George Osborne – The Odious Toff Who’s Not Fit To Run A Tuck Shop

toffs-outDribbling little posh boy George Osborne was cut loose from nanny’s apron strings and allowed out of his inheritance funded parlour yesterday to unleash a stream of lies and abuse directed at those on low incomes.

The heir to the Baronetcy of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon made the astonishing claim that unemployment benefits of £71 a week are generous, showing just how out of touch him and his deluded party truly are.  After this months benefit changes, by the time claimants have paid their bedroom tax, council tax and essential bills, many will be left with nothing at all to buy food.

Even if Gideon were telling the truth yesterday, and he wasn’t, his vile claim that 90% of working people will be better off as a result of this months social security slashing reveals little more than his utter contempt for those not born with a silver spoon rammed down their delicate throats.  What the Chancellor is really admitting is that ten percent of working families will be worse off due to his Government, and those families are already the poorest in the country.

This ten percent were amongst the silent crowd of workers he hectored at as he visited a supermarket distribution depot yesterday.  Many of those workers will be victims of this months benefits chaos, which applies to those in and out of work alike.  And these same workers will see tax credits and housing benefits reduced in real terms year on year,wiping out any trivial gains from the raising of the tax threshold.  It is little wonder that his audience remained silent and contemptuous throughout, no doubt having been threatened with the sack should they raise their voices.

Even his attempt to divide those on low incomes by talking about claimants on £26,000 a year was met with stony faces.  Low paid workers in the South of England are only too aware that  some claimants are forced to pay huge sums to landlords due to the chronic lack of social housing.  They know this because many of them are paying the same sky high rents and are as just as dependent on fast disappearing housing benefits as any out of work benefit claimant.

In fact Osborne’s only answer to low paid workers is to brag that at least he’s destroying the lives of unemployed, unwell or disabled people as well.  Picking on those least able to defend themselves seems to be a competition sport to the Bullingdon bullies in the cabinet.

But it is clearly not just those out of work that are in the Chancellor’s firing line.  In truth Gideon couldn’t really care less whether those on low incomes are working – if you are poor you are scum according to the trust fund kid with a four million pound fortune.

It matters not at all that those people he has condemned to poverty are the ones who empty his bins, clean his daddy’s offices and will wipe his swollen rancid arse when he gets old.  After all these aren’t real people to Gideon.  In his fevered mind they are merely a servile class of plebs, only existing to do the work the rich are too lazy to even consider, like making their own beds or scrubbing their own shit from their toilets.

Gideon, David and Nick live in such pampered privilege it is unlikely they’ve ever had a sincere conservation with anyone who isn’t rich.  And it is this effete bubble of privilege that has allowed the most inept fools possibly in history to fluke their way into government.  This bubble means Gideon and David have little idea how talentless they are, as their bribed back-slapping city boy chums cheer their every move.  Osborne got his job because the business owning class hailed him as a financial genius, yet any chinless fool could claim to be an economic expert to these clowns.  All you need to say is tax the rich less and fuck the poor and the jeering toads will fete you as a hero of the upper classes.

Yet Osborne’s shambolic austerity drive has destroyed the economy and he is more determined than ever to make the poorest pay for his failure.  He is not fit to run a tuck shop and yet he has been let loose on the nation’s finances.  The man is utterly incompetent, but he is very, very posh.  To most Tories that means he has a divine right to rule.

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195 responses to “George Osborne – The Odious Toff Who’s Not Fit To Run A Tuck Shop

  1. more determined than ever to make the poorest pay for his failure.

    No. he’s just kicking the fuck out of chavs. ‘Cause he’s posh, he can, and he’s scared of them.

  2. Anyone would think Gideon wants a civil war (it feeds the rich while it buries the poor). What’s wrong with the man?!

  3. Rosemarie Harris

    He’s hoping that if he keeps saying the same thing over and over he is going to belive it, because he knows we won’t.
    People like him will never change they don’t have a brain to work anything out they have one brain cell and it’s stuck.
    Perhaps a clout on the back of the head might loosen it !

    • Yosserian Hughes

      Yep, Definitely one from the goebbels school of bullshit. He’s convinced himself & the rest of the toff gobshites; but hardly anyone else.

      And he got his ‘attack’ in first. ‘Leftist scaremongering’ is it, giddy? There’s one that’ll come back to bite him on the arse in a BIG way…..wait ‘n’ see 😉

      That said, I’m not convinced that them warehousemen & women were entirely unconvinced, nor were applaudin’ him out of any sort of coercion. The ‘vox pops’ of those in that warehouse on the news last night seemed to back gideon’s view up somewhat. Typical brainwashed southern (Well, London &South-Eastern centric) right-wing press reader’s attitudes if you ask me.

      Not the brightest bunch to be askin’ but then again they’ll soon change their minds when they realise what’s hit them…..if they’re capable of deducin’ where their money’s gone/ is goin’.

  4. UK going back to Victorian era

    David Cameron said we are all this together but according to the papers today there are now new social classes for the toffs but for the low paid they are now talking about reducing the minimum wage. Let’s saw them reduce their wages and expenses – not a snowball’s chance in hell but G O still spouts so much junk!

