Thatcher Death Party, UK Uncut and DPAC Make It Personal

dpac-idsUp to 3000 people from across the UK flocked to Thatcher’s Death Party in Trafalgar Square last night for a boisterous celebration despite the pouring rain.

The long awaited party finished off a day of anti-Tory action which also saw the street containing Lord Fraud’s posh Highgate townhouse occupied whilst Disabled People Against Cuts took the fight against welfare reform to Iain Duncan Smith’s front lawn (pictured above).

Not to be outdone, George Osborne’s constituency office was picketed in Cheshire whilst protests also took place in Brixton, Chelmsford and Birmingham.  Meanwhile anti-workfare protesters took on Homebase over their continued use of unpaid labour with protests outside their stores in London and Bristol.

A theme of all these events is accountability, whether that be taking companies to task for exploiting government policies to get free labour, or personally challenging the politicians who made those policies.

For too long a barely elected political class have remained immune to the consequences of their actions.  Hidden away in their countryside mansions, they barely ever meet the victims of their policies.  The national joke which is the House of Commons resembles little more than a public school debating society.  When a simpering idiot like George Osborne condemns millions to poverty he should be stricken with terror that a member of the opposition will leap across the house and stove his head in with the mace.  Instead Ed Balls makes silly gestures with his hands and his chums gaffaw at the hilarity of it all.

And then they all have drinkies, in the same bars and the same clubs, safe in the knowledge that they are with people just like them.

UK Uncut and DPAC made it personal yesterday and helped to burst the bubble of privilege that politicians have come to take for granted.  The Thatcher Death Party showed that even in death they will be held to account.

Much of the media – who drink in the same bars and clubs as MPs and went to the same schools and universities – have played down last nights raucous events in Trafalgar Square.  Yet three thousand people coming out onto the streets at short notice in the pouring rain to celebrate the death of a former Prime Minister is unprecedented in modern history.  And despite some petty police provocation, the event remained what it was intended to be, a celebration of the end of a rancid tyrant’s life.

The handful of EDL stragglers called out by the Daily Telegraph failed to make an impact on the festivities whilst any attempts at aggressive policing were firmly dealt with by the crowd.  But this didn’t spoil the mood and the drink flowed until late into the night until the constant rain caused even the hardiest to head for the pub.

As austerity really begins to bite this year, it will be Thatcher’s legacy, not her corpse, that draws mass protest and civil disorder.  But for all who suffered under her government, it was good to know that even in her passing she was still despised.

There’s more action to come this week aimed at stopping welfare reform, with a protest against the benefit cap in Stratford tomorrow (Monday 15th) whilst Liverpool begins a week of action against workfare.

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124 responses to “Thatcher Death Party, UK Uncut and DPAC Make It Personal

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  2. Rosemarie Harris

    The positives of these demos is that these people who just voted and did not give a thought for the people these policy’s are aimed are now taking action. Take note you will be next, you just can’t make decisions and off you go to your cosy taxfunded homes with out a demo outside. you were elected to serve all the people not just your rich friends.
    And we have another company that don’t mind using ‘slaves’ well we all know what we have to do! To the workers of homebase complain to the press,while your company is taking unpaid workers are YOUR hours upped.?
    To homebase you are not paying for labour so why should we pay for our goods at your shop!

  3. Teesside Solidarity Movement

    Reblogged this on Teesside Solidarity Movement.

  4. And everything in The Houses of Parliament is tax-free……their booze, their cigars etc.,.
    No wonder it’s called the best club in England.
    The political class and their chattering class cheerleaders know full well that sooner or later there are going to be unprecedented riots.
    They are planning for it.
    You don’t enact policies like theirs without expecting comebacks.
    The austerity cutbacks are designed to gather pace over years, not come in in one untenable swoop, so that we accept it incrementally, bit by bit, and we’ll be too downtrodden to fight back, too beaten down. This shows us how out of touch they are and how they believe themselves immune from history.
    ” Let them eat from foodbanks and skips (the ones unsoaked in bleach) ”
    Aye, okay, in that case, in reply : ” Off with their heads .”
    They’re even alienating the police; somehow I don’t see the army turning on their own people. G4S and other privatised goons are staffed by fat and/or stupid and inept empire builders on near minimum wage.
    So…..let’s see what happens when the weather warms up and enough becomes more than enough.
    I hope I live long enough to see it.

