Brendan O’Neill Is Still A Knob

fuck-daily-mailIn a sign of increasing desperation as welfare reforms unravel in all directions, the Daily Mail has stooped ever lower in an attempt to smear all of those on social security as scroungers.

Fresh from exploiting the sad deaths of the Philpott children to pursue their vile agenda they have now dragged Brendan O’Neill out of the gutter to air his relentless vitriol aimed at those with nothing.

O’Neill styles himself as a leading left wing thinker yet he is nothing of the sort.  In truth he’s a clapped out cultist from the defunct and woefully misnamed Revolutionary Communist Party. This bizarre bunch of largely public school freaks spent the 80s and 90s trawling university campus’ preaching Trotskyism right up until most of them graduated, got middle class jobs and then proclaimed themselves as the capitalist voice of the true working class.

Rejected by the left and never truly embraced by the right, O’Neill now attempts to scrape a living by being an ‘edgy’ and controversial right wing clown.  This means the right wing press occasionally pay him to spew out nasty dishonest diatribes that are too much even for the likes of Richard Littlejohn to stomach.

His latest pub bore rant is aimed once again at the very poorest in society as he cheer-leads Iain Duncan Smith’s assault on the welfare state.  But that’s not really his point.  Claimants are just collateral damage in O’Neill’s desperate obsession with pointing out that some Guardian journalists are posh.  Whilst this is hardly news to the rest of us it seems to remain a constant source of astonishment to the under employed Brendan O’Neill.  When not shouting at the pigeons in the local park he appears to spend his entire life pouring over the liberal press searching for evidence that Polly Toynbee ate a vol au vent once.

And so he went on, and on, in the Daily Mail yesterday in a feeble attempt to prove how out of touch those opposed to social security cuts are with the real working class who are being affected by them.  He even invokes an imaginary friend on benefits who tells him how shit and boring being ill and in poverty is.  The answer to this is more poverty according to O’Neill.  Even the people who only exist in his head must think he’s a wanker

Nowhere does O’Neill call for full employment or decent training for those unable to work.  His only answer seems to be less money for the poor, and he justifies this by claiming that’s what the poor want – apparently based on the opinions of his brothers who unlike him have real jobs as builders.

His only other evidence for this position is that there hasn’t been any resistance to social security slashing from those on benefits themselves. The only people who care about those with least facing destitution are the latte slurpers of Islington dinner parties according to O’Neill.  Disabled people made homeless due to the bedroom tax will go dancing into the streets, miraculously cured of all ills by Atos and ready for an empowering night’s kip behind the supermarket bins.

Like all tin foil hat tirades, O’Neill has decided on his warped position and then ignores any facts which don’t fit his deluded ideas. So the claimant led movement which has seen Disabled People Against Cuts shut down the DWP headquarters or anti-workfare campaigners sabotage the government’s plans for mass forced labour is completely ignored.  He neglects even to mention that protests against workfare, Atos and the bedroom tax have taken place in almost every town and city in the UK.

The truth is that it has been disabled and unemployed people, single parents and those on low wages, who have led the increasingly visible fightback against the savage cuts.  The Guardian, Labour Party and even the unions have been desperately trying to catch up as those affected by the cuts have found ever more precision-targeted ways to stop welfare reforms directly.

Of course none of this fits with O’Neill’s view of the world in which everyone working class is a grasping Tory wannabe like him.  He has tried this trick before, when he accused the website Calum’s List of being some kind of Guardian orchestrated plot.  In fact it is a website chronicling the ever growing number of tragic suicides linked to welfare reforms which is run by disabled people, claimants and those affected by the deaths.

The irony is that it is O’Neill himself who lives in a London bubble of pseudo-intellectuals who seem to spend their lives hanging around trendy North London gastropubs trying to find ways to prove climate change is a conspiracy started by Greenpeace.  He wouldn’t last five minutes in a Jobcentre, where his mouthy middle class rants would see him slapped down and reduced to the cowering little scab he has become.

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152 responses to “Brendan O’Neill Is Still A Knob

  1. @johnny void the daily heil claim he is a blairite..i just thought he is a total loser..btw what you make of the Express crap about grabbing wages to pay back overspending benefits? its connected to DEA as ive posted beore and on here with its impact assessment..are they bringing it in ahead of schedule? i can see this will be another disaster knowing the fuckups DWP make..

