Universal Credit Toolkit Launched, DWP Request Feedback

universal-credit-toolkitThe DWP have released a ‘Toolkit’ for organisations to help explain the upcoming train crash which is Universal Credit to people in receipt of benefits..

Universal Credit is the all encompassing change to the benefits system that Iain Duncan Smith scribbled down on the back of an envelope one night after watching an episode of Shameless.  The new benefit is being trialled in a small area of Manchester and is threatened to be rolled out by October.

Far from being digital by default, it seems that currently Universal Credit is a telephone based service with claimants advised to report any changes in circumstances over the phone.  Around 5 million people are set to be transferred to the new benefit and despite pleas from the DWP that Universal Credit is on target, it increasingly appears that the IT behind the project doesn’t work.

The toolkit also feature the new Universal Credit branding, which looks like something Iain Duncan Smith knocked up in Microsoft Word Art after his posh wife Betty let him have a go on her laptop.

Along with information on how the new benefit will affect claimants there is also a series of promotional youtube videos for the new benefit.  These include a short film from Gary from Bolton, believed to be the only person ever to find a job through the bodged government spam site Universal Jobmatch.  Gary describes the support offered by the Jobcentre as ‘truly great’ and ‘excellent’, a sentiment no doubt shared by all those who have been lucky enough to sign on at some point.

The DWP have requested feedback on the Universal Credit toolkit, so why not express your gratitude for the wonderful services they offer by emailing: uc.partnertoolkit@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

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100 responses to “Universal Credit Toolkit Launched, DWP Request Feedback

  1. Going out on a limb I am bravely forecasting that only positive comments will be allowed to appear beneath any propaganda released on YouTube by the DWP and that IDS, Freud, Hoban and their minions will continue to big up Universal Credit as the solution to the nation’s problems until 2015 hoping that you can fool all of the people all of the time, or at least fool enough of them to get back into power for another five years!

  2. would ”shove it up your arse” suffice as constructive criticism?

  3. i see you on youtube following the debacle over ‘inspire’ you get “Comments may be held for uploader approval” so watch out they dont sanction you for posting rude comments…but then they would have to have access to your youtube account by contacting google and it would get very messy then…

  4. but then again it seems you can ”create a video response” hmm that sounds like fun…..

  5. It is shit. It doesnt work. There are no jobs. You are all cunts

  6. This government will create large-scale unrest for itself if it’s not careful.

  7. @Johnny Void hope you dont mind me posting this..i took the bits from last post and put it together as one piece..i think it has relevance in that from what I can see we have an organisation that pumps out statistics,,that same organisation that looks pretty much aligned with this none elected ”govt”..

    ok here goes let me know if this ok..

    Anyone believe in statistics ? despite having gloomy unemployment figures the Chartered Institute for Personne Development (CIPD) is telling us there are all these jobs to be had, it says…”However, looking at vacancies for February to April 2013, there were 503,000 jobs advertised, which is the highest level since 2008. According to the labour market outlook report by CIPD and Success Factors, expected increases in employment levels this quarter are strong in manufacturing and production and private sector services; especially in IT and consultancy services.”


    Ermmm thats funny because they seemed to have changed their tune now. This is what CIPD said before.in 2009 “The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CPID) warns there is a “distinct possibility” that weak economic growth and fears over a double-dip recession will lead to further redundancies in the coming years.

    Its new analysis of the effects of last year’s global financial crisis also discloses that the state has continued to grow while private sector workers have borne the brunt of job losses.
    (they are obviously not a fan of public services it seems either)

    John Philpott, Chief Economist at the CIPD, said: “Unless the economy rebounds from recession far more strongly than most economists expect the likelihood is that the recovery will be broadly jobs-light, resulting in a slow grind back toward the pre-recession rate of unemployment. ” pretty grim, eh? so that quite a lot different from recent eh?


    Well now, only not so long ago
    on the Public Accounts Commitee (PAC) a report stating that DWP Work Programme was rubbish and a waste of money as the results were ”as if they had done nothing’ (which they had done nothing except take the govt money that is) but look !! someone leapt to the defence of the useless DWP work program, can you guess who?

    Peter Cheese, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CPID) , said: ”Our research suggests that there is more that can be done by Government and providers of the Work Programme to increase awareness amongst employers of its existence and the benefits it can bring. (er its useless mate the PAC just said so)

    Just shows how people can keep changing their minds doesnt it?

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      How many of those 500,000 jobs are duplicated ones put on the site, I have seen the same jobs advertised with different dates every day. Artificially increasing the amount of jobs, In addition you have a few companies posting 50-60 of the same job but only the location is different..

      • @Eric Greewood exactlly and who wants to work for private healthcare i dont…also the point i was making was that these statistics people are somewhat biased too..they are great fans of workfare too,,,tell you anything??

      • Yes Eric, the boffins on the keyboards do re-post jobs quite often. Sometimes they are labelled ‘company confidential (which is ironic in that they want people signing to agree to all and sundry viewing there c.v.’s and personal info).
        The idea is to keep jobs looking fresh, and get people to apply even though its part time temporary crap for min wage in mayfair that has been taken and left for something worthwhile 6 times in a month. ..

