Atos To Sponsor (or sponsored) Nursing Awards – Shame on the Nursing Times

atos_kills_bannerLatest: Nursing Times have now confirmed themselves that Atos will not sponsor an award this year.  Still no apology as yet.

UPDATE 3/5/13:  According to @Soniapoulton EMAP, publishers of Nursing Times, claim Atos are ‘100%’ not sponsoring any awards this year, and seem to have removed some of the references to Atos as sponsors on their website.  No apology has been forthcoming so far from the magazine about accepting money from the company last year when they did sponsor an award.

UPDATE: Confirmation is needed  urgently from the Nursing Times about whether this sponsorship refers to 2012 or 2013.  Atos definitely sponsored an award at the event in 2012 (how’d we miss that!).  Either way that doesn’t get them off the hook and pressure needs to be maintained to ensure Atos are not invited back and ensure that Nursing Times apologise.

In the week in which nurses at the annual Royal College of Nursing conference passed a resolution that disability assessments in the UK are discriminatory and unfit for purpose, widely read journal the Nursing Times seem to have accepted Atos Healthcare as a sponsor of their annual awards.

This shocking decision (spotted by @WNSnews) is a slap in the face for all those sick and disabled people who have been abused by the company who carry out the notorious Work Capability Assessment.  This is the short computer based test designed to find sick and disabled people ‘fit for work’ in order to justify slashing their benefits.

Figures released this week by the DWP show that huge numbers of people have been wrongly assessed by the company and plunged into desperate poverty as a result.  Despite this, the Nursing Times have decided they are only too happy to take money from the Atos, even giving them space on the award’s website to claim“The sensitivity of the Disability Assessment process calls for enormous skill in a non-traditional healthcare setting as well as a broad range of medical knowledge.  Atos is proud to sponsor the Nursing in the Community category of the Nursing Times Awards and we wish all entrants the best of luck.”

The awards ceremony will be held on the 3oth October this year at the Grosvenor Hotel in London.   If Atos are sponsors the event could draw fierce protests from benefit claimants and disabled people who have previously picketed the British Medical Journal’s annual recruitment fair over the presence of Atos Healthcare.

In the meantime Nursing Times are on twitter @NursingTimes whilst a separate account exists for the awards @NT_awards.  They can also be found on facebook at:

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74 responses to “Atos To Sponsor (or sponsored) Nursing Awards – Shame on the Nursing Times

  1. What should I do first? Facepalm or headdesk?

  2. the skill of the atos laughingly titled hcp…is that of the 3 wise monkeys….if one has a pulse…one is fit for work….kerching..

  3. I was told by atos that the outcome of assessments have nothing to do with them, it is up to the decision maker at the dwp who will send out the decision on whether you are entitled to your claim or not.

    • fawkes…they tend to leave out key information…even to the extent of changing the original diagnosis…lie about what was said…create all kinds of subtle distortions…claim restricted med exam coz of the non-compliance of the “customer”….none of which is open for correction, as the “madical report” is sent directly to the NON MEDICALLY QUALIFIED D.M. for “scrutiny! the medical report should be sent to the customer first…and then the customer checks and passes it to dm…as a diabetic i said my last ha1c was 33….she exclaimed that is high…they are clueless…..they only included the info that will cause one to be fit for work…and excluded any symptoms that render one unfit for work…this is set to get worse under reg 25..when now they will be able to effectively give medical advise…

      • ps fawkes…i am told that they get significant bonus £250/£500..for bumping people…beats a £25 ms voucher hands down dyt

      • Spot on. My work capability assessment report didn’t even mention my main conditions at the top of the report. And the logic of the report’s comments were also utterly bizarre, not awarding points for some descriptors even though, earlier in the same section, they’d acknowledged my symptoms and how they affect my ability to work. Anyway, I complained directly to Atos (as well as launching an appeal with the DWP). Yesterday I got a reply from Atos, and they’be had a doctor review the report and she deemed it full of inconsistencies and discrepancies, saying some sections and descriptors were incorrectly ignored by the assessor. I’m hoping now that the DWP decision maker will rightfully award me the correct amount of points.

