Hey Posh Boy, Leave Our Kids Alone

school-makesRarely has there been a better example of one rule for them and another for the rest of us than Michael Gove’s latest plan to slash school holidays.

Gove wants the UK to be more like China and is intent of wringing every last scrap of joy from the lives of anyone who isn’t rich.  Now the Summer holidays are in his sights as his fake concern for children masks a desire to cut childcare costs and make it easier for bosses to exploit parents.

The Education Secretary has previously claimed that children suffer a ‘learning loss’ over the Summer holiday.  Yet children at private schools, like the one he went to, are barely ever required to turn up.

Eton College closes for the Summer this year at 1pm on Friday 28th June.  Students will not return until the 3rd of September.  The children are groomed for the gruelling life of being a posh twat by swanning off on holiday for just under an astonishing 10 weeks.

Then come Christmas they’re off again, breaking up on the 10th December and not returning until the 8th January, around twice the length of the holiday those at state schools receive.

Yet Gove wants to turn schools for working class children into Chinese-style education camps, with kids forced to sit in stuffy classrooms for months on end learning strings of pointless facts about dead toffs.

No doubt he hopes this will indoctrinate children for the miserable lives of ever increasing work for ever decreasing money that Gove and his neo-liberal vampires are attempting to inflict on the rest of us.  Gove’s new workfare schools show the real direction this Government is travelling.

Both main teaching unions are set to strike over this year over working hours.  They should be backed by every decent parent who doesn’t see childhood as merely a holding period before people are turned into profit making stock for the rich.

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  1. Landless Peasant

    This will be the nail in the coffin of all British seaside resorts, and will do the Tourist trade no favours. They’ll be bringing back child labour next. What would Oastler think?

    • Whaddaya mean next?
      Child labour is already here, pal!
      academies set up by business, for a fee, to introduce children nearing school leaving age to the work ethic!
      Bobchewie unearthed a raft load of stuff on this, im sure he’ll be along shortly with links fact and figures

  2. Landless Peasant

    “It is the pride of Britain that a slave cannot exist on her soil. … Let truth speak out, appalling as the statement may appear. The fact is true. Thousands of our fellow-creatures and fellow-subjects, both male and female, the miserable inhabitants of a Yorkshire town, (Yorkshire now represented in Parliament by the giant of anti-slavery principles) are this very moment existing in a state of slavery, more horrid than are the victims of that hellish system ‘colonial’ slavery.”

    – Richard Oastler

  3. Your posts just keep getting better and better jv. hear hear to this one.

  4. Hi Johnny, just found this, totally unrelated but you’ll find it interesting, about wealthy football companies exploiting unpaid interns – http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/early-doors/1-6-billion-reasons-feel-sick-football-041146216.html
    Have fun!

  5. As per usual, the tories are pandering to middle englanders. A listen to today’s Jeremy Vine show on radio 2 will give you all you need to know. School holidays are too long/ teachers work 9-3:30/ always striking/ reds under the bed/ yahder yahder.
    Tories, change the record, your party is getting boringly predictable, and my slice of the cake is too small.
    Also, when you’re playing pass the parcel can you please include the 99% not just your rich friends and corporate sponsers.

  6. Matt Busby’s Manchester United football team used to go to training practices on push bikes, which gives you an indication how corporate greed has infected this sport, not that I hear the players complaining, but it has prevented a lot of players from attending matches and affording merchandise associated with their favourite clubs.

  7. it has prevented a lot of FANS not players from attending matches,my mistake.

  8. The battle was won on the playing fields of Eton.

    The battle hasn’t started yet, but if this sort of shit keeps up it will kick off soon.

    • No, no it wont, the New Roman masses are now satiated with their New Gladiators on X Factor and Britains got Horseshit
      The New Romans bellies are full on Macdonnalds and Colonel Trotsky’s Fried Mechanically Reclaimed Chicken

      They are happy-ish in their lot.
      D’ya really imagine there are enough of us disaffected souls to prove a real threat to the status quo?
      Cause i don’t, dreams of revolution don’t keep me warm at night.
      I’m gonna try my best and work with the corrupted tools currently available to me

  9. Yosserian Hughes

    Probably the cnuts see it as some sort of twisted ‘sweetener’ for the generation of ‘latchkey kids’ that universal credit’ll create. These boardin’ school twats were the same ‘latchkey’ kids, – or so they think………except for the nannies they had when they broke up for hols; while ‘mater & pater’ were away big game huntin’ no doubt….No such luck for the comprehensive kids.

