Benefit Cap Means The Safety Net For London’s Poorest Children Has Disappeared

cap-rentsIt is not hyperbole to say that yesterday’s introduction of the benefit cap effectively ends the safety net of social security for poor families in London.

Households in Enfield, Haringey, Croydon and Bromley from today will now face losing their homes should they become unemployed or too ill to work.  This social cleansing is to be extended to all London Boroughs and elsewhere in the UK from July.

It is true that the cap, set at £500 a week , is a lot of money.  It is not true however that it meant equivalent families receive more on benefit then they would in work.  A family earning £26,000 a year and living in the private sector in London would receive significant housing benefits.  Those who objected to people living in high rent areas whilst on benefits were perfectly free to do the same, and would have had some help with housing costs even if they were in full time work.

It is not the fault of claimants that rents have soared out of control in London, making often the most modest of properties unaffordable without some benefits.  Even in the very cheapest outskirts of the capital rents are soaring.  Most of the families struggling with rocketing private sector housing costs were born in London or have lived here for years.  Some have seen neighbourhoods previously regarded as poor like Notting Hill, Dalston or Brixton turn into playgrounds for the latte slurping middle classes around them, sometimes in the space of just a few years.  Others live in areas which were always poor, like Tottenham and Catford.  With the benefit cap pegged at £500 a week and housing benefit now frozen far below the rate of rent increases, very soon even these areas will be unaffordable for medium sized families on benefits.

The DWP went on the offensive yesterday in support of the cap, which is set to cost 40,000 people their homes over the next few months.  Skiving Employment Minister Mark Hoban was even dragged off his silk cushions to lie that 8000 people had found jobs due to the cap.  The Government has revised down the number of people they think will be affected, but this is not down to people finding work as ministers claim.

The fall is almost certain to be due to the disregard from the cap announced late last year for the housing costs of  people in Supported Exempt Accommodation.  This means that people living in supported housing such as homelessness hostels and women’s refuges – where rents can be eye-watering – will still have those rents met by benefits, for now.  Far from London claimants living the high life in Chelsea mansions, the reality is that some of the poorest people, in the most difficult circumstances, are those paying the highest rents.

Anyone working enough hours to qualify for Working Tax Credits will be exempt from the cap, leading to a perverse situation where someone in work may now be eligible for more in benefit payments then someone unable to work due to sickness or unemployment.  To qualify for the exemption, a single parent must be working at least 16 hours a week.  Therefore a single mum working ten hours a week in term time may now be forced to give up her job and move hundreds of miles away, often to an area of high unemployment where rents are lower.

But even those who meet the threshold for Tax Credits will now face the threat of imminent homelessness should they become unemployed.  The same applies to anyone who has managed to find a job to escape the cap. With increasingly only casualised or temporary jobs available for low waged workers, almost all those at the bottom of the labour market may face the prospect of losing their homes at some point in the future.  Only those who have been in continuous work for 12 months when they lose their jobs will have a short term exemption of 39 weeks from the cap

Shelter recently released a report which showed that one in three people could not pay their rent for more than a month if they lost their job.  For those families living in London, the welfare state will no longer provide a safety net to help them keep their homes.  Some will be unable to pay the rent immediately leading to eviction in a matter of weeks.  Others will face a desperate scramble to find work within the exemption period – or get better in the case of sickness –  or they too will no longer be able to stay in their homes.

Whilst 40,000 people could be made homeless overnight due to yesterday’s changes, possibly hundreds of thousands more Londoners will now live in fear of the streets should they fall ill or are made redundant.

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  2. rainbowwarriorlizzie

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    In Solidarity!!

  3. The government is just creating diabolical problems in this country.

    Surely they would get more votes if they governed for all the people, not just the rich. I can’t understand the mentality.

  4. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)


  5. Brainwashing and conning the British people into supporting the destruction of their own safety net, is like taking candy from a baby for the ruling elite. Human being are intrinsically status driven animals – generally, they revere those with superior status to them and wish they could be like them and they love having a group beneath them in the social hierarchy to feel better than, to look down on and to denigrate and ridicule.

