Disaster For Disabled ‘Stock’ As Support For Those In Work Continues To Plummet

access-to-work-stockDespite a gushing press release from Minister for Murdering Disabled People Esther Mcvey, statistics released this week show that the number of disabled ‘stock’ helped through the Access To Work scheme remains at record low levels.

Access To Work is used to fund transport, support workers, specialist equipment and other vital measures for enable disabled people to start, and stay in work.  When the decision was made to close the Remploy factories, this was the scheme that lying ministers claimed would help sacked workers find employment.

Despite these bold claims, figures suggest that the number of people helped by the scheme has collapsed since this Government weren’t elected.  16,540 people started to receive support from the scheme in the year 2009/10.  By last year that number had fallen to just 10,000 and this week’s statistics, in which disabled people are referred to as ‘stock,  show the situation is not getting any better.

The bottom row in the above table reflects the number of people who actually received help for the first time in 2012/13, which is likely to be around 10,330 – and only then if the numbers remain stable.

The figures for new registrations to the scheme, which means people accepted on Access To Work but who have not necessarily yet received any help, are even more underwhelming.  There were just 9,740 new registrations in 2011/12 and 7,380 in the first three quarters of 2012/13*.

Mcvey claims that she is ‘encouraged’ by these dire figures.  This is down to the simple fact that a couple of hundred more people with mental health conditions have received help than previously.  Usually we hear of ministers talking in terms of millions, or at least thousands of people.  Access To Work is such a shambles that the number of disabled people helped is discussed in the 100s.  The number of sick and disabled people who are unemployed is estimated to be around 2.5 million.

Astonishingly, there is no guarantee that those who have used the scheme are even in real paid jobs.  Changes introduced in October last year mean that Access To Work can now be used to fund people who are “about to start a Work Experience placement through the Youth Contract”.

Perhaps the scheme should be renamed Access To Workfare?

The latest figures can be found at: http://research.dwp.gov.uk/asd/workingage/atw/atw0413.pdf

*Whilst this may result in a miniscule rise of 100 registrations over the year these figures are not yet finalised and may change slightly. They could of course also fall over the last quarter.  In other words all we can really say for sure is that since Esther Mcvey took over as Minister, nothing has changed.  The number of people helped into work is still well over a third less than it was prior to this Government.

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84 responses to “Disaster For Disabled ‘Stock’ As Support For Those In Work Continues To Plummet

  1. we are furking warehoused animals…..my fears are confirmed things no longer human beings but STOCK and in the STOCKS…thanx to toxic government GOSSIP….nothing has changed since the ducking stool…i said to a psychiatrist once…you might as well strap me to a ducking stool, for all the good your spiel can do.. my problem as it turns out was not even in my head but no one bothered to look except me….i even had to diagnose my own diabetes and demand the tests…guess what, i was right…but i had been undiagnosed for so long i’d developed nueropathy, + other unpleasant affects…and now this we are THINGS…i can’t work i’d love to work…but guess what…they say?

  2. IDS has picked the right team for his ministry,but regardless of whom he had picked, would not really have mattered ,as none of these tory B,Stards,gives a flying fuck about the issues that matter to the real people who are suffering.

    • something survived...

      That team is nearly as effective as:
      Minister for healthcare: Mengele
      Misister for the unemployed:Goebbels
      Minister for the disabled: Eichmann

      There is now some evidence supporting the theory of reincarnation..

  3. love1salluneed

    Well as the PR machine or better still the propaganda machine goes…..personnel officers became HR….Human ‘Resources’ wewll that says stock and commodities to me. We are merely shifted around, have liens placed upon us and we are used for their gain and their entertainment

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  5. Esther mcvey should be locked in the stocks with two smoking barrels pointed at her, or would that be too American.

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  7. Murray

    Why it’s only irony, you know lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels!!!

    • Donkey would that be double barrelled.

