Burning Thatcher’s Corpse Will Cost 8000 Welfare State Funerals


As fawning Tories prepare to spend millions on a lavish funeral for a hated Prime Minister, changes to the Social Fund suggest that in future the relatives of those without estates will increasingly be forced to borrow from the Government to meet the bulk of funeral costs.

A link currently making the rounds on twitter features last year’s story that many grieving families are forced to depend on pauper’s funerals due to the lack of adequate support within the welfare state.  Just 54.5% of applications for funeral payments were accepted in 2011/12, a number which has been steadily falling since before this Government weren’t elected.

On top of this the amount available for funeral costs is woefully inadequate.  A report published last year revealed that the average cost of a funeral is £3,091.  The average amount paid out from the Social Fund towards funeral expenses is just £1,217.

One of the reasons for this discrepancy is that the part of the Funeral Payment which can be allocated to ‘other’ expenses – which means anything above the most basic legal costs involved in a funeral – has been capped at just £700 since 2003.

The direction of travel is clear.  The number of people being rejected for a Funeral Payment is increasing, whilst in real terms, the amount available is falling.

Unsurprisingly the DWP’s answer to this is not to reverse the trend but to encourage claimants to take out a Budgeting Loan towards the funeral costs of family members.  In a note deposited in the Parliamentary library, Pensions Minister Steve Webb states: “We are therefore taking powers in the Welfare Reform Bill that is now going through the Commons that will, for the first time, bring funeral costs within the scope of the budgeting loans system.”

True to his words, funeral expenses are now eligible for a Budgeting Loan.  These are small loans which those on benefits can apply for and are repaid at source out of benefit payments.  Along with the Bedroom Tax and the Council Tax Bill, for grieving families this will be yet one more unavoidable weekly payout that slashes meagre social security payments.  Yet this Government are rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of spending £10 million on Thatcher’s funeral.

Funeral Payments cost around £45 million a year providing expenses for 38,000 funerals.  This means that if you are on benefits, a low wage or a state pension, this toff Government thinks that Margaret Thatcher was around 800o times more important than your mum.

(above pic shows the mass pauper’s graves which are increasingly common in the US)

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84 responses to “Burning Thatcher’s Corpse Will Cost 8000 Welfare State Funerals

  1. The Tax Payers Alliance have been very quiet on this and they are always the first to complain about what they see as wasteful treasury spending. Perhaps they’ve been invited …

  2. @JOHHNY VOID Nevermind as long as crapita and mastercard can get their bunce everything is ok…or as Boris said DING DONG THATCHERISM IS ALIVE..

  3. They should have just chucked her on a pyre since she wanted cremation.

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  5. It’s funny but ask the working class what Thatcher as done for them and the only thing positive they can say is she allowed you to buy your council house and that was because she did not want to give council funding for said housing from central government coffers, she did bugger all else except keep the money from these receipts thus causing the shortage of social housing needed now.

    Perhaps now we have to opt out with written permission (which could get lost intentionally) perhaps we should be able to sell our organs after death to pay for our funeral.

    The tories were always penny wise towards the poorest and pound foolish towards their own.

  6. And from across the pond we are reading this:
    Making Money On Poverty: JP Morgan Makes Bigger Profits When The Number Of Americans On Food Stamps Goes Up


  7. oh the irony of social fund vs the European Social Fund (ESF) the fund that is meant do hand out gobs of cash to help poor people and reduce inequality you know those people? people like A4E, G4S, SERCO, CAPITA, et al …oh, THOSE poor people, oh right…

  8. “Right now, JP Morgan Chase issues food stamp debit cards in 26 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. The division of JP Morgan Chase that issues these debit cards made an eye-popping 5.47 billion dollars in net revenue during 2010. JP Morgan is paid per customer, so when the number of Americans on food stamps goes up, they make more money. But doesn’t this give JP Morgan an incentive to try to keep the number of Americans on food stamps as high as possible? Of course it does. JP Morgan is interested in making money as rapidly as possible. If JP Morgan can get more Americans enrolled in the food stamp program and keep them enrolled in it for as long as possible, that is good for business.”

    hmmmm.”good business is where you find it” (robocop movie quote)

    • overburdenddonkey

      so what is the definition of wealth?