    Believing that the poor deserve to suffer because they bring their poverty on themselves has a great psychological payoff. The suffering, poverty, inequality and injustice in the world doesn’t upset, depress or bother you because you believe the poor have brought it on themselves with their feckless, lazy and immoral behaviour. So you don’t feel compelled or obliged to do anything to try to alleviate their poverty and suffering, or to campaign for the system that causes and perpetuates it and that you benefit from to be reformed. You also feel virtuous about being in ok finacial shape, because you “do the right thing” – you’re thrifty, law-abiding, respectable, responsible , hardworking etc, unlike the lazy, feckless, workshy, benefit scrounging scum.

    The right-wing have won the “welfare” debate because the strivers vs skivers divide and conquer rhetoric appeals to people’s desire for having someone to feel superior to and having someone they consider beneath them to blame, disparage and disdain. They have successfully exploited human nature. They have won through deception and the constant repetition of their lies because they own the media and Labour have done nothing to rebut their lies and have helped to legitimise them and they will be successful in dismantling the welfare state completely and as a result, many people will suffer terribly and many will die.

    • overburdenddonkey

      so true…which comes close to defining wealth…the poverty trap is created…unfortunately…i caught industrial diseases, my own stupid fault really…if only i had not worked so hard….

      which severely sap my energy…(and causes “laziness”,if only you made more effort..and i have been told to do this…they are and causes terrible right arm disconnect and other symptoms…if i use arm….more than i ought to…therefore my response has to be limited…

      i liken the poverty trap or at least this mk20 version….as building a deeper barrel and using slippier grease.. causing even deeper panic and terror as one tries to scrabble out of it…and stay out of it….thus effectively capturing the energy of panic….as one tries to keep head above water….blame the victim..they in 2 places at once…

      their power is that they control my vitals…and this defines wealth…the control over the vitals of others…try if you will, going into DWP office and demanding payment..not withstanding my health conditions!? they not only have one in a barrel..but got one over a barrel…i think also some credit goes to DWP staff…who do find their true human nature, who go against policy…and pay one inspite of their orders not to….

    • Candy Everybody Wants

      If lust and hate is the candy,
      if blood and love tastes so sweet,
      then we give ’em what they want.
      Hey, hey, give ’em what they want.

      So their eyes are growing hazy
      ‘cos they wanna turn it on,
      so their minds are soft and lazy,
      Well, hey, give ’em what they want.


  6. This is appalling. Condemns have consistently failed to acknowledge (even to themselves in initial drunken [sorry, making excuses for their shambles] policy making chats) the all to very real human cost of their scheming…..ooops….sorry…POLICIES.

    On a personal level, I refuse to watch any property programme, as I believe they pander to greedy developers. Why encourage this? Is this the reason Aunty Beeb says bugger all about the injustices being borne by anyone below £50k a year? (Figure picked out o the air, if its ok for condemns t do it..) But the figure of 40% of initially tenant bought council houses are now owned by private landlords, is further proof of the moral injustices of Thatcherism.

    Sorry t ramble, bloody angry. Knew it was going t happen but, until it did, the sheer bloodymindedness of this bully boys wasn’t fully appreciated. Mark Serwotka is right, the unions have to fight for the unemployed. I’d go further. The unions have to fight for the sick, disabled and the vulnerable too. Reclaim OUR society through SOLIDARITY.

  7. Jv this post is truly depressing reading and I don’t live in London, I used to live in Brighton and could not get on the council list because I had no family at the time and that was in the 70’s, so the public sector has been short of housing ever since then and we were paying extortionate rent for a vermin ridden bedsit despite being a double income couple.

    Private landlords have deliberately pushed the price of housing up and some own many properties. We should all be in favour of home ownership i.e. One home only and paid for by the state for everyone who needs it, but this kind of thinking is for communist Russia isn’t it? also if the tories had power we would be worked to death to repay the state for our homes.

    Fairness of this government is to try and pay regional benefits now, given that property prices are out of control in London but still lower in other areas. It doesn’t matter that we paid proportionately into a system out of our considerably lower northern incomes compared to those in the south.

  8. New welfare dimensions outwith the State as sponsor need to be found, an asymmetrical economic engagement that will elevate penury and circumvent State enforced wage slavery.

  9. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit calculations are gross. Not nett, so HB/CTB wont take your tax, Child Maintenance, DEO, N.I., Pension, Living costs or any other type of outgoing into consideration.

