DWP Plots Workfare For Part Time Workers

boycott-workfare-courtSkiving Employment Minister Mark Hoban’s speech to the Policy Exchange today, which was thankfully interrupted by campaigners from Boycott Workfare (see video below), shows it is still full steam ahead on the welfare reform gravy train.

Rarely has so much utter bullshit been proposed with a straight face as private sector vultures circle around the DWP in the hope of scrounging ever more tax payers cash as part of the lucrative welfare reform racket.

Hoban was speaking as the results are published of the DWP’s consultation exercise to help them come up with new ideas to bully part-time workers off in-work benefits. When Universal Credit is finally launched, all claimants unable to secure full time jobs will have to continually look for ‘more or better paid work’ or have benefits stopped.

The ideas suggested in the consultation by and large come from poverty pimps such as G4S, Working Links and A4e and can be roughly summarised as give us more money.  A string of ideas are proposed to “increase claimants motivation and break the inertia of low pay, support self employment and address particular barriers that prevent people from working more.”

As anyone who has ever attended any form of welfare-to-work training knows, what this means in practice is some jumped up twat spouting the latest the buzzwords at you for an afternoon and then threatening to stop your benefits.  One proposal even seems to suggest that current employers should help their workers find better paid jobs elsewhere showing what a shocking lack of awareness of the modern workforce these so called experts possess.  Predictably workfare and benefit sanctions lie behind many of the proposals.

Astonishingly Lord Fraud, who also gave a speech today, claims that the DWP will use an evidence based approach in future when handing out bucket loads of cash to the welfare-to-work sector.  However it seems that the very clear evidence that has emerged – that workfare doesn’t work, that benefit sanctions do little more than drive people into poverty, and that the payments by results Work Programme model is an unmitigated disaster – is to be completely ignored.

When Lord Fraud talks about evidence he means anything that fits his warped view of the world which is that unemployed people are responsible for unemployment.  In this transparent fantasy, all low paid workers need is some career coaching, mentoring, or online calculators to show them how better off they would be if they had more money – and they will be swept up into the lower middle classes to lead a life of financial independence free from the burden of Housing Benefit.

Of course there are no proposals to encourage employers to pay better wages, or even to create more jobs.  And it is this that blows a hole a mile wide in Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms.  Even if this stuff works – and it doesn’t, hasn’t and never will – all it will do is displace other workers.  Not one new job will be created by these proposals.  For every part time worker who increases their hours, another goes without a job.  Unemployment is still as high as it was in the pits of the first recession despite two and a half years of bungled welfare reforms.

Iain Duncan Smith doesn’t just think that he can magically fix unemployment, but also seems to believe that everyone can have a great well paid job.  Except he doesn’t really believe this at all.

The real reason for these reforms is not to bring down unemployment or to encourage employers to pay higher wages and give people more hours.  It is not even to bring down the benefit bill – these reforms are coming at an astronomical cost to the tax payer.

The intention is to create a society of isolated individuals constantly in competition with each other for the scraps thrown down from above.  It is not enough anymore to be a parent raising a child and working part time – or even full time on low wages.  We are to be expected to be in a constant state of competition with our neighbour for their slightly better paid job.  The notion of workers acting together to improve wages and conditions is abandoned in favour of a vicious rat race – all watched over by profiteering sharks like A4e – ever ready to plunge someone into poverty and even homelessness if they don’t fight hard enough.

This is not class war as waged by Thatcher – when the violence of the state was used to strengthen the position of rich employers in a string of set piece industrial conflicts.  This an attempt to create internal class war within the working class by ramping up competition between ourselves and making any escape impossible.  Instead of opposing those who profit from our labour, we are forced to fight each other in a desperate competition just to have even the essentials of life.

Those who can’t make the grade, whether through illness, disability, life circumstances or even simple bad luck are to be plunged into homelessness or forced to work unpaid as an example of what might happen to the rest of us.  Meanwhile the jeering gutter press will whip up hatred towards those at the bottom, labelling them scroungers at best or fraudsters, criminals, and now potential child murderers at worst.

