You Can’t Make A Profit Out of Having Babies For Benefits

cheap-buggyThe Tory Party have long had an obsession with the notion that working class women are constantly having babies in order to gain some kind of financial advantage.

Under the last Tory Government this manifested in the accusation that teenage girls were becoming pregnant simply to gain access to a council flat.  With social housing in chronically short supply this argument barely holds water anymore.  Very young single parents are likely to be placed in mother and baby units or hostels – usually sharing a tiny room with their child in an environment closer to an open prison than a home.  Those who are older with children tend to be offered private sector accommodation whilst awaiting a council property which may take years to materialise, if it ever does.

So now the Tories have turned their attention to the pittance paid out in benefits to those with kids, even stooping as low as exploiting the recent tragic deaths in the Philpott case.

There are now likely to be repeated calls for benefits to be limited to two children as hysterical right wing newspapers, along with the Prime Minister, use an exceptional case to smear all low income families.

The truth is that benefit rates for single parents are pitiful and barely meet even the most basic costs of looking after a child.  A single parent unable to find work is paid just £71 a week for themselves plus slightly  over that for their first child –  taking their total income to around £150 a week.  A second child is worth even less however at £696.80 annually in Child Benefit and £2,690 in tax credits, which works out at £3,386 a year or around £65 a week.  From a purely financial perspective, looking after other people’s children is a far better deal.

The cheapest jar of baby food in Tesco is 65p.  100g of oven chips, two fish fingers and a third of a tin of value beans is edging close to a quid.  A pint of milk a day costs up to £3.50 a week. Even a bag of crisps is over 50p these days, whilst a banana can set you back 25p.  Buying the cheapest possible food items and only feeding your kids just about enough to survive it would still be near impossible to keep the cost of food down to less than £25 a week per child.

Of course food bills can be kept low by shopping around at market stalls, soaking dried beans, or trying to force-feed kids lentils everyday.  But at this level of micro-economising then the money you save doing one thing often means a cost somewhere else.  Is it worth a bus fare to the market, or even the cost of gas to cook from fresh?  These are the kind of questions that low income parents spend half their lives obsessing about.

Supermarket value nappies are an example of this.  Tesco do 20 value nappies for just under £2 and baby wipes for around 50p.  But be prepared to literally deal with a lot of shit, along with vicious nappy rash if these are a permanent choice.  And be prepared to buy twice as many.  In truth nappies and wipes are likely to cost at a minimum £8 a week – calculated roughly at the cost of four Tesco own brand nappies day and two packs of wipes a week.

The costs don’t end there.  Whilst there is a small grant available for those on low incomes when they have their first child, there is none for the second.  A cheap buggy from Argos costs around £30-40 quid, but it will probably break after a year.  Even shopping in Primark and charity shops it is difficult to imagine any change from £100 a year at the absolute minimum for clothing costs.  Then add a couple of quid a week for extra laundry costs ( or much more if you don’t have a washing machine), another couple at the very least for increased heating and hot water costs and then another £100 a year for general kid tat such as bottles, sippy cups, blankets and bibs.  And then of course you will need a cot, and then a bed as they get bigger, along with at least some basic furniture, which won’t last if you buy it cheap.

So for just the very basic food, nappies, clothes and equipment that’s around two grand gone.  And all you’ve got so far is a pissed off kid, who’s slightly malnourished, probably cold most of the time, needs their bum changing and has no toys.  You’re going to need a lot of Calpol (over £3 quid a bottle in Boots).

One bus trip a week, to see friends or family, is likely to cost approaching £150 a year.  Even a very sparse Christmas and birthday would take up another £100 annually.  Just one chocolate bar a week adds £30 to the yearly food bill.  Then of course there is the additional amount spent on cleaning products, shampoo, kid’s toothpaste and the endless hidden expenses, from a pack of plasters to a mobile phone to replace the one the little darling just tried to flush down the loo.

And all these costs are for a very young child, who hasn’t even heard of Playstations, funfairs or Cheese Strings yet.  Yet all that’s left after this social services baiting lifestyle, is just a few hundred pounds a year in ‘profit’ – not even enough to pay the bedroom tax.  And it is that few hundred pounds remaining which buys even the most basic quality of life for a young child.  Some colouring books, a birthday cake, an Easter egg, the odd day out, or some decent nutritional food.

It is ludicrous to suggest that anyone would have a baby for the benefits.  And that’s why no-one does.  Just 1% of Child Benefit recipients have five or more children, and many of those will be working families.  Around half of single parents were married when they had their kids.  People’s lives change over time and no-one knows what the future might bring.  Any attempt to punish families economically for having too many children will drive thousands into unbearable poverty for reasons that in most cases were entirely beyond their control.

Sadly there will always be families like the Philpotts.  But no-one can seriously pretend that they are in any way typical of those raising children on benefits.  And it is this that cuts to the heart of the debate on the future of social security as extreme examples are repeatedly used as political cover for legislation which affects millions.  How many thousands of children’s lives is this Government prepared to destroy in a flawed attempt at collective punishment due to a handful of families like the Philpotts?

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  1. @Johnny Void..the tories must be desparate to stoop this they really think that benefit claimants are child killers? or trying to suggest they are? everyones circumstances are different..this comes on the back of the idiotic headline in the Mail ”3rd of jobless are criminal underclass”…and do you remember that Tory MP who claimed that benefits encourage the poor to breed’? how despicable or stupid is that..its the typical fear/muck spreading to scare the comfortable middle distract them them from the real theives at the top..
    i would like to add the latest but no so surprising info with regard to workfare Toms latest about homebase flyer making it quite clear that taking on workfare can help the store reduce its payroll bill..

    • Roger Edwards

      Good input. I was prepared to make a small donation to the salvation army, until I found out that they support the workfare program! I joined the Respect party instead.

  2. off topic
    A young filmmaker is believed to have frozen to death while making a documentary about sleeping rough on the streets as he tried to impress Channel 4 bosses.

    Read more:

    • So sad on so many fucking levels.

      There are so many people sleeping rough not by choice, and its become the new voyeurism to gaze at the poor, and on the flip side that
      young people are driven to extremes to get a job in their desired industry, frequently working for nothing to try to get in.

  3. Damn! There goes ‘plan b’ …

  4. Thanks to the Philpott case it’s now open season for ANYONE on benefits regardless of their circumstances. How long is it going to be before a claimant is attacked & seriously injured or even killed due to Gidiot’s & the Daily Heil’s hateful rhetoric.Is this what they want, blood on their hands?

    • @kittycat the drones will do it for will hear such things as ‘we condemn such action’ and when pressed why this happens you will hear ”I couldn’t comment on individual cases”..

    • Roger Edwards

      This has actually happened here in Liverpool not so long ago. Three teenage boys batterred a local homeless person to death!

    • It terrifies me. I have 5 kids, all born while my ex was working, until he lost his job due to illness. We broke up last year and are divorced now, my new partner is disabled with “invisible” conditions, and i am his carer. Are people going to come for us next? say we are just as bad as people like Philpott because we claim benefits and my partner doesn’t “look” disabled?

