Government Declares War on Disabled People and the Poor

Graffiti is pictured on a pillar outsideOn the weekend before the most savage cuts to social security in generations are introduced, the Tory party have gone on a media offensive to attack sick and disabled people or those who are unemployed, low waged and poor.

Minister for Murdering Disabled People Esther Mcvey began the assault with a vile piece of propaganda in the Daily Mail on Saturday.  Mcvey claims that many people who are “officially classed ‘disabled’ are no such thing”.  Her nasty diatribe comes in advance of the changes to disability benefits which will see around a fifth of disabled people lose vital support.

This is a woman with so much real world experience that she still lives with her business-owning dad at the age of 45.  Despite a half-arsed attempt at setting up a business, the nearest Mcvey has ever come to real work was sitting on the GMTV sofa.  Is it any wonder we are in such a mess whilst chinless gimps like Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and Mcvey run the country like a bunch of posh teenagers who have never understood what it is to stand on your own two feet?

Elsewhere internet con man Grant Shapps was attempting to claim in the Daily Mail that just because some people get better or die before a claim for sickness benefits is assessed that this somehow proves everyone on the benefit is a scrounger. Rarely has the nasty party sunk any lower.

Shapps may not be as privileged as many of his Tory counterparts but he has certainly never had a proper job.  His idea of hard work is to set up a few get rich quick scams and flog grotesque guides on how to pick up women to the gullible and desperate over the internet

And finally Iain Duncan Smith himself appeared in The Daily Telegraph with the ludicrous claim that he could live quite easily on just £53 a week.  But then that’s because he sponges off his wife’s parents –  living the high life in an inherited ancestral mansion whilst tax payers fund his lavish expenses.  At least Esther Mcvey scrounges off her own parent.

Millions stare destitution in the face this month with ruthless and reckless cuts set to throw lives into chaos.  Many claimants will be left with nothing at all to buy food after paying their bedroom tax, council tax benefits, water rates and other utility bills.  Homelessness is already rising and about to soar as a direct result of this Government’s policies.  With unemployment also back on the rise, particularly amongst the young, parts of the country may be unrecognisible in just a few month’s time as poverty not seen in decades returns to haunt the UK.

Not content with that however, this toff Government want to add insult to injury by slandering and abusing the victims of their policies in the national press.

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266 responses to “Government Declares War on Disabled People and the Poor

  1. Well if IDS says he can live on £53 a week he should get out there and prove it, put his arse on the line and prove it is possible, have everything taken off him and thrown on the street.

    • Oh yes…..but…..not for a couple of weeks, that’d be too easy. It’s after a couple of month that the horror of DWP aid (HA) becomes all to apparent. How the days merge and how the luxury of a new book or clothing etc seem like a dream.

      Disabled, sick and vulnerable folk have not a silver lining, just grey clouds filled with Tory disdain. The latest insult? Bedroom tax. Amongst those unaffected by this insult to social inclusion and fairness is: PAEDOPHILES and RAPISTS. No, no, NO,.not those dying of a terminal illness. Not those back from government oil chasing wars, maimed and scarred emotionally as well as physically. Oh no, nothing so decent.

      I wonder if this should have been expected since the investigations into Tory paedophiles have disappeared into the ether. And the Kenneth Clarke fiasco over lighter sentences for rapists.

      Beam me up, Scotty……

      • @kelpiemare i am glad you mentioned paedophiles as that is the other part of this govt…that they are trying to cover up..anyone following this subject will be aware of the cover ups and sackings of investigators..

      • GetYourFactsRight

        “Amongst those unaffected by this insult to social inclusion and fairness is: PAEDOPHILES and RAPISTS.” I am not going to let you away with this, kelpiemare, IDS, the cunt that he is, has already explained this TWICE to that knobhead Byyre in the House of Common. This exception applies to prisoners on REMAND, not convicted prisoners. I expect that you already know this anyway. As IDS said, and for all his faults which are many, he is CORRECT on this point: “Innocent until proven guilty”. That is the way it should be!

