Could you live on £53 a week?


As I said blogging will be light for a week but thought this was worth posting.  Not sure it needs further comment.

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247 responses to “Could you live on £53 a week?

  1. perhaps they mis heard and thought it was £53,000

  2. take their 70 grand income away first…then see…

  3. Unfortunately too many people on benefits are having to live the nightmare of trying to survive on even less due to the recent changes .

  4. I’d guess that result is because many people on £70,000+ (MPs and the such especially) wouldn’t know the price of a loaf or a pint, a days bus fares, or a months utilities, so have no clue what the real running costs of a home are – they don’t have to think about the bills, they just hand over a bit of plastic or set up a DD.

  5. Landless Peasant

    By the time I’ve paid my bills I’ll be living on about a tenner a week for everything else.

  6. just goes to prove, more money than sense.

  7. Not more money than sense but no contact with money in the sense we have. Food is delivered and on account, bills are paid by signing the cheques your manager puts on your desk, stuff is just there. When you deal in millions you simply do not handle tenners.
    Everything is tax deductible anyway and the houses and cars and yachts are paid for by those who are foolish enough not to be VAT registered.
    That’s us folks!

    • something survived...

      Yes of course you handle tenners – it is rolled up and it goes up your nose, for the inhaling of lines of white powder.

  8. If you’re talking about just food, then yes. If you mean bills ect as well then no.

    • Anomie shrugs

      @Thomas M,

      “If you’re talking about just food, then yes.”

      Choking on the stale bread and £500+ Sheriff Officers & Messengers At Arms warrant for water & sewage charges.

      • You don’t have to pay it, they will just deduct from your giro at ~ £3.50 a week. Just ignore it!

      • Yeah, and if you start working it will be arrested at the following rates:

        Not exceeding £70

        Exceeding £70 but not exceeding £105

        Exceeding £105 but not exceeding £115

        Exceeding £115 but not exceeding £125

        Exceeding £125 but not exceeding £135

        Exceeding £135 but not exceeding £150

        Exceeding £150 but not exceeding £165

        Exceeding £165 but not exceeding £180

        Exceeding £180 but not exceeding £195

        Exceeding £195 but not exceeding £210

        Exceeding £210 but not exceeding £225

        Exceeding £225 but not exceeding £240

        Exceeding £240 but not exceeding £255

        Exceeding £255 but not exceeding £270

        Exceeding £270 but not exceeding £290

        Exceeding £290 but not exceeding £310

        Exceeding £310 but not exceeding £335

        Exceeding £335 but not exceeding £360

        Exceeding £360 but not exceeding £385

        Exceeding £385 but not exceeding £410

        Exceeding £410 but not exceeding £440

        Exceeding £440 but not exceeding £470

        Exceeding £470 but not exceeding £500

        Exceeding £500 but not exceeding £535

        Exceeding £535 but not exceeding £575

        Exceeding £575 but not exceeding £620

        Exceeding £620 but not exceeding £675

        Exceeding £675 but not exceeding £740

        Exceeding £740 but not exceeding £805

        Exceeding £805
        in respect of the first £805 plus 50% of the remainder

        So if you come off of benefits and onto to minimum wage you will face a £24 a week! earnings arrestment – this is something they jobcentre/providers don’t include in their “better off in work” calculations!

      • Beware of earnings arrestments particularly if you are in council tax arrears. Having to stump up £24 out of a minimum wage packet would cripple you financially.

      • And of course if you don’t want your employer finding out you will have to re-pay at a much higher rate!

      • The earnings arrestment table refers to NET earnings (after tax/National Insurance)

        • Anomie shrugs


          Thanks for the info, believe there was advice from the Govan Law Centre in Glasgow some time ago that welfare payments are in someway protected from deductions, not sure if this law still stands.

  9. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    Of course you can. With friends like these..

    Ann Barnes on Britain’s first youth police commissioner Paris Brown, 17, who reports directly to the newly elected Kent Police and Crime Commissioner. Wait for it… Ann Barnes:

    “I think that if everyone’s future was determined by what they wrote on social networking sites between the ages of 14 and 16 we’d live in a very odd world.”

    U.S.T.U. “Didn’t ‘Rioters’ get jail sentences for tweets, facebook pages and BBM the other year? One rule for them, another for everyone else is it Miss Barnes?”)

    “I also suspect that thousands of parents would be at best surprised and at worst deeply shocked and ashamed if they looked into the social networking of their children.”

    U.S.T.U. “Only thousands? The other 8 million would be proud. Oh how I love the elite.”

  10. I think that Ian Duncan Smith should be forced to live on £53 per wk for a year with no support. He is an arrogant out of touch Tory with no compassion for the poor. I think the Tories will lose the next election because so many people are very angry with all their policies, which are cruel and draconian. They should ALL be forced to live on £53 per wk!

    • if anything exemplifies how corrupt our MSM/Govt reailly is, its this staggering fact BRITISH banks control enough tax evasion to practically pay off the national debt at a stroke.that is £1.26 trillion…That is six NHS budgets, twenty defence budgets, eighteen welfare budgets, and five UK State pension budgets planned for the UK’s 2014 fiscal year. The evasion total is the same size as the entire public sector pension fund, and only slightly smaller than Britain’s total national debt.
      So why isnt the Daily Heil, Express, Torygraph , Sun complaining about that with screaming headlines? instead of forever banging on about ‘ the feckless workshy’ costing the country and wrecking the economy as if each and every benefit claimant was collecting dole money on purpose just to ruin the nation
      To show just how idiotic the daily fail has become, see todays headline, apparently ALL christians will be pretty furious because pagans will be allowed to wear pagan symbols at, will people who wear mickey mouse badges offend donald duck badge wearers? will batman t shirt wearers outrage spiderman t shirt wearers?
      Will joe public be furious when they realise they have been scammed by the same people that send them letters to tell them they are being surcharged because they are £5 overdrawn?
      Will the fucking public come to the conclusion that they have been lied to by this wretched govt, enough for them to stop haranging the disabled daily.and kick out these arsholes and stop beleiving the contemptible bullshit published in those useless rags?

      Well will they?

      (thanks to John Ward at the slog for this excellent blog)

  11. There should be a survey for the % of liars that live in Britain, but I guess they would lie.

    • to those who maybe aware that i am a fan of british comedy (donkey) i am reminded of derek and clive aka pete and dud ‘worst job’ sketch..’
      whats the worst job you ever had?’ being sent on workfare to clean out a banksters toilet because shit govt said so..