  5. DarkestAngel32

    The Phillpots were claiming in work benefits. No politician seems to have noticed that. While benefits have increased slightly since the 90’s when I had my 1st child, its still not enough to call it comfortable or luxurious at all. The last time I was on just benefits (with 3 kids) I struggled. I’m still paying off debts from that period, the electric bills still waiting to be paid. I think that’ll end up being solved with a pre payment meter. I didn’t even catch a bus, we walked because it would cost over £5 just to get to my mums house for all of us while the youngest 2 were small. My 14year old is expensive lol Anyone reading this who thinks its easy should try it. Feed 3 kids, pay ALL your bills and have any quality of life on benefits. Hope the washing machine doesn’t break (especially on a school day), pray the fridge keeps going, and good luck buying 3 school uniforms with no grant, no vouchers, no help. That’s 3 pairs of shoes, 3 lots of jumpers with the school logo (about £15 each), 3 lots of t shirts with the school logo (about £10 each) 3 lots of trousers (£5 – £10 each). 3 PE kits. 3 school bags. 3 coats, 3 pairs of trainers, 3 PE bags. Pens, pencils. The list goes on. It costs me £150 for 1 child! Anyone who ever has a baby for benefits should stop listening to politicians. Its not easy, its rough. There’s no money to go out. Nothing for luxuries. It takes serious penny pinching to do birthdays etc. On top of all that you’re treated like scum by the ignorant public. A childminder I know was recently verbally abused. Told to ‘get a job’ ‘stop knocking babies out and shut your legs’. She retorted ‘this is my job!’. She says next time she’s just going to shout ‘I’m a whore!! All 5 of these 4yr olds are mine!’ Lol

  6. ‘baby factories’ i kid you not. nonsense..surely they want the next gen of toffs backside wipers dont they?

  7. Where are they likely to go after this policy proves yet another Lava-Tory failure, by only punishing the innocent children. Perhaps they could insist on compulsory abortion or sterilisation of welfare claimants with two children. And stop their benefits under sanction until they comply. Why not go the whole way and implement a Chinese one child policy. We could reduce unemployment, by creating jobs for mobile childcatcher units.
    These units would round up excess children who escape the system. The media and the government are pursuing a eugenics agenda. Add that to their current social cleansing policy’s and we have to ask ourselves, how long before the book burning’s and the work / extermination camps.

    • @workhouse what is it with the establishment and children? if they arent abusing care home kids they are condemning poor families for having them..

      • The establishment are junkies! Sadly their usual money fix is no longer giving them the buzz they used to get. Now they want their control fix, when that no longer gives them a hit only the power of life and death can satisfy their endless cravings.

        • @workhouse power for power sake…run by reckless idiots with no regard for others..

          • @bobchewie we should be careful not to invoke the wrath of our new Gods. Perhaps we should make sacrifices to appease them! We could start off with offerings of expenses and when that no longer works we could offer human sacrifices!

            • @workhouse it is alleged that with regard to the jersey care home scandal that some abuse is linked to a satanist cult..its a weird place..there are videos on youtube about it..

    • julie dunn-brown

      i have a great idea send back the americans let them fight their own wars and keep their everyone” needs to go to harvard or they are useless attitude” we are proud of our heritage and goodwill to ALL we are a great country thats why people want to come here lets face it its not for the weather! x

    • julie dunn-brown

      umm tough one people really should not have children if they carn’t afford to keep them im not saying that only wealthy people should be entitled to children but as a single mother of 2 i struggled to give them the life they deserved not impossible they now live in Australia have great jobs well paid and appreciated but i sacrificed a lot for them to achieve that but hey they were worth it!

  8. julie dunn-brown

    i must have missed something the government encourage us to eat 5 items of fresh fruit and veg a day to stay fit and healthy because we should all except responsibility for our own health you know because of the burden of the nhs debt well thats ok but when i have paid my bills i have less than £10 a week for food so i have no choice but to eat cheap food so when im obese have no immune system and therefore are great fodder for germs to attack i will need the nhs doesn’t make any sense, then together with anxiety and the lack of money to help the economy and the fact that i am going to have to go to prison because i carn’t afford to pay the 25% contribution to council tax.. The loonies really are in charge of the asylum x

  9. Brilliant piece Johnny. One day your words will be an historical chronological reference back to these times when the dark deeds are apparent to the masses. Currently, it’s like open hunting season on anyone with nowt.

  10. julie dunn-brown

    johnny you really do brighten my day i thought i was the only one going mad at the insanity of it all well done i salute you x


    A newly-appointed Tory peer was forced to make a grovelling apology yesterday after saying that cuts to child benefit will encourage the poor to ‘breed’.
    The party’s former vice-chairman, Howard Flight, said taking the handout away from the middle classes will put them off having children.
    But poorer people, who will continue to draw child benefit, will have every incentive to continue producing offspring. His comments sparked outrage and were immediately disowned by Downing Street.

    until they drag it up again when they are desparate and out of ideas..

    • The UK population is an aging population, without these “Breeders” as they like to call us, the country is fucked

  12. @bobchewie sorry the reply link to your last comment is missing so I could not enter a reply directly underneath. I agree with you I have read a considerable amount of material regarding the link between child abuse and satanism. Far to may in fact for it not to be considered a very real and unpleasant reality.

    • @workhouse theres is a very passionate video on youtube called ‘sun sea and satanism’ its worth a look and indeed thought provoking..btw the owner of haut de la garenne was a freemason.not that im doing a conspiracy nut thing but its all too odd..

      • I am aware of the freemason connection but too many people would consider that conspiracy theory. ( I do not) For something truly gobsmacking research the Dunblane massacre and the possible connections to high level freemasonry. I say possible because of course their is no proof. But sufficient lines of inquiry to start asking a lot of questions. We must question every thing.

        • @workhouse there is definetly a network of child abuse..thats how they operate..but if you see the ‘who knew who’ can see a picture that is quite alarming…

          • Sadly I believe the true facts will never be known. If the public at large were to be informed of the true picture it would bring down the Scottish government and the Westminster government.

            • @workhouse maybe thats what needs to happen..

            • Are you referring to the Hollie Greig case? If so, that is a hoax, There’s a website that totally debunks the accusations, it’s been proved that they’re totally without foundation. I’m from Aberdeen where this abuse case is supposedly have happened & it’s most unlikely place in the world for anything such this to have occurred, most of the inhabitants are either too pissed or stoned to even know what time of day it is, never mind carry out systematic abuse of one vulnerable individual.

  13. I would love one of these cunts to try and attack me. Daily Mail readers will soon have reason to be afraid when all the shit starts hitting the fan because of this inept Tory bastard government. Scary times ahead indeed.

  14. something survived...

    “But you are supposed to feed children on one scoop of sawdust a day and the occasional suck on a piece of cardboard.”
    -Ian Dungeon Stiff

  15. At least when the poor breed we don’t breed amongst our own families like the inbred Royals and the Upper Class snobby bastards. I’ve been worrying for months now about all the changes but now it’s turning to anger and hatred. Starting to fantasize about what I want to do to these cunts.

  16. Excellent piece, nail on the head as usual.
    Also I think it’s really important to note that what Mick Philpott did was a component of the domestic violence he perpetrated against all his partners (he was trying to frame up his ex girlfriend), so actually *more* state support for women in abusive relationships, plus more resources used to focus on men who perpetrate this violence, is what would have prevented this crime. Not penalising people who find themselves needing to claim benefits. Mick Philpott is just a straight up horrible person, which I am sure he would’ve been if he was rich as well.

