As Thatcher Starts To Rot Let The Seeds Of Resistance Bloom

class-war-thatcherResistance to austerity could explode back into life this weekend with protests and civil disobedience planned across the UK and all topped off by the long awaited Thatcher Death Parties in Trafalgar Square and elsewhere.

UK Uncut will begin the day by declaring “Who wants to evict a millionaire?” and taking anti-austerity to the doorsteps of the rich.  Creative protests are planned in central London, Chelmsford, Brixton, Manchester and Birmingham to highlight the upcoming bedroom tax set to plunge over half a million people into immediate destitution.

To join the central London event meet at 11.30am, Kings Cross station, main concourse, Saturday 13th April., full details on at:

Anti-workfare protesters will also be out this weekend with demos targeting Homebase amongst others in Wood Green and Bristol on Saturday 13th and Bath and Haringey on Sunday 14th.

Then at 6pm thousands of people could descend on Trafalgar Square after a nasty attempted smear campaign by the right wing press turned the Thatcher death gig into the hottest show in town.  The long advertised party called by Class War to celebrate the death of the old crow has been splashed across the newspapers in the last couple of days – meaning that the rejoicing should be plentiful in the Square from 6pm on Saturday 13th April.  Many more celebrations are planned on Saturday around the UK, please feel free to leave links in the comments.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, she will only die once after all.  Don’t miss the chance to show Cameron and his toff lackies what decent people everywhere really thought of the vile inspiration for their contemptible government.

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105 responses to “As Thatcher Starts To Rot Let The Seeds Of Resistance Bloom

    • George Edwards

      HORRAY………… Some GOOD NEWS ATLAST 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
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      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      A Thousand Million Smileys is called for!!

      I will be looking forward to joing the protests, Probably hopping from one to the other! Ukuncut, and workfare protests followed by lashings of thatcher death celebrations partying!!! 🙂

      This cannot be hidden away by media this time, the more of us tyhat attend, the more people will see how this government ( Cameron ) Is so SHOT to pieces and maybe spark some long awaited debate for a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Time to Kick Cameron Out, and reclaim some of our rights ( especially human rights/ slavery / workfare / bedroom tax related. This government are a real shambles , VOTE NO CONFIDENCE, SHOW IT ON THE STREETS. We are BEYOND ANGRY NOW. TIME FOR US GREAT BRITONS TO MAKE A STAND……..

      • George Edwards

        One more thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Cameron says we….can…. have….a party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Im with you!

        • ok all you have to do is leave your real name and address and email account, profession , associates and political affiliations on here and we’ll arrange for the police to contact you asap where a suitable arrangement can be made (within reason) where you can have your so called ‘protest’ ..personally i dont know why you perishing kids want to cause us all this trouble, why cant you just grow up and grovel and wave your flags and salute the passing of our once great ends.

          • @bobchewie.

            So, You have taken up scaremongering !!

            do you think for one minuit, I intend on breaking the law? Peacefull protest only from me…. and its my god given right to voice my opinion where ever I want. I may stand up and say what I wish and it is my right.

            The real point is, The more people who attend, the greater the impact will be in the media. Cameron and co, have done a fine job of keeping protests and media focused on their hidden agenda, rather then what a large percent of the british public really think. There is genuine worry and hardship nearly everywhere you go now! And things will get worse. The only thing that can beat propaganda fed from those at the top through media, Is more media….. Mass civil unrest, and a No confidence vote would be the best possible outcome. Fight fire with fire. The point of the protest and gathering / celebration of MT’s Death, Is mostly to make a point, The point being…. Cameron – If you want us to celebrate your death too? stop have a think about things and make some corrections and give back some rights, and stop labelling welfare recievers as scroungers, thats one point there are many more. It also shows the media, that we are not of the same opnion , we are not all robot drones walking about with our heads up are arses, we have an opinion and we dont like how your rining our country. a protest against the tories, no matter which individual its focused against ( dead or alive) its still a focus on a mass scale of disagreeing with the parties general view/idea and leadership. I personally am a bit sicked at the thought of celebrating a death of sombody, Thats not the readson for me to get involved, But you get a bigger impact by numbers…… The more attending, the bigger the point is made.