        • “Innocent until proven guilty”. An honourable aim. But. If you are in receipt of benefits, you do not have the luxury of that protection. You ARE a scroungr. You ARE a cheat. You ARE a skiver. Incapacity Benefit? Recipients are.cheating the system. DLA? fill in a form and anyone can get it. Cheating the system. No mention of the medical assessments those on those benefits had to undertake often. So the disabled cheat again!

          “Innocent until proven guilty”. Unless, of course, you are “on the sick” then you will be a fraudster.

          All are equal under the law-but some are outside the laws protection. Legal aid, being cut. Advice centres, being cut. And all because some folk are less able than millionaires.

          P.s. I signed the petition desiring IDS to put his claim into action. But not holding my breath for his doing it.

          • Germaine Greer

            That is a weak and pathetic excuse you are using kelpiemare in order to justify your deceitful behaviour. You told a DELIBERATE lie. You DELIBERATELY attempted to mis-lead the readers of this blog. There is NO EXCUSE for it. You are guilty of the same crimes you are accusing IDS of! Anyway, this is the sort of disingenuous behaviour we have some to expect from, I am tempted to say man-haters, but I will restrain myself and honour you with the teem of endearment – feminist.

            • 🙂 bullsh**.

            • @GG fail to see our argument..

            • @ kelpiemare… You are never going to get a man with your attitude 🙂

              • Oh dear……I’ve been living a lie these last 37 years?? ….wonder what our minister would say?! 😀

            • Gloria Steinem

              Come on, kelpiemare, you really don’t like men do you? Let’s be honest! 🙂 Guys suck big-time 🙂 Only after the one thing. Bloody rapists the lot of them. Go on, kelpiemare, just say it rather than beat about the bush. 🙂 That is why as your example of serious crime you choose PAEDOPHILES and RAPISTS, and you had to put in in BLOCK CAPITALS too just in case we didn’t pick up on it. Of course women can be PAEDOPHILES and RAPISTS too (see what I did there) but let’s just brush over that 🙂 What you men to say was MEN and MEN. How dare the government exempt MEN from the bedroom tax? Anyway, enjoy your bedroom tax, have you ever thought of taking a man in? 🙂

    • Roger Edwards

      IDS said something else of note. One out of every three pounds went on the welfare system. I wonder how many pounds out of three went to refinancing the financial sector? How many pounds out of three has gone on the “special” relationship with that other warmongering fu**er, the USA with all of those wars of aggression, military interventions, including the overthrow of sovereign governments. With 900 bases world-wide. How many pounds out of three to pay into the EU (£50 million a day). How many pounds out of three are being paid in back-handers to military dictatorships so they will buy british made weaponry to subjugate their own citizens?
      Finally, it’s bloody well impossible for him, or anyone else to substantiate any such claim. They are the scum of the earth. New labour is only a nuance better!

      • He also failed to note what most of the welfare budget is made up of. the two biggest areas are Pensions, and Housing Benefit (paid directly to his buddies already rich landlords (and ladies)). If you take either of these items then the entire rest of the welfare budget ( Including here family support, working tax credit, JSA, ESA, income support, DLA and PIP as well as Child support allowance, childcare payments, free school lunches, etc.), it fits into it many times over, meaning in effect that our so called benefits scroungers and working poor and disabled and children of parents in poverty are paid only a few pence in every several pounds, and this is falling, so soon it will amount to F all. And yet we can pay billions for more TRIDENT’S so we can go to war with America against other countries where we probably have no business being (like the little snotty kid that hung around with the biggest bully in the playground and yet was far more nasty and sadistic). Hmm….

        • @nikki martian some people believe that 70% of welfare is paid to claimants ..i notice with regard to pensioners the same discrimination is being metered out to they are a burden on the state..i posted on this quite recently..

    • Just Signed it.

    • Roger Edwards

      Where do I sign?

      • @roger edwards and all regarding the e petition on IDS £53 PW last time i looked it said it needed 17,000 now that 85,000 have signed it now says it needs 64,000 extra..?? i seem to remember these e petitions needed 100,000 to be oddly enough its been changed to 150,000..for some this the tories trying to change the rules or..