      • murray….a sight for sore ears….but seriously what are they like? staggering how they describe human beings…as stock….but it is not just a description is it..it is an action…a seriously corrosive action…sorry if i think out loud..it helps sometimes…

        • Donkey…There is nothing new in the attitude that the conservatives,hold toward people they perceive to be of a lesser class,it has been the same since time immomorial.and it will never change. We can only hope that there will come a time when those who support right wing ideals realize their wrongmindedness,and change their point of view.Until that happens we are stuck in this limbo, without the means to do much about it other than complain.

          • murray…can’t argue with you there…..yes and that is where the change needs to come….hope that they, realize….i think it is those who are duped by it…those like me…who come to fully open there eyes to what they do…i have obviously known for some time what they are like as do you…if this is a pr war then i for one want to express my thoughts on it…..

            help others to see that they are duped, by their bullshit….god forbid that they need the safety net of welfare one day….

            it can’t happen to me…WRONG….i just think that others need to see, it can and does….limbo = frozen…tis flight, fight, or the 3rd often unsaid frozen in terror….so i choose run…difficult for me now….or fight…that’s the one for me fight…otherwise what is the point of posting…tis for ALL to see…and decide….

  8. well its not just your blog as today any I have tried to access saying anything anti-government has had a notice saying “this website may not be safe and if you dont know it please report as spam”!! So muh for the anti snooping law not being in force yet. Shame on them but they wont silence us that easily.

  9. Let’s face it, this government doesn’t want people in paid work, it wants them in unpaid workfare, as a way of undermining and ultimately destroying the minimum wage.

    Unpaid slave labour is what the Tories’ rich chums want, and unless people wake up that is what they will get.

    Look forward to Slave UK 2015, if the Tory Scum get elected.

  10. Landless Peasant

    What a fucking shambles. Get these incompetent, brainless, Tory upper-class wankers OUT, OUT, OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. They dont seem to be aware that it ts the working stiff that create the wealth,that these fuckers waste. I cannot believe they dont realize that fact.

  12. Just read Izzy Koksals blog about A4e,very entertaining piece,you just couldnt make it up.

  13. Stock – what a vile way to describe anyone. Stock is what’s used to make soup, maybe the clowns who devised this terminology has been watching Soylent Green on a loop & they’ve stated to believe that the plotline is real.

  14. bob, were are you today/

  15. the tories have a strange view of ‘help’ perhaps if mad frankie fraser gave duffed ppl up, they would call that assistance..

  16. @pat i was asleep, slept through the day..sleep is disrupted due to the shit going on where i ‘live’..its noisy..all the time

  17. @JV wordpress needs an overhaul

  18. One of the Jobcentre London employees has the surname of Nazi

    This unfortunate fact has not stopped them from acting like one

  19. Click to access disability-prevalence.pdf

    SOME STATS FROM GOV DEPT FOR DISABLED..if they know this shit why the atos tests?

  20. Click to access disability-prevalence.pdf

    in these stats the numbers are increasing..since its over time does it mean its the same lot getting older or more people becoming ill?

  21. from the equality act re disability

    Provisions relating to disability

    extending protection against indirect discrimination to disability
    introducing the concept of “discrimination arising from disability” to replace protection under previous legislation lost as a result of a legal judgment
    applying the detriment model to victimisation protection (aligning with the approach in employment law)
    harmonising the thresholds for the duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people
    extending protection against harassment of employees by third parties to all protected characteristics
    making it more difficult for disabled people to be unfairly screened out when applying for jobs, by restricting the circumstances in which employers can ask job applicants questions about disability or health


  22. There are lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics …

    • @fuckthetories talking of statistics i notice from the ministry of disabled murdering that the stats of disabled the numbers have been going up..

      • Stats can be used in any number of ways,thats why with a little bit of spin, things can look a lot more rosey than they really are.

        • @murray what i am getting at is its says that theres 11m disabled i think..will check , well if so then why the fuck do they need fucking atos??

          • ATOS is required because,there is a lot of money to be pocketed,by some unscrupulouse bastards.

