ASDA Are Austerity Profiteers – Boycott Them!

boycott-asdaA call has gone out to boycott supermarket chain ASDA due to their obscene profiteering from the current economic crisis and the increasing poverty faced by many of their customers.

ASDA are not only ones of the UK’s largest workfare exploiters, but have also  just been given a smart-card contract by Birmingham City Council.  This is the replacement for the Crisis Loan scheme, the small loans which were available to claimants and people on a low income in an emergency, such as having been a victim of theft.

These loans – which averaged around £60 per person and had to be repaid – have now been abolished by Iain Duncan Smith.  Instead local authorities are to provide this vital but fast disappearing support.

In Birmingham recipients of short term help will no longer be given cash, but instead a smart card which can only be spent at ASDA.  This is despite the fact many people in receipt of these cards may be unable to afford the fares to their nearest monstrous out of town supermarket.  ASDA could have chosen to stand with their customers – many of whom are on low incomes – and refused to take part in such an offensive scheme which treats those with least like children whilst lining the pocket of supermarket bosses.  Instead the money grabbing leeches in charge of the company are only to happy to force claimants to have no choice but to shop in their supermarkets.

This is hardly surprising.  ASDA are well known for also forcing people to work in their stores without pay.  A post on Boycott Workfare’s website reveals how ASDA took on unpaid workers to deal with the Christmas rush and even forced people to work without pay on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

In truth ASDA were chomping at the bit of austerity and the opportunities for exploitation it might bring shortly after this Government weren’t elected. In October 2010, Chairman of the company Andy Bond was a signatory to a letter to The Daily Telegraph which claimed that “The private sector should be more than capable of generating additional jobs to replace those lost in the public sector, and the redeployment of people to more productive activities will improve economic performance, so generating more employment opportunities.”

It turns out the company had no intention of paying wages for many of those employment opportunities they claimed might be generated.

Claimants in a crisis may be forced to shop at ASDA but the rest of us don’t have to.  Boycott these money grabbing parasites and spread the word about how they treat their customers.  Follow @BoycottAsda2013 on twitter to keep up with the campaign and tell ASDA what you think on facebook a:

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  2. @Johnny Void at the risk of saying ”i told you so” (i did) i posted something about a subsiduary of capita running the social fund..and certain logos appeard in the illustration diagram that had the ASDA trademark in it..i mentioned it to you at the time in connection with rumblings about smart cards..see i am psychic..(sort of)..

  3. That’s shagged it. Where the fuck am I going to shop now?

  4. So many bad things are happening at the moment. It’s making my head spin.

  5. Asda is a wholly owned division of Walmart and there is a live corruption investigation involving Walmart’s foreign subsidiaries.

    “Walmart braces for losses amid corruption probe”

  6. Hardly surprising since Walmart own Asda. “Another retarded american value system coming to a town near you”…..

    You can count on my support to boycott Asda and all Walmart owned companies and reposted on Facebook.

    • My reasoning was this: the diagram had brand logos in it. normally you have to get permission to use them AND say you had got permission to use them.. no info of that kind appeared. ergo the company brands used were for a reason .ie they were part of the scheme..

      • That makes sense. It is quite disturbing that they would turn something as important and necessary as crisis loans into a corporate feeding frenzy for these multinationals.

        The UK is becoming like America every day and this scares me. Now we have Walmart involved in the exploitation of the poor then I can only assume that the UK at some point will be the next state of the USA.

        • oh also in that diagram was trussel trust food thats odd as ideally thats free but as we really know trussel trust is run by tories who have been profiteering out of it..

          • Had to laugh over the weekend at a report about food banks on Sky News. One shot showed a shelf with tins of – wait for it- Waitrose artichokes! Who in their right mind eats bloody artichokes anyway? They’re vile.Probably only there cos they’re about six months out date. But seriously, this shows how out-of-touch these tory-run organisations are! Or maybe they believe that those down on their luck will just eat anything & be “grateful” for small mercies, even artichokes.
            The report may well be still on the Sky News website if anyone wants to check it out.