            I dont have to have lived in those times, to be touched by some of the stories I have heard from people who have had their lives destroyed from thatcher, She made the rich – poor gap wider……. You cant hide from that and its the one statistic that shines though most prominently, Its happening again. Bob, If you are in thatchers defence what on earth are you doing on Johny voids website???? You have nobody else to talk to? also, I am the least violent person you could ever know, Im a real inrovert and couldnt harm a fly, But that doesnt stop me from standing up in what I believe in. Todays party is about showing the country, as a whole…. we are still here and we will fight for whats right, as all our other attempts are being bvlacked out by media, we have little choice and cannot be choosy when it comes to getting noticed, we have to take what opportunity we are given and today we will get that chance. I hope it remains peacefull.
            Bob and anyone else trying to scare us off, and scaremonger us into not going, leave it out we will be fine. anyone that does get violent or out of hand deserves whats coming to them. be wise, you have a right to protest.

            • @BOBS UNCLE..I think if you look at a lot of my posts on these blogs i contribute as much as i can through digging away and unearthing govt docs and exposing the lies and BS that this wretched ‘govt’ comes out with..of course i support free speech and right to much as i satirize the opponents of that..which is why i posted that illustrates how oppressors try to make themselves ‘reasonable’ and obviously the way that main stream rags like the daily heil do..such things like police had no other option than to ‘defend’ themselves and clobber protestors..and other crap like ‘council was forced to evict unruely tenants..when in fact their game plan is to kick ppl out so they can re develop places and piace wealthier residents in their borough..and attempts to silence criticism by using the ”we’re the victim what else can we do bollocks..” it may have been clumsy of me and i meant no offence or tried to scare monger . i dont need too the daily heil does that on regular basis..but i was trying to see how oppression can me made to seem reasonable and ”logical’..ok??

            • @BOBS UNCLE btw you may be interested to see my latest posts after the trafalgar sqr event from links using the scare tactics of the rightwing press and you can easily see how they were trying to play and distort it..stuff about hordes of boozed up ”angry at protestors” millwall fans who were gonna kick the crap out of disrespectful ”commies’ basically to scare off anyone who wanted to express themselves on that day..look how disgusting that THAT is scaremongering..and what was the reality?? well it wasnt what they were claiming thats fer sure..

  1. Jason can jones

    I was involved with selling class war at punk concerts keep the good work

  2. rainbowwarriorlizzie

    Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:
    In Solidarity

    • overburdenddonkey

      so what you are saying is that a fair rent must be fixed, and the size of ones accommodation, in terms of other types of suitable accommodation being available…before…a bedroom tax can be assessed…reply simply coz…i’m none to bright….on these types of documents…

  3. i see they reeled out the police cheif today ‘claiming that whilst its right for ppl to protest , there should not be violence etc etc’ reminding me of the royal wedding where police cheif pretty much accused protesters of being criminals’ in other words anyone who didnt celebrate royal wedding had something wrong with them and were up to no good..
    perhaps it will be the same again with this..if you are not weeping buckets over thatcher then you are the enemy of reason or as the faily heil puts it THE LEFT… who ever they are.
    btw its been reported that the old bill will be trawling the net looking for trouble makers and could do a bit of pre emptive arresting …
    so anyone planning a bit of democratic complaining publicly will be noticed…and duely reported to the tory press as per usual..for public vilification and held up as social pariahs ,,that cost tax payers money and are subversive benefit scroungers and wotnot else..

    • Let’s hope Maggie has started a trend and there,s more Torries to follow in her footsteps!

