Liam Byrne Fuck Off

liam-byrneOf all the rancid scabs and class traitors that infest the modern Labour Party, grinning idiot Liam Byrne is the worst.

His latest calls for a ‘tough’ welfare system in the wake of rising unemployment just reveals what this Iain Duncan Smith pretender thinks about those condemned to benefits.  More people are unemployed, so those people need to be treated toughly according to Byrne and punished with forced work and benefit sanctions.

Byrne loves workfare, not because he think it will help people get jobs – he knows it won’t – but because it makes him feel like a bit of a hard man, a sort of Daily Mail reading Mitchell brother, in touch with the common man.  In truth he’s far more Ian Beale, a squirming little sell out who gets his only shallow kicks from hurting those who can’t fight back.

Byrne doesn’t just pay lip service to the scroungers narrative, it is at the heart of everything he says as shadow Work and Pensions Secretary.  He believes, or wants us to believe, that unemployment is caused by unemployed people.  He’s convinced himself, or wants to convince us, that hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled claimants are faking their conditions. His contempt may be tempered for the cameras and those in the Labour Party who pretend to be left wing, but just like his Tory counterparts he blames people with nothing for a fucked economy and lack of jobs.

That’s why Labour haven’t apologised for the brutal Atos regime they created.  It’s why they didn’t vote against Iain Duncan Smith re-writing history to steal compensation payments legally due to those forced to work for free.  And it’s why they are plan to introduce yet more workfare should they ever get a sniff of government again.

The Labour Party was never enough and it is less than nothing now.  And they know it.  Liam Byrne’s only answer to the most savage attack on working class people in generations has been to snottily plead just how much nastier he could be to those he considers beneath him.

Any pretend support for claimants from Labour has been nothing more than lies and exploitation, making political capital out of the suffering of those they too intend to attack.  Their grotesque attempt to hijack the struggle over the Bedroom Tax, whilst planning a similar policy of their own, shows just how low they will stoop.

The Labour Party are the enemy of every person in this country who is poor, disabled, unemployed or on a low income and depends on some benefits to survive.  Liam Byrne is proof of that.  Whilst he remains they should mean nothing at all to those struggling against this Government’s destruction of the welfare state.

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  1. Byrne in Hell with Thatcher

  2. Landless Peasant

    Hard man? Don’t make me laugh. If I ever meet the twat I’ll punch him until my hands hurt.

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  4. One Tory party is one too many. We really don’t need a “Tory Lite” or a pale imitation of IDS.
    Time for Labour to grow a pair and listen to its grass roots support. Is Milliband up to this job? The jury’s out, but we can’t wait forever. There is no point in New Labour winning the next election if we can’t see any difference between the last lot and the new ones.

    • Thing is, the way things are rigged they’re more concerned with getting the ‘swing voters’ in marginals, than looking after their grass roots. Which apparently means constantly tailoring your polices to be as mean-as-fuck as is humanly possible.
      But yeah, there is no point in them winning if all each of the fuckers are offering is a different coloured rosette on a shit sandwich.

  5. It’s idiots like Byrne that are causing the deaths of a lot of people either through natural causes or the extra stress, if you ask me , they can all fuck off, ids and this idiot must be after funeral the same as maggie.

  6. Yosserian Hughes

    “The Labour Party are the enemy of every person in this country who is poor, disabled, unemployed or on a low income and depends on some benefits to survive. Liam Byrne is proof of that. Whilst he remains they should mean nothing at all to those struggling against this Government’s destruction of the welfare state.”

    Combined with what comes before it – it’s a sterling post once again. JV.

    Put it EXACTLY as it is squire! 😉

  7. Rosemarie Harris

    I don’t think many people on this site was taken in by the Labour party as they have been very quiet on anything welfare. They expect to win the next election with the Daily mail readers!
    They are in for a suprise unless they start to look at the bigger picture and start fighting for the the ‘working classes’ as the Tories won’t vote Labour!

  8. Landless Peasant

    “Welfare reform that is tough”. FUCK OFF BYRNE YOU FUCKING TRAITOR.

