A Sticky Situation For The Workfare Exploiters

workfare-stick-upThis pic has been going viral on facebook,  Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

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35 responses to “A Sticky Situation For The Workfare Exploiters

  1. back to slave labour, white/black/brown skin, benefits people, goverment don’t care a shit about people. they just steal for themselves from the taypayers, etc. the goverment should have no allowances, extra money, they should live on £26,000.00 per year. with no extra payments. like everyone who is on low wages,

  2. Sticker on Superdrug in Edinburgh. Also Greggs, Pizza Hut, British Heart Foundation, Argos, Tesco, Richmond Fellowship Cafe, and Shoe Zone. I’ve heard that’s just for starters 😀

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  4. Is there an up to date list of workfare exploiters ?

    A link to the “workfare” poster could be handy too (preferably without the location, so it could be used elsewhere)

    • I could not find the original poster so I did this one instead, with no location you can adopt it as needed.

      slightly different but I feel more hardhitting. Hope you like it.

  5. the thing sticky is the bloody grovernment

  6. I’ve got some A4 sheets of 24 labels, which would work well for discrete placement of shelf-edge stickers. I thought of getting badges made, for when there’s little option to using an exploiter, but you want to show solidarity with the downtrodden.


      Doing the stickers is a good idea. They’re not so noticeable that they’d get removed straight away by staff, but they’re noticeable enough for customers to see them when they’re doing their shopping.

      • Sticky Toffee Pudding

        These stickers should be like those fuckers they attach to your windscreen for parking some place some cunt doesn’t want you too… can’t remove ’em in a month of Sundays.

    • Another idea is to fold up bits of paper and randomly put them inside items in a charity shop- each one could say something like ‘This item was processed by someone on workfare’.

  7. Brilliant. Fucking disgraceful practice. Is that poster on the Leith Superdrug?

  8. I like it! The professional looking approach has the impact. Demonstrates that people are literate and reasoned

  9. Tell me about richmond fellowship café

  10. Rosemarie Harris

    And don’t forget if you give items to the charity shop make sure they are all suitable for resale!!!!!
    We need all the labels to be the same everywhere so white does me do we have a logo so it can be recognised with the reasons!

  11. Stickers on public transport would work well too!

    • Companies using workfare can easily be shamed, can we have a list please, anyone?

      • Have a look at the Boycott Workfare site.. there is a list there, but it may be incomplete so local knowledge is also good

        Stickers are a great way to get messages across – I’ve been placing ‘Don’t sign up, Don’t tick the box’ stickers (in relation to UJM) on posts at pedestrian crossings and other places where people pause for a few moments. They are small, but clearly printed using colour printing on a laser printer, (which I’m fortunate enough to possess) but black on white is just as good.

        @ Rosemarie – logo idea is great, but it needs to be one that is easily recognisable when small in my case as all the stickers I will use need to be bilingual. Anyone got any ideas for a logo?

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  13. Logo what about a picture of a starving Britain, it seems to work for oxfam and save the children.

  14. Came up with an anti-workfare idea: unshelfstacking. Here, a group of sympathetic people go into a workfare exploiter and start re-stacking produce carefully – onto the floor,

    • Landless Peasant

      I already do that. I pick up products as I walk around the pound shop and put them down on the wrong shelves.

      Other personal political actions (off topic): I also make it my practice to rearrange the hunting/shooting/gun magazines in TESCO, & hide them behind other mags! and remove all the meat products from the vegetarian section in TESCO too.


      If it’s a supermarket you could all get a load of trolleys, fill them with frozen food and then dump them at the other end of the shop.

      Or do the same with alcohol, because it’s more awkward to stack bottles so it’d take longer to put back.

      Might be a bit mean to the employees, but neh, if it happens enough the managers will get annoyed too and something might change!

  15. unstacking shelves etc., will only make more work for those forced onto workfare under the threat of sanction. The poster idea was best.

    • Just damage the fucking produce.. squeeze stuff.. poke your finger through stuff… accidentally drop stuff and walk off… fuck ’em………..

      • You could be prosecuted for damaging stock, the sticker idea is a better way to go about it – perhaps not even using the glue, just insert them into the shelf edge price holders

    • Sadly it would make more work for those being forced to work in these shops as well as those being paid miserable rates of pay – but the point is nothing will change that, the forced labourers would then at least be engaged in doing something that ultimately could well lead to these scum companies abandoning using Workfare labour as even though they don’t have to pay those workers, the ensuing chaos caused by activists ‘re-merchandising’ or filling trolleys and dumping them – at the checkout in a flash mob style action is best – would cost those exploiting companies huge amounts. Those unpaid workers would also likely begin to feel better as at least they would know that the action was taken in direct support of them.

      If responsibility were claimed post-action, then exploiting companies would be clear as to why the actions were taking place. Supermarkets are particularly vulnerable to this kind of action, though it’s best to get organised as a group and target a branch of the nationally well-known supermarket chain away from your own locality.

      Posters are a great idea, but they will achieve little on their own, but they are great as part of a campaign of non-violent direct action, a good first step towards escalation and great informers once escalation has taken place

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    Unpaid forced work is what? –

    • Unpaid forced work is slavery.

      Unemployed people are under threat of sanction (losing all benefits) if they don’t work for a commercial venture.

      Ergo, the work is forced (the alternative potentially involves being made homeless and unable to feed themselves), and the nature of that work is unpaid (i.e. they are not paid the national minimum wage).

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