        • No, because then they would have to give us the right to bear arms.


    • love1salluneed

      I’d like to know the answer to that question too. I am wondering if it is that the guy who started it did not put in an ‘end target. But I cannot get the page to stop dropping out when I go onto it. It keeps kind of ‘flashing, and I cannot even sign.

      • @love1salluneed my understandung is that the target is 100,000 to be accepted..well its way past that at 194,000 with 6000 to go as it now says 200,000 target..????

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  9. I search the DWP’s Universal Jobmatch site every day and I would say 95% of jobs on offer are part time and under the magical 30 hour threshold to be able to qualify for working tax credits and the majority of jobs offered are minimum wage. My thoughts are that this is a purposeful ploy by the government which enables them to manipulate employment figures as well as keeping people from claiming working tax credits. They would rather have businesses employ twice as many people on part time hours than half as many full time for obvious reasons.

    • I have heared rumours that employers are given financial incentives to do this. Is this true?

      • I actually envy people with jobs who don’t fall into the poverty trap, I desperately want to work but a part time job would see me worse off than I am now and that’s at rock bottom.

      • I don’t know the exact details but I believe that the employer has to pay no (or reduced ) N.I. for part time employees. So two or three people doing what used to be one job saves the business money (and falsely reduces the unemployment figures). There are undoubtedly other benefits for the employer in employing part-timers s well. And if you put them on zero-hour contracts, like McDonalds for example, you don’t know how many hours you’ll get to work in any week. It’s a disgrace. You’re completely at the mercy of your employer which is exactly where the Tories and their cronies want you.

  10. I think a day of online action – ringup HO, braches, B’ham council etc
    Then a day of action (may) – shutting down those 4 stores in Bham. Dont let this happen – it will pave the way for others.

    Anyone wanna set this up?

  11. This is actually the supermarket where I shop and has been for many years but only due to the convenience factor. I actually do not find them that cheap and the quality and choice is fairly low. I’ll often go into M&S when I can where I can pick up a quality meal for not much more than the Asda equivalent yet it is so much tastier and you know the ingredients are quality.

    I must now stop shopping at Asda. The thought that I (or others) might actually end up being exploited by the shop that I choose to spend my money is beyond belief and makes me very angry. Pull your finger out Asda!

    • My weekly budget for food is less than £20 so there would be no chance of me shopping at exploiters supermarkets.

      • IDS you brag that you are going to make people better off to be in work! Make it so! Raise the minimum wage to a level where a working person can afford to circulate their earnings to kick start the economy and make businesses profitable by generating sales and revenue. Imagining the unemployed is merely a propaganda tool you use to persuade the comfortably well off in society that you have their best interest at heart. All you are doing is curtailing any possible business success for the very people all the propaganda is aimed at. Wake up people, when he’s killed off the poor in society, you will be the next to cull.

  12. Among all the discussion of benefit “reforms”, this seems to have gone by unnoticed.

    It seems the Tories are starting to reconsider how annual increases to the minimum wage are calculated, telling the Low Pay Commission “…that it must formally consider its impact on “employment and the economy”, before agreeing future increases.”

    They are even willing to demand the rate is frozen or even cut if it will “save jobs and protect the economy” So much for “making work pay” eh? Make no mistake, this is the start of a drip feed of attacks on the NMW, soon to be followed by a nicely choreographed media frenzy that will end with the government overseeing a cut or even the abolition of the NMW.

    If the Tories get in in 2015 kiss goodbye to the NMW…

    • Here here scarecrow, spot on!

    • But of course – “making work pay” as the Tories like to say doesn’t involve making work pay for the employees, but for the employers. They just left that part out. “We will make work pay for the millionaire directors and shareholders”, that’s what they really mean by making work pay…

    • Even if they don’t get into power legitimately next time, I’m afraid the likes of the Labour party will just pick up the mantle of this governments dirty work and say thank you.