    That’s why I’m saying forget Thatcher. It’s just another distraction.

    Like, the other week when the pilot to Universal Credit was introduced to areas that I can’t remember the name of… Because I was distracted by the other ‘main headlines’ of that morning… I can’t remember the other headlines of that particular day.

    I tend to dismiss it as nonsense. Like focusing your energies on Thatcher bashing. Why do it when she can’t answer back. It’s cowardice, and it’s not the Cause.

    People are dying, en route to death, trying not to die and trying hard to live to a standard that they desire.

    The current Government are preventing it. The next Government will do the same. As the past did.

    So stop being controlled by your emotions. Like anger, fear, sadness, love.

    Isn’t it about time that you used your brain to think? It’s what it’s designed for. Can you remember how you thought before you was educated on what you should think, and should be thinking?

    All we needed to be taught was self-discipline. The rest we could learn en route, gaining skills that were useful to our environment. Not the illusional environment made real by Government.

    Universal Credit also relies on Real time pay data from HMRC.

    PAYE. ie, mobile pay as you go, contract free!

    Electric/Gas prepay, contract free!

    Broadband dongles, contract free!


    UC + PAYE = Employment. Contract free!

    Good for employers because they can pay less to temps, or offer less hours to staff, or take on more ‘Work Program’ trialiers for 2 weeks up to 6 months.

    Without paying the employees a penny, possibly receiving Taxpayer funds via the DWP, for taking on WP trialists..

    An earner.

    Employers will be secure with knowledge that the UC claiming WP-referred trialist must conform or they’ll lose EVERYTHING.

    Pay As You Earn. Real time.

    • overburdenddonkey

      united…as i have said my posting are limited by poor health….but i do agree with some of what you have written…but all EMOTION is based on PURE LOGIC…

      • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

        Try to regain as much control of your emotions as you can. I wish you well, and hope that you have the patience to find YOUR way forward.

        • overburdenddonkey

          the master emotion is fear…the cure is rage…

          • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

            If it suits your cause and personal development during these strange times, who am I to tell you otherwise?

            What I will write is this:

            If you show rage you are immediately DISCREDITED!

            Don’t fall into that trap. You may be mistaken for a ‘bitter jcp employee or wp participant’- by the ones you are trying to show a clearer perspective to.

            • overburdenddonkey

              ps united find out how quakers got this name

              • @donkey eating lots of porridge? no but seriousl folks..with regard FREE NHS TREATMENT COULD BE AXED ..= rationing and decision on how the undeserving poor should be denied health care..

                1: poverty
                2 lack of jobs
                3 homelessness
                4 reluctance to state spend
                5 punishment
                6 incentives for private provision and enterprise

                solution = workhouse.

            • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

              Will have a read on the name Quacker in Library tomorrow.

              Fear makes us ill. Try to control it, it will not happen overnight so have patience in yourself. You have the ability, as I do, as they do. Whoever they are.

              • “Fear makes us ill. Try to control it, it will not happen overnight so have patience in yourself. You have the ability, as I do, as they do. Whoever they are.” cue music..

            • overburdenddonkey

              as tim newell stated 6yrs aprox back when commenting on scottish prison..that i recall he was a governor of one “they are jailing the poor”

            • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

              😀 have 1direction or little mix sing those words, I’d see a positive result or 2.

            • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

              Oh man.. Maybe I do it to myself after all 😀

          • @donkey fear and rage hmm sounds like batman..

          • overburdenddonkey

            i refer you to grey haired gent on vid…on traf sq blog a few pages back…how did jonhnny void so elegantly put it…how the crowd managed to clam aggressive police tactics, is rage in action…ie NO! GET LOST…you are not invited!

        • @ALL its said that people avoid working by pretending to be ill..i wonder if you can avoid being ill by pretending to go to work..???

  10. Political consensus 2% power the rest is 98% wishful thinking.

  11. Landless Peasant

    Dirty, evil, lying, Tory scum.

  12. Meanwhile Capita boss pay to be £3.5 mill. Buckles G4s cretin i/c to get £4.5 according to grauniad today. Can understand despair at neo-con subversion of democracy, we were always going to be vulnerable to the Thatcherite coup cos she could get a big majority on 43% share of vote. Silly old Tory cunt Hailsham coined phrase “elective dictatorship” but only when Wilson was in power …?! As to how we peacefully reform this mess ??