  12. £53 is loose change to these fuckers, the same fuckers who repeat ad nauseum that the UK’s benefits system is “too generous”.

  13. @kittycat maybe they thought the question was about a bottle of wine..

    • More than likely, you can buy a very nice vintage Chateau de Rothschild with £53.. Going to put one in my supermarket trolley later today, ha, ha!

      • @kittycat maybe they even live on a bottle of plonk as most of them seem pissed a lot of the time..they must be, judging from the tripe they come out with..

  14. What you up to this week, Johnny? Enjoying a luxury week in Barbados on benefits? 🙂

  15. At the moment we could not live on £53 a week. During this cold spell we have been paying £30 a week gas and 15 pounds a week electric. That leaves £8 pounds a week for food. Today David Cameron has suggested that we should only eat 700 grams a day red meat. I would love to see a conservative party dinner. I think that it is time the prime minister and his party actually entered the real world. Hey David cameron wake up. Alice in Wonderland is fiction as is the Love Boat and many others. Time for a reality check. It is easy for you to sit in your ivory palace and impose on others what you think is a suitable way to live. It does not affect your lifestyle. When we voted for you we knew that chaanges had to come. You told everyone that changes would not affect elderly and infirm. You have become like IDS, a liar that has lied his way into power. Once again we suffer a typical politician, broken promises. Punish the poor for mistakes caused by the rich. The bankers have caused financial collapse worldwide so they are given multi million pound bonuses. Hey get the money from the poor. Lets get together and go to European courts for discrimination against disabled and ageism.

    • Wait, what?! He actually suggested that?! The last time I heard about politicians discussing the minimum weight of food per day that people need to eat to the gram was when Israel was blockading Gaza. A rather disturbing parallel in there I think. Class war without a doubt.

  16. What you up to this week, Johnny? Lounging on a beach in Barbados? Skiing on the slopes of St Tropez? All on £53 a week 🙂

  17. Oops, made a mistake in my previous comments. Supposed to read 70grams of red meat a day. Not 700grams. That wil be the reccomended amount for government members.

  18. Wait a minute, £53 a week only after just rent? What about council tax and electric bills, not to mention food bills too? That there’s even numbers between 20%-34% of survey respondents answering in the affirmative makes me despair for mankind.

    • United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

      You forget to mention the all important ‘JOBSEARCH’, which leads to the all important £6.25ph role (£13,000 per annum at 40hrs), which then puts you in a bit of a predicament:

      “Do I risk a taking a day off to go to the borough Council or JCP to apply for in work benefit?”

  19. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Prove it! Campaigners deliver petition calling for Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week to his Whitehall office.

    Shop Assistant Dominic Aversano handed over the petition. The 28-year-old from Twickenham, south west London, was initially unable to get into the Department for Work and Pensions to hand over four white boxes containing the petition before he was eventually allowed in.

  20. tax dodgers alliance response to bedroom tax..erm seems comments on there dont agree with them..

  21. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Just heard on Sky News that Former Prime Minister Margret Thatcher has died this moring of a stroke.

  22. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Just seen this on Twitter.

    UK Job Centre Plus ‏@UKJCP

    Why not pop into your Job Centre today and find out all the different ways we can wreck your life?

  23. Those who think they could obviously think they would stock up on everything they needed the weeks before the test started especially dried and tinned stuff along with a freezer full of meat.
    The question should be can they survive on £53 a week if they had nothing/very little in the cupboards or fridge & freezer and had to make the £53 stretch to all the bills as well as food

  24. Cameron will no doubt say ‘we got to finish her great work and privatise this country and kill off unions and the poor..

  25. Obi Wan Kenobi

    It’s interesting to note that IDS says he has lived on £53 a week when he was unemployed back in the 80’s, that same amount now in 2013 would be worth around £140 a week.

    Use this calculation website.


  27. Thatchers been in hell for three hours now, and already she’s closed 3 furnaces and laid off half the stokers… its going to be a cold day in hell, thats for sure, lol.

  28. *breaking news* Hell has frozen over… within hours of entering hell thatcher closed all the furnaces and sacked all the stokers and privatised the devils work to Atos, Crapita, and G$S. The stokers are in uproar “it’s just not fair, what have we done to deserve her?”

  29. Her policies live on in IDS who is reducing disability allowance 2 years earlier to those in the north East than the South – so much for fairness.
    This government hates the North East as much as we hate them, they consider us to be too militant to invest in – yet would starve us of benefits – IDS, the condems and new labour will all be stoking the fires when their time comes.



  31. The Munchkins in the Land of Oz

    Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. 🙂 Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead. 🙂

  32. On BBC Radio right now….

    And now we have Lord Lawson, Margaret Thatcher’s former chancellor in the studio with us….hold on, we have Lucifer on the line.

    “Lucifer, what are your lasting memories of Baroness Thatcher?”

    “Well, Maggie was a dear friend. You know, we kept in touch ever since 1978 when she summoned me from the floor of her kitchen ad sold me her soul for all eternity”

    “And you know, she was good to her word ever since. Many of her policies were as dear to my heart as her own. If we both had one….hearts that is, ha, ha, ha!”

    “Still, it is frightfully rude of me to refer to Maggie in the ‘past tense’. Why, she is right beside me as I speak. She is bent over double with a red hot poker up her….”

    “Thank you Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, back to Lord Lawson…”

  33. Fauré's Requiem

    I hope she died screaming…….no such luck, I bet.
    Evil bitch……..friend of torturers and dictators.
    Greed is Good……her mantra.
    A truly bad human being.

  34. Fauré's Requiem

    IDS does shit that the old cunt wouldn’t even dream of her in her wettest of dreams.
    Filthy old cunt.
    I wonder if she watched at Xmas as Savile, her favoured guest every year at the festive season, had his way at Chequers with whoever took his fancy.
    Evil evil evil.
    A great day…..the end of an era, the exposure of the state we’re in now.

  35. Off Topic. Thatcher is DEAD. Rejoice !

    • Landless Peasant

      “Just rejoice in that” 😀

    • I’ll rejoice when ThatcherISM is dead. Until then the old cow staggers on through her ideological offspring.