    • atos has a lot to do with outcomes and even repeat call backs if their nurse or hcp made a “prognosis” even though they should not be making a diagnose !

  4. Who is paying for atos sponsorship,is it their French parent company?

  5. overburdendonkey

    It is bloody disgusting that money changes hands for inaccurate information, corruption is endemic in this country.

    • It all helps to attain required targets.

    • fawkes…i could write a book on this…1st.esa50..ignore it, then med exam 8 visits seen twice…staff shortage…40 mile round trip middle of winter…half dead when i get their…once they phoned me…after i’d left even after telling them i leave 2hrs before so i won’t be late and therefore sanctioned..even then they withheld number a rudely did not leave a message….the whole process is BRUTAL .then appeal put all esa 50 guff into appeal..of course one has to reapply for housing benefit/make endless phone calls to council letters…fcuking barbaric…it relentless…my last tribunal i managed to get set aside….next trail soon… .

  6. must be an attempt to give the impression that atos are some kind of knowledgeable and official body in the medical industry.

  7. REELING with SHOCK and ANGER that #UNISON are Co-sponsors of this event with the main sponsors #ATOS !!! UNBELIEVABLE !!!
    ‘AtoSS is proud to sponsor the Nursing in the Community category of the NURSING TIMES Awards and we wish all entrants the best of luck.’ (!) Please COMPLAIN TO UNISON !!!

    • b t they use one’s symptoms against one for maximum brutality..i have written many letters to complain..they ignore me…i will not be beaten by these viscous bastards…thanks for hearing me i have needed to be heard for so long now..which is why i am so against SANCTIONS…

    • The whole point is to empty the National Insurance Fund coffers. and beggar this country. It is one of the last securities this country rests on. Not to be used for anything else, only 2.5% of the original 12.5% to be usd on admin. But the govt can borrow or borrow against. Except there is an exception in it that it can be used for getting disabled back to work. The NIF has been the enormous pot backing and securing our health welfare and future and country. The ruse of contracts to disability assessment firms to assess people wrong and over and over again is about emptying the nation’s last big pot of coffer and security.

  8. Shame, shame, shame on you !

  9. overburdendonkey

    Your name fits aptly judging by what atos have and still are putting you through, in total solidarity with your suffering and frustration.

    • fawkes..which is why i chose this name..but in solidarity with ALL victims of this brutal government…my mind is strong…my body fcuked…not as they would like it…

    • fawkes …this has been going since 2000…ever since i started to make a big noise about the lack of a proper diagnosis….eventually i self diagnosed…ie demanded diabetes tests…i was right, i have all the nasty complications of this horrible SYMPTOM…it is not a disease at all..nueropathy etc withering right hand.+ havs from a brutal working life…..and other stuff….blah blah…but i am mostly happy…the world is my bible…i learn new things about it everyday….i just want my relief benefits and to be left in peace…i find quakerism helps me get through….but that is just me…

  10. bloody hell they are everywhere like an epidemic rash.

  11. “Nudge Unit” being prosecuted in US for stealing Bogus Test. Hope whoever done the deed,personaly pays whatever penalty.

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  13. hugosmum70

    who or what are you referring to?

  14. “In an earlier study, researchers found that the suicide rate for men in Greece grew by 24 percent between 2007 and 2009, and that suicides caused by economic hardship in Spain grew by 52 percent between 2005 and 2010.”

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  16. We all know money corrupts – the bean counters must be rubbing their hands.
    Hypocrisy and corruption is at all levels in this country now.

  17. Robert the crip

    ATOS doctor saw me a few weeks ago gave me 30 points stated he did not think I could work long term as my disability was to severe .

    he stated he cannot walk further then 100 mtrs, which I think he got wrong, he stated he has no bladder control or bowel management for which he gave me 15 points each, hence 30 points I could quaible with the bits he missed but it does not matter, he stated on his notes you can see this person is disabled.