  2. The truth is that it has been disabled and unemployed people, single parents and those on low wages, who have led the increasingly visible fightback against the savage cuts. Yes and now they label us the Chattering classes. Wow people communicating and talking out about the government’s policy’s, worse still criticising them! Surely Snifffy should introduce a retroactive law to cover this. Preferably welfare claimants should be made to recite “Our Snifffy who art in heaven hallowed be thy name for thine is the benefit the housing and the heating forever and ever Amen.

    • @workhouse i am surprised they havent publicly hung anyone who dare criticise them.

      • @bobchewie PLEASE do not give them ideas. They are running short of them.

      • I’m sure it’s on the agenda but it will not be death by rope, death by lethal injection.. it will be death by that constant ranting by the Chancellor in a locked room going on about how benefit claimants are destroying the country… I put it to him his party are doing that all by themselves. They are doomed big time… see the buildings rise, see society fall… it’s all about greed and power backed up by selfish ambition, damn career politicians.

  3. Brendan O Neil from trendy ultra left cultist to right wing shill for the Daily Hate. He deserves kicking around a car park the filthy treacherous scab cunt

    • Do you not mean disabled parking bay? that is where all the righteous like oddbourne park these day’s. After all, two more years of their policies and we will no longer have a need for disabled parking bay’s, they will all be dead! And then Snifffy can declare his inhuman measures have been a resounding success. Seemples!

    • Well said mate!- once a middle class tosser, always a middle class tosser. If only more people thought like us…

  4. Only fair to voice the other side of things. Hope people can read and find out what Tories are really thinking. Apparently 🙂

  5. CodewordConduit

    “Even the people who only exist in his head must think he’s a wanker.”

    I nearly choked on this. Brilliant.

  6. Rosemarie Harris

    Well the Daily print are running out of supporters when ever they run anything regarding how we are all feckless etc. Most are saying they are lying. We are winning the comments ratings keep it up. We know we are getting somewhere when they have to PAY someone to write in favour of these reforms and how poor I.D.S. was, looking at it he still is poor it’s his wife’s family’s money!

    • You said… “looking at it he still is poor it’s his wife’s family’s money!” Is that not the very definition of a SCROUNGER!

      • @workhouse at some point the DWP will combine benefits with entertainment industry Mecca will provide bingo nights where you get to win your benefits…

        • how about the X fecktor, Hunger Games! This remind’s me of the end day’s of Rome. Civilisation is about to collapse and I fear like the Roman I see the river Tiber foaming with much blood!

          • @workhouse they privatised the blood bank

            • Do not forget that DNA has now been copyrighted. I hope I am not using mine at the moment, as I may be in breach of copyright laws.

              • @workhouse there was something in the express about scientists reading our dreams


                btw had to laugh at front page of the daily heil was condeming a young women who is youth crime ‘tsar’ it said she condoned drug taking..because on twitter she posted ”i really wanna make hash brownies’ er hash brownies are a confection cake.biscuit..jus shows that the daily heil lives in the stone age

          • I’m sure IDS would bring in the Hunger Games if he could, with a mixture of criminals from the prisons, genuine volunteers, and random jobless people thrown in.

          • If this continues without recourse it will most likely be Tory blood and not through Cameron cutting himself shaving in the morning.. lord knows he has all but cut the throats of the people in this country like sacrificial lambs to the slaughter for a greater purpose. It’s extremely abnormal the massive emphasis on the welfare state when other areas need to be looked at much higher on this golden chain like no mansion tax, giving his buddies tax relief and god knows what other kind of relief (chuckle).

            Also what has floated up to the surface of this tory cesspool is that the PM rewarding mega-rich backers with generous cut in tax bills, three of the wealthiest cronies will have their tax bill cut by £500,000 a year whilst millions have to suffer a crippling benefits squeeze… the names….
            Tycoon Michael Spencer, JCB boss Sir Anthony Bamford, and hedge fund boss MIchael Farmer, those three between them help bankroll the party to the tune of £10 million…. they will save a fortune. The tax cuts for the rich will save 13,000 millionaires an average of £100,000. This is what’s happening to the wealth of this country whilst they conduct a class war on the poor… party diversion tactics.

      • @workhouse the new DEA will circumvent the courts when DWP try to recover overpayments due to their own failings.

      • No mate, I rather think that makes IDS a “ponce”.

  7. WTF? deluded ukip nutjob thinks young people should magically pay-in after leaving education when there are no bloody jobs.

    • Seriously, put old far-right wankers like this in a shoddy, abusive nursing home.