    Their logic’s somethin’ like: “The taxpayer’s payin’ for their education & free school meals……The taxpayer wants VFM dontcha know?? You’ll stay in your crumbling comprehensive until every last one of you gains the minimum required…..It’s either that or sweep our chimneys. Your choice, oiks.”

    God but I hate these fuckers even more with each passin’ breath.

    • Like you I loathe these fuckwits to the core. They seem hellbent on taking away any pleasure out of life. They want the UK to be more like China, so whats it going to be next? Dormitories so the workers can never escape from their humdrum, minimum wage slavery? If they get paid at all that is, cos they’ll be all on workfare. Meanwhile the slaves’ children have been seized by social services & adopted out to “nice” middle class (tory-voting) families who’ll show them the error of their scummmy underclass ways.so they’ll also become “nice” little tory sheep.
      A dystopian view of the future I know, but under these tory halfwits anything is possible

      • @kittycat no its more worying than that as homeless families are worried their kids could be taken away from them and shoved into care homes..
        the history of kids in care homes is a nightmare, called CSA child sex abuse…

      • Made in China... er the UK

        We will reach a point in time in the UK when labour will be cheap and all the low-grade “manufacturing” jobs that Thatcher shipped to China will be returning en masse: BBC News: “Jobs joy for the UK as Foxconn opens new “facility” (complete with on-site dormitories)” whilst Chinese shopping malls resonate to “why the fluck is everything made in the flucking UK?”. Our time will come!

        • @MADE IN CHINA.ER THE UK employers can avoid paying the national minimum wage id they allow workers to sleep on premises..the provision for that can be bear minimum and open to interpretation..

  10. We need street corner soap box speakers to educate the masses before we put another brick in their walls.

    • a keep politics out of government campaign….putting human beings needs first…food is not an optional extra…nor is roof…nor warmth…nor is water….nor is air….a rock falling on my foot hurts…it is not my mind telling me it does….fire burns….no i will not prove it i know it…

  11. @Johnny Void yeah i saw that on news, i even heard stuff to do with nursery education and that young infants spend too much time at play..
    i guess sending them up chimneys will put an end to that.

    • Hunter-gatherers maintained their ethos of equality through their childrearing practices, which engendered feelings of trust and acceptance in each new generation.

      As I have explained in a previous post, hunter-gatherers employed a style of parenting that others have referred to as “permissive” or “indulgent,” but which I prefer to call “trusting.” They trusted infants’ and children’s instincts, and so they allowed infants to decide, for example, when to nurse or not nurse and allowed children to educate themselves through their own self-directed play and exploration. They did not physically punish children and rarely criticized them. One researcher who suggested that the moral character of hunter-gatherers comes from their kindly child-raising methods is Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, who was among the first to study the Ju/’hoansi of Africa’s Kalahari Desert. Here is what she had to say about the parenting she observed:

      “Ju/’hoan children very rarely cried, probably because they had little to cry about. No child was ever yelled at or slapped or physically punished, and few were even scolded. Most never heard a discouraging word until they were approaching adolescence, and even then the reprimand, if it really was a reprimand, was delivered in a soft voice. … We are sometimes told that children who are treated so kindly become spoiled, but this is because those who hold that opinion have no idea how successful such measures can be. Free from frustration or anxiety, sunny and cooperative, the children were every parent’s dream. No culture can ever have raised better, more intelligent, more likable, more confident children.“[4]

      The childrearing theory overlaps with my play theory, because hunter-gatherers allowed their children, including teenagers, to play essentially from dawn to dusk. The children grew up believing that life is play and then went on to conduct esssentially all of their adult tasks in a playful mood–the mood that counters the drive to dominate.