  17. Didn’t the PrimeMinister claim DLA? And didn’t IDS make a big thing about his having been on the dole twice in the 80’s?

    Look at these vile products of the UK welfare state!

    As to the charge that PhilPott wanted the kids badly enough to set fire to the house for a staged rescue so he had a better chance of winning custody and claiming benefit for them… I suggest that we ban iPhones – after all, some people rob houses and mug old ladies so that they have a better chance of getting an iPhone.

  18. Sure start maternity grant has now been axed too

    • It’s not a new thing that the government are treating claimants with such disdain, you only have to be unfortunate enough to have to visit a jobcentre on a fortnightly basis to realise how much hatred and contempt there is for you. I have to admit though that there are many claimants in attendance when I go that are in and out in seconds as the job advisors have given them up ad a lost cause.

      • Point I’m trying to make is, they treat all claimants exactly the same whether you apply for 20 jobs a week or not, so what’s the point in trying if they’re not gonna distinguish between triers and scroungers, in other words I am paying the price for people that don’t want to work!

  19. What a pathetic article… Force feeding kids lentils!!! Really? Its this kind of thinking that has people buying the cheapest, unhealthiest, processed foods in the supermaket, damaging their children’s bodies, which they still have to use gas to cook!
    Here’s hoping they cap child benefit ASAP. I’m so sick of apologists of people raising kids on benefits, forcing the Poor taxpayers to be even Poorer!

    • The only pathetic thing here is your blustering Daily Mail garbage. Plus, lentils are fairly disgusting and tasteless no matter how you cook them, my children won’t east them (they don’t like the “vomit” appearance or the texture and I don’t blame them. Shepherd’s Pie or lasagne always goes down well though (made with meat or queen, not lentils, tried that and failed.)

    • I really hate this person “the taxpayer”. We ALL pay bloody tax in in one form or another – VAT being an example, only way to avoid that particular one is to buy absolutely nothing at all, which is just not practical in day to day life.
      Now Luna, you pathetic tory troll, piss off back under the rock you crawled out from, we don’t need the likes of you on here

      • @kittycat i like it when you get angry 🙂 btw that natwest thing still dont make sense as i found a report saying there were concerns about poor folks and lousy access to cash machines and concerns about crime..also is this right? me getting hb (paid to landlord) yet i am also paying them rent as well…??

        • Well the ignorant comments of that Luna person just got my back up. I used to think of myself as classless as I could get on with anyone whatever their origins, whether it be a tower block or a landed estate, came from my upbringing I suppose. After all the crap that’s going on I don’t feel that way anymore.
          All I want to see is a fair & just society were we’re all treated equally & with kindness & respect whatever our circumstances.

    • Landless Peasant

      @ luna
      Here’s hoping they cap the amount of rent that greedy private landlords can charge ASAP. Here’s hoping the Nat. Min. Wage is replaced with a Living Wage ASAP. Here’s hoping the richest people in society are forced to pay full UK Tax. Here’s hoping you eventually grow a brain.

      • @landless peasant i grew a brain once..on an didnt last long sadly as they built a motorway on the allotment..which is daft as the allotment is quite small and the cars wouldnt get very far..

    • Roger Edwards

      I’d like you to live on 353 a week as well!

  20. I doubt if they are thinking of houses and benefits while they are shagging. I certainly wasn’t! 😉

  21. Benefits claimants should be killed says hard-right tory slut.

    • @toryshitbag “Gov’t won’t send me a photo of the lazy bastards I support to put on my desk either. Maybe they don’t all fit in the shot.” or you have a crap camera..
      i gave up on arguing with them ages ago..clueless narrowminded bigots..
      one day it will be them..


      “Within five minutes, I realised this man was faking it – trying to avoid work and secure himself £87.50 a week in benefits.

      There are many others like him and there is even a comedy character based on the most extreme examples: millions of TV viewers are familiar with Little Britain’s Andy, who pretends he is wheelchair-bound but who walks around freely the moment his carer Lou’s back is turned.

      comedy become reality…except that it isnt…

      • That stuff on TV really is quite nasty propaganda… Shameless, Jeremy Kyle… it’s all classic brainwashing. They say the North Koreans are brainwashed but if anything they’re more in touch with reality than we are – the Americans probably do want to bomb them. And however gross their leaders are, at least they’re not trying to to turn them against one another. That takes a special kind of bastard.

  22. I am trying for a baby to get back on income support and before you all jump on me it is to end the stress of signing on not to get more money. Love me or hate me, but at least I am upfront. I also work a few days voluntary as well before the work shy comments start. Hopefully if I do get pregnant I will use the next 5 years for further training. xx

    • Much as many may dislike what I’m about to say…

      While I simply don’t know how you are as a mother and what your attitude to your children is, I can only hope that regardless of their origins, be it deliberate, accidental, or motive driven, you would consider them as your little people and not as your property and income.

      Under that proviso, if someone is claiming benefits (and I do hate that the system is set up in such a way for you to make that choice on those grounds), as far as I am concerned that’s just swell by me in so long as they are making whatever meaningful contribution to society that they can, and/or using the time to better themselves such that they are able to make a more meaningful contribution to society in the future via training or education.

      Of course, bettering yourself while on benefits is the very last thing the government wants anybody to do. If they did, they’d offer a means to do so.

      • Many claimants already breed for welfare handouts, it’s been going on for many many years.

        • I grew up in some pretty rough areas… while I would agree that it’s true of ‘some’, I couldn’t agree with the term ‘many’ in regards to proportion, even if the number itself looks significant.

        • Don’t know what you’re all complaining about, I’ve just had my daily benefit paid for 3 course meal, cup of tea, packet of crisps and a mars bar!

        • Landless Peasant

          You’re talking out of your arse. Women become pregnant because people have sex, simple as that, regardless of wealth/status/class etc.

        • “breed”? Nice use of dehumanising language there, Mr Grapps.

      • Do not feed the troll

      • Hi Eluisa.
        Thankyou for taking the time to reply to me.
        Deciding to try for a second child is not a choice I have made lightly. I have weighed up all the pros and cons and the pros out weigh the cons by far. However If I was to win the lottery or an ever bigger miracle was to occur and I was offered a job! the idea would go straight out the window, unless of course I am already pregnant! As a mother I love my child more than anyone could ever imagine and I will love the next one just as much. I honestly feel that untill I am blessed with another baby time will not move on. I have been on the work programme for almost 2 years and there is absolutly no signs at all of any offer of employment despite the fact I work for nothing. How much more have I got to do to prove I want to work. It is not help I need. It is a miracle and I apply for ovr 20 jobs a week. There are probaly lone parents out there considering suicide due to these measures. However I am choosing to give life. I believe I have chose the better alternative. xx

    • @Atleastiamupfront, good for you sweetheart, nice move!

  23. @bobchewie sorry again your reply links are missing? anyway check this out…. paulmalpas dot com forward slash uncategorized forward slash paedophilia forward slash.

    • @workhouse ok will check..i just thought if this was normal..i get housing benefit which goes to landlord..and yet i am also paying them rent + ‘service charges’ which they never tell me what they are..

  24. Far-right mouth-foamers = funny

    Hope Paul Staines falls down a flight of stairs.