    I was placed into the back to work groups. what does a doctor have to put f down for god sake he’s dead.

    I’ve appealed got the evidence which stated by my doctor he messes him self all the time need s cleaning by others , he wets him self as his bladder control is zero, I think this patient is totally disabled and unfit to work, totally ignored.

    D So who is making these choices, I phoned ATOS to be told they were shocked to find the doctors advice has been declined, and the lady said this happens a lot.

    So it does seem to be a DWP Job Center plus issue,.,

  18. Robert the crip

    More money then spent on appeals and tribunals which bumps up the welfare bill, angers the tax payer and gives the government (or so they think) to reduce spending on welfare to the poorest and most needy, while they spout on tv “those that are in need will not lose out”! THEY ARE LIARS.

  19. TYPO………….. gives the government THE RIGHT to ………………..

    • fawkes…they do! the latest trick…is reconsideration prior to appeal…due in 13/4/13 but not come in yet, i think…they stop all money ie no assessment rate…and force one onto jsa…or no money…and no money whilst on appeal which can take 6mths or even longer to be heard…just google reconsideration prior to esa appeal…it is toe curling…note jcp also may refuse claim coz you are to ill to actively seek work! catch 22…

  20. Sophie Sherlock

    Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. We are unsure how this release has happened as Atos are not sponsoring the Nursing Times Awards 2013. They were however involved in the awards in 2012.

    I am looking into the release and we will be doing all we can to ensure the people of the nursing community are made aware of this.

    If you would like to discuss this further please let me know

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  22. donkey & chibipaul

    How can these people call themselves nurses knowing they are partly responsible for signing people off sick and onto an appeal system that denies them any source of income? Angels more like devils!

  23. Doesn’t London just love all of these awards nights, loads of money spent on getting them all to diva up and into a drunken stupor.,big business………….. kerching!

    • now your hitting bottom guy fawkes. if it weren’t for some of those proper nurses not the ATOS pretend ones, a lot of us wouldn’t be bloody here now. i am an ex nurse myself. albeit in my day we didn’t have awards nights. we had speech day type thing held in the hospital dining room which had a stage…this in effect was just a glorified occasion for presenting the nurses with certificates they had worked bloody hard for. some of these nurses your dissing have been on the front line in those war torn countries our troops are fighting. some are responsible for helping some of those same soldiers to get a new life after losing legs arms n god knows what else. they deserve recognition. and i for one think that’s one occasion that SHOULD be made a lot of. as are a few others. like the ones recognising dogs bravery over in those countries the other week along with other brave animals..not the silly film festivals where actors actresses who earn silly amounts anyway show their faces to remind producers they are still around/available and want to earn pots more money. now THAT IS a disgusting waste of money. but who THEY are i dont know. the stars buy their own outfits.

      • If nurses do the job they intended,when they went into the profession,which I presume was to help the sick and the needy,then they deserve bucket loads of praise,but if they decide to cause misery to those they are sworn to help,then they should expect some derision…

  24. My cousin was a matron and the last thing she would have wanted was recognition for her work, that was in the days when nurses got their hands dirty with bedpans and sick bags, now they sit at desks filling in forms while the patients suffer in some cases left in wet beds and go hungry.
    As you are an ex nurse I would like to know what or who your previous comment referred to “bloody hell they are everywhere like an epedemic rash”?

    • fawkes, murray i agree nursing…is now a JOB…it used to be a VOCATION…i have been cared for by superb nurses…my matron sister in law agrees with me, prizes do not make for good nursing…only money rewards as in JOB…the nhs is being prepared for carve up…. celebrating good nursing care imho, is obscene…i expect it…as does a good nurse, it is the caliber of the human being, and this is already set….keep nursing….VOCATIONAL….it is not a JOB….