This ruthlessly individualist climate is how businesses – and many charities who have been well and truly suckered along for the ride – can happily trot out inhuman suggestions such as forcing those in part-time work to attend unpaid ‘work experience’ in the hours they aren’t working as suggested in this consultation.  This is why it seems perfectly acceptable to these scum to discuss how parents should be mandated to attend bullshit training sessions to help them find ‘more or better paid work’ late in the evenings, at weekends, or early in the morning.  This is how even claimants judged too unwell to work by their own GPs are now forced into the endless and stressful cycle of assessments, benefit cuts and even workfare.  Get a job at Tesco or die trying is the gangster inspired mantra of modern capitalism.

And of course the chortling toffs attempting to engineer this brutal competition know the game is more rigged than ever before.  Public schools, elite universities, internships, inheritances and trust funds will see to that.  There’s more chance of winning the lottery then ending up like Alan Sugar or Katie Price – and you’re more likely to die tomorrow than ever win the lottery.

One of the most revealing  proposals to this consultation being considered by the DWP is that: “Jobcentre Plus could facilitate work experience moves by back-filling any temporary vacancies created  with other jobseekers”.

They are nakedly suggesting that part-time formerly paid jobs should be filled with people on benefits forced to work without pay.  This will increase, not decrease unemployment as the tax payer, meaning us, pays for part time supermarket worker’s wages – except they don’t even get wages.  Workfare has long been rightly attacked for reducing the number of real jobs available – it now seems amongst some that this is an aspiration.

The Tories would have us believe that people being forced to work for the pittance they receive on benefits is a popular idea.  This consultation reveals a hint of the end result of this policy, which is less for all of those on low incomes, whether in work or not.  Those who approve of forced work for claimants should ask themselves if they are prepared to give up their own job so that an unemployed person can do it.  And if the answer is no, then frankly you should shut the fuck up and not expect anyone else to do what you won’t.

A summary of the responses to the consultation can be found at:  https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/extending-labour-market-interventions-to-in-work-claimants

Boycott Workfare disrupt the Policy Exchange welfare-to-work love in.

Visit Boycott Workfare’s website to join the fight against unpaid work.

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100 responses to “DWP Plots Workfare For Part Time Workers

  1. “There’s more chance of winning the lottery then ending up like Alan Sugar or Katie Price – and you’re more likely to die tomorrow than ever win the lottery.”

    Yeah, normal everyday people are really up against it now. And the media don’t care. They’re all private school, trust fund types.

    Also, I should imagine half a miliion self-employed people will join the dole queue when Universal Credit comes in.

    • Your last statement is very true, once self employed is assumed to be 30ish hours at min wage before any calculations are worked out anyone who earns less than this will have to sign on full time as it will be no longer viable for everyone earning less… so watch a huge jump in the figures… well whats more likely is a trickle increase over the full timescale of its roll out; which as luck will have it is after the next election, so who ever wins in 2015 will see increasing level of un-employment due to the condem governments previous UC policy.

      Well assuming UC will work, hahaha as if! oh and its lifetime cost has been re-evaluated, no longer 2.1billion… closer to 13billion… woops! Turns out that the 2.1billion was its “initial phase” even though it was touted as “life time cost” (http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240185166/Universal-Credit-will-cost-taxpayers-128bn) so if we allow for a typical governments IT projects cost v original planned cost it will probably cost 25billion in total and still not work as designed with all manner of additional “off project” costs of other departments duplicating the work, or having to do it the old ways as they didn’t think of something at the time… oh like having a save option during the initial registration process… DOH!

  2. Every government fed suckers who are employing folk are only doing so on bullshit part time hours at the crap minimum wage…. fuck you all I’m out of here ‘cos if you want a part time job, you must be willing to work 24-7 at their discretion ‘to meet business needs’ COME ON even the DWP don’t force that on their little hitlers who will shortly be sanctioned under IDS bullshit regime… Thanks but no thanks you tory muppet Eton boy Cam Wank Blow of IDS and the rest of you CUNTS.