        • Those are the targets to milestone signing figures, Bob, ie 0 to 5000.. only 5000 needed- once there are 5000 the next milestone is ten, so it says only 5000 needed, the figure rises substantially after each milestone…
          Scroll down the petition page a bit and there is a milestone ticker

  2. UK going back to Victorian era

    Well said Paul! If he can survive on £53 a week then he won’t be needing his over inflated salary in future

    • £53 should get him a slice of unspread toast for breakfast compared to what id smith normally pays at tax payers expense

  3. My posting at the Telegraph. Re: IDS and his £53 pe rweek claim.

    There was a time when I actually liked IDS and thought he talked sense, NOT ANYMORE! The hypocrite is lying when he says he could live on £53 per week, because its just not possible to do so, not for any human being with an ounce of dignity in his own life. For the poor to pay escalating energy bills, water rates, Council tax, bedroom tax, to feed and clothe themselves, and a host of other things in life, well this cannot be done on £53 per week and we all know it, if we have half a brain we can easily work that out.

    Strangely however, our government seems to be able to afford supplying the Jihadists in Syria with weapons and support, are able to afford the use of our RAF aircraft in boming runs over Mali recently, costing untold millions to the UK tax payer. So tell me IDS? how is that your government can’t afford to look after the poor, as you claim, in helping with such things as their housing, but instead you can inflict a bedroom tax on them? And yet you have the millions of ££’s to help in causing death in a political sphere where we have no right to be? Sorry IDS in making the poor pay for the mistakes of the rich, and of the bankers who got us into this mess in the first place, its a shameful and terrible thing to do to your own people. Aren’t you ashamed or embarrassed at all Mr Smith? I guess not, but you should be if you had any semblence of a conscience. So I guess you will keep on spending our taxes on other nations squabbles, as though we had any chance of sorting out their problems. We have no right of involvement in any other nations problems, so lets just not try. But then you’ll tell us that you can’t help the poor here. so I say.. ‘George Galloway for Prime Minister’ at least he makes sense and has the facts to prove what he says, that we should not be using our money abroad for death dealing arms supply, but we should be using it for the poor HERE at home.

    • In Syria, as always,our gormless govenment comes out in support of the wrong side. Take Egypt for example, the protesters were regarded as a “good thing & the future of Egypt” now only couple of years on, the vast majority of Egyptians would give their right arm to have Mubarack back. A case of “be careful what you wish for”
      We should stay out of Syria, it is not our problem, never should it be. The UK should be the priority of the UK government, NOT other countries spats & civil conflicts.

    • Roger Edwards

      Luvly! I joined the Respect party only a couple of days ago. I’m hoping to find out if there is a local chapter tomorrow. Keep on educating people, maybe we can make a difference – sooner rather than later!

  4. Anomie shrugs

    @johnny void,

    “… parts of the country may be unrecognisible in just a few month’s time as poverty not seen in decades returns to haunt the UK.”

    I do not think this will be comparable with any other time in British history, in depth, scale and speed this is going to be an almost instantaneous social melt down. Add to that the contempt for and fragmentation of the social conscience with the political fad for the Dharavi model of a sustainable society then we have the perfect storm of nationwide penury.

    • Youre right, we’ve noticed an increase in run down bleak properties , unkempt streets and boarded up shops just like the 80’s

      • Philip Burdekin

        It is happening all over the country and it is visible, people can’t afford to keep up with the Tory joneses anymore, there is no protection from these vultures in government .

  5. @Johnny Void without being boring (sorry if i am) i was able to prove that the 900,000 incapacity benefit claimants who suddenly signed off fearing assessment was actually a fact under this govt the 900,000 were diverted onto incapacity benefit to hide i found out..thus 900,000 hidden unemployed were made to disappear by their own doing..
    the real figure including the 900,000 unemployed is over 3 and half million at least..not quite thatchers record of 4 million but very much on course …
    no wonder the Tories are clutching at straws this is a desparate govt prepared to lie and cheat and steal to cling on to power…i dont see them as declaring a war as such i see them them for what they really are ..pathetic and hopeless and out of touch with reality..

    • You are so right Bobchewie, I am not even sure if any tory is human, they are the true scum of the earth, I hope the monarchists too are proud of them.

  6. here is the 900,000 mentioned in the tory rags as feckless who suddenly signed off incapacity benefit..