    • Mr O’ Flynn should be excused his moronic inability to think He is, after all, a ‘jounalist’ on the Daily Express so it goes without saying the man is quite a few apples short of a picnic and is as thick as shit. That is the SOLE qualification to write for that rag. Most comics are of a higher intelectual plane. It never seems to occur to these cretins that Britain has such a high rate of unemployment in general and longterm unemployment in particular NOT because there has been a mass epidemic of lazyness BUT because Britain has a seriously crap economy which doesn’t produce enough real job vacancies. The man is a total PRICK just like George Gideon Osbourne is and is obviously incapable of doing simple maths.

  8. Fact is some Guardian middle class liberals are fucking annoying. Especially those ones who want to shut down supermarkets and replace them with farmers markets selling free range chicken at twenty quid a throw.
    But O’Neill is talking utter shit when he claims it’s just middle class liberals who are protesting against the welfare cuts.
    He’s a pathetic failed leftie who can get jobs writing for the broadsheets so he has to take the buck from the right-wing rags instead.

  9. All this populist welfare garbage -full employment through annihilation of the unemployed was advocated by the left, there is no way the ConDem government could have moved against welfare without the blessing of the established left.

    There is probably more political sympathy for unconditional welfare on the right than on the left. This debate fundamentally crosses and divides along much deeper lines than that of left and right.

    • If there is, I wish some of them would actually come forward and say so. I’ve never, EVER seen a right winger advocate removing conditionality. And whilst I haven’t been exhaustive in my search, I’m sure I would have remembered.

  10. Fauré's Requiem

    O’Neill……champagne socialist chatterin’ class headess chicken in the ranks of the lost left who have become gutless sycophants at the feet of the likes of IDS because they imagine the likes of him to be Stalinist, such is the paucity of their thought. They only worry about thir bank accounts now that they realise their ensnarement in the new brutalism.
    Laughable clown

  11. I’m going to sleep for a few months till the real action starts because debating about this evil government will serve no purpose, they’ll do what they want anyway if people oppose it or not!

    • The Welfare State was put in place by government legislation to lift poor people out of poverty and to avoid over burdening the NHS, so something that has actually worked and is envied the world over, we are suddenly no longer proud of it! Torries love broken Britain, it gives them power to justify genocide.

  12. They are wrecking the welfare state and the NHS at the same time.

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  14. “Labour wants welfare to help those who ‘play their part’”

  15. Jaynel62

    Your article on Liam Byrne and labour’s 3 step welfare plan, shows just what a pack of cowards and right wing thinkers now infiltrate the labour party.
    They would restore the 10p tax rate and make employers pay a living wage – which could mean just above poverty levels and employees would still pay a 10p tax rate from their earnings.

    After 2 years dole benefit claimants would be offered a real job and real training – pigs might fly, where will these real jobs come from? more labour bureaucracy to keep the working classes in check. The claimants benefit will go to the employer to employ them, more money to the rich which they say will come from bankers bonus’s and pensions, until they get into power.

    There are lots of people who pay an awful lot more than they get back – they probably pay an awful lot more of car insurance than they will ever get back too. This is the sick old chestnut way of thinking about what is a state run insurance policy, which now has a get out clause for more and more of the richest people who object to paying it because they are confident they may never draw from it, except in the form of housing benefits for the landlord class, those that are rich and are claiming from it should most certainly not be doing so irrespective of what they have paid in, but this has not been mentioned. Only an example of a woman who has worked for thirty years – she could be a millionaire also after 30 years if one of the top earners and a husbands income to match.
    Capitalism allows people to earn untold wealth, why should they not pay taxes proportionate to those on the paye system or into a benefits system that supports the poorest in society?

    To offer social housing which is rightly subsidised for those who are unemployed or on sickness benefits should not be given priority to those in work, another unfair and immoral twist of what the welfare state should provide for.

    If labour really want fairness in society stop the differentials in incomes, irrespective of education. A days pay for a days work irrespective of what your work entails.

  16. chewie

    The Andrew Marr show(on bbc1 now) has two upper class farts talking about class and class prejudice after slagging off the working class on welfare.

    • @guy fawkes they are ‘born to rule’ doncha know..
      btw had to laugh at front page of the daily heil was condeming a young women who is youth crime ‘tsar’ it said she condoned drug taking..because on twitter she posted ”i really wanna make hash brownies’ er hash brownies are a confection cake.biscuit..jus shows that the daily heil lives in the stone age.