    • The police look after thier bosses for sure! The police force were formed in the first place to look after private interests; and that they will do! Thanks for the input bobchewie

    • Let us not forget the government are not short in coming forward in using the services of anarchists or at least encourage them to disrupt non violent peaceful and legal protests, this is the way they have blackened peaceful protesters in the past in order to sway public opinion that such people are exactly as they wish to portray them… it’s risky for them to do such things but it would ultimately confirm if proven how little they care about society and the country as a whole against their own fascist totalitarian agenda’s.

      For the men and women who have to live under their cloud of Dickensian policies it’s unbearable, as if the lesson was never learned during Thatcher’s blinkered rule, we have it now with the coalition and yet we have a paper PM in Cameron and the rest of his cronies who I doubt Thatcher would even consider them fit to serve her afternoon tea, yet they recalled parliament for that Thatcher love-in and think so much how she would be proud, I would suspect she would laugh at them as feeble and unworthy of their positions.

  4. Landless Peasant

    Looks like the web domain Class War were using has been hacked by some Capitalist cunts:

  5. Zeitgeist: Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead makes the Radio 1 playlist.

    • Ah, “the playlist” – ie it will be played; not “The Playlist” – the stained sheet that BBC execs staple to the DJ’s forehead.

    • It says it all about the wall-to-wall non-stop propaganda we get in this country from the sycophantic compliant ‘free’ press, that the people have to resort to buying a song called “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” to register their opposition to this revolting fawning deification of the recently deceased individual and make their true feelings known.

  6. I heard a man say Thatcher had done more for his working class family than anyone. Because of her they were able to buy their own home (council) and then remortgage and start a successful businesses.

    Point I’m making is, evil old crow to some, great saviour of the people to others. She didn’t do anything for me and I used to loath her. However, she retired from politics ages ago. The fact that the policies remain is down to current politicians and not her. Decades have gone by. The labour party had every opportunity to get rid of what she did, but they carried on enforcing it and now the tories are coming up with more evil stuff. It’s pathetic to keep harping on about Thatcher who quite literally was a demented old lady when she died – time had moved on. People need to put their energies into what is happening now and not scapegoat a woman who is now dead. That’s just vengeance for no point. We currently have Cameron, Osborn, IDS and Gove who are to me a far bigger and current evil. I’m not interested in dead people and have no time to waste in spite. It’s well time to pass the buck. If the current lot were to keel over at least it would stop their policies, shouting about an old frail person who was off the scene eons ago is besides the point of any current politics. But we do love a scape goat. THIS lot or responsible for what is going on and successive governments.

    • You have a valid point and whilst everyone is rejoicing in the fact she is dead, attention is diverted from the current corrupt regime and their machinations. Great post!!

    • robert, a failed ruling elite needs symbols to cover their tracks to justify themselves..they will carry on to ‘finish her great work’…ie rob the country..

    • Landless Peasant

      But Council Houses weren’t built to provide business collateral.

    • Easy to say but if you’re future was blighted by her as mine was (I lived in Yorkshire when I left school in the early 80’s) you think differently. Some have opinions without any knowledge, there even are some 20 something year olds praising how great she was – they didn’t experience it first hand they are clueless idiots.

    • Absolutely agree

    • Or in short, she was victorious in class war, and all the defeated can do is take impotent glee at her inevitable passing.

    • I know how the people who despise Thatcher feel, because that is exactly how I feel about Cameron, Osborne, Duncan Smith, Clegg et al. It was what Thatcher did that made what the current Tory criminals are doing today possible. She is the architect of this neoliberal kleptocracy we live in. She laid the groundwork. She is their hero and inspiration.

      Thatcher is the embodiment and the symbol of right-wing ideology – predation, arrogance, selfishness, greed, heartlessness, sadism, divisiveness, dishonesty and brutality that the current Tory criminals in power so ardently believe in. So to be anti-Thatcher and revile her, is to be in opposition to the right-wing ideology that she personifies and that we are currently suffering under.

