Man Jailed After Comments Made In Atos Assessment

atos-killsUPDATE 26/04/13  Steve Topley has been bailed, has pleaded guilty and is now expected to receive a community sentence.  Seems he wasn’t such a threat to the community after all.

A Nottingham man has now been held in custody for two weeks after he was accused of “threatening behaviour”* due to comments he allegedly made during his Atos benefits assessment.

Steve Topley is a 49 year old father with multiple serious health problems who was required to attend a Work Capability Assessment with the notorious IT firm Atos – the company responsible for stripping benefits from hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people.  During the process Mr Topley made some comments about someone not present at the assessment.

These comments led to Atos staff calling the police and Mr Topley was asked to attend Queens Medical Centre (QMC) in Nottingham.  When he refused to do so he was arrested.  At QMC he was de-arrested and received a mental health assessment but no reason was found to detain him under the mental health act.  He was then re-arrested and taken in handcuffs to Nottingham police station where he was later charged.

He has now been refused bail twice in closed courts which his family say they were not permitted to attend.  His sister Gina Topley, who says the family are being kept in the dark about the legal process, has said:

“My brother has not been given any opportunity to speak and give his side of the story to a judge and he was not offered an appropriate adult to accompany him when he was arrested.”

His family have not been allowed to visit him in prison and have raised concerns that his medication may not be being administered properly.  Mr Topley will face another appearance in a closed court tomorrow (Friday 26th April) and there are major fears that he will be remanded once again pending psychiatric reports.

His family and supporters have called a demonstration outside the court tomorrow calling for his immediate release.

Meet outside Nottingham Crown Court on Friday 26th April from 9.30-11.00am – please help spread the word.  For more details and the  latest news visit:

Thanks to 3monkeys in the comments for spotting this.

*Clarification:  Mr Topley was finally charged with making a ‘threat to kill’.  This can be a very serious charge which can result in a long sentence depending on other aggravating factors, however in this case it seems this was not the view of the Judge.  According to Mr Topley’s family:

“The Judge on the day appeared to accept that Steve was not a threat to anyone, however the ludicrous charge of ‘threatening to kill’ is still hanging over him. Police have not so far informed the alleged ‘victim’ of any plot against him, and cannot seem to find them, demonstrating how seriously they actually take this.”

One point worth making is that this incident happened in the middle of an Atos assessment which are notoriously stressful and frightening for claimants.  If he hadn’t been put through that, it is unlikely he would have said whatever he said, which it seems was not a very credible threat at least as far as the Judge was concerned.  When people who are marginalised are subject to this kind of shit then it can make people react irrationally or angrily and they end up doing things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.  The context these events take place in is often ignored by ‘professionals’, because to them it is all just a job and they can’t understand why people are not being reasonable.  The stark terror felt by some people facing courts, benefit assessments, arrests, bailiffs, prisons or even more seemingly benign institutions such as social services, Jobcentres and community mental health teams can often cause people to destroy themselves.  This can happen even if ‘professionals’ concerned do their jobs properly within the constrain of the system and no-one is really personally culpable.

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  1. And so it begins any dissent and the gestapo will pick you up deny you access to family, friends and legal representation and from there ?????

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  3. Fed up with welfare


    I cant find a contact page, but thought you may like this little find…

  4. Rosemarie Harris

    I am just checking my map to make sure we are still living in the U.K!!
    Right we have a man this country can’t get rid of and costing a fortune and has all the help going regarding his Human Rights and here is a man under stress and is forever disabled and because he say’s (Can they prove this?) something that these people don’t like he is held and taken to a secret hearing of which his family is not allowed. someone needs to contact his M.P ,the papers , the M.S society. Make one hell of a noise.
    Which part of any act are they using for this?
    Find someone to help them sue these idiots!
    All the best to him and his family.

  5. I don’t believe I’m reading this. It gets worse by the minute


    Contact with the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman has to go via your MP, but it seems he may have a good case. Indeed I’m surprised Atos hasn’t been taken to task by them before now.

  7. i fully agree with rosmarie harris this countrys priorities r so so wrong…

  8. Was he still found “fit for work”? I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • I bet he is when they’re finished with him, Jon

      • i have interviews over the telephone as im not stable enough to have a face to face interview, but im still fit for work, i am disabled with complications due to post traumatic stress disorder, so to recap, Atos are scared of me face to face but will still send me to job interviews, do they really get what they are supposed to be doing? i think not

  9. This is one very slippery slope, secret courts operate above the law and cannot be questioned. We are fucked, IDS is the best man for reform, just like mageret hodge was the best person for children’s minister because they are yes people, hodge said about the press that broke the islington child abuse “gutter press” and labelled the victims “deranged” and then gets promoted, robin cook try’s to tell the truth about the Iraq wmd document and look where that got him, dangerous times.

  10. Every. Single. Fucking. Day.
    Relentless attack upon relentless attack.

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  12. i know some of raynauds… is very very nasty….sometimes with scheroderma….basically…a sudden drop in tempreture causes the main arteries to cut off blood supply to ones limbs…causing severe agony amongst other effects…coupled to his other cardiovascular connected disorders….it numbs my mind to think of what they are doing to this human being….barbaric…is an understatement….

  13. There is so much wrong with this
    What the poor soul and his family must be going through I can’t begin to imagine.

    This country is now officially not merely shit but a shit devoid of rights

  14. Oh, right … Nazi Germany here we come.

    • Here we come? I think we’ve arrived.

    • A bloody disgrace. Gonna risk asking the following: where was this unfortunate person from? if the illegal brigrade I doubt if detained for surely HUMAN RIGHTS in attendance. I’m a floater & giving serious cosideration as to x [box] BNP…..Oh’, by the way, for all the right reasons for methinks same own a soul (pls don’t delete my comment), as ‘someone’ has to come forward before our country completely deleted from the map.
      I’m packing asap as I am taking the un-professional ATOS/DWP/NON ENGLISH SPEAKING QUACK’S to the Royal Court of Justice. Prison nice this time of year – heat/food/sky tv/’phones/gym/ with a few ‘professional’ quacks thrown infor good measure. I’m livid, frustrated, ashamed [to be called BITISH] – I am & was sooo proud but, now I cannot believe our disabled folk are treated like s**t & by ATOS [USA] – God help us as there are further new laws implemented by the DWP with newly dug graves daily. Oh’ s**t I have to halt as my spine in agony – excuse me if I’ve strayed as I too suffer from PTSD. Good luck all and give serious thought as to your VOTE!

  15. Jonathan Wilson

    Assuming this is genuine and is as reported, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, its truly shocking and scary that “the equities of law” can be rode roughshod like this.
    That said, the whole of the “court of [miss]protection” is a joke of the highest order and I’m guessing this is what is being used…. make out he has mental problems, can’t trust his own family, his lawyer doesn’t understand the issues only “trained people” can, lock him up by the back door, jobs a goodun…. and they say we have the best and most fairest legal system in the world…. *bolocks*

    • who would not be disturbed and anxious at this kind of treatment, his medical conditions amplify, what any healthy individual would feel under these dreadful circumstances, punished for speaking out and offending the state… …sounds like a warning to me….

  16. Reblogged this on Dawn Willis and commented:
    This has to be one of the greatest concerns of anyone with a mental health condition being faced with ATOS, risk of accusations of non-compliance or detention.

    Whilst we don’t know the full details of this case, the very fact he was detained in custody is dangerous to his mental wellbeing.

  17. I can’t believe this could happen here. Hitler would be proud.

  18. And so it continues.

    My god.

    What of people with mental health issues ?! Wtf…

  19. I spend six weeks in hospital trying very hard not to die, only to emerge into a Kafkaesque police state in which people can simply be disappeared on a whim.

    Doesn’t seem worth the effort.

  20. I would comment, but i don’t want to be arrested…………………..

  21. Landless Peasant

    The actions of this unelected Junta worsen day by day. When will the UN intervene in our plight and invade England?

  22. in reply to Jon Newman | April 25, 2013 at 3:37 pm | Was he still found “fit for work”? he won’t have completed the assessment, due to his arrest, so he will suffer the indignity of having to go through the whole thing again. if they had trouble with him though, they should really brace themselves and bring the police, when they do my dad’s assessment. he was permanently disabled by the DHSS because he “can’t be trusted in the workplace, due to” his “psychopathic personality and” his “intense intense hatred for males”. dad has numerous diagnoses, including PTSD, paranoid schizophrenia, severe psychotic episodes, blackouts and multiple personality disorder and yes, he is a psychopath. he was severely abused by 2 people that he found out as an adult, weren’t even his parents. they, assisted by the army, had kidnapped him as a baby and used him as a kickboxer’s punch bag for 15 years, till he ran away. there own children were never harmed. if they give him problems, he could have a blackout and that would be there worst nightmare. one of his mildest, was when he bent his thumbnail back. he told the doctor not to put him in pain, due to the likelihood of a blackout. the next thing dad knew, he was holding this 6ft 4in doctor, by the throat, with one hand, 5 inches off the floor. oops. lol. good luck Atos.

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  26. It does no harm to remind Atos assessors of the risks they’re taking in potentially upsetting the equally potentially dangerously mentally ill. Maybe a few of them will decide it’s not worth the risk and quit.

  27. I am beginning to get very frightened. I was told off at an ATOS assessement for telling my ‘interogator’ I had paid my Tax and NI for 42years and didnt deserve to be treated in this manner. Was I in danger of being arrested?

    • I was thinking of pointing this out at my ‘Start Chamber’ event. Still no date yet. What have we paid NI in for all these years? Surely if the governments made it mandatory for us to pay there is some form of contractual agreement?

  28. Bad enuff havin to perform tricks and beg for yer dough but also stripping this man of basic human rights and his liberty and the spoken word now an offensive weapon

  29. He should not have been summoned to nazi headquarters anyway??? He is an ill person with MS ,,The stress of these actions will only make his condition much worse….The who family must be beside themselves…people with MS are known to make sudden remarks someones out of context…If the ‘Doctor ‘ at Atos was qualified he/she would of least had known that….You do tend to shout/talk fast./ talk /mumble ,,etc its part of MS…..I really hope they let him go and release him in to the care of hie family where he belongs….its disgusting..its frightening….But we have to be really strong to survive all the lies., the disrespect..the hatred even, orchestrated by this present Government…I pray this poor very unwell man is back with his family soon….We are talking about MS here Atos not a pimple on the Arse..

  30. I don’t know if this will help but, I am willing to share some of my existing condition. My background is quite violent and I have been involved in Martial Arts (Karate, Kung-Fu and Krav Maga) for many years – although I am not an expert in any of the above. I presently suffer from depression and anger management issues. I have only ever had depression on one other occasion years ago. The present was triggered by my Father’s death – but not directly: it was some of my family who made his death an unnecessary ordeal. Thereafter, the murder of a close friend was the ‘tipping point’. I fell into a black despair and became more and more detached, aloof and unconcerned about the welfare and safety of those about me: including my own family. Later still I found it increasingly difficult, [and then impossible] to stop myself from reacting to anything that felt threatening or overwhelming. I had no personal life to speak of and friends were few and had mixed loyalties. I tried to work, but became more and more angry with my students. A stranger who visited me for music lessons tried to walk away without paying – and we ended up fighting. I damaged him very, very badly and it was only luck that kept me from being arrested. I couldn’t carry on teaching privately. Over the period of two years I faced ATOS on five or six occasions – each time my ‘condition’ had worsened. There were physical problems too – but my ability to focus, respond and interact was always underpinned by a violent and feeling of imminent loss of control. I too responded with threatening, sometimes overtly menacing replies to some questions asked by ATOS – yet the most that ever happened was an admonishment. Even two years in “counselling” did nothing to alleviate my mental state, and I haven’t dared to form any close relationships with anyone during that time. Therefore I can see NO GOOD REASON WHATSOEVER for this man’s arrest or subsequent incarceration. What is even more incredible is that He has been in CLOSED COURT – HOW is THAT possible? Is he a Muslim? Non-White or just some poor sod who reacted badly to a prurient question put by a particularly sensitive ‘Health Professional?’ There is NO GOOD REASON for this man to be seen in CLOSED COURT either – for there is NOTHING remotely linked to National Security or the Intelligence Services. I doubt anyone from the FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6 or other Police Intelligence Groups has ANY evidence to give! Therefore WHAT evidence is SO SENSITIVE it CANNOT be heard in open court. The last time the TORIES used this method of ‘Justice’ they were hearing court cases involving the IRA and UDA.. Not some poor soul from Nottingham!