            • @murray not all of the 11 mill are adults..not sure why they (children) are on ministry stats..maybe before long nhs patients will undergo assessments and then schoolkids too..

            • something survived...

              Because they are trying to rush through a knighthood for that heroic minister who said that disabled children are a problem and should be murdered. Disabled kids? Recycle them! The new green tories. Shoot all single mums then raise their kids in chicken sheds and make them clean the streets. Workhouses for everyone on less than £20,000 per year. Workfare for the terminally ill, to hurry along the process and free up a bed/house/bank account. Too disabled for workfare and in a coma or PVS? ~You will be used (only if female) for male sex addicts to shag.
              Any young women on benefits deemed attractive enough will be forced to be government prostitutes., because ministers can’t keep it in their pants. They won’t be paid, except in oxygen and life for another day. Ministers can always have them executed. Poor working families will be ordered to kill and eat their kids, while filming it and posting it on YouTube. The funniest video will get the parents a bigger water ration, so they can do more lovely workfare! Any family refusing to participate will be rounded up and hunted by the rich, to be torn apart by dogs. Death squads will round up tramps, and order them to fight to the death on television. The winner gets a night in a hostel (Guantanamo style) and a month of being exempt from this scheme. If both refuse, both get burned at the stake. Lovely Esther McVey will host a show called Kill that Krazy Krip! (KKK). Each week McVey picks disabled people and the audience votes on how to murder them. One Born Every 15 Minutes:
              Hour-long weekly show, with ad breaks. Each of the 4 slots features a single mother who has not named the baby’s father, handcuffed to a trolley naked and giving birth. Hosted by Ann Widdecombe, only a slight distraction from the camera between the woman’s legs. No anaesthetic is given, as Widdecombe doesn’t believe in it. Also to include single mothers who are not Christian, spelled something wrong on a benefit form, did not abandon their child at home alone in order to attend workfare, abandoned their child at home alone in order to attend welfare, had a child with a man of a different race, had children with different fathers…. or any other reason. The threat of this punishment will deter single mothers from being single mothers. Bombs and nukes are good, but single mothers are evil! Price Slice ; Cut for your benefits. Show where fat people on benefits are forced to slice off pieces of their own flesh, to earn jobseekers allowance. ~Balloon Debate:Put disabled people in a real balloon, and they have to argue which disability is the most useless and they throw eachother out of the balloon. Stopping disabled people being born, by aborting all embryos that might have a disability. Encourage the immediate cloning of David Cameron, so every village can have one.

              Westminster is after all a very small village, and London already has one idiot called Boris. And a couple of houses mostly filled with idiots. Since they are too old to breed, they should be distributed around the country as village idiots. They can find healthy outdoor employment sitting on gates and licking cowpats. A great British tradition…

              Or a great Swedish tradition? In ancient pre-Viking Scandinavia, people had a way of dealing with kings who got too rubbish: they executed them. Been tried here once – why not twice? Shame France didn’t relax its guillotining ban when they chucked out the racist Sarkozy. There could be thousands of Arab and black kids in the ghettos who could really use a football. Le
              Pen is still around so there’s still hope/….of being able to score a goal.

              The village idiot solution sounds less violent and eventually they would biodegrade into the countryside.

              • @something survived why dont we line up all the main parties and see who can outfascist the other .
                the more extreme wins a golden swastika award…

              • @SOMETHING SURVIVED I am trying to find a good description for what this shower of shite govt is doing with its welfare ”reforms’ the only description i could come up with is ASSISTED SUICIDE…i thought that was illegal??

            • something survived...