  5. the divine right to rule..and thats the point..thats what they believe..

    • They may have money on their side but they are the minority and we are the majority, without people below their so-called “class level” they cannot truly survive. There is a genuine fear inside them and that leads them to do what they aim to do. They know the year of 2015 is burning bright and they know between now and that date much can happen and not all of it will afford them a gravy train all the way to the next general election.

      Just around the corner I see much pain for them, what goes around comes around will be a clear fact in this case and by the time it hits home the Tories and the whole of this coalition will be in the political wilderness for years to come. They are talking themselves to death and nothing they have to say relates to real people in the real world, only those who stand with them for their dystopian visions for those who do not live in their class level.

  6. He said: “Now, those who defend the current benefit system are going to complain loudly. These vested interests always complain, with depressingly predictable outrage, about every change to a system which is failing.

    “I want to take the argument to them. Because defending every line item of welfare spending isn’t credible in the current economic environment. Because defending benefits that trap people in poverty and penalise work is defending the indefensible.”


    From a Sittingbourne branch of Morrisons on Tuesday Mr Osborne did precisely that, putting forward a trenchant defence of – as he did not quite put it – his decision to foot the bills of British failure by curbing British benefits. “For hardworking people,” read the sign on the rostrum where the chancellor spoke, and at moments he sounded like he was making a point of dropping his consonants. Far from the “posh boy” he has often being called, Mr Osborne painted himself as a man who understood the resentments of those who toil hard for little reward. In many ways he played his hand well, highlighting apparently indefensible cases of £100,000 housing benefit bills and the oddity of subsidising spare bedrooms in stricken times. Many Tory voters will have heard someone speaking for them.

    But the argument may resonate much less outside the Tory tribe, because it rests upon one big deceit, plus a handful of smaller distortions. The big deceit is that there is a crisp social divide between the striving classes and a minority of subsidised sloths. This disjunction is entirely false, because in a low-wage economy like the UK state top-ups are required to make work pay. Parents with jobs are about to discover that the misery of stagnant pay is being compounded by the decoupling of child benefit and working tax credit from the price of baked beans and nappies. Housing benefit cuts and chaotic curbs on council tax rebates will hit working single parents as well as those who stay home. Chuck in the real dynamics of real lives – people can and do go through cyclical periods of unemployment and low-wage work – and the skiver-striver separation looks even more contrived.

    • Getting the working classes to believe they will be better off as a result of stamping on the poor – what a joke. They are taking the money from the welfare pot and into their hands with tax windfalls.

    More “benefits are genewous” nutters, and the second one is a cheif UKIP nutter (or at least the moron who is defending Mensch – that cunt Patrick)


    George Osborne is using Britons as economic cannon fodder

    This is a dangerous time to push the property market. The chancellor won’t invest – yet he’s happy for us to

    Massive public debt: bad. Massive private debt: excellent. Gordon Brown’s bubble: economic ruin. George Osborne’s potential bubble: economic salvation. Benefits for non-home-owners: unaffordable. Cash bungs for property buyers: essential.
    Recite this catechism often and loudly, and over time you too will appreciate the wisdom of the coalition’s economic policy.
    The consensus over Wednesday’s budget was that it was a do-nothing affair, a feeble huddle of small measures washed away in a sea of red ink and broken targets. In terms of central government giving and taking – the traditional stuff of Red Books – it was as small beer as that penny off a pint indicates. But stack up the announcements that don’t touch the public balance sheets and the chancellor was strikingly radical.
    Because it turns out that Osborne does believe in that apparent epitome of economic loucheness, borrowing to invest. He just wants you and me to do it, using our own wee savings. Sure, No 11 will give us a leg-up, by guaranteeing over £100bn of our loans and sloshing easy money through the banks. But, despite all Vince Cable’s exhortations, the chancellor will not do the obvious and less risky thing of public investment.

  9. Was partners with a pedo, still a worthless cunt

  10. “I’ve got three jobs being a worthless cunt – one of them being a degenerate Murdoch lackey” – Louise Mensch, Tory Shitbag #550695

  11. Yosserian Hughes

    .”In many ways he played his hand well, highlighting apparently indefensible cases of £100,000 housing benefit bills and the oddity of subsidising spare bedrooms in stricken times. ”

    Yeah, I noticed he was only too keen to mention that. No mention of those two families in Westminster or wherever; the ones who’ve been put up at a cost of £3k p.w. because of the coailition policies though.

    He asked; “Hands up all those who think it’s fair that families on benefit get……….” and then said: “exactly” almost immediately – barely even lookin’ up to see if anyone had put their hand up

    And he wouldn’t answer that reporter after his shite-spoutin’ , stating: “I’m not prepared to go into individual cases”. And STILL he was given an easy time of it by the media.

  12. Nara Hodge – Useless tory cunt copy and pasting YOU TO TO WERK HARRD rhetoric:

    • Anomie shrugs

      £100,000 housing benefit bills straight into the pockets of landlords the price they were willing to pay to undermine social housing, it was their politically motivated and profitable welfare scam, not ours.