      • @DONKEY definition of wealth? land grabbing basically.

        ok i will zip through some things

        (1) big ben will go silent at time of funeral (so make as much noise as possible)
        (2) atm i am checking to see if jp morgan chase (who has been profiting from US food stamps) is in cahoots with mastercard who were behind the demos think tank on UK social fund smart card plan..
        poss link there by looks of it..
        the jp morgan login looks identical to the bacs one..

        (3) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-22148764 BENEFIT CAP WILL ENCOURAGE WORK SAY GOVT
        what work?

        (4) “JPMorgan is following other big financial services providers into the crowded daily deals market, including MasterCard, American Express, Bank of America and Capital One.
        Ultimately, the ambition is to integrate daily deals technology with location-based offers through mobile devices, seen as a key enabler for companies looking to compete in the nascent mobile payments market.”

        so you will be spammed on yr phone as bad as the net is now nagged into buying crap on yr phone..ive heard tell of mobile phones replacing payment cards too…

        (5) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22081204 MASTERCARD FEES

        guy fawkes yeah, my comments on void blogs were showing up on toms blog a while back..but not from me…

    • Now that would be the final straw quite frankly, few people have much dignity left but what little they may retain they will fight for and that would also go beyond protest into violence too…. there has to be limits and if this government keep prodding the kraken so to speak, it’s going to wake up and bite their heads off… I think also in the uk there would be legal issues to contend with unlike in some states of the USA who may have adopted this. In some way it would be virtually like how the Jew’s were forced to wear the star of David to identify them, this would partly do the same across a shop counter with local shopkeepers and those around them knowing the person is a.. let us say it… “A nasty little skiver from the social underclass, who keeps their bedroom curtains closed well after 9:30 am”. 🙂 Maybe those might have to wear a star and it will be called “The Star of David Cameron”… maybe he should wear one along with most of the party members and beyond.

  9. there is no such thing as poverty-only laziness. if you end up in trouble -you are evil.
    thatchers over simplistic ideas on ‘the poor’.

    The Sermon on the Mound is the name given by the Scottish press to an address made by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland on 21 May 1988.[1][2][3] The name is a play on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and on the artificial hill in Edinburgh called The Mound on which the Church’s Assembly Hall stands.

    In the address, Thatcher offered a theological justification for her ideas on capitalism and the market economy. She claimed “Christianity is about spiritual redemption, not social reform” and she quoted St Paul by saying “If a man will not work he shall not eat”. ‘Choice’ played a significant part in Thatcherite reforms and Thatcher claimed choice was also Christian by stating that Christ chose to lay down his life and that all individuals have the God-given right to choose between good and evil. Thatcher also justified her belief in individual salvation by quoting from the hymn I Vow to Thee, My Country (which was not in the Church of Scotland’s hymnary of the time

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  11. Here is an example of Thatchers pound foolish that is if it will let me print it t
    his time.

    tunefultony said:

    April 14, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    I would say that £10 million pounds sterling is an awful lot of money for an elderly lady’s funeral. But didn’t the British taxpayer pay for Margaret Thatcher’s colonial folly — the re-taking of the Falkland Islands from General Galtieri by Admiral Sir Henry Leach’s British navy taskforce?? The cost of that expedition is put at around £650 million pounds. Given that the Falkands have a human pop. of about 2,500, a sheep pop. of 700,000 and a penguin population of over 1 million penguins, of 6 different species, that works out at about £1,000 pounds per baa-baa or £650 per penguin.

    • @guy fawkes exactly mate, and yes posts are fucking up and yes i cant post back with something curious i came across today…jpmorgan/mastercard mastercard who funded research into social fund in UK + JPMC have been profiteering from US food stamps program..its poss they are trying to get in on deal over here now…and shit about mobile phones being targetted for spammy ads…by JPMC .
      btw when big ben goes quiet at funeral make a shit load of noise….

  12. somebody is fucking up posts posted on here.

  13. chewie

    The surmon on the mound take lol.

    If you will not work you will not eat…………………..how hard do those at the top work for their monster loaves, while the minimum wagers get the crumbs.