        Lady Thatcher always believed firmly in the ideal of American leadership on the world stage. It was her view that without American leadership, this world is a far more dangerous place.
        And in order to protect and advance her legacy in the United States, she established the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at Heritage in 2005. It’s the only center in the world that is named after Lady Thatcher. And she set up a center in the Washington, not in London, because she has so much faith in American global leadership.
        Heritage has always had a very special place in Lady Thatcher’s heart. I saw her in London just a few months ago in December. She was very cheerful. She was contented. She was very tranquil. And the first question she asked me when I saw her was, “How is The Heritage Foundation doing?” Because she has always felt that Heritage is a special place, that Heritage is a place that protects and defends conservative beliefs.


        how does it go now?? ”the NHS is safe in our hands”…

  36. I wonder if they will bring out Leon Brittan her ex cabinet collegue to do a eulogy.

  37. Thatcher dead? I’m gutted….just kidding.

  38. I am so sick and tired of the government saying they are only concerned bout” working class people who work hard want to get on do the right thing ” i thought a government was supposed to be concerned about all the people not just the select few. If they stopped paying the likes of atos a4e etc there would be more money to go round. Its amazing they keep saying theres no money but they find money at the drop of a hat for their pet projects and overseas aid etc. The poor and unemployed and disabled would like to get on and provide a better life for themselves and their families. They never asked to be classed as something the toffs trod in. The hatred this government is causing is a disgrace time someone took them to court for slander libel and deformation of character

  39. Depends what you mean live on?
    If you mean what have I got left for food after all bills are taken care of out of my weekly benefits, then that could be anything between nothing and £20.
    Basically I eat shit!

  40. Refuckingjoice

  41. I am not a Conservative but I do not think it is very good to be vile about someone who has died today. It was in Maggie’s term as PM that the DLA was introduced. She was a pussy cat compared to this lot.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      And there were free grants for beding, fridges, washing machines and a whole lot more.

      • Anomie shrugs

        “She was a pussy cat compared to this lot.”

        Lived through Thatcherism- The ConDems are far more evil and are facing considerably less opposition than Thatcher faced.

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        No Work Programme, no New Deal and no Job Centres until the mid 80’s.

        • Obi Wan Kenobi

          In fact no real pressure on the unemployed or the disabled until 1997 when Labour came in.

          • Anomie shrugs

            @Obi Wan Kenobi,

            The DSS even completed the forms for you the onus was on the civil servant to ensure you got the benefits that you were entitled to.

            Welfare reform is Labours gift, IDS is a Johnny-come-lately to welfare reform.

            • Ex-Durham Miner

              It was when New Labour came to power that it all went wrong,

            • That’s true, when I was first signed off with clinical depression. the advisers at the social couldn’t have been more helpful, one even altered what I’d entered on the form to ensure as she put it, that I’d get the maximum level of IC that was possible.This would simply not happen under today’s rules, more probably it would be “computer says no”.

          • Ex-Durham Miner

            Washing machine broke down? Need a bed? The Social will give you a grant 🙂

            • It was not a loan either you did not have to pay it back.

            • Ex-Durham Miner

              I really feel sorry for the young ones these day, they really don’t know what a raw deal they have landed what with 3 year benefit sanctions and workfare all unheard of in Thatcher”s time. We were too busy going to the Social for a new cooker 🙂

            • Ex-Durham Miner

              Exactly Liz, you didn’t have to pay it back 🙂

          • Ex-Durham Miner

            And no such thing as the Work Programme 🙂

      • Ex-Durham Miner

        Yes Obi, back in the day when Thatcher was on the throne you got £70 a year for bedding 🙂 Lest we forget 🙂

      • Ex-Durham Miner

        And there was no such thing as a sanction on your supplementary benefit. How times change.

      • Ex-Durham Miner

        And if you got a council flat you also got a few grand to furnish it 🙂

    • Friend Pinochet to Paedophiles, branded Mandela a terrorist and decimated the industrial heartlands of this country, then polarize the UK to resemble the worst of The United States.

      Once again Refuckingjoice, if only for its symbolism.

    • Joking aside Liz you have a point. A bit of me does feel guilty laughing at the comments I’ve read here and elsewhere. And my comments are done largely for satires sake. However, one must appreciate honesty. If you had nothing good to say about someone whilst their alive, why wait until they’re dead?

      One chap on the BBC News today from the Durham Miners Assn said he and many in the N.E will have a drink today. Now many will be aghast at such a statement. They’ll see him as a bitter man who has not moved on in nearly 30 years. On the other hand one could argue that at least he was being honest about his feelings and not sugar coating his emotions simply because a person he hated when alive has now passed away.

      This classic clip from Not the Nine O’ Clock News perhaps illustrates my point somewhat:

      • You wouldn’t say “just move on” to the Simon Wiesenthal Nazi hunters would you ?

      • Yeah I know about the miners an end of an era, unions and the poll tax that brought her down. Still although she had her faults she was a human being and she died today and she has a family.

        • The bitch is DEAD and I am really happy. I really do not give a fuck. I am really sorry for Sir Mark the arms dealer known as Scratcher. Am I bollocks. THE BITCH IS DEAD. Good riddance. I am probably going to invest in a pair of hobnail boots so that I can really tramp the dirt down. Hell I may even learn to tap dance.

          • How sad that you feel that way.

            • I am perfectly happy with how I feel. Thank you. The last thing that I am feeling now is sad. Over the moon might be a more apt discription of my feelings. The only sad thing is that I will not be abble to watch the TV or probably the next week because it will be full o lying plataitudinous basrards. Even Ed Millipede tried to look sad.

            • platitudinous. Sorry for other typos.

            • Landless Peasant

              How sad that you don’t!

            • Sadly there are many who feel that way, we only have to look through history to see how her policies created misery, history is repeating again and I never thought I would see that happen. The difference is Cameron is not Thatcher and he has as much personality as a badly carved wooden doll. That does not stop the Tories aspiring to her legacy of misery and bad policies that we are suffering from today such as selling off all the council houses and even today they continue this whilst spouting the need to build more homes.. again this is all nonsense from the Tories.

              Only the people against a totalitarian agenda will defeat this because we know we have Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria joining the EU soon, wonder how many of those houses freed up from the bedroom tax will go to them rather than families here seeking larger accommodation. They will just come over and be exploited as slave labour and the Tories will again use them to point out how hard they work for so little unlike the precious folk of this country who actually expect a good weeks pay for a good weeks work.. god forbid!.. once they are absorbed into our economy the immigrants mind-set will change as will their lives.

              The facts are pretty clear and they make heavy reading….
              1.The Tories are not really interested in getting people back to work, this is an illusion, they don’t give a damn, fact is the more the better and with the influx of EU citizens coming over this only goes to galvanize their main agenda to abolish the welfare state completely, they will designate it not fit for purpose and think up some other idiotic policies, they have no interest to build jobs, the private sector was never going to pick up the slack from all the public sector workers they have made unemployed.. that’s on-going.