              Assisted suicide is illegal but that is because it is something where individuals exercise autonomy, something that terrifies authoritarians. They can’t stand the idea of people deciding when, where and how to die, and they already take control over the rest of everyone’s lives. The fascists are sadists, wanting to make people suffer – either by torturing them to death or keeping them alive for torture or other suffering. The nazis are falsely claimed as agreeing with these ideas but they believed in the opposite of freedom. The people killed in the program were gassed, shot, experimented on, poisoned with industrial chemicals, frozen, exposed to vacuum, etc. They included disabled people and those (often falsely) deemed mentally ill or learning-disabled. Also they included ‘imperfect’ people, mixed-race kids, the homeless, the poor, the unemployed, people who collapsed on unemployed hard-labour schemes, etc. Experiments included forcing gay men to rape lesbians in a room full of SS men, and stripping naked a restricted growth family (the Ovitz family) and displaying them to other Nazis. The women of the Ovitz family were also sexually molested with forced internal examinations.
              In the case of Jews and others killed in the main Holocaust, the Nazis only switched from shooting to cyanide gas because: you could kill more people and not waste bullets; nazis were stressed out shooting people; some of the shot people survived; the bodies took longer to dispose of in a trench of shot people. At no point was it about the individuals and their level of suffering. It was ‘efficient’ and ‘economic’ and ‘practical’ for the Nazis. Some people got themselves shot, or jumped onto the electric fence, to avoid being killed in a gas chamber; and perhaps also to exercise the only autonomy they had left. Towards the end of the war the Nazis did things like locking prisoners in huts and burning them alive.
              Anti-choice people keep citing what the Nazis did, but the Nazis were nothing to do with dignity, choice, freedom, or peacefulness.

              Torture now is keeping people alive against their will, or harming them while alive (making them live in poverty and terrible conditions). Governments claim they are anti-death, but they cause many deaths, and kill only people who want to live. They sell weapons that kill, send soldiers (often kids) to kill and be killed, and starve people in the developing countries. At home they starve the poor and throw people out on the street, where some freeze to death. If you sold the gun maybe you didn’t pull the trigger, but even if you made the gun you had some part in the killing of the person. People are dying in our hospitals by neglect, if we spent more on healthcare fewer would die.

          • Missed you yesterday Bob,youll need to give up the sleep thing.

          • chewie…a big question….the previously unseen benefits of society were destroyed…..hence camerons push to reinstate society by force…and obviously this cannot work….now the disabled are blamed labled and discarded…coz the previous support infrastructure..which depended on human kindness is gone….the survival of the fittest, has become the norm…one cannot re-engineer society…it can only exist via consent..”care in the community”..is one example of imposed engineering…and had to fail because consent was imposed with out regard to how society had been naturally structured…like i have said this is a massive subject….so this is all i can say about it here….for many reasons

            • @donkey all this carey sharey stuff has to be driven out of society ..its survival of the fittest/strongest and it also shows sign of ”weakness’ if you care about others doncha know?..
              psychopaths just love that ‘tough’ bollocks..
              from what i gather and i dont know if its true or not but theres something in our DNA about giving a fuck about each other..if we didnt co operate in some way we’d die out…imagine a few ppl living on a desert island and one bod wants to own and run that island..

            • chewie…prime directive…is to survive….

              • @donkey my programming needs an upgrade..

              • Please read and complete this simple questionaire
                (1) caring about other is A: good for everyone B good for myself C: the right thing to do D: shows weakness E: dont know F; confused
                (2) being utterly selfish is A: mean B: Not very good for soceity C: good for soceity D: good for myself E: dont know F: confused

                if you picked E or F for both questions then write to The Liberal Democrats care of ………

            • chewie….re upgrade…..not yours but theirs….they use this prime directive against the disabled and unabled….to gain profit…as a threat to others look what will happen to you…if you don’t (cannot work through no fault of your own) work…

            • people before profit….re Bangladesh….my deepest sympathy…

  23. A company a relative works for needed to install a wheelchair lift in order to continue employing a specialist factory worker with a degenerative disease of the spine which rendered her paraplegic. They’re a small company and the lift would involve significant adaptations to the factory that they couldn’t afford. Moving the factory floor downstairs was not viable. So they needed a grant of a few thousand pounds and expert advice as to the location of the lift. For instance a folding lift attached to the staircase. The company was loath to lose such a valuable employee, and she didn’t want to live on benefits. You’d have thought she was exactly the sort of person the government would be crowing should keep in work. However, apparently Access to Work don’t do that sort of thing any more, and despite pleading and lobbying various individuals, it was all in vain. The company were forced to ‘let her go’. We are waiting for ATOS to declare her fit to work, which in this case isn’t entirely untrue. Its just that for the want of a stair lift, she can’t.