      • overburdenddonkey

        stop talking about food it makes feel hungry…no alt to the lab party…i’ve got one l’bacon party cures all ill’s and hamstrings one at the same tyme…can you imagine how attractive things will be…the con lab pact?

  17. Harriet Harman wants a work programme for the unemployed even if it is in voluntary work or for benefits because work gives the unemployed dignity and teaches their children what it is to work. Low wages and state intervention in the lives of the working class takes away dignity, independence and individuality.
    Work robs the small children of single parents of a mother at home to care for them, which is obviously work, why else would there be jobs in nurseries, only there would be the familiar personal touch at home which is already lacking one parent.

    The greedy high income double earners put their money and careers before their children and as far as I’m concerned should be the ones that are restricted from having children they clearly don’t want.

    • “Harriet Harman wants a work programme for the unemployed even if it is in voluntary work or for benefits because work gives the unemployed dignity and teaches their children what it is to work.”

      Reads like the same Stalinist terror that IDS spouts, UNCONDITIONAL WELFARE can your preference politician mouth those words?

  18. chewie

    You obviously don’t watch the soaps, in Coronation street the pensioners are easing their aches and pains with cannabis laced brownies.

    • @guy fawkes no i dont watch soaps, my understanding was that is was an american confection..lets not forget that mcdonalds also sell ‘hash browns’..i dont think they would market and sell drugs..(ok mcbugers can be addictive -yuk–)

  19. The daily mail get all their next big stories from the soaps, and the soaps script writers insult the working class by stating they think soapland is real life, therefore a platform for propoganda and social conditioning. I personally like a bit of escapism from mass unemployment to a street where nobody appears to be unemployed or suffering tough times financially, they can all afford the pub.

    • @guy fawkes yes to the ruling elite of westminster..the poor working class are the ‘other’ whose lives are drugs.booze,beating up partners, going to footie,gambling,benefits,tons of children, apples n pear gor blimey guv..or ee bah unions run by kgb and immigrants.

    • @KITTYCAT AND ALL ‘DISABLED AS PARASITES’,_but_my_brother_kevin_contributes_greatly_to_our_society

      Click to access priestleym1.pdf

      “As disabled people have increas
      ingly analysed their segregation,
      inequality and poverty in terms of discrimination and oppression,
      research has been seen as part of
      the problem rather
      than as part
      of the solution:
      … Disabled people have come to
      see research as a violation
      of their experience, as Irrelevant to their needs and as failing
      to improve their material circum
      stances and quality of life.
      (Oliver 1992: 105)
      The major critiques of disabi
      lity research are grounded in
      experiences of oppression. Decades
      of ‘scientific’ research have
      perpetuated the marginalization of
      disabled people, justifying
      segregationist policies, eugenics,
      and the systematic denial of
      human rights (Rioux and Bach 19
      94). Researchers within the
      interpretative paradigm have al
      so been criticized for compounding
      oppression (see Hunt’s (1981) vitrio
      lic ‘Settling Accounts with the
      Parasite People’, Finkelstein’s
      (1980) condemnation of Goffman’s
      or Abberley’s exposé of the
      oppressive rationale behind
      the 1988 national disability survey
      by the Office of Population
      Censuses and Surveys). Add to this list personal accounts of
      alienation, imposed passivity
      and betrayal at the hands of
      researchers and the call for a
      new research paradi
      gm seems long overdue.

  20. It’s not only that vile twat O’Neill, just this morning on Sky News, John Sergeant (whom I once thought of as a journalist with integrity) described benefit claimants as “these people”. As though claimants are some type of sub-species,that are not quite human & just appeared out of the ether somehow.
    Maybe the Philpott case was at the back off his mind, when he uttered this, it’s anyone’s guess. If so, it’s made the issue of “welfare”( hate that Americanism) even more poisonous,in that all claimants have the potential to be child-killing pychopaths.

    • Mike Sergeant (BBC News)

      Hey, that’s my dad you are talking about. 🙂

    • That is what all benefit claiments are viewed as. George Gideon Osborne (our mathematically-challenged Chancellor) clearly thinks so and so does Iain Duncan-Smith (the Roman Catholic arsehole who has voices in his head telling him things)

      I hope the Tories and Labour get a kicking in the local elections in May but unfortunately it will the morons of UKIP who will do the kicking. UKIP’s economic policies are even more loony than the Tories and that it is really saying something.