  31. What on earth could he have possibly said that deserves this kind of heavy handed response? Are closed bail hearing normal?

  32. Power to the people

    This country is going down hill how can they do this 😦 Prisons have different rules on things like when and how often you can visit – and the number of visitors allowed at the same time etc.
    In this country a convicted prisoner is allowed at least two 60-minute visits every 4 weeks.
    A prisoner on remand (waiting for their trial) is allowed three 60-minute visits a week. Hopefully he will have some legal representation they can pass on any information to the family about his health and legal standings try my hardest to figure out what he maybe charged with remanding him for some thing he may have said is wrong in many ways am looking into it 🙂 we all no Atos lie threw there yellow teeth so if he said ya a pain in my arse they would have said he said he was going to hurt every one in the country they need to contact the police officer in charge of the investigation they can explain why he has been reminded .

  33. I’ve just had an atos assessment, all went fine till I got up to go and picked a piece of fluff from assessors shoulder, she nearly jumped out of her skin,it seems she has been well intimidated by the lies written about me.

  34. Strange, I remember a politician on the Andrew Marr Show back in 2010 just before the election saying

    “But what I want to explain to people is that in making these decisions, I want to, if I’m elected, take the whole country with me. I don’t want to leave anyone behind. The test of a good society is you look after the elderly, the frail, the vulnerable, the poorest in our society. And that test is even more important in difficult times, when difficult decisions have to be taken, than it is in better times. ”

    Should he have said “I want to get rid of the elderly, the frail, the vulnerable, the poorest in society” that’s the way David Cameron is going.

    • Of course that’s the words of a left wing party not the extreme right touching fascism.. it’s in the Tories blood. People should have thought about that a bit more before voting for them, many are dyed in the wool Tory stooges, but abstaining did more damage and let them in through the back door. It’s important to remember people died to win the right to vote, these days people want to be cattle and be told what to do and be happy just to keep their head down and not make a fuss.. and they do so each and every day as their liberties are slowly eroding under this corrosive tory led coalition.

  35. “apart from being disabled, and being very outspokenn in his views on authority and being a life long punk rocker steve has committed no crime there is some sort of cover up going on here? be very careful what you say to ATOS/DWP types it seems you could wind up in prison like steve.”
    comment on nottingham indymedia

    so, outspoken eh? (trouble maker) life long punk rocker (there you go see doesnt conform) seems you are pre judged by what you do what you wear
    and views you take.

  36. Prosecution has to be in a pickle don’t they ? “Distribution” of a threat cannot exist in a confidential interview surely ? Very strange case. There must be something we are not being told or his solicitor would have ripped the police a new a=se by now.

    • @richard card something tells me there is some other shit going on for the old bill to respond in this way…..maybe the IRC where there was a demo..
      idk at this mo..just punting …

      • Thanks Bob. I knew this story put me in mind of something. I wonder whether the chap’s solicitor would benefit by reading up on the Schacter and Singer experiments. Because the behavioural provocation nature of that research seems to be a model for the stress situation created by ATOS. I will look up Raynauds etc to see what medications are used.

        Schacter and Singer used epinephrine (adrenaline) and provoked 100% of subjects to aggression and 100% to unnatural euphoria.

        Clearly the mental health professionals could not provoke the response. But, rationally then, the ATOS methodology is evidentially isolated as having provoked the response?

    • Landless Peasant

      Perhaps he told them he would have to eat his children in order to survive, or gnaw off his own foot, if his Benefits were stopped? Which is a perfectly reasonable response i.m.o.

  37. Johnny, have you got any sources for this story? I can’t find anything other than your blog. It’s important I find out because if it can be verified It might be possible for Sonia Poulton to get it into the national press.

    • Nottingham court records have details of the hearings, his sisters phone number is on website for her side of things

      • @JV and as i posted steve aint the first in notts to be arrested for anti atos stuff…not that he was doing that..but it looks like anything to do with atos and it hits their radar…

        “Over time sick and disabled people and their supporters have grown more militant and more vocal in their condemnations of Atos. In return Atos threatened legal action against the Internet hosting companies of three websites – Carerwatch, After Atos and Atos Register of Shame, attempting to silence claimants and their small organisations who have had the courage to speak up.”

  38. this isnt connected is it..this was a protest near notts..and it caused some, arresting ppl just to set an example and all that?
    idk..just a punt…

    Campaigners target Morton Hall IRC

  39. Are ATOS assesors medically quallified,when I was assesed,whilst suffering depression, the assesor told me she was a nurse,therefor was she quallified to assess me fit for work?

    • @murray basically depends what nursing profession..atos have been recruiting from RCN ( they have stalls at all these gigs to make themselves look respectable) as i posted before you have to sit an atos approved course to get the a way any idiot could do it, once you got that bit of paper..the course is a fucking joke (you can bring your own stethascope-whoohoo!)

    • AFAIK, they are.medically qualified, either as doctors or nurses.
      Sadly if they stuck to playing that game the world would be a better place.
      But they choose to prostitute themselves as Atos Assessors and it’s us that gets screwed.

  40. was this steve guy involved in the morton hall IRC thing? if so it might explain a few things..

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  42. Seems steve wasnt the only one in notts who got nicked
    Nottingham’s ‘Atos Two’ Charged

    Two Nottingham residents, a pensioner and a wheelchair user, have been charged with aggravated trespass. The pair, dubbed the “Atos Two” by supporters, were arrested following a peaceful protest the offices of the Atos “Healthcare” on Stoney Street on September 30th. Campaigners accuse Atos of participating in a government-led attack on people with disabilities under the guise of “austerity.”

  43. The UK has now given up any pretence of being a democracy. These are the actions of a totalitarian state, more like Chile in the 70’s/80’s where individuals can be “disappeared” into the system & held for years.
    What did this guy do to deserve this treatment? If he stated that IDS should be dragged out into the street & shot, well it’s hard to disagree.
    OK , now I’ll sit back & wait for the knock on the door….

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  45. I really want to know what he said to warrant this response. He’s not a terrorist, so why closed court? We’ve just entered 1884 crossed with Nazi Germany

    • Landless Peasant

      You have to be careful what you say these days, freedom of speech no longer exists in the UK, if it ever did. Just a few years ago I contacted the anti-terrorist unit and MI5 about bomb hoaxes made by the Telegraph, and the very next morning there was an armed response car outside my house!

      • @landless wow can i get one..maybe they can become my taxi and take me for journeys to shops..

        AFAIK i think either this steve guy was an activist (thats his right) OR the rozzers thought he was..and atos who weild power and shit their pants over anything overeacted hence the arrest..the secret court is (1) oh we fucked up and dont want the media or anyone knowing we did (2) trying to dig up any old tosh to save face (3) ppl that steve associated with..the poor guy was ill ffs…didnt it occur to the boneheads hes not a well fellow ..that can annoy the piss out of you..

    • D’ya think that halfwit who got his collar felt when he joked about having a bomb in an airport was a terrorist, or just some plank with a questionable sense of humour?

  46. even if he threatened to kill the assessor, that still wouldn’t explain the closed court

    • @joanna theres shit going on here.two oldies have been nicked for atos protests , a knife weilding lunatic roaming the area..but police havent bothered to even look. and talk of racism in met, and protests over inernment camps near there..

      • Yes, at the freestevetopley site, one of the victims of the local knife attacks has had little support from the police.

    • something survived...

      trouble is that would prove the claimant’s sanity

  47. Is Notts being used as the trial area,if not too much uproar or publicity,could it be rolled out nation wide?

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    Although the CPS and Atos backed out from continuing the ridiculous
    case against the “Atos Two”, Atos continue to make people’s lives a
    misery and Notts Police have been busy in the last few months
    harassing and arresting protesters in the city (see:

    In response, Nottingham Defence Campaign have called a protest against
    Atos and police repression next Friday (3rd February) 12.30pm. Meet at
    the junction of Carlton Street and Heathcote Street (outside Ice

  50. Okay, I’m going to ask a quick question here (I know the answer, just want to see if anyone else does…)

    Is autism covered by the MHA…?

    • I don’t know the answer but I would love to know. I have been trying to find out more about this for a while. I have autism. I gained 6 points at Atos assessment for this and then the remainder to 15 on the appeal. However, they did not look at my physical illnesses which are far more serious. I have been wondering if there is a reason. Are they trying to assess people as mentally ill? Are they keeping lists of the mentally ill? I wouldn’t describe someone with autism as being mentally ill.

      • @PP, It might be helpful (how helpful, is debatable) to know that it is supposedly the case that only the ‘main/most severe’ condition/illness is considered in allocating of points/placing into an ESA ‘group’. Any/all other health conditions/illnesses are not taken into consideration (has been the advice) Certainly they are not considered in conjunction with the ‘main/most severe’ condition, irrespective of their affect, separately or cumulatively, on the overall picture of wellness/ill-health.
        Severe/long-standing Bipolar Affective Disorder (previously/sometimes referred to as ‘manic depression’).
        Diabetes – initial stage, managed by diet alone.
        Heart problem (managed by medication):-

        -The Bipolar alone was evaluated/considered. Although arguably it is the more ‘severe’ of the 3 conditions – this might be less than a
        clear-cut ‘definitive’ opinion, at the same time, taking account of the person as a whole person. Potential complications that could arise from the other 2 conditions could also be important. At WCA, in this eg., the severity of the Bipolar was in any case so badly misconstrued/and a disproportionate amount of importance (not) attached to it – resulting in significantly less than 15 points being awarded.

        – As a corollary – changes to a decision at a tribunal – as did eventually happen in this example – seem to be based far more on some realistic consideration of the person’s overall situation and not least on a doctor having looked at the written evidence/taken the trouble to find out how they function/the ways in which their life is currently affected & has been over the longer-term. There doesn’t seem, even then, to be anything in the process which allows for any mention to necessarily be made of the ‘overall health picture’ – even at a reconsideration where the change to the decision/number of points was dramatic. (Certainly nothing in writing seems to acknowledge it).

        In this eg. (presumably in others too that may be similar) a long-standing condition, diagnosed and recognised as ‘severe’ (by the person themselves, their GP/friends/family), and with potential to cause significant risk to health – was ‘missed’ completely at WCA. The result given was entirely incorrect but overturned within 5 minutes of the appeal hearing opening. A different (& almost opposite) conclusion was given, acknowledging the actual effects of the condition on health – but still concluding: “not to be reviewed before a period of 2 years.” …

        • @SHIRLEYNOTT ” in the city” atos not mentioned..

          city/town/village/atos city/ real world/fantasy/arrest/not arrest/mentally ill/dangerous.. labour/tory/liberal up/down/her/there..
          yes/no /who am i /aliens/ lottery/ the archers/paedophiles..