  3. I am sure that this workfare breaks the Health & safely rules regarding both part-time & slave labour as if anyone on workfare should have a serious accident they are NOT covered by the Companies insurance who are involved. workslaverly is there new name?

  4. Is this bollocks? So part time job isnt good enough. But you can replace someone doing part time job. Meaning that in turn you can be replaced and on and on like that. That back of envelope must be worn out by Now.

  5. overburdenddonkey

    great post…$2/day anyone?
    “increase claimants motivation and break the inertia of low pay, support self employment and address particular barriers that prevent people from working more.”
    brow beat people into abject grinding poverty, too distracted to complain…with scraps of work…and dashes to the food poverty enablers…if one dares to let one of the spinning jobs plates fall …..in “jobs fight club”…new “social awareness” beaten into one, as one politely stabs your fellow worker in the back for more work…just like my grandfathers enjoyed as stevies, to get a days or week’s, back breaking graft, in a stinking hold of a ship…before the unions become powerful enough, to rightly stopped this practice…retrograde step nothing new, same old tories different day…new smiley double speak…

  6. So if I say, worked in Asda part time, I could be forced to work the other hourse up to full time in the same Asda or another freeloader just for the small amount of benefit I’d get.

    Like fuck..!!

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      If that asda had a job for more hours, if they didnt they could want you to quit your asda job and move to one 90 minutes away doing anything they wish, then if you didnt do it because you liked your job or it wasnt suitable you would be sanctioned.

  7. bollocks to all the stores who participate in workfare -boycott them all !an employer also has a duty of care to its employee’s should they injure themselves under the H AND S ACT 1974 .

  8. michael caine

    OK, at a4e I was interviewed by a travelling advisor, not my usual one, but one who visits areas…she advised me that when I reach 60, if I worked 16 hours I could claim working tax creds….thereby advocating the very thing the DWP are supposed to be penalising…So if I take her advice, and take part time work, will I be penalised?…WTF is going on?..

  9. Bring back “Tommy Sheridan”, all is forgiven!!!, some sort of socialist justice required.

  10. Captain Canal

    G4S Making Profit from Rape in the West Midlands
    have you seen this?

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  12. Somebody who has been raped might want to be left alone not given so called high quality care by G4S, who will probably wheedle enough information about their personal life and upbringing from the victim to use AGAINST them in court thus lowering the conviction rate for rape further.

  13. My bet would be that none of this will ever happen. How can it? Are all part-time workers going to have to produce evidence of their “efforts to find work” like the unemployed? Where is all this part-time workfare supposed to come from? I mean this crap simply isn’t feasible is it? Not everywhere throughout the country from Land’s End to Orkney?

    These people really are bonkers though aren’t they?

    Even to speak about shite like this as if it’s real?


  14. Absolutely spot on assessment of current policy Johnny! Sharing widely!

  15. Too much of the workforce is already working part-time for this to happen. There aren’t enough full-time jobs or workfare available for this to actually take place. Forget about it. As all of this is tied to Universal Credit, which is never going to happen, none of this will come to pass. Mark my words.

    • I agree that this is very unlikely to actually happen, as Universal Credit already looks on track to be a Universal Cock Up.

      • In a sane world, with sane people, you could be right.

        But this lot have gone through ordinary insanity and are currently heading into whole new areas of madness. Who knows what they might not try ?

  16. “And of course the chortling toffs attempting to engineer this brutal competition know the game is more rigged than ever before” That’s the most telling phrase in this entire essay, it’s a sport to these cunts, toy with & torture the poorest, lowest paid & most vulnerable in society, Since they can’t legally go fox-hunting any more, poor-bashing will be the best substitute, they’ll be setting the hounds on us next, while gleefully bellowing “tally-ho”.

  17. So a4e and such like not only want to rip the government off by mistreating the unemployed they want the part-time working poor given over to them to abuse too by the sound of it. Jesus Christ!