  9. Two sets of people in this Country, “Them in it together” and Us in it together

  10. People on this site will not be taken in by Labour, Tories, lib dems, ukip so who do we vote for, time is ticking away?

    Towards the election they will all lie through their back teeth about what they will or won’t do for us and then do the exact opposite.

    The sad thing is working class old labour voters still think we have a socialist party in Labour and will vote accordingly, they need convincing otherwise.

    Great post JV sorry to be so critical about your last one.

    • Landless Peasant

      The Green Party are becoming more radical Left, or Galloway’s Respect Party? Labour can fuck right off.

      • But i dont want to diffuse and weaken any vote against tory / liberal by voting for no hope fringe parties, as unpalatable as it is to me, as much as every fibre in my being protests, it’s looking like i HAVE to vote labour

        • Landless Peasant

          That is up to you, but I won’t vote for the fuckers. I remember only too well serving a 3 month sentence of New Deal, time & time again. They can fuck off.

          • And never doubt that it will also gall me to vote for the treacherous bastards, my level of hate for New Labour is off the fuckin’ richter scale.

            My nightmare is, we all vote for our personal tub thumper, green, respect, left unity, TPA, natural yogic wanking while bouncing about, whatever – and allow those self serving toffs to sail home first past the post

  11. The benefits system can either be tough, or it can be fair, but it cannot be both.

    Which is it to be, Mr Byrne?

  12. off topic

    I have just come across this article, it is a shocking read

    FAKE DWP ‘test’ reveals sinister govt ‘psy-war’
    I wrote yesterday about the psychological bullying being inflicted on unemployed people by Jobcentre Plus on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions, as huge, intimidating tasks are inflicted on people with minimal literacy, confidence and computer skills – backed by the threat of benefit ‘sanctions’ if they are not completed by a very short deadline.
    But it gets even worse. One part of the series of tasks being imposed is an online ‘My strengths test’, consisting of a series of 48 multiple-choice answers to questions about your personality.
    I can reveal that this ‘test’ is a completely bogus scam designed to manipulate unemployed people into performing a completely random, week-long exercise of incorporating supposed ‘characteristics’ into their daily behaviour.
    How do I know this? Because the ‘test’ is fake – it allocates you a ‘personality’ even
    if you don’t answer the questions.

  13. scarecrow78

    The benefits system will never be fair as long as it is circumvented at the behest of business or subjected to the whims of the taxpayer.

  14. I cannot stand Liam Byrne, Purnell, and the rest of New Labour. They are worse than the Tories, they are the enemy within. They cry crocodile tears for the sick and unemployed yet they are the architects of the latest welfare reform.
    Slightly different note
    The rich are beginning to panic. The IMF are now criticising Osborne. Perhaps they fear major problems ahead. The banks should have all been allowed to collapse in my view. It should have happened five years ago and the culprits brought to justice.

  15. fonley lindsay

    any slow boats to china want a cargo of useless soon to be redundant politicians there are no reds or blues just purple non returnable

    • Landless Peasant

      What a joke. They make me wanna throw up.

      • I’d have to pin that bald fuck down and skull fuck it.
        Then take a shit in it’s 1.30pm soup.

        There is no way on gods earth, no conditions exist, no fear of destitution or starvation enough to where i could prostitute my time and skills to serve that utter cunts whim.
        Shame upon any ministerial aide who does.

  16. New labour also introduced tuition fees, what happened to the money that used to fund universities and lecturers after this implementation?

    Gove now wants to circumvent schools to the behest of business with shorter summer holidays and longer school days. Don’t the kids spend enough hours in a day tied to a desk, this is to save childminding fees for working mothers using after school clubs etc. it’s a disgrace.

  17. The biggest mistake labour made was bailing out the banks.Customers savings, ISAs & suchlike should have been ring-fenced with a 60-day time limit to withdraw these funds & then the rug should been pulled. This would have hopefully led to a smaller more customer-orientated banking system with none of the casino risk-taking.
    As for Liam Byrne,the smug bastard should just fuck off & join the tories, that’s obviously where his true sympathies lie.