              2.They are already Privatising the NHS and slowly it will be absorbed and before you know it they will introduce private health insurance plans that we cannot afford as the infrastructure is not in place. If you have no insurance you will have to go to a third rate hospital as is the case in the states.

              3.The propaganda being used by the Tories is a desperate bid to create conflict amongst ourselves and this infighting they hope will pull people towards their designs of a single class dystopia where if you are not rich you are not dining at their table.. that goes for those tory voting middle class workers being used as stooges by them to do their dirty work as they spout the same old tory rhetoric. Empty promises for those who blindly follow their persecution, their lies and their feeble attempts to get people on their side with too little too late.

              The reality is people who want to work but cannot find work will never be motivated to bust their humps working hard for this fascist party to throw them a few crumbs from the loaf whilst taxing them to the hilt. It’s a no win situation. This party respects nobody and deserves no respect back in return from the good people of this country who live from hand to mouth day to day in many cases and through no fault of their own. The Tories don’t have the vision to create policies that help people get into work without intimidation and threats.. you treat people like animals and they will behave like animals and when there is no reality to their empty promises people will get angry for being made to look.

              If the illusions they hide behind are not broken down and exposed for what they truly aim to do.. the future is very bleak indeed….

              Countless rising protests around the country….
              Unfortunately Violence erupting on our streets once more.
              The Further harm to the NHS… leading to privatisation agenda
              Abolition of the welfare state as we know it.
              Massive numbers of unemployed
              Massive Numbers of homelessness
              Long Strikes as unions vote to do so.
              Power Cuts because the national grid has not handle the requirements The closing down of power plants too early.
              Scrapping expensive green issues for a focus on nuclear power
              Building of new nuclear plants.
              Crime rises with muggings and burglaries
              Police stretched and unable to cope so many calls go unanswered
              Army called in to cover the police shortfall
              Introduction of Water-canon and teargas on our streets.
              Alarming rates of death amongst all ages, colours and creeds.

              The Futures Bright, the Futures Blue!…

        • @liz yes she has family her son the arms dealer who tried to foment a war in africa to profit by..

  42. Upper class scum, living on a different planet.

    Thatcher was a pig- #nostatefuneral

  43. Landless Peasant

    What? I’d dig her up and kill he again if I could, rancid fucking bitch.

  44. Imatt

    Your a bit too two faced for my liking, what you wrote was satire. If the Durham miner is bitter he has every right to be nothing has changed for them in 30 years. You don’t know what or who you are talking about.

    • In what way am I two faced? You have to realise not everyone agrees with you and most here with regards Thatcher. The coverage today esp on the BBC was too uncritical and unobjective in my view. Perhaps it will be different tomorrow and in the weeks ahead. Let’s hope so if only in the interest of balance.

  45. Typical, Thatcher put up in a plush hotel then fucks off without paying the bill !

  46. Liz

    It was Jack ? who fought for and won DLA and he was deaf himself. I forget his name but did a wonderful job for the disabled.

  47. By the way MattI the NE miners had nothing good to say about Thatcher when she was alive so can keep it up after death if they want to.

    • THANK YOU! That’s my point all along. Would I expect Ed Balls to say nice flowery things about Gideon Osborne? No! Whatever you may think of Balls and Osborne, it’s plain to see both men do not really like one another. It’s personal. Should Osborne drop dead this time next week, Balls would be clearly a hypocrite if he were to suddenly start praising the man.

      I would expect nothing particularly good or positive to be said about Thatcher in her death in the former industrial and mining areas of Britain. Not just the much of the N.E. of England but in much of Yorkshire, the N. Midlands and S. Wales as well.

      Apologies if I did not make point clear enough before.

  48. MattI
    Where is the balance in this governments policies your talking out of your arse, your an appeaser, a sit on the fence, middle thinking political type who thinks he has the right to lecture people on what they should think, feel, or say on any given subject.

  49. Guy fawkes, what is your problem? I really think you need to take reading lessons before attacking me or anyone else. Did I not say the BBC was too uncritical in their views post Thatcher? The balance I am calling for is to hear those politicians, trade unionists and others who opposed her in life and who will be still critical of her policies and ideas in death.

    Deary me!

  50. IMatt

    Your saying two things at the same time. First you say the ne miners should move on then you are saying there is no balanced view from the BBC- true.
    Margaret Thatcher was hated by single parents also who she trod into the ground during her years as PM.
    She was disliked by the teachers and workers in the NHS because of her policy changes just for the sake of changes. She even stole the milk off the school children.
    Those that bought their council houses or shares in the sold off public services, are very happy with the Thatcher years because she stood for the politics of greed.
    She was hated by everyone for the poll tax and eventually her hand picked cabinet of wimps stabbed her in the back and not before time.

    • Again, please READ what I said before criticising. I said MANY (though by no means all) will say the ex-miners should move on. For every person like you who clearly hates Thatcher, there will be someone else who takes the opposite point of view. I rather think it is they you should be arguing with, not me!

  51. Fauré's Requiem

    Bury her face down.
    Stake through her evil heart .
    Leave no memorial.
    Make her name anathema.
    Write her out of history.
    And in time she’ll be forgotten.
    Only a reviled old witch left to frighten the children in cautionary tales.
    Let the dust take her.

  52. The best laugh is she sold off shares in public utilities that were already owned by the public, but not everyone was in a position to buy the shares, nor would I have wanted to buy something that was ours in the first place I would rather they failed than be taken over by those who wanted to cut the workforce and reduce wages to make these industries an attractive option to investor – to hell with the workers.

  53. Rosemarie Harris

    The trouble with polls is it’s all talk if you asked these people for their address and what they do, they would answer differently because polls are not personal. We all know that it ‘s bloody hard to exist on it. These people are just pretending they could after all no one has voluntered have they?
    The one person we want to do it will now wiggle,pretend it’s a stunt, get angerger, lie and cheat. No change there then.
    To all the people who said they could live on it.
    Put up or shut up!

  54. By the way Imatt, I don’t think most people on here agree with you regarding your obvious love for Thatcher, underneath that what you call satire.
    I wrote a poem about the tories reign and Cameron’s efforts to accede the throne called The Golden Years – for some that is. Everything written was in the public arena via the media.

    Tory mp’s are still hypocrites
    proving also to be upper class twits.
    Getting ‘on your bike’ does not prove you’re green,
    especially when followed by your own limousine.

