, or agent provocateurs and not “real” people. Our main weapon is the media fight back to gain popular mass support. We can do it.

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  13. We can kill the poor, but for God’s sake don’t swear
    What a joke

  14. Why should we expect anything other than barefaced lies from the Department of Wanton Prevaricators?

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