  13. 380,000 protest signatures (so far) dismissed as nonsense by IDS effectively. There is no chance of making these chinless wonders see the light – until they are given the almighty boot. If 60 million people sign they’d still dismiss them as fools. They have utter contempt for the British public. Role on 2015!

  14. These petitions are in effect a vote of no confidence in this government and by the British public as a whole – everyone working and not working are signing it.

    It is time to call a general election.

  15. Back in 2009 when Britain was first put on negative outlook (then by Standard & Poors), George Osborne said:

    “It’s now clear that Britain’s economic reputation is on the line at the next general election, another reason for bringing the date forward and having that election now…”

    So now Moody’s have taken the same action, we presume Osborne will be taking the same line again.

    When’s our election George?


    Why is Coke-Head George Osborne Still Chancellor?

    other question: why was the site who showed the info about georges old habits suddenly hacked on one or more occasions??

    “Originally this exposure of Chancellor George Osborne’s past drug use was published on TheDuckShoot blog on May 9, 2012. By the end of May it was hacked and taken down by a hacker. I put it back and this time he/they corrupted the link to an image of his poncy face. I fixed that, only to have the whole site hacked in October. I have expanded the post and reinstated the image and video so everyone can see the face of this corrupt politico.”

    The Chancellor George “Coke-Head” Osborne story

    In a front page story in, the now defunct, News of the World and a video by The Norwich Experience Natalie Rowe, a former escort girl, spills the beans on the UK Chancellor’s cocaine habit. OK he wasn’t the Chancellor at the time, but how comes he is Chancellor now? How did he cover it up? Now that it public knowledge why is coke-head George Osborne still Chancellor of the Exchequer? Why indeed is he still a Member of Parliament?

    He broke the law (at least twice)

    Has he been investigated by the police? What action has the Parliamentary Standards Committee taken? Are we going to see convictions for cocaine use rescinded? Will the police, from this day forth, be told to cease arresting those in possession of cocaine? Not a chance! Acts of Parliament (they call laws*1) do not apply to the corrupt elite.

    The numerous statutes passed by Parliament are designed to increase the power of the agents of force and their masters, and every act passed reduces the rights of obedient citizens. Disobedient inhabitants are not affected, because we know that existing world order is a sham and does not have to be obeyed.

    Osborne is one of those who designs and passes Acts of Parliament. Like most of the hypocritical, corrupt elite he has no qualms about breaking them. I am not suggesting he still snorts cocaine, I have no evidence of that, but he is a train fare dodger as well so his conduct is open to question.

  17. Gideon Osborne

    *thumping lectern* [shouting] WE WILL MAKE WORK PAY…. *talking up sleeve* [inaudible] for the millionaire directors and shareholders 🙂

  18. Generous Benefits???
    The UK has far from the most generous social security system in Europe, both in terms of benefit levels and overall spending. In France, for example, unemployment benefits are considerably higher for most people than they are in the UK, while contribution conditions are, if anything, somewhat weaker; a French teacher or banker losing their job in London might well be shocked by how little they would be entitled to here.

    So, overall, the picture is mixed, but certainly some migrants – especially those from the relatively poor new member states – do better here than they would at home. But that doesn’t mean British taxpayers are the losers from migration. Quite the opposite. All the evidence suggests that migrants – especially migrants from the new EU member states – are net contributors to the public purse, not a drain. The most comprehensive study on this topic found that the latter paid in via taxes about 30% more than they cost our public services. In particular, they were far less likely to claim benefits and tax credits, and far less likely to live in social housing.

  19. over 380,000 asked Iain Duncan Smith to prove he could live on £53 pw..his answer was that it was just a publicity stunt..yet 380,000 doubted he could..ok he’s an MP and a gambling addict..and commutes to westminster and had his home paid by taxpayer and tax payers pay his staff, travel expenses and office equipment and upkeep of his missus..but could HE live on £53 pw? 380,000 didnt believe he could..maybe just maybe they dont think the UK benefit IS generous after all..
    or his lifestyle aint the same as everyone elses..

    what if Iain Drunken Shit wasn’t an MP, could he live on 53 quid a week?

  20. Your last two posts chewie threw up a canny bit of research thanks for that.

  21. I’d clean Osbornes arse for him, with a white hop poker – mind, he might enjoy that so on 2nd thoughts.

    • @micktj i was converned that a blog site which had the info about osbournes coke snorting was hacked on more than one occasion.
      why? and who by?

      atm ive got to find out whats going on with natwest as ive been told some banks are intent on closing bank accounts of ppl on benefits..if so then why?
      bad enough getting sanctioned but having no access to benefits cos banks wont touch them is another..

      • @bobchewie – Seems the tories have their own hackers, I too am a bit productive with Internet interactive database stuff (it’s my hobby) and wouldn’t dream of a hack, don’t know how anyway, don’t want to know, but someones getting paid i am sure to pull a site or 2 down.

