Blockade the Bailiffs – Take On The Sewer Rats Set To Profit From Welfare Reform

bailiff-scumOver the next few months hundreds of thousands of people face losing their homes due to the Bedroom Tax whilst others will be driven into debts they can never pay by the endless tsunami of cuts to benefits.

Already some companies are salivating at the prospect of dragging families from their homes and stealing the few remaining possessions of those with least. Little more than a privatised police force to protect the profits of bankers and landlords, bailiffs will be just one of the many sectors getting rich on the back of the brutal and shambolic welfare reforms.

In the North West of England, Jacobs Bailiffs, one of the largest firms in the area, are chomping at the bit to get started.  A post on their website details how they have been actively promoting their vile services to make every last penny they can from the misery to come.  Whilst exhibiting at a trade show for local authorities recently, Jacobs Bailiffs boasted that “with Welfare Reforms taking effect from 1st April the Jacobs team can talk you through our recovery strategies for maximising collections.”

A communications blockade against the company has been called for this Monday (29th April) in what will hopefully be the first of many attempts to hold these scum to account for their actions.

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136 responses to “Blockade the Bailiffs – Take On The Sewer Rats Set To Profit From Welfare Reform

  1. welfare ‘reform’ bill is a scum bailiffs wet dream

  2. outstanding entrepreneurial spirit being shown by these bailiff companies, hopefully they all perish quite soon!!!

    • something survived...

      While the bailiffs are out, throwing people on the street and/or taking their stuff:
      Go round to their house. Chuck all their stuff out in a big pile with the fridge contents poured on top. Change the locks, clamp/tow their car. sell their house online or squat their house.

  3. There seems to be no shame anymore.Thank you ConDem pact.

    • murray… the clearances all over again….”in 1803 we sailed out to sea..oh.i wish i was back home in derry”

      • Have not been down to Holyrood for a while but I am told that the Scottish Parliament looks as if it is being fortified maybe they are expecting the folk bailiffs.

        • shrugs…£500million for a capsized boat..i’d say money well spent…perhaps the folk from the “battle of largs…”

          • ps shrugs…on 2nd thoughts the place was dropping to bits from day1…should have used ronseal…i told ’em to…but they just don’t listen.. pun intended!

            • @overburdenddonkey,

              The building was a wrecking exercise form day one, bet they never thought that round two in the war of dignity would come around so soon.

              Will Scotland stand its ground united?

              “What if that other voice we all know so well responds by saying, ‘We say no, and we are the state’,? Well we say yes – and we are the people.”

            • shrugs…scotland is has a unique identity…it always has had…the roots of this identity can never be removed….ultimately the scottish will, will prevail and steer it own destiny….i am a celt a pict a lover of tara….

            • shrugs…i know that words are twisted and distorted…those in power translate those words and claim the new translation as that is what he/she really meant….there is one massive and subtle reason why rosslyn was built where it was…most miss it…deep down…we all know it…

    • something survived...

      highland clearances: read that there was an old man who was too disabled to move. Everyone was ordered out as the cottages were burned down. A couple of women said they’d go in and bring him out, but the soldiers stopped them. They burned the house with the old man in it! called it suicide!

  4. Disgraceful parasites. Not alone though…tv ads now detail an ‘ex mobility cars’ saleroom in readiness for shifting all those vehicles snatched under pip when many dla claimants will no longer qualify. Mob rule lies ahead I fear. Evil scumbags. Wait till it happens to them. Many folk just 2 paydays from the streets.

  5. if stealing my stuff….mitigates my debt,, they are welcome to it…i could only give my stuff…to a dustcart…and they would likely charge me to take it away….

  6. the bailifs had better save up their dirty
    dollars to invest in a gated community
    safe from the kickback..

  7. @donkey, same boat mate ,would have to pay someoneto take away my goods and chattles,as they have absolutely no commercial value!