    Old Tory councillor Dame Shirley Porter
    a known supermarkets infamous daughter
    siphoned off millions by committing the fraud
    of gerrrymandering then skipping abroad.

    Tory donators had rich trusts offshore,
    business grants, quango’s knighthoods galore.
    When their grants ran out, so did they
    leaving the workforce without any pay.

    Cemetries were sold off at £20 a shot,
    they all laughed and joked at this dead crafty plot.
    Tarzan had swung from the helicopter scandal
    and Archer, well he proved just too hot to handle.

    Unions and pensioners were out to attack
    media barons such as tycoon Lord Black,
    Eddy Shah put his own printer through hell
    while ‘mirror ‘ employees were robbed by Maxwell.

    Then came ‘toe sucking’ from MP Dave Mellor.
    Miss whiplash paid rent for Norman Lamonts cellar.
    Favours for Hamilton, Smith, Michael Mates
    who cashed in on questions for Greek cypriates.(american pronunciation)

    We all hoped that Thatcher would very soon get lost,
    but son, not the mother would first count the cost.
    A lack of direction caused this desert rat
    to inspire inventors to make the SAT NAFF.

    Edwina got practice in currying favour
    by egging on ‘back to basics’ John Major.
    Aitken, Tim Yeo and Alan Clarke too
    were already members of this motley crew.

    The new immigrants were used as doormats
    weakening the unions in employment spats
    The working class losing now in every way
    When will somebody MAKE ALL FAT CATS PAY.

  55. “By the way Imatt, I don’t think most people on here agree with you regarding your obvious love for Thatcher, underneath that what you call satire.”

    Now you’re being pathetic! Perhaps the words I used were too long for you to understand. That said, I urge you to read what I posted and please point out where I said I had any love for Thatcher!!???!!

    • Matt I understood your comments and they made sense. What I do not understand is vile words about her death. We may not like someone for their past deeds but she was an old women and her day ended. Let her rest in peace.

  56. Thanks Liz. As I said, some of the comments I have read here and elsewhere have been on the harsh side. As expected. But they were funny nonetheless. Then again I do have a macabre sense of humour. No doubt Tony Blair would receive similar treatment if he were to die next week, both pro AND anti!

    I don’t think I’ll be “celebrating” thatchers death as some will though. Although I can see why they have that point of view.

    I also think it is somewhat hypocritical to spend years opposing someone whilst they are alive and then praising them when dead. The chap from the Durham Miners Assn at least had the bottle to make his feelings clear. He did not mince his words at all. I respected him for that!

  57. IMatt

    “you have to realise not everyone agrees with you and most here regards Thatcher”. You on the other hand first call her in your lucifer monologue and then your apologizing to your friend LIz, your as fickle as fuck. I doubt you know any long words yourself unless they came out of “mary poppins” or “the wizard of Oz.” If you want to get personal so can I mate so watch your step.

    • You really have lost the plot.

      • The Wizard of Oz

        We’re off to see the wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
        We hear he is a whiz of a wiz, if ever a wiz there was
        If ever, oh ever a wiz there was, The Wizard of Oz is one because
        Because, because, because, because, because
        Because of the wonderful things he does
        We’re off to see the wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 🙂


    Everything you’ve quoted that the forcibly unemployed received was true and Thatcher put an end to all of these benefits for the poorest in society, while she increased expenses and gave tax free perks to the richest.

  59. Mandated Workfare participants required to line the streets waving Union Jacks at the bitch’s funeral.
    Warning: automatic 3 year sanction for mooning the hearse

  60. Liz

    Your the one that is not following the plot, most people hated Thatcher so why should they be bothered that she is dead. I think you should take your respect and platitudes to those that want to hear it.
    She was responsible for many deaths and untold misery when she was pm,
    along with another Tory PM Tony Blair and now the condems too have blood on their hands killing off the sick.

  61. Liz

    Don’t tell me what to do, I’ve protested plenty about benefit reform even through the Thatcher years and now the condems. No wonder you understood Imatt another dictator.

  62. Anomie shrugs

    @guy fawkes,

    The point is that claimants more or less barricade the door to the most severe welfare reforms of Thatcherism, nuLabour booted those barricades down exposing claimants to the brutality of the ConDems muscular liberal welfare reforms.

  63. Anomie shrugs

    Yes you’ve got the plot about right. I don’t know how old that Liz is but I was bringing up my kids through the Thatcher years and fought for lone parents, then I fought Tony Blair over welfare reform and now I’m fighting bedroom tax and benefit reductions, what the hell has Liz done or is doing?

    • I was a lone parent and I had a full time job and I found that the system in place at that time was there to help. I ended up being homeless with two children and I was very grateful for the help.

  64. What system, at what time, under which pm, your very vague??? How were you homeless if the system worked so well?

    • That was under Thatcher and it was the cause of a divorce. I also became ill and was off work for a while. The point is there was a system in place and yes I had to fight but i also received a lot of help. This is not the case under this Government and people need to fight for their rights instead of mocking the dead.

      • @liz you can do both ..fighting for your rights and mocking the death of milk snatcher..because if not , the daily heil would want to go into ‘ a greiving nation’ who will canonize the great lady and honor her name and support the tories and praise their hard work to save this country in ‘her name’…

        • Hitler was wonderful, what with 100% employment, the Autobahn network, the “VolksWagen, The KDF holiday camps and cruise liners for the party faithful

          Lets not speak ill of him now he’s dead…

  65. “most people hated Thatcher so why should they be bothered that she is dead.”

    Not quite true Guy Fawkes. Many people hated Thatcher. Others felt the opposite. A survey in 2011 asked who was the most successful post war British PM. Answer, Maggie Thatcher. The same survey asked who was the most disliked post war British PM. Answer, Maggie Thatcher!

    The biggest problem regarding Thatcher was not that she was liked by a clear overwhelming majority or hated by a clear overwhelming majority of the British public. It was that she was liked and loathed in pretty much equal measure. She was a polarising figure who split the country in the 1980’s. Not good!

    Another issue with Maggie of course was that she failed to understand the real social impact of her policies. Perhaps this is why she could say with conviction the “there is no such thing as society”.

    Oh, and telling me to “watch my step” says a hell of a lot more about YOU than it does about me!