        Re bank account why not try open another bank account, there is quite a sympathetic Spanish bank near you I think you will find.

      • It seems the video on Youtube linked from that website doesn’t play either – well it didn’t for me. Strange eh?

      • Don’t panic Captain Mannering …
        Step Change (the well-respected/long-established debt charity formerly known as Consumer Credit Counselling Service) say that they understand that NatWest have decided to no longer accept, or keep hold of current customers, who have a Debt Relief Order – which is something that is a voluntarily entered into course of action – and that one particular group are likely to be asked to close their accounts – sorry if I sounded a bit vague before. (They’re probably still ‘fine’ as long as this is ‘not you’).

          • @bob – I don’t know much about the inner workings of banks. Personally have, thankfully, only ever met the very occasional merchant banker (relatives of friends, in a past life).

            It sounds (& please see above comment) as if this isn’t very helpful or friendly whatever’s the motivation behind it. Banks seem to rely a lot on customer loyalty and want to keep ‘good’ customers (usually), but at the moment who knows what’s going on in their avaricious minds??
            ?Trying to protect themselves/their interests and/or trying alienate us.

            • @shirleynott i dont know unless A: its to do with the ‘we dont want you using other companies cash machines crap or B: my account is first reserve which must be a savings account (i didnt know and why didnt they tell me and suggest a current account in which case they messed up as it seems a lot of people have been using it as current account..) which is why like me they have a debit why all this crap now?..

            • Perhaps they’ve just started to get bogged down in convoluted attempts to be more ‘user-friendly’ – a bit like the DWP/JCP (meeting themselves coming in backwards)… ?

    • That’s what happened to Edward the 2nd, don’t think he enjoyed it too much…

  22. The trouble is that if you didn’t already know he was lying he sounded pretty convincing. Many people will not know he is lying as they only read the right wing press which loves him. The stories that critise him do not appear and those where angry comments are made, are removed or hidden from sight.

    There are many people clapping and cheering for good old Gideon, and they will only stop when they realise how it affects them personally. The biggest lie being tTat he is making work pay. Only when people see that is a lie because they have less money than before, will the general population be bothered. Most people are not interested in that which does not affect them. Any detractors in the press or in politics have bided their time – they watited until it when through before half heartedly raising a hand in challenge. The labour party will be thrilled that the dirty work will have been done for them. When they get back in power, they will tell everyone that it is too complex or expensive to do anything about it. They will carry the policies on.

  23. Vote George Galloway he can’t be worse than this George and may well treat the sick and unemployed a lot better.

  24. @guy fawkes thanks i do what i can..get back here if you stumble onto something..

  25. If the government states you need £71 to live on then why are MPs expenses higher. Most people do not receive expenses to go to work or any other help. Why are MPs epenses so high? Why are they paid expenses over £71 if the Government state that people can live on that amount and as they earn more than this then why are they claiming expenses in the first place????? Austere times!!! let them feel it inthe.pocket

    • @LIZ i wonder if when georgie was at Eton and they told him to stay behind to do lines it must have got right up his nose..

    • I’ve stopped caring, if they want to force people to turn to crime because there are no full time jobs and ever rising costs and decimation of meagre benefits, that’s fine with me. I’m sure I won’t he the only one to be forced into this as many decent law abiding citizens will have the same stark choice. Torries, you’re playing a dangerous game challenging the poor to survive, upgrade your security you nasty toffs and watch your backs, at this moment in time I have nothing to lose by going to jail, on the contrary I may learn more survival tactics. Tory scum be careful what you wish for or more to the point, what you’re creating!

  26. Bob you will be pleased to know there is an Official e-petition started for Ian Duncan Smith: to Live on £53 for one week, 6579 have already signed,
    Everyone Please sign

    • @pat i hope the 380,000 who signed the other one wont mind and sign this..not that the arsehole will honour i posted earlier i was wondering if he wasnt an MP could he do it. considering hes a gambling addict..oh wait tax payers pay his wages dont they and he’s a gambler? hmmm

    • Pat, do you really think a petition of any sort is going to make one iota of difference to this lying cheating above the law bunch of arse wipes? Get real!

    • Just signed it

    • I don’t expect the official petition to have anywhere near the success of the unofficial one. The momentum has been wasted on the unofficial petition and it benefited from anonymity, whereas the official petition needs name, address etc.

    • Signed.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      Over 408,000 signatures now.

      • @obi wan kenobi fecking hell, last time i looked it was only 7,800 as of the early be honest i felt disheartened thinking that the previous petition and negative publicity dragged up by the torygraph and mail would have put ppl off..

      • @obi wan kenobi ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS?

        Number of signatures:

        HARDLY 480,000 ????

        • 2 seperate petitions hmmmmmmmmmm

        • I know this will sound a little negative but whether its 8,000 or 408,000 signatures – is a feeble fraction of the uk 60+ million population, and the tories, even if there was millions of signatutres, would just laugh it off.

          I would be happy to sign this petition or both if I thought it would do any good at all, but I don’t believe it will accomplish anything at all. What has been accomplished is the fact that IDS has made himself look like a bigger ass than he already is.