          • @bob, I know you’ve been saying that different versions of events and details come out gradually/overall picture can change. This updated info. is a relief. Maybe so many impassioned responses to this have been at least in part due to (at least some people) already feeling – at whatever more-or-less conscious level – that something similar could happen. Either at an Atos assessment, job centre; one-stop shop; or other similar stressful situation. With the combination of access to legal aid disappearing, appeals processes being altered/made impossible and pressure-cooker-like scenarios and fear/frustration levels increasing, desperation building up and people’s choices narrowing as they’re attacked from all sides (financially/emotionally) – having to go to food banks to pay extra for the ‘spare’ room that was not ‘free’ before. Then being told that support systems that would have previously been a last resort either are no longer there or are reducing/eligibility criteria altering so that accessing them is much less likely …

            – with apologies for any military-type language (use of the words ‘pressure’ and ‘cooker’ in the same sentence are purely coincidental) – but given the levels of conflict in peoples’ lives just now & their struggle to try to find a way through, stay ‘sane’ and try to act in the outside world as though things are ‘normal’ (they are not) – as if they are somehow ‘calm’ (surely more and more of a challenge for people experiencing these sustained, off the scale assaults on their lives).

            Oh, and introduction of closed courts – which I for one don’t begin to understand the full implications of – but the feel-good factor has definitely gone badly wrong in 2013 already. It’s still only April.

            • @shirleynott i dont know. to be honest. today i found the most pointless bus route. on my way back to hell city which was all uphill i decided to get a bus hopinrg it would get me closer. however it departed from expected route diverted away from where i thought it would go, went round a block of houses and came back the way it was my thinking when bus travelling you go from a to b..when returning the journey is in reverse.
              not this continues then comes back on itself..
              the result is that i now have no legs am exhausted as i have had to walk much further and carrying bags of heavy shopping..

            • @bob, sounds like you optimistically followed a hunch, trying to use logic & that sometimes works out well but not when the law of sod comes into it. As (in)famous-lyric-mangle Alan(is) Morris(et)e) said, it’s ironic.
              (Like rain on your wedding day…”).

              • @shirleynott well the graun has revealed all it dont matter but at time i was trying to see the bigger picture as i came across a lot of stuff about notts and activism and the old bill..that had been going on for a bit..and given that someone had siad the guy was known to be outspoken about matters it looked like he had been involved in protests etc..but heigh ho,,,thats how it goes..all the same am questioning wtf ATOS asked such shit of it..were they trying to provoke him? is this another form of assessment now? whats next? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY ? mcarthy atos assessments..

  51. Landless Peasant

    On my application for D.H.P. where it asks how it (Bedroom Tax/Council Tax) will affect you, I stated that I may be tempted to commit crime in order to survive. Wonder when they’ll be coming for me?

  52. Police Officers. Police officer recruitment is now closed. There are more than 2,000 police officers in Nottinghamshire. These range from uniformed officers who .(FILL IN THE BLANKS)

  53. landless peasant

    They’ll be coming for you to put you in a box – a cardboard one if you can’t pay your bedroom tax.

    • Landless Peasant

      I also told my Work Coach that I’d burn the house down if I got evicted…oops

        Not even in jest mate, get that statement took down, right now, Arson or threats of arson is potential endangerment of life, we know its a joke, but the case for the prosecution will take that and use it

        Johnnyvoid, please delete that post

      • Landless Peasant

        That was last year, and said as a reaction to a very stressful situation due to bullying from said Work Coach, which was affecting my health. I’m on tablets now so that I can continue attending the Work Programme without feeling suicidal/homicidal.

  54. It is always good to help the police,thats why we should beat ourselves up!

    • something survived...

      Russian joke:

      A torturer is interrogating a suspect. Finally he plays ‘good cop’ and says “If you can get a question right, you are free to go. I have a false eye. Which one is it?”
      The prisoner thinks, then picks an eye. The guard says “that is amazing”, and releases the man. As he is leaving, the torturer asks: “How did you know which eye to choose?”
      The man says, “It was the kindly one.”

  55. just been on the Nottingham crown court website and there is nothing about steves hearing tomorrow the only info was from the 23rd april

  56. The arrests of Notts Uncut activists just before Christmas and the confiscation of a photography student’s tapes after he filmed an arrest demonstrate that the local force is changing their attitude towards peaceful protest.

    This seems to have been confirmed by a police officers’ remark who commented on the arrest of the ‘Atos Two’ by stating that there “had been too much of this sort of thing and we were told to crack down on it”.

    Furthermore Atos can be expected to remain a focus for local activists campaigning against public sector cuts and attacks on the welfare system.

    Jamie Kennedy from the Nottingham Defence Campaign said: “Atos remains committed to make people’s lives a misery and is one of the many examples why we need much more of ‘this sort of thing.’”

  57. BeVare zee Fuhrer’s men are alvays watching und alvays alert! Ve ave your GPS co-ordinates und a smart veapon ready to deploy. Those who disagree vis zee new order, Vill Be Dealt Vis. Zee masses by zee skilful and sustained use of propoganda, vill be made to see heaven as hell, or an extremely wretched life as paradise. Zey vill also believe zat, zee scroungers are spending zere £40 hardship on zere holidays. Und zat Ian Dung Can Smith is ein human being. Zee Fuhrer’s men know zat zee greater zee lie, zee more people vill believe it.

  58. Oh well, sell house go and live in some poor country.

  59. More rights and humanity.

  60. But what are we all guilty of?
    Doing nothing about this cruel government!

    • @phoenix its called contributory negligence..the theory is that you brought it on yourself just by bad choices you made or being in wrong wrong time..using that theory we are all guilty..

    • If you can vote in the local elections, send a message to all the 3 main parties and vote alternatively!

      • Johnny, are there any forms of action planned for my home city of Leeds?

        • So much wrong with this callous regime, where do we start? My anger spilleth over, can’t take much more of this without wanting to kill!

      • But for who? UKIP are facists and there are no left wing parties to vote for.

        • Landless Peasant

          The Green Party ?

        • @thomas. yeh , all three partys
          are the same..all pro ‘forced
          unpaid labour’,all pro status
          quo etc..they all three had their
          chance and blew it…
          that’s why the 2015 election
          will be big business as usual…
          the horrors are going to span
          years…depressing thought.
          there is some new coalition
          of the shat on called ” the
          peoples’assembly” but i don’t
          know if they will be up to
          much..any organisation that
          gets big gets contaminated
          and diluted and neutered.

        • Sorry Thomas, but UKIP are not National Socialists, they might not be all there at times but they are not nazis, or marxists 😉

  61. Suggestion on a postcard – what can we do?

  62. STEVEN Topley, 49, of Beardall Street, Hucknall, has appeared in court accused of making a threat to kill a man, to a woman, in the city on Thursday, April 11. The case was sent for trial at Nottingham Crown Court. Topley is due to appear in court for a plea and case management hearing on Friday April 26. He has been remanded in custody until the hearing.

    Read more:

    • chewie…i found the link….sorry seems you did as well…2 links are better than one but what a carry on….he was not even in the ass center….and he expressed it to a separate party

      • @DONKEY NO WONDER THEY NICKED HIM..not sure if this was before or after ATOS if before then hed got previous then..jeez the old bill there are jumpy as fuck..could be fitted up..idk..anyways no point posting….

        non story thanks for that….

      • chewie…no.. got to find the original story..11/4/13…to be certain

        • @donkey anyroad far you n me come up with something..i’m bored now….

          • chewie…wot u sayin…i party pooper…always need context…but it shows how people really feel about what is going on…so there is strength in that! but i am still curious about this story…so i’ll keep turn off the lights and sit in a dark room….for a couple of days…i find it often does the trick…..another fcuk up theory…perhaps…gonna read my jack reecher book now see if there are any more tips to learn….bfn

            • something survived...

              If the person they threatened to kill was themselves, then would they still be arrested? And reported in the press as some sicko violent murderer?

              Or perhaps they want to go back to before 1961, where you could go to jail or a mental asylum for trying to kill yourself? Go back 100-odd years earlier, and they brought you back to health (and preferably wanting to live) – then hanged you for trying to kill yourself!

              Maybe the internet is playing up but I posted on the story about jobseekers’ CVs being given to other jobseekers, and my post hasn’t appeared.

    • Who was “The Man”?
      IDS? Camoron ? OOZEbourne?
      Counter terrorism act right there. Slam dunk, your goin down 😦

  63. I’m I living in the UK or what? This is well out of order, facists.

    • When this government have run out of paupers to murder it will be the turn of ordinary working people, mark my words this will not end with benefit claimants!

      • dear diary what did i do today? got into a spat over a non story and argument between bloggers followed by digging away only to find another non story..good thing i didnt have anything better to do..maybe see if i can get some sleep? naaaaah..

  64. Mark Humphries

    Whatever happened to Habeus Corpus? Does this not apply now?

  65. Pingback: Man Jailed After Comments Made In Atos Assessme...

  66. This is absolutely disgusting!! You can be a terror suspect & get more rights than this man is being given! It is an appalling example of our so called justice system. I wish him & his family the very best of luck in this case

    • If his threat to kill was aimed at who i think it was aimed at, then he IS a terror suspect…
      Be very careful how you word things…
      Because it seems that is all the evidence needed.

  67. this does not surprise me one bit . what i,d like to know is there anyone who is going to take this atos to court to get these “so called” health professionals jailed for the deaths which has come from a direct result of the misdiagnosis of these kangaroo court medicals ? .this type of thing is also happening in job centre plus offices by staff that look at you as though your something the,ve scraped off their sho . if you say anything to them about it they call the security to throw you out of the building.

    • Absolutely! They are creating jobs in private security for G4S. Your crime with Dwp is disagreeing with them . This can be dealt with a section 5 charge causing, fear alarm or distress. Also telling the truth in a a time of universal deceit is a treasonous act.

  68. Landless Peasant

    And they wonder why half the country JOYOUSLY CELEBRATED the death of that cunt Thatcher. Oh how we’ll celebrate when this lot kick the bucket, may they all die and burn in hell and may I live long enough to tell.

  69. Comment from a friend who has some knowledge about police and criminal procedures (and will remain nameless to avoid dragging them into debate):

    “And, somehow, this site forgot to mention what it was that this innocent political prisoner of a vile police state is alleged to have said that’s clearly been interpreted as a serious enough threat for the CPS to consider taking him to court.

    It’d have to be one hell of a misinterpretation.

    This link also demonstrates what is either extreme ignorance of the facts or a deliberate duplicity about events. I find it difficult to believe, in the circumstances, that it’s the former, as any campaigner would have tried to find out what was going on in the legal process before starting their campaign.

    The Campaign: “Nottingham Crown Court”

    Translation: “Holy crap – this is serious enough that it’s gone from just a quick hearing in front of a magistrate, right up to full trial at Crown Court? Whatever he’s accused of, it’s serious.”

    The Campaign: “A campaign has begun to free a man detained by police since 11th April…”

    Translation: “He’s been remanded by the court into a prison. The police have nothing to do with it after it was handed over to the CPS and they authorised charging, but it sounds better when trying to make out that this is a travesty of justice…”

    The Campaign: “Police … escorted him to the QMC where he was kept late into the night and denied contact with his family, despite medical staff finding no reason to detain him. He was arrested by police later that night and charged with “threatening behaviour””

    Translation: “After witnessing his behaviour, police detained him under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act and took him to the Queen’s Medical Centre, a hospital, where he was kept until such a time as mental health services could get someone to do an assessment on him. This takes quite a while, as mental health services are notoriously overstretched and it’s hard to find a psychiatrist. His family had no legal right to be with him. The psychiatrist found him to not be suffering the effects of his mental health issues and so the section was lifted. He was then arrested as he was deemed criminally culpable for what was demonstrated to officers when they arrived (if they hadn’t seen him demonstrating behaviour they put down to mental health issues, he couldn’t have been sectioned).”

