Turn up the heat on British Gas: protest at the British Gas AGM on Monday 13th May

Fuel-Poverty-Action-GroupFrom Fuel Poverty Action

When? Monday 13th May, from 1pm
Where? Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London, SW1P 3EE
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/Vf1rI

On Monday 13th May, Centrica – parent company of British Gas – are holding their 2013 AGM.

British Gas bosses and shareholders will be planning to pat themselves on the back after another year of soaring profits. We’re planning to turn their AGM into a public embarrassment.

While shareholder activists from Fuel Poverty Action, the Greater London Pensioners’ Association and Disabled People Against Cuts will be speaking out inside the AGM, we’d like you to join us for a protest outside.


>> British Gas are making a killing from annual energy bill price hikes. British Gas bosses earn multi-million pound payouts every year on the backs of the millions of us forced to choose between heating and eating.

>> British Gas are buying off ministers to ensure that energy policy prioritises their profits over the public interest.

>> British Gas are lobbying for a new generation of dirty and expensive gas power stations instead of cheaper, clean renewable energy.


Join us outside the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster from 1pm. Bring banners and placards and come along to speak out against British Gas and the impact of their profiteering on our lives.

Community owned renewable energy and mass investment in insulation and energy efficiency would bring down bills, keep our homes warm, tackle climate change and put power back in people’s hands.

There are alternatives, but Big Six bullies like British Gas are getting in the way. They’ve got the government in their pockets, so it’s down to us to turn up the heat…


Above pic from: http://occupynewsnetwork.co.uk/reclaim-the-power/

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22 responses to “Turn up the heat on British Gas: protest at the British Gas AGM on Monday 13th May

  1. Well done JV an alternative subject for us to get our teeth into yet no less important. Because employees are given shares as part of their employment/wage package as in lots of other industries such as bt as well as discounts, there is little chance on them voting to strike or support this campaign on those suffering the most from high utility prices. Water next.

    • fawkes..strange, but i find the subject of fuel poverty,really upsetting…one cannot owe one’s self vitals…but that the warmer weather is on the horizon and that i may now, find myself seeking shade is joyous…..

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  3. i’m not in fuel poverty today..it’s 12c outside hurrah…

  4. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Sounds like the perfect venue for a IDS hog roast!

  5. I see standing charges on utility bills have made an unwelcome return. Something to do with Ofgem, apparently. I’ll now have to fork out an extra £127.00 a year I can ill afford.

    Not so much fuel poverty, more like fuel penury.

  6. if i had my proper benefit entitlement…i would not need any help…and i certainally will not beg for help….clem attlee’s idea was to preserve human dignity….so that would not need to beg for help, any help should be freely given, therefore unconditional …it is only right and proper that i should get my full benefit entitlement…for that i should not need to beg…the idea of benefits is to relieve suffering…and they do when one gets the proper amount…..i am 61 soon…!

    • Landless Peasant

      Has your JSA been sanctioned?

      • lp
        i’m not on jsa, but e and sa sanctioned down to assessment rate…i’ve been on appeal since aug 12 till now…hb and other bens messed with, lost them feb 13…then spent coal money on food, so i froze…then got bens restored…bought coal, but burner fcuked…but now ok..but i cannot afford more coal,have to ration what i have left, and pray it gets warmer soon.
        so now i await tribunal…i’m ok now…but the whole thing about,,cold upsets me coz of what i’ve been through this winter….and the thought of these…ruthless profiteers, winds me up as it imho should do….it is a roller coaster…
        thanks for concern…i am not strong enough to take to streets…i find typing this draining enough….spelling, grammer…trying to stay relevant…but my mind is determined, i’m very, very, stubborn. i suffer, but then many others do, but at least i know why, which is really empowering…

        • Has anyone noticed that whilst waiting for your appeal to be heard, and therefore receiving a lower amount of money to live on, you also do not receive the Cold Weather Payments? I won my appeal in January 2013 and started receiving Cold Weather Payments for this winter. However, I then realised I had not received any for the previous winter 2011-12. I wondered whether it had not been cold enough. Silly me. I later heard there had been Cold Weather Payments for 2011-12. I need to take this up with DWP. Anyone else lost out? What do think about this Johnny Void?

        • Landless Peasant

          Sorry to hear that Overburdendonkey. Will coal burner be able to burn wood, or other material such as paper bricks? Just a thought. Do you have any support network to help you through the hard(er than usual) times, I mean like friends/neighbours/shopkeepers that you know? That’s what the ‘Big Society’ is. Just poor having to rely on the poor.