      • @R33 whilst the world falls apart and banking cartels steal from everywhere..and a severely disabled woman is told she is fit for work..
        the Daily Mail and Torygraph bang on about a fucking bit of music ie the witch song..where we are told that ‘ lots of LEFT WING AGITATORS’ somehow made this music no 1..

        so to them its fuck the poor, fuck the planet lets moan about music and blame it on THE LEFT whoever they are,,why? because some people are able to think for themselves and not accept establishment revisionist bollocks..

      • R33. Good post.

      • I lived through her reign. Perversely, she was BETTER than the current odious crew. For all of he faults, she at least attempted to control immigration which this vile bunch don’t and whilst she made millions unemployed she didn’t then blame them for being unemployed. Cameron, Osbourne and that repellent piece of shit Iain Duncan-Smith are FAR WORSE.

    • @Robert,

      “We currently have Cameron, Osborn, IDS and Gove who are to me a far bigger and current evil.”

      Thatcherism is the root of their evil, what is being attacked is the public persona of a divisive and destructive ideology that its proponents have no qualms about proselytising through the mouth of a corpse.

      No doubt their are some in the Conservative Party that would like to go beyond the symbolism of a quasi state funeral and have the body embalmed and placed in a Mausoleum vis a vis Lenin.

  7. I wish people would stop trying to exonerate Margaret Thatcher as if she had never been a political figure at all, she too was guilty of spite in her lifetime.

    The press keep telling the objectors who object to their praise of MT to put politics aside, well they are not putting politics aside when organizing state funerals at great expense, printing 48 page pull outs about her so called achievements, so why should we?

    If she was plain Margaret Roberts grocers daughter we would not be having these discussions at all, but she has been elevated to a position not worthy of her contribution to society in my opinion.

    • @guy fawkes yes an example of good old fashioned ‘double standards (again) fact is there were more than a few in tory party who hated her..

    • What has been truly laughable and pathetic, has been the right-wing’s sanctimonious call for “respect to be shown” to the deceased and their feigned moral outrage and hysteria over people celebrating the death of the White Witch who mercilessly, spitefully and gleefully destroyed whole communities without remorse, right on the heels of them cynically and obscenely using the deaths of six innocent children to whip up public support for the complete destruction of the welfare state. Their hypocrisy and lack of shame is quite amazing and nauseating.


      “Plans are in place to honour Baroness Thatcher with a state funeral, but the public will not be allowed to pay their respects when she lies in state.
      Funeral arrangements for the former Conservative prime minister will also include a ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral with a concert orchestra playing works by Edward Elgar. A procession from Westminster to St Paul’s – the site of a left-wing protest camp – will require a major police presence.
      However, it is understood that the Iron Lady, who presided over the Falklands War in 1982, does not want a military fly-past.

      ‘left wing camp’ well it will make a change from the ‘right wing camp’ who will show up to witness this circus act..

      State funeral, but no fly-past for Maggie… and she ‘does not want the public filing past her coffin’

      i hope there will be public toilets, then..

  8. by the by: seems that ‘class war’ were disbanded ages ago..

  9. Another dying woman robbed of her dignity and life in a staffordshire hospital – who is speaking up for those being abused at the end of their lives and then the culprits whitewashed by a self regulatory health trust complaints system, nobody.

  10. Seen the guest list?, Jeremy Clarkson, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Terry Wogan amongst others & not forgetting her dear buddy Rupert Murdoch.An A-Z of of some of the naffest & phoniest media & showbiz “stars” to ever be assembled in one place. Yuck!

  11. @kittycat ‘phoniest media’ yeah its enough to ‘hack’ anyone off.

  12. i just wonder how many same age women died on the same day..through neglect through suicide, through lack of care,….

  13. I think it disgusting the way they are going to use this sick old woman’s body for a party political broadcast.

  14. Why wasn’t this funeral privatised?
    All in the spirit of Conservatism, let the cheapest bidder handle this.
    Maybe G4S could just leave her under a bridge?