    The Campaign: “Magistrates denied Steve bail, on two occasions, even under strict conditions, and he has since been remanded to Nottingham Prison.”

    Translation: “Magistrates considered Steve’s alleged threats to be so serious that they couldn’t risk putting him back onto the street until after the trial.”

    The Campaign: “Steve has had no visits in Prison, not been offered an appropriate adult, and has been discharged from the QMC where there was deemed to be no reason to detain him under any section of the mental health act. Those prosecuting him continue to criminalise and pathologise him and present him as some kind of risk, insisting on closed hearings and secrecy. His health is suffering due to his treatment as he has a life threatening heart condition and requires constant monitoring and medication.”

    Translation: “Steve has not requested any visits in prison, and has been deemed not to require an appropriate adult – this is, of course, after he was deemed not to be suffering from the effects of his mental illness. Those prosecuting him are showing consistency and consider him to be a risk. Due to the medical details inherent in the bail hearings, they’re being heard in private, rather than open court where any member of the public can have a nosey. Steve’s health may be suffering due to being on remand, but fortunately his life-threatening heart condition is being subject to constant monitoring and medication while he’s on remand.”

    It’s almost like it’s a self-righteous bag of wank, shamelessly playing on the current anti-ATOS theme for sympathy and support in a case otherwise completely unworthy of note.

    The story as told by the campaigners requires ATOS, the NHS, the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the magistrates and HM Court Service to be involved in a conspiracy to make this guy, who’s utterly unimportant to anyone except his own family, get sent to Crown Court.”

    My own view is that there are questions that need answering, but the ‘campaign’ blog implicitly asserts the worst possible answer to all of them.

    Concern over healthcare while detained is always justified, though, IMO, given all the stories I’ve heard, many well-substantiated.

    • So are you saying that the report is fallacious and that there was bail offered and that there were no secret hearings and the man has had access to his family and his medical condition is being treated correctly?

      Because that is what we expect. No matter what the alleged offence is supposed to be.

      Or did the man admit to being a terrorist?

      The self righteous wank is coming from you old fruit.
      Terrible that people might actually be concerned about the possible mistreatment of a fellow citizen.
      How terrifying for the state that there still may be a smidgeon of compassion left
      We should be so ashamed not to be a self interested bunch of fracking tory spintwatters.

    • I’ll say it again, do you think the bomb threat joker in the airport was a terrorist or just some harmless arsehole with a questionable sense of humour? Do you think a badly thought out prank deserved the full weight of the law descending?
      ill wager this case will draw parallels once the facts come to light, with the exeption that this was ejeculated in dispair desperation and anger, rather than humour

    • We`ve only got the word of an ATOS doctor. Was it a recorded interview? If anyone has to see these ATOS jokers, make sure it is recorded by ATOS (if not by yourself and let them know you are doing it). If possible, hire a solicitor for an hour (not always an option, but I would rather do that than be arrested on a jumped-up charge).

      “It’s almost like it’s a self-righteous bag of wank…” Thanks for the input, Sam. As for psychiatrists – most of them are inept and uncaring. I`d rather trust a witch-doctor or mumbo-jumbo man than a shrink.

    • see this comment depends on everyone in the system including ATOS, the NHS, the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the magistrates and HM Court Service all acting completely perfectly reasonably, impartially and within the rules at all times, which is just as implausible as an orchestrated conspiracy to get this bloke

      many of the claims made by the family cannot be reported as the case is ongoing, what we know is whats in the post and has been reported elsewhere – a man who is by anyone’s standards quite unwell went for an assessment, was arrested over something he allegedly said in that assessment, is still on remand two weeks later for a charge which usually attracts a community sentences and his family have major concerns over his treatment. tbh that’s all we’re likely to know until it comes to court

      • I understand that the police can’t do what they did (initially they detained under MHA) unless they themselves witness the behaviour that gives cause for concern; so if they were just taking the word of the Atos HCP, then they did it wrong, but there’s no reason to assume they did it wrong.

        Please note that most of my comment was verbatim copy from a friend’s comment on this story (not related to this page, but on the original website).

        Johnny Void is correct that we really don’t know much about the case as it is; all we have is cause for concern, not a clear case of malpractice of any sort. Even assuming an unequivocal doctor-patient relationship, if a patient tells a doctor something that causes the doctor to think that anyone is at risk of harm, the doctor is required to take appropriate steps – medical confidentiality is not absolute. The police taking the actions they took may well be entirely consistent with proper procedure. The fact that it ended up in the court it did, and the time it has taken, suggests that the matter is not seen as simple threatening behaviour.

        So, cause for concern, not for a cry of ‘foul!’.

  70. OMG, This story is just APPALLING

  71. Reblogged this on Kevs' Blog and commented:
    THIS is DISGRACEFUL as well.

  72. Good luck m8 thinking and praying for you

  73. Josephine jones

    Real criminals get better treatment than this man, they would see family.

    • @Josephine jones,

      In their world we are the real criminals – precarious, transient and unsustainable.

      • Wait until Probation gets their hands on him, he best learn to bite his tongue real fuckin’ quick.
        The level of total bullshit boilerplate psychology thats gonna get hurled his way is beyond belief.

    • Mybe this Steve guy should grow a scruffy, bird’s-nest beard, look like he never takes a bath, wear islamic robes & call himself Abu-Something-or Other & watch the human rights stalwarts bend over backwards to keep him out of court.. Just saying..

  74. read it got 1 paragraph through and realised it was not News as News is impartial and the whole article was written in a very biased style. does not tell us any facts just assumes the guy is innocent of any wrongdoing with out actually stating any facts or information to be able to make that decision one way or another.

    • Steve, the issue is not whether he has actually committed the alleged offense or not.
      What is questionable is how the the man has been held and why has he been held in this manner.

      It was suggested that he may have been held under the Mental Health Act. AFAIK Sectioning someone does not usually involve holding the person in a police cell. There is no suggestion that he is receiving any psychiatric treatment.

      AFAIK, it is not routine to hold someone like this for two weeks without trial.
      Or has Habeas Corpus been scrapped?

      From HM Govts own site:

      “How long you can be held in custody
      The police can hold you for up to 24 hours before they have to charge you with a crime or release you.

      They can apply to hold you for up to 36 or 96 hours if you’re suspected of a serious crime, eg murder.

      If you’re arrested under the Terrorism Act, you can be held without charge for up to 14 days.”

      So is the guy a terrorist?

      • It’s very common for people to be held on remand before they have their full trial; bail being refused means they think it is too great a risk (either of flight, or of crimes being committed, or of harm to anyone).

        The lack of visits is a bit fishy, but not the detention itself. He was initially held under MHA, at a hospital, and after assessment the MH professionals said he shouldn’t be held under MHA. Then he was arrested in the normal way, and went through the normal process of being charged and remanded.

        There are plenty of reasons for concern, but no clear and definite breaches of anything, as far as I can tell.


          • Bob mate, counter to intuition in the real world, in court it’s sometimes best to plead guilty even when 100% innocent…
            If innocent and found guilty, your in for a long stretch, an early guilty plea gets tarrif reduction, down to non custodial or community sentence

            Seen this with me own eyes, this aint anecdotal-
            Picture a pub fight with innocent lad stood in corner, away from the tussle, even though he knows the fighters.
            Police come in and lift the lot of em…
            The fighters plead guilty, ’cause yeah they was, community service, 100 hours each.
            Matey boy pleads not guilty, 6 months for affray.

  75. How many more are to be locked up without family being able to see them? This is not right-how can it happen in UK?

  76. downcastmysoul

    Reblogged this on dcms2 and commented:
    Is this coming here to the States? Already people can be held w/o charges. This man was going for a reassessment of his disability benefits and got angry. It would be like going to Food Stamps, getting a little angry and being held for 2 weeks in jail and not being able to see anyone and having a closed trial so no one can see you there as well. First they shuttle him off to the looney bin to see if he’s crazy then they take him back to jail where he is being held incommunicado. This man supposedly has MS and a mental illness along with a heart condition. NO compassion. Do you think this will happen under Obamacare? The govt is finding people “able to work” that are in wheelchairs that have the capacity of 3 year olds. They also have some weird new tax called the “bedroom tax” that you have to pay if you are on benes and live in a place that’s too large for you (according to them).

    • Apparently the wheelchair user with a mental age of a three year old was a hoax. Apart from that yes welcome to Blighty.
      Whether or not you get it in the US I can’t say but since there seems to be some trading of ideologies I would suspect the worst.

      We have a welfare system now based on a socio-biological model. People that are sick just need to jolly well pick themselves up and start being useful.
      It is more of a sociopathological model imho

      Bedroom tax is because people on benefits shouldn’t live in a house which is too large for their needs. This comes from a group of people who have huge houses, get allowances paid for by the taxpayer for a second London home and any cock and bull other excuses like gardeners for £17000.

      It’s all mad bad and I don’t want to know tbh! lol

  77. Very tired and scared...

    I received a letter today saying that my ESA has been stopped. Been reading my ESA assessment. Basically if you turn up for your assessment you are deemed fit for work and thus you loose your ESA. If you fail to attend your ESA assessment you loose your ESA! Catch 22! Not sure if I can appeal. If I can then my GP will need to provide me with sick notes! Feel like throwing in the towel. Just can’t get my head round things at the moment. No wonder people do silly things like set fire to themselves for threaten violence. God, the urge is very strong!

    • Hang in the Very tired; the “government” wants to wear people down. I`m done in with all this crap that IDS / DWP / ATOS throw at me, but I`m not going to give them the satisfaction of becoming another death statistic.

  78. I had to check the date to make sure that it wasn’t April Fool’s Day,this is a f*****g joke,this man should be released immediately,it is obviously apparent to the Atos muppets that this man is seriously mentally ill and unfit for work,locking him up after forcing him to attend closed courts is against his human rights,he is being locked up for being ill,what’s just as bad is the fact that the Justice(ha ha ha) system is not allowing his family to attend the court sessions.If anyone should be locked up it should be a/Atos agents b/the mental health doctors c/the police d/the Judges e/the Government that would be true justice-JUSTICE FOR STEVE TOPLEY,RELEASE STEVE TOPLEY NOW.I have never heard of such callous behaviour towards a human being,this is just so wrong and shows Atos and this 2bit Government for what they are overpaid,underworked,useless moronic cretins.

  79. What exactly did he say? Did he threaten to kill ATOS personnel?

  80. Teesside Solidarity Movement

    Reblogged this on Teesside Solidarity Movement.

  81. Stalin and Hitler will be very pleased there policies are still in effect.

  82. Michelle Bridge

    How dare they! A closed court?! ? What is going on that they don’t want the family or public to know? Victimisation at every corner. Love and blessings to Steve Toppley and his family. I hope they have a good solicitor and sue the arses of the lot of them! Absolutely disgraceful.

  83. To be sectioned under the mental health act, you have to be seen by two doctors. As no doctors entered my home only social workers, the doctor was already phoning the police to bring me in from about 50 yards away because I refused to open the door as there was nothing wrong with me.