  18. Until the banners say “Five million wanting work. 500,000 vacancies. 10 into 1 doesn’t go.” we’ll get nowhere.

    Point out the systemic lack of jobs. It’s as clear as day from the ONS stats.

    Stop complaining about work. Start complaining about the lack of work and particularly the lack of work in places where lots of unemployed live where the ratio will be even worse.

    You can’t find jobs that aren’t there any more than everybody can sit down in a game of musical chairs.

    • Which is exactly what i keep telling arseholes on social media who insist on trotting out the tired old “Blame The Victim ” rhetoric.

  19. Sell, rope, hang and them are words which spring to mind.

  20. sanctions on p/t and low paid cant believe it ….. I went to my local Halifax branch today .. it used to have 7 cashier counters and after its facelift it has been reduced to 3 counters and in the place of where the other 4 were .. are now 2 cash machines … 2 paying in machines, and one manual paying in box ….. Mr Employment Minister … will you please tell us where to find a full time high paid job not taken over by friggin machines !!!!!

    • overburdenddonkey

      caroline white….well said!

    • I even pay my Council Tax (out of my £72 JSA !) in to a machine in my local Housing Benefit office. The point is, all this technology ought to result in affordable increased leisure time for the masses, not to maximize profit for the rich elite. Pass me that sledgehammer…

    • Same at a new Santander in Walkden Grt Manchester, a massive new unit in the Tesco development, simply huge, an eight or nine teller counter, with one teller at the window.

  21. I was right with you until the profanity at the end. Heartfelt I am sure but it has no place in reasoned argument.

  22. When ever I read these things that politicians and the like “discuss” I always think of Bruce Willis in Armageddon when he says “And this is the best that you-that the government, the US government could come up with? I mean, you’re NASA for crying out loud, you put a man on the moon, you’re geniuses! You’re the guys that’re thinking shit up! I’m sure you got a team of men sitting around somewhere right now just thinking shit up and somebody backing them up… and this is the best you can up with”

    Must be great to be in their absolute isolation to real life and sit around “just thinking shit up” that can be used to beat every working person around the head with…. Canute’s the lot of em!

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  24. Profanity is a must when your discussing Tory bastards.

    No reasoned argument possible with them CUNTS.

    • I often find that any profanity, no matter how applicable, is ever quite adequate to describe the ******* ******* ********.

  25. And so we await the surreal spectacle of DWP workers sanctioning their low waged colleagues….

    • And what a joyous spectacle it will be. I doubt, though, that advisers will be overseeing and sanctioning their colleagues (i.e. those that they work alongside of) as that would be a gross contravention of data protection laws.

  26. Well done the protesters in the video link and well done jv for a bloody good post – sorry did I swear there – how offensive!

  27. Well done to all protesters in the video link – these protests keep getting better! It makes it harder for the parasites listening to deny (not that they care) that there is a contrary view on DWP policy. The parasites will also be rubbing there hands at the prospect of getting rid of employees they find “troublesome”. Maybe give extra hours to an employee on a day the employee looks after a sick relative or something?

  28. This issue was made public several months ago by the DWP but once again ignored by the mainstream media.

    You are absolutely right about creating a society of isolated individuals which will give the government much easier control over the population.

    Unfortunately one only has to look at all the differing websites and blogs to see how this is working.

    Instead of one huge website we have a fragmented internet presence by various groups, Boycott workfare, 38 Degrees, People v the Government and False economy to name but a few.
    Whilst there has been some individual victories those victories could have been much bigger if the issues were centralised and any funds raised used more efficiently.

    Unless we can act en mass like the French or Greeks we will never be heard properly and will always be seen as small scale “protest groups” unworthy of mainstream media attention.

    • As we all saw with the Arab Spring, social media is great for communication and coordination, but not for making the actual changes needed – there is a danger that commenting on blogs becomes a substitute for real action, taking to the streets, infiltrating meeetings and staging protests etc.