          • lp..moral support yes…but the people i know, in same boat as me…coal is best fuel for me…so i wrap up in layers…i get by…i know why this is happening…my mind tends to revert to happy…coz i do know it is not my fault….wood i cannot cut, coz of my right arm…i have to choose carefully what i do, or i get very very drained….if left to do in my own time i’m ok….i am very very independent, and aim to stay this way…

        • The more you refuse to hear my voice
          The louder I will sing
          You hide behind walls of Jericho
          Your lies will come tumbling
          Deny my place in time
          You squander wealth that’s mine
          My light will shine so brightly
          It will blind you,

          Cos there’s……
          Something inside so strong
          I know that I can make it
          Tho’ you’re doing me wrong, so wrong
          You thought that my pride was gone
          Oh no, something inside so strong.

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  8. Landless Peasant

    Meanwhile, another greed-driven power company, Npower, route their business via Malta to avoid paying £60 Million in Tax, but continue to charge customers extortionate amounts.

    There’s a petition here:

  9. The utilities of GAS & ELECTRIC are a closed shop, one raises the price and they all follow only waiting for the foolish to switch to them before they realise that the switch was a mistake because their bills are either the same or dearer with the new provider who they have just moved to and possibly not been told of a recent price increase due to not been a customer receiving their GAS & ELECTRIC from them

  10. They can’t have a monopoly so they create cartels to keep prices where they want them, so much for competition.

  11. Just a little bit of information I’ve found on Social Tariffs:-

    All utilities companies are required provide a social tariff, which is a special tariff aimed at customers on low income and benefits. Ofgem rules state the tariff must be equal to (or cheaper than) the lowest tariff they provide. This means that if you are on a social tariff, you can be assured you are on the cheapest possible tariff for that supplier. These tariffs are often not well advertised, and it means searching to find any information on them. Below is a list of the products the big six energy companies offer to their customers on low income and benefits.

    British Gas – Warm Home Discount Scheme
    The Warm Home Discount (WHD) Scheme is a 4 year programme introduced in April 2011 run by the government and energy suppliers to provide rebates on the electricity bills of households that need it most in England, Scotland, and Wales.

    E.ON – StayWarm
    StayWarm offers fixed monthly payments for 12 months, regardless of how much energy you use. Call 0800 169 4694 for more information.

    Scottish Power – Fresh Start
    Fresh Start will provide you with the best price available from Scottish Power, regardless of your payment methods. If you are a Scottish Power customer and are over 60 or in receipt of benefits you may be eligible for Fresh Start. Contact 0800 408 1644 for more information.

    Southern Electric – energyPlus Care
    If you’re spending over 15% of your household income on fuel costs, then you may qualify for the energyplus Care tariff. This gives a reduction of up to 20%, regardless of what payment method you use. Call 0800 300 111 for more information.

    npower – Spreading Warmth
    npower’s Spreading Warmth Programme offers help to those most in need including the elderly, low income families and those who are disabled or chronically sick. The Spreading Warmth tariff is available to those who have an annual gross income of less than £13,500 and someone in the household is 60 or over, disabled, chronically sick or a child under 16. Call 0808 172 6999 for more information.

    EDF – Energy Assist
    EDF’s Energy Assist social tariff offers a discount off standard gas and electricity prices, free energy efficiency advice, free or discounted energy efficiency measures and a free benefits entitlement check. To qualify for energy assist you must be spending more than 10% of your total net annual household income on energy costs; or be in receipt of income support and/or Pension Credit benefits. Call 0800 269 450 for more information.

  12. Energy Overpayment Rebate

    It recently emerged that householders who pay their energy bills by cash or cheque may have been overcharged by energy suppliers, and could well be entitled to a rebate. Reports have suggested that people could have been overcharged by around £37 per year.

    A rebate letter template can be found here:-


  13. Ebico claims to be a not-for-profit energy company. I’ve just decided to switch to them after finding out I’m being over charged by about £900 per year compared to their prices, I’m Disabled and my current supplier (Scottish Power) knew this and failed to mention a social tariff for 4 years, but they did threaten to cut me off several times and sent debt collectors round even though I was paying, one even shouted we’re not a fucking charity at me……. Nice people 😛


  14. http://www.homeheathelpline.org.uk/

    This helpline could also be useful to some, it’s a free phone number.

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