  25. Bloody well said, Johhny! 🙂

  26. overburdenddonkey

    i think the comparative…a film depicting two children on different sides of the social divide, (electric fence) sums things up rather well…”the thing is bruno, they are not really people”,

    the nub of this sad debate….is moral judgement…morality…osbourne is actually claiming…we the sick and unabled, are immoral…and the more money one has, the more moral a person is,and trying through his claims to proffer this view…to those who are not yet in our position…we do, as do every decent person try to make the best of our lot….

    the snow outside my door is still present…but i felt lifted today…because the sun is shining and the temp has crept up to a lofty 8c outside….this means i can save money..and energy coz i don’t need to labour over building the fire…for another couple of hours at least…

    i ‘m not complaining…but when this fool says, and acts as he does, i have to speak up…for gods sake why are you making things even worse for people and trying to justify your foolish selfish acts…with tales of morality…people are not blind, but you certainly are.

    i wonder if osbounre…even knows what it is like to live persistently in those temps…i have to keep my glucose meter and test strips, in my breast pocket under layers of thick clothes…or my meter nor will the strips,.work.. yes, i could get to the bottom of his wild claims….analyse his stupid claims….but my intuitive me the immediate answer….and what good would it do to implore him to grow up…NONE..furthermore it is not my place to…only thing i can do is react to this foolish man….

    • overburdenendonkey – the truth is Gidieon George Osbourne hasn’t grown up,,he’s just a silly little boy playing at being chancellor. He’s a spoilt brat being let loose in a candy store “it’s all mine,mine, mine…

  27. The Spider Family

    We are told not to throw household spider outside because they won’t survive one night. Well, the same goes for human beings – throwing a human being onto the street is a DEATH SENTENCE – death by hypothermia, expect that the judge doesn’t don a black cap and pronounce that: “you will be sanctioned and hence taken from the home whence you came and taken to the gutter where you will lie and freeze UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD! And may the Lord have Mercy on Your Soul!”

  28. bang on, well researched. but when have facts and evidence ever mattered to a right wing mind? about as valid as humanity, or compassion. zero.

  29. Landless Peasant

    By attempting to gain political mileage from the tragic deaths of six innocent children in the Philpott case, the Tories are showing their true colours as the Nasty Party, and can hardly sink any lower. They disgust me and are beneath contempt. Tories are vermin.

    • I previously posted this on vox political and refers to the media coverage of the Lava-Torys attempt to gain political mileage from their attack dogs!……
      Where to begin with this disgusting piece of Hate Speech, (it is certainly not journalism!) is difficult.

      Hate speech is defined as communication that vilifies a person or a group based on discrimination against that person or group.
      Many have argued that the term “Hate Speech” is a modern example of Newspeak (the fictional language of Orwell’s 1984), used to silence critics of social policies that have been poorly implemented in a rush to appear politically correct.

      Scapegoating is the practice of singling out any party for unmerited negative treatment or blame as a scapegoat. A medical definition of Scapegoating is – Process in which the mechanisms of projection or displacement are utilised in focusing feelings of aggression, hostility, frustration, etc upon another individual or group. The amount of blame being unwarranted.

      So 10/10 IMHO for this Daily Rag (on both counts) whose writers have the temerity to call themselves journalists.
      The idea that evil is perpetrated by only one socio economic group and that all that is wrong with this country can be solved overnight by getting rid of that group, leaves me sick to my stomach.
      I believe at this point I should list some comparatively evil crimes perpetrated by non welfare claimants should be pointed out….

      Dr Harold Shipman – approx 300+ deaths although the real figure will never be known.

      Dennis Nilsen – 15+ deaths, worked for the British Army, the Metropolitan Police and as a civil servant.

      Peter Sutcliffe – 13+ deaths, Lorry Driver.

      Ian Brady & Myra Hindley – 5 deaths, worked at a chemical company.

      John Cooper – 4 deaths, an oil refinery worker who also won £94,000 in 1978 on a spot the ball prize ( a substantial amount of money for that time)

      Peter Moore – 4 deaths, ran a theatre and cinema in North Wales.

      Beverly Allitt – 4 deaths, a nurse.

      Ian Huntley – 2 deaths, school caretaker.

      Just a few of the many sickening examples I could list. (There is not enough time in one day to list them all) In conclusion, to claim that the manslaughter of six innocents, by a Psychopath As “A Vile Product Of Welfare “ Is almost as nasty and evil as Philpott is. I am not a legal expert but feel sure that your vile diatribe, satisfies the definition of Hate Speech.
      I wonder how your high horse will feel when an innocent is attacked or killed simply for being poor or disabled and were attacked because of your obscene and relentless rhetoric against the welfare system, simply to earn a pat on the head from your political masters.

      • @workhouse well sayeth what about that german bloke who was a rubbish artist didnt he hurt a few people a bit? weird moustache..and all that

        • I vaguely remember him. Was he not the bloke that legalised killing people that were disabled or mentally ill? I believe he expanded that to kill many, many others?

          • “This argument that this vile Tory Government are putting forward that being on welfare is the cause of the Philpott’s action in killing their children is flawed for many reasons as we know. This idea that you have lots of children to ‘rake in’ child benefit would surely mean that the Philpotts, by their actions would have lost a great deal of their income.”


        • as well as being an animal-loving vegetarian… 🙂 Have you seen the pic of me and Adolf with our dogs? 🙂

          • @eva braun you suffer from multple personality disorder with all the personas you adopt..

          • Goebbels with only one ball

            No, but I have seen the photograph of you and the Fuehrer dogging on the turret of a Tiger tank and I think you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

        • Rubbish artist & author (@badly-written, next-to-unreadable best-seller).


        Tony Blair got a few kills too didn’t he ?

        • I believe the correct figure to be 1.5 million Iraq’s, dead, 600 thousand of them children. The ultimate figure will be far higher, as the deformity’s of newborns, the rampant cancer rates and the pollution of the water tables and soil, through the use of depleted uranium munitions has not and can not be realistically calculated.

          never be calculated.

        • Roger Edwards

          Oh yeah! Let’s not forget that fu**er! On the other hand, he wasn’t a murderer – he was, and probably still is a war mongerer – and war criminal!

      • Re: Ian Huntley, don’t want to get into conspiracy theories; but it has been posited that Huntley was fitted-up and Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were in fact murdered by other person(s) unknown possibly from the neighbouring USAF base

        • @Gabstar Hi, that sounds like an interesting lead, could you post any links or articles you may have. Thanks in advance Workhouse.

        • Strange, I’ve thought exactly the same ever since the case came to trial. Huntley’s defence barrister never questioned why the bodies were first found at Mildenhall then the story changed to them being found at Lakenheath. Bearing in mind this was against the background of preparations for the invasion of Iraq & Mildenhall was the main base.
          Could it be that the media were thrown a red herring to send them to Lakenheath, in case they saw something they shouldn’t have? There have been reports from Iraq of experimental weaponry being used against civilians. Is this what the USAF were soo keen to hide?

  30. Off subject I know but: Message to Gideon: We claimants are not all the same, most of us wanna kill you, not kids!

    • overburdenddonkey

      coz they think money makes them gods.

      what is it about losing your soul and processing the world?

      • @overburdendonkey ‘processing the world’ ive never processed the world honest guv..

        • overburdenddonkey

          what is it, a slip of the pen……or freudian sip….coz one is faced or farced..with processing much, try to make sense of these fools…and why to counter their illogical pointless…political madness.