  25. That last comment was to hugosmum70.

  26. guy fawkes i answered you on that. but to reiterate, because obviously you are not reading things properly. i was referring to ATOS./who else would i be referring to seeing as this whole thread was about them in the first instance. suggest you stop just glancing over things and read everything properly then there will be no need for people to have to repeat themselves… should have said try reading ALL the messages to find the answer i gave you. but i am a generous soul so ive given it again. to save you the trouble.far too many people these days dont read things properly., get wrong end of stick or no end at all as in this case, and that causes misunderstandings and arguments that need not have happened. i get so angry at people who do that. and what the heck me being an ex nurse has to do with that comment i made i fail to understand. other comments yes. but not this one.
    Murray. i agree wholeheartedly with you. and am very derisive of those who leave the CARING side of things to team up with ATOS. but then as overburdenddonkey says,its no longer a vocation/a calling as it used to be when i was nursing. but what can we expect when they only take on university trained people for the “job” now. they aren’t interested in people or helping them (i was in hosp 5 years ago and the nurses on the coronary care unit recovery ward stood about talking all he time leaving questions to be answered by the ward clerk who didn’t know her ass from her elbow. but i still think it does no harm to recognise those who do OVER AND ABOVE the normal work expected of a nurse. some are still dedicated young men and women.

    • hugosmum70…nursing is in a sad state of affairs…now…not every where..the profession has definitely not given the proper respect it deserves, that would have allowed continuation of the vocational premis,which has been gradually eroded over the years..of seeking higher status…therefore, increased pay via degree standard nursing…and the general undermining of the vocational nurse, in a target driven industrial setting…results based beedcounters..
      the pay of of the once vocational nurses and standards of local affordable accommodation, was failed to be is was…now to reward a nurse for achieving what was once the norm…erodes standards even more….it is like paying a train driver a bonus, as is their job…for not crashing their train…over the past other words a very corrosive path to take…this reward bonus prize culture…brought on this present crisis…ie in banking…and it has to stop!

  27. by the way fawkes… i do agree with you on the aspect of nurses getting their hands dirty in my day and your cousins. but are you aware that it was the conservatives who changed all that? in 1966 just as i finished my training and went to work at an ID hospital. the SALMON REPORT came out which no one liked. it was then that senior nursing staff became clerical staff…and more so as the years have gone on.. suggest reading this…
    so something else we can blame the conservatives for. the beginning of the end of nursing as we knew it. mind you i along with lots of others still are reaping the benefits of that old regime. mainly the repercussions caused by having to lift heavy patients. some lost a baby after it. (dont know why that was it was a known thing back then) and as with me, later in life back problems. not because we didn’t lift properly but because some of us especially weren’t really strong enough. i was 6stone wet through. and remember lifting a 20 stone woman…. with someone else of course. and a 15stone boys bed at the bottom end (on my own as ordered to by sister) complete with mecanno (angle iron contraption) attached to it and weights attached to a splint he had on one leg. while the big buxom (big Bertha we called her secretly) sister pushed an elevator under the end to elevate the foot of the bed. we just did it. for the past 20 years Ive suffered because of it with spondylosis..wear and tear of the spinal bones and cartilages and hundreds of others are in same boat. so wasn’t all good. but as i say. conservatives again.

  28. to add to the following……..but i still think it does no harm to recognise those who do OVER AND ABOVE the normal work expected of a nurse. some are still dedicated young men and women………..

    how many nurses were given medals in ww1 & 2? soldiers are recognised for their work why not nurses? men and women in the forces are doing another job that is a vocation but have ALWAYS been recognized with medals. even ordinary service medals as most got for taking part in the 2 world wars. others got bigger award medals for heroism etc. nurses among them. so why not in civvy street too?> we dont know but that some of those nurses may have been doing their duty abroad somewhere and got a leg blown off etc. just like ordinary soldiers etc

    • hugosmum70…rsm britton a tyrant on the parade ground…a wicked sense of humour…father never knew whether to laugh or cry…a complete pussy cat, so i’m led to believe off of the parade ground…never confused the 2 roles..and that was the general way of things…have you any idea how “hard” is to get a VC….one has got to practically…defeat the enemy single handedly…and even then it is a grudging..”i suppose you did ok”(satire)…but you’ll know what i’m saying!