    I had to open the door to the police or they would have knocked it down as threatened, still no doctor present, the social workers were acting on malicious gossip from a sister I was estranged from, the lies they repeated at my tribunal and I was detained for 3 months for objecting to being detained on lies which the authorities used basically because I was a thorn in their side questioning their policies via letter. I even had evidence to present to the tribunal at home to prove my sisters letters were lies but they would not let me out to get the proof. They only present facts to the tribunal that strengthen their case and use their psychiatrists to condemn you with false diagnoses.

    Because they had called police on me before for arguing my case I refused to be summoned to their offices by them to be set up when they stopped my benefits again, but kept in contact via letter as proof and even some of my proof had gone missing from my home after I was arrested,but I retrieved it again using the foi act.

    The mental health services do lock people up for nothing or fabricated evidence, I never threatened anyone in the public services but I was adamant with the facts via letters.

    I am still on the with the housing ombudsman who is ignoring proof that the housing office had no right to request a mental health assessment for me for owing rent (something they denied they did in 3 stages of complaints) and says it is now law that after 3 stages of a complaint system to the housing association, letters backwards and forwards to the ombudsman now they say it is law for me to complain to them via my MP who I can’t stand because of his behaviour towards me or councillors who are as bent as two bob watches, otherwise I will have to wait 8 weeks for a reply.

    All of this procrastination while they see if they can shaft any evidence you may have against them or find a way to lock you up to put you off your stride with no access to your records.

    There is subterfuge going on alright and it is on the side of the authorities who stick together and fabricate evidence to back each other up in their false assertions. I want justice.

    • fawkes… solidarity with you….the only justice you will get is being you…as i…have become more ARTiculate….a better person than some can ever be…i hear more clearly…speak more clearly….and see more clearly….which might imply that my senses were blinded…..but that was not the case….i simply could not believe that some people are capable of the rotten things that they do… i was duped….painful to learn….but ultimately….lessons i had to learn…..warmest wishes…

      • fawkes..i’m a sleepy head…i should add…strive and work hard for justice…as do i, one day it will come…sometimes light of justice takes one by unexpected surprise….one thing these unjust people exposure..

        • Me too, one thing good to out of all this shtty shit of the last 3 years is its further awakened my social conscience
          Not that i consider myself a bad person beforehand!

  84. Mental health services are a bad joke. Once the police decide they don`t like you you`re stuffed and labelled for life. 😦
    Justice in the UK? Erm…yeah,right….

    • On that note, i really do believe that was the case with Raul Moat, its my firm conviction that the police got on his case, took dislike and then antagonised him to the point of the psychotic episode we all saw on the news

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  86. being disabled myself i find this story frightening. This poor man must be at serious risk mentally and physically especially if he isnt getting proper medication and the support he needs from his family. It seems to me that this government are going
    out of their way to illiminate as many people on DLA as possible via ATOS and mental stress.

  87. this is why all ATOS assessments should be recorded,it should not be an option,it is for our protection against all the lies that ATOS are getting away with…..

  88. It’s done. The people of this country have quietly slept through the coup by the rich. Until recently I was all about the ballot and getting them out.. but that was until Labour backed them up over Workfare. Enough of this talking bullshit. It’s not going to change until we have armed revolt.
    Each political party just continues the policies of the old one so what’s our vote for? Voting doesnt change anything. Protesting gets you arrested. There’s only one thing left.

    It’s tragic but we MUST realise that peaceful protest doesnt work anymore. Half the population are sedated.


    • steffron…..nonsense…rage yes…violence NO!

      strip the fear out the equation and one is left with non-violence…and rage!

      no! get lost and mean it…is what these fools need to hear loud and clear…see what happens if gidiot’s teddy bear is taken away..and the sweety jar removed….tis for their own good…

      violence has never solved anything, but merely pushes the problem further down the line for the next generation to solve…..i want democracy….and someday we’ll get it…..

      • Agreed, if your gonna go against the system, you’d best be prepared for the response, and dont forget , our filth and army are the best thugs in the world.
        Non violence, non compliance. Civil disobedience. Withdrawal of labour.
        The state has little in its armoury to counter that.
        Violence? Nahh, that’s what the state is best at. Unless you and fellows are fully prepared to take them on, above and beyond the level that they are certain to range against you

  89. I have emailed Norman Lamb – Minister of State at the Department of Health – he is actually a rare good guy. Giving him a link to this page. I would advise anyone concerned to do this too – it all helps to put pressure on. Mental illness is being treated like bad behavior – yet if you are mentally ill you do not necessarily have control over your words or actions.

    here is a link so you can ll email him – a lovely man – no really he is…

  90. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    The Atos merry-go-round spins us into Hell again: This story is absolutely chilling. A man with serious medical conditions has been jailed – that’s right, JAILED – after an Atos work capability assessment. Read the story and quake in fear at the totalitarian regime that used to be the World leader in equality, justice and freedom of speech.

    • @mike sivier on the court records there is no mention of atos at all, seems he threatened to kill someone in public place..

      • Jonathan Wilson

        And Atos office would be “a public place.”

        Abstractly… the only place that is not “in public” is when it cannot, or is not, viewed or overheard… the definition seems to get fuzzyer with every new case as lawyers and barristers try to push the limits of what is/is not “public”

        • @JONATHAN WILSON i read from the court records which stated that on 11th april this guy told a woman he was going to kill a the court records it stated it was in the public or a public place but there was no mention of atos or atos premises..
          i could note that when working for atos one has to sign officicial secrets act..whether this is onl for the defence part of its operations or all i am not sure..atos is known to be secretive,, but as the whether this action took place at atos premises is not clear at moment..

  91. Obi Wan Kenobi

    I hope, when this case goes to court and that ATO’s and the DWP are held to full and proper account by the High Courts of Justice and exposed for how they treat people on benefits.

    It seems to me that the connection between DWP, ATOS and Private Providers (Work Programme) never gets made by the general public.

    Those who are lucky enough to have a job never see this connection until it becomes their problem through losing their jobs, then they are the first to say it’s all unfair – bloody hippocrites!

    • story goes that he threatened someone, atos has fuck all to do with it, god knows why they are mentioned other than the fact that in notts theres been a ruckus with local activists and police for ages plus two other people were arrested for protesting about atos..unless someone is trying to link this case to atos i dont know. on court records there is no mention of atos

  92. Thanks for your solidarity donkey, and yes SchmukyZ you are right about the mental health services being a bad joke, people who should be locked up are left to roam freely, while others who are a danger to neither themselves nor anyone else is locked up as deranged and dangerous, subjected to threats and intimidation from some of the real deranged patients they manage to section that do need supervision,

    I have no criminal record, am only known to the police because of penpushers, who when they are in the wrong, use them to win the argument. We cannot call in the police and say we are being harassed by public bodies for (in my case) rent I did not owe and have them arrested. There is only one side to any complaints system and that is THEIR SIDE it seems.

  93. Hi All here we go DWP clowns send me letter which is repeat of before,,ESA suspended HB suspended thats after them sending orry but me same shit as before followed by letter stating when my ESA wiil start,,sorry but DWP havent a clue what they are doing anymore.

  94. @obi wan kenobi this guy was arrested and went to court after threatening to kill someone..its on court record, you are aware of that are you ?

    • Ok he was wrong to threaten that course of action, but what put him in a position of saying that?

      You can imagine him sat there in front of ATOS – being told he was fit for work when he wasn’t and was probably being threatened with stoppage of benefits by a person who couldn’t have given a flying fuck about him or his concerns – it’s enough to push anyone over the top.

  95. Heather Tamplin

    Some of those being classified as being mentally ill are not mentally but made to look like they are via lies. When did peaceful demonstration imply mental illness, but by your reasoning it would be considered bad behaviour..

  96. @guy fawkes i have no idea why or how Atos came into this, as according to court records he threatened to kill someone in a public place, atos is not mentioned in court records..

  97. In JCP office G4S plays meet and greet of claimants – a golden opportunity for local intelligence gathering, the suspicion that A4e and G4S have some links to SIS.

    There are powers at work in this country of which we have no knowledge. Do you understand?

  98. Chewie

    People say all sorts in anger it does not mean it will materialize, if the police take everything literally and act on it, is it any wonder there are none around when real crime happens.we do not know why he is threatening someone verbally, we do not have the facts, but whatever the facts he still should be allowed to see his family and be charged with something severe enough to warrant the treatment he has. If he is physically ill he will be in no position to carry out his threat unless he had a weapon or accomplice.

    • @JOHNNY VOID i want to try something..its simple find something you guys can agree on..yeah there are meant to be agencies that deal with this stuff but to be honest i dont trust them, fact is mate theres shitloads of that vile stuff..its never ending.the graphic images of child torture..just if you are in agreement on this then mebbe all the bloggers can do something about it by co operating instead of cat fighting..what do you think? twitter has shown themselves to be utterly useless as well as other net companies and other agencies i’m afraid to say.
      come on quit bickering and lets stop this shit eh???

  99. typo:

    “………………be charged with something severe enough to warrant the treatment HE’S HAD.”

  100. Strange, I can’t seem to find anything in the Newspapers about this.


  101. HI ALL WHY DONT YOU WRITE TO THIS GUY he sent me an email today thats weird as i dont live in notts..


    I’m Councillor Alan Rhodes, the leader of the Labour Group in Nottinghamshire, where we’re fighting to win back the council on May 2. It’s just one place where your support can make a big difference to the result.

  102. Ulysees and Sal

    I am pleased that you brought this case and legal documentation to light because if anything the legal documentation between the Council and the Maddocks, proves that all you ever get to read is a one sided argument from authority figures. There is no arguent from Wanda Maddocks recorded in the court transcript Sal presented for our consumption, i.e. why was Wanda Maddocks so angry with the home the council and the social workers? Where the rest of the family in agreement or too timid to come forward with allegations against the home or council other than Wanda? People say things when angered by immovable, ignorant staff employed by the council for their compliance in presenting the case that will exonerate them.

    I found this to be the case in the reporting of me, I was not even given what evidence they had concocted against me until the morning of my mental health tribunal, I had written of evidence in my defense, but was most certainly not prepared for the lying that went on in the nurses, care co-ordinators, hospital managers reports which were truly UNBELIEVEABLE. They did everything to turn my family members against me and each other, then have the cheek to write” arguing with her daughter is an indication she is mentally ill”. To all of you who have arguments with your family watch out. My family have always had heated discussions, funny but that is a sign of a democratic family not a dictatorship.

    • Guy Fawkes, I’m being denied medical treatment again; sent a psychology appointment when I need to see orthopedics about a possibly torn and dislodged Meniscus.

      I had a breakdown in 96 due to not receiving proper treatment for a physical problem. It seems that once you’re diagnosed with any mental health problem, any physical problem you have is deemed as ‘all in the mind’.

      Pain specialists and psychologist have blatantly lied about me. For example, I have a good degree and told the pain specialist that I had delivered music and film workshops in the community, yet the pain specialist said: ‘She seems to think that she is a film and music technologist’ (didn’t know that you had to take your degree certificate and transcript to a medical consultation). Despite my own doctor seeing physical spasms, I was given pain killers that don’t work for spasms, and sent to a counselor for ‘low mood’. The pain specialist also said that because I reported that it was hard to breathe when having a massive torso spasm, that the spasms were actually ‘based on panic attacks’. I’ve never had a panic attack before! If I tried to answer their lies it made no difference, in fact it made it worst. They had made their mind up about me during my first year of physical illness.

      For 17 years, my earlier severe breakdown has gone on to prejudice my physical care, such that I am made out to be a liar. What I had to go through to finally see a good neurologist and get the right medication to help lessen the severity of the spasms, was enough to drive anyone over the edge, and I did in fact need therapy after how I was treated. My experience of this formed part of a submission to NICE 4 years ago.