  15. Resistance to Authority is Obedience to Your God or Gods.

  16. @Workhouse
    What if you resist authority and resist the notion of other fantasies such as gods?

  17. Great to see the Daily Heil getting it’s knickers in a twist again, they really do need to get over themselves –

  18. At least there’s some respite from the tired, old , boring “scrounger” rhetoric, until after Wednesday, that is, then it will all start again..

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  20. George Edwards

  21. Big society Dave is using reverse psychology and creating a boost in profits for the service industry, which will look good for Gideon with “you can have a street party”! even condemning his local government foot soldiers that are trying to stop it, I bet they are all labour run councils that are putting up barriers to said partying.

    Cameron will then get the media to proclaim look at the right royal send off the people are giving Thatcher for her lifelong achievement to public service, they are so happy they are having street parties.
    You couldn’t make it up.

  22. blag? blog….blbbll…..

  23. Expect heavy handed policing at Trafalgar Square. Be careful out there. I seriously hope that it does not rain.


    Battle to stop the sick Maggie hate mob

    Anti-Thatcher revellers are plotting to execute an effigy of Lady Thatcher in London The mob is threatening to march on Trafalgar Square on Saturday and hang an image of Britain’s greatest peacetime Prime Minister during a grotesque “death party”.

    its linked to the faily express

  25. GOOD NEWS: GUIDO CLOSED BLOG DOWN (out of respect for saint maggie – and him being shit scared of being barraged by thatcher haters)


    Police warning over Margaret Thatcher funeral crime

    Crime? you got that right its downright theft of taxpayers money paying for
    this twisted charade..

    having said that it occurs to me that this police chief is maybe the same
    one who called royal protestors ‘criminals’..

    Commander Christine Jones: “If you want to come to London to protest please come and talk to us” (and we will fit you up and give you a good hiding for being uppity)

    Police have promised to “deal with” anyone committing criminal acts during Margaret Thatcher’s funeral next week.

    • Is egg throwing a criminal act? I am not suggesting anybody should do such a thing except maybe in the safety of their own home. I was just wondering.

      • overburdenddonkey

        fried, poached, scrambled,boiled or as an omelette…..sorry i could not resist….been a devil of a week….witch reminds me….

  27. Amazing innit a Met Police sergeant that appears to loathe the evil trout is gone in hours while if he’d merely organised an execution (Tottenham springs to mind) he’d still be in work ! The cabinet’s trustafarian drones can’t seriously imagine this truly stalinist exercise is going to do them any good, the ballooning costs, high quotient of outright slimeball f*cks (blair archer 4 starters, june whitfield (joke) the egregious clarkson) can surely only backfire on this utter shower. Will celebrate at Traf Sq with trepidation as I can’t run anymore (yup my second ATOS @ Lisson grove beckons). Still must go as was in Downing st booing in 79 you can hear me barfing during Assissi quote. Peace & Love @ parties all – no pretexts for yellow press / attack dog plod types. JAYdVsw1

  28. I am not looking for an arguement here…I’ve had enough of those from my own webpage…however, I did live under Thatcher and it has made me realise that there are deal breakers in my friendships and saying Thatcher was a humanitarian and was a great leader is one of them. I, for one, faced real economic hardship under her rule and I am sorry but this went on for years…I had days when I couldn’t see my life getting any better. I was paid £70 a week, half of that was rent (not including my bills, food, etc.) and yet I was still expected to find £26 a month for poll tax…feeding myself was desperate enough. I think the current government is even worse and I didn’t even think that was possible. What is it with this country and punishing the poor and disabled?

  29. Greetings. Is access to live twitter feeds being blocked or is it just that I’m using mobile 4 access. Apparent Blitz of extraneous Ads on previously clean Twitter search page also. Mayhap the fingers of arch shyster Grant “would I cheat you” Shapps ? Excuse my iffy IT terminology/ignorance/paranoia ? Lots & lots of vans full of “filth” trolling around Victoria here quelle surprise. JAYdeV SW!

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