  18. Gove and Byrne both need a red hot poker rammed up their backsides,to “cut costs” they can share the same poker and get skewered together.They are nothing but Big Busines ass kissing scum.

    • Isn’t that what happened to Richard II? Ouch!

      • It was Edward II @kittycat58 /pedant

        I reckon the poker is too slim. Needs something with more width
        and preferably with lateral spikes

        Coated with chilli

        This is why I don’t like the Tories. They cause one to think up the most violent and painful ways to do away with them. I am normally a peace loving vegetarian.

  19. Liam Byrne is to busy sucking the stale sweat from Duncan Smith’s bollocks to worry about the poor people. He’s scum. They’re all scum.

  20. The Labour Party caught in a nihilistic Baader Meinhof Complex, brutality will prevail brutality.

  21. Byrne and Timms : The Uncle Fester and Lurch of Labour’s workfare policy.

  22. Why doesn’t he fuck off and join UKIP? I’m sure he’d be right at home

  23. Why doesn’t the labour party dismantle altogether because most of them do belong with the Tories or ukip maybe’s even the treacherous lib dems.

    • @guy fawkes,

      Agree that the labour party should dismantle, they are sopping up dissent and preventing a real opposition from forming, that political deficit and de facto disenfranchisement moves the debate into constitutional territory.

  24. So if we don’t vote Labour in the next election, the Tories will get in again – is that something we want to contribute to? Isn’t it better to support Labour for now and tackle issues from within rather than do as the left have always done and splinter into small groups squabbling amongst themselves?

    • You’re right there.

      If you leave the Labour party to the tender mercy of Progress/Blairite scumbags like Byrne, then it will reflect this. The only answer is to join, get active and promote the left wing alternatives. Simply pretending that Respect or abstention are the answer is an abrogation of all responsibility for what happens.

      I joined my local party, got active and helped to change it from a Blairite nest to a proper socialist CLP. It’s not difficult. It just takes balls – and effort.

      • your CLP might be great now but what influence do you have on the Party’s policies, now there’s no internal democracy left to speak of?

  25. All any government is doing is forcing people on benefits ( who incidentally are looking for full time jobs to feed themselves or their families ) to become dishonest just like they are with their expenses scandals and tax dodges. The whole country knows that finding a job with enough hours to ake it pay no longer exist. No I’m sorry, I’m going to have to do some moonlighting you cretinous fuckers, in order to survive you sanctimonious cunts.

    • Don’t back an animal into a corner! You will most definitely regret it! Vote for Galloway!

      • If he fronts up a candidate for this seat, then yeah, ill happily vote Respect.
        Until then, as much as ill hate myself, i have no alternative but labour

  26. Hen

    No we should not vote for NEW LABOUR instead of splintering we should be voting Galloway in. Ukip have already said (as expected) they will align with the tories if there is no decisive vote.

    • Seriously? Galloway? I don’t believe he’s a candidate where I live… However if you see him as the only viable option to keep the tories out of government then that’s something to work towards in the next 2 years. Respect.

      • Time is running out.
        2 years is no gonna be enough, we can only vote labour and then work on getting the ” New” element of Thatcherite / Blairites out

        • @Ulysses I agree with you. Get these cretins out. Show them the door, then WE work on Labour when they get voted in. They would be stupid to ignore us lot!!!!

  27. Unemployment is caused by one thing, a lack of jobs until this is reversed no change. IDS stated a few months ago there were 330000 vacancies in JCP there are 22.5 million unemployed needs no further comment

  28. As Thatcher said, her greatest legacy was New Labour.

  29. This is just one example of why Labour are unelectable come the next election, Tories in red ties. You’ll just be swapping one centre-right party for another! This country is desperate for a new alternative party that’s fairer, equality driven and austerity free, ‘The People’s Assembly’ perhaps? If the Unions withdrew their funding for New Labour and diverted it into the TPA, that would put Labour in a seriously disadvantaged situation! With thousands following and joining up, including many of the Unions being represented among their following, the TPA could become a serious contender for the mainstream political parties. One can only hope!

