Remember The Dhaka Workers And All Those Killed By Capitalism On May 1st

reclaim-maydayStop G8, the coalition formed to resist this year’s UK hosted G8 meeting, have issued a call to join the Trade Union May Day march in solidarity with the deaths of 300 workers killed in the recent factory collapse in Dhaka.

After the march demonstrations are to be held against those responsible for the tragedy – who are not working class people buying cheap clothes but clothing chains like Primark exploiting unsafe working conditions to maximise profits.

Meet at Clerkenwell Green, London from noon on Wednesday May 1st.  Look for the Stop G8 (@stopg8uk) banners and black and red flags.  More details at:

Then later in the day the Space Hijackers will be holding a May Day after party where they will launch the Emergent Service Workers Party at a currently undisclosed central London location.  The group have said:

“When we demanded an end to wage labour, we didn’t just mean the wages!

From people being forced to stack shelves in Poundland for free, through to office workers pushing their hours later and later, our wages no longer reflect our work.

The casino banks are being bailed out with our money, the corporations dodge their tax, our services are cut and we’re forced to work even more for even less.”

Keep an eye on their website or join the facebook page for details of the party’s location which is set to begin at 6pm somewhere in London.

Above pic from Newcastle’s May Day demonstrations in 2011.

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32 responses to “Remember The Dhaka Workers And All Those Killed By Capitalism On May 1st

  1. thanks for reminding me of my history ‘clerkenwell green’..(happens a lot)

  2. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:

  3. Dhaka sweatshops – akin to our once satanic mills.

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  5. improve the working conditions of the british working class…. chuck ’em, all on benefits…some one remind me who’s policy this was?, and carry on the exploitation off shore!

  6. Slavery is alive and well in tory britain. We really are sinking to a level of poverty when even people fortunate to be

    employment still can’t afford to have a comfortable life. When you work for 40 hours a week and are still eligable to claim housing benefit and tax credits it shows how poorly employers value the hard work of their staff.

  7. It long ago ceased to be Capitalism. Corporatism has long since destroyed Capitalism and and replaced it with Cronie Corporatism. You are directing your anger at the wrong enemy. Capitalism actually needs people to have money and jobs, what we have now is something that is directing us into a new kind of serfdom where Corporate States own everything. A weird mix of Cultural Marxism and Fascism… oh, that’ National Socialism and Communist Socialism, two sides of the same coin.

    Come on JV, see what is really going on, you are raging against the wrong target completely here. You are better than that.

  8. Just took the BBC class test,I am in a new class of people,cant even remember what its called,but 19% of respondents are in the same class,What absolute BOLLOCKS!!!

  9. @donkey read the link re-crofting,thought there may have been many changes since 1800, but lo and behold not much changed at all.

  10. @ Paul, call it what you like, its still a system of oppression and obstruction that needs to be destroyed.

  11. I don’t like the burgious left blaming consumers for this disaster. Capitalism killed these workers not cheap clothes!

  12. (TD;DR)

    [DISCLOSURE: I am a minimum wage night drone for Primark. The points below are, however, my own]

    Primark were not the only company to have a contracted production company in this building.
    Primark were the only company that had premises in the building to offer (long-term) financial support for the survivors and the victims relatives.
    Primark are the only company planning long term support and advice for those affected.
    The owners of this building have either been arrested, or have an arrest warrant issued against them.

    Primark, nor any other buyer, caused this situation, but unlike those whose did, are not shying away from their responsibility.


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