  21. chewie

    I know they think and say that, but in the real world they are the drug taking coke addicts and the mr bigs behind drug pushing, they are also the champagne/bollinger/wiine drinking class, who farm their kids off onto nannies, nurseries or boarding schools and at times emotionally blackmail if not beat up their partners also. Those who think they have got on in life usually do so by bullying, compromising morality, or greed and they think they are winners, which is all that matters to them.

  22. @guy fawkes @kittycat i think this is what riles me ..mostly the depiction of disabled as parasites..often reports seem to imply that..they are ‘the other’ subhuman ,,or just ;things’,_but_my_brother_kevin_contributes_greatly_to_our_society

    Click to access priestleym1.pdf

  23. Anomie shrugs

    Harriet Harman is just another joker in the pack of mindless wannabe politicians, they don’t think for themselves they follow and quote fiddled statistics of what they think the majority of tax paying voters think or want,not what is morally right i.e. unconditional benefits claimants pay into.
    Those who are in work, even part-time, are being given licence to have an inflated sense of superiority over the unemployed, sick and disabled.

    The tories want to reduce minimum wage and keep reducing it so that they can keep reducing benefits, because only work has to pay the bills, not welfare that is now pegged below inflation. lt’s a never ending cycle of dirty tricks by confidence tricksters employed as policy makers and con men/women carrying these policies out in all the mainstream parties.

  24. If Philpott hadn’t existed it would have been necessary for the tories to invent him –

  25. Kittycat58

    I notice there are no comments allowed to be left on the guardian link.

  26. Landless Peasant

    Brendan O’Neill, eh? He’s another one to add to the list. When the time comes, up against a wall, blindfold, last fag, BOOM!

  27. Think on all this…

    How do we know that we are not being tracked on where we go!, what we say, what we think, there are so many ways to watch us, don’t forget, google earth is juat one way, thay can watch your home and see when you leave it and where you go, when you come home!!!..The power is total…

    A government that wants to know how someone who is disabled gets around, how far they can walk, etc.

    Of course the government wouldn’t do that would they, they wouldn’t allow others that they employ to do WCA do that, would they.

  28. I recently exchanged e-mails with someone representing the Tory administration respecting The Bedroom Tax. Although this exchange was essentially private in nature it covers an important area of public policy so I am reproducing it here.’

    • Stan, your replies back from A tory, were similar to my replies from my tory MP, i had sent her several emails re the bedroom tax, i am expected to pay £22 per week bedroom tax, out of my benefit. the Govt can piss off, i and the many thousands affected, cannot afford to pay it..

  29. Landless Peasant

    Meanwhile, Labour are joining the Tories at kicking the poor:

    • Liam Bryne should just join the tories, that’s obviously where his sentiments lie. Two-faced creep.

    • @landless i am no longer posting on here..i’ve had enough.of.. ****** ****…..

      • bob, dont you be doing one on us & fucking off, we will not allow it. you would be missed very much.

        • @pat i post for all of you thats why i do this..its just that……im told that my comments get modded cos i am ”posting every thirty seconds” which isnt true,,it comes to something when my replies to others including comments directed to me are modded as well..that gets my goat…

          atm i’m posting on my other subject ie child sex abuse..which i am investigating of which i have come up with some curious stuff based on hunches which often pay off surprisingly so..we’ll see how it goes….
          .ps there are things i only wish i could say on here but i cant….

          • Bob, both your comments were approved. I dont spend every second of my life glued to the screen just in case you post a comment with lots of links in that goes into the moderation queue. I was in the park with my son when you posted. this blog sometimes get hundreds of comments a day, it is lot of work for which I dont receive a penny and frankly when you pull shit like this you dont make it any easier.

            • @JVOID i have no idea what i am supposed to do..and i’m not ‘pulling shit’ as you call it..there were comments directed to me and i could not what was i supposed to do then? ignore them..then..btw i need a break my dear friend called me to tell me he has terminal lung cancer..thats upset me quite a bit today…he wont be around much longer..

            • you could reply, you did reply, it just took a while for them to be approved. that will happen sometimes. Im sorry to hear about your friend.


    Agreeing with Frank Field – 100% stupid
    Kick idiots like him, Harman and Byrne (I’m afraid we’ve got no money left lolz) out of Labour and back to where they belong with this cunt – The Tory party.

  31. Yet more lies and hate from the Mail…

    They are trying to paint a picture of thousands of people milking the system and getting more than working people but the reality is very different. It’s this Tory rag’s attempts to help the ConDems divide the working class along the lines of those who work and those who do not/cannot.
    It’s failing as workers and non-workers are uniting and fighting back!