      • Two-thumbed Fist

        Where I live about a third to a half of the jobs advertised on UC are self-employed vacancies or commission only (which I thought had been outlawed). About a quarter of the jobs are for less than 16 hours a week, sometimes for as little a one or two hours a week! Others are for things like Kleeneze or Avon agents and such like. If you find one or two decent jobs on UC a week you must be living in a much more fortunate area than me! Count your blessings.

  8. hey theres more crap from DWP how about “BUILDING A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF DISABILITY IN THE UK TODAY” …how about not calling disabled ‘benefit scroungers; and sentencing them to death via the ATOS WCA…
    another video has mark hoban in..the temptation to post ”oh just fuck off’ is just asking for it….

  9. What really annoys me above all else is the fact that people who have been claiming are only too willing to be used for advertising, not only jobcentreplus, but their advisers as well, when what the majority of us know who are unemployed is the experience is often dehumanising, depressing and downright oppressive

    • @spidersweb42 well there that freedom speech thing eh? well theyve asked for’ our opinion’ on UC havent they? and if we post comments which they dont like then they have shot themselves in the foot and if they dont allow negative comments then its made a mockery of their claim to be interested in what we think…are they really that stupid?

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      Has he really been unemployed or is he just an actor, What job did he get working at the DWP.. I trust nothing the DWP comes up with

  10. The toolkit also feature the new Universal Credit branding, which looks like something Iain Duncan Smith knocked up in Microsoft Word Art after his posh wife Betty let him have a go on her laptop.”

    How on earth did a vile, contemptible, sleazy, deceitful, intellectually challenged, uncharismatic, incompetent, weak, inadequate, nasty, repulsive creature like Duncan Smith pull the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat?

    Maybe it is the same reason some women write love letters to serial killers in prison and sometimes marry them behind bars? Maybe depravity turns Betsy on?

    • @fuckthe tories i wonder if the taxpayer would fancy shelling out 13bn quid for this poxy mess? and hope their taxes will decrease ha bloody ha…

  11. Two-thumbed Fist

    Most of this “Universal” shit comes from the Centre for Social Justice, an independent “think tank” that Iain Duncan Smith founded in 2004.


    Quite interesting to see the names of the fuckers who man the Centre for Social Justice’s Advisory Council and who its Chairman is. Once you look at the list it’s easy to see how IDS ended up making a complete fuck up of the welfare system with such a bunch of wankers whispering suggestion into his ear.

  12. Sorry you can delete above, already on comments

    • sent to me by the BIJ an investigation into homelessness.. In May the Bureau published the first part of a major investigation into the state of homelessness and the availability of affordable housing in Britain.

      The report revealed the soaring use by London’s councils and Britain’s largest cities of temporary accommodation to house an increasing number of homeless. It revealed that the country’s 12 biggest cities have spent nearly £2bn housing their homeless in the past 4 years.
      Our investigation also revealed that more than 32,000 households, including many vulnerable families, have been moved out of their boroughs as councils struggle to find appropriate housing. The work was published on the front of the Guardian newspaper and reported on by the BBC on its Six O’Clock and Ten O’Clock News programmes.

      first part of that item follows….

  13. ONE QUESTION……… seems weird to me that only one person is believed to be the only person ever to find a job through the government spam site Universal Jobmatch. and this Gary from Bolton, had said how great the scheme was………….my question is this. how much did they pay him to say all that?

    • @hugosmum its Gary from bolton…you know gary dont you? dear old gazza…..from bolton…not steven from london or dave from brighton..oh no..lets pick someone from an area thats sounds like it has ”poor people”..

    • Would they really pay him? They’re more likely to have written a carefully worded statement for him, then turned it over and asked him to sign (in blood) on the back – hiding the small print underneath a stapler.
      (Cf: Claimant Commitment Toolkit)

  14. @bob, yes thanks for that. What could it be then(?). Can’t be the innate likeability, roguish charm or witty repartee & he’s not known for being good with words (or people). Maybe a great (t)wit in private.

    • A great wit in private?! There’s more chance of us finding a decent job on Universal Jobmatch than that being true shirleynott! A great twit in private, hmmm now that sounds more likely. Maybe she finds his perpetual sweaty upper lipped shifty demeanour, his psychotic outbursts, his harebrained schemes, the irrational drivel he spouts and his general bizarre behaviour a constant source of amusement.

  15. “Paying your mortgage
    If you and/or your partner own the home you live in, your Universal Credit payment may
    include Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI). The amount you receive will be based on a set
    rate of interest applied to your outstanding mortgage. It will be paid direct to your mortgage
    lender. Once you or your partner are receiving earned income SMI will no longer be part of your Universal Credit”

    Under the present system I worked and helped my better half(despite neither of us having any conditionality) because it was better off being in work and in an attempt to retain a foothold in the labour market.Under UC the above stricture reduces the difference in work ,indeed at a a few hours work it would result in an overall drop in income.The preferred solution is for us to move-from a heavilly adapted house at far greater cost to the State This is what happens when ideology and believing your own propaganda-apparently we are being unfair to the taxpayer by saving the State by the most cost effective arrangement possible.Any thoughts of returning to work-and remember ON ANY EARNINGS it is removed has been scuppered.The better off in work shown NOT to be the case.