  29. Hugosmum70

    I read over all of the comments before I replied to you this morning and your reply was not there then at least not on my screen. It’s funny because someone else also wondered why you said what you said, so it clearly was not obvious you were referring to Atos, how would we know that you are flitting from site to site and have seen atos depicted on most of them? It is you that is clearly not thinking straight by assuming everyone had access to your trawling or should that be trolling.

    You don’t sound very caring to me, you who gets very angry at arguments that need never have happened especially when the fault was clearly yours by not explaining the rash you were referring to. 10 lashes of the cane for you madam.

  30. Donkey….Train drivers deserve a bonus for not crashing trains,we would be in a sorry state if drivers crashed the trains willy-nilly…

  31. Murray

    Why don’t we give all the public services a medal and a rise and a great big stick for the sick and unemployed who are argumentative.

  32. for your info MR guy fawkes…. i am not trailing or bloody trolling from site to site. i am not a troll . i am sticking to this thread only because my inbox is full of ONLY comments from this thread. simply because i rarely go on any other. i am angry on behalf of all those that these policies angry that we allowed the moron into power. angry at the people who clearly dont give a sod for others and if anyone is a troll its you sir. i have always been caring. too bloody caring for my own good at times as Ive often been told. you do not know me. just because IM NO LONGER ABLE TO BE A NURSE OR GO OUT TO CARE FOR OTHERS DOES NOT MEAN I AM NOT CARING. JUST BECAUSE I GET ANGRY (WHO THE BLOODY HELL IN THIS DAY N AGE WITH ANY GOOD HEART AT ALL ISN’T BLOODY ANGRY) AND YOU SIR MAKE MY BLOOD BOIL AT TIMES.. especially when you come out with comments like you just did. that comment IS THERE and WAS there I CANT HELP IT IF YOU EITHER DID NOT SEE IT OR YOUR PC DIDN’T LET YOU.

    guy fawkes | May 2, 2013 at 7:16 pm | Reply


    who or what are you referring to?

    overburdenddonkey | May 2, 2013 at 7:55 pm | Reply

    fawkes.. i wondered that as well..
    hugosmum70 | May 3, 2013 at 11:34 am | Reply

    guy fawkes and others.i was referring to ATOS of course. in view of the message at the top of this thread.should have thought that was obvious.but maybe not

  33. overburdenddonkey…Giving a certificate or medal is hardly on a par with bank bonuses. and yes i haven’t got to 70 years old without knowing how hard it is to get a VC .often they are given posthumously.
    fawkes..that remark about a big stick for the sick and unemployed who are argumentative…………i hope you are referring to yourself there. so my 2 pennyworth is argumentative i suppose your saying. so whats yours then? cos from where im sitting you do your fair share of arguing or trying to start arguments. think im going to go somewhere where ppl are talking more sense than yu 2 are doing on here.
    Mike.sorry about this but i think you have 2 trolls on here.

    • hugosmum70 i sense that you are a very passionate and caring am i, and as is fawkes…but giving an “extra” reward for doing what is their job/vocation is imho corrosive…that is the point i was trying to make.. nurses are public servants….and should be rewarded, as an intrinsic right for their..dedication to serving the public…a vocation is a way of you know…one works without seeking rewards…one would almost work unpaid and one often does…the employer should already be honoring this dedication to service with decent pay and conditions…and if not it is the employer who is dishonorable…as is the way ie with old style indentured apprentices…it is for the employer to earn the trust and respect of the employee…or app. goes elsewhere….yes thatcher, as you rightly pointed out drove a wedge through everything that was decent in this country..people kinda rubbed along…she destroyed this and more in a rabid tantrum…and failed to be constructive/put nothing back in it’s place and created a free for all market economy…with the results as we see today…imho.yes as is the way of blogs misunderstanding occur…please rub along…we all live to learn and learn to live…

  34. hugosmum70

    who is Mike this is Johnnie void blogg? and don’t tell people to shut up you bully!