      In sum, my argument here is that the lessons we have to learn from hunter-gatherers are not about our genes but about our culture. Our species clearly has the genetic potential to be peaceful and egalitarian, on the one hand, or to be warlike and despotic, on the other, or anything in between. If the three theories I’ve described here are correct, and if we truly believe in the values of equality and peace and want them to reign once again as the norm for human beings, then we need to (a) find ways to deflate the egos, rather than support the egos, of the despots, bullies, and braggarts among us; (b) make our ways of life more playful; and (c) raise our children in kindly, trusting ways.


      • r33…my exp is that we are all born moral…and then demoralized….our brains are already crammed full of what we need to know….then others tells us what we know, is not true…and then the problems start….drama of a gifted child….

      • r33 i forgot to mention that the peace you describe, broke out in parkhurst prison in the 90’s.’cept a michael howard said this was not a politically correct state of affairs and sacked the people responsible for it…
        the governor and the dr in charge of the formally most dangerous prisoners in the land…
        no drugs…or other barbaric therapies were used….the only method was listening and encouraging these men to express their RAGE,,check it out google it….it is all true…bob said, he was only attacked a few times…after squeezing a bit too hard..the truth is their for all to see…he and dr bob johnson have something in common..cambridge uni…

  12. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/100-academics-savage-education-secretary-michael-gove-for-conveyorbelt-curriculum-for-schools-8541262.html

    100 academics savage Education Secretary Michael Gove for ‘conveyor-belt curriculum’ for schools

    Leading figures from universities warn new curriculum promotes ‘rote learning without understanding’ and demands ‘too much too young’

  13. who do you reckon are the biggest shareholders in the de-nationalised industries – certainly not the masses.

    • @guy fawks gove has always been a proponent of private education..at the time of the student fee hike, he said ‘well it will put off all the thickies”

      not long after that hike i noticed deloitte started recruiting school leavers (free labour for school leavers) using the student tuition fee hike as recruiting tool, claiming if they were put off going to uni because of fees the could work (for nothing) at deloitte, of which the same deloitte were responsible for ‘advising’ vodaphone how to defraud the inland revenue out of paying its corps tax,,. HMRC did sweetheart deals with HMRC were it could pay it off bit by bit..so, on the back of tuition fee hike deloitte were training the next generation of tax fiddler advisors ,,ironic eh?

  14. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Everytime I see Gove on the telly I just want to slap him, he comes across as a childish bratt and another conservative who’s always right!

    what an Asshole!

  15. Teaching institutions are a dead loss to the working class at the moment.
    You wouldn’t have seen Socrates, Jesus christ or Ghandi teaching or preaching from institutions, they did it from the streets. It’s funny two of them were denied as friends by their pupils i.e. socrates and Jesus when they were sentenced to death.

  16. ps Socrates sentence was exile but it resulted in him killing himself, as to him it was a fate worse than death.

  17. Off topic – Boston bombers

    All citizens stay in doors and our hundreds of law enforcers are bound to catch him, he’ll be the only one left walking about.

    • @guy fawkes in reply to your boston post..i posted this on black triangle blog..

      i am wondering why we have a front page headline about a boffin banging on about GM crops and how we need them, around the same time that a boston bomber shows up on MIT campus when MIT are involved with intelligence, defence and communications and bio tech and are connected to monsanto who are the main company producing GM crops…go figure that one…

    • They are putting towns in lockdown, running around in what can only be described as stormtrooper style kit scaring the hell out of people… telling them to stay in doors. This is martial law prisoner training and conditioning. More examples of False Flag attacks to be honets.

      • @paul everytime there is an ‘outrage’ and ppl killed or hurt..you gotta pay attention….whats the game here? something pre empted this event ..its like we stumbled into some kind of conflict..maybe these bombe guys that is if was them was trying to say something..what all this stuff about shoot outs ad hand grenades thrown out of car windows..?/

        • We will probably never know the truth. Apparently they are not allowing this 19 year old due process and are holding him with an exemption to that and are going to use “Special Interrogation” techniques on it. This smacks to high heaven of a set up at some level. Hand grenades are almost impossible to get hold of even in the USA, I assume you are looking at all of the info available on all of this to bob.

          • You’re right, nothing is as it seems. they’ve made too much of a drama show out of this for there not to be an underlying meaning/reason. It all looks very staged like most other shit… they are commies, commies are bad… lets murder Korean people because they are backed into a corner and seem to be on the defense.