    • I wouldnt go staking money on a bet that the army won’t turn on the public, seriously

      • fonley lindsay

        if they do it will not be because they want to but in doing so it will be civil war……………………………………………

      • Agreed – there would be sufficient presumably led by that refuge for posh homicidal maniacs (+ their faithful pleb retainers ) the SAS. Prince Harry and his “chopper” too?! JAYDvsw1

    • Good blog TSM. I for one am ready to take up arms against these cruel snobs, callous invertebrate pond life scumbags and that includes the Labour Party who at least used to show some moral dignity in their politics, now every bit as guilty of selling the poor and downtrodden down the river. We simply have to stand against tyrany of any sort in this country.

  5. @JOHNNY VOID are you suggesting that the 50,000 millwall fans baying for ‘commie’ blood and threatening to give THE LEFT a hiding was er an invention? surely not i mean why would they say that? to put off ppl attending i mean that would be undemo..undemo thingy..i was watching live video feed and all the chat room was going on about was millwall fans all the time..thats when i checked msm and saw the bollocks there and on twitter…

  6. yes bob it was a good tactic by the establishment, to deter the protesters from attending the thatcher death party. regardless it was a good turn out, well done to all the protesters who celebrated her death

    • @PAT but why do ppl fall for that crap??
      (1) had 50k soccer yobs showed up it would have been a right old ding dong (the witch is dead) thus hitlerfan magazine could claim ‘told you so they are a commie army of scroungers..
      (2) scared ppl off so they can claim it was dismal turnout and hardly supported thus all lefties are weak and stupid..

      but that would only work if certain members of public are brainswashed into stupidity..oh wait….

  7. overburdenddonkey

    look…theguy in the piccy on the left can work, he’s holding a poster….

  8. What comes over loud and clear from your article is the idea that the separation of the classes- the 99% and the 1&, the governed and those who govern- has to be closed. This is about bringing bodies that have been forbidden from being brought into contact into contact. Our job is to cause those who would refuse us our equality to see that our bodies remain. The cause today is not to speak truth to power but to make power stare at the disfigurements it has caused, and to show it’s failure to destroy what it seeks to destroy, that the disfigurements are actually to our strength.

    As an anecdote: A friend of mine attended the events (I would have come but my bank balance of £0.00 didn’t let me). Walking home, after the pubs had closed, they received a Section 27 Anti-Social Behavior Order. I wonder how many of the arrests were akin to this. Any one with any familiarity with protest knows that the police always arrest a number of people for spurious reasons simply to have something to report to the media on arrest figures. Those figures get fed to the public compounding the idea that protest and protesters are criminal. The charge and conviction rate on those arrests will not be reported to the public; the idea that protests aren’t always at any moment a step away from a riot doesn’t sell to the media’s imagination or to the imagination of the people consuming their products.

  9. @JV and all…is this for fucking real? maggie gave approval for her snot nosed brat son to cause a war in Equatorial Guinea??

    Margaret Thatcher ‘gave her approval’ to her son Mark’s failed coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea

    just shows what psychopaths will do just to profit from..oh wait they say keep it in the family dont they..sheesh..

    • overburdenddonkey can’t make this up…i think there is a lot more to come on that story…..and on other emergence’s….consider the flood gates open!

      • @donkey the cnut is a stiffy and we will be drowing in her shit …

      • Yes indeed tho she was probably assenting in the same way as the old boy with the hammer in original Texas chainsaw massacre – ga ga ga ga then too probly. Seriously : 1) Chester sq house is owned by British Virgin Islands entity ?!? A jurisdiction beloved of Cameron’s late sainted courageous in the face of adversity tax planning dad + acknowledged as dodgier than most. Are your graft / spivvery antennae twitching yet ? 2) Hints in press that freebie @ Ritz ex foul Barclay twins was cos she was short of cash ? Denis was a RICH man and she coined it till she started drooling over the neo-con rubber chicken. Like shirley porter was skint after her surcharge I’ll warrant. Mark (no not that one) my words.with enough persistence from a digger journo (??) I suspect there will no shortage of jiggery pokery. Remember only little people pay taxes, apart from the Munchkins – News International managed to organise a brown envelope for them no doubt! Jdvsw1

        • DING DONG ! THATCHERISM IS ALIVE SAYS TOFF FACT CNUT BORIS..yes we know .it ruined this country and will continue to do so as BBC arselickers refuse to play popular chart hit but play i love maggie crap tune instead.