    For Britain as a whole in April 2012, the new figures point to more than 3.4 million unemployed. This compares to just 1.5 million on the claimant count and 2.5 million according to the Labour Force Survey – the government’s two official measures of unemployment. The difference is attributable to extensive hidden unemployment.

    An estimated 900,000 unemployed have been diverted
    onto incapacity benefits. These are men and women with health problems who claim incapacity benefits instead of unemployment benefits. They do not represent fraudulent claims.

    quoted from ” THE REAL LEVEL OF UNEMPLOYMENT 2012″

    Christina Beatty, Steve Fothergill and Tony Gore
    Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research
    Sheffield Hallam University

    • thats not what that report says at all Bob. its just saying that some people who are on sickness benefits should be included in the unemployment figures to give a true picture of the state of unemployment. basically they are saying the same as the government, that a lot of people on ESA are really fit for work.

      the 900,000 people Shapps was speaking of were new claims who ended them before assessment. completely different group

  7. jenny bondage

    Its like ECT on the poor with a cattle prod…it aint going to “work” but it’ll fkg really shake you up. And the rancid Labour Party stand around in lab coats, planning their careers in Oxbridge off shore… “politics”. This country is sick to the core, an open sewer.

  8. Gas the disabled says 5Live tory pinhead and his band of mouth foaming Daily Mail reading circle-jerkers.

  9. 37,000 + signed that petition about IDS..only 12k to go..all the same its a bloody good effort so far…well done to those signers..

  10. Philip Burdekin

    These so called government ministers from the nasty party want to see us ground in to the mud as we were many many years ago, they will destroy our will until we kill ourselves or die naturally, GOD HELP US ALL.

    • Roger Edwards

      Check out Agenda 21.

      • overburdenddonkey

        what the 1992 rio earth summit agreement, that is now being used by ngo’s to govern our every move…in the name of conservation….don’t start me, who was in uk government at the time…john xxxxxx. of the toooory party…check out usa rosa…on red ice radio…she has it totally pegged out..

  11. Iain Duncan Smith is plainly delusional if not insane. This lunatic really has taken over the asylum. Even a madman should realise that if there is nowhere smaller for 97% of under-occupiers to “downsize” to they’re either going to end up living in extreme poverty or evicted and homeless. Funny isn’t it how committed Christians, like IDS, who pretend to believe in love and compassion towards others are always the most cruel and destructive? Warmonger Blair is another example that springs to mind.

  12. It’s just disappointing how many people actually believe the propaganda.
    You hear the idiots spouting the Mail headlines on the phone ins.
    Drives me fucking nuts.

  13. Now that the tories have declared war on the benefit claimants, time war was declared on them,Time to take the gloves off. Drunken Smith, CallMeDave, Gideon, PInhead McVey, Conman Shapps & of course not forgetting their LimpDem collaborators esp.that gullible fool Cleggy strung up nicely outside Westminster

    • @kittycat as i posted on here i rather see them as pathetic and hopeless and desparate..who will stoop as low as it wants to cling onto power..
      consider this ‘grant shapps’ claiming he will tell the british about all the successful things they have done” if that isnt reckless and carrying a death wish what is? oh yes delusional certainly..

  14. Wirral In It Together

    Taken directly from the Wikipedia entry for Esther McVey MP…

    “McVey has worked in the family business which specialises in demolition and site clearance”

    I have nothing further to add…

  15. Vote of NO CONFIDENCE, people. It is now long overdue. When we have public schoolboy, multimillionaires, living off the taxpayer in their STATE-OWNED TWO AND THREE BEDROOM UNDER-OCCUPIED HOMES, THAT WE PAY FOR, then it is time for them to be kicked out of office.

    Because if they bring out a bedroom tax for one section of society who live in social housing, then it should be across the board for all those who live in STATE-OWNED HOMES, THAT THE POOR PAY FOR TO KEEP THE RICH IN IDLE LUXURY!

    These reptiles, who are playing at being ‘politicians’ have systematically destroyed this country. The jewels in the crown being the NHS and the Welfare State, DESTROYED.