  66. Shall I enlighten you to what was happening during the Thatcher and especially the Blair years, couples who owned their own homes who both worked full time were pretending to separate from their partners, the one usually the woman with child applied for a council house, which she then purchased at a cheap rate, then as house prices increased they miraculously got back with their husband sold the matrimonial home and the cheap council bought home , or rented it out while the conning couple moved on to greener, more expensive pastures. That is why so many council houses were sold off.
    I witnessed this con trick by some so called single parents first hand, the real single parents stayed home and brought up their kids not wanting them to be the product of 2 absent parents especially when the most they could earn was £10 per week before their benefits were reduced £ for £ of what they earned, which later increased to £15 per week irrespective of how many children they had, banks would not loan to lone parents unless they were working full time and had substantial salaries to cover the mortgage.

  67. Great post. As for Thatcher, the country has a chance to really assess her legacy – destroying the UK economy. People in Glasgow came out and celebrated when they heard. A bit tasteless but you can understand their point.

    • Landless Peasant

      Tasteless? Not as tasteless as the vindictive policies of the wicked witch. I’d have been out celebrating myself, IF I even had the price of a pint!

      • @landless peasant no doubt the daily heil/tories will be condemning anyone who celebrated her death as being disgraceful..’a nation mourns’ is what they want to one must complain about tory policies..anyone who doesnt comply with govt policy or praise it will be villified in the press–you have been warned.that is

        • Landless Peasant

          Yes you are right, they will. They either forget or prefer to forget the atrocities and abuses of power that were unleashed against the people as a direct result of Thatcher’s Police State; unimportant little incidents & skirmishes that she brutally quashed sledgehammer-style, the Battle of Orgreave, and the Battle of the Beanfields, for example, where the good old ‘Boy’s in Blue’ (or is it now ‘Men in Black’ ?) were deployed by her as a private army, often on over-time/bonus, and sometimes with badges and markings removed from uniforms.

          • @LANDLESS lets not forget the cover up of savile atrocities by south yorkshire police too…of whom its noted now by documents that thatcher had colluded with them in respect of hillsborough..

            “Papers released by the Hillsborough Independent Panel show the then PM ordered the Government’s response to the Taylor report in August 1989 to be toned down so it would not appear to attack South Yorkshire Police.
            Thatcher’s instructions were set out in a hand-written comment on a Downing Street briefing note which informed her that her Home Secretary, Douglas Hurd, intended to welcome the “broad thrust” of Lord Justice Taylor’s report.
            She scribbled: “The broad thrust is devastating criticism of the police. Is that for us to welcome? Surely we welcome the thoroughness of the report and its recommendations? MT.”
            A civil servant’s memo written just five days after the disaster in April 1989 revealed how officials briefed Thatcher it was “drunken” Liverpool fans who had caused the disaster.
            “A key factor was the fact that Liverpool fans had turned up without tickets. This was getting lost sight of in attempts to blame the police, the football authorities etc,” the briefing note added.
            On Wednesday, the Hillsborough Panel completely dismissed police smears that the fans had been drunk and violent.
            The documents are evidence of Thatcher’s cosy relationship with the police, especially the South Yorkshire force who were dubbed “Maggie Thatcher’s Bootboys” for their role in the 1984 miners’ strike.
            Former Home Secretary Jack Straw said: “The Thatcher government, because they needed the police to be a partisan force, particularly for the miners’ strike and other industrial troubles, created a culture of impunity in the police service.
            “They really were immune from outside influences and they thought they could rule the roost and that is what we absolutely saw in South Yorkshire.”

            “The approach to sensitive files was designed to stop officers from leaking information to the media.
            The issue of detectives being unable to access relevant intelligence was highlighted in a report on the effectiveness of the Police National Database (PND) in the wake of the Savile scandal.
            It came after complaints about Savile made to different police forces across the country while the TV presenter was still alive were not able to be shared by detectives.
            Metropolitan Police Commander Peter Spindler confirmed to the newspaper that famous people were protected by high levels of confidentiality built into intelligence systems.”


  68. In what way does ‘watch your step’ say anything about me? perhaps I should have said watch your mouth or what your typing from it, because you were the one if you read your posts were being contradictory, especially about the miners and brought up the arse issue with your lucifer eulogy for Thatcher, then wanted to back track as soon as criticize, I say “you are talking out of your arse” and then you start insulting me by stating “perhaps my words were too long for you to understand”, If you consider what you have written to be long words, I suggest it is you that would not understand long ones – words that is.

    • Sorry, but this makes little sense. Try using full stops next time.

      “In what way does ‘watch your step’ say anything about me? perhaps I should have said watch your mouth or what your typing from it, ”

      Like most people I use my hands or rather than my mouth! By telling me to watch my step shows you are clearly a person who hates not only to be disagreed with, but also hates to be informed that there are people who have an alternative view. That is all I was saying. Not everyone agrees with you about Thatcher. I do not know how pointing out that glaringly obvious fact suddenly makes me a fan of the woman!!!

  69. Liz

    I think your telling porkies, if there was so much help for single parents why was there a need for organizations like Gingerbread. I bet you don’t live in a rented property either, you sound more like a product of Thatcher to me.

    • Guy Fawkes In fact I do rent and by the way I have been Sanctioned appealed and won. Work part time since Oct which has been extended for a few more weeks and will be signing on again. I also choose to work whilst bringing up my children as it was down to me providing for my family. At this moment in time I want a full time job like everyone else on Jobseekers that is able and shall try my best to get a job. I am not bitter and I do empathise with people at this time as the Goverment has turned against the people and it is disgraceful.

  70. IMatt

    I don’t give a monkey who disagrees with me, It is you that keep stating” I’m sure most people would agree me”, I put my own point of view forward and NEVER have I asked anyone to agree with me, if people do or don’t is their prerogative, you blow with the wind on what your opinions are, I am very clear about what mine are.

  71. ps” watch your step” was referring to throwing out insults, because I can do the same so” watch your step”.

    • @guy fawkes i watched some steps once, but then i fell down them

    • Guy Fawkes, I have no idea what you are on about!!??!! You say I am “talking out of my arse” and then you go boo hoo and you cry foul regarding insults.

      Again, (and I know you are not going to do this) please read over what I have posted and tell me where I have said that people should not be against Thatcher or that indeed I am some sort of fan of the woman?

      One more time, I have said that people should be just as critical of her (and indeed anyone else) in death as well as in life. To sanctify Thatcher and sympathise with her simply because she has passed on would be wrong, hypocritical and indeed dishonest.

      I would have thought I made this clear from the start. If you do not want to take this on board, then that’s up to you. But do NOT tell me or others what we really think and seek to twist our words simply because you have not taken the time to read and digest what is in front of your very eyes.