  18. R33

    We will probably be happier if we were left to be a third world country then eh, if your hunter gatherer theory is correct, but children cry plenty when small without being slapped, they could be ill.

    • @ guy fawkes

      It did say “very rarely cried”. I assume they meant apart from sickness etc. Third world countries are not egalitarian, consensual, cooperative or caring societies, so I don’t think they are like the societies described in the article.

    • @pat have known this for ages,, old rolfie has been questioned more than a few times now and been going to clinics.

      • i did not know bob, this is the first i have heard bout it

        • @pat yeah reports of an 83 unnamed brought in for questioning preceded this,, the press are trying to blame levenson for ‘not being allowed to name” which is bollocks..the met are playing the same game..oh btw check out the explosions in usa..and links to monsanto..thats my theory as well as others..

  19. I used to clean for Monsanto when my kids were small, used to have wonderful conversations with the staff that worked overtime there, but companies like Monsanto have state approval for their work if that’s what you mean chewie? They’re all in it together.

    • :guy fawkes monsanto the company that wants to own the copyright on this stuff we call food

    • Monsanto, where do they first appear on the charts…….Agent Orange is the combination of the code names for Herbicide Orange (HO) and Agent LNX, one of the herbicides and defoliants used by the U.S. military as part of its chemical warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971. Vietnam estimates 400,000 people were killed or maimed, and 500,000 children born with birth defects as a result of its use.[1] The Red Cross of Vietnam estimates that up to 1 million people are disabled or have health problems due to Agent Orange.[2]

      A 50:50 mixture of 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D, it was manufactured for the U.S. Department of Defense primarily by Monsanto Corporation and Dow Chemical.

      It gets filed under the category, You Can Not Make This UP! We actually have a chemical weapons manufacturer, largely in control of the world’s food supply? Their reward for killing lots of people is to get to kill, you guessed it, lots of people. It is indeed “An Equitable Life Henry”

      • @workhouse the point i was raising was the irony of a scientist on front page of uk newspaper telling us gm crops are good for us and a bomber in boston wandering around MIT campus and MIT having connections to monsanto who create GM crops.

        • Not sure on this, as I am only just starting to look at it, but apparently that fertiliser plant that went up in Waco had a lawsuit against monsanto pending to, not sure on the veracity of that yet though.

          • @PAUL Now that IS interesting indeed i was wondering about that other even too, now you’ve added it..hmm whats it all about? waco fertiliser explosion->monsanto, bomber on MIT premises , MIT connected to monsanto,, then a scientist shows up promoting GM crops of which monsanto is chief producer…hmmmmm…

            • I’ve come across that report about the fertiliser plant before, can’t remember when or on what website, but I can’t help wondering, like you, if the Boston incident & the plant explosion are connected somehow, it just seems too much like coincedence, there’s something just very weird about it all.
              Also – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1352343/Salvation-Army-millionaire-William-Booth-makes-fortune-donated-clothing-html

              • Its a mathematical certainty that sometimes events which appear connected but aren’t will sometimes happen around the same time – the weaker those connections are, then the more often it will happen. If the connections are weak enough you could probably connect every major event to every other, and conspiracy theorists often do. Anyone who thinks coincidences don’t happen has obviously never got a double six playing a dice game.

                • @Johnny Void i could write a book on coincidences i suffer them a lot..in fact i’ve been keeping a sort of log so far..
                  what ive come across for me, is that some events from 70s-80s seem to repeat for some reason..

                  not sure if its bayes theorem ..though..

                • @JV of course theres the ‘collective unconcous’ and the ‘tip of the iceberg’ theory..whereby a seemingl irrelevant event can be part of a bigger picture..

                  heres two odd things: in late 70s earl 80s a scandal involving children from a care home were being about in a guest house in barnes sw london. complicit in this was ppl from social services richmond upon thames council.
                  and now recently. richmond upon thames council are proposing to outsouce/privatise children education services, but there is a complaint from libdems kingstoon upon thames council about the lack of child protection..

                  ok . deconstructed: same council but different ppl, but probbly same politics
                  (tory , can you guess)
                  next: in early 80s in was on kingston bridge photographing houseboats ( still have the photo)
                  recently myself and another was in same area, my friend pointed out houseboats and walked onto kingston bridge to point out and comment about them.
                  (noticeable due to the odd ‘modern ‘ design) thing is we were standing in same as i was in 82..(video of this i uploaded and you can see its same spot) i never menioned the previous event to him

                  not so long ago we were discussing photography and waterloo as in 74 i had taken photos there..he pointed out that in 74 abba had a hit song called ‘waterloo’ seconds after that we went down subway where a busker was playing a song..it was the abba hit ‘waterloo’..