    They have now threatened the security of peoples homes,caused deaths through fear, and have now begun ‘socially-cleansing the streets of England off the poor, low paid, sick and infirm, the disabled and mentally-disabled and the unemployed.

    The hypocrisy stinks to high Heaven. It has now become social cleansing of the poor, the unemployed, the low paid, the disabled [both mental and physical] and the rest who this vile government deems ‘not worthy to live.

    Cameron is an absolute madman, ruling over madmen like Duncan-Smith, Osborne and the rest who have eagerly assisted with the cull of the poor. They all have blood on their hands through people committing suicide left, right and center. because they were absolutely terrified of what would happen to them if they remained alive. And, no doubt, there will be countless more deaths to come.

    • Philip Burdekin

      I’ll agree with that.

    • Roger Edwards

      You’re on the ball. I expect the next phase will be euthanasia for willing volunteers, probably with a premium being paid to relatives. Then of course the development of ghetto’s. All in the name of a “fairer society”.

    • As I said yesterday, : Legalized Murder of the highest degree :

  16. Signed the petitition, read the comments on here as i read the main JV blog earlier, 5 minutes or so to read the above, went back to the petition and refreshed… 2500+ signatures added in that short time.
    This is gonna bite Dumbfuck Schmidt in the arse

  17. And another THOUSAND extra signatures in the time it took to type out the above!!!

    • Philip Burdekin

      And how the hell can they do that, they can’t even get rid of the terrorist who threaten the country plus will they let people on the planes for free lmao, what a bunch of DHs.

    • Uly Oneandthirty

      That was a tasteless April fools, but sadly a believable one

      • Maybe they will relocate the unproductive and the life unworthy of life – the unemployed and the sick and disabled to Fukushima.

  18. I saw Liam “there’s no money left” Byrne on Pravda … sorry BBC ‘news’ this morning and he was criticising the government’s ‘reforms’ – “how it’s wrong cut benefits for the poor and give tax cuts to millionaires” etc etc and then, in the middle of doing so, he decided to slip in, that Labour would deal with unemployment by time limiting jobseekers allowance for two years and then create a job that the claimant would then be forced to take once their two years were up.
    So this loathsome bastard is now helping to plant the idea of time limiting benefits in the public consciousness while pretending to be on the side of the poor.
    What the Tories will do, is agree with the proposal, implement the time limiting, but provide no job, leaving claimants destitute and homeless when they have reached their time limit. This is how Labour collude with the Tories in serving the agenda of the master they both faithfully serve.

    • The time-limed benefits ARE a Tory idea (copied from America) which Cameron floated last summer. Liam Byrne, never having had an original idea in his life, simply grabbed it and altered it just enough to make it palatable to the Labour Party )although I’m sure that secretly he would 100% be up for leaving the over two year unemployed starve on the streets).

      All politicians are cunts.

      • The USA is not just another country it is another planet. For instance, in Texas they are having a spate of District Attorneys and their wives being SHOT in their own homes. Yeah, you don’t fuck with disgruntled Texans! Back in Blighty do we really want to see DWP/work programme staff and their families being SHOT in their own homes. You can’t import “American-style” policies a la carte. We want the full course. If you play dirty – GIVE US GUNS!!

        • Errrmmm? Let me think about that. I will get back to you.

        • Repatriate Amendment II, the common-law right to keep and bear arms supporting the natural rights of self-defense and resistance to oppression.

        • It sounds a bit too Jeremy Clarkson.

          • I WAS joking. Just for the record.

            • – reply above/below – wherever it is – was for Anomie Shrugs (it’s a bit after the event but was a difficult question to try & answer this late at night).

              @Stan – what do you mean by ‘a walk in the park’ and ‘terrified’?? Are they serious comments? Shall I just leave now?

              (I would have said the same as you – above – as I think it would come under ‘scenes we’d like to see’ – but not really. Just decided it reminded me of a recent Clarkson comment).

          • And when Jeremy and the State takes aim at you what will you defend yourself with? 🙂

            • It is shirleynot that terrifies me. Anything else is a walk in the park.