  13. U.S.T.U.

    I don’t think those that are showing their anger at Thatcher’s legacy are brainwashed or manipulated by the government/media on what to think or feel, I think you are trying to do a better job of that.

    Do you work in a job centre or are you on some wp because you sound pretty bitter yourself?, as for where the universal credit was initially implemented it was Lancashire the birthplace of the Industrial revolution, and something which I actually commented on on some blogg so was not distracted, some people can concentrate on more than one issue at a time.

    • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

      @ ‘Guy Fawkes’

      No. I’ve claimed JSA, received HB/CTB, have worked permanent, as a temp, work trials, apprenticeship, YTS, Contract, claimed IB etc.

      Pay as always been the issue, and I am a skilled worker with a good attitude and good standard of work.

      I’ve lived this. I’m in the position to comment.

      I’m okay though, I take risks that I’d never encourage others to take.

      So either write something useful- gained from personal experiences, or go bother someone else, or go do what your namesake attempted.

  14. @johnny void this was front page news on the daily excess under the usual rant WAR ON BENEFIT SCROUNGERS i’d omit scroungers but its beginning to feel like a bloody war..and they have the nerve to whinge when people celebrate the death of the old sow thatcher? attack vulnerable and disabled people is ok but criticising a a demented leader isnt ok..psychopaths to a man all of them..

  15. i was trying to imagine a headline WAR ON LAZY WORKERS (wages slashed for feckless part times) and see how ppl think of that, after all not all the working population are business managers..

  16. overburdenddonkey

    yeah i get that…pyramind…but was going one step further of how the exec will justify their…squeeze on the resource-less almost 7billion…labour pool..

  17. U.S.T.U.

    If you have such a good attitude why are you insulting people? Your modest too regarding your standard of work you certainly know how to promote yourself.

    Do you think some older people might have acquired a little bit of knowledge on their journey through life and still manage to keep up with what is going on at the present time.

    I’m sure you would want me to blow up the houses of parliament for you, while you sit back proclaiming what a good exemplary citizen you are – your a selfish git.

    • Too right, Guy… it’s like those tossers who are encouraging and inciting OTHER people to riot for THEIR causes… whilst they sit on their arses saying: “but look I don’t have a criminal record 🙂 ” Well, fuck that shit, Guy!

      • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

        BEWARE of posters like these guys. They’re probably Law.

        Attempting to get me to divulge info that can pinpoint me, huh? Am I a criminal or not? Am I on the WP or not? Do I work or not?

        Or maybe I’m paranoid..

        Either way, I’m it. & you can’t catch me.

  18. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    I can afford food, gas & electric. Bit behind on rent, but the Landlord seems to understand. I must have a decent attitude. I’ve never been sacked. So my work must be good. Thanks for your input ‘Guy’. It’s pointless though. You haven’t a clue.

    BTW, ASHTON-UPON-LYNE, in Lancashire. Not Lancashire. Not much news coming out from the area this month. Hope they’re okay.

    You couldn’t blow up a baloon ‘Guy’, that’s why you’ve named yourself as ‘Guy Fawkes’. Noticed that I am attempting to Unite the many different StereoTypes of Unemployment have you? Don’t like it, huh?

    Don’t get emotional, be constructive.

    Or say more, you’ve already discredited yourself in my opinion. Bye.


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  20. U.S.T.U.

    I’ve discredited myself in your eyes – that’s good i’ve achieved something.

    You’ve never been sacked, oh! you boring bugger.

    Well you’ve sacked yourself from this site haven’t you.

  21. Brixton Crew

    I don’t have a criminal record, but have been arrested twice for winning arguments with government officials who don’t like to be wrong, who later imprisoned me in a state institution that denies you any rights when they couldn’t pin criminal behaviour on me.

  22. U.S.T.U.

    Are you boring, yes all the best people have been sacked at some time or other usually for making a stand against injustice, something you obviously know nothing about.

    Have you, obviously not, you have decided to stay a while longer to show us what a good employee looks like – fine.

    • @guy calm down dear..

    • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

      Some people walk out of work. Not entitling them to benefit for 3 MONTHS.