  30. Conatyl

    Like your thinking but can we have another name the acronym TPA could be misconstrued as Tory Party Assembly. Perhaps others on this sight could suggest a name for an accountable people led party?

  31. The condims have managed to focus everyones attention away from the bankers that caused all the mess they refuse to introduce a sensible minimum wage ( australia min wage is 10 per hour) on the basis that it will stop people becoming employed that business cannot afford to pay decent wages yet they can give big bonuses pay increases to board and shareholders etc. They refuse to cap private rents as landlords would stop renting utter rubbish they just dont want to see their stake in the housing markets fall. They advise people that are sanctioned and cant afford to eat to tory run food banks the condims are creating more poor vunerable sick dying people so they can put the money in their pockets. And offer debt couselling poor people know how to budget rich people dont and havent got a clue but no one can survive on nothing we are constantly being told what we should think where we are allowed to live what we should eat and drink we are told what our children should be taught where they have to go to school we are told how and what to say. We are not robots to be programmed by the people that are supposed to support and help us we have freedom of speech freedom of thought

    • @36 – Is that a Kiwi accent?

      • Somebody recently said (on radio) that in fact many people on low incomes are very good at managing money …. it was in relation to switching to monthly benefits payments under UC. Of course they are – it’s not a virtue though – they have to micro-manage or go under. It’s patronising to word it as an accolade and in defending of monthly payments (“they can manage”) – when it’s quite a bit harder to manage smaller amounts over longer time periods in some ways (could be easier in others possibly but not overall and not for everyone).

        It’s only really clever to be good at ‘managing money’ if you have lots of it – there’s no option but to be if you have only very limited means. All that happens in reality is that choices reduce. All the debt counselling in the world can’t make money reproduce itself and when it’s gone, it’s gone …

  32. ….so not ukip….nor new labour….nor tory….who then?

    • Landless Peasant

      Green or Respect.

      • In an ideal world, yes, but my biggest fear is voting the fringe parties will diffuse opposition to Tory/ Libdem

      • If enough people do this
        oh… Tories get back in.

        We really are caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea/between a rock and a hard place/bollocksed

        • Yup.
          But even as fucked up as things were under New Labour – and lets not forget i DESPISE them bastards with a passion bordering on homicidal-

          Can you honestly, hand on your heart say it was as bad then as now, or pre ’98?

          All them boarded up shops, run down sink estates, no go areas, petty crime are all returning to Thatcher / Major levels
          At least under Blair/ Brown (in greater Manchester / Lancs at least – other areas could have different experiences )you could park your car and reasonably expect the stereo to still be there – granted you take reasonable precautions, nowt blatantly expensive and saleable left unattended. You could walk about without fear of mugging.
          Liverpool was TRANSFORMED, under new labour – as a kid in Thatcherite Toxteth i remember the shops up Northumberland rd being cased in wire mesh, you stood in the doorway in a mesh cage that allowed 1 person in, you asked and got served through a hole in the mesh.
          Manchester too, transformed, real beauty of architecture, and city planning a pleasure to walk in both cities. Truly beautiful experiences to just be there and soak it all in.

          I’m beginning to see a return to the 80’s in the decline and dereliction of certain town centres and neighborhoods and it terrifies me.

      • from my exp….the greens are a lighter shade of blue…they all fall over themselves to woo middle britain…will huttons map of our state is still “the state were in”… for me it will be “respect party”…..we know that all of the other parties will say anything to get our votes….

  33. Redscourge

    You have changed nothing – the labour party are governed and adopt policies made by their hierarchy and the union barons, who hijack grievances put forward by their members and manipulate them in favour of business or what government want to be the end result.

    I have been on both sides of the fence I was a union rep in one employ and have worked taking minutes of meetings in another employ where I watched union leaders doing deals or making comprimises with business behind closed doors. I was actually sacked for telling the workforce how they were being sold down the river by their own union.