      Vote for Galloway next time and let’s get tident abolished and the end to illegal conflicts.

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  14. 194,000 6k to go on petition..

  15. love1salluneed

    They do not want to make work pay unless it of course increases the PROFITS of the oppressive corporations, and shareholders alike. If they can maximise, at any cost, the profts and margins that shareholders receive then so be it at the ‘cost’ and detriment of the worker or the welfare recipient.

    Pigs all – with their snouts well and truly buried in the billions/trillions of expropriated funds from OBE’s (other buggers efforts)

  16. Oh, the scumbags. will be taking my credits elsewhere!

  17. UK going back to Victorian era

    My nearest Asda is 35 miles awayand it would cost me just over £8 for a return train ticket and £2 return bus fare just to get to the station as I live in a village miles from anywhere..can’t move nearer town as there ain’t no houses available


  18. The petition is not on the official site – ie The number is just a target until the next target, it isn’t broken.

  19. Not surprised this has reared its ugly head at Asda/Walmart first. There’s a ‘pile it high/sell it (not so) cheap’ mentality, or at least that’s the way it always feels in there. They just want to make as much money as fast as they can (?!no, really) – in line with all their competitors, but somehow the aim always feels more blatant even than in other supermarkets at Asda/Walmart. They tend to be massive.

    There’s a large one opposite where I last worked (in the heady days of last year) so of course, sometimes would end up in there either buying lunch/breakfast or to shop on the way home. (it’s next to a main road & without other shops nearby). They seem to sell hundreds of different kinds of everything – just like in American supermarkets & (this one anyway) was in a ‘less-than-affluent’ area. It would seem more than likely that within their huge, already captive market (& without doing any scientific research, just off the top of my head) that at least a percentage of their regular customers might or could end up in the ‘smart card’ target group at some time. If the card scheme goes viral, and if this one store is in any way representative – they’ll be quids in.

    Crisis Market -‘That’s Asda’s Price’.

  20. Landless Peasant

    It’s a disgusting development that needs to be nipped in the bud. I don’t like the idea of a ‘smartcard’ one bit, you can’t dictate to people where they can buy their food ffs! It’s bloody Tyrannical.

    • I Just want to ask anyone on here if they’ve had this. My bank natwest have sent me a letter telling me that my debit card will become redundant this year and will be replaced with ATM only card. meaning i will only be able to draw cash out and not make transactions eg buy food and stuff. they say its to help people save . I was wondering that we wont be set up for a cyprus type deal where we can get robbed by bank in case they need a bail out..any ideas anyone?

      • Landless Peasant

        Not heard of that, perhaps you could change Banks? I use the Co-Op.

        • @LL not really as i have an ISA with them..last time they took 50 quid out of it..till i had a go at them..apart from that its been ok..i use my card to pay rent and i dont fancy carrying £50 or more in cash to pay rent..i dunno i get suspicious when i get stuff like this..why do they want a lot more savers???

      • That’s bad, Bob, it means you can’t do any on-line shopping without a debit card facility. In effect, you can’t take advantage of any “cheaper deals”, but the middle-class and toffs will 🙂 Reminds me of Costco where you have to have an “approved” occupation to shop there, like barrister, airline pilot… another place where the poor can’t take advantage of the cheaper prices. The poor always get the raw deals, Bob, they pay through the nose for everything, gas/electric pre-payment anyone.

      • Never heard of this before, Bob, unless the banks are in some way “downgrading” the accounts of the poorest members of society like some of the banks did when they restricted withdrawals from “basic” accounts to their own ATM network. But given the push towards the “cashless society” and the drive towards “welfare cards” limiting accounts to cash only transactions does not make sense, and besides having a debit facility makes it easier to spend money, so it doubly doesn’t makes sense.