          • @moab2013 you wish the tory rags discredited the guy who started it all as a ducker and diver who was a gambler (like IDS) no wonder the e govt petition is dragging its arse..unless the first one was meant to be a blinder ..

            • @bobchewie no I don’t wish for anything – well there are some things, like wanting this shower out of office. Other than that peitions are just not something I feel will make any difference at all, but that’s my personal choice and opinion. People fight their battles in different ways – I am just going on my own observations that unless things are fought en masse it’s just not going to make any difference.

              As I said it does sound negative, but that maybe because I am in a negative mood and as a working class person who is labelled a “skiver”, even though I have paid taxes and am trying my best to obtain employment.

          • @obi wan kenobi that was a dead end petition..ithought there was something wrong with it when it wasnt put on the official e govt site..
            i thought at the time it was dodgy like a blinder..spent force to put out only for it to be shot down….so that the tory rags can discredit it and the guy who started it..look at the result..the official one is hardly shifting…

            someone set this up as a blinder….

  27. These hundred grand housing benefit claims, do they really exist, does anyone even have hard & fast evidence of these or is this just some sum plucked out of thin air to justify the reduction in benefits?

    • @kittycat tories / mail love one article they described a council home as a ‘mansion’ ie a home that would be available to anyone..its bollocks..

      • So if they are discribing a council home as a mansion they should be exempt from the bedroom tax then lol

    • @Kittycat58 – They don’t give you the good news (the truth) that 99.999% of housing benefit claimants were probably getting about £3,000 per year benefit. Now reduced to £2,600 for many.

    • Five families in London had benefits over £100,000. But, of course, they didn’t see much of it because it mostly went to the greedy landlords (who you can bet would be Tory voters). So he wasn’t lying but, as with all politicians, he just wasn’t telling the whole story.

      It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

  28. One week on £53 is doable ,the real test is when the bills roll in and repairs or replacements for household goods or decorating needs doing not to mention clothes, bus fares etc etc. He will walk it for one week.

    • @guy fawkes he will have to give up his trips to the dog track then..

    • Super Scrimper

      You can live on £0 for ONE week easily Guy, I could, you could, we all could… providing the gas/leccy is topped-up, the cupboards are full of food etc. Living of the dole for ONE week is a nonsensical exercise and counts for NOTHING; the detrimental effects of living on the dole can only be gauged over the long-term.

    • Super Scrimper

      Admittedly is not really living off £0 for one week, it is SPENDING £0 for one week. Go do your weekly shop, top-up the gas/leccy and that’s your expenditure taken care of for that week. That is how stupid these MPs etc. and their “Living on the Dole for a Week” programmes are.

      • @super scrimper its good to see on yahoo news thread ppl on there hate IDS and calling him a lyer..the report on there came to conclusion it couldnt be done..

      • Didn’t a labour party guy do this a while back. I seem to remember a programme on years back. Can’t remember who it was – some grey-hair fat twat anyhow.

      • Money Saving Expert

        A good idea and a worthwhile exercise is to use a software programme or a spreadsheet to record EVERY expenditure for at least a year. This is how the Joseph Rowntree Foundation for instance reach their Minimum Income calculations, not pretending to live on the dole for a week. This will tell you how expensive living in the UK is and how woefully inadequate benefits are. We all under-estimate how much things costs us. It will also save you money doing this.

  29. i see what they are up to now, by slating that guy they are trying to put off anyone signing another petition about IDS..


    ‘I left the Army at 26, 27. I went off and did a heavy goods vehicle drivers’ course. I know what it’s like to live on a low income.

    ‘I didn’t claim unemployment benefit – I lived off the savings I had – but I went to the job centre. Later on in life when I worked my way up I was made redundant, I again had to start all over again from scratch and this time I had kids. I didn’t have any financial backing and I had to pick up the pieces, find another job and get back to work.

    ‘The honest truth is I don’t need any lessons from these people. I have worked hard all my life for what I’ve achieved and nobody has given me a damn penny. My earnings are what I live on.’


    • Don’t forget the fucking huge estate he lives on with his millionaire wife Betsy. Nahhh, no one’s ever given him a penny! 🙂

    • spot on as usual, bob well said

      • something survived...

        IDS passed the health tests to get in the army, and was allowed afterwards to drive HGVs. Was able to have children. All those 3 things he is taking for granted. Some people have none of the above.

        Nobody gave him a penny? But the money from the taxpayer: oh sorry, he nicked that! Or confiscated it against people’s will.

        IDS would you like to go to an assessment centre and go through the assault course for the disabled Capability test? Would you like to try doing it… while on fire?