      • SICKENING ARSE CRAWLING ARSE GRAVY from the Daily Hitler fan club rag
        The woman who saved Britain… Now give her a state funeral: Maggie deserves it for transforming Britain, say Tory MPs
        Lest we forget how terrible things were: The woman who saved Britain – the verdict of three historians

  72. Liz

    You may empathize with people, but all you have said to me is how you have been helped and how you want a full time job, but what are you doing about welfare reform and how or why were you sanctioned if you have been in work even if it was part time.? You sound a bit like a job centre adviser to me, because appeals where I live, although fought, are rarely won.if not thrown out altogether, and we are as articulate as the next person when disseminating facts and presenting our case, in the absence of the legal profession pretending those sanctioned do not exist and refusing to take on their case.

  73. To be honest Guy it is not that important to me what youthink I have no need to defend myself and for whatever reason believe what you want.

  74. ps the last 2 governments turned against the people except those that were selfish enough to be called their own. As for working to provide for your children, fathers may be absent but can still provide financially for their children, why should women do it all – something about you does not ring true I’m afraid.

  75. Only if I shoplift ….

  76. HERE WE GO HERE WE GO maggie thatcher ‘sickening ‘death parties by ‘the left’ remember them dont you? ‘the left’..

  77. Witchfinder General

    Thatcher funeral details: the old cunts corpse is to be burnt at the stake on Wednesday 31 October 2013 (Halloween).

  78. Hope Thatcher’s demise sounds the death knell for neoliberalism and that her funeral pyre ignites a reawakening of social consciousness in the U.K. lighting the way for the re-establishment of the post-war covenant.

    • @kittycat Smashed shop windows, police attacked, paint bombs and drinking in the streets: The Left’s sick ‘celebration’ of Baroness Thatcher’s death

      Read more:

      • Chances are those smashing windows & such-like were agent provocateurs. Wouldn’t be the first time these tactics have been used to discredit protesters.

        • @kittycat dont know dont care the mail lies anyway..and lets not forget bullingdon boys club smashing up stuff..
          what gets up my nose with mail is this assertion that the whole of UK should be in mourning of the loss on britains ‘saviour’ and anyone who isnt is feckless idle scroungers who are dangerous ‘yobs’..or as the mail puts it
          THE if its one group ..held up for derision.

          • @bob – Been talking to my dad today – he couldn’t bring himself to say or hear spoken out loud the two (im)proper nouns everyone’s been saying – no, not ‘those’ two words … He’s refusing to look at a newspaper for the next week or so at least. Didn’t say he had a problem with anyone partying – just said “A party is 30 years too late for us”. 30 years is a long time – but not long enough for people to forget – perhaps depending on what’s happened in the intervening time, it’s painful to even ‘go there’ – or even feel relief (damage already done). I mostly am feeling relief – tinged with despair.

  79. They are a product of this wonderful capitalist economy Thatcherism takes credit for, out of work, paying for their education (thanks to Blair) or relying on mammy and daddy’s shares to keep them in pocket money(thanks to privatised utilities and council house sales and auction repossessions) now they also provide a roof for their under 25’s if mammy and daddy cannot raid their pension pots to buy them a home (david camerons suggestion).

  80. IMatt

    When I referred to you talking out of your arse it was to do with the fact that you make sweeping statements “I said they would be many but not all that think the miners should move on”, I am well aware opinion is divided on all issues, but some have no right to voice their opinion about other peoples lives.
    Perhaps you should read what I wrote, i.e. there has been nothing for them to move onto for the past 30 years, no manufacturing, no shops unless they are charity shops etc. and who are you or anyone else to tell people that they should move on and not be bitter, when they are in third generation unemployment.
    These people that are telling them to move on are also telling the unemployed to get a job even though there are none unless it is capitalists/charities or the state that want to exploit the unemployed and force them to work for their benefits, I wonder if those that are spouting what people should do say or think would work for nothing?

  81. Er excuse me, when I said “many but but not all the miners should move one” I was also referring to the comments I heard by many praising Thatcher yesterday.

    Again, it is YOU who should learn to read. I said there will be many but NOT ALL who thought the ex-mining community should move on.

    You seem not to acknowledge the fact that Thatcher divided opinion. Not everyone shares your view! In saying that now makes me a fan of hers. I know that by now….

  82. Obi Wan Kenobi

    I bet IDS is relieved this has happened as it’s completely drawn all the attention away from the fact that the petition with nearly half a million signatures for him to live on £53 a week was delivered to the DWP offices yesterday morning.

    Even though Mrs Thatcher dying is totally dominating the news, we still need to keep paramount pressure on IDS.

  83. IMatt

    You twisted liar, on the 8th april at 7.08 you wrote………”I said MANY(though by no means all) WILL SAY the ex miners should move on.”

    Those miners that criticize other miners were the ones that formed their own union instead of supporting the NUM, and I have never seen any clips with these miners telling others how they should get over it.

    This is people like you who without saying so are attributing to these comments about bitter miners into the voice of others.

    You avoided my point that no-one has the right to tell others what they should do or feel.

    • Oh do shut up! I have no idea why you are so angry. The sad thing is you probably don’t either. I am finished trying to reason with someone who could have an argument with their own shadow or indeed in an empty room!

      I was not talking about other miners by the way. I was simply referring to those who thought the ex-miners and their families should rightly or wrongly stop blaming Thatcher after 3 decades for the problems within their communities.

      As I said for the umpteenth time, there are many, NOT including myself who still regard Thatcher as a hero who did no wrong. You need to accet this simple fact.

      • @imatt two front pages today: Daily Mirror THE WOMAN WHO DIVIDED A NATION..
        Daily Heil: The woman who saved britain

      • I agree as it is goes around in the same loop of it just doesn’t make sense.

        • @liz on abuse sites and on here ppl are arguing the toss..why?..enough already ..this isnt going anywhere..

          • I agree but I do not take kindly to being insulted.

            • @LIZ the wicked witch will always divide us..todays front page: Mirror ‘the woman who divided a nation. Daily Mail; the woman who saved britain.
              kittycat posted link to street parties celebrating her death Mail published ‘sickening scenes of ppl celebrating her death these ppl were ”’the left”..

              • Bob, realise that everyone has an opinion. For me it just doesn’t sit well to join in a frenzy of celebrating someone’s death. Maggie was far from being a martyr but nobody deserves that.
                My point is that at least in her term people had benefits but with this Government they are trying to take them away. The sanctions, slave labour, victimising the sick and disabled etc.