        • @MAGS Yes it doesnt make sense to me either, in the letter it says ” is designed to help you build up savings rather than make recurring payments or everyday transactions” is it saying..stop buying food and pay rent?? its what do i do with theses savings that i draw out on ATM card? put under the mattress? or put into another account? so they can raid it if they go broke?..

          • t doesn’t make sense, Bob. Does anywhere on the letter say something like: “From xx/xx/xxxx your Debit Card will become an ATM-only card. This means that you will no longer be able to make, for instance, purchases over the internet.” What about POS (point-of-sale) machines in shops? Can you still use those, Bob? Because, technically, that is a card-is-present debit card transaction, but you don’t have to key in the debit card number like you do on-line. Maybe, the banks are withdrawing debit card facilities from the poor. Sounds total crazy though, since more and more transactions are being done on-line, post offices are closing/no longer accepting bill payments. Is there a 16 digit number on your card, Bob? This should tell you because this is the debit card number.

            • @ATM it says ” from august 2013 we will begin to replace expiring visa debit cards with ATM only cards on savings accounts.we will only replace our card endig in xxxx if you have purchased goods or have withdrawn cash from an ATM recently . you will be able to use your new ATM card for withdrawing from cash machines nut not for every day transactions or recurring payments linked to your card such as ebay or itunes.”

              i dont think my account is savings …any anyway why change it now??

            • @ATM they are REPLACING my debit card with ATM card..

            • Has your card got a “chip-and-pin”, Bob? Or does it just have a magnetic strip? Or have you received the ATM-only card yet? Have you got another other accounts with this bank, Bob? Or is this the only account? It seems like your account has been re-designated a “savings account”. i.e a very basic account that you can only take money out from an ATM. No debit card, no POS, no check-book, direct debits “every day transactions”?! POS, debit card payments? “recurring payments linked to your card such as ebay or itunes”?! direct debits/standing orders (but how would you pay your rent when Universal Credit comes in), on-line transactions. Does this “savings account” pay any interest, Bob? Because it seems like your account has been “down-graded” under the guise of a “savings account” and a lot of the facilities needed to function in the modern world have been removed. Have you had any problems with this account? Been overdrawn, direct debits failed? Is there some reason the bank would do this?

              • @ATM magnetic strip..not overdrawn..i did give a bollocking to natwest when they conned me into closing down my ISA then took £50 out of a ‘penalty’ for doing so,, i complained to bank ombudsman and got it re instated and £50 compensation..this is a surprise to means i will have to get vouchers to pay for net access and draw cash to pay for food and rent..its a first reserve account..never had this crap before and been able to pay online for stuff and buy stuff in shops why now???

            • And another thing, Bob, “savings accounts” still use passbooks so you are not tempted to draw out money on a whim. Having an ATM-only “savings account” does not make sense. Instance access money is the worst place for your “savings”. Good luck with saving anything in that!

            • You are only earning 0.10% interest per annum on this account. It also says “Make purchases – your cashcard also works as a debit card” – well, it wont come August 2013, so tell the bank you want to open another account (or open one elsewhere) in order to restore your debit card facilities. Or you are going to be up Crap Creek when Universal Credit comes in and you find you can’t pay your rent!

              • @ATM will pay rent but only if i withdraw cash to pay it..this is horrible country and dont fancy wandering around with cash and being mugged..the trouble i had just t get an account was horrible..trying to get another will be a hassle..what about the ISA thats in natwest?

            • Nobody in this day and age should be expected to be withdrawing a months rent money out of a cash machine. It’s a mugger’s delight!

            • An ISA is not going to have a card though. You need a basic bank account with debit card facilities.

            • Say you took your employer to an industrial tribunal and won, and in addition your employer had to pay you compensation. Would you expect their behaviour to be any different towards you?

            • You could always threaten them that you will “take your business elsewhere”. First Reserve sounds a bit too much like Federal Reserve, maybe it is the Territorial Army of the banking world, reserve accounts that in the time of a bail-out are the first to be called-up to be plundered.