  32. O Neil what a reactionary knob and just complete fool with zero intregity

  33. I am glad people are realising that the labour party doesn’t have any answers either….out of the fat into the frying pan, so to speak. We haven’t got a viable alternative right now and that is what is badly needed. Until we have someone who is ready to look after the welfare state and to look out for the vulnerable – which can be each and every one of us, we have no one on side, just political parties operating class war and brutality

    • Even Daily Mail readers will see there’s something wrong when there are people starving on the streets and violence breaking out everywhere.

      • @Michael Fowke no all homeless ppl on the streets are alcoholics and drug addicts ..and put them selves there as the are deliberately homeless..why do we know this ? because the daily heil tells us that..

    • Exactly! Labour, Tory, Liberal, The fucking lot of em are out of touch.
      Left to that lot’ we’ll still be in the same old fucking boat, full of holes and sinking like a bleedin stone.
      While their tax dodging mates laugh all the way to the bank.

  34. O’Neill is a throbber of the highest order, great post.

  35. Hands up those that DON’T want to be on welfare…………Right ,huge show of hands I see!

    Hands up those that would like a job that pays £50 a week or so more than current benefits?……….Again another huge show of hands!

    Hands up those people who can find a job that pays £200+ a week?………..What? Nobody raising their hand!

  36. Jesus of the new world

    @ Johny Void & All readers….I have a few points to make.

    1. The daily mail rely on the opposition to make this news, Take that away, and stop giving a fuck………… They will stop publishing this ridiculous shite. moral of story? Let daily mail do what they desire, and theres a good chance they will leave welfare out of the main stories.

    2. I used to come to this website blog for my Daily feel good fix! Where have all the good stories gone?? All the the charities and so calling it quits with workfare? Mostly bleek 😦

    3. Why does it feel like, The more we press the government to stop playing games with welfare, cutting back, and generally playing mind games using propaganda as fuel to feed the mindless population amongst us that all jobseekers are scum ……. When in actual fact, we know anyone can end up in such a position……… It kind of feels like our fault for bringing it to the surface, when actually living and let live/ Or leaving it be would have been a better alternative as they might not have thought about welfare so much had we decided to leave things un-questoined????? I know its all in heinsight, But I cant help feel, if we just left things unquestioned, perhaps they wouldnt have risen to the challenge so much and left us jobseekers and welfare users be.

    Anyway. Maybe if we just got on with it rather then try and squeeze the system for more and more perhaps we would be in a better situation. Or maybe, we are needed as a way to show objection, show fight, and show that we arnt about to waltz back into a nazi germany great britian type place where slavery is allowed and things are unquestioned due to fear….. I just dont know. I hope we are doing the right thing. Somtimes it feels like it backfires on us though. Know what I mean?

    • overburdenddonkey

      if scargill had only kept his big mouth shut….i’m sure when there is cheerie news to report,,it will be

    • Too many people are on the governments side so may as well give up on the welfare issue.

      • I think able bodied claimants should be made to work for their benefits, there’s no shortage of community work, and yes, I’m a claimant!

        • Non working claimants that is!

          • overburdenddonkey

            but, it is not a choice…the key is don’t do as we say you get no money!
            no money = what?

          • What sort of claimant are you? Phoenix? On “disability”? Sat on your fat arse “stressed out” with your “bad back”. And you put yourself that way, didn’t you? Deliberately! You didn’t look after your health. On purpose You smoke, you drank, you ate shit, you didn’t exercise? – “lifestyle choice! And now your ill-health is your excuse for being lazy and sitting on your fat arse claiming benefits. And know, what, you remind me of that episode of the Simpsons when Homer was trying to get on “disability”. He had to weigh so much, so he spent all day sat on the sofa in front of the TV stuffing his face with doughnuts. And now as you sit in front of the TV stuffing your face with doughnuts and packets of multi-bag crisps you think wouldn’t it be great if the *able-bodied” unemployed, the unemployed who don’t deliberately destroy their own bodies were out being broken down mentally and physically on workfare. Or better still paying taxes in some soul-destroying, back-breaking, mind-numbing job. Just so that YOU, Phoenix and your lazy, pathetic ilk can claim more on benefits. You would be quite happy to if the *able-bodied* unemployed were being persecuted to Hell so long as YOU were left alone. I hate to say it, but I am glad that the Government are coming after c*unts like you, here, here for ATOS, and if that “bedroom tax” means a muti-bag packet of crisps less for you then so be it. I had an aunt like you once, Phoenix. People like you are out-and-out bad people. You truly are scum. Rot in Hell!