  10. @donkey you arent suggesting that the police FIT squads are supplying info for the DWP are you??

    • overburdenddonkey

      chewie…i think that they are the chattering classes now…they nitpickers

    • You’ve been in a Hostel mate, you seen first hand how your file and every word you utter while under that roof gets shared among multiple agencies of the state.
      Of course the cunts pool info

    • Again on the bright side I suspect if it’s input into any current dwp/crapita/whole govt (except maybe spooks) IT system, the likelihood is that it will disappear in the epic software omniterrashambles that is unfolding @ DWP under IDS.+ we all (even the knobhead @ the eye) know about Capita. Still made myself inconspicuous at Traf sq tho (no chewie wasn’t me sorry) trust any of these excrescences at your peril. Goodnight All my painkillerszzzz. Jdv

  11. @donkey pit nickers more like..!!!

  12. I bet IDS got that gravel on expenses! Perhaps someone could take a shovel next time and reclaim it on behalf of the taxpayer…

    • @scarecrow and all , this sounds ominous..

      ” Plans are also developing for Lady Thatcher’s legacy to be enshrined in the creation of a major new institution to promote her political philosophy and shape future Tory politics.
      Supporters of the former leader are working on a Margaret Thatcher library for London as a lasting memorial.
      Backers also aim to raise £15m in private funds to establish the combined library, museum and training centre.”


      • That does sound ominous doesn’t it? Most of the worst Tory fruitcake ideas seem to come from across the Atlantic first, now it looks like we’ll be breeding our own home-grown Tory nutters.

        As for the museum, all I can say is I agree the Tories belong in a repository for old relics that have seen better days, but I thought that’s what we had landfill sites for…

        • @scarecrow weird isnt it? they go on about t*****st training camps and we’re going to get the thatcher school for mentally deranged psychopaths..

          • Bobchewie – think you’ll find that this school’s been running in Hereford 4 a while now – no coincidence that david stirling,neave, bader were plotting anti Wilson in 60’s. LOTS of Tories detested Neave and what was then regarded as their very own Militant Tendency,especially a guy called straubenzee who’s words on Neave are quoted by Hoggart in guardian and are funny. Remember old buffer mcmillan railing against privatisation (family silver), he wasn’t like current icke lizards because he was stuck in a muddy trench with tommies in fear of his life in WW1. Even noblesse oblige is better than neo liberalism ??

      • overburdenddonkey

        chewie…the thought of thatcher memorial college….sickens me….i was shocked by it’s proposal….it’s rancid.. putrid….lessons in evil.. specifically to rationalize and progress her work, to, finalize,marching a process…that turns human beings..into paper ,

  13. Obi Wan Kenobi

    BBC Radio One – Offical Singles Chart For Sunday 14th April 2013.

    Number 2 – Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead.

    BBC didn’t play it.

    • @obi wan kenobi i can feel another petition happening bbc play witch song or we wont pay licence fee..

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        And now will come the question’s, the biggest one of all will be:

        Has the BBC been censored from broadcasting the song by government?

        • @obi wan kenobi of course not, they took a view after long and considered discussions following a phone call from number 10 where someone mentioned something about ‘losing your licence fee or else’..

      • But I don’t pay a a licence fee, full stop 🙂

        • Today a lad at the flats where I live has had a visit from TV Licensing and he hasn’t got a license!

          • @guy fawkes and obi wan kenobi there is a rock star called johnny void..
            @obi wan i had visit from tv licence guy. i showed him my dead tv and the output from tv dongle was unwatchable also content was crap..he agreed and was satisfied with that..ive only had one letter since asking why am i not watching tv..???

      • Yes, they didn’t play “ding dong” which was at number 2 but they did play “I’m In Love with Margaret Thatcher” the pro-thatcher song which was at number 35!

    • “God Save The Queen” – The Sex Pistols, all over again. They could not and would not let “Ding Dong…” be number one. I am wondering if they are going to fit a permanent danceflooor on Thatchers grave.

      • @nats ”its political korrectness gorn maad…”..