          • If it is what I am thinking, Bob, the ATM-only card wont have the 16 digit debit number or the “chip-and-pin”. Tell the bank you want a regular account with regular facilities. Or you will end up with a card that can only be used to withdraw cash from a machine at your local branch!

            • @ATM this has come as a surprise to me,,trouble is natwest have pissed me off before re ISA it was a struggle getting an account in first place seeing that i am considerd a ‘scrounger’ with disablity ..i get lo level DLA too..

            • You are not going to get a current account (you have to pass a credit check), Bob but by law the banks have to give you a “basic account” and these should include a debit card facility. But now it seems that you have to go through a “credit check” for one of these. Talk about “social inclusion”. More like shafting the poor and social exclusion. And to think that our taxes go to bailing out these banks.

            • Also if you have had a spat with NatWest it might be better to look elsewhere, but you never know what they have put on your “credit file”.

              • @ATM i get mislead sometimes but we complained to ombudsman and natwest apologised and compensated me the ombudsman found in my favour that natwest were out of order..

            • Anyway, if you have a “recurring payment” through the account for your rent you will have to act, because you don’t want to be carrying rent money around just for your own safety.

            • The bank have a free hand to do anything they like with your accounts any time they like. But the timing does sound a bit suspicious, but nothing you could take to the bank!

              • @ATM i was wondering if it so they could plunder the accounts to do a bank bail out like the did in cyprus…think about it if i withdrew money from ATM and stashed it into another natwest account..what is a first reserve account anyway?

          • Federal Reserve

            Bob, the money in your bank accounts isn’t yours – it is the banks. You are a CREDITOR of the bank!

  21. @pat i thought that why didnt the guy do the petition on govt petition site,, has it been a waste of time then?

  22. no bob, it will cause great Embarrassment for IDS, anyway bob, you must be loaded “”ISA”” , bloody hell all I have is a de-icer for the freezer. LOL

  23. Wirral Borough Council, will only be giving out cards, to use at a certain supermarket, not sure at the moment which one though. no cash as all will be issued.

    • Yosserian Hughes

      Is there a link to this please Pat – I live on the Wirral, and haven’t seen or herad owt about it.

  24. @pat this is most strange..a bank tells me my card will be cash only , no transactions , yet a social fund tells us it will be transaction only no cash..anyone figure this out?

  25. dont know bob, my brain is scrambled at the mo, with all these benefit changes

  26. someone earlier said they were going to boycott housing associations and council offices, too right too, if they did not implement these unjust laws levied against the poorest in society there would be no bedroom tax or council tax for those whose benefits are below the poverty line.

    • i will be boycotting my HA, as i cannot afford to pay £22 a week bedroom tax, will also be boycotting my council as i cannot afford to pay £5 a wk council tax also, they can both FUCK OFF

  27. off topic
    The new “Local Welfare Assistance” scheme will replace current crisis loans and community care grants
    Library workers will be asked to identify whether people are “potentially eligible” for the support and will help them make an online application
    One-stop shop and library workers will now be among those helping those who need to apply for a new council hardship grant .

    No way, I want my local library staff, knowing all my personal financial information, mind you if it means a member of DWP losing there job ie surplus to requirements, then that’s fine by me, they don’t give a fuck when they sanction people left right & centre.

    • This was never in the ‘library assistant’ job description! – it was more about helping people with research/looking for long-lost family members – even finding books …

      Confucius reigns.

    • Yosserian Hughes

      Ach! My bad. Didn’t read the rest of the posts, and don’t get the globe delivered anymore (Down to one bogroll a week now 😦 )

  28. The DWP I missed them out of the list above to be boycotted

  29. It’s the likes of these that give benefit claimants a bad name, used to reinforce the perception all claimants are bone-idle wasters -
    By the way the link doesn’t appear to work

  30. Who shops at Asda anyway?

  31. this asda card u get instead of cash where u have to spend it in there store is for food and and that what about gas and elec they dont do that at there stores so people is going to be without elec or gas its stupid

  32. kittykat58

    I’m not convinced the philpotts are guilty
    there’s no evidence that points to them in dm article.