      I’m personally suspicious of anything ‘centralised’ (*Trots talk about ‘democratic centralism’ but that in my view is an oxymoron!) but I do certainly see the need for a kind of loose federalism to coordinate actions and decide on general directions, intelligence gathering/sharing and sharing experience and tactics. Centralising under one leadership would actually make it too easy for the government to cut the head off the movement, whereas a loose federation would actually be Gorgon-like and have many heads, and ideally no discrete leadership at all – it makes sense to avoid having structures that mimic mainstream structures, as the opposition understand them, and why make it easy for them to destroy us?

      However, I totally 100% agree, we do need to be like the French, the Greeks, the Spaniards and also the Germans, who staged a 100,000 strong demonstration in Frankfurt last week against encroaching neo-liberal policies being implemented in Germany.

      There is nothing wrong with having a multitude of blogs, as variety is what is needed to make us strong, differing ideas cross-pollenating, but there is also a need for joint actions very visibly out on the streets.

      *Whilst I regard the invovement of political parties in movements with suspicion, they tend to want to take over, and then use the movement as a ‘front’ for their, usually, wacko politics – look at any popular movement (i.e. one set up by people as opposed to political parties) in the UK since the end of WW2 and you’ll see that the ones that were hijacked by a political party were the campaigns that essentially failed as the controlling political party compromised with the ruling power. All political parties are interested in one thing only, and that is power, and have more interests in common with other political parties than they do with us the ordinary people. This is not to say that individual member of political parties are not welcome, as individuals, they are, but please leave your party chains at the door!


  30. Mark Hoban tried to whitewash the libor rate fixing scandal.

  31. The inertia of low paid employment as if the low pay was the employees fault .
    Also i dont see the need for atos or sanctions if they already have benefit fraud detection ..

    • G4S are advertising for fire arms trainers in Kabul of all places .does that seems suspicious to you? Who are they training? Cant be british squaddies so who then?

  32. Fancy a part time job working in a prison? A4E are asking for people. Oh and a job working on the work program.. this perpetuating the mess. I wonder if using the work program you could be mandated to work for the work program


  33. So A4E advertises for part time workers them mandates you using workfare to work for workfare providers ie themselves..


  34. This Government won’t stop until it finally goes too far and ends up with riots or worse.

  35. This is a great article.
    These filth in their little echo chamber get a taste of how we feel. let’s hope the anger starts to have an impact on their cosy and cushy little number.
    The disdain they have for people is so evident and it is an outrage to my mind there aren’t more people angry at this. But we’re a nation of sheep: divided and played against eah other. All for them to profit.

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  37. harassedsohavetosbeanon