      & no. I have not been sacked from this site. Oh Holy credible poster ‘Guy Fawkes’. Or Brixton Crew. Whatever you want to call yourself…

  23. ps I forgot to give you credit for being right about Tameside being the first to implement uc. It was also planned for Oldham, Wigan and Warrington at the same time ,but the dwp pulled out at the last minute.

    • @gu they pulled out when they realised the stinking mess it was didnt work..

    • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

      The UC pilot officially starts end of April 2013. Judging by the silence from the people of Ashton-U-L, it may have already hit them in the pocket, therefore they’re unable to pay their broadband or mobile/ broadband P.A.Y.E. Sorry, I mean pre-pay.

  24. Chewie

    That’s rich coming from you dear!

  25. @guy rich? moi? lord knows you’ve had a shit time of it..but dont keep picking fights on here..ppl have a right to be angry..but you know how the MSM try to depict it.MOB RULE…ja?

  26. U.S.T.U.

    You stated you were a risk taker, where at, by coming on this site to spout your shit?

  27. Chewie

    I don’t pick fights, I deflect insults from others, there is a difference.

  28. I thought George Formby played the ukelele? which probably allowed him to stand up for those that wanted to lean on lamposts on the corner of the street or peep into peoples windows when cleaning them.

    • @gu fawkes formby was a MI5 spook peering through bedroom windows and all that..kay is not a real comedian.he is a wind up toy..and we are in dire straits..

  29. Chewie

    We have moved on to real comedians like Peter Kay, we have groups like dire straits too.

  30. Chewie

    Probably so were they in dire straits before they hit the big time.
    btw, it is not me that is stopping people from expressing anger it is U.S.T.U.objecting to those opposing Thatchers legacy and you telling people to calm down who are perfectly calm, infact I’m enjoying it all immensely.

    • @GUY FAWKES ” infact I’m enjoying it all immensely.” you’re easily pleased.

    • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

      Not being funny. I’ve read a lot of anger on a variety of sites. I only post on here.

      If anger moves you forward- be angry.

      It doesn’t work for me because others say “calm down..”

      & if you think that you will be seen as a ‘decent’ representative of your family bloodline by insulting those that are DEAD & unable to hear, read and feel your comments then go ahead.

      I represent those that want to unite in a organized and acceptable way.

      You sound like you watched Outlaw on ch5 last night, and enjoyed it.

      • @U.S.T.U Is this what you mean by being organised?
        If so, I am with you.

        Under the British Constitution and Law which, comes from the finest piece of legislation the Subjects and their King could have made together, the Magna Carta is a piece of legislation on the side of the common man, the Proletarian working class, the collapsing middle classes and the destitute and disabled. It enables us to decide whether a Regime is just or not and if it is not just we are allowed to give demands to the Regime that must be adhered to within 40 days otherwise, within law the Queen must rectify the problems or she must sack the Government. We from the very start have been interested in negotiations with the Government, however, every time our members have sent letters with their distress and their anger, they have been ignored each and every time. This therefore, under our resolve is a final note with a list of our 7 key demands and a 8th demand if you fail to implement our first 7 demands. If this is not done we will invoke Magna Carta Article 61 and enter legalised Rebellion and the British National Revolution will begin as the Secret Services have warned the Deputy PM is a real possibility.
        (courtesy of Judge Thread (inside housing).

  31. Chewie You’re right, one is always thankful for small mercies.

  32. @guy i am always thankful of all small mercenaries..

  33. U.S.T.U.

    Your the only one that is angry because you can’t pay your rent inspite of your obsequious nature.

    We insulted Maggie when alive so why should we stop when she is dead, she insulted us plenty.

    You obviously watched ‘outlaw’, I prefer films like ‘in the name of the father’ you know, factual things about those that were set up to look like outlaws.

    • @guy he was a bloke with a beard. MI6/CIA dont trust anyone with a beard..that means santa claus was a commie..all that distributing shit and that..

    • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

      I did watch it, and it didn’t impress me. It did get my adrenaline going. I imagined being part of the group, then realised that is a JAILBAIT way of doing things. Did you get much done when you were institutionalized ‘GFakaBC’?

      Fantasy land is where you’re residing at the moment.


      You have been successfully discredited, with your own writings.