            • Yes mate, I followed a link to that yesterday. I just thought “weird” along with some of the videos coming out where they were claiming suspicious sounds on, and yes having been in the military myself they did sound like some sounds I have heard before 😉 But with the amount of video manipulation out there until I learn more I won’t comment on that yet, just put it in the “Suspicious” Column. More likely just to be basic sabotage with a fire been set and the sound been the explosive concussion when the fire triggered a large amount in one go.

            • And Kittycat, I know this is a “Conspiracy Theory”, but… April 19 to May 1st has historically been a dangerous period of the year, lots of things seem to die during this two week, just look back through history, then make your own mind up. There are a lot of suspicious things that seem to happen during this time. As always, leave it up to you to decide after you have looked at it.

  20. School is for education,and they do recieve far to many holidays,instead of loitering with intent,intimidating law abiding citizens they could be learning something usefull like how to run a country.

  21. Apparently Gove said the current school year is more suited to an ‘agricultural society’…that’s fine, leave it as it is then, cos the way things are going, that’s where we’ll be in a few years time…As long as it’s more like William Morris’ ‘News from Nowhere’ rather than feudal Tory barbarity, it’ll be lovely…

    • incubusblog…..the whole thing stinks of agenda 21….rosa koire

    • Incubusblog
      I fear it’ll be feudalism / serfs with an additional dash of climate change / global warming. As a child of the Sixties I presume I’ll not see the worst of it, I’ll have been euthanised by a private healthcare provider for being uneconomic ?!
      Ah well at least Mrs T can now be described as “done to a turn” ?! Boom boom. Ding dong.

  22. Murray

    It’s only the public schools that teach their pupils how to run a country, it is from there that recruitment for top jobs is accessed.

  23. R33

    fair comment, I wish we could get consensus for such societies. When I was studying sociology a custom in one ancient culture stuck out in my mind, that was a society that had no marriage but if a male made his place in a home, he left his boots outside to indicate that that woman was taken.

  24. Rosemarie Harris

    My worry about the long holiadays for our children is that parents don’t get that many holiadays so it’s always the kids to stay home on there own as low income family’s just can’t afford anyonre to look after them.
    It’s also the rich that can afford to pay for child care so it dosen’t make any difference to them, their children won’t be working like ours. in manual work.
    There is also the thing that when our children leave school they won’t be getting anywhere near six weeks in a whole year let alone in summer.
    Perhaps the youngest have six weeks in summer while the older ones have some sort of training/opportunities for their future?

  25. You can train all you want but if there is no jobs and the unemployed are compelled to take skivvying jobs irrespective of their education, it does not bode well for those trying to push people into yet more education.

  26. Has anyone as old as me noticed the striking resemblance of Gove to one of Monty Pythons “Upper Class Twit of the Year Show” twits? Shame we don’t really have this show- do you remember how the final “challenge”, after “shooting the rabbits” (which are staked out) is when the Upper Class Twits have to manage “shooting themselves”. The winner and runners up had medals placed on their coffins! GREAT IDEA!

  27. @karin episodes of monty python are on youtube

  28. Chewie

    The Boston bomber probably only had connections with monsanto by way of access to the chemicals they produce no doubt, other than that I can’t see a connection with GM crops.

    GM crops were not in production when I worked for them only chemicals, I only worked there temporarily when my marriage failed and needed the cash for new home.

    • @guy fawkes once again you miss the point..which was when i see two apparently unrelated events appear around the same time, it makes me wonder if connected..FACT: one bomber was on premises of MIT..(MIT has its own police force a ‘uni’ with its own police force?? )well they hace connections with corps and govt eg telecommunication, defence and bio tech also the hace connections with monsanto ok? so i am seeing this stuff on net and seeing headline about a prof going on about gm crops (of which monsanto are the biggest producer of gm crops)..timing is what i mean,, these guys were up to something or theres a false flag op going on..