    • Yeah,thinking about it some more the whole case is a bit odd, maybe their unsavoury reputation (appearance on Jeremy Kyle, for one) has played a part in the conviction, the attude being to make an example of these “feckless scrounging benefit breeders” Maybe they were set up, maybe some third party (not the ex-girlfriend) did set fire to the house. Is it a coincidence that their conviction comes in the same week that the benefits changes come into force? Or should I put my tinfoil hat on?

  33. I have seen people with crutches working unpaid in my local ASDA at Washington, Tyne & Wear.

  34. There’s more bullshit tonight on Tax Credits. People IN WORK and claiming them will have to attend jobcentre four times a year.

    • Landless Peasant


    • You will be hard pushed to find a job at 30 hours or more, the government dont want you to reach that milestone as it means they will have to pay working tax credits. Employers are given financial incentives by the government to employ several part time staff rather than one member of staff, camouflage for the REAL unemployment figures.

      • Troops are sent into other countries from the UK to stem dictatorships, who the fuck can we call in to put an end to ours?

      • True – employ 2 people for 16 hours to do 1 persons job and the figures show unemployment going down.
        Although is seems to be going up

    • And they must look for more hours work to keep those tax credits (think they average the hours you have been doing between each JCP attendance), if it goes below a certain amount you get your tax credits stopped.
      I sense this will destroy this current government as low paid workers are going to realise they have been shafted big style.

      And also minimum wage being frozen or cut !!!!

  35. anyone been posting on the asda facebook page?
    cannot see any angry posts?


    • And this is the comment I left on it – Typical ill-informed right-wing rant, not everyone on benefits is a Mick Philpott. The vast majority of clamaints are decent people who are in this postion because of THE LACK OF JOBS, thanks to this un-elected governments lunatic policies. Mick Philpott is a replusive,charmless individual but he’d probably be that way even if he had a job so to tar EVERYONE on benefits in the same manner is disengenuous to say the least. The least A.N. Wilson, who incidently came from a deprived area of the UK, can do is issue an apology to all those he has tarred as “feckless” in this tasteless & highly offensive article.

      • @KITTYCAT i doubt their readers wiil note that you will be dismissed as ‘looney lefty (they still use that 80s phrase) as i posted on here..MP says benefits encourages poor to breed”..

        • One other poster tried to imply that I don’t know how the electoral system works, that the government does have a popular mandate, which is rubbish as there’re only there thanks to the LibDems. Was tempted to reply to their comment, but honestly can’t be bothered as they’re obviously been brainwashed by the Daily Heil’s brand of propaganda as they also spouted the usual rhetoric about “benefit scroungers”.

    • It takes a special type of Tory Scum to make political points off the backs of six dead children.

  37. How can the philpotts say they never meant to harm their children when they were pleading not guilty, something wrong there – also anyone who was in a house that had had petrol poured into it would have particles of petrol on their clothes due to evaporation droplets landing on their clothes.
    The evidence presented against them is rubbish.

    • It has got nothing to do with “evidence”, Guy, but everything to do with building a picture. So, let’s look at the picture shall we; “unemployed benefit scrounging shirkers breeding kids”, how is that going to look to a jury of hard-working taxpaying strivers? Open and shut case, guilty as hell, send them down! You really have no clue how the legal system operates. Thank goodness the legal process at present has the built-in protection in that we can release the Philpotts if and when they are cleared, rather than “hanging them by the neck until dead” after “3 clear Sundays”.

  38. @ATM ‘is designed to help you build up savings” build up savings where? under my mattress or in an account with them that they can plunder?