        As for getting a job: you can’t get just any job or why doesn’t IDS work as a pole dancer or a binman? And if you apply for endless jobs but never get picked? Which, given that there are hundreds of applicants per job, is most of us. And the longer we are out of work the less likely they are to pick us. Moreover, if given a job or forced to take a job (possibly unpaid), who’s to say that the company won’t go belly-up next month? Or that it isn’t a McJob that will drive you to madness or suicide? Or that you won’t be bullied till you have to leave, then lose all dole for walking out or being fired? Or that your health is not good enough and you are fired for being too sick, or get injured or killed at work as a result of being forced to do it when you are disabled? Like you have narcolepsy and fall under a train while sweeping? If you get a job offer and have to tell them you can’t have their health insurance because you are not eligible, but it messes up their ORDER so they withdraw the job offer? Likewise all the other package deals that come with jobs, that you probably can’t get (you must be in perfect health all your life and ablebodied, and have dependants). Or if you want ethical investment, or don’t believe in interest/gambling. The new compulsory pension schemes don’t seem to take that into account.

        I’ll Drink Sewage (in Hell); “But you are meant to take any job we tell you to!”
        Unfortunately for Schmidt, he then suffered a head injury. He needed urgent brain surgery. But because he had sacked all the neurosurgeons and made them stack shelves in Poundland for free, there were vacancies everywhere. IDS’ Universal JobMatch computer matched up a jobseeker with no medical skills/qualifications/training/knowledge/experience, to the vacancy of brain surgeon. And this was the surgeon (100% patient mortality rate) on duty when IDS was rushed into the operating theatre. The anaesthetist explained she was 17 and had been happily stacking shelves in Poundland for minimum wage, when to cut costs they had suddenly sacked her in order to employ sacked NHS surgeons on workfare. She really wanted to be a Nail Technician but nobody had ever given her any money for training, and besides the Government had closed down her local college and library. When in the benefits system, she had been yanked over here to do anaesthetics. The pay was good; and almost made up for the fact that she’d been up all night looking after her baby. The training had been pretty minimal, she had been told how to put masks on people and turn on gases, but was never told what anything was or any medical stuff at all.
        In the subsequent operation, all of Ian Duncan Smith’s brain matter was somehow removed. (The surgeon had good eyesight to find it)
        93% of neurosurgeons, reading about it while on workfare, believed that this change registered as a net improvement in IDS’ mental capabilities.
        IDS was hollowed out and dried, and used as a novelty umbrella stand beneath a dust-gathering portrait of the Thatcher Beast.

        • @something survived IDS and this feckless govt have a strange view of sponging ..its alright if they do it but all wrong if a disabled claimant gets a few quid just to help them get by..its not even proportionate..thousands if not millions going to useless MPs is fine and dandy but ”wil spark furious rows” if someone struggling gets a meagre payout just to stay alive..

        • @something survived nice comment mate you are a brave fellow kept afloat by your ingenious ever..


  32. History Buffoon

    I seem to remember that King Charles the First also thought he had a divine right to rule…

  33. Landless Peasant

    “…by the time claimants have paid their bedroom tax, council tax and essential bills, many (will) be left with nothing at all to buy food.”

    I’ll be left with less than £10 per week for food, toiletries, cleaning products, and clothing. If my application for Discretionary Housing Payments is unsuccessful I’ll have no choice but to resort to begging and crime.

    • Join me Landless, you can be the lookout lol

    • @Landless Peasant – Here’s a cool begging stunt for you. – A pair of crutches, £1.50 in your hand (keep it there during process) – In your city (if in city) hobble about on crutches and stop everyone you see. Explain to them you have just come out of hospital, show them your £1.50 and tell them the bullshit that you are desperate to get home and need (a random figure) say 0.85p bus fare to get home. Couldn’t do this myself but I have seen it work in action. I reckon the young lady was getting about £20 each hour she gave her speal.

      • Anomie shrugs

        Downside you run the risk of being seriously assaulted by gullible striver infected with the politics of working class envy.

        • Ahhhhhhh I forgot to say she was being shadowed by a “minder”. She had approached me for the 2nd time ( I must look forgettable) and when I gave him a knowing look, he said “what’s up”? I said “neat piece of work” – he set off after her.

    • I am just counting out my pennies and can see what I have left to live on for the week, same as you! £10.00 pound per week for food, etc, etc.
      Can I come robbing with Ya?

    • same here, got to pay out of my benefit wkly £22 bedroom tax, £5 council tax, £10 water rates, £8 gas, £7 electric, £3 tv Licence, that is just for essential bills. i pray to god that i get help with my application for a DHP

  34. Anomie shrugs

    Have we lost the welfare debate to the 30 year long propaganda war that has increasingly become a dirty war, should we not consider allowing the neoliberals to collapse the subsistence wefare system and reengage them when the gullible populace have experience the consequences of penury U.K.

  35. Hang on! Was that IDS in disguise at the hospital, murdering the weak and defenceless?

  36. IDS supposedly stood on his own two feet, was that before he married into money and joined the Tory party.

  37. torys as bad as labour as bad as liberals..
    as we all know by now…what will change
    in 2015? the horror will just jackboot on..
    depressing thought…no alternative..
    need a wide all encompassing force outside
    of the political domain that seems to
    pollute whoever operates in it..a force
    beyond ‘isms and beyond pacificism and
    violent change that have shown to be
    a waste of time…a force that unites factions umbrella force that is not watered
    down by its variety and diversity but shares
    a common goal…
    capitalism and the 3 right wing partys
    have had their day.. puppets of the
    rich scum that finance their elections
    and wipe out any voice of dissent in the
    the papers and television.
    we desperately need an alternative or
    2015 will be big business as usual..
    mass workfare,more demonizing of poor,
    more divide and rule…more horror.