      On my blog a few days ago, I made the point that once you are known to have had mental health problems, you’re not allowed to be justifiably angry or upset: in fact you are expected to behave perfectly.

      What is so soul destroying is that because of this prejudice, because of being denied medical treatment, my body became broken, and I had to give up the career that I loved.

      This current situation with my knee, a problem I’ve had for years which has spread to all joints due to muscle deterioration, is not normally serious for an otherwise fit person. But my body cannot compensate and take the weight. So now, what little I could do, I am not able to, and I will start to go downhill fast just as my physiotherapist warned some time ago (at least I think she believed me, but I’m not sure).

      I’ve always been respectful to both social services, doctors, and consultants, even when they have bullied me, shouted at me, and denied me treatment. During a nurse’s appointment, my file was open on the computer and in big red letters at the top it said ‘SEVERE MENTAL HEALTH REGISTER’. I’ve never been sectioned, so I was really shocked. It seemed to me, that the script was there as a warning to whomever was treating me, so if I hadn’t always been composed during these awful experiences, I’m damned sure that I would be whisked away too.

      I’m sorry that you too have had to put up with fictitious reports. What is ironic, is that I know a number of people who really do need mental health therapy, but they are made to wait over a year for it. The appointment for a Clinical Psychology session that I received came through in a matter of 2 weeks after seeing my doctor!

      When people are put through this amount of stress over many years, it’s no wonder they end up threatening others, possibly public figures: I’ve heard a lot of that lately…

    • I had also considered that angle Guy, In court, there is NO back story as what caused the behaviour that brought the folk before the Court, just cold hard, and no doubt, selected carefully, fact>
      Coulda been a family of gobby arseholes, coulda been a family banging its head against a wall of immobile bureaucracy.

      What did stand out though was her taking her dad on Hols during the court order…

      As soon as i saw that, i thought “Contempt of Court”
      But, that’s easy for me to see and understand, i’ve had dealings with court and am fully aware of how they think and react, not to mention filter which facts are salient and most damning.
      Lets imagine this woman was Naive to this, and it was just a simple holiday?
      If so, she played right in to their hands.
      Kerchiiiiiiiing, Justice System PLC makes a tidy sum from hospitalising Dad, and double whammy, locking up daughter

  103. If we heard in the news all of this happened in North Korea, or Beloruss it would be very terrible unjust and a government crime.

  104. STEVEN Topley, 49, of Beardall Street, Hucknall, has appeared in court accused of making a threat to kill a man, to a woman, in the city on Thursday, April 11. The case was sent for trial at Nottingham Crown Court. Topley is due to appear in court for a plea and case management hearing on Friday April 26. He has been remanded in custody until the hearing.

    Read more:
    ”IN THE CITY” the threat was made ”in the city” no mention of ATOS..

    • chewie…yes but date of the report is 19/4…..where is the report of the 11/4..8 days expired between his arrest and that report…so what happened before the 19/4..there is no report of it except that he was arrested 11/4..

      • @donkey IN THE CITY” the threat was made ”in the city” no mention of ATOS..

        • chewie…atos probably is in the city…i don’t know, but that would be my guess….the paper does not need to be specific about where he was fact he was rearrested..after he left QMC….so he was obviously arrested twice…

        • His family have been quite clear the arrest took place at Atos Healthcare’s premises in Stoney Street. Given they are making themselves available to press scrutiny its unlikely they just make this up as it would be easily disproved. In the city in the court report just means somewhere in the city of Nottingham.

          • @Johnny Void with respect to their families i rather think ‘in the city’ is different from ‘on disability assessor premises” when you read of police arrests or crimes it usually states the location eg ”an affray took place on pub premises and naming the pub/bar/restaurant etc” i wait to be convinced ..if it was published in local paper (was it???) then it would be clearer..yes i am aware that there has been ongoing problems with atos and activists and police for a few years now..whether this steve guy is/was an activist then that might reveal something maybe he was fitted up..IDK maybe he has mental probs IDK whether ATOS over reacted IDK whether theres collosuon with ATOS/POLICE IDK .
            someone quoted a police cheif in notts as saying they’ve been told to ‘CRACK DOWN’ ON THIS SORT OF THING ( anti ATOS activism) plus the internment camp dispute protest near that area..

            NOTHING IS CLEAR..but something is amiss..i am reading contradiction with this all the time..there were/were not secret court hearings..its going to higher court (if so why?) its a local matter blah blah on and on it goes..

            • chewie…fully the family’s story up…. top of this page….

              • @donkey it may be the families story but its still an opinion or at least a view about an from the court states the incident took place ”in the city” which indeed is vague but suggests in the town centre’…
                now are these people anti atos activists? Y/N ? did atos (if it took place on their premises think this guy was an activist? did police consider him an activist?

            • no the family are not anti-atos activists and in fact initially reported the incident took place at DWP offices because they didnt know that Atos were a separate entity. There is no reason for the family to have made this part up and it hasn’t been disputed by anyone but you. Anyway he’s out now, see top of post.

              • @Johnny Void i was not disputing anything !! given that there had been years of trouble with atos and activism and battles with police..i was merely posting an obvious question to gain a clearer understanding..given that he had been treated in an extra ordinary way..and knowing that police often under pressure from TPTB usually want to ‘make an example’ of ppl i wondered if this was the i quoted the police cheif ‘need to crack down on this sort of thing’ ..ok? im not against activism why should i be ..i just wanted to be sure what the real story was…

                he’s been released ok good for him..what happens now? will atos staff be reprimanded for over reacting?
                is it company policy to get claimants nicked?

                ARE WE CLEAR NOW..duh..

          • so jv a community service order…is an outrage….he is not fit for work!!!
            so they did not take his medical conditions into a/c?

  105. Dear god!

    I don’t want to believe this. There must be more to it than this. Surely to fucking god this isn’t the country I live in!

  106. Donkey

    The way things are twisted they will probably say Topley went into hiding during this time.

    • fawles..i am a seeker of truth…and all i want is that…the full story from an unbias source…for now….i know we’ll get it later…but i want it now…my impatient side of me looms large atm..although i am calm about it….curious is a better description….god i’m exhausted….woke up to early this am…planned on going back to bed but as yet have not got round to it….anthem playing on radio now…syncro or what? “i will survive”…


        OK.. I went to check my bank balance today. I am alarmed to see £400 in my account (more than i normally have)
        have i been overpaid
        is is this universal credit (which is meant to cover HB) I am in london area

        in past few days ive had letters from DWP about HB being cut off and ESA then duplicates from council saying same then DWP letters stating when my ESA starts…now I am confused as hell..

        i dont want to dip into account if errors have been made.


  107. Reblogged this on

  108. donkey

    Let’s hope we all survive, until it’s time for us not to that is.

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  110. chewie

    Get on the phone and ask them if they have paid you extra in error, because you can bet your bottom dollar they will recover it from you if they have. Get their reply in writing too.

    • @guy fawkes ibe been on the phone to my SW he will see me today hopefully we will sort out the i say this isnt normal..ususalli am seeing £250 on avg in account i was on IS now ive been switched to ESA either the rates have increased substantially or overpayment or this is HB included or suddenly UC is being paid in London now i have no idea..will check and come back here..its all very strange..

  111. @guy fawks the letters are confusing too, ESA on/off HB on/off then i get more money in my account…wtf is going on??

  112. Chewie

    Don’t worry see your social worker if you don’t want to deal with it yourself they should inform you of what it is for, but esa is usually less than IS.

    • @guy fawkes well it looks like my ESA rates are more than before on IS its about £120 which is more than the £71 ..

      i think thats pw i get paid fortnightly ..if its £120 per fortnight then yes its less..

  113. You said you were getting £250 usually, now you are saying you get £71 IS usually, it is job seekers allowance at the moment that is £71 odd for single people.

    • @guy fawkes i dunno its a goddam mess,, my health is deterioating daily im not sleeping am becoming forgetful am losing track i’m not eating properly the residents are making more noise..i am stressed out daily my condition is getting worse..

  114. @donkey it was said of this guy that he was ‘outspoken’ in his views against authority..ok? was that because as an individual he has that right..or was he involved in activism? blimey theres a notts site called notts defence campaign with advice about police/ law protests and legal observers..


    Forced treatments under the guise of reasonable adjustments WCA exceptional circumstances new rules.

    • paul..thanks for that my re will come in handy….but this also means that atos….are now giving medical advice…

      • @donkey i think a clue here is DWP site itself..they suggest to GP’s if they need advice on form filling in for them to contact someone. that ‘someone’ just happens to be…..ATOS Helpline..are DWP and ATOS the same company now??

      • no! chewie…atos can now advise to the the DM…what drugs and appliance my benefit …the “customer” might think will benefit them…and therefore render them fit for work….even though the upper tribunal judges have previously disagreed with speculative nature of these extrapolations…the atos hcp is effectively now able to give medical advice and can enforce this medical advice even though it creates other problems…and ones own gp or ut judge says that this advice is impractical to follow and or the medications or appliances are not reasonably available for the customer to use or acquire…..they might help is all they need to say….this is medical advice…and a dangerous precedent to set imho….

        • @donkey it gets up my goat to see ATOS claiming they are experts in health..then to up their ‘credentials’ they clam to get the backing of a uni..which when you look turns out to be business wing of that uni..

          • chewie that’s their pr….they will say “we are brilliant”….£250/500 per bounced claimant…..loads of wonga…an rgn overrides a gp’s decision is plainly wrong…

            • @donkey i looked at there fucking so called disability assessment was a joke..they wheel out some bod pretending to be ill and the person on the course has to guess if the person is ill or not (well they arent stupid its fucking actor) but hey you can bring your own stethascope if you like…

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  117. Its just like the riots, when they jailed people for trivial things as a deterrent to others.
    They know whats coming.

  118. i have been reading this appalling mans treatment i am sat here half blind due to my suffering from strokes after go blind i loose my speech and paralyside down one side what i do say comes out wrong. What i wamt to say is this there are millions of sick and fisablef in this country everyone that attends atos thingys get awarded none or hardly any points you have to end up appealing etv isnt it time that every one stood together and said no to the assessments told the government unless they get rid o d atos and the tedts are modified then not one disabled sick dla perdon will not attend by attending we are keeping atos in business ok dwp say none attendance you loose your money but when you attend lies are told you loose your money anyway and stressed yourself out aswell. If enough people or all stood together that would send a nig meesage that we are not stock we are human beings with disabilities sorry if i mis spell things

  119. Absolutely inhumane. This attos company should be kicked out. They are, unfaiar, incorrect and Damm right cruel. I am also a victim of their vile and wrong assessments. What IS this Tory government thinking of?

    • linda…without going into detail, it is clear to me that the atos medical report should be sent to the “customer”, before it goes to the non medically qualified D.M..and that the “customer” should then send it, to the D.M., which also can include comments from one’s own G.P…..this would imho eliminate some of the current problems…

      • something survived...

        We aren’t customers, customers choose where to shop. We aren’t clients, clients hire a contractor themselves. We are not there by any kind of choice ~(if we wanted to be, that would be a severe mental illness and eligible for DLA.). Even where Atos hire nurses, doctors etc they do no medical procedures or examinations. They lie that it is a ‘medical’ but say in other places it isn’t. If you bring any medical evidence they ignore it. They lie that you do not have conditions you have. Also they make wild guesses at your mental state! Make diagnoses, with no medical training, and no knowledge of you or your life, of your mental and physical conditions. Say you attended when you did not, even appointments that never existed. Say you did not attend when you did, even when the appointment did not exist or was cancelled by them. This could be awkward for them if you got sick or collapsed during an appointment that ‘didn’t exist’ officially. And doctors get pressured to turn down all claims for ESA and PIP.