  39. QC

    we know they have been tried and convicted by the media before they even got to court, but they intend to hang manslaughter on them yet still say they have to live with hatred from the public for what they are supposed to have done, probably taken a lesser manslaughter plea on advice of barrister but could be innocent of either murder or manslaughter more being framed. To deny them the right to go to their children’s funerals was indeed barbaric.
    The public have no right to judge anyone as the saying goes ‘let he who has not sinned cast the first stone’.

  40. Next up- never mind people on unemployment benefits, the tories now want to harass those receiving working tax credits, forcing those with part-time work to take more hours on, or find a new job- will include quarterly JCP interviews. Meanwhile HM the Queen Madge is getting another £5m to sustain her scrounging lifestyle…

  41. according to royalists the queen is the most hardworking person they know, I’m sure the unemployed wouldn’t mind going on a few trips abroad to shake peoples hands and listen to speeches, followed by luxurious food and first class travel home – not a bad days work.

  42. Anyone else getting tired of the constant drip feed of hate that is going on at present?
    I have given up on the daily hate – used to check it online to see what outrageous claims they have and also despair at the swivel eyed loons; after today I just finally said that is enough.
    Also giving up on politics – the 3 main parties are all in it together, the fringe parties are all going even more right wing.
    Going to concentrate on getting a job, playing the game when and if I need to to please the system and try to have a stress free life.
    I think the fight has gone 😦

    • @dzwasp fine , if you want to live in a country run on systematic lies that blame the most vulnerable in soceity for all its currupt ills..i dont want that thank you, whatever my situation is or might be..

  43. @bob – In case you are interested – it’s not necessary/credit check doesn’t need to be run to open just a basic account (not the same as a current account) – Nationwide has one. Other building societies may be available …(?)

    The bank you’re referring to recently decided to start treating a specific group of their ‘less well-off’ customers in a different way and will (not sure from when) be writing or perhaps have written to them asking them to close their account(s). My understanding is this is for people in a certain, very specific set of circumstances only – financial, obviously. (No idea how other banks might be viewing this or if it’s a ‘one-off’). It’s not been done before now though (& doesn’t answer your question but maybe it says – something? something not very encouraging).

    • @SHIRLEYNOTT this is my bank..its been ok up until now even replacing lost cards quite the letter its saying its to help ‘build up savings’ ??? savings how? do i stuff my money in a mattress?
      i had a chat with the staff and are questioning whether this is a form of discrimination….if it is then i will be furious and will challenge it..
      have you any sources for this info shirley???

    • @shirleynott and ATM here it is , obviously i am not the only one then:

      ” Hi, we’ve had the same letter. It basically says that they are replacing all debit cards linked to a savings account with ATM only cards. It says that the changes are being made “as your savings account is designed to help you build up savings rather than making recurring payments or everyday transactions”.

      We do use the debit card on this account, so we’re going to open another current account before August, when they are going to start replacing the cards. ”


    • @SHIRLEY NOTT atm etc is it do with that business with being able to access all atms? that stupid nonsense? whats up with them messing customers about..


    “Community Support Grants

    These provide furniture and furnishing, white goods and other household goods required to enable people to continue to live independently. Items will be procured via the City Council and delivered direct to the applicant.

    There have been suggestions that we have reached some kind of exclusive arrangement with ASDA stores for the Crisis Grants element of the scheme. This is simply not the case.

    We are engaged in talks with a wide range of retailers in order to ensure that those in receipt of a Crisis Grant have both choice and easy access to a local outlet. A number of these retailers were unable to join the scheme in time for the 1 April start date. Negotiations with these other retailers are continuing with a view to engaging them in the scheme as soon as is possible.

    Contrary to media reports, many other authorities are not providing cash grants. The other Core Cities are all making use of pre-payment cards. Several are taking a loan-based approach, which we in Birmingham have firmly ruled out for the reasons outlined above. Some councils are imposing very stringent long-term residency tests for applicants or making explicit use of vouchers or stamps.”