    • something survived...

      IDS: But you are supposed to use your teeth – to pull yourself up the stairs. And slide down on your bum. You workshy people. Here at the compassionate conservative party we will cure you of such outdated thinking. You don’t really need FOOD! And if you don’t work for nothing, we will cure you of breathing.

      I went to visit a group of lazy wastrels who do nothing all day but lie around.
      [camera shot switches from indoors to outdoors….. EXT. DAY. Closeup on IDS.]
      You are utterly pathetic. What have you got to say for yourselves? You are a joke. Why do you think the country should support you? You need to get up and get a job!
      [Pan out to reveal that IDS is standing alone in a Victorian graveyard, ranting at the dead.]

      [EXT. DAY. IDS is walking along a country lane, his flies undone, and ranting at a hedge.] Get a bloody job….. get a job…
      [A hole opens up in the ground, smoke comes out. Satan emerges, and starts to drag IDS into hell. Then Satan realises what he is holding, drops IDS in disgust, and places his hands in a pile of dung to disinfect them. FADE OUT]

      • @something survived LOL LOL..you make me laugh..am waiting for ATOS to asess all the NHS patients to weedle out the not quite dead yet patients and put them to work stoking furnaces of power stations using corpses..they can be so productive you know..dead conribute to society shock .start now..top yourself and give something back !!

        • something survived...

          If you look on studies with pigs and spontaneous combustion, also cremators: it takes more fuel to burn the body than the energy that would be produced by burning it. If you added up all the hot air in parliament that might be enough to power something. If you watched Torchwood that was a plot on Miracle Day. Death stopped working. People were rounded up and burned alive in furnaces, even though the little bits of ash and gas were presumably still conscious. Remember dead bodies are mostly water so that means they are harder to burn, if you dessicated them first they might be slightly better fuel. Trains and ships in the 1800s used mummies and mummy wrappings as fuel, but that worked because they were dry and saturated with dried resins from the embalming, so burned easily.
          Norman Tebbit has probably quite a low water content so would burn better than Nick Griffin, but Eric Pickles would burn more like a pig. The wicking effect means a spontaneously combusted body acts like an inside-out candle, drawing fuel from the melted fat inside the body. It could burn for hours.

          All the above is gross and so I apologise if you’re eating, but it’s not as disgisting as their POLICIES. If we want a pig to test wicking on, we could always try that guy that wants disabled children killed.

  24. @JV btw harassing someone IS bang out of order..ok? however being urged to multi post ‘complaints’ on companies / govt facebook pages is….??
    well is that spam or could it be construed as such?? is that also harassment..i dunno…

  25. something survived...

    Our Work Programme sent homeless, alcoholic tramps with shit running down their legs, who can’t read or write, to apply for all the following jobs: Carer; Carer (female); Doctor; Nurse; Healthcare Assistant; Dentist; Lecturer in Computing…..
    There are probably meanwhile bricklayers who are qualified surgeons but are not allowed to practice medicine in the UK because they are from India or a similar place, though it is the same medical degree and the course was written in the UK. Though India gives medical students much more hands-on medical experience, than some of the UK’s junior doctors get.

  26. something survived

    You brighten my life!

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  28. anarchohipster

    We’re currently doing a series on Community Service/Payback, another form of forced slavery with links to the workfare program (not least because in many stores workfare slaves work next to community service slaves). Please check it out http://thesituationlondon.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/at-your-service-tales-from-community-service/

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  33. Why is anyone surprised cos whatever happens to any of us, at the end of the day they get paid, so why would any of the government give a shit about any of us, if ther pay was performamce related, maybe things might be better?

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