  8. Just had a look a this Jacobs baliffs website – was left incredulous at these lines – “We will also be pleased to show you our new dynamic and unique performance management application at the exhibition.

    Come and chat with the team at Stand 1 – you can also enter our prize draw for a chance to win a deluxe Picnic Hamper for the summer months ahead!”
    These scumbags are set to profit from the misery of those unable to pay the bedroom tax by turfing them out in the street & in the next breath they’re offering fluffy prizes in a draw. Maybe it’s just me, but this is surreal.

    Wonder if they’ll be a sudden demand for pit-bull terriers?

  9. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Does anybody remember the grotesque Harry Enfield character Loadsamoney? He was a walking, talking satire of the Thatcher era’s obsession with cash. When he first hit our TV screens, he was a plasterer, because they were making cash hand over fist at the time. Then the crash happened in 1987, and what did he become?
    A bailiff.
    Taking possessions away from people who were unable to stop it had become the growth industry, so that’s what ‘Loadsamoney’ went into.
    Now, bailiffs are once again salivating at the chance to get their hands on other people’s property.
    I predict that anyone with brains, who’s likely to get a visit from the bailiffs, will already be working out the home addresses of all those who run – or are employed by – local companies, and devising plans about what to do.
    After all, what have they got to lose? A British prison is better than the street.
    (I’m not condoning this kind of behaviour, mark you – I merely foretell)

  10. The way these bailiffs can double the debt for a missed payment perhaps through loss of work etc. shows how corrupt and extortionate these people are, aided and abetted by the courts.

    • Can I just say, It’s going to be very important that people find our their rights in relation to bailiff visits.

      There is a particular code of practice which they are bound to follow, and if they break the rules they can lose their licenses. For example, many add on charges like ‘attendance with a vehicle’ and multiple visits that they did not make. There are also completely different rules with regard to the collection of council tax arrears.

      I’ve had to negotiate for friends regarding the matter, and when threatened with being reported to the authority that oversees bailiffs, it’s surprising how quickly certain charges are dropped!

      These are the people to call for free advice about the law concerning this:

      By the way, do you remember what some communities in Liverpool did when their homes were cleared for Poll Tax arrears? They all attended the auctions, bought the stuff back, and returned it to the owners!

  11. Somewhat related crap might soon hit the Netherlands. Most social sector homes are owned by private “home corporations” that used to be decent foundation-status , public,”home construction associations,” with tenants having a big say and government-guaranteed low rents. The corporations are weakly regulated, but the central gov wants them to snoop for data about the *income* of tenants, in major municipalities like Amsterdam. If one’s income is “too high” (actually: rather low) for the size of their apartment they’ll be pressured or compelled to move. Although this is billed as “social,” the aim is gentrification, with ghetto-forming as a side effect. Some or many will become homeless, thanks to scarcity of low-rent flats, changes of social homes to private, and cut-backs in subsidised social-sector construction. The vacated homes will be sold at high prices.

  12. We live in a global society, so why not global rip-off rents as well ???

  13. George Berger

    Some more cruelty for the tories to take credit for, as they were the ones to instigate austerity measures internationally, nationally and locally.

    • Guy Fawkes
      That’s right. More precisely it was Thatcher and simultaneously Ruud Lubbers, then Dutch PM and longest-serving NL PM so far. Lubbers and his Christian Democratics (CDA) started Dutch cuts around 1981, but since they were always in fragile coalition cabinets, austerity was slowed down. It speeded up under CDA PM Jan Peter Balkenende around 1991, with re-assessments of ill persons and lots of privatisation and deregulation. The housing threats are coming from the present 2-party coalition of Social Democrats and Conservatives. Healthcare had already been privatised, first in the EU, on 1 January 06.

  14. An industry entirely dependent on misery and misfortune cannot be allowed to continue. What a loathsome aspect of capitalism.