        • Yeah Chewie. I listened to Radio 1 Sunday (I do not usually). The song is 52 secs long. It took longer to explain things and do a fake vox pop (one pro, one anti – got to have balance dontcha know) than it would have done to play the bloody thing and say nothing.

  14. @johnnyvoid – ‘whilst any attempts at aggressive policing were firmly dealt with by the crowd.’ -Just perfection itself!

  15. It would have been nice if some of the live aid acts came and livened up the party with a bit of live music – no chance of solidarity for the high earners with the sick and unemployed, they are after all Thatchers children too. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone does at turn at the funeral.

  16. what about simply red or should that be dead.

  17. I think the newly reformed ‘blue’ would be better for her.

  18. Truly truly unreal, I can donate my vinyl copy of ‘the wit and wisdom of Ronald Reagan. These c*nts will have a wide selection of empty Library buildings to choose from !! To change the subject a tad saw transcript of ex Met sergeants comments 2day – right on !! There are odd outposts of hope elsewhere too, if Tepid Ed had the nerve Speaker Bercow would have nixed recall of MPs for the nauseating display last week. At present am praying for a category 4 tornado in strand/fleet st concurrent with meteor strikes on St Pauls + every golf club in the country. That might be a decent start failing a gulag on Falklands.

  19. On the bright side I imagine that majority M’wall fans r ok and will righteously resent their clichèd image being exploited by some backroom Tory dweeb of the Guido/Shapps sort (the grateful gonk Gary McKinnon ??). Even the bigots have Grannies who are being reamed by the ayatollah free marketeers (and their pet parakeet Vince Cable). Respect to the IDS mansion blockaders Btw.

  20. Funny though, I recall Traf Sq being commandeered for an Israel day a while ago. I for one would pay to see triple tag death matches there TSG v Mossad v SAS anyone – irate millwall fans could then be set on Bullingdon Boys as a finale before we all tidy up as part of our workfare / community svc obligations. Hogroast 4 eric pickles would have to be banned on elf + safety grounds (can u imagine the blaze!!) even though Mossad had confirmed he was Kosher ! Sorry am i going on too much Btw ? Jaydvsw1

  21. off topic – Mark hoban on morning tv lying to presenter that there are half a million jobs advertised every day. If there are 459,000 are fake.

  22. Thatcher’s revenge on 16 April-

    ‘Campaigners are urging the public to help stop the government from repealing Section 3 of the Equality Act, 2006 using campaigns on twitter and encouraging them to write to their MP. This hard-won equality law is due to be abolished on Tuesday 16 April when MPs will be asked to vote about whether or not to repeal it. Removing section 3 would remove the general duty on the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

    In summary, the general equality duty works to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation, to promote equality of opportunity and to foster good relations between people. It is powerful because it puts fundamental human aspirations at the centre, recognising a basic desire in all of us to be treated with dignity, equality and respect. ‘

  23. These parties/demos/call them what you like may have seemed trivial at first (not to mention futile, since after all what’s there to celebrate given the compound interest since accrued by Thatcher’s legacy), but in fact they’re beginning to look like another step towards revolution. Ding dong after all.

  24. incubusblog

    Are there no depths that this government will not sink to and they accuse us of undignified behaviour, what is more affords more dignity than the human rights act.

  25. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    Forget Thatcher.

    What about the Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit issue.

    Keep it real. DON’T FORGET THE CAUSE.

    Save the children by saving yourself!

  26. That should read what affords more dignity than the human rights act.

  27. U.S.T.U.

    The daily politics show today had two boxes for people without balls to place balls. One box asked are benefits a soft touch. The second box asked are benefits fine as they are( including cuts) The box for the soft option was almost full while the other one practically empty. Two towns were targetted for this experiment Gravesend and Chattham, may god forgive them especially when jobs despite what theyve been told are scarce.

  28. Chewie

    They should ask the unemployed are the British people brainwashed or just soft in the head – that should equivocate with the options they faced against the unemployed.

    btw did you know that there was a johnnie void history tutor usa on u tube?

  29. Yours would probably read left right and centre.

  30. Ooh looky, looky, the price of gold is collapsing around the world today, just like it did in 2008 before Lehmann Brothers collapsed. If we think the last crash was bad, we ain’t seen nuthin yet…Let’s get ready to Rumble haha!