  38. I have pondered over this long and hard, we know the LAVA- TORYS think the peasants are revolting. It seems almost as if they want us to riot. Then they could declare martial law, impose curfews and other draconian measures. Then the coup de gras, Suspend Elections! No need for them to worry about the next election then. Impossible? I do not have the answer for that one. But knowing our backstabbing, self serving, pocket lining politicians, Who Knows!

  39. Inbreeding loonbertarian tory crapbag – “99% of disabled people are faking it”

    • @toryshitbag – I think that is supposed to be “0.00000000000000000099% of disabled people are faking it”.

    • @toryshitbag – Ahhhhhh yes, is “shit retention” your hobby too? Maybe partial to a full unpealed Orange mouth gag and black bin liner over thine head as well?

    • Tory bitch Allison Pearson deserves to have her oxygen cut. discuss.

      • The Philpott case has been a godsend to those who want to see benefits cut to the bone,,” See what these useless scroungers will stoop to, nothing is too low for them”, Philpott is a total exception, that guy was rotten to the core, no doubt he’d have been like that had he been in work or not.
        I’m sick to death of it all,this constant war of attrition against those on benefits , even in the hideous Thatcher era there wasn’t this level of hatred towards claimaints.

        • @kittycat also hate against disabled too..someone told me of a wheelchair bound guy pushed headlong into oncoming traffic..

        • I suspect the military screwed Philpotts mind too, no matter how footloose and fancy free he was, he was damaged mentally I am sure. I have seen this “military damage” before in wider (step-children) family – a truly sick result.

    • 99% is a gross underestimate, by our office’s calculations it is more like 99.999999%!

  40. Sorry but Allison Pearson does not breathe oxygen, only humans do that.

    • @Workhouse – Allison Pearson = Marie Antoinette – Lost her head too didn’t she? ALSO >>> she says “Toff or trash”, – excuse me, “Toff is trash”

      • @Micktj Toff = Cannon fodder, remember the 1917 revolution when the troops turned their weapons not against the people but their own officers. Oddbourne would say “They have no bread? let them snort coke!” After all it is an appetite suppressant!

        • Whereas Ian Dont give a damn Snifffy, would say, “When the enemy is relaxed, make them toil. When full, starve them. When settled, make them move.” (Sun Tzu,the art of war)

        • Yes I remember this – Thing is a military force (no matter its leaders) unlike the police is designed usually to operate not at home but elsewhere. Soldiers do not like turning on their own people from which their ranks come. Military use in uk if ever against own would eventually backfire but this is not so with police.

          • Just look across the water to the Emerald Isle…. 🙂

            • @Colleen – Ah yes but there are those in Ireland who do not see Northern Ireland as legitimately part of the UK. It is historical matter I know but this did come to mind.

        • Trouble is if there was mass revolt in this country I believe they would contract foreign troops to protect them, then they would have no hesitation is firing those guns!

  41. overburdenddonkey

    there are those who live in the gothic cathedral…and do not break glass to steal…they only need pen and paper…indeed the pen is mightier than the sword…but only the truth will set you free…seek and ye shall find…

  42. @toryshitbag ”if you give people money..etc we did give money to ppl .they were called banks…

  43. 99% faking lets kick all the people on hospital..btw if we kick that cnuts head in..and then tell him hes not in pain cos hes faking it.

  44. alison pearson a good reason to cut her wages


    more proof that alison pearson doesnt have a clue..grammar school is where you fail in life because you arent middle class enough..


    “One must smash the oiks!”
    ~ George Osbourne on unveiling his “Crush the Small people” Review

    “Blaming the bankers for the credit crunch is like blaming the Nazis for the holocaust.”
    ~ Osbourne on why poor people should be punished for the state of the economy

    “ Oh poverty schmoverty. We’re all in this together: I myself have had to lay off the butler who used to iron my cat’s waistcoat.”
    ~ Osborne on the recession

    “ Well I like it, and mumsy and nanny used to called me Bun-Face, which as far as I am concerned is a sign of affections.”
    ~ Osbourne on his nose

  47. “On April 1, the new Health and Social Care Act came into effect. This overturns the 1946 legislation that founded the NHS as a provider of free, universal health care. Clause 12 of the act states that the government, via the secretary of state for health, no longer has a legal “duty to provide” a comprehensive health service. Instead newly created Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) merely have a “duty to arrange” health care.”