        • overburdenddonkey

          sorry, i should have replied, what i am working class, do you expect me to spell as well. i love this word most of all…it effortlessly describes…the roots of semantics structure of our language….IN–ART–IC–U–LATE

          • @overburdendonkey so then, stop the poor having children in an age where we are living longer so we gotta stop benefits for older people as they are a burden on society….so that means…er…having the elderly working in places where they will get older till they drop and not replaced by younger ppl cos they arent allowed…er right…???

  31. oneuppitybitch

    This argument that this vile Tory Government are putting forward that being on welfare is the cause of the Philpott’s action in killing their children is flawed for many reasons as we know. This idea that you have lots of children to ‘rake in’ child benefit would surely mean that the Philpotts, by their actions would have lost a great deal of their income.

    This is not meant to sound cruel it is simply to point out Tory logic (or lack of it!).

    I am the youngest of 13 children and it was very hard going but the 12 of us who lived to adulthood (my sister died of pneumonia as a child) have all led productive lives with good working histories and paying taxes which helped pay for people who were unable to work and we were happy to do so.

    Now, however when our family are ageing and experiencing ill health or disability, the pot is ’empty’! Crap, you’re just spending it in the wrong places Cameron!

  32. doncha just love this quote from that sterlize the unemployed site

    “How about we just take away the incentive for them to keep breeding? Stop giving any additional benefits after the first child and force them to be responsible for themselves. If they criminally neglect their children that they continue to have, take the children from them and throw the parents in prison.

    No sterilization and less of a draw on society. If they are going to burden society, do it in prison. The children would be better off being raised in a foster home than a home where they are inbred and raised to believe that freeloading and cheating the system is a proper life.”

    obviously kids dont get abused whilst in care..i mean why would they ? duh!

  33. Did some gardening today to stay warm, now indoors with the non-choice of heating, toes blue, fingers like ice, may as well be homeless as I’ve now fully aclimatised.

  34. Rosemarie Harris

    This Government will use any thing to have a go at the unemployed at some
    point the woman was working and claiming Working tax credits. It does not help the tory press to say the truth about any one of us unemployed or claiming benefits
    Personally i think they don’t get enough’Love and cuddles’ and are jealous as we make love with two people and their love life is a single person sport!
    “what do we want and when do we want it” Is the cry of the Tories not now comes the reply…We have already fuck the unemployed!

  35. Fauré's Requiem

    The evil of our political class is jawdropping.
    I have terminal cancer and when p.i.p. comes into action they will make me prove how far I cannot walk……….
    ……..and they think people have babies for money.
    They are insane.
    Having a child is bloody expensive……the companies (like the fuckers who sell kids shoes have got you by the balls and take pure advantage) who manage the children’s ‘market’ are ruthless.
    This political class is like Marie Antoinette gone wrong.

    • overburdenddonkey

      they stop short of tying a stone around one’s neck and seeing how far… one can drag it…as inhumane….or seen as inhumane…but this is what they are basically requiring one to do….prove you have no energy…

  36. Fauré's Requiem

    The psychopaths run the show.
    Most folk are goodhearted and kind, but unfortunately easily led.
    This could be a wonderful place to live in, but the cavorting madmen make it a fearful place.
    I’ve never understood the insanity of the humans who want it all, their greed, their cruelty.
    Kindness costs nothing. No one is born greedy. No one is born evil : it is taught. The dystopians propagate their anti-humanity.

    • overburdenddonkey

      they try to tell one how one ought to feel….drum it in over and over and over again….until one agrees with them….you are right every human being is born lovable, sociable and non-violent….i live by this axiom.. i see these fools for what they are…and will not tolerate their unnatural…views of life imposed on me…my kindness to them is to tell them how i feel about them…when the need arises… .

  37. Poverty is the least effective form of birth control.

  38. Cam-moron backs his buddy on the Phillpot debarcle without reserve!
    I don’t even think they realise just how bad they are making themselves look!
    That’s how intelligent they are.

  39. Cameron to IDS: Yes Iain let’s screw the fuckers into the ground but at the same time up our shares in Poundland!

  40. A Profit Out of Having Babies.

    In my new book Woman: Acceptable Exploitation for Profit, I tread on a few toes along the way; tackle the great taboo of children working for a living and face up to arguments against managing an ever-increasing population using birth control. Baroness Shreela Flather (2010)

    • @JOHNNY VOID and all.. has this govt gone mad? Now I see in Daily Excess that DWP will grab your wages if they find you are ‘moonlighting’ ie working whilst claiming benefits..well what will that mean? if they do that you will in effect be working for you benefits since you no longer have wages…your job has in effect become a form of workfare.
      Either that or you get fired which will put you back on the dole..
      how the hell will the grab your wages? write to your boss telling him not to pay you or ask him to send your wages to him or just nick it out of your account.? so banks and DWP collude?..

    • ” In the context of this background and the information I submit below, it was my conclusion that the press allegations made regarding the employment of Mrs Duncan Smith were significantly more likely to be true than not. It was on that basis that I reluctantly had to express myself unwilling to support Mr Duncan Smith’s contention that his wife had worked for him in a significant capacity during the time I spent as head of his office. If she had, I would certainly expect to have witnessed evidence of this work and for there to have been practical implications associated with it. I would also have expected to have had direct contact with her myself.

      I do not contend that Mrs Duncan Smith could not have worked for Mr Duncan Smith during this period but rather that I saw absolutely no evidence of the work carried out by Mrs Duncan Smith and cannot establish, by analysing the distribution of tasks and responsibilities within the two offices, what work she was effectively carrying out.

      The four key tasks as I see them are as follows:

      · The Diary—I saw no evidence of Mrs Duncan Smith performing a professional role regarding the diary.

      · Correspondence—I saw no evidence that Mrs Duncan Smith wrote any letters on Mr Duncan Smith’s behalf

      · Financial Arrangements—I saw no evidence that Mrs Duncan Smith took any responsibility in this regard.

      · Practical Considerations—I saw no evidence of Mrs Duncan Smith requesting office supplies that she would have reasonably needed in order to have carried out such a role.

      I shall discuss each of these issues below.

      In conclusion, Mrs Duncan Smith was simply not a part of the integrated day to day organisation of Mr Duncan Smith’s offices other than in her capacity as the wife of the Leader. She had no specific authority and no defined area of work or responsibility within what was a structured office organisation. Her contact with the office was irregular and usually limited to the matter of diary dates in which she or her sons and daughters were affected She would pass on messages regarding Mr Duncan Smith’s personal arrangements and would if anything, generate work for Mrs Watson, Mr Duncan Smith’s Private Secretary, in particular who dealt with her personal correspondence, invitations, liaison with the constituency and dress requirements. ”

  41. typo: send your wages to ‘them (DWP) sorry

  42. Very good post.
    I have Five children. Not planned but loved all the same, despite the compromises.
    The challenge for my family are rising costs and falling wages.
    Work has been hard to find since 2007 in the construction industry.
    My travel and child costs are higher than my mortgage and my wife and I both work two job just to survive.
    No holidays, few luxuries and our combined incomes in 2013 are lower than they were in 1998 whilst housing, transport and living costs have all risen exponentially.
    During periods of unemployment, life has been extremely difficult.
    Benefits are not anything like as generous as government or right wing media would have us believe. Period.

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  44. I am sure i already posted on DEA direct earning avoids the courts when trying to recover benefits paid out..