    I am concerned on several fronts:
    1. There are not enough jobs – at least 5 unemployed to every 1 looking. Given that a lot of the socalled jobs are available are not real jobs – jobs filled, fake jobs, zero hours contracts, short term contracts or jobs then the rate of unemployment is probably way understated.
    Does anyone know if the DWP has a duty to proectjob hunters from criminals behind rogue ads on Jobwatch (vetting – lest they are crooks stealing identity or crooks warping the DWP stats and stealing from the job hunters and govt by wasting time and money of job seekers sending out resumes)?
    Will these “sliver” type jobs result in more masking of the high level unemployment by increasoing the number of jobs but hiding in the figures how many are unemployed, how mnay have multiple or fake (including workfare) jobs? The above important becuase of govvt and DWP abusing stats to enabling propaganda to the public to enable accessptance of unjust policies by the public as well as hidng failures of bad or unjust policies.
    2. More importantly because of the effect on real people. It seems to me like schemes which will reduce people to a situation worse than when day labourers or dock workers turned up hoping for a days work. It wrecks people’s careers because they are in and out of work and lose indirectly in-work benefits including those ou get from being in a company in a full time job as well as for a length of time (it could be a back door for private pension meddling).But it would be worse becuase the control of who has the jobs and therefore who gets work continues into the hands of a few oligopolies.
    Also, it reduces pay becuase they geet a cut every time as a middle man – no informed consent for this is there? So instead of increasing low wages, these policies increase admin and middleman costs, in frequency and every day, not just to get a longterm job. It is inflationary unless wages are pushed down.
    The employees – will they be expexted to travel from place to place to do multiple part time work (no travel expenses for petrol or car depreciation or rail or bus fare) ON TOP of the mandated hours, how can they take on mortguages if they do not have steady income (enabling others to get on the housing ladder and create a nest egg for retirement while they are more likely to have to pay rent) – they will have to find childcrea ad hoc etc.
    This is an assault on a large percentage of the British – it potentially decimates working lives and rights, family life and community life and impoverishes them.
    The slivers of wor approach is ok in a department if people already earn a decent wage but not across an industry or country, and never when ther is so much unemployment.
    Do the bigwigs not realise that they have nice well heated and coolled houses and transport and rarely have moeny worries, they sleep on nice beds and trips away from family are spent in nice hotels, with expenses, and if they travel to work away from their home bases, they may have multiple houses but can tavel,even fly to see friends and family. This is not how most live. The life of the low income and poor is hard work.
    Why is it ok for some of them to have multiple jobs ie directorships yet some of those (not all) begrudge someone doing a part time job so they can care for a sick loved one, or if they dont have the health or stamina or they a or thre raising kids or there just arent enough suitable jobs nearby. I think some are arrogant and don’t realise that one reason they can bound around and appear to work for long hours is because of the comfrots and pamparing (including those part of their job) which shields their body from some stress. Wining and dining is counted as part of the work life for many well-paid jobs – why are they so harsh to the low-paid or unemployed? Also, why is it ok for some of them to retire in theor 40’s or 50’s if some of those demand that low-paid workers work all hours from youth to old age? Who is lazy here?
    When you do a cost beneift business analysis (not just money, but time, energy, etc – logistics) when assessing policies, it is a good idea to have
    the right assumptions. Their policies don’t work where the demand for jobs highly outnumbers the supply of suitable jobs unless they are trying to drive wages down and push the profits in their direction and risks and losses in the direction of the employees which is lazy and unfair – no wonder parts of british industry (and us) are not flourishing if some managers make a profit not through good management but by exploiting workers and handouts from the government.
    Is there a way for the public to demand that the government states the assumptions underlying their economic including DWP policies so that they can be hed responsible when they have not done due diligence?

    • overburdenddonkey

      harrassed…they don’t give a fcuk…our rights are in the main on paper only, and in reality discretionary…these are people management companies…just like bouncers, to control the q outside the factory gate…jc+ is a virtual factory gate…and they want every person who draws benefits to be in the jobs q…begging for work, 5m + without work ie no hours = 10:1 jobs ratio, if not more than 10:1!..and this figure leaps when the uc principle of continuously seeking more hours, etc…or else, therefore unemployment is set to soar, as the new conditionalities begin to bite..(at least as i understand it)..and as more individuals, fight for more personal work hours, in a jobs market already, critically short of pro-rata work hours..as more hours are mopped up by fewer people!
      tax money, is used to finance this process, with all assets being sold off..to swell the portfolios, of the bosses…so that more tax money is available to invest in crowd control….whilst the rich plunder the earth..see lucy reynolds vid health and social care bill…

      • They are hoping we will trample each other underfoot – push each other under buses so we can take that seat/place in the queue etc. (dog eat dog-style) and help do their job for them.

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  40. Harassedsohavetobeanon

    Firstly I would like to apologize for the word rendition I used in my reply which at one time was usually a prefix for beautiful nouns,verbs but has been sullied by the “extraordinary” prefix and everything that implies with regards to the illegal guantanamo site.

    I was wondering what you think of the “fiscal multiplier” as a viable economic system being used apparently by this government to multiply the wealth of richest and does little except provide low paid employment for others?

  41. The problem with riots is that people end up smashing up their own neighbourhoods. For instance the riots in London hurt the people who were already hurting except for the big stores that got hit. What they should have done is march onto where all the rich people are ensconced, Only problem is you can bet that if they had done that the police would not have stood by and watched. No they would have waded in with emergency permission to use anything and everything against the people, and the army providing back-up.