  34. ps I never sold the workforce out to business when I was a rep either.

  35. I have put in the post before this one how I would like to see society structured and why?

  36. Byrne is just an IDS clone…I mean, just look at him.
    In the end he’ll suffer the same fate as Dolly The Sheep. Cloning is proving to be a difficult thing to do.
    So, perhaps we should just call him Dolly Byrne. He fits both categories : a clone, and a sheep.

  37. He’s such a hypocrite!

  38. Landless Peasant

    Liam Byrne: “Shirkers and Strivers”

    • Well, that’s us told then.

      Right, i’m off to magic up myself a job, see you all in a bit, loooooo-hoooosers!

      Oh, wait, i live in the real world. Silly me.

    • I am sick of that “Shirkers and Strivers” phrase,maybe all MPs should be referred to as “liars and bastards” from now on.

  39. Well, we have 2 years left before the next general election and it’s alway’s going to be a Labour or Conservative win:

    Who are we going to vote for? which the better of 2 evil’s?

  40. Liam Byrne is a cunt

  41. Landless Peasant

    Feel free to drop Labour a few lines and tell them what you think of their approach and policies:

    • landless peasant…imho…they will say anything…promise the earth…what have they got to lose…they get in power, same rhetoric…things were much worse than we thought!…as if they…were devoid…of this knowledge before they reclaimed power…so if they don’t know now they never will or if they say they had know idea when or if they regain power…they be clowns…so i come to that conclusion now…their policies, are as seen now…which is an alignment to tory policies…

      WHY IS THIS…the libs will be swept away, the next “election”….leaving a place for new best friends for the tory’s…”we can make a difference.from within” they will claim…right pull the other one… so if labour want my vote they’ll have to change and volunteer it…woo me…not i woo them.. there are rock solid tory voters who will always vote tory…as is known…leaving the rest of the votes spread around the remaining has been correctly identified already….which is very frustrating…i’m tired now…bfn…

      • Landless Peasant

        I totally get what you’re saying but I just think it might be worth pointing out to Labour that they are barking up the wrong tree and alienating many of their potential voters.

  42. defeatists, it doesn’t have to be between labour and tories if enough people vote for another party.

  43. Landless Peasant

    You may also wish to share your views with Liam Byrne:

  44. Ever seen that film, Gremlins? You know when they get wet, they multiply in bursts of miniature gremlins? That’s how I imagine Liam Byrne came into existence. Iain Duncan Smith probably got wet (obviously not holy water) and this thing sprouted from a resulting carbuncle.

    So beyond that whimsy, I do find the man politically indistinct from the current secretary of state. I agree with Landless Peasant that Labour are in danger of isolating themselves from their established supporters by so clearly blurring the lines between themselves and the Conservatives.
    I can honestly see Labour winning the next election and very little changing in regards to Welfare, and by extension, the wider economy.
    Then in the next election, the conservatives will probably come back, same strategy, and this will be the political landscape for the next 2 to 4 elections.

    I just hope some massive intervention occurs that veers people in a different voting direction. I just cant see it. After all, Clegg was doing incredibly well, all the way up to election time, where all the success never materialised in the ballots.
    I fear that that’s the fate of any other upcoming alternative: Support in every sense but a vote.

  45. There is no proper party of the left, just a few fringe parties that get a few hundred votes at most in elections.

  46. The Labour Party is probably more of an enemy of our class than the Tories- at least you know where you stand with them, whereas the Labour scum will try to soft-soap us into believing they will act in our interests- will they fuck, they never really have and they never really will, Owen Jones or not.

  47. Rosemarie Harris

    Changeing the subject slighty, Here they the rich people spending 10 million of tax payers money on a bloody funeral that half the country didn’t want. They have a cheek telling us anything and that includes the labour party and the even quiteter Libs dens.

