Disabled Boy Left Fighting For His Life Following Hackney Homes Eviction

Hackney HomesA call has gone out to contact Hackney Homes in protest after a young  disabled man has been left fighting for his life shortly after being evicted from his home by the arms length management organisation (ALMO) who manage much of the social housing in Hackney.

According to the Hackney Gazette“George Hawkins, 16, who suffers from degenerative epileptic condition Dravet Syndrome, began having unusual seizure activity and spasms last Saturday, but stopped breathing and turned blue after taking a dose of Midazalam, an emergency medication to stop seizures, the following night.

“He has spent the last few days on a ventilator in the Royal London Hospital, and doctors are trying out various strong drugs to control his fits – which have still not worked to bring them under control.”

This eviction took place even after medical staff wrote to Hackney Homes warning that the young man needs: “stable surroundings as the likelihood of increased seizures and challenging behaviours will increase over periods of change”.

Despite this warning Hackney Homes pressed ahead with the eviction, which led to the family being moved four times in just two weeks.  Speaking in the Hackney Gazette, George’s mother says she believes the instability caused by the families housing situation triggered her son’s deterioration in health:

“George has not had to be ventilated since he was three-years old, so this whole episode from seizures to stopping breathing is not normal for him.

“Although I could never prove it I’m sure all the upheaval and confusion has caused this, but this has happened 100 times worse than any of us expected.”

The family were evicted when Hackney Homes jobsworths ruled they could no longer live in the home her parents had inhabited for the last 40 years, after her father’s death two years ago.  This eviction took place despite the family being entitled to social housing and led to them being placed in temporary accommodation whilst they awaited a suitable property with disabled access for Ms Hawkins and her three children.

This is exactly the kind of callous bureaucratic shambles which is likely to take place due to the bedroom tax, when families will be forced to move because a child has left home or even died.

At a time when hundreds of thousands of people stare homelessness in the face due to the bedroom tax, benefit cap and other changes to welfare, it is vital that ALMOs and social housing charities are held to account for their actions.

It is these organisations who will be on the front line of the Government’s vicious demolition of the social housing sector.  Every eviction needs to be fought and social housing bosses should be held to account for their connivance in this regime.

Contact Hackney Homes on twitter @HackneyHomes and let them know we are watching their every move.

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44 responses to “Disabled Boy Left Fighting For His Life Following Hackney Homes Eviction

  1. as with the previous post, medical conditions, only, to them exist on paper…and these people think one can, choose at will, to step in and out of disability…this is another disgusting disgrace…with more of these in the waiting….outrageous behaviors..

  2. I don’t know how they sleep at night …

  3. They sleep at night because they are blinded by there own ignorance,they are also blinded by the ignorance of those they associate with.

  4. Absolutely disgusting

  5. They are clearly trying to kill us.

  6. The story is shocking enough without the poor boy’s relapse.. moving a family of four with a disabled child into temporary accommodation because nowhere permanent is available! Its an outrage.

  7. Reblogged this on The SKWAWKBOX Blog and commented:
    Disabled teenager is in critical condition after being evicted from his social housing – even though the housing company had been warned of his need for a stable environment. Great blog by Johnny Void – please read.

  8. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    This is a prelude to many more – possibly worse – such events happening as bedroom tax evictions start to take place. Here we have a 16-year-old, disabled youth left fighting for his life, due to the callous actions of social housing staff in Hackney, and despite the fact that his family continues to be entitled to social housing.
    From what we see here, it seems that, following the death of this young man’s father, the heads at Hackney Homes decided the family home of the previous 40 years was now too big for them.

  9. You people just do not understand, there are no longer any disabled people. They are only scroungers & useless eaters. The last disabled person in the UK was David Cameron’s son, and when he sadly died so did the concept of disability.

    • Don’t you think Mr Cameron should pay back the DLA he received for his son? The thing is I feel guilty for saying such a thing. But he doesn’t feel guilty for his actions and viewpoints!

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  11. Charles McIntosh

    Disgraceful, disgusting, shameful, obscene, heartless, shocking, intolerant, out of touch, deceitful, duplicitous bastards. That’s the ConDem Government for you. Good Old Dave chillaxing in sunny places whilst at home decency goes down the pan with a power flush from the Turd in Chief, Duncan Smith.

  12. I was forced out of family gone After my father died by lewisham council despite there not. being any reason ..Now. i am in temp housing as result because the premises they put me. in was unsuitable in that i was attacked by neighbours Now i am in even worse place

  13. “New drug called Sisa is killing austerity-hit Greek youths”


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  15. I am lucky enough to be able to have spent some time living abroad. This has allowed me to compare life in Britain with that of the place abroad. I have come to the conclusion that in Britain, the mental health of people is very poor. Many people are unhappy and find it difficult to function. I place the blame for this on the government and local authorities, etc. I believe it is a deliberate ploy to unsettle the population. Get them used to bad conditions, then gradually worsen them so that people are desperate, literally – homeless, hungry, etc. This has come to fruition in the last few months with the housing situation. The example in this article shows what is being done to people. The family of this poor boy did not need to be moved, but the housing association are ‘playing God’ with their lives.
    I send my love and best wishes to those affected by the Government’s actions.

