DWP Hides Behind Disability Charities In Fake Youtube Campaign

inspire-generation1The DWP’s crude attempt at inspiration porn has disappeared from facebook after several people were critical of the “Role models: Inspire a generation” campaign.

This campaign appears to be a cheap way to provide soft cover for the the vicious cuts to disability and housing benefits currently taking place and features youtube videos of high profile disabled people with good jobs. At a time when many disabled people’s incomes – and even homes – are coming under savage attack, the Government’s inspirational message seems to be that those forced into poverty by the cuts only have themselves to blame for not being Paralympians or entrepreneurs.

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of this campaign however, is that anyone visiting the youtube page – which still exists – would have no idea this was a government run campaign. In fact the page even claims to be “By young disabled people; *for* young disabled people”.

This is a lie. The truth is revealed on the website for the Office For Disability Issues where the announcement for the launch of the campaign says:

“DWP has been working with a group of young disabled people who have provided advice and direction to the campaign. They were nominated by organisations such as National Children’s Bureau, Whizz-Kidz, Apasenth, Essex Unite, Include Me Too and Disability Rights UK.

“With the help of these young people, DWP has produced short, subtitled video clips of a wide range of role models, who talk about their aspirations and achievements, and any barriers they have had to overcome.”

In other words, this campaign is by the DWP themselves and only exists to serve their grubby aims. This is why the youtube channel and facebook page were launched with an accompanying statement from a DWP Minister.

There is no information given at all on the youtube page to suggest that this is a DWP run campaign. The only clue to government involvement comes from scrolling through the youtube feed, where the only other channel the Role Models page has subscribed to is the DWP themselves.


This blatant and bungled dishonesty by the DWP could bring the entire charitable sector into disrepute.  The next time you see a campaign which appears to be run by a charity such as Whizz-kidz or Disability Rights UK then look very closely to check that Iain Duncan Smith isn’t lurking somewhere behind the scenes.

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45 responses to “DWP Hides Behind Disability Charities In Fake Youtube Campaign

  1. I think this is a better Youtube video reflecting what people think of the Government’s attitude to disability….


  2. I think i posted comments on It last time.
    I wasnt very complimentary i must say. I may have mentioned atos . I think we should monitor It to see if our critical comments are removed.

  3. Technically this is spam i think

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  5. Landless Peasant

    So now we know not to trust any “Charitable” organizations, but how long will it take to raise wider public awareness so that they too know and stop donating to these charlatans?

  6. they try to discount their meritocracy (hyde it), ie a world with access to vast resources, to claim that they are self made..and claim anyone who makes the…effort…, can make it……ie, step in and out of disability or unemployment, at will…also claiming anyone who relies on state help, (which, it isn’t by the way, it is entitlement), is a thief…role models are used and created to place external pressure burden on the isolated individual..(join “jobs fight club”),to create cultural norms….skinnerisms…
    shame on those commercials charities, that milk the sick and poor, and those who use others, to protect and enhance their rank, wealth, and privilege….be like us, and be successful, what you do is crap, they say…(external forces = their power over our vitals)…they are the role models, that want us to elude to…ie, to be like them!
    they try, like in some medieval siege, to starve us out, to weaken our resistance to their toxic schemings…creating wealth for them, is their role model,they want the sick/unabled to adopt and adapt to ..and keep us in a micromanagement bean count frame of mind…

    • chewie..
      it is well known that terrorists come from, many different backgrounds..as do skivers, scroungers,et al, who indecently are all thieves, in one way or another and that many moral people, (the moral poor), go through a personal daily hell….the issue here is, role models and the governments use of role models…support a working class movement…to stop the hell getting worse, and if possible reverse it….

    • I don’t know about welfare causing terrorism – there have been many terrorists who were not on welfare (including Osama bin Laden). On the other hand I’m much more certain about wealth causing tax dodging – I can’t think of a tax dodger who wasn’t wealthy.

      • sibrydionmawr

        I reckon that our politicians are terrorists – the incompetent bunch certainly terrify me, and their policies for welfare claimants could be construed as a campaign of terror against the most vulnerable in society.

    • Don’t know if you have read this bob

      “We always knew that the Tories don’t give a damn about the fundamental principles of our National Health Service – for example, the one that says access to healthcare should be based on clinical need”
      “the Tories definitely intend to push us all into buying health insurance schemes, rather than enjoying the current service which is free at the point of use”
      “There is already an insurance company working with the UK government – Unum, the company with a criminal record in its home country, the USA, for selling schemes designed to make it close to impossible for anyone to receive a payout.”
      plenty more to read about it on the above link.