            • God, Debs, I hope that was sarcasm intended to show how poisonous dividing amongst ourselves is, rather than anything even close to your true feelings. Because as someone on those disability benefits, even reading it as satire still hurts like hell.

          • Oh, I see Michael Shapps (or is it Grant Green?) has configured his software to find this website too. I suspect it’ll get to all of them in time.

            (I, for one, welcome our conscience-free, artificially unintelligent silicon overlords…)

        • Anomie shrugs

          “There was once a nanny-goat who said,
          In my cradle someone sang to me:
          “A strong man is coming.
          He will set you free!”

          The ox looked at her askance.
          Then turning to the pig
          He said,
          “That will be the butcher.”

          Bertolt Brecht

        • @phoenix i suppose you want to encourage employers to sack their staff and replace them with non experienced benefit you??

        • That is a disgusting thing to say, Phoenix! Shocking, utterly deplorable! You should wash your mouth out with carbolic soap immediately!

    • things have been pretty bleak lately unfortunately, I was hoping this post might be some light relief.

  37. Fantastic article. Brenda O’Neill truly is a wankstain

  38. Henrietta Sandwich

    Johnny, I’m wondering if O’Neill believes what he’s written. What do you reckon?

  39. @henrietta sandwich it does not matter whether he does or not, the fact that he is willing to do it and probbly get paid quite well to do it is the point.

  40. labours new welfare policy – “those who put in the most will be rewarded the most”, that exempts the long term sick and unemployed then. I have never heard so much perverse clap trap in all of my life, backed up by the bbc interviewing ukip voters in London street markets.

    • Anomie shrugs

      Have to admit feeling a bit demoralised and sullied- not looking forward to signing on tomorrow but it is the food on the table and the roof over our heads.

  41. Go on then Phoenix rise from the ashes and work for your benefits, sell those that are looking for a job with a living wage down the river why don’t you, you traitor.

  42. Anomie shrugs

    What is that latin saying “don’t let the bastards grind you down” ?

  43. @anomie shrugs for some people it will be roof on the table..

    • overburdenddonkey

      hiram, never imagined it would end like this!

      any how my stingy broadband provider only gives me 10g…i’ll see what’s left at the end of the month…the story of my life

      is this light hearted and smiley enough…today on trials, with smiles we present..the next victim… i mean… claimant..i mean… customer…

      • @donkey for £15 pm you get unlimited net use..i tether my cell phone to laptop..

        • overburdenddonkey

          who from…can you say or hint…who this is from.?coz renewal time is next few days…btw i am a clapped out diabetic with more blood supply problems than the count…so it is a cup of coa-coa for me…without the milk, sugar, and coa-coa…so it looks like tea my drug of choice…that’s for bob…

  44. @donkey you can tether ways..usb cable or portable wifi hotspot..i use latter cos i can keep phone charged using usb plugged into wall socket

  45. “Tin foil hat tirades”

    Love it!!

  46. Steve CK

    You appear to have a tinfoil claptrap tirade yourself against those who comment here.

  47. Jv nobody disputes that you work hard on your blogg for no pay, but those who comment and provide research to back it up work equally as hard for no pay, and I personally am grateful to all of them even the deluded trolls.

  48. chewie

    As I never read anything from the right wing if at all possible,(exception right wing abias BBC), I like to have a laugh when they come on here spouting their garbage

  49. In Sunday school as a child, I was taught an age old saying; “The pen is mightier than the sword”. How true this has been over the past couple of weeks!

    Politicians and journalists need to realise that their very words can not only be inflammatory. They can be divisive and create a climate of fear, ignorance and misinformation.

    Take Gideon Osborne. Okay, he did not explicitly say that Mick Philpot’s lifestyle is enjoyed by everyone on benefits. However, it is what he IMPLIES by his careful use of words that does the damage. Add to this the tacit and indeed toxic backing from certain sections of the media and we have a witches brew of blame, finger pointing and attacking the wrong targets.

    Philpotts actions were and still are dispicable. You will not get any sugar coating from the man from me. I’m confident just about all here would agree with me on that one. However, if we are supposed to use Mick Philpott as the poster boy for all that is wrong with the benefits system, are we thus supposed to;

    1) Use the greed and corruption practiced by Enron and Parmalat to paint a broad brush defining how all corporate giants operate?

    2) Use the example of Emma Harrison and A4e with regards to New / Flex New Deal and the WP and the London 2012 Olympics security screw up by G4s to brand ALL outsourcing as dodgy and unworkable?