    Several welfare changes come into effect this week, including the new Under Occupancy Rules dubbed the ‘Bedroom Tax’. Whilst we cannot as yet fully quantify the impact of these changes, we can safely assume that they will generate much increased demand for a whole range of services of last resort, including the Council’s own Local Welfare Provision.

    It is for that reason that we intend to keep the operation of the new scheme under review and will be looking to make any necessary modifications in order to protect the interests of vulnerable people.

    As part of the welfare reform programme, the Government has abolished the Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans elements of the Social Fund, which were administered centrally by DWP. From 1 April 2013, responsibility for this emergency welfare provision has been passed to local authorities.

    Birmingham’s Local Welfare Provision policy was agreed following extensive consultation, starting in autumn 2012. Using the Multi-Agency Welfare Reform Committee, we subjected the draft policy to vigorous scrutiny from voluntary organisations working on the front line of crisis support in the city, which resulted in further amendments.

    In shaping the policy, we were determined to achieve two key objectives.

    To avoid stigmatising those in crisis by providing ‘vouchers’ or other identifiable tokens that would mark an individual out as the recipient of a Crisis Grant.
    We did not want to push vulnerable people further into debt by compelling them to take out a loan. It is worth noting that a sizeable part of the previous Social Fund was based upon the provision of individual loans.

    You will find the Cabinet Report and the detailed document setting out the policy here but to summarise, the key elements are:

    Crisis Grants

    These are designed to meet expenses that have arisen as a consequence of a disaster and cannot be met from any other source. These expenses must be the only way of preventing or mitigating serious risk to the health and safety of the applicant or their immediate family.

    Payments would routinely cover the provision of food, nappies and other essential items such as bedding or crockery and will be facilitated via a pre-paid supermarket card. Other forms of support, for example pre-paid bus tickets, will be provided in exceptional circumstances. We are also working with partners to provide short-term assistance to those facing issues around fuel poverty as a result of a crisis situation.

    The DWP to recover debts by asking employers to make deductions.
    From April 2013 the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is introducing the
    Direct Earnings Attachment (DEA). This will allow the DWP to recover debts by asking employers to make deductions from their employees’ earnings and pay those deductions to the DWP without the need for court action. All debts owed, including Social Fund loans, will be covered.
    DEAs will be used for collecting debts from people in work where a voluntary arrangement has not been possible. It is expected that the DWP will only use DEAs when people do not get in touch or are unwilling to agree a recovery plan.

  46. chewie

    I object to being taped by any organisation or business for fraud or their training purposes, not that I claim fraudulently but because I think it is an invasion of my privacy, but to incorporate VRA is a bloody disgrace, it just shows the kind of people that work in these places, well done TORY councillor Fiona ferguson for bringing this into the public arena to try and frighten off would be fraudsters, that was the intention wasn’t it – cynical me.
    I had to check this was not an April fool article.

  47. I find listening to fear factory helps my anger.
    designing the enemy and fear campaign sums it all up

  48. Teesside Solidarity Movement

    Reblogged this on Teesside Solidarity Movement.

  49. Scott McMahon

    Asda are owned by Wal-Mart, and Wal-Mart are one of the biggest profiteers with regards to food stamps in the US, so they’re actually following the edicts of their parent company….

  50. They have now lost my custom. Leeches if the lowest kibd.

  51. Shop locally, support your community.

  52. been shopping there twice a week for 30 yesrs but no more join the queue of companies i wont use again, including starbucks and voadaphone thieving tax evading bastards should all be in jail

  53. been shopping there twice a week for 30 years but no more join the queue of companies i wont use again, including starbucks and voadaphone thieving tax evading bastards should all be in jail

    • The same, stopped this weekafter 15 years. Make my stomach turn that shop now – not to mention the low quality, not particularly cheap food. Bute in their food now FGS!. Also boycotted Argos.

  54. ASDA/WAL-MART are only trying to earn a crust in order to allow their shareholders to live the lifestyle they are accustomed to,what is so wrong with that?

  55. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a
    famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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