        Yesterday, Work Programme.. found me a UJM job to apply for! It was as a disability assessor. I thought it would be like a disabled access consultant, I have experience in that area. But. It turned out to want qualified doctors, nurses and occupational therapists, to work for (via Capita) Atos/DWP assessments for ESA and PIP. Basically the job is kicking other disabled people off benefits. What is the irony of asking the disabled to do this job?! How is it ‘assessing disability’? And when you are told to turn down 95% of applicants.

        Brave new world: Making assessments tougher:
        So, get out of your wheelchair and use your chin to crawl up the outside of this skyscraper, across the roof, then down the other side. If you refuse, your benefits will be stopped and we will starve you to death. If you do it and fail, become more disabled, or die on the way, your benefits will be stopped and if you are still alive we will starve you to death – you weren’t trying hard enough, you can’t have wanted it enough. If you get over the building alive, then we will conclude you are not disabled. Your benefits will be stopped and we will starve you to death.

        (-Ian DunceCam Smith)

        If threats to kill, even if real, are bad – then what about the actual threat to evict and starve to death the poor and the disabled? Or is it that there are so many MP’s, so few prison cells? Mass murder is the actual effect of their policies and the killing is happening already. If you say you do not want to be killed, enslaved etc they crush you like a bug. If you are terminally ill and want to die, that is banned too. If you are a murder victim, killing you was fine if you were gay or black, as they are trying to get rid of human rights and hate crime/discrimination laws. And a nazi can say ‘I just can’t stand looking at black people so I have to kill them’, and be a ‘victim’. And get off, at least from a conviction for first degree murder.

  120. Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal ever!

    Too big to fail and too big to jail.

    • BBC ratchets up the –How little money can a person live on?– propaganda machine.

      • @SHRUGS i can live on less than 10p per fact anyone can..if they want to drink water from a public wc tap, and pick berries from bushes .sleep in cardboard box..and wear same clothes every day..
        whats the fuss?

        • “Living on a budget requires planning” … genius.

          • @Shirleynott the problem is the living bit..people expect too much out of life. to reduce the problem arising from lack of income then stop living ,that way you will have done your duty to country and reduced tax burden..simples.

            • Perhaps the Tories will build state-run euthanasia centres like in Soylent green, so the useless eaters can do the patriotic thing and stop being a financial burden on the strivers. (

              • If only you had any idea how close to that edge I was, at one point- one less mouth for the household to feed was my twisted fucked up logic

                Fuck that, i got through that shit, now i’ll rail against this fucking hateful regime with all the energy i possess. Using my intelect first, and if nescesary, muscle

        • something survived...

          they chopped down all of my berry bushes…. replaced it with an ugly wall too high for me to see over.

      • one day i will write a blog.i will be its admin and i will mod it heavily. in fact i will mad it to the degree i will not allow anyone to read it. i have spaked and unanimous in that.

      • I certainly wouldn’t want to stand downwind of anyone who’s lived on the BBC’s “budget” diet for a week – all those beans, phew!

      • Yeah I saw that filthy garbage on the BBC this morning. They started of talking about the rise in foodbanks, but instead of decrying how obscene and shameful it is that the citizens in a wealthy supposedly civilised 21st century developed country are being driven into such dire poverty that they are becoming increasingly reliant on foodbanks while the filthy rich get a whole lot richer, they decided, to engage in right-wing blame the victim rhetoric instead and insisted that it is possible to eat healthily on one pound a day and if you can’t you must be doing something wrong and you’re to blame. The “feckless childlike poor just need to be taught how to budget properly, look for the many cheap bargains available, be more creative in the kitchen and prepare food properly”. It was just deeply offensive, disgusting, blatant Tory propaganda, designed to justify making the poor even poorer. It was the last thing I needed to see first thing in the morning and it was the last straw. I have now cancelled my TV License. I’m not going to help fund the Conservative party propaganda broadcaster anymore. I’ll use the money for my healthy one pound a day meals instead.

        • Surprised it’s taken you this long to be rid of the Idiot Box, to be honest, ill not have the media knowing poison my mind

        • r33….yeah throw the telly….the tv licence people become extremely edgy…when one does….”we have your property under surveillance”, and use nudge unit shame the victim…now the telly becomes a “social” device, as they explain it….and not the anti-social device that it is.. they imply “how can you live without telly…”

        • r33….i just wonder what the combined catering budget is for the echelons, of the uk public services? room for saving there, i bet!

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  122. Sasson

    Thank you for sharing the problems and lies you have encountered along the way, it is comforting to hear other peoples stories and know that I am not the only one who has suffered injustice at the hands of the medical profession, although I have not suffered neglect like you have, quite the opposite, I have been singled out for treatment I did not need.

    If I objected to being carted off to a hospital for nothing related to mental health problems, then I think I had every right to kick up a fuss, only in so much that I said I refuse to go, I was not lashing out at anybody or anything, and only when the police put my arm up my back and marched me out of my home and locked me in the back of a meshed police van that I started shouting at them and they told me to shut up, which I refused to do. I had had nothing to do with my doctors or mental health services prior to this other than post natal depression 30 years earlier and could not be connected to the rubbish they were trying to pass off as mental illness at this time either.

    I’m sure if any of them were being arrested on fabricated evidence, on the say so of penpushers they would be shouting it from the rooftops too.
    They objected to me putting posters at my window calling Tony Blairs new deal after my benefits had been stopped, even sent my doctor to me then but although he considered my posters bizarre, did not call for me to be sectioned. There was no abusive or obscene language in my posters so they had no right to attack me with police and social workers, especially as I was well within my rights to demonstrate and my family were feeding me so I was not in a neglected state as they tried to make out. Bills and rent going unpaid does not constitute mental illness in mine or anyone else’s books either, but all the disgusting propoganda they levied at me.

    Once they write libelous, incorrect comments and data on your medical records you are then tied up in years of red tape trying to get the damning offending material removed from your medical files. No wonder they hate this freedom of information act, because we can really get to the bottom of miscarriages of justice, all we need now is for that injustice to be taken up by the legal profession and data commissioners.

    • fawkes….a place to share our stories….would be great…just to know we are not alone….the issues raised….i know exactly where you are coming from….having been there my self…..trying to get sense from a self regulating systems….gmc…nhs…gp’ etc.. ……and the nonsense that they come up with to block, and diagnose one for not agreeing with their pov…….to grind one down….i just get up again and keep fighting…basically to rationalize their employment so they can lord over their subjects….and get a fat salary….and be treated as if they the best thing since sliced bread.

      they say it is not us….but me…you…when i know that saying what they do, is illogical nonsense….one can often drive a coach and horses,.through their replies…they then either ignore one then….or revenge one…..or come up with another piece of furniture to throw in ones way….

      dr dot rowe…in her book “beyond fear”… is a lengthy read…but leaves no stone unturned describing these people as being in two places at once…..but beyond her work one is left pretty much to fight these injustices…on ones own….as i have been for the last 20 years +…until i found informed others say on this blog……which is a refreshing tonic…(mostly, if ye ken wot i mean!)..

      • something survived...

        2 of my tutors are about to be arrested then. I saw in their room a bunch of stuff against Thatcher. I was surprised and pleased, they said their room was ‘heavily anti thatcher’. The first one I noticed was of thatcher as a zombie coming out of a grave. (Not a 1980s Steve Bell one, a new one. So in my ignorance I assumed it was a post-death pic, and said so. They said it was made several months ago. I called that prophetic. Later I worried that in predicting the death, the cartoonist and anyone displaying the cartoon could be in trouble. That is like planning murder?/. So by extension my tutors killed Thatcher?

        In the book The Good Soldier Svejk, by Jaroslav Hasek, the Czech national ‘antihero’ Svejk (who claims to be an ‘Official Idiot’ but is in many ways the smartest character in it), is visited by the secret police. They think he is a terrorist subversive, because he took down and removed to another place a portrait of the Archduke (Franz Ferdinand I think). And he was overheard saying it was because “the flies used to shit on it”, which was true. This became in the government’s eyes a plot to kill the Archduke! Escaping execution, Svejk gets drafted back into the army, though he is a conman and dog-stealer. He tries to wander off a lot and avoid any actual fighting, so he’s pretty cool in a lot of ways. The army are desperate for recruits and take Svejk back, despite the aforementioned flaws, his tendency to deliberately misunderstand orders, his excess weight, drunkenness, and being over the age required. They also recruit a bunch of misfits with their own flaws and neuroses. It’s basically a comedy but quite a dark one.

        You remember thoughtcrime? Is thinking bad things about the government, a reason to put us in jail or take our benefits, evict us, starve us, section us, steal our kids, call us terrorists, or several of the above? If we have negative thoughts towards those shitbags, it is merely incontrovertible proof that we are sane.


    Doctors in Birmingham unwilling to help claimants with benefits.
    I wonder if Tories will try to link work with healthcare as USA. Unum already selling the insurance. No insurance no healthcare for unemployed or sick.

    • @PAUL i think that i posted here that from a link to a site where BMA were stating their concern that more claimants will become more dependant on NHS due to benefit seeing GP for formfilling and general health deterioattion eg deprees malnutrition and that even claiments may become too ill to leave hospitalized..for some reason some one slagged me off for that.. dunno why..all the same if its now the case that GPs are avoiding that then what? we will become much more ill…

      • What a disaster all this is for patient doctor relationship. I do not trust any of them anymore.

        • @paul and added to the fact that already we’ve seen the tory mouthpiece that runs the NHS claiming such stuff that we will have to ration the NHS can see whats coming next..”why should we pay for these workshy to get free treatment?”..

  124. That BBC article is the biggest patronising load of old balls I’ve read in a long time. In the form they’ve provided for what you find the hardest part of budgeting I put paying for a TV licence. I’ve noticed that is not covered in the preceding piece.

    To see what the BBC is really about read this.The BBC and it’s privileged employees are increasingly losing touch with the vast majority of people who pay their wages. This sickening pro Tory garbage has gone one step too far for me and illustrates just how much they are in cahoots with the government.

    Guardian article on the man sent to prison in Nottingham after being reported by ATOS

    • @PAUL silly question BUT wtf were ATOS asking such dumbass questions??? was this part of the assessment? FFS…was it IDS they were talking about i wonder..if so then what the fucking hell were ATOS asking such stupid questions and why was it reported that the incident happened IN THE CITY?? oh i see they used the same JV piccie in this item..very weird indeed..wonder what others think

      • I do not know why ATOS behave as they seem to do. Power I suppose, looking to upset sick people even more.
        At least the guardian seem to have told the truth, but seemed very wary to criticise and not open to comments

      • in fairness I did nick that pic off the guardian

        • @JV can i repost my lame joke? some anarchists knocked on someones door offering leaflets , the lady of the house told them to go away and called them devil worshippers..she thought it said on the leaflet ‘antichrists’


  126. I was detained for 12 hours by the police under the mental health act, if your disabled in this country, your fair game to be abused by the powers that be.

  127. reblogged on whatisthisUKbollocks

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  129. chewie

    If the problem is malnutrition brought on by withdrawal of benefits, then the doctor is not the answer, nor are charitable food banks, but the benefit system. Welfare, housing and clothing should be human rights not left to charity but enshrined in law. The only reason a doctor should be involved is to pinpoint where the malnutrition problem originated from and prevent it from happening again, in other words in solidarity with patient not government. Welfare and housing were part of the struggle for alleviating the wants of society.