    Click to access uksifia_20130384_en.pdf

  45. What are the policy objectives and the intended effects?
    Enabling social security legislation to give DWP and loc
    al authorities rights to make direct earnings
    attachments (DEAs) on their own authority without reference to the courts will make recovery from debtors’
    earnings a relatively simple, administratively attracti
    ve option. Such deductions are already made in many
    cases in respect of child maintenance.
    When an overpayment occurs, a de
    cision-maker decides if it should
    be recovered. The debtor will have had opportunity to appeal. Recovery is the final stage, thus the courts
    almost always agree to attachments of earnings. Attach
    ment of earnings without the need to go through the
    courts will increase the options for
    recovery of more DWP and local authority overpayments and loans from
    such debtors.
    What policy options have been considered, including any alternatives to regulation? Please justify preferred
    option (further details in Evidence Base)
    The other option which has been considered is reco
    vering DWP benefit overpayment debt by utilising the
    PAYE system. Such an option could not be implemented for a number of years. In advance of this, using
    DEAs as both an elective repayment method and for enforcement will ingrain the principle of deduction at source.

    Will the policy be reviewed?
    It will be reviewed.
    If applicable, set review date:
    What is the basis for this review?
    If applicable, set sunset clause date:
    Are there arrangements in place that will allow a systematic collection of monitoring
    information for future policy review?


    “Those with assets can have them seized and sold, while savings accounts can be accessed. But if an individual has no assets they have to come to a voluntary arrangement to pay back what is owed.

    Until now the Government has been hamstrung because millions simply refuse to co-operate, failing to respond to calls or letters or even a court summons.

    According to one DWP insider the new orders – called direct earnings attachments – will be “hugely persuasive” in recovering all money owed.

    Lord Freud, minister for welfare reform, said: “This move will make it easier to get back the money we’ve lost to fraud direct from the benefit cheat’s pay packet.”


    surely this new measure isnt going to be used till 2015…???

    as its stated in this doc..are they sneaking it in now?

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

      • @obi wan kenobi IT SAYS RECOVERING THE DEBT USING PAYE ..yet it says they wont implement it till why mention this now??

        • Obi Wan Kenobi

          Their probably trying to scare people into paying off any outstanding debts, and you’d probably be surprised how many will actually do it.

          • @OBI WAN KENOBI lets not forget that theres a loss due to ‘error’ and overpayment because they fuck up..all this is part of the propaganda war being waged at this moment..i notice they are trying to avoid the courts surprise there..

  46. Is this really how to fix Broken Brittain Mr Cameron? When we lesser mortals have built your infrastructure the homes you live in the cars you’re chauffeured around in. Your answer is to take an almighty sledgehammer and smash to smithereens anything that doesn’t work then rush to the medical cabinet to put a plaster on your dainty poor little hands that have never bled from an honest days work! You need to be totally ashamed for the countless lives lost building Brittain so you can live comfortably in your ivory tower.

  47. The Great Myth Generator – The Great Welfare Myth.

    The article gives a tactical outline of the myth that is being generated to destroy welfare – it has to be dispelled.

    The myth generators are so confident they openly show their contempt at the lack of street level opposition – They’re bamboozled as to why the down-at-heel haven’t peeled their eyes away from the Jeremy Kyle Show, got off their subsidised sofas and marched to Whitehall to demand: ‘Leave our welfare payments alone.’

    • overburdenddonkey

      my that the whole benefits system is being technically biased to drive the claimant into a corral of desperation… so one will always be in debt to the state…and therefore beholding to it….using the trinkets called benefits…that rather than bringing relief..are now increasingly used…to tease claimants with…

      the claimant being buried under a mountain of admin… claimants left in a state of flux, worried if benefits will be paid or not…

      the dwp power, being increasingly detached from the from the courts…and placed into their in house arbitration…

      so one will be required to work for ones “benefits”….that were originally intended to bring relief coz for many reasons, could not work.!

  48. DWP Overpayment recovery…

    Q. What is meant by ‘amounts recovered’?

    A. This is any amount of a recoverable overpayment that is recovered. Generally speaking, overpayments are recoverable unless they have resulted from official error, where the claimant or the person to whom the benefit was paid, could not reasonably have been expected to realise they were being overpaid.
    Examples of ‘amounts recovered’ are:

    payments physically received and attributed to the overpayment debt,
    amounts recovered by means of deductions from payments of HB,
    amounts recovered by means of deductions from arrears of HB owed to the tenant,
    actual amounts received through the sale of an outstanding debt to a collection agency,
    full amounts recovered by debt agencies who are acting on behalf of the LA,
    amounts recovered by Debt Management by means of deductions from payments of other benefits,
    excess CTB transferred to the council tax account, which then becomes outstanding council tax.

  49. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Labour must draw the sting from welfare, or lose in 2015.

    Ed Miliband has to defy the skiver talk instead of vainly propping up the status quo or doing the Tories’ work for them.

    That was no gaffe. When George Osborne linked the sickening case of Mick Philpott.

  50. Obi Wan Kenobi

    JV – Your clock needs putting 1 hour foreward as posts are showing it’s still on GMT.

    • lol they’ll only need to put put back in 6 months time lol like opening your curtains in the morning only to close them again in the evening 🙂

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  52. faure’s requime

    I couldn’t agree with you more, it’s a shame we cannot get more easily led sheep on our side.

  53. You bungling idiots IDS and party! It is you who have created the current trend of employers only offering part time work, that is a FACT, you only have to visit your own ill though out DWP Universal Jobmatch site to confirm that. To make work pay from my own perspective I would have to secure a job offering over 30 hours a week. Given that 90% of jobs posted only offer minimum wage 30 hours aweek would gross £185.70 per week, deduct N.I. and travecosts and I’m just about on parity with my benefits package. That’s not really a solution to making people better off working is it? Ok I hear you say, I will qualify for Working Tax Credits but the thing is you have to secure a job with that magical 30 hour milestone and they are about as common as the Dodo. A more worrying trend is the amount of employers recruiting on a 0 hours basis thus giving no guarantee whatsoever on an employee’s working week, maybe 1 week 10 hours, maybe 1 week 20 hours thus further complicating the welfare system. Just raise the minimum wage and create jobs that make it worthwhile for people to work and guess what, that in turn will turn our economy around if people have money to circulate.

    • overburdenddonkey

      abreit macht frei—-a treadmill—to extract energy from you—-to suck you dry—-a net loss—all one gains is exhaustion—oh and a +, they stop bulling one for a while—they leave one to bully oneself, into believing their lies work–

      • @donkey they are not gods, they have no control over us..the control is in our heads..they are useless wankers…so deluded because of their desparation..

        • overburdenddonkey

          no! they are not gods….but they can and do make one’s life a living hell..if they can….the whey forward…is to see them for what they are…and tell them…that they are seen for what they are….and to muster enough knowledge….to send them on their way….but all they do is evolve the system to counter the latest threat….but by doing this they weaken their own defenses…by cause of ….they cannot avoid being human beings…that truth is in us all….did you see david camaroons contorted face as he backed osbourne..?

          • @donkey no i didnt because i dont really care…
            i also dont want a gold plated limo or big house or own a corporation and then for some bizarre reason feel resentful because someone got free education, health care or benefits..