  48. Precisely. Left Labour party in 2003 for some reason or another but what other alternative is there unless you live in Brighton and more to the point it’s 2 years only to go till election. Please can we just hold on to the idea that eviction of the Bullingdon Boys is a priority.
    With reference to previous threads re why Thatcher felt constrained compared to current showers vandalism. There were still substantial numbers of electors in the 80s who’d been in WW2 and had then booted Tories out in 45 churchill and all. She KNEW they wouldn’t wear it. Sadly there are too few now. Don’t get me wrong – I’d like to see exemplary justice on many members of the kleptocracy though if you oppose the death penalty you oppose it. Off to the Falkland Islands with the usual suspects including a former New Labour Pm god help us. Any one see Scots Labour Mp’s letter re G4s running child jail in Israel by the way, she may be worthy of the name socialist.

  49. Neoliberalism debases across the (left-right) political spectrum a proto-totalitarianism that infects all political thinking. The intervention is to shift the debate from the political spectrum to one of fundamental principles – matters of personal constitution and associations.

  50. When I look at my BT phone bill every three months and see that £6 charge I have to pay because I can’t afford to cover many direct debits and I have to pay with cash I have the former labour government to thank. They could have made those charges illegal as they only affect the poorest in society. When Tony Blair became leader of the labour party many people joked that he was a tory leading the labour party and how right they were. The labour party has been taken over by the middle classes and they take our votes for granted as we have no other real options. The likelihood of a person from a poor background who understands the misery of poverty and unemployment ever again leading the labour party is probably nil. I have experienced the new deal programme a number of times under labour and that was a waste of money just like the work programme under the tories. Unless this government reverses some of its policies it is hard to see any change after the next election whoever wins.

  51. We have to make sure that it is none of the mainstream parties that win then, nor ukip which is far right tory.

  52. I’m from South Shields, the odious David Miliband’s old constituency before he buggered off to the Big Apple in order to thrust his nose even further (if that’s humanly possible) into the money trough. Since then, the good folk of the town have had to put up with cliques of Labour class traitors shoving by-election leaflets into their collective faces at every opportunity.

    On the plus side, it’s been fun watching them squirm with embarrassment as they vainly attempt to deny that they have any intention whatsoever of continuing with the brutal anti-working class policies of Cameron and his rich mates.

    Ten out of ten for sophistry; zero out of ten for honesty.

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  54. The liberal led citizens advice bureau even say they support welfare reform, according to tv, not much help from the sick and unemployed there then, they may as well join the union of law enforcers.

    • CAB are in support of streamlining the various benefits but not the impact of cutting benefits.

      “This Bill heralds the biggest change to the welfare state since it began. We support the principles behind the radical new Universal Credit, which aims to simplify the welfare benefits system and make work pay, but we are concerned that the details are still to come and a great opportunity for reform could be permanently lost if the government does not invest enough money from the start in making it work.

      “Some people will undoubtedly be better off under the new system. However, if the Government doesn’t carefully consider the cumulative impact of their proposed changes, a number of people – particularly sick and disabled people, and parents needing formal childcare – are likely to suffer significant disadvantages.

      “If the Universal Credit is to make work pay for everyone, it must include comprehensive support for childcare costs. Under the new system, many lone parents on the lowest incomes will not be able to work their way out of poverty as is possible under the present benefits and tax credits system.

      “The proposal to cut contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) after 12 months will betray people who have worked hard and paid national insurance contributions, only to find that they do not get the support they need if they become sick or disabled before pension age.

      “And if the Government is serious about protecting the most vulnerable, people who suddenly become ill or disabled should not have to wait six months – double the current waiting time – before getting the new Personal Independence Payment due to replace Disability Living Allowance. The result will be enormous hardship and serious debt for many people at a time when they most need support.

      “We are, however, delighted the government has listened to ours and others’ concerns and withdrawn proposals to impose a 10% cut in housing benefit on people who have been on Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) over a year, regardless of how hard the individual has tried to get work. This would have had a devastating impact on some of the most vulnerable people, who are at a disadvantage in the jobs market.”

  55. typo FOR the unemployed not from the unemployed.

  56. Chibipaul

    What is that supposed to mean not the impact of cutting benefits?