  14. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  15. So the bells of Big Ben will be halted for Lady Muck’s funeral !!!!
    Not since Churchill, blah, blah, fucking blah

  16. 14 month ago they deducted £21 from my grant It was for a plastic urn, they said it was unnecessary! I asked if they wanted me to provide an ice cream tub! This is what the bastard tories think of us we can be just thrown away. I bet the old witch gets a gold urn and we will fucking pay for it. I wish a plague on all their houses.

    • @BERNADETTE ETC you are actually allowed to turn your back on the funeral cortege as a sign of disrespect but be careful you dont get sanctioned as result because Iain Duncan Smith was a member of NO TURNING BACK group,,

  17. Obi Wan Kenobi

    The Work Programme.

    Underperforming Genesis back-to-work scheme wound up

    A £36m back-to-work scheme is being wound up early because it has missed its targets, the Welsh government has confirmed.


  18. I wonder how much the gulf war cost us or was the grateful saudi govt. paying for it all?

  19. These Tories are pieces of work : what with that continual crying, weird mood swings and shouting you down every time you make a cogent argument – their nearly as bad as my ex-wife.

  20. DID anyone notice that minimum wage will be increasing by a whopping 12 pence? i also notice this about apprentices
    cable said this: “We are accepting its recommendations for the adult and youth rate increases, which I am confident strikes this balance. However, there is worrying evidence that a significant number of employers are not paying apprentices the relevant minimum wage rate.” and there was boris banging on about how great apprenticeships were..


  21. 12p an hour eh? Wow, how generous! By the time it’s implemented it’s value will have disappeared with the increase in the cost of living.
    IDS “was unavailable for comment” for Channel 4 News instead they’ve got that twat Grant Schapps on attempting & failing badly at justifing the benefit cuts, the idiot can barely string a coherent sentence together. Only time he became animated was when talking about the Witch’s funeral. Useless waste of oxygen, should crawl back under his rock & stay there!

  22. I thought the picture must be of some 3rd world country after some disaster.
    Apparently not.


  23. Feed her to the pigs.

    • Thru a branch chipper 1st i hope. She’s going to Mortlake Crem which I know all too well, hope their thermostat goes up to 25 /exceptionally well done. As for Grant Shapps he almost deserves necklacing, now I know why I kept that spare tyre.

      • @john dv thanks for that john .mortlake crem..yet another ‘reminder’ of someone i keep getting and have been for years..

        Disability groups have voiced concern about the launch of a new benefit which the Government insists is not aimed at saving money.
        Disabled People Minister Esther McVey said the Government would be spending broadly the same amount on boosting the income of disabled people at the end of this Parliament, about £13 billion.
        She said the reforms would slow the expansion in the benefit to new claimants and make sure it goes to those who need it most, adding: “Disability Living Allowance is an outdated benefit introduced over 20 years ago and needs reform to better reflect today’s understanding of disability.
        “At the moment the vast majority of claimants get the benefit for life without any systematic reassessments and around 50% of decisions are made on the basis of the claim form alone – without any additional corroborating medical evidence.”

        so heres a question, how much is it gonna cost re assessing all these people, and since you will be assessing them maybe it to do with kicking ppl off those benefits after all why go to all this trouble and expense….


        • But corroboration from ones gp is ignored as it’s a profession thats been infiltrated by “lefties”. Wasn’t nauseating closet queen Liam Fox a Gp?

        • Obi Wan Kenobi

          For Esther McVey, see:

          Blonde airhead bimbo – DWP window dressing – 80’s Hairdoo – DWP propaganda machine on legs – Doe’s my bum look big in this? – Goofy toothed scouser – IDS’s lapdog – Too much make up – Legend in her own lunchtime.

      • Roast in Hell Maggie

        There should have been a prize draw for whoever gets to throw Maggie into the furnace and turn on the burner to roast the old witch.

  24. pearls before swine.

  25. Can anyone tell me what the difference is financially between being on benefits and working part time for an employer? I worked 22 hours per week last year October to December for a high end retailer, before that I was claiming benefits. My total benefits package including housing and council tax allowance was worth in real terms around £146, my gross pay in the part time job was just over £143 a week. The jobcentre did a better off calculation for me and said I would be better off working. They lied! After travelling costs, in real terms the job paid me approx £127 a week so in real terms I was £19 a week worse off and to compound the issue the company did not action my P45 for 6 weeks so I paid basic rate tax, thus my take home pay was reduced to around £100 a week, I still had to pay full rent and council tax of around £80 a week so instead of trying to live on JSA of £71 I was left with £20 a week for food and heating and other bills. This is the REAL poverty trap that exists now because employers won’t take on people in a full time role. BTW my jobcentre now tells me that any employment 16 hours or more is now classed as full time, what a joke!