    • Just been listenin to D Bowie “Space Oddity” two tracks very appropriate to todays blogs,Cygnet Commitee and God Knows Im Good, well worth a lugg, Avail on U-Tube, for easy access click on Anomi shrugs post Dinghy

    • Capitalism itself is a financial system dependent on misery and misfortune.

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  16. Just watching the Caine Mutiny film on 5, Dirk bogardes portrayal of a sick captain, could be IDS in charge of the tories ship.

  17. ullyes….surely there must be a dusty statue…planning law maybe….something that circumvents their powers…at least for a while bogs ’em down maybe….can’t clamp in scotland…

  18. They were a much nicer company when they were making crackers.



  20. @Jayne they still are crackers…

  21. Cannae beat a wee bit incognito!!!

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  23. Boiling oil from the ramparts?
    Whatever happens they cannot take your freedom or soul!
    William Wallace time I think!

    • The minute a person has nothing left to lose that’s when all hell will break loose. Going to prison would mean nothing to me, I’m in it now!

      • @phoenix may i be so bold as to making a suggestion? since what is most likely to happen is ppl will go yah boo to nasty tories and replace it with nasty labour or nightmare scenario of tory ukip evil empire. has anyone come up up with plan b..3rd way party as yet? and how that might function and how it can be ”all things to all people” party? DISCUSS:

        reason i ask is that we can come here piss and moan but to do what? whats the game plan .exit strategy? ….anyone??

        • chewie….go find get orfff mi laaaand you dirty ballifs….statute

          • @donkey do you remember stingray? intro bongo drums..”anything can happen in the next half hour” we waited and waited and waited..nope not a lot…

            • chewie….this is a very scary and real subject…what do you suggest people should do to protect themselves from these…barbaric threats…to invade their homes and steal their property…..the affect of which is selective….divide and rule…how should the actions of people be phrazed?

              • @donkey whats the law say on this?
                1 landlord own property (so law on his side)
                2 however one has entered into contract with LL so you pay him he is obliged to supply terms of contract..if he chucks you out or threatens to then HE has broken contract…SUE HIM..

                erm yes needs further poking around, cos if councils are changing rules re: housing priority not putting homeless first then….

            • Suicide is always an option, get the fuck oot o here!!!

            • murray..suicide can be fatal…..ever see mash….?

            • chewie….not quite sifted to micro—more on the side of macro…i would not have thought landlord/tenant stuff….but more in the paper work preparation side….appeals….procedural side…that sort of thing…how they present things…..I.D…..due process….etc….

            • something survived...

              the guy in MASH (the movie) was trying to actually die, and disappointed when he didn’t

  24. So I believe, but has it been proven?…… Yes ,is that the Martian potatoes ,as advertized on T.V.?????

  25. Not Dirk Bogarde – humphrey bogarde.

  26. off topic,
    DWP press release dated 24th April
    Charities, business leaders and disability experts are joining forces to support the hardest to help claimants – such as those on sickness benefits – into a job through the Work Programme.
    A new best practice group will help organisations delivering the Work Programme to find the best ways to help tens of thousands of former incapacity benefit claimants, people claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), ex-offenders and other harder to help claimants overcome issues which are stopping them from getting a job.

  27. @PAT “overcome issues which are stopping them from getting a job.” LIKE CURING CANCER? severly psycho schizo disorder? cerebral palsy motor nerone disease/hey never mind work for fuck all and your illness will suddenly clear up..TWATS..

  28. We know what they are doing trying to force those THEY consider to be unemployable to work for nothing for charities etc, in order to get your benefits – benefits which you are entitled to, cheeky swines.

  29. I have never seen that film I watched today with Bogie in “The caine mutiny”, it was good I thought, likened bogie to IDS in charge of the Tories ship.