    • @guy, The honorable orrible M.T said in reference to the unemployed, and I quote, ‘Why don’t the unemployed fix people’s kettle’s’. Please, please keep on, keeping on insulting the bad witch (there are good ones).
      One can only hope, that at her goodbye, farewell send off tomorrow, someone throw’s a kettle into the pot, so to speak. But it must be a broken one to keep the unemployed ‘working’, ‘Any old iron, any iron’.Opps, the Iron Lady, of course
      Keep up the good work Guy.

  34. Long live Che Guevara or was he a revolutionary not a mercenary?

  35. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    Whatever floats your boat. Silence is golden, hopefully I’ve helped Unite any unemployed and soon to be unemployed Stereotype. I’ll leave you all to it.

    You are aware that balaclavas are realitively cheap? Cheaper that broadband, and much more effective.


  36. @ustu can you get a usb cable for balaclavas?

  37. Chewie do you know wht that USTU is on about “hopefully i’ve helped UNITE any unemployed and soon to be unemployed stereotype” – how?????

  38. U.S.T.U.

    If balaclavas are cheaper than broadband then maybe you should get one. Since you think silence is golden do away with your broadband, then you can pay the rent.

  39. Chewie

    He has a very understand landlord – daddy!

  40. I don’t know where the ing went!

  41. Interesting point about Support Exempt Accommodation. Poor and vulnerable people make a lot of money for some. Would these landlords include charities that keep telling us how much they want to help people?

  42. @jeff charities are mini corporations now..

    • Some ‘Thinktanks’ are charities too! Anyone want to suggest any obvious examples and not counting the shut down fraudulent one that was formed to enrich a ministerial catamite.

  43. Jeff

    Housing associations have charitable status but they are not using it for those that are lumbered with bedroom tax or benefits cap.

    • @ guy, ‘Here, here’ my honorable friend,
      They are an absolute disgrace. (registered social landlords).
      My RSL has spent the last 3 months bombarding me with so much crap about Universal credit, blah, blah, blah. They have millions in the bank fighting the cause of asylum seekers and ignoring the working classes!!!! Nothing against asylum seekers, BUT, their charitable status began to help the poor working classes, who are still poor. Disgraceful.

  44. Chewie

    ‘In the name of the father’ was a film about the Guilford four who were stitched up by the police as Irish bombers on mainland britain, and how they were imprisoned for years because of witheld evidence.

    • @guy fawkes i do know that i watched it..even though parts of were wrong..he didnt share a cell with his dad, but thats minor..there have been man miscarriages of justice..i wonder if it will ever be when will they arrest VIP child sex abusers?

      • in the name of the father, Bob, it’s called “artistic licence”: This dramatisation is based on real events, not all of the characters and situations depicted are real. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

  45. U.S.T.U.

    You sound pretty negative for someone who likes to accentuate the positive, I feel a song coming on.

  46. When will they arrest bankers instead of taking a few quid and a title off them?

    When will they arrest and jail lying politicians and other state exponents who use social interventions to cover up their lies.

  47. Chewie

    I think U.S.T.U. has sacked himself, not a peep, he would love to see us all offline to shut us up. When they stoop to that you know they’ve lost the argument and are concerned about what you are writing about them.

  48. @chewie ‘Being ill by pretending to go to work’ is called the protestant work ethic.

  49. I thought it was the middle class work ethic, because they are sick enough to go on pretending that what they do is work.

  50. When hell freezes over….

  51. So tell me, what are the Romanians and Bulgarians going to do next year when they come over to ad hoc and zero hours rated jobs and with no alternative but to private rent?

  52. Chewie

    What came first the chicken or the egg?

  53. Chewie

    a trailer advertising Matthew Wrong’s show tomorrow on 5, ‘should we teach our children to cheat because there are so many cheats in the world’, that sounds like a precursory persecution of those on benefits.

    There used to be a time when we taught people that honesty was the best policy until we started electing liars.

  54. “What came first the chicken or the egg?” i am not answering that without my lawyer being present.

  55. The only way the super rich can continue with their lifestyle, is if everybody else suffers.

    As things get tougher for them to stay at the top of the heap, we are seeing the suffering number grow bigger and bigger.

    Obviously things can only go on this way for so long, before there’s either nothing left to cut, or the natives become restless.

  56. Been watching Doreen Lawrence talking about finally getting part justice for her son after 18 years. We sure have an efficient police force and justice system.