    • And (unless they happen sooner rather than later) another problem with riots is people being injured & then having to contact their health insurer/produce details (if they’re ‘lucky’) to get any treatment ..

    • Even if peaceful protest was used, the state would use agent provovatuers to instigate violence, its a tried and tested method

  42. Oh yeah already posted this under an old article about Homelessness. A dire warning that voting for Labour come 2015 won’t make the slightest bit of difference. Blackpool Coastal Housing have told a 78 year old lady with emphysema that she has to get out of her flat because they want to convert her flat into a house. Blackpool Council is Labour. So even those so-called party of the people don’t give a rat’s arse about the people! So just who the hell can we vote for. I hope someone from the Raving Monster Loony party stands because he/she will most certainly be getting my vote.

  43. disabled-dave

    What continually gets missed is that 3/4 of the benefit bill goes to people in full-time work. In other words, because employers don’t pay a living wage the tax-payer has to pay for a subsidy to make the money up to a sum people can live on.

    The simple solution to the whole situation is to make employers pay a decent wage so that people in work no longer need state benefits in order to survive. This would also meet the Government’s target of making being in work pay better than benefits as all wages would be above benefit levels.

    • @dd – You talk so much sense! A decent rate, say £10 an hour, (and in my view a worker is worth at least that) for an average 37.5 hour week equates to the grand sum of £19,500 a year – not a country bankrupting salary, which is more than can be said of politicians and banksters! Of course, that kind of sum wouldn’t remove the need of families to claim some kind of benefit, but it would remove the need for single people to claim benefits like Housing Benefit, Tax Credits etc for the most part, and that would be a start.

      However, our politicians, of any political colour just seem to be too dim witted to see this – either that or they are just unbelievably morally corrupt.

      • something survived...

        But disabled people should get a benefit because if there wasn’t one it’d put them at even more disadvantage. And parents of disabled kids. And carers.

  44. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  45. Disabled Dave

    Fighting for decent wages and putting an end to business being subsidized with tax credits is something I have long fought for, because not only is the worker reliant on benefits but subjected to all the penalties and impositions the benefit system places on the worker.

  46. An excellent and accurate analysis. Thankyou

  47. Another fact never mentioned regarding the 200 billion pound welfare bill is thay half of it is paid out to pensioners.
    Also never mentioned is that according to govts own employment ststistics there are 9 million people of working age classed as economically inactive. How many of them are inactive by choice?

  48. Sam hain

    I wish you would join the debate on vox political site about the welfare state.

  49. “forcing those in part-time work to attend unpaid ‘work experience’ in the hours they aren’t working as suggested in this consultation”

    What if someones weekly (or daily) hours are erratic? They could be needed in work for just a few hours or the entire day. It would hard to schedule additional unpaid work experience around such uncertainty.

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  52. We seem to have become a p/t economy. Things have changed very quickly over just the last few years it seems. So many of the jobs seem to be through agencies who are a pain to deal with. I find the person who is blocking your progress is mostly some jumped up twerp with hardly any education themselves and often not much life experience either. An example I looked at the Linkedin profile of the agency person that kept rejecting my applications on behalf of employers only to see this so called “consultant” who was effectively playing God with peoples lives was 5 minutes ago a “sales assistant” in a shop! She had no education to speak of either. I really do detest those places it was far better when one could deal with the organ grinder. The same has to be said often with HR departments.

  53. It truly is unworkable, and these reforms are far more wasteful than any illusory skivers’ benefits bills.
    Underemployment is no different from unemployment in terms of a solution to the problem. It is, as this article, and every other from the past two years, has stated, a mathematical impossibility to stretch a nanoscopic labour market over a mammoth combined unemployed and underemployed demographic, especially when you adjust the labour market to exclude part-time jobs.