    • if you look at that statement again re jobs comforter you will see 4 letters after it…………pmsl….which if you dont understand that.. means piss myself laughing… in other words it was not meant seriously. sorry if you think it for not knowing my arse from my elbow. i am not senile,in spite of my age, and i have not lived this long without knowing a thing or two. i am not illiterate. i am well educated. where Atos is concerned, my only comment was to do with the rumour about them sponsoring the nursing times awards after what they had done to so many ill /disabled people.. AS EVERYONE ELSE’S COMMENTS WERE till it got somehow onto nurses themselves.and donkey…i at no time mentioned maggie thatcher. i mentioned the conservatives bringing out the salmon report in the 60s. look at your history and you will find that was in ted heaths time. and if you fawkes want to know how come im now on this site after saying i hadn’t been on any others. its because your remark as above came into my inbox right at the end of the list of emails i have in there as i also come on here from time to time. but not today till now.; i have never said anything about any labour councils. only ed milliband. and the fact that he is old labour, not new and hes not a carbon copy of blair,brown or anyone else. sorry if you have suffered at the hands of labour councils. i dont know what area your from but my labour council aint too far. thats not to say that cant change. we all know that the wind in politics changes direction frequently and its nothing to do with baked beans.
      Mike i know nothing about except he seems to talk sense….far as i can see at least. and im only a bully if i sense im being bullied. tit for tat fawkes. you would be surprised at how much i do know about politics. and a whole lot of other things too. i dont usually sit here idly arguing the toss with people i dont know ,i spend time learning for first time ive spent all day.. wasting a bank holiday trying to get through and answer a load of emails. most of them from you 2 via vox political. if ive something to say ill say it. i dont care a jot what you think of me to be honest. but i will have my say…………..oh as for bullying. wasn’t me brandishing a cane and giving someone 5 lashes (in yer dreams

  35. overburdendonkey

    I actually thought hugosmum70 was referring to the sick that were commenting on the atos subject, as in “bloody hell THEY are everywhere like a rash”, I don’t know what you thought she meant?

    • fawkes…yes as did i…but she has qualified that now…it was an ambiguous comment…but the thought a health care/warfare providers brings up it rightly is a strange…state of play…

  36. donkey

    She clearly doesn’t know her arse from her elbow at the moment moaning about atos as we all are but at least we are not calling people jobs comforter like she called me on Mike Serviers vox political blogg to which mike agreed being a fellow labour supporter.
    I actually have a go at jv for highlighting the downsides of con/dem policies when repeated over and over again to those suffering such on here.

    • fawkes..thanks for the extra clarity…i had no idea of what had occurred..on vox blogg….but as for comment..of a shocking nature on bloggs…i always welcome truth and insight…nothing can change without it…it needs to be articulated…with good old fashioned stoic resolve and humour…linking is ok..getting the message out there is vital…in my view…how else can one know…think of a topic? where will it lead? where we are now, i suspect…

  37. donkey

    Yes I agree about the stoic resolve and humour but I don’t think they were being humourous on vox site. They talk about what labour will do at the next election, they want to take a look at what labour are doing now in local councils where they are running them.
    I suffered at the hands and still am at lying labour councils and their health and social sectors and policies,something I bet neither Mike Savier or Hugosmam70 know anything about and far be it from me to tell them, let them find it out for themselves, they dislike criticism of labour by anyone other than themselves.
    I would say typical labour then because it is mainly labour party I have fought with over sanctions of benefits, health assessments instigated against me when they don’t like the truth and use the police to lock you up for peaceful protest or criticism but all disguised with other excuses for them depriving you of your liberty. I cannot stand party politics.