    • @GUY yeah sure and if it the case in birmingham that GP’s are talking about pulling up the drawbridge and not being ‘swamped’ by claimants wanting forms filled when lets face it these buggers will getting millions from the NHS budget then something aint right there..the BMA said they were concerened but not to the extent that that cant be arsed to help patients far from it…seems they wtf this birmingham lot are up to feck knows..

    • fawkes…reality is the only game in town as you know atm?! reality is a scary place to be…if you get my drift….

      atos et al actively try to block protest voice….rage voice….rage can be quietly spoken to! but adamant…i don’t write this just for you..but to express to others…to bring tyranny down don’t cooperate with it…

      suspension of ECHR….is no coincidence….

      everyone has to keep as safe as is possible…do the best they can….

      as the pressure is ramped up….that they do ramp it up…to me is a symptom of their desperation….to hold onto their toxic power…over the energy of others….to pump power to the top of the pyramid….and cap it with gold….

      they change the gates on the maze…to make it harder and harder to get welfare benefits….speculatively manipulating all descriptions of administration….to bamboozle one…

      the poor are the engine of the economy..”they” aint interested in social justice…only fat salaries…..god bless….

    • I went through a really bad period of health in 2006, and I needed to be on benefits again for a while. However, they didn’t sort my income support out for 2 months. I had hardly any money left and was basically living on bread, and the odd meals with friends. I didn’t tell anyone because I was too ashamed.

      I went to the doctors to tell them about this as I was concerned that eating so little would further damage myself, but the doctor said it couldn’t be possible that someone would be left without food (disbelieving me again!).

      I don’t know who should be responsible for this, but doctors do need to offer some kind of support with such matters, flagging this up to social services and so on. In the end, I called social services myself, and they helped me claim for DLA and to obtain the care I needed. Fortunately, by the autumn I was able to return to work.

      But what if I hadn’t? Some people who don’t have the wherewithal to approach the most appropriate services must be left completely vulnerable. But you’re right, this shouldn’t happen in the first place. The state should always offer basic support like housing and income, but this isn’t considered a right any more, and the government via propaganda have warped the public’s opinion.

      I leave my lounge curtains drawn in the morning. It’s mostly because I’m not well, and people sometimes turn up when I really need to ‘come to’ and get my head round coping with another day of pain and fatigue, so I leave them closed to dissuade them. This morning not long after I got up, a man’s voice I recognise screamed loudly ‘Open your curtains you loser’. There are only a few houses in a row overlooking fields; these are not on a main road, but reached by a pathway, so only a few people use it. My hedges are quite high, so I wouldn’t be able to definitely see who it was. I heard a car pull off shortly afterwards though, so it’s obvious that the person was connected with the few houses.

      I wondered if that’s what it was going to be like from now on. When I was working and disabled, people assumed I was living on benefits and made disparaging comments. How does this person know of my circumstances? Nevertheless, he felt strongly enough to shout this out. It’s made me feel a little scared.

      Sorry, that was a bit off topic really, but I wanted to show how public feeling has definitely changed.

      • sasson….they aint disbelieving you….they try to make you disbelieve you! isolate one and blame the victim…tis a triad of deceit! and the dr…does not need to act for you coz that would mean work…and they are lazy…and bone idle…most illness is preventable…some even curable…if they did their jobs properly many people would not need benefits! many hcp’s make things worse…in a just society would atos even exist…if the government was a car would you buy it?
        the nhs has expanded coz health care is poor…and people rely on their intervention….rather than their own! i wonder what the combined catering costs are for our public services echelons…..+ other costs…

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  132. just the thing to wear under your electric trousers

  133. Off Topic:

    New comedy series ‘The Job Lot’ based in a Jobcentre starts on ITV 1 9:30pm Monday 29th April.

  134. did anyone see this wednesdays pmq’s on the daily politics show, one labour mp I forget his name gave David Cameron some shit. I have linked it

  135. With regards to my last post the labour Mp was stephen Hepburn, labour mp for Jarrow.

  136. Job lot ,more taking the piss from the unfortunates!!!

  137. something survived…have i read your work somewhere else…could i have done? or is it coz i know the stories that you refer to…i know some of czech culture and character….yeah i’d probably heard these tales then…but mist of time…. blurs things….or is it a collective cultural memory… fascinating stuff….do wasps have minds…? ether…vapour….human spirit….i cannot grab it….cannot prove it….but i know it exists…

  138. @donkey, send me some of what your on pls.

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  140. The way things are developing the best option on the table might be to leave the country seeing as there will be no revolution in our so-called civilized society where being kept under the thumb and potentially submissive is the order of the day. I’m revolted by this coalition but revolt and revolution are
    different, soon there will be a clear path from one to the other, when that day comes it will be important to know which side we support. 7th May 2015 seems so far away and far too long to endure this coalition and it’s irrational policies. Much can happen before that date but should the Tories gain a majority or win without a majority.. who would go in with them?.. at this point the date above would probably be when people leave the country if they have no stomach to fight for their rights.. not to party but to live!.

    • Trouble is, who do you vote for?
      Who do you have confidence in to do the right thing for the population and not just the few at the top?
      I have no such feelings of hope, just despair.

      • It seems the Tories are scared stiff of UKIP.. especially this Thursday and I dare say all the way to 2015. Many will not vote Tory or Lib-Dem unless they are masochists or extremely rich or maybe aspiring to the higher table as a working middle class stooge being influenced and manoeuvred by Tory propaganda machine.

        This week they are hating on the pensioners, softening them up for a future bunch of reforms I dare say. For many people it’s been easier to coast through life accepting all this third-rate Tory propaganda put out by the masters who line their friends pockets and equals.

        If people wish to continue living the cliché, the only trickle down effect likely to be experienced would indeed be upon old age in some stinking nursing home unattended to in a bed full off one’s own excrement, with an emaciated body full of bed sores and spittle soaking a freezing vest.

        “The Future is Bright, The Future is Blue, Vote Tory For a Better Life for Me and You!”..lmao.. hope we die before we grow old in that case.

      • You would not want to Vote Tory and you would not want to vote labour… these days I doubt if labour would have much of a problem forming a coalition as they considered doing the first time. They are just simply going to be lazy if they get in and just leave all the policies intact and throw a few sweets to the people to feel they have the ideal government.. fact is many people in social housing moan about the bedroom tax but anyone who rents in the private sector knows they have been paying it for years as it was labour that introduced it around 2008, The Tories just picked up the ball and ran with it through lack of imagination.

  141. Moi

    Not so easy for older people to leave the country, no home, job opportunities etc., and why should we leave the country we were born into?
    Why should anyone advocate this as an option – the grass is not always greener………..!

    • In some ways it’s a general observation based around the desperation many feel regarding their country, they feel like 3rd rate citizens in the country of birth through generations too. I think it’s fair to say many would feel no less alienated in another country than many currently do in the UK, and let us not deny the fact it’s only been since this coalition came into power. Things had to change there is no doubt but there are ways and means in a civilized society we supposedly live in for that to be done.

      Of course nobody wants to leave a country they have a right to live in but I see a generational shift and when I use the words Revolt and Revolution I don’t think those affected may have the mental or physical strength to fight and the coalition knows this all too well. Of course we must and do it with the last ounce of strength in our bodies if need be or we shall become the very underclass they wish us all to be… persecuted, kicked to the gutter and considered worthless to a society they create by design of their own class and that is really part of the problem.

      The country is made up of different classes and although I hate this word it’s being used often by many here and of course in the press with papers like The Mail and Guardian and so forth.. we know why this is the case, now they are trying to create a division between the young and the elderly… it’s so dangerous and this kind of propaganda and dangerous rhetoric one would never have thought possible from the mouths of Tories many decades ago. They are being allowed to have too much to say and little of it holds any integrity, it leans on stereotypes, peoples insecurities and without wishing to offend.. some peoples lack of intelligence, sometimes it incites the anarchist nature of some who can only react in one way and that’s violence.

      IDS has now made his next move regarding wealthy pensioners, this is very misleading and again the press have jumped on it and the reality of this has nothing to do with the words he speaks.. again it’s a flare he is firing off to lead people away from the obvious matters. One thing is for sure the Tories are scared shitless by UKIP as is evident in the current news articles… look at Kenneth Clarke blustering and spitting in protest… we see these old mandarins being wheeled out too often. Revolt is happening does it lead us to revolution?… only this coalition between now and 2015 will incite such extremes and let us hope it never comes to that.

  142. This has happened to me too.

    I was arrested, charged and criminlised as a vulnerable teenager with mental health problems for which I had tried to get help. I had been refused help, not only by mental helth services (who instead verbally abused and bullied me) but by council/homelessness services – all this meant I was living desperately, in accomodation where I was being threatened by another tenant, with no way to escape. I was also trapped in an abusive relationship because I had no-one else to turn to. I was frequently sectioned by police and dragged to A&E to be told I was a waste of time by staff there. I literally begged for help to relieve the pain I felt inside and received nothing.
    When I finally told them what I thought of them – including the phrase “i could kill you!” – I was criminalised, despite the nurse in question stating he knew it wasn’t a serious threat.
    My future was ruined as they withdrew my nurse training place years later due to this. I now struggle daily with nightmares, flashbacks, and hopelessness. I am unemployed and unemployable – they look my life away.

  143. my god if we were all criminalised every time we made a comment like ‘I could kill you’ we would all be in prison. Yet any comment regarding wanting to kill yourself doesn’t get an immediate response, mental health teams easily don’t respond to that

  144. THE BEST ANSWER AND THE WAY TO CHANGE THINGS — If found fit just had back all medicines and refuse any more treatment,,im going to and ill die in 2 weeks without,so like me do that on natonal tv,,no they would not film a suiside but if of sound mind it is legal to refuse treatment even if it means death “a 2005 act”,so politicaly dying would get shown 🙂 hehe lets all get famous b4 we go we are going to go anyway,and if £102 is the most youve ever had in a week in life,age age 49 (next week)i wouldant be throwing much hopes away,and more importantly ive had enough of hurting everyday and not being taken seriously,,stu ,,, see you in the next dream

  145. ATOS DR that visited my sister isn’t even registered on the GP register – confirmed he was a current GP.
    He conducted practice in the form of a physical medical and he even put a diagnosis on the report saying she was severely mentally ill – something out of the blue, not relevant to the physical condition she has got and first I’ve heard as no other health professionals have ever brought this up. He suggested treatment supervised treatment for her too. we’ve started a complaint against him

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  147. I think people who work for ATOS deserve to be killed. The assessment Center is over the road from my house. I know where most of these people live and shop, but they not “worth it”

    Think of all the ,interesting possibilities open to the “medically qualified” here in the western world?

    9 out of ten of these people have failed in medicine, or have been accused of malpractice and neglect.

  148. Looking for a bit of advice, I was placed in the support group in esa for my mental health, anyway I took another turn and tried to hang myself but the police found me and cut me down then I was remanded in prison for my own safety for 23 days then released to be told I wasn’t allowed back on esa and am going on universal credit but won’t be placed back in the support group until I do another medical assessment for uc, I’ve explained that am finding it hard to even want to be here and getting made to look for work. Wtf.

    • I would think it best you see your doctor.

    • Andrew Coates

      I am so sorry to hear this. Our thoughts are with you Cameron. Whoknew is right. You need to contact your local mental health services about this.

    • I would use the strength and courage it took to put that rope around your neck and get some help if you do not have a support worker, but I fully appreciate that is easy for me to say when I do not live in your shoes. What really fucks me off is your case alone should make any caring system stop and fix the problem, 1 person matters as much as a thousand.

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