    They are in favour of welfare reform thus:

    They do not oppose the bedroom tax.
    They do not oppose the councils that have been forced to charge council tax to those in receipt of benefits only, because of reductions by central government.

    You state they do not support waiting 6 months for pip or the 12 month cut off for those that have worked hard and paid into the system.

    As the unemployed and single parents all get credited with NI contributions when signing on (and rightly so) you can’t say it is only working people that have paid into the system and therefore eligible to claim from it.

    Single parents on a low wage are still on poverty incomes even with subsidised childcare and tax credits.
    I fail to see why mothers have children if they go out to work and leave them for others to bring up, but of course single parents have no choice like the top earning two income women that choose to leave their kids to nannies, childminders then boarding schools, single parents are forced into it.

    As for what the universal credit has in store, I was told that onditions/policy has not been finalised regarding UJ.

    I do not like this’ those who have worked hard ‘shit it smacks of ukip. Even stay at home mothers work hard, so too do some unemployed people. Has the citizens advice bureau fallen for all the propoganda too and is framing what policies it will or will not support around this?

    • The quote I provided shows that your assertion that CAB are in support of benefit reforms is simplistic and selective.

      CAB maybe lying of course. But as I understand the press release they are in favour of streamlining but not of punitive impacts. You are entitled to disagree with the quote but don’t have a pop at me for simply presenting what was actually said.

      With regard to Bedroom Tax or Council Tax I have seen no comment for or against.

  57. UJ should be UC

  58. chibipaul

    I watched it on some daily political programme or other that CAB were in favour of welfare reform. As bedroom tax and now the payment of council tax( from some claimants due to central government reductions of income to cover such ) are welfare reforms, I fail to see how they do not support it, after all they are only pale imitations of solicitors who stick with what the law says as opposed to challenging unjust laws as they used to.

    It is they who are being simplistic in their wording i.e.” streamlining but not punative impact” not exactly explicit of what they do or do not support or oppose.

    • Have to agree in that case.
      It makes no sense to me that they support government actions that will cause harm and distress.

      CAB’s role is to offer advice and assist people not support government policy The benefit system may have required some streamlining, which on its own would have been fine imho. But when it comes with measures to impoverish and penalise those who require support it is unforgivable.

    • I found out last week that a woman at the CAB who gave me ESA advice last month is actually a Labour councillor. Great! So I sat there and listened to a woman who’s a member of a party which hired Atos! You could hardly make it up.

  59. chibipaul

    I think it is you that is being selective in who you think “requires support”, so would argue that the benefit system needed streamlining, that is where we will have to agree to disagree.

  60. ps I was referring to no benefit streamlining for the poorest, not the richest who are taking from the benefit pot.

  61. Clement Attlee, the man who built this country will be turning in his grave. Labour are not how they started.

  62. hear hear Sarah.

  63. Landless Peasant

    Labour won’t get re-elected by copying the Tories.

    “Labour can’t win on austerity agenda, says union boss”

  64. Really glad to find this blog post about Byrne, thank you.
    New Labour: an organisation bursting with hypocrites, liars and charlatans which now only exists to con people into thinking they are an alternative to the Tories. At least with the Tories, on the whole you know what shit you’re going to get. But Labour? They’re the main reason why the country is politically screwed and the main reason why nothing ever changes for the better. Effectively we have a one-party State. Byrne is a truly evil man, a product of a sick and perverted political system, which has descended into total stagnation, where tens of millions of voters essentially have no voice.
    And all the working-class people in my town are displaying Labour posters in their windows for the up-and-coming local elections, but if you asked them, few would actually agree with any of Labour’s policies. Depressing.

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  71. Who the HELL can we vote for if Labour, Libdem, Ukip and the wretched Conservative are all very blatantly EXTREME RIGHT WING

  72. Landless Peasant

    Liam Byrne has finally come clean that he/Labour want to help the Tories to save the Work Programme and Universal Credit:

    Whatever you do, DON’T VOTE LABOUR !!!!

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  74. Absolutely stupid idiot we not gonna have good deal with America with teats like this.

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