    Amnesty international are calling for freedom of speech to be deemed a human right, providing it is not lies or propoganda.
    So too is the organisation “liberty”.

  38. i re-iterate…if its not OK for nurses (a vocational job) to get gongs for their services OVER AND ABOVE DUTY…. how come its OK for soldiers sailors airmen to get them …those too are vocations. they go into it with their eyes wide open, they know what could happen to them/ they still get gongs.accolades etc. if one vocation can get them i dont see why nurses shouldn’t. or is it a case of /.//they are mere women mostly.
    Florence Nightingale in the boar war… Edith Cavell in ww2 to name 2. were mere women.the latter got shot for what she did. bravely getting soldiers out of France under the noses of the nazi’s. violette szabo and a bunmer of others ,working undercover in france to get people out. she and others also got shot..ok not nurses but still women. ok in today’s army they dont even know who the enemy is…in a lot of instances? very little is said in the press about the role of nurses out in Iraq and now Afghanistan..
    who actually pays for these awards anyway?surely nursing times isnt run by the government. its a medical magazine.been going years now..i used to buy it they pay for these awards?ill admit its one thing i dont know………..

    • hugosmum70..i have the utmost and heartfelt respect for all people who stand up to tyranny…and especially for resistance fighters…and in particular the dutch….but that is not discount the contribution of all sung and unsung resisters in their courageous fight against tyranny.none of who do this for medals, but for a deeper love of themselves within themselves, if a peer group decides to honour these people then fine..thousands of men and women were shot for resisting…to me gender is irrelevant ….

      but we were discussing…nursing awards…both men and women, i thought..

      • OK put it this way. how much is spent on giving Oscars to people who are in it for the money. who get thousands of pounds for acting, singing, playing footie etc. (all comes out of the pockets of those attending their concerts,films, footie matches etc.i.e. tax payers mostly (OK might be the few unemployed still with a season ticket bought whilst in work but they HAVE PAID tax and have bought the ticket from their own money. not the governments money. how come nothing is ever said about these ornaments,(most of which i wouldn’t give houseroom to as they are pretty gross to look at) being given away at big glittery presentation/awards ceremonys. why do they deserve to be recognise more than nurses etc, im not saying nurses/soldiers etc expect to get accolades. im saying that people SHOULD show them how much they are thought of, needed . etc. and a lunch (if you look at last years pics) in a hotel is hardly the glamorous costly place to hold it.(ok was the Hilton i know but even i have stopped at one of those top hotels before now. for 3 days too not just a lunch.
        anyway. im done with this for now. i spent all day talking to you and Fawkes yesterday i dont intend doing so again today.its a bank holiday, lovely warm sunny day. to hell with politics.I need a rest from em while i garden calls off to make a cup of coffee and go sit in the sun while i drink it. . have a good day all on here.

  39. Awards should only be given to those who are deserving of them,who have done something outstanding,but my view is they are being used to undermine wages,such as £25 for putting someone on sanction,or easter eggs for the same reason,if folks were earning a decent wage they might be a bit more thoughtful about consequenses!!!

  40. murray

    I get your point but still those in work are better off than those they sanction and have the choice to strike, leave, beg for a rise, the unemployed have no choice. The labour party only ever talk about increasing wages for the low paid very little is spoken of what the unemployed are expected to live on.

  41. In reply to Hugosmum nobody was bullying you, I only asked a question regarding a comment you had made, you were the one telling me to shut up which I consider to be bullying.

  42. @Hugosmum..the Government does not actualy have its own money,the money the government have to spend is all our money,raised totally from tax.

  43. ATOS giving more sweetners and back handers to get money out of the UK Government and make themselves look good to those that have no idea what they really are. They want ridding out of this country

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