  31. Well Chewie there’s nothing else for it other than to put you up for election!!!!!!

  32. another one of interest

    ‘Welfare Reform’ – Update for Branches
    26 April 2013

    PCS have been made aware that jobcentres in Southern Region have been opened at weekends on overtime to interview claimants, in a practice that is being termed as ‘botherability’.
    We have written to ER stating that this is a highly offensive term and a disgraceful customer service approach to claimants. It is also a costly, inappropriate way to push claimants into meeting conditionality. As with other examples provided to PCS, this seems designed to ‘frustrate’ claimants off benefit, rather than help them into work.
    It is clear that this forms part of the target driven approach to conditionality and sanctions, which will only be halted if action is taken at a national level to prevent it from happening.
    We have demanded that ‘botherability’ is ceased immediately, and that senior managers make clear to their staff that perverse target-driven performance behaviour like this is unacceptable

  33. Pat

    It sounds more like profitability for it’s staff so they will get extra hours and not have to sanction one another. They have no mandate to bother job seekers full stop, welfare reform is not and should not be harassment.

  34. @FAWKESY how is IDS supposed to get his fun then?

  35. Chewie

    Watch that film I’ve just mentioned and you will see, Bogie plays with his balls a lot.

  36. Am reminded of scene in clockwork orange where alex and his droogs beat the shit out of a tramp..IDS thugs GET A JOB whack !! SCROUNGER boot!!…

  37. I used to work wi a guy that had motor neuron,thought he was lazy bastard,until he told me of illness,carried the guy for two yrs at work,until he had to retire for health reasons,sadly he died shortly after retirement, still miss him,and work,but thats the buildin game for you.

  38. chewie

    The film I watched is about a insane captain of a ship, played by bogie, the patter was good in it – made me laugh!

  39. Murray

    Nice to hear your not as tough as you make out – good on yer.

  40. Chewie

    I think your highly strung enough, so no need to string you up!

  41. @PAT “..ive taken companies to court for non payment of work i did for them.” AND I WON….

  42. murray

    Ain’t that the truth, although humour starting to wane with these jokers running the country.

  43. I’m off to bed.

  44. I think this video says it all.

  45. will my landlord approve my request to make my front door intruder proof by hanging to open outwards and adding a sheet of universal key proof steel?

  46. What the fuck is this shit with requiring a Fakebook account to access details of this “campaign”. I mean, Fakebook ffs, a spy agency and an arm of the State that works hand-in-glove with the cops. How many folks have been sent down for long stretches because of fucking Fakebook. And naive idiots are still using this shit! What the fuck planet to these cunts live on?????

  47. I have never signed up to facebook anyway nor would I, so why should those that do not be blocked from accessing certain sites and information?

  48. julie dunn-brown

    sherriff of nottingham reincarnate?

    • All we need now is a Robin Hood …

      • r33…look, go easy on these right wing fruit cakes…..they only try to beat some sense into us….beatings turn us thickos….into wonderperson.don’ ya know…it’s for one’s own good…..I AM OUTRAGED….BY THESE ROBOTIC…..MINDLESS…PATSY…MORONIC…CLOWNS….they only agree with the tories…coz if they don’t they’ll end up in the same boat as us….

  49. Labours Andy burnham on the sunday politics said that they will introduce an integrated system between NHS, council, social agencies and mental health so that people are allowed to stay in their own homes instead of taking up hospital beds unnecessarily.

    They already have an integrated system and it’s used to drag those on benefits into accessing all of these services by force to keep themselves in business, nosing into peoples concerns unnecessarily, anonymous reporting or complaints (some of which they make up themselves to put you under their radar).

    People are perfectly capable of fighting for their own rights, the problem lies when councils deliberately withhold housing benefit you are entitled to(which would now exclude bedroom tax) if your benefits are sanctioned, thus making it look like you are in arrears so that they can intrude in your life, not that you are not capable of filling in forms or accessing relevant information. They are deliberately witholding that information until the social agencies are involved and voila your problems are solved – making it look like you were incapable. They will probably forced you into moving into smaller dwelling if bedroom tax is the problem.

    The only reason they could possibly want these agences to have more integration with each other is in order to synchronise the lies they were pedalling about you, making sure everyone is on message to get their evidence against you correct, because I have showed their lies up no end.

