DWP Ordered To Name The Workfare Exploiters

bhf-workfare-protestThe Information Tribunal ordered the DWP to name the companies and charities involved in workfare at an appeal hearing this work.

A long running war of words has been waging between the DWP and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) ever since a Freedom of Information request was submitted by Frank Zola asking for the names of organisations taking placements under the Government’s Mandatory Work Activity scheme.  Three times the DWP have attempted to dodge the ICO’s demand for transparency which resulted in this week’s tribunal hearing.

In an astonishing legal defence the DWP claimed this week that if the public knew who was taking part in the workfare schemes then the entire racket might be in danger of collapse.  Providing an unwitting but glowing testimony to the effectiveness of Boycott Workfare and other anti-workfare campaigners, the department claimed:  “The activities of campaign groups and the results of negative publicity meant that… “a great many placement organisations” had ceased to offer placements. That in turn reduced the numbers of opportunities available across both programmes with a loss of many placements and prospective new placements being at risk.”

The DWP’s wild claims included a shabby, if half-hearted,  attempt to smear anti-workfare campaigners as violent – something which was dismissed out of hand by the tribunal – and even a claim that campaigners might be responsible for increasing unemployment.  This is despite the fact that the DWP’s own evidence shows that forced work has no impact on whether people taking part eventually find a real job.  It appears the department are desperate to blame anyone except themselves for the failure to bring down soaring unemployment.

Perhaps one of the most shocking aspects of the DWP’s evidence is just how far they wanted to go to protect charities from being held to account by their donor and their supporters.  The Charity Commission’s ‘Hallmarks of an Effective Charity’ is very clear that an “effective charity is accountable to the public and others with an interest in the charity in a way that is transparent and understandable”.  Yet, no doubt with the connivance of some of the charities themselves, the DWP have sought to undermine the very foundations of charity governance in an attempt to keep the public in the dark about the activities of the sector.

Unsurprisingly the views of the welfare-to-work industry were also brought in to bolster the DWP’s argument.  Evidence was submitted in which SEETEC warned disclosure of who the workfare exploiters are could put their very organisation at risk.  Another workfare contractor, Ingeus, claimed that it might cost them around £1 million in lost revenue if this information was made public – although by them, they meant us, because all their money has been stolen from the tax payer anyway.

This is a revealing admission from the corporate poverty pimps who have turned forced labour and harassment of the poor into a multi-billion pound scam.  It’s not just DWP policy that could be affected by an escalation in anti-workfare protests according to the industry, but the entire welfare-to-work gravy train.

With this in mind the last word should to go to Boycott Workfare themselves:

Since the Salvation Army gets a special mention from the DWP for ‘holding the line’ (point 196), you may like to take this opportunity to remind them why this position is just so inconsistent with their Christian values. The Salvation Army UK can be contacted on facebook, by phone (020 7367 4500), by email (info@salvationarmy.org.uk). More background on their involvement and contact details can be found here, or you can tweet at them @salvationarmyuk”

Read the full judgement at: http://www.informationtribunal.gov.uk/DBFiles/Decision/i1016/EA-2012-0207%28+2%29_Judgment_17-05-2013.pdf

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78 responses to “DWP Ordered To Name The Workfare Exploiters

  1. Landless Peasant

    An encouraging development. The fact that the DWP fought to keep secrecy on this matter in itself speaks volumes. Now those companies that profit from the exploitation of slave labour can rightfully be named and shamed.

  2. This from last year how Grayling dwp and fatcats dodging the issue on performance and how poverty pimps lining their own pockets


  3. UK going back to Victorian era

    DWP need their exploits brought out in the open. As the old saying says the fish rots from the head down and we all know who is head of DWP

  4. I can name 1: G4S… Ain’t it lovely…

  5. BTW front page of the Indepedant today

  6. Ingeus deloitte joint venture .
    Let’s not forget that it was deloitte who advised vodaphone on how to avoid paying its corps tax bill. And same deloitt who used the student tuition fee hike to recruit unpayed school leavers by claiming tuition fee hike would put then off going to univerdity or college so encouraging kids to become corps tax fraud advisers



    Look at how much the boss of seetec has trousered in bonusses and how theyve profited from govt public welfare programs .no wonder they don’t want to be named and shamed.


  8. julie dunn-brown

    ive accepted a job in not convinced I can do or afford but at least im not a scrounger but it gives me the ‘right ‘ to make my opinion clear at the next election

  9. Is there a limit to the depths the DWP will sink. DWP is totally corrupt

  10. Great to see people power momentum developing. We are their bosses not the other way round! Good work people keep it up!