      • come on Bob, you’re better than this conspiracy stuff

        • @Johnny Void yeah i agree i dont normally go down this route at all. but, i sometimes use same process , which is events going on around same time. ok? thing is the waco fertiliser explosion the firm had been suing monsanto ( or as spivey calls them ‘the evil empire”-if you see the poison they put into food supply you will see) ….plus their connection with MIT, and then seeing some boffin show up in UK promoting GM crops of which monsanto produce that shit) ok i’ll drop it for now,,,and let it stew..see how it pans out…fuck me JV tumors in rats fed on GM corn??..oh well…

          • bob, just keep on looking, JV is great at looking at the disabled stuff, but is blinkered as to the “Why” it is really happening stuff. He cannot see the problem/reaction/solution stuff going on in the world. There is no such thing as coincidence in this world where the people with links to big money, governments and control are concerned. JV needs to see wha tis going on when you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Mass unemployment and demonisation of the poorest in society to blame everything on them to keep the poor distracted from who is really ripping them off. Control of the food supply to keep the population in check, Even people eating are malnurished these days because our food is nutritionally deficient. When G4S and other private security companies start to take over our policing like OCP on steroids (Robocop) then he might wake up, as it is not that far off now the way everything is getting privatised. Just look at the destruction of the NHS. Oh well, he can think what he wants, but the blinkers are stopping him from seeing what is going on in the world and connecting the dots. It’s all interlinked. Follow the money. Who benefits from what is going on.

  29. Well Chewie if they keep shooting the alleged bombers no-one will ever know whether they are guilty or not or their motives. News tonight showed their father in Chechnya saying he believes his sons were framed.

  30. more here about monsanto and GMO and fertlizers and rats and tumors..


    • Bobchewie – as far as I’m aware most big US Univs have campus police. As far as West Texas blast goes it screams cock-up rather than conspiracy to me. Classic case of an underscrutinised fast buck merchant getting casual with volatile stuff IMho.
      Forgive off subject I recall seeing details of LOTS unburied bodies accumulating due to DWP, i think here on JV. Was it u bobchewie cos I’m unable to find any current info.

  31. Sociologists Bowles and Gintis in their seminal work the Hidden Curriculum spelled it out: “education” in a capitalist society is all about churning out the next generation of compliant, unquestioning wage slaves.

    I always loathed school; I’d hate it even more under Gove’s regime. Who can blame kids for playing truant to escape such a miserable existence?

    • Nice one Trevor! I hated school too, though I did eventually manage to calm, down the extreme school phobia hysterics that I used to regularly perform between the ages of 5 and 6!

      I never played truant, but I was often passively resistant, and a regular pain in the backside in a way that couldn’t be easily sanctioned.

      Of course, given that, the school authorities in their wisdom decided that there was something decidedly wrong with me….cue visits to educational physchologists who pondered long trying to determine what was amiss with me.

      After many years and many test that made no sense to me at the time, (I later learned that they were IQ tests) but I did quite well at them, it was finally decided that my basic problem was that I didn’t like school!

    • “Rules are for fools”
      (Nanny McPhee)

  32. If there are two groups that should be kept as far away from the education of the young as possible, they are, in my opinion, parents and politicians. Education is, I believe, a matter for those being educated and educators. I’m not saying that wider society should not scrutinise, to ensure that no child is indoctrinated etc, (and the education process itself should be transparent), but thus far all interference from parents and politicians has achieved is a nation of fucked-up people. I would recommend a reading of A.S. Neill’s ‘Summerhill’ (though it might be tough to find, as it’s been out of print for some years, but it was available in a Penguin edition). Okay, detractors have claimed that his ideas only worked for the children of the wealthy, (and the school achieved notoriety due to gutter-press perceptions that the kids were allowed to run riot), but that has been neatly refuted in ‘Lifelines’ a book published by LibEd (http://www.libed.org.uk/) that contains case studies of libertarian educational interventions largely set up by children, from Puerto Rican children in Chicago to street kids in India. A.S. Neill himself lamented that the methods used in his school were not more widespread. However, from a politician like Gove’s point of view, (and most other politicians it has to be said, as most, like most teachers, are control freaks) educational methods such as those used in libertarian education tend to produce what Neill called ‘self-regulated individuals’, i.e. people who are able to think for themselves. Paolo Friere, in his ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ also emphasises the power of self-education, from a grass roots perspective.