    3)Point to Robert Maxwell to say that all of newspaper proprietors are all as bent, twisted and morally bankrupt as he was?

    4) Point to MP’s who have diddled and fiddled their expenses claims (including those who ended up doing a bit of Porridge such as Elliot Morely) and say that EVERY MP is a fiddler and swindler too?

    5)Again point to MP’s such as John Major, David Mellor, Cecil Parkinson and John Prescott and say that ALL MP’s are having it away behind their wives backs?

    We could all add more examples I’m sure.
    Another issue we have with the modern press is the fact it has a drip-drip-drip effect on peoples collective minds. This is why I do not have as much faith in “the court of public opinion” as many of our elected politicians do. You see, public opinion is a commodity. Like any commodity such as oil, natural gas, gold, silver, rice or palm oil, it can be bought and sold. It can also be manipulated and bent to suit a particular agenda. With this in mind, one cannot help but feel that the Philpott case, (as despairing as it is and as dysfunctional as the Philpott family lifestyle was) is manna from heaven to the Osbornes, Camerons, Smiths and Hobans of this world.

    P.S. Just heard MaggieThatcher has died! Any thoughts…..???

  50. IMatt

    For someone who has not got much’ faith in the court of public opinion’, you have twice tried to court public opinion on this post and the one proceeding it when you stated,” I’m sure most of the people here would agree with me”, on both the Philpott issue and the Thatcher issue. deary.

    • So you are now saying that most will NOT agree with me that Philpott’s actions were despicable?

      You really have lost it! That’s if you ever had whatever “it” is in the first place!

  51. IMatt
    There you go again telling people what they should think because if they don’t they have lost “it” and then you go on to state whatever “it is”, well how do you know I’ve lost “it “if you don’t know what “it is” you numpty.
    What people do or do not think is for them to say not for you to state” i’m sure they would agree with me,” who do you think you are?

  52. chewie

    I’m not convinced by that Liz either she occasionally comes on here to contradict what the majority think. She says Thatcher was responsible for the breakup of her marriage but then states that there was a system to help her when she was homeless. That system was devised and fought for by the old labour party until Margaret Thatcher systematically took away grants and gave out loans for the poorest, homelessness increased because she sold off the council housing and refused to use the proceeds to build more council housing – the only system left was women’s refuges and they are being decimated by cameron. He is trying to undercut the penny pinching Thatcher when it comes to welfare and the NHS. She may have been penny wise against the poorest but pound foolish when it came to the richest.
    There were mass political unrest amongst public sector workers who were striking because their wages were not being increased because of deliberate low state investment in an effort to privatize the utilities. Her government created the winter of discontent not the other way round.

    Private Investors could not lose by investing in companies that people needed to survive, until years later when oil prices rose and investment for new technologies for these privatized utilities were needed then all of a sudden they were either going cap in hand for public money to bail them out or force customers to pay increased costs to keep shareholders happy rather than ask them to dip into their own profit lined pockets.

    That is the reality, these so called businesses are getting workers either free or part time and letting tax credits pay the surplus wage bill. Water, gas,electric, telephone the railways are all bleeding customers dry to keep their profit levels high enough to attract investors, while workers are being paid a pittance unless you happen to be at managerial level.

    Thatcher was also the first to bring managers into the NHS to cost everything down to the ninth degree in an effort to show that she was a good shop keeper.

    • @guy fawkes dont know liz problems,,my point is this idea that we should all weep and grieve at the passing of this messiah who ‘saved this country (for themselves) and anyone who doesnt is ‘typical’ of whingers,feckless idle or as the mail puts in ‘the left’..

  53. ps although James Callaghan was the pm during the winter of discontent he was the one that was told to control inflation by tory businessmen who wanted to privatize the utilities.

  54. chewie

    Liz’s comments are on the ‘could you live on £53 a week post.

  55. Chewie

    Mad Matt and Loony Liz don’t understand why people should be angry – that takes the biscuit doesn’t it?

  56. Imatt

    There you go again Matt telling people what they are or are not doing, is there a volume attached to everyone’s comments? Deliberate narks like you deserve to be shouted at and frequently are by many people who have every right to do so, should shouting be a crime now? Those in Westminster are in big trouble then.

  57. Imatt

    How can you say nothing too loudly?

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  62. Basically every Brendan O’Neill rant goes along the lines of how the left secretly hate the working class and want to stop them from flying.

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