  48. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Esther Mc Vey (DWP) – Channel 4 news 03.04.13

    • @OBI WAN KENOBI Oh i cant miss this event,,utterly clueless air headed tory bint..ex tv presenter who champions ‘working class tories’ whose bf wants to scrap NMW..
      Btw am hopping mad as freaking idiot on the slog suggests we should scrap hate crimes..cos he read on news that manchester were citing hate crimes against punks and goths..he said that was rubbish and should be scrapped ..and that he left out the but that a goth girl was killed by having her head stamped on and that her parents set up something in their daughters name to to help understand sub cultures..and for my part..hate crimes against disabled are on increase..which really pisses me off..i doubt esther mcvey would give a shit about that.

      • overburdenddonkey

        it would be far more helpful/ constructive…to label these so-called..”hate crimes”…for what they actually are….they are fear crimes…fear of being what the bullied/attacked is….ie disabled..unabled…goth…gay…different from what the attacker/bully…is led to believe…is culturally acceptable…

        anything out side of what is encourage to be, the politically acceptable social norm,…is scapegoated, as being culturally bad…all violence is caused by fear…the fear inflicted on the benefit dependents is violence…fear is a generic term, there are many facets to the fear being attacked/bullied can and often does cause terror..terror is fear…the cure for terror and/or…is rage…not violence…

  49. Chancellor George Osborne has questioned whether the state should be paying for the lifestyles of people like Mick Philpott.

    Philpott has been jailed for life after being found guilty of killing six of his children in a house fire.

    He has been branded a “vile product” of the benefit system by some newspapers.

    Asked about such claims, Mr Osborne said a debate was needed about whether the state should “subsidise lifestyles like that”.

    • @rogerallnot

    • Let’s talk about Lard Lucan

    • overburdenddonkey

      who subsidies osborne’s life style then….yes the taxpayer…we r all taxpayers…

    • something survived...

      Okay.. does anyone remember this case a few years ago? England, UK: a mentally ill and violent father. Locked his doors, murdered his family, and set fire to his house? The site was huge: he was at least upper middle class. He killed the house’s animals too including horses and things like that.
      So did the papers call for a punishment on the middle or upper classes? No. They referred to him as a lone madman etc.
      Maybe it was “okay” (he had financial trouble too) because it was his OWN house and not paid for by the benefits system/taxpayer, and because as a male Head of Household (Universal Credit supporters take note!) he was entitled to dispose of his own property (family) as he saw fit. So if you own your home outright you are allowed to burn it down, too.

      ‘A better class of criminal’.

      If you’re a millionaire CEO of an arms company you can sit back and count profits from your products burning and blowing up THOUSANDS of children and that is not called murder, but business. After all they are brown skinned and far away. They don’t jail you – after a few years they give you a knighthood.

  50. I think Trafalgar Square is a fitting place for a decent set of gallows, when the time comes…

  51. @obi wan kenobi heres the problem ok this IDS petition has got 400,000 + signatures but the NHS privatisation one never got anywhere near that..why? also Lisa’s save DLA one could well do with that amount..on her e govt petition and shes worked hard on that for some time now..and yet we ‘ve had a lets get at IDS petition and look what happens ..the arsehole isnt gonna honour it is he?…so why???

  52. julie dunn-brown

    im not the most inteligent person but even i can see that the policies of this government are wrong. slavery was supposed to be abandoned long ago bull slave wages and undermining the population will lead to unrest maybe we should all eat cake when there is no bread ! it will lead to the louis conflict when will people realise that the person who serves you coffee or takes care of your children, punches your ticket on the railway ARE PEOPLE they have bills to pay wives/husbands / children to go home to RESPECT is all we ask for is that too much/


    David Jack – Rupert Murdoch tory inbred says he would love to kill off most disabled people


    It’s amazing that people vote for old loony tories and smelly old tory farts that have inbred supporters like Neil Wallis

  55. Killing and starving disabled people is awesome – Tim Shitman (ShittersUnbound)

  56. Pingback: George Osborne – The Odious Toff Who’s Not Fit To Run A Tuck Shop | Dnmufc's Blog

  57. something survived...

    Osborne has been on the front pages for parking deliberately in a disabled parking space. Now either he has deliberately broken the Disability Discrimination Act, or he has been committing the offence of driving while blind.

    Using a disabled parking space requires a badge, and to get one you must be disabled. Most disabled people don’t get one either so they are not easy to get legally.

    We have a means of rectifying this situation. By using the disabled parking space, Mr Osborne has stated in public that he is disabled. On examination of him, we do not believe this to be the case. However we are happy to correct this oversight on his part. We can retrospectively apply for permission, and in order to meet the requirements will have Mr Osborne’s status converted to Disabled forthwith. This will only require the breaking of both his legs in several places with a sledgehammer, followed by the severing of his spinal cord.

    After we render him suitably Disabled, he is welcome to crawl to the post office (closed dans les Cuts) on his face to apply for a badge, adapted car, parking permit, and wheelchair. And also for assistance in wiping his bottom. Before getting these, he will have to attend a work capability assessment at the top of a tower block, staffed only by the panel of Dragon’s Den/The Apprentice. He will also be placed in the work related activity group and expected to participate in work programme and workfare. We have found him an exciting job as a motorway sweeper.

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