  50. @guy fawkes,

    Joined up oppression and stock control codename – Pathfinder.

  51. I hear you Anomie shrugs.

  52. It surely is going to be very costly,for all these agencies to conspire against so many millions of claimants,would it be worth the expense, I dont think so!

  53. Murray

    Of course it is not worth the expense to the public but it is worth the expense to keep themselves in a job.

  54. It would all be black comedy if I wasn’t on the receiving end of it now, didn’t have personal experience of being street homeless, and didn’t know what bastards bailliffs usually are.

  55. murray

    It also costs the public to pay for the work programmes but it does not benefit the people that should be the recipients i.e. the unemployed, it only benefits business with cheap labour. The councils are just job creating conduits for the middle classes i.e. social workers, health visitors etc.

    • @fawkes i shall tell my SW he is a conduit for the middle classes..he’d love that..atm he’s up to his neck in paperwork helping clients over the increase in ATOS assessments….

      • I guess that in an extreme sense social workers are conduits of the system, if one takes an extreme, Ulrika Meinhoff approach. There are some good social workers, as indeed there are some good teachers, and Jobcentre advisors, come to that, but their lives are increasingly being made difficult and they too are threatened by all kinds of sanctions if they don’t toe the line, and most do, for even if they are union members, their unions are more likely to cravenly collude with employers and government than truly represent the interests of workers.

        The recent refusal of the PCS leadership to back a motion of no-cooperation in sanctioning JSA claimants is ample evidence of this. It may well be that backing such a motion is in conflict with the law, but when the law conflicts all moral decency then surely is is justified to break the law. To act like this is akin to accepting the death camp guards defence that they were only obeying orders.

        • It was my beleife that unions were set up in order to defend the rights of working ppl,and to help defend them against tyrrany from employers?

  56. Chewie

    I said the COUNCIL are the conduits for the middle class professional. Some people choose to have a social worker running around after them, personally I prefer to have the choice to carry out my own affairs providing I am not harassed or hindered by councils, benefit agencies etc., which is very much the case when you oppose their partisan policies.

    • @fawkes some people are too ill to deal with the utter bollocks of contradictions and idiot documents sent to them..i have visited banks to sort out my affairs with them .but sw diplomacy can sometimes help when a clients rant out of frustration cant..

  57. This is appalling. I saw their site thanks to a link on twitter and read their sales spiel.
    It really does sicken me, how these hyenas are gathering around the most vulnerable in the country.

  58. Chewie

    The public sector agencies such as job centres, councils, housing associations deliberately make their proceedures frustrating so that you will have to employ the services of their army of social agencies in the public and charitable sectors, plus some private ones that they have to hand.
    all in the name of job creation and social control. Forcing some old people into homes ito create low paid care worker jobs and profits for the private care home owners, some of which in our town were councillors.

    • @fawkes two things: in the graun a sw who was made redundant put on dole sanctioned and went begging.
      secondly my sw who is snowed under with paperwork helping clients put through atos wca..

  59. chewie

    So the snowed under one will be next on the sick eh?

  60. Chewie

    I hope he gets you a successful move and you can get some sleep, then we had all better watch out because you will really be on the ball then!

    • @fawkes did you get a comment from ”ollie” on tom pride site ‘proving’ that tom is a liar? he dont know you obviously..thing is guy it went on after that as he tried to browbeat me into taking his view,, i wasnt having it..he even posted on here to have a go at me..trouble is guy he gave the game away a sure he is a troll..and crap at it..and i have to say way too nosey if you see what i mean…

    • @guy fawkes i also got the impression from ollie the snark that he sooner me not be on here as well…..

  61. lol chewie yea I saw Ollie telling us all tom is a liar. I replied.

  62. Where can I get that dog? My 2 would like the b’stards to death, maybe more fun watching them suffer that way.

  63. sorry that should have said LICK them to death.

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