    In the UK there have been attempts to establish libertarian educational regimes within the mainstream, such as Risinghill (http://www.libed.org.uk/sep07/risinghill.html).

    Sadly, any such intervention will inevitably face the ire of reactionary politicians, the right-wing press and most parents, all of whom seem to believe that children are incapable of having minds of their own and being able to decide what education is best for them.

    On a personal note, I found most of my formal education to be a complete waste of time, being forced to attend lessons in ‘pointless’ (and to me they were, but to someone else, maybe not) subjects such as algebra or simultaneous equations. I gained a good grasp of reading, and also writing, and my basic arithmetic was ok, (more than enough to work out if my employer was underpaying me, or if I was being short-changed). I left school with no formal qualifications whatsoever, but subsequently went on to gain a very good grade History O Level, (undertaken to disprove my father’s belief that I was a complete dunce). I did an amazing variety of badly paid and dead-end jobs, (but in the 1970s, easy to get jobs, remember those?) and in the mid 1980s decided that I wanted to get a degree, so I applied to an adult education college, got a place and subsequently went to university and gained a (crap) degree in Education – which convinced me that mainstream education was, as my personal experience had confirmed, mostly a complete wast of time primarily concerned with imposing conformity.

    I’m totally convinced that if school was relevant, interesting and organised largely by the kids themselves that the truancy rate would be a fraction of the level it is. Attendance at lessons should be compulsory only for the teacher, as A.S, Neill believed.

  33. Just had an early message from Bedroom Tax demo @Leeds saying that there aren’t huge numbers of people there (fewer than my friend thought there might be) – I haven’t managed to get there. I know some people might very well be either preoccupied with/caught up in other practical/family commitments or possibly just worn out/exhausted from the whole
    59-pronged attack on their lives …

    Really disappointed to not be there in support – was hoping to have been able to – so looking forward to finding out what was said/hearing reports from other protests. The sun is out & sky is blue here today for what it’s worth (funnily enough).

    • @shirleynott yes this can happen, often ppl attribute good weather with events, eg if its sunny then it must be positive, however this overrides logic and it can be very sunny but ppl can suffer famines and drought, or if on holiday have have property stolen or be attacked, equally its possiblle to have meaningful conversations or events if it were raining..a friend of mine has disastrous relationship based on the simplistic notions of weather conditions..

      • @bob Θ (- can’t do a ‘smiley face’). How sad is that?
        (& you’re right, it can be sunny but people can suffer famines and drought).

        • @shirleynott a friend of mine her judgement is rubbish..she has a vit D problem..i heard she married a turk in turkey (it was a scam to use her to get into the UK) because shes addicted to sunllight it distorts the way she sees things..atm she is going out with a possibly football thug..she told me a while back she hates football..go figure that out..

  34. Pingback: Hey Posh Boy, Leave Our Kids Alone | SteveB's P...

  35. shirleynott can you not type colon : shift : followed by a curve right curve bracket thats how you do smileys..: )

  36. bob, I can do that but not the yellow picture of a smiley face. 🙂
    (I don’t really do drawings – only reading & writing).

    About your friend – I can’t tell if you’re doing stand-up now (on-line) or whether that’s actually all a true story :)> (?)

    • I have no idea how that just happened & am actually quite scared – just going back to find that earlier ‘conspiracy theory’ page …

      • @shirleynott sadly its true, ive known her for many years and in that time she has got herself into trouble, i dont think she knows what she is doing..whats even more tragic is that she met this twat at a funeral , in fact he funeral of his ex who commited suicide after hanging herself..what does that tell you? oddly enough the funeral was at mortlake crematorium, same as thatcher..weird huh?

