Picket Lord Fraud In Manchester – 27th June

lord-fraud-freudMinister for Welfare Reform Lord Fraud and Housing Minister Mark Prisk will both be speaking at the national exhibition and conference of the social housing industry, Housing 2013, in Manchester on 27th June.

Manchester Against The Bedroom Tax have called morning picket to greet the Tory filth outside Manchester Central Conference Centre from 9am.  Facebook event 

A protest has also been called earlier in the week on the 25th June to Lobby the Landlords, the social housing providers who will be present at the three day beano.  Facebook event

Those not in Manchester can join in on twitter, where the conference organisers will be tweeting from @CIH_Housing2013 using the hashtag #housing2013

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18 responses to “Picket Lord Fraud In Manchester – 27th June

  1. Must be planning what to do with all the surplus vacant property,once all the havenots have been evicted.

  2. Please throw pig manure at this vile cunt.

    And take pictures.

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  4. How do you challenge the glorified self interest brigade into having a concience

    • Couldn’t even finish reading it, could feel my blood pressure rising. Only the Daily Heil could come out with such utter tripe, How in the name of sanity is cutting someone’s income, whatever it’s source, make them richer?
      Oh, I know, we’ll all get richer on fresh air, sure that’ll really improve the economy, until these insane tory bastards decide to tax breathing, that is. Going to lie down in a darkened room now, cos I think my head’s going to explode out of sheer exasperation

  5. Anyone believe in statistics ? Here in this link we have CIPD telling us there are all these jobs to be had…that same CIPD a few years ago told us that unemployment was on increase and going to get worse and continúe for another decade.


  6. On PAC report stating that work program was rubbish.

    Peter Cheese, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, said: ”Our research suggests that there is more that can be done by Government and providers of the Work Programme to increase awareness amongst employers of its existence and the benefits it can bring.

    ”Only half of employers reported that they were aware of the scheme in a survey conducted in the summer of 2012.”

  7. Here is a damning article off subject, but important. The UKIP representative Godfrey Bloom admits the poor will get even more poor and the rich richer with their policies.
    . http://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2013/06/the-ukip-under-us-thousands-will-lose-their-jobs-and-most-will-pay-more-tax-not-satire-2-2523470.html
    Or how about this one: Physical exercise prevents homosexuality, serious, haha. What a bunch of swivel eyed loons.

    • I see all the right-wingnut loons are out en masse today, must be the sunlight that’s attracting them!

  8. “I have said repeatedly that the City of London is an organised criminal enterprise that owes no allegiances to anyone but itself.”


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