                • @LIZ sorry but thats bollocks..are you suggesting that britain should have mourned the loss of that other great leader adolf hitler??

                  if people dont ‘celebrate her death then the concept of her being britains ‘saviour’ will go unchallenged..the arrogance of the daily mail to suggest that the whole bloody country should be in grief is breathtaking..thatcher setup the whole mess: NHS destruction, unions destroyed, privatise for dictators, murdoch control of media., savile, paedos, MI5 spying on us….ffs liz people bloody died under her watch.!!!….sorry liz but arseholes to that..

                • I have my opion and I will not be celebrating anyones death. Your comments simply do not convince me to do so.

                • @LIZ so we dont have the right to challenge propagandized brainwashing? just polish your piccie of maggie and weep then, and dont worry about the homeless, the industries destroyed, the kids abused, the people imprisoned, the thousands who were murdered in chile cos of her support for pinoche, and the arms and torture weapons sold to arab countries..
                  then get back to me..

                • Bob your comments would never convince me I will never celebrate someones death.

                • @LIZ maggie wasnt just ‘ a someone’ she was a UK leader with great influence who would even ignore her own cabinet..she was cynical and manipulative ..which cost millions of lives..liz you are sooo wrong..

                • THE TRUTH OFTEN HURTS..but not if you ignore it !!!!

                  Conservatives outraged over CNN photo of Thatcher with ‘pedophile’ Jimmy Savile
                  Conservative supporters Margaret Thatcher expressed outraged on Monday after CNN marked the death of the the former British prime minister by airing a photo of her with former BBC television presenter Jimmy Savile, a suspected pedophile.
                  In a CNN Starting Point segment soon after the news of Thatcher’s death broke on Monday, the morning show displayed the black and white photo of Thatcher and Savile appearing together atan event in the 1980s to support the NSPCC children’s charity. CNN showed the photo at least four times during the five-minute segment.
                  Scotland Yard announced that in 2012 that it had launched an investigation about a year after Savile’s death in October 2011 into allegations that he had sexually abused hundreds of children.
                  Wall Street Journal Social Media Editor Neal Mann noted on Twitter that CNN “obviously didn’t get the memo” when it ran the photo of Thatcher with Savile.
                  “That is the picture CNN chose to run for Margaret Thatcher’s obituary? A pedophile?” Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy website asked, accompanied by a list of tweets by conservatives slamming CNN’s decision.
                  “Whoever’s doing the Thatcher montage on CNN is either an idiot or a sly lefty. Repeated images of Thatcher with Pinochet and Saville…,”

                  “SLY LEFTY”…thats their response..

                • What don’t you get Bob it could not be more simple. I do not go along with the flow I do not believe in celebrating someones death. I will not be commenting any further on the subject as this is going in a recursive loop.


            • Liz. “At least in her term people had benefits” SHE put most of the people on benefits in “her term”. Just what do you not get. The bitch witch tore the fabric of our country. We are where we are now because of……. . Hell ( if there is one) is too good for her rotten soul.

              • @nats yep you are right 4 million dumped on the dole..mostly paid by north sea oil money too.
                why do you think she closed down GLC? having that 4 million and being reminded by GLC every day..

            • Chewie. I am not from London. I went there though to oppose the closing of GLC. Saw Weller and Bragg playing together on the same small stage. There you go.

      • That woman destroyed their communities by taking away their jobs. Of course these ex-miners have every right to feel bitter. What has replaced these missing jobs? In a word NOTHING.

  84. Anomie shrugs

    The only way you will upset the neo-liberalists is if their shares/bonds market collapses along with a decimated housing market.

    • Exactly.
      The only thing the Miners and other industries got wrong was their basic tactics.
      The state was obviously going to respond with unprecedented violence, and they are rather good at it.
      Confrontational pickets will never work, rioting will never work. The state will win in confrontation, as it will be prepared to go all the way, ALL the way, where as the striking worker will not, they just want to feed a family. They did not rock up to the picket line with the express intention of extreme violence whereas the TSG..

      As you say, the only weapon we have is to hurt the shareholder dividend. Refuse to labour for their profit

  85. Anomie shrugs

    @guy fawkes,

    The markets did collapse, the neo-liberals response was to print counterfeit money, rob out the welfare pot and sell off more social housing.

  86. Your right Anomie shrugs,but they are pretending like there has been no collapse backed up by quantative easing, the next step will be doing a Robert Maxwell with state pensions except for the exorbitant pensions of those at the top of the tree.

  87. For me Maggie’s legacy is that her downfall was she went against the people and history can be an indicator of the future and this Government has inflicted incredible insult tothe people and the result could be their downfall. Hopefully soon.

  88. @LIZ now get yer hankie out and weep for adolf hitler..see if that works..

    • @anomie shrugs ive heard there is not going to be state funeral as such think it will be more like ‘tay bridge’..however i see the faily mail fan club have been pushing for mass weeping and forlock tugging state funeral..and mass revisionism of history..

      • Anomie shrugs


        Mass revisionism – don’t worry too much most Scots pass the hatred for Thatcher on in their genes.

        • @anomie shrugs yeah i know,,its just that it gets on my wick that we are brownbeaten into believing maggie was some kind of ‘saviour’ when its proven that she was anything but,,even when it ‘bleedin’ obvious’..

  89. chewie

    Your wasting your breath on ignoramus LiZ, another insulting dictator like her friend IMatt. Even when you prove them wrong they deny it while they go on throwing insults at you, that ponce IMatt telling me to shut up, just who does he think he is. Both of these trolls telling us WE have lost the plot, they don’t even know what ‘the plot’ is, they are trying to manipulate ciomments and discussion to what they want it to be, yet they accuse us of trying to run the show. JUST WHO THE HELL ARE THEY? don’t fall for it chewie.

  90. chewie

    such as??????????????

    • @guy fawkes erm sorry mate cant say..but only do with west london ‘hotel’ and investigation into that stuff..nasty business..also involves ppl in high places….cant say more than that..

  91. chewie

    will catch you when you spill the beans.

  92. the torygraph talks of a quiet day of dignified mourning..and ive read of compulsory one minute silence..and talk of pre emptive arrests by police trawling the net looking for potential trouble makers..

  93. Gotcha! 🙂

  94. All those… moments will be lost… in time… like… tears… in rain. 😦
    Time… to die. 🙂

  95. General Belgrano

    Rot in Hell, Thatcher!!

  96. 18247 136371I wish I had a dime for every bad write-up Ive read lately. I also wish other writers had your talent and style. Thank you. 593457

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