            • overburdenddonkey

              i can only agree…i feel so content…with who i am…

              • @donkey it occurred to me what ‘strivers’ means..ppl told to go on the on treadmill with the dangled carrot in front of them..believing that through hard work they will get the rolls royce and big house..fact is , its a shallow exclusive club..who wants that?

            • overburdenddonkey

              yes…the trouble is the carrot has rotted and fallen off of the stick…which has now become a club…to beat one with..

              • @DONKEY there was an artist a while back who trashed all his wordly goods even car and was like a factory disassembling and shredding was comment about over was amazing..

            • overburdenddonkey

              as long as he kept his led zeppelin albums…and has the vitals…air, food,warmth, and shelter..what more is needed…which is i guess the fundamentals is this argument…..they had it right in skara brae…life went down hill from there imho

            • overburdenddonkey

              i have let go..but i still need…vitals….a pc at the moment is vital, as is your chosen mode of communication….our very biology….needs to be responded to….i cannot float in the ether…but i live as lightly as i can…

          • @overburdenddonkey 100% agree. You said “but all they do is evolve the system to counter the latest threat…” Saul Alinsky whose work’s are the basis for Camoron’s Big Society and whom Obama has professed to obtain knowledge and insight from, said…

            “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.”

            That is precisely the kind of attack we currently find ourselves under.

            • @workhouse and dont forget to make an example of someone..a scapegoat to punish in order to keep the treadmill running..

            • overburdenddonkey

              i crave the logic i was born with and must crave it’s that my mind is cleanse and clarified…so that when i strike with my jawbone and tongue it’s impact is precise…and immense..

  54. @workhouse dont play their game to their rules..set your own standards..

  55. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.”

  56. Fauré's Requiem

    And if this long trotted out theory were to be correct (it’s not: it’s merely the product of insane thinking) then why are the tv screens crammed with starving children worldwide when the insane Yanks throw away a huge percentage of their food.
    It’s all to make your mind creep in abject horror, and to make you despise your fellow citizens. Fear, and divide & conquer.
    It won’t be much longer, in historical terms, until there is a reckoning.
    Did you see the smirking madness of George Osborne as he tried to blame benefit claimants for being the reason for child murder?
    He revelled in his twisted thinking……he gloated.
    Then he went and signed off on some more nuclear submarines.
    He is prepared to slaughter millions, condemn millions more to radiation sickness, yet he condemned the social security system on the actions of a single insane psychopath. Strikes me that Osborne and Philpott have a lot in common.
    They will both kill to satisfy their own egos.
    But Osborne will do it on a larger scale and call it justified.
    One day they will share the same exercise yard.
    They can compare notes.

    • overburdenddonkey

      so you don’t think there is much chance of the subs being moored up on the thames…when we boot them out of our country?

      • @donkey mankind is weird..we dont live in the we build flying tubes
        we dont live in the sea so we build sunken tubes..we dont live in space so we build cosmic tubes..we cant go fast so we build metal boxes..cant we just live as we are?

        • The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways , but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. (George Carlin)

    • @faures requiem gidiot doesnt do irony..

  57. @donkey gidiot is osbournes nick name gideon the idiot.

    • @profreedan blairite traitor in the pay of nazi sympathisers..

      • overburdenddonkey

        the politics of bank balance….and we are used to balance their books…a sink…to adjust the economy with….

        their invested currency has no worth…quantitative easing has seen to that, and is theft…a whey of getting at peoples savings that are being hoarded, by the masses..

        if people suddenly started to spend, our economy would collapse, as the value of currency collapses…imho…i put it out there as i am working on this thesis at the moment….needs fleshing out somewhat…but a kernal…i do not believe that this govt…truly wants to encourage people to spend….for that reason!

  58. Another Angry Voice

    MoneyWeek and their “End of Britain” fearmongering campaign

    In January 2013 I was pointed in the direction of an astonishing article which took pride of place on the website of the economics magazine MoneyWeek entitled “The end of Britain”. The article is a huge read, totaling over 10,000 words (including the constant appeals to subscribe to the magazine with which it is festooned). I certainly don’t have the time to critique the whole damn thing so I’ll just stick to some of the most fallacious and misleading elements.

    Firstly I’ll note that I actually agree with the basic premise that the UK economy as a whole is in far too much debt (public, personal and financial sector) and that things are almost certain to get significantly worse before they get better. Having said that, the article is remarkably bad given that in the opening salvo they claim that they’ve “spent a significant amount of time and money in the past few months preparing this letter”. If this kind of revisionist doom-mongering rant is the best they can come up with after an investment of “significant time and money”, it doesn’t reflect at all well on their abilities or their publishing standards.

    During the opening argument the letter alludes to “an unsolvable problem at the heart of our financial system. One that dates back over a hundred years”. After wading through acres of text it becomes clear that this “problem” they are referring to is “state spending”. The premise is a particularly doom-laden reworking of the Great Neoliberal Lie; that the 2007-08 global financial crisis and the resulting credit crunch were caused by excessive state spending, rather than the altogether more plausible theory that the current economic chaos came about because of reckless gambling and outright corruption in the financial markets, enabled by wave after wave of ideologically driven deregulations since 1979.

    Full article here


    • overburdenddonkey

      i love peggy mount…..though i would not like to cross her…i guess if she’s on my side i’d be content…

      • @DONKEY good satire with classic cast,just reel off the names
        peggy mount, harry h corbett, graham stark, arthur mullard, harry fowler (sam kidd is uncredited) miriam karlin, dandy nichols..

        • overburdenddonkey

          a staggering cast….it is only over the past few years…in the light of some but not all hollywood dross…that i have really studied the natural skills of these fine actors…

          • overburdenddonkey

            a ps not forgetting as you so rightly observe the documentary insight these films into true british culture…and it’s decline… caused by savage cuts and the gentrification of working class areas….billy eliot comes to mind…there are so many…i know it is yank…brando. on the water front..

            it was literally true, that as i child i could bang on someones door, and say i’m hungry…and a jam sandwhich and class of juice would appear….

            nor did i feel beholding to the householder that provided it…i saw this as my right…so much has changed eh… .

        • overburdenddonkey

          again so true…no one can deny a certain level collusion…to describe the difference between now and then is difficult….but all to obvious..

          • @donkey its almost like a family tree..

          • overburdenddonkey

            instead of collusion, i nearly wrote incestuous..

            i know that in all walks of industry…even though work was aplenty…plum jobs…were only found in certain industries…where there was a high level of union activity…say the oil industry…or docks….

            if one was fortunate enough to have a close relative working in the firm…

  60. overburdendonkey

    George Osborne does not want the economy to pick up because lack of housing, lack of jobs etc are all keeping the working class down and in their place. He and his ilk are raking in a fortune from investments abroad on top of ministerial salary, parliamentary expenses, probably moonlighting speechmaking, bookwriting etc, the whole lot of them are greed personified, so too are the lords.

  61. I don’t have children and even I realise that you cannot profit from it:

  62. Stupid cunt. Theres all sorts of scum out there having kids not just for the council house but all the trimmings aswell. A baby is a good old meal ticket and this is common knowledge on council estates. Having a job and a clue i young, singlen parents to be the biggest scum of all. IF YOU CANT AFFORD TO RAISE A KID DONT HAVE ONE. IT ISNT YOUR RIGHT TO HAVE KIDS YOU LOW LIFE CUNT. It is that simple. I dont work and pay tax to look after some stupid muppits brood. I work to earn money for me, AND NOBY ELSE. Wear condoms you low life druggie fucks.