  11. A4e Steals Public Money

    About bloody time, and they can also spill the beans on how crap the Work Programme really is!

  12. “If The Rest Are Only Half As Bad As Ireland …”


    As it says in the article…”It’s just a matter of time until the walls come down”

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  14. Rosemarie Harris

    Would have loved to see the D.W.P. on this one i always look at the F.O.I for the D.W.P site and see the questions and answers. It’s good someone is holding them to account as it seems they think they can do what they like,at last someone has taken it futher. Mr Zola i thank you ,so now people can see the way this dept thinks it can operate.All these companies take public money and should be accountable to the public.

  15. This is slightly off topic, but now it looks as though the tories want to promote division among claimaints – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10065030/Conservatives-float-two-tier-benefits-system-in-private-survey-in-Labour-marginals.html

    • Which will cause even more damage to the economy. The rich should remember that if the economy turns to dust, ultimately their money might well turn to dust as well.

      • But it won’t turn to dust, the spending power of us 8 million or so claimants is chicken feed in the grand scheme

    • Confirmation that the Tories intend to continue with their mass unemployment policies indefinitely.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      The conservative’s really are suckers for punishment, if they try a two tier benefits system they will end up in court again.

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  17. Teesside Solidarity Movement

    Reblogged this on Teesside Solidarity Movement.

  18. O/t but this is what UKip fans think of the Scottish.

    Scotland don’t like #Farage because they’re all on benefits.Typical Scots resorting to violence. — Tracey Cheep (@TraceyCheep) May 16, 2013

    • Like them or loath them bob, the people that they used here were a rent a mob. The establishment is running scared and resorting to form in the tactics they will use. Myself.. I only support UKIP for a couple of things, to get us out of the communist EUSSR (and they also recognise the UN been totally corrupt to) and because they aren’t part of the lying 3. Do I know they will probably be just as bad… yes.. but they are the closest to a real opposition we have at the moment and to be honest, I only see real civil unrest unless the pigs at the trough aren’t given a right huge kick up the rear end

      • And some of the rent-a-mob had english accents! Obviously a set-up.

      • The solution to being in the frying pan is never to jump into the fire.

      • paul..
        so all a subversive…snp plot,he clearly said they were anti-english protesters….alex….said he panicked….the cabbies were in on it too, eh, they chucked him out of their cabs!

        • I didn’t say it was a SNP plot, but if the people of Scotland want to believe Salmonds lies and end up as a region of the EUSSR then thats up to them. They will not gain their freedom, just servitude to the EUSSR, plain and simple.

          The whole establishment seems to be after UKIP, the tories and labour are in disarray, emails flying around laour saying they need to attack UKIP, the tories imploding and the LibDems shrinking away.

          I don’t know about you lot, and as I said I know that UKIP are probably just as bad, but I am finding it quite amusing the amount of panic this group are instilling in the pigs at the trough of the palace of lies and EUSSR.

          Call it “Gallows Humor” if you want, but I for one enjoy a chuckle every once in a while and this is providing me with plenty.

      • @Paul – if you think that the EU are a communist organisation you are seriously deluded, and probably more supportive of UKIP and their proto-fascism than you claim. The EU is far from being communist. It’s far from being what it could be, but it is largely what is standing in the way of this present Tory government bringing in even more draconian measures.

        Don’t forget that the reason that we in the UK have any legal rights at all is largely due to being part of Europe.

        I’m no huge fan of the EU, but I consider even the present lash-up far superior to the alternative that seems to be coming more and more a reality. and that is the UK as the 51st state of the USA.

        Even during the Cold War I regarded the Americans as more than a threat than the Soviet Union.

        If the Scottish people have any sense whatsoever, they will vote a resounding Yes come next year’s referendum. A Yes vote would certainly bring with it it’s challenges, but at the very least it would be free of the Tory Party.

    • Violence? So a few harsh words of truths now constitutes violence?

  19. Help me investigate welfare blogsite with some shocking statistics. Eg women suffering domestic violence put back of housing list..


  20. Attention everyone ..wtf is this now???

    CDG UK

    CDG and the Work Programme

    As one of the leading commercially focused charities in the welfare to work sector, CDG has been admitted onto DWP’s Employment Related Support Services (ERSS) Framework in London. 

    See a PDF map of CDG’s London locations

    Of the 18 prime providers, CDG is the only charity given this status in London and one of only two in the whole of the UK.

    The government has given the charity a great opportunity to show how CDG can make a major impact in helping people back into work or onto the employment ladder for the first time. In London East, CDG will be supporting nearly 60,000 people on their journey into work over the five years of the contract.

    In London East, the charity works with a range of delivery partners and menu partners delivering specialist support to those who need extra help.