    • I think i was making the point about propaganda in my posts. already the daily hate claimed third of recipients were criminals Now Its graduated to terrorist . Which is surreal given that disabled are offered positive entrepreneurial role Models on YouTube especially when disability hate crime is on the increase . Next disabled will be picked on and shouted at. for being a benefit scrounging entrepreneurs.
      yes pat i signed the 38 degrees petition about gp visit caps. The govt reason for capping is to do with them scrapping benefits . as in impact survey It was said that claimants would turn to their gp when atos Tried to make them fit for work. Also they would be using NHS services More due to the cuts. and GPs with all that money to spend on decorating their office or buying a car might actually treat patients. and yes i read about homeless being nicked as mr pride blogged It.

    • In Tory Britain, the more vulnerable you are, the more this society punishes you. Your humanity is determinied by your socioeconomic status – the less status you have, the less human you are and if your status level is zero, you are regarded as non-human.

  7. We could use IDS as a role model,then all our problems would come to an abrupt end,and if you believe that, you would believe anything,as he is a thieving, murderous,liar. Imho.

  8. off topic
    Declared ‘fit to work’… dead nine days later: Double lung and heart transplant patient passed away a week after her benefits were stopped


  9. This sounds like IDS declaiming, heatedly, in an earlier twisting of reality, that, “Young people tell us again and again … ” [that they prefer being threatened (under pain of destitution) to carry out ‘work experience’ to having a hope of securing decent, paid employment at some point in the foreseeable future].

    • sn..
      i do wonder, how people actually did respond in their “conversations”….with the government….i doubt if they said, “we need to step out of our physical reality, and be enabled to step into an alternate reality”….there are many, “role models”, out their for this…dr who…star trek…etc…but they are fiction, i’m sad to say!
      billy liar….etc, also spring to mind….flashman…all kept their minds firmly focused on their hidden agendas…

      • Beam me up Scottie.

        • captain…i’m having problems with my subjunctive reverberating interextrapolatation narritation interositor field coils..basically the handle fell off…later scottie…catch you later…
          anyway…musical sensation…”the furthest shore”…wow!

          • Maybe we are in the “mirror universe”. There may even be a “good” Duncan Smith in the normal universe that is kind and cares for the poor and vulnerable and does his best to help them … hmmm … nah, that’s just too far-fetched. He is probably an evil little bastard throughout the entire multiverse.

  10. Hardly surprising..we all know there are NO DEPTHS to which IDS , Hoban,Mcvey DWP et all will stoop. We are witnessing a fascist Government terrorsing its own people…They should all Hang from Lamposts like Mussolini..I´d happily pay for the rope!!

  11. BREAKING investment news, get your money out of stocks, shares and even gold. Invest in piano wire, rope, gallows, guillotines and lamposts. That is where the smart money is.

  12. This right-wing idea that because some disabled people have achieved great things it means all disabled people could do the same if they just tried hard enough and thought positively enough and if they don’t it means they deserve to be abandoned by society and consigned to a life of isolation and abject poverty, is disgusting and truly despicable and is based on the false premise that all disabled people come from the same socioeconomic background, have the same level of family support, have the same intellectual ability level, have disabilities of equal severity and have disabilities that are equally debilitating.

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  14. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  15. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  16. Iain Duncan Smith – October 2010

    “This government and this party don’t regard caring for the needy as a burden. It is a proud duty to provide financial security to the most vulnerable members of our society and this will not change. This is our contract with the most vulnerable.”

    I’m sure that was very reassuring when he needed votes.

    • Landless Peasant

      The two-faced lying bastard.

    • Reading beneath the lines, was this IDS’s way of saying:

      “We have taken out a contract on the needy and most vulnerable members of society. If you, or any persons like you, are in one or other of these categories, you will not be seen as a burden (not seen at all, in fact).

      Rest assured, it’s time to say ‘bye bye’ to any financial security you thought you had. We are proud to dismantle this. Nobody panic though (just yet). First we need to create a huge diversion, to best reach everyone.” ?

  17. “By the ConDems; *to excuse the murder of* young disabled people.
    The above is one of the two comments I left on the channel. I quoted my comment here because I think it would be good if one person reposted it (without the quotes) every time it disappears off the front page. Short, simple, but says everything.

  18. Anton said: “I can’t think of a tax dodger who wasn’t wealthy.”
    *holds hand up nervously* I buy jaffa cakes instead of chocolate biscuits. Avoiding the VAT makes them affordable.

    • So you have to pay landlord a service charge because of universal credit but you are exempt from charge if you live in a tent It says…
      Thats nice… so maybe we will see camp sites springing up all over the place next.

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