    • sibrydionmawr

      @bk.angel – yes, our government is pretty awful, and responsible for a lot of the nastiness that’s happening at the moment, but it is surely ultimately the people that decide as government is always ultimately on consent, i.e. the consent of the governed. I know there are a lot of considerations, e.g. it is unlikely that the Berlin wall would have fallen so quickly had there been the prospect of intervention by the Russian Army, but that wall came down simply because the mass of the people said ‘Enough!’ The people of the German Democratic Republic finally got directly democratic in the streets and booted not just the government but also an entire regime.

      Things may be better in Europe, but that’s not because their governments are any better than the UK government, and in fact I’m sure that the ruling elites of many European countries look at the UK ruling elite with envy. They’d impose the same draconian measures as the ConDem government is imposing here, if they thought they could get away with it.

  16. This is the kind of Shit that goes on where i live.. the insanity

  17. Great not just content with labelling us as scroungers we greedy selfish welfare recipients are risking the security of the country because of our lazy life style choice . H9w much lower can IDS govt sink.

  18. Benefit recipients = terrorists . Ive been following this rhetoric for days now . The telegraph article just confirms It. Also this


    • Trevor Kavanagh (archcunt political commentator at the Scum) said as much on Any Questions last friday. Not one person present booed or spoke out. This is a psycho shithouse of a country. I called him a cunt on twitter, it was the least I could do.

      This rhetoric is deeply worrying, but the media feesd into it every day. The tories and libscum (and labour) won’t oppose it, they all agree.


    • I notice that link is supported by Douglas Murray’s new outfit, the Henry Jackson society.

      This shithouse stinks.

    • It’s just another stick to beat claimants with, makes not jot of difference what your background is, if you’re on benefits you are fair game.Dear gods, how I hate this country & the path it’s heading down.

  19. I have found out from a source who works for them that Riverside in the Northeast and Cumbria are close to or have evicted 18 families due to arrears caused by the benefit cuts that are the bedroom tax. Yet it is not even getting a whiff of reporting up here.

  20. Things are getting weird . One minute benefit claimants are terrorists then Next we hear that army veterans like the ones that have served in aghanistan have had benefits removed because of Atos WCA…Now that is pretty screwed up..

  21. The Department of Welfare Persecutions is killing it’s victims and
    are the real terrorists led by Ian Dastardly Smith.

    • Must be a different IDS that this Christian May twat met that day. The only IDS that the rest of us know of is a heartless, selfish, odious souless robot & I certainly can’t imagine the residents of Easterhouse greeting him like an old friend, they’d more than likely string him up from a lampost!

  22. One of the reasons for last week’s staged event – the tories really are that cynical – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10083049/Iain-Duncan-Smith-cut-welfare-to-fund-police-and-Forces.html

  23. It’s clear that IDS was so upset that he was upset that it formed a feed-back scream-back in his head. How dare the poor make him look like a wimp. He thinks he’s a hard man, now he is on a mission to kill anyone who might be at all like the people who shook his self-constructed façade of pomp and control. Because he can’t allow that to ever happen again. Ever. And so to cover the loss of self esteem he now enjoys and consolidates his “big man” acquired persona by visiting death and destruction and poverty and mayhem on the “customers” of ATOS and the DWP.


    Oh yes, and apparently Hitler was a really good dinner guest, too.

    • nightingale….so he takes out revenge, on working class, sick and unabled,for not providing enough wealth….there was a time when sigmund freud, saw, “the emperor had no clothes on”, only to deny the fact, coz he could not face the truth of what he had seen….then he de-bunked, the truth of human being, that was/is traumatized, and cleverly structured a view of insanity/sanity, of the individual, and not that of the state et al, ie, human being, as being in dissonance with the state et al and therefore insane.
      the truth is that, human being, has a powerful need to regain inner sanctum…so that basic vital needs can be reliably met, by self…clem atlee….dignity….with the visions of all sages…a cooperative social society…which actually reduces the working day, that will meet all of our needs…as we are all really, one human being..none of us can function with out vitals, first being met…put impossible demands on human beings…and we all crumble..sooner or later…!

      • sibrydionmawr

        The anarchists largely responsible for running the Catalan economy during the Spanish Civil War period reckoned that an individual needed to work a 3 hour working day to justify their needs for food, shelter etc, it was a pretty crazy period, what with a war to support etc, but they made the economy so efficient that the tram company was able to loan money to factories, lower fares and reduce the working day – it’s amazing what can be achieved when the ‘useless eaters’ of the boss and ruling classes and the politicians are abolished!

        • sibfydionmawr….it is best that we aim for a three hour working day…and find the politics, that will take us there…the old mayian culture, reckoned two hours a day did it..and dark earth,”terra preta”+ skara brae….the prema culture technology is already in place+eco-village designs…the land to do it on is not…these projects are needed urgently…but those greedy bastards want it all..and control over the vast labour pool……

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  25. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  26. Helen Carroll said: “Don’t you think Mr Cameron should pay back the DLA he received for his son?”
    Yes, absolutely. If we’re fit for work regardless of our conditions, then that’s because there’s no such thing as disability. That being the case, the Cameron family was in fraudulent receipt of benefits, so they should totally pay back what they got for Ivan, and David Cameron should also pay back whatever his father received as a result of having congenital malformations of his legs.

  27. Sibrydionmawr

    We could do with a catalan economy here especially if it does away with those at the top.

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