Defend London’s NHS – Mass Demo This Saturday May 18th

defend-londons-nhsFrom Defend London NHS

Saturday 18 May, Assemble 12 noon

Concert Hall Approach /Belvedere Rd, Waterloo

March to Downing Street then rally in Whitehall at 2pm

This demonstration has been called by an unprecedented coalition of London residents, medical staff, trade unions and health campaigners who have come together to raise the alarm regarding the biggest threats to A & E’s, maternity units and in-hospital care for a generation.

Closures planned across the capital include nine accident and emergency departments, a number of maternity units and thousands of hospital beds that campaigners believe will put lives at risk..

Hospitals and community services are also threatened with take-over by multi-national private companies. Hundreds of thousands of London residents have pledged their opposition to these privatisation plans for the NHS.

Across the capital, tens of thousands have taken to the streets to protest and demonstrate to save their local hospitals. 80,000 signed a petition against the closures in North West London. 25,000 joined the demonstration to defend Lewisham hospital.

The local campaigns have joined up to call on the government to stop these closures. We are working together to undermine the government’s divisive tactics of playing one hospital off against another. Instead we are demanding that the government provide the funding needed for safe levels of care across the capital.

Visit the website for details of local meet up points:

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19 responses to “Defend London’s NHS – Mass Demo This Saturday May 18th

  1. the nhs is not perfect…but better the devil you know…by and large i have always had excellent care from front line staff..i feel as if the nhs is mine..and i want to keep it that way….SAVE THE NHS….

  2. Enjoy! Neo-feudalism…writ large.
    However, it is difficult to put genies back into bottles.
    Stand up against the destruction of the ordinary people.
    We are many and they are few.

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  4. GEAB N°75

    “Sharp increase in US jobless benefit claims”


    “The AP spying scandal and the crisis of American democracy”


    What a mess!!!.

    • Surrey Stockbroker

      This is one of those a broken clock shows the correct time twice a day articles. There is always going to be “market trauma” or a “market correction” at points in time and the market always has and always will recover; it is a cyclical market after all. Just look at how far the markets have gained in the past four years and pity those who have lost out whilst sitting on their hands in fear too scared to invest because of fear-warmongering articles like this.

      • surrey 24 hr clock is broken…!

      • yeah, surrey stockbroker, I am really peeved at not capitalising on those market gains of the past four years lol what you say for japan equities? lol

      • Surrey Stockbroker

        I’d say that In the short-term, the Japanese market looks overbought, but in the long-term it’s not. Look for the market to come off a little bit and go through a period of consolidation.

  5. something survived...

    IDS: “If you’re fit enough to march, then you don’t need disability benefits or hospitals. You can break rocks till you drop dead, or you can go straight into a giant liquidiser. Choice and opportunity in the modern compassionate Conservatives! You have the choice to snuff it – but nobody can help you – and we have the opportunity to kill you.”

    Newsflash: New exciting opportunities available, being cemented into the new roads – so people can drive over your bodies!

    Cuntservatives: Tough on hospitals, tough on the causes of hospitals.

    Jeremy ‘Hunt’ (probably a typo) is Health Secretary?????! How the ***** did that happen? He was shite at being Culture Secretary, so his track record looks really *great* for managing the NHS.

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  7. Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty would urge everyone to watch this video, and pass it on:

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