  26. The cost of funerals in the USA is truly shocking. The sad thing is that most of the British funeral businesses are now owned by these huge American companies. They operate under their original family names and the real owners are ‘hidden’. Gradually, they will push the independents out of business and we, too, will be forced to payl three or four times more for funerals. They exploit people at their most vulnerable time. This story – about the situation in the USA – is merely a reminder of how society works when you let capitalism and market forces run riot. Remember what Thatcher said about there being “no such thing as society”. She had the USA in mind.
    – john , bristol, 19/1/2012 22:30
    Click to rate Rating 38

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2088709/Third-world-America-Pics-paupers-grave-Chicago.html#ixzz2QZtOuiKO
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    • Money Saving Expert

      Good point, how many folk shop around to save a few quid on funeral costs? Not many! Saying that, the Co-op has a BOGOF on coffins on at the mo, see my site for a coupon code. Martin

      • Money Saving Expert

        Yeah, and don’t forget to max out your ISA while you are at it. Martin

        • Well we know this govt is privatising the NHS as the phoney listening exercise showed they were meeting up with private health care bods, now they are softening us up..by appointing one of their own to run it, a bod who dont even use it.

          Free NHS treatment could be axed if economy does not recover, warns health chief

          Professor Malcolm Grant admitted charges for NHS services were a possibility as demand is set to rise by between 4% and 5%


          • Malcolm Grant has form. Another rich beneficiary of a corrupt system he made big money in pharma and was/is ic Imperial College. Another one attempting to ensure that higher education becomes a production line of right wing drones ! Btw I wouldn’t actually necklace anyone per my prev post – was a v bad day.

            • @john dv and all the other day i posted about Atos , on their site they were trying to up their credentials by linking themselves to a university..it had the right buzz words ‘doctors, nurses, health..except the connection they had was in fact the business arm of the university…

  27. I thought that was a given. The prominence given to this tow headed sack of suet is one of today’s mysteries.

  28. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Has everyone got their muchies and pop (or booze) for the funeral tommorrow, coverage starts at 9:00am on the news channels.

  29. I’ll be listening to my music on U Tube, I might even play ding dong song.

  30. Remember what they used to say about the Winter of Discontent? “You couldn’t bury your dead”…

  31. I can’t remember whether it was an article in a newspaper or a radio show, but the story was about how people are being put in a predicament of not being granted any money at all for a burial and no pauper’s burial either.

    It has led to local authorities having to store the dead bodies, and last year they were at crisis point, so goodness knows what the situation is currently. How are the families concerned are expected to move on from that loss if they can’t even bury a loved one.

    Yet a woman complicit in killing many, making many millions of families poor and miserable, someone who thinks it OK to harbour murderous dictators, is given a multimillion pound burial at the drop of a hat.

    In life or death now it seems there is no justice or dignity afforded to the poor.

  32. Won’t be long before they start turning the corpses of dead sick, disabled and unemployed scroungers into Capita Green processed wafers. Lazy, feckless, workshy, benefit scrounging scum, will finally be contributing something to society and being of some use by feeding their own kind, thus saving hardworking taxpayer’s money. It will be the only food available on the scrounger cards and at the foodbanks. The Tories will say: “Why let all that meat go to waste by just burying it in coffins and leaving it there for the worms to eat? Feeding the workshy scroungers Capita Green is recycling, so it’s the right thing to do for the environment”.

  33. It was under Thatcher that cemetries were being sold off to her friends at £20 a go for them to build their overpriced shoebox flats on.

  34. Remember Thatcher closed down the hospices and threw mentally ill people out on to the streets; her excuse was they would be better off integrating with society. Some of them committed suicide as they could not cope with life, did she give a dam I bet not. Well she will be discussing the worlds situation with Hitler Saddam and Pol Pot now she resides in Hell.

  35. Добрый день! Успех приходит к тем, кто не сидит на месте, а делает дело http://dd-cpa.ru/infop


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