    Being a charity itself, CDG realises that it has to lead by example, which is why it is supporting the third sector through its supply chain in London East. For example, of its 14 end to end delivery partners six are registered charities, four are private companies and two are public.

    Read DWP’s Work Programme brochure

    CDG has now determined the supply chain for its Work Programme delivery. However, there could be opportunities to join the supply chain as the Work programme evolves. If your organisation is interested in partnering CDG please complete our standard expression of interest form.


  21. CDG UK.. Careers Development Group
    in association with Crapita / volunteers
    New kind of ‘job club’ with a difference’ volunteer to work for bugger all.
    More free labour scam.


    • In Indepedent today : social housing landlords training staff to spot tenants at risk of suicide.
      Maintence workers.call centre.staff and.housing officers are being sent on courses after growing problems among victims of austerity reforms.

      How much worse is this Shit going to get folks??????

      • Academy chain splurged public money on lavish meals and travel.
        Report condemns charity running 35 schools over Reform Club lunches and first class train tickets.

        That’s modern Britain for you posh exclusive schools as charities pissing tax payers money away on junkets whilst bogus charities get volunteers to work for free whilst council staff are being trained to keep an eye out for tenants that might kill themselves.

        This is bloody sick…

      • If the government’s brutal policies have made people’s lives so unbearable that they have decided to kill themselves, how does it help them to talk them out of killing themselves when you can’t do anything to alleviate their poverty and suffering?

        • That’s what they secretly want I’m sure but they’ve got to make it appear as though they are doing something and care. Freud and the likes are pure evil

          • I keep hearing their claptrap about how they need to deal with welfare but I don’t hear how they need to get the jobs created first.

      • Bob, the government aren’t going to give a fuck, how many social housing tenents end up killing themselves – to them it’ll be a huge joke while they sit scoffing £39 breakfasts. To use that trite, dismissive military term ” collateral damage”

  22. Personally I reckon David Freud is the cancer rotting out the heart of the DWP. Iain Duncan Smith is simply too profoundly stupid and limited to engineer black operations like this.

    • Landless Peasant

      Spot on. Freud is an unelected bureaucrat who insidiously worms his way inside government, whether it be Labour or Tory, to exert influence and control according to his own undemocratic hidden agenda, i.e. ‘Statecraft’.

  23. Yosserian Hughes

    A massive thank you to David Marks QC, for his ruling.Robin Hopkins for his sterling work on behalf of the ICO. Frank Zola (A hero of mine) and messrs Kelly & Naysmith who brought this to attention.

    Hopefully this can help deal a major blow to the propaganda of the work pogrom & mwa.

  24. Obi Wan Kenobi

    When are the DWP going to publish the Workfare exploiters list then?

    They were ordered to do it on the 17th but now it’s the 19th and still no list!

  25. Off topic my employer is refuseing to pay me SSP they say its because i havent worked for the company for six months does anybody have an idea what i have to do? as i have a small child and will struggle without SSP.

  26. I thought statutory sickness pay came from the dwp, sickness pay from employers is subject to length of time you have been in their employ. For as far back as I can remember it used to be 1 year, if it is now 6 months that is probably because employees barely last beyond 6 months before employers take another off the dole queue and reap the rewards for doing so.

  27. Thanks for your advice guys, Guy fawkes i mean Statutory sick pay not company sick pay(the place where i work doesnt have a company sick pay scheme) so as i understand it correct me if im wrong i can claim ESA if my employer wont pay SSP to bidge the gap.

  28. Bridge i mean lol

    • That would be my understanding, but note that your employer has to give you an SSP1(within 7 days of your illness) for you to be able to apply for ESA. Hope that helps. Best of luck!

  29. Have alook at this,

    Click to access ssp1_print.pdf

    I am by no means an expert but having read through it, your employer needs to fill out the SSP1 for you to be able to claim ESA. I do not see any indication that your employer has to pay you SSP if they do not supply a SSP1. I would, if I were in your position, contact your employer ASAP. The fact that you even know about SSP1, may get them to sort this out.

  30. Remember Employment Training for an extra tenner? In Nottingham many of the workplace trianing providers were charities who cheerfully waved us goodbye as the end as they couldn’t afford to take us on properly. The training was OK – for me RSA etc but it didn’t lead to any full time jobs.

  31. Eric Greenwood

    And we really expect the government to go by what the ICO said. They may change the law they did it before.. this government just doesnt care and will freely ignore anything they dont want or alter the rules to make it as if it never happened

  32. This has got fuck all to.do with philanthropy .you don’t let someone starve or suffer exposure from being homeless. Nor do you bar anyone from travelling anywhere..

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