  16. Oops that’s in reply to IDS’ lunchbox comment! & sorry to Garry from Bolton.

  17. bobchewie….from what ive read them as is in parliament think owt north of Watford gap either dont exist or are all rough and ready peasants with nowt to call their own. so, gary from Bolton could be one of millions as far as im concerned… but most northerners wouldnt come out with claptrap like that stupid scheme had actual got him a job.when everyone knows is full of non jobs etc (unless they were paid to say it ) they aint thick up here by a long chalk. dunno where you come from but if your up north here tha’ll know i speaks truth lad…… (sorry… but Yorkshire speak dont equate to being thick and uneducated and although yorks and Lancs have long been enemies of sorts they are still up north to t’Londoners.) do i make sense?lol.

    • @hugosmum saldy i’m a poncy southern bastard from london (streets paved with gold millionaires on every street corner.)…ya knows..

      • NOTHING PONCY ABOUT SOUTHERNERS. my daughters b/friend is a Londoner. plus i met some lovely people down there when my hubby worked there (admitted that was a good too many years ago now.) and i aint daft enough to accept or even think that what you just said is true.in fact i know London has more than its share of poor people and bad areas too. no different to up here (though they do talk funny:p) hehe… its not you or any other Londoner that i am saying thinks that about us northerners but that lot of public schoolboy millionaires in Westminster.

        • @hugosmum i was being ironic,,theres trouble at t’ stock exchange….actually where i live its pretty vile ..crime poverty….people with only two homes in wetsminister…tragic….

          • i agree its so tragic. i feel really sorry for them as has 2 homes,. how DO they manage with all that help? must give em a lot o trouble keeping em all in order wotcha think? and yes i too had noticed the hard hats etc. also noticed how many of them are getting nasty comments, especially from the elderly. had to laugh at the old bloke who told cameron to FO. when cameron asked him a question while visiting the hospital the old bloke was in. camerons face was a picture.lol

        • The problem isnt that they are rich, its that none of them have had to work for a living or pay the bills on benefits; their idea of real life involves maids, cleaners and Nannies..

          • @pat ato so whats is like being ”poorr’ and working down t pits and forced to eat black puddin’ and tripe and keeping whippets?…does wearing flat caps every day hurt your head?

            • I dunno Bob.. I spent many years wearing hard hats. . Various colours but all grubby. Ever noticed when a politician wears one for a tv stunt its new?
              always a white one?
              And the hi vi jacket spotless? Its the mark of a wanker on any site. COO-EEE! Here I am; useless waste of grub tosspot Coming Through . .

              • @PAT ATO yeah i noticed that…its that poltician who visits hospitals witha pre fixed caring look on his face…”so this is a NHS hospital is it? well its cleaner than i thought….and these patients they are ‘ill’ is that right?

          • @pat ato yeah you’re right actually and most of the toffs are all inbred and distantly related to the other inbreds eg the royal family..

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  19. Maybe Our Gaz is not really an anonymous job-finder maybe he is Gary from Terry, Barry and Gary fame. You know, those brawling, shell suited, perm headed Scousers from Harry Enfield’s comedy show. But normal people would think that Gary is about as real as the millions of unclaimed vacancies that currently exist all over the UK, or about as genuine as the spectacular achievements of the work programme providers.

    Now the Psycho Secretary of the DWP and his commandants wouldn’t make up crazy shit …. would they? Not much they wouldn’t. As Harry Enfield and the other Scousers used to say ” Dey do do dat dough don’t dey dough “.

  20. Wish I hadn’t seen this link on facebook, read this & I challenge anyone not to explode with rage – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2334846/PETER-MCKAY-Killers-Philpott-Hazell-Bridger-degree-assisted-monsters-welfare-benefits-system.html

    • The majority of those leaving comments to that article did seem pretty angry – it is a pretty amazing claim, even for the DM. Perhaps we should be encouraging the DM to publish more articles of such high intellectual worth, there would then be hope that even the dimmest citizens of Middle England would realise that they are being lied to. I have long regarded the DM as a milder form of the Weekly World News – only sadly the DM isn’t satire.


    • @kittycat58 i’m not even going there after last time..after that some have been trying to link terrorism with people on benefits as if everyone out of work is a mad bomber..

      • It’s obvious people on benefits are not terrorists. If we were, William Hague would’ve tried to send us weapons by now.

  21. Regarding the love affair that surprised Dave. I remember once that Georgie porgie and Mandy were found to have been dining on some Russian oligarchs yacht. I always wondered if it had been a ménage a tois………….!

  22. Oops that’s meant to say ménage a trois……..

  23. something survived...

    Universal Crotchrot/Slob-Felch sent me 8 jobs in 2 emails. One of the emails only had jobs out of my region or for jobs I can’t do. The other had jobs in Liverpool. That is about a day or two’s travel away, if relying on buses, I can’t afford trains. Another wanted me to be a maths teacher. Another wanted qualified nurses. Several had major bars like DBS, driving, etc.

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