    • @gu fawkes they will talk about rationing NHS services i bet..and guess who will be getting it in the neck and be singled out? the undeserving poor..
      this makes sense as the private operators will cherry pick the easiest treatments..

  57. That should stop the housing associations commissioning the mental health teams against those they are trying to evict from their homes illegally.

    • yeah, throw these “mental health team” Nazi on to the dole… save the hard-working taxpayer a few quid… there’s a top-tip for you cameron/osborne… nobody is going to be crying over these kind of “cuts” to the NHS budget… same goes for coppers and social workers…. scum the lot of ’em…

  58. @bernardette up the revolution up the junction up the pictures up the creek..

  59. “Similarly, Dr Sharon Bennett lists herself in the register as a shareholder in the private company DictateIT, which types up dictated notes.
    However, according to information on the company website Duedil, which searches information at Companies House, it is her husband, the Conservative MP and former Cabinet Minster Andrew Mitchell who owns the shares.”

    “New GP commissioning group board member who is married to Tory in ‘Plebgate’ affair”


    Click to access Register_of_Interests.pdf

    “Andrew Mitchell”

    “The Register of Members’ Financial Interests: Part 1
    As at 8th April 2013″

    “An investigation by the Camden New Journal has also revealed that doctors on the group have links to more than 30 private providers. Seven of them (diagram) have links to a private company, South Islington GP Alliance (Sigpal), which was bootstrapped with no less than £40,000 of private money.”

    Click to access GPs_and_Private_Companies.pdf

  60. @annos in a district they found 90% of GPs had shares in virgin care..

    • Goodnight all, yer badinage is ok i guess but in jokes can be hard work for outsiders. Chewie I won’t need info on any barons !! On a lighter note a not overly bright lady from Grantham Tories just appeared on 1am r5 news. She said that comments in their book of condolence in the foyer were entirely positive. Meanwhile the Chinooks (working properly now I trust!) etcetera circle overhead. The neocon world truly resembles the boot upon a face forever scenario postulated by someone or another.

  61. Fueral song for today “it’s all over now lady blue”.

  62. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Protesters gathering at ludgate hill.

  63. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Watching the funeral live on Sky News – This is just ridiculous, after all Maggie was just an MP at the end of the day, but to look at it you would think she was a Queen.

    All the pomp – WAY OVER THE TOP.

    • @obi wan “This is just ridiculous, after all Maggie was just an MP at the end of the day, but to look at it you would think she was a Queen.”


      • Ah, yes, the invocation of the royal ‘we’….one old bat impersonating another old bat.

        She (bat1) claimed she didn’t want a state funeral BUT, surprise, surprise, she planned the insult to her legacy of millions of unemployed. No surprise Blair signed off on it, but disappointed that Brown did.

        Onyhoo, we’ve a news blackout today, too. To anyone protesting? Do it peacefully, show condemn bullies and thugs that, despite their class war, we ARE the class act. Keep safe.

  64. A big hello and good day to everybody attending the witch burning.

  65. Obi Wan Kenobi

    I hope all the people who are working are watching this OTT funeral because you (the taxpayer) are paying for it.

    • @obi wan we should ask for our money back. and anyway no need to watch will be out on DVD . all proceeds will be given to the thatcher foundation for the criminally insane.

  66. Saw about a minute of it, when the crowd started cheering & applauding I had to change the channel or the telly would have ended up in bits Even Jeremy Kyle is preferable to this synchophantic twaddle. Bread & circuses for the masses, I suppose. Let me know when the rioting begins…

  67. I watched the equally vile Matthew wright on” should we teach our children to cheat? ” and “are women too soft to succeed?”.

  68. if people used the bambuser application on their phones they could broadcast it to everyone online without the media control..

  69. So, £10 million for a 2 hour funeral ceramony.

  70. Pingback: Benefit Cap For Single People Is Just A Claimant Bashing Propaganda Stunt | the void

  71. And now the MP’s are off for a booze up at Mansion House.

  72. They will never cap rents

    They’ve already wrecked the economy and would be doing further damage and they know it.

  73. Only London I think you mean the whole country. Cameron’s day will come when London burns to the ground, but people you need to get off your asses to make this happen. So come on get the spuds out and wrap them in foil were having a party.

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