    • I think your comments on this topic are totally out of line. What gives you the right to slate lone parents. I mean how very dare you!!! It is not for anyone to judge there are lots of reasons why someone could be a lone parent. The death of a partner. Heaven forbid a women could have been raped, or her/his partner could have walked away yet as usual I see no criticsism at all for the absent parents.
      What is it that you’re wanting Bob, lone parents to just let their children starve because of closed minded people such as yourself.
      Claiming benefits is not a choice. It is survival.
      Remember what goes around comes around.

    • @Bob, ‘single parents’ ? ‘scum’ ? ‘low life cunts’? ‘council estates’ ? ‘Druggies’ ?
      You ought to watch your language Bob as it is verging on ‘hate crime’ !!!!!
      Keep it real Bob, keep it real !!!!

    • @Bob,

      Bet J. K. Rowling could buy and sell you Bob, contributing more than was ever handed out to her in benefits. Your contributions are probably insignificant little man in comparison to that example of a single parent on benefits.

  63. I have posted a couple of comments on here tonight and after reading through some of the absolute shit some people post i do think there is a real need to legislate sites like this. So many people talking about so much bullshit, that they know fuck all about (apart from what theyve read on the internet lol dicks) and irrelevant, illinformed opinions based of nowt. Weak minded twats. Shut up n go to work.

    • Ok , where are all these mythical jobs then?

    • overburdenddonkey

      lets see i started my apprenticeship in 1968….i finished in 1972….i got distinctions i all of my exams….my working life has reduced me to rubble…i think for myself…i have no tv….the temp in my house 8c this morning..i rent, coz when i got sick, my house was taken away….coz of constant mis-diagnosis…they would not hear me…when i complained of my symptoms…20+years ago..i was told i was lazy…by those who did not know me…ie gp’s…those that knew me ie my bosses told me to slow down and not work so hard…

      the internet is full of dross…i do not read newspapers coz i cannot afford them + often they are full of dross…

      so where do i get my thoughts from ….oh yes, my own mind….people often have children…and then fall on hard times….yes some do take advantage…this happens in all walks of life…

      take an overview…soar….discover what ties it altogether….form opinions….express them….THINK…it is funny how the truth always makes sense and brings contentment….peace of mind…

    • Bob, You want benefit claimants to go to work “Give them a job at your place”. If you are able to do that fantastic and I applaued you , if not however, then this site while you’re more than welcome here is no place for closed minded judgemental smug people. . x

    • Bob – ignorant, pathetic sad, moronic use of language…

  64. @bob you need therapy to deal with all that resentment..

  65. bob a job week – another fairy job mother who can conjure up jobs from thin air – go rant somewhere else, your probably unemployed yourself, loser.

  66. Chewie

    You know your message is getting through when the trolls want legislation to restrict freedom of speech. The fightback with truth about the right wing against their lying propaganda against the unemployed and barely employed part-timers.

    • @Guy fawkes true: but having said that it still comes down to economics because MSM will lose readership if ppl switch off reading their crap and follow blogs using censorship laws would enable to turn that tide..

  67. @guy fawkes using examples of a few idiots like bobthetroll try to make it seem like an epidemic sweeping the nation..if i was to visit southall one could assume the whole country was awash with asians ..however if iwent to devon or west coast the picture would not be the same ..its the same with benefit fraud 0.8% .when asked the level of bf some ppl assumed it was a staggering 70%..maybe the faily heil and excess help create that illusion..

  68. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Your starter for £53. Is IDS a fool, a liar or a thief?

    If Iain Duncan Smith believes he can live on £53 a week for more than a week, he should try it.

    What IDS means is that – at best – he can live for a week on £53, not that he can live on £53 a week. Not if he wants to repair or replace anything (including clothes), go out, have a drink, watch television, use the internet or do anything other than simply exist, in the meanest, coldest dwelling, increasingly isolated from friends, family and any kind of averagely happy, easeful life.

    If he and his ilk believe otherwise, they are fools. If they don’t they are liars. Either way they are thieves, stealing more money, peace and dignity from thousands every day.

  69. overburdenddonkey

    i feel compelled to mention the works of the late great…dr alice miler…she powerfully referenced the lives of hitler et al….

    to discover the roots of “hatred”, in the sense of scapegoating and projecting on to others…what was done to him, as a child, (sadly he had no enlightened witness, to hear his voice),

    to justify their crimes against humanity….and ultimately to the roots of violence towards others…..

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  71. I see Godwin’s Law is still very much alive! Come on, try something a bit different to Hitler

  72. “With social housing in chronically short supply this argument barely holds water anymore. Very young single parents are likely to be placed in mother and baby units or hostels – usually sharing a tiny room with their child in an environment closer to an open prison than a home. ” At last. Something about being swamped by immigrants to be grateful for.

  73. Many of the people saying these horrible things about women having children to get extra money have no idea and they are only repeating what they have heard from other people who have no idea.

    I actually like lentils, although they are no good on their own. They have to be put with something, like tomatoes for instance over the top of pasta or rice to taste nice. You also forgot to mention nappy rash cream. My daughter goes through tonnes of the stuff regardless of what nappy she wears. nA tube of metanium costs me £3.29 every week. In fact, the value nappies are better as they don’t contain as many chemicals as the commercial brands. I use Wilko Everyday value nappies and they are actually really good. In fact there are many expenses you haven’t mentioned, these include to expenses of decorating and furnishing a new council flat. Where I am they give you a flat with no flooring and no paint on the walls. My Sister’s had a bare concrete floor and a flea infestation when she moved in, not to mention a massive dog poo on her son’s would be bedroom floor. They give you a B&Q decorating voucher than can only be used to buy paint and paintbrushes, flooring and curtains are not included. When you have a child, you also have to do Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays. It all adds up. If your children show signs of being poor they are often bullied at school by other children. There are there are council service charges for heating, laundry and hot water. Mine has just doubled going up to £60 a month.

    Not to mention the risks of living in a socially deprived area. There are street gangs, dog fighting (many children have been mauled by these abused animals), drugs, prostitution, alcoholism. Your child is more likely to get in with the wrong crowd.

    It’s just a prime example of people being kicked when they’re down and that is what the Tory’s love doing.

  74. Hi. I feel I have to reply to you offer you my support. We are governed by people who do not give a damn about our kids. It is completly distastful that there are children living in those conditions in the so called 21st century Britian. Is it their doing that their parent/s cannot get jobs? No. so why should children be made to suffer. It is one thing for government to hate the jobless. I’m a grown women who can take it and is not particularly in love with the government so there is no love loss, but to vent their anger on children by way of benefit cuts is very concerning. The bottom line is. If they do care about the welfare of children and the conditions some children are living in then they should not be in power. They seem to care more about the rights of murders, phedophiles and rapists than they do about the rights of the unemployed and their children. What type of world are we living in!. xx

    • @what type of world are we living in .
      thats a good point about paedophiles considering the amount of cover ups and avoidances..every attempt to investigate has been hampered and midirected even police officers forced to resign to avoid further detection..
      however there are those amongst us who are not willing to let this slide and are doing our own investigations..
      tory party-the party of law and order..sick joke.

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