      @INCUBUS What do you make of gojam? hes being a bit evasive and over modding and playing silly wotsits with playing my blog is better than yr blog games..considering the seriousness of the issue why is he doing this?
      also that bollocks of the daily heils ‘stranglehold by the left smacked of ‘the enemy within’ bullshit to me

  31. That’s what I mean chewie, I guess you don’t vote either.

  32. how can i get rid of annoying ads that have suddenly appeared on these blogs? ive tried opting out of google ads but they wont let you.

    • bob: use firefox as your browser and install adblock plus (an addon). Then go to “Filter Preferences” and untick the box that says “allow some non-intrusive ads”. easy.

      • @gtr am using firefox atm….firefox hangs up ‘not responding’
        google chrome websites crash
        ie forgets websites it just came from..
        we need a new browser guys….

  33. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  34. Thatcher gone and it is evidently a good time to bury bad news. With ref to surveys quoted check saturday grauniad to see less depressing stats. Radio 4 just now a woman found dead below multi storey c/pk in Lowestoft. Police have now found her 3 children dead at home. Further comment extraneous I think. Meantime the Lib Dems bewail fact they have too few female Mps though they have an evident excess of SPINELESS CUNTS. And finally who else heard Vince Cable proudly announce a 12p per hour increase in minimum wage. Gallows at Tyburn could do 30 in a go maybe its time for some “Georgian Values” for a couple of days,just like Norway arranged for Quisling !

  35. Did they sell 50k tickets to millwall fans – I Very Much doubt it.

  36. Heard Hoban on R4 8-05 am. Went out to see peabody welfare advice re problem with Capita this pm and then saw Diane Abbott and some utterly vile tory on bbc london to put me in a good mood for din dins. Kids in lowestoft were 3, 2 & 11 months. Enough posting 4 today good night all.

  37. Landless Peasant

    Starving and facing eviction? Don’t squander all your generous amount of State Benefits on non-essentials:

    “Can you really afford Sky, cigarettes, bingo, drinks and other non essentials?

  38. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit calculations are gross. Not nett, so HB/CTB wont take your tax, Child Maintenance, DEO, N.I., Pension, Living costs or any other type of outgoing into consideration.

    That’s why I’m saying forget Thatcher. It’s just another distraction.

    Like, the other week when the pilot to Universal Credit was introduced to areas that I can’t remember the name of… Because I was distracted by the other ‘main headlines’ of that morning… I can’t remember the other headlines of that particular day.

    I tend to dismiss it as nonsense. Like focusing your energies on Thatcher bashing. Why do it when she can’t answer back. It’s cowardice, and it’s not the Cause.

    People are dying, en route to death, trying not to die and trying hard to live to a standard that they desire.

    The current Government are preventing it. The next Government will do the same. As the past did.

    So stop being controlled by your emotions. Like anger, fear, sadness, love.

    Isn’t it about time that you used your brain to think? It’s what it’s designed for. Can you remember how you thought before you was educated on what you should think, and should be thinking?

    All we needed to be taught was self-discipline. The rest we could learn en route, gaining skills that were useful to our environment. Not the illusional environment made real by Government.

  39. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    Universal Credit also relies on Real time pay data from HMRC.

    PAYE. ie, mobile pay as you go, contract free!

    Electric/Gas prepay, contract free!

    Broadband dongles, contract free!


    UC + PAYE = Employment. Contract free!

    Good for employers because they can pay less to temps, or offer less hours to staff, or take on more ‘Work Program’ trialiers for 2 weeks up to 6 months.

    Without paying the employess a penny, possibly receiving Taxpayer funds via the DWP, for taking on WP trialists..

    An earner.

    Employers will be secure with knowledge that the UC claiming WP-referred trialist must conform or they’ll lose EVERYTHING.

    Pay As You Earn. Real time.

  40. Our family are fortunate that my parents have paid their funeral in advance,but for those of us on ever decreasing benefits we will be lucky to buy a bunch of flowers to commemorate the occasion. It will be us that will be in a paupers grave, but I couldn’t care less, they can bury me in the back garden if they want to.

  41. Sorry typed the above in wrong post should be in funeral one.

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  43. James Callaghan

    The days of safe comment are over ,take it as read that the Big Bro. Is alive and well ,my mail is being. Intercepted and I’m not in fucking jail not now at least. Crumyork

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