    All this crap about extending conditionality, setting up DWP hit-squads, is pussyfooting around the simple issues such as an absence of jobs, an absence of job creation and the fundamental need to eliminate working-tax credits, not by replacing them with welfare-to-work support, but by establishing a working wage.
    Let’s face reality, the highest volume of jobs likely to enter the labour market are likely to be low-skilled, part-time work, because that’s what big employers want. They want high flexibility and low risk, and if the government extends to them, an avenue to mitigate the cost of pay onto the rest of the public, then that’s what they will do.
    Hoban and Freud are idiots of the highest order and the sooner they both drop into silence and darkness, the better

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  55. I think you are all conspiracy theorists and nutcases. Of course there are millions of jobs going begging.
    If the government says there are 500,000 jobs you can bet your life there are at least 5,000,000 after all they have underestimated every other estimate they have made

    Do you honestly believe that there is a government conspiracy to take money away from poor people and enslave them just because they want to. ?

    Like all good conspiracy theories there seems to be a small element of truth but once you get to the nitty gritty you see how far from the reality a conspiracy theory is.

    In order to carry out this mass theft and enslavement of poor helpless people the government would need the active co-operation of the media, the police, the courts and the good citizens everywhere.

    You see just how improbable that is. ?

    Yes this was sarcasm but this is probably the only scenario we have yet to see.

  56. When an Arab vegetable seller set himself on fire it made all of the British media including all of the main TV channels news programmes and was the start of the Arab Spring uprisings.
    When a man set himself on fire outside Birmingham Job Centre it made the local Birmingham papers and a small bit in the Telegraph and the Guardian, but as far as I can see was not reported by any British TV channel. Yet it was a major item on Russian TV and a number of European TV news programmes.
    So why was this story not covered by the vast majority of the British media? I think that justifies the conspiracy theories.

    When 8000 people apply when a company advertises 6 jobs, that proves to me that the unemployed want to work, and talk of skivers is Government propaganda to cover the truth. So what are they trying to hide? I think that justifies conspiracy theories.

    When the UK Statistics Authority calls Iain Duncan Smith to account for mis-using statistics to attack the sick and unemployed, I ask myself: is he really that stupid that he doesn’t understand what the statistics mean, or is he deliberately trying to hide the truth by telling lies?

    I write to my MP complaining about Government data or something that the Government is doing, I ask specific numbered questions, I tell him that I want specific numbered answers rather than ministerial waffle about party policies, and get a reply that consists of……… the very information that I have complained about, with a load of ministerial waffle about party policies. So why won’t they answer the questions I ask? Do my questions get too close to the truth?

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  58. Hats off to you and a standing ovation. Fantastic article! Sums up everything I think and rant about! There are thousands of sessional self employed workers that have no idea what is going to hit them when UC goes national. All those fairly self sufficient people, making more than minimum wage in a capitalist chain gang, clicking a small amount of tax credits will be forced to find full time work or lose top up. Their business folds, they end up costing more as they are entirely reliant on benefits, then after 6 months will be forced onto work fair!! We might as well just re-open the workhouses, and send the under achieving kids in there whilst we are at it!!

    Totally agree about internal class war too. The scary thing is, it’s working. We need people to wake up and have solidarity!

    • Ah, solidarity – what a quaint 20th-Century concept! Sadly the Tabloid/Tory propaganda war has won and the British have timidly accepted their fate, having allowed their capacity for critical thinking and civic responsibility to be erased by lifestyle TV programming and mindless, consumerist conformity. This country is in a coma from which it will not awake. From here the only way is down!

  59. You need a FB upload on here so it can easily be shared Jonny – Good Job! 🙂

  60. Oh ok, my bad.. seen it!

  61. Hi there, its nice post on the topic of media print,
    we all be familiar with media is a wonderful source
    of data.

  62. If you want to know the state of the British economy watch the Keiser Report on RT News or Youtube – it’s all going to crash again.

  63. My jobcentre advisers have been pressing me for months to give them access to my Universal Jobmatch account. I have been bullied, but when that did not work they tried the friendly approach. Last week I was told the government has made it mandatory for them to access my account as of the 1st September 2013. When I asked for a letter to confirm the change, I was told the change had not started yet, but he was giving me theinformation so that I could have a head start in giving them the information.

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