    • @shirleynott ITS TRUE SADLY

      • ~ bob – I’m really sorry to hear it. I wasn’t sure when you mentioned the D Vitamin following the ‘weather/thought process correlation’ – I didn’t think it through logically (I do that sometimes). Was sidetracked by trying to ‘smile’ online …

        Agree people’s mood can be affected/influenced by sunshine (not enough and/or ”too much’) only sometimes with serious knock-on effects. Your friend’s not alone in making ‘less than good’ decisions leading to ‘at risk’. It’s almost a chain reaction sometimes – either taking/just narrowly avoiding making a decisions that’s blatantly not ‘advisable’ but ‘seemed okay’ at the time (What’s the film ?Midnight something? (not Midnight Cowboy – the one that ends in ?South American? jail for transporting drugs). Definitely agree that, eg. away from home/outside of usual surroundings are classic times when things that wouldn’t otherwise happen, do. There are plenty of (sad/desperate) people who’ll exploit other’s vulnerability to advance their cause – at home or away. It can lead to serious difficulties for some people. There’s definitely something to be said for (not) being in the ‘wrong’ place at the ‘wrong’ time.

        – (That was really interesting about Rachman) – I’ve not read about him before/connection to Christine Keeler etc. How did he manage to have exploit so many people before the age of 43?. His lifestyle choice).

    • do this…: ) or do this : – ) with out spacing and get this 🙂

  37. @SHIRLEY AND ALL,, every day i wake up and next door to me is a guy who leaves his door open (why?) and mumble out lous , bumps about moving stuff and making noise and laughs out loud..ive reported it and still he does it..then upstairs a guy plays loud music and shouts his head off..i am surround by disturbance my sleep pattern is a mess…the stress is unbearable sometimes..

    • @bobchewie so is mine. The people around here are so anti-social it is untrue. They leave their dogs out all the time and they bark all the time, especially at night, which keeps me up all night and wakes me up all the time. Most of the time I’m like a zombie because I’m so tired all the time and the council are completely and utterly useless and couldn’t care less. The woman next doors dog’s bark is so loud it could wake the dead. It sounds like thunder. She hasn’t got a clue how to train them and couldn’t care less. She feels proud of their misbehviour because she thinks being anti-social shows that you are a rebel and have a tough, strong, dominant personality.

      She is also a jumped up, arrogant, violent, vicious, unreasonable, aggressive alcoholic, who regularly fights in the street with her boyfriend, calls the police on him after shouting at him at the top of her voice and beating him up and then when you see them later on after the police have gone, they are kissing in her yard. She refers to her dogs as her babies and feeds them a 99 ice-cream with a flake from the ice-cream van and her beer which makes them even crazier. She is a vile individual who revels in being nasty and loves to cause conflict.

      • @R33 my residents are all mentally ill and on meds..him next door decided to get all his belongings and dump it all in the garden..

        • @bobchewie

          It’s an horrendous ordeal to be prevented from getting the sleep you need, especially when (like in my case) it is because the people around you are completely selfish bullies, with a complete lack of decency and concern for others and know they can get away with it because they know the authorities don’t care and can’t be bothered.

          Long term sleep deprivation is torment. You can’t think straight and you can’t function properly. It starts to feel like torture after a while. You get to the point where you get so desperate you feel like you would do anything just to get a good night’s sleep.

          I’m being tormented by the Tories, tormented by the jobcentre, and then when I get home from the jobcentre, tormented by my neighbours all night.

  38. @shirleynott rachman got awa with it because he knew people in high places..the krays knew ppl in govt eg lord boothby a notorious sex offender..

    • @bob (Same old story then). This is the sort of thing they could maybe talk about at secondary school – not sure what subject it would fit into – social realism? I’ve only heard of him recently but am learning something new every day, most of it not funny.

      • @shirleynott ronnie kray held paedo parties eg rent boys and wotnot boothby was often at these events..some descriptions of these events are vile..there are photos of boothby with the krays and rent boys..ive seen..boothby tried to get krays out of nick or prevent themm being convicted such was the degree of corruption..

  39. @shirleynott kray twins and rachman


    slum landlords, paedophiles, corrupt politicians,broadmoor prison..

    sound familiar?? savile ran broadmoor, corrupt MPs ten a penny..slum landlords. paedos in high places,,.yep..nothing changes..

  40. At least the krays got jailed, it’s time we started jailing some of these tory mp’s for crimes against humanity and throw Blair in the mix for good measure.

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