            • Good question and if that’s literally, I wish I knew. They (gvt) already have taken aim at me & my family – & I don’t think I’m doing a very good job of defending us so far …. It’s not a fair fight (as in, they hold all the power). Nothing so far in my life has prepared me (not even seeing my parents, and others’ horror as the Thatcher era unfolded), for the scenario where I would ever have to physically fight to defend myself/my family. The only even vaguely comparable experience I have is my son being severely bullied (aged 7/8) & the response was to first of all try to talk to the school and ask them to intervene to reduce/stop it. (We are long past this point nationally). That approach in no way worked (ditto, it’s not working now either, nationally) and after the realisation gradually dawning that they wanted to deny that ‘that kind of a problem’ was happening, and weren’t about to explore/offer actual solutions – until after it was way too late, the best case scenario turned out to be a move to another school and counselling from child/adolescent mental health team.

              So eventually, damage limitation happened, but my anger was barely expressed to the people it was felt for (the staff at the school) although I think they could see it as time went on) – it was mainly expressed as sleepless nights and just ‘civilised’ controlled/angry discussions/written records (so no change there). No physical fighting went on, even though I did feel increasingly violent/angry (as nowadays) – then towards the (male) headteacher – who was – on one occasion only – verbally aggressive towards me (with no witnesses). Now – towards IDS & his group of fiends. I probably wished the head (vague, non-specific) harm on more than one occasion (he went on to use all means to defend himself from any culpability/oversight around the time it became obvious that he/his school had directly contributed to a continuation/escalating of the violence taking place). It’s more than a bit like this situation, today, come to think of it. Denial/deflection.

              But not the same. If the question is when can the use of violence be justified, and what’s an appropriate response to the kind of violence that’s being inflicted today, I would say that desperate times call for desperate measures but that personally, a bloodbath – whoever is in the scene – terrifies me & what we are seeing/living through now is already terrifying and horrific – so just terror & horror all round.

              – at least with Jeremy – I can just imagine he’s not real.

            • “It is shirleynot that terrifies me. Anything else is a walk in the park.”

              Don’t worry I don’t think the owl picture is really her …

              • @R33 i need to ask how you came by yr nickname on here because ‘R33’ came up on another blog with regard to bryn estyn north wales care home where the abuse took place,,..

            • @bobchewie first letter of my name and my age. That other R33 is not me.

            • To Shirleynott. This is probably in the wrong place. Yes I was joking.

            • @R33 – Happy Easter – it’s not. If ‘wise old bird’ was really me, things would probably have turned out so very differently… (‘drifts off’). Seriously though, the ******* picture & username both started to be a bit annoying a while ago – and it’s almost certain that I must be (even more so) irritating in actual life if this is how I’ve opted to come across online … Having said that, there are more irritating things out there & it took so long to find/think of/attach the picture to begin with. Have had thoughts of ditching both & coming back as someone else with a less-annoying, more forgiving persona (well, it is Easter) but it’s not easy in any world to reinvent yourself, is it? (unless you’re Madge/Madonna) & things are confusing enough… so I might be stuck with them.

              – If I do decide to abandon ‘Shirleynott’ and the owl though, I might go for something shorter/snappier (less annoying) – maybe ‘S’Not17’ ?. The problem with that being people might think ‘*** X-factor boy band’ …

            • ~ @Stan, sorry it was early/late, I wasn’t sure whether your aside comment was real and/or ironic. “Just because ‘everyone’ is talking about me, doesn’t mean I’m paranoid”. It’s been said before that I’m a little ‘over sensitive’/scary but really – people shouldn’t be so honest/critical/mean.

              Now, where did I put that sawn-off shotgun, it’s time for my medication/target practice before ‘Top Gear Easter Special’ starts (followed by ‘Today in Parliament’).

            • @ ‘S’not17 Happy Easter to you too. 🙂 I don’t know, I think your username is quite appropriate given the evil policies this government has been implementing – “surely not!”. I also like that picture. I like owls and the way they turn their heads all the way round. I have also considered changing my username – this one seemed a bit bland given all the clever puns that people use as usernames on here, but the only names I was coming up with, was stuff like: “DeathtoIDS” and “DieslowCameron” which I thought might come across as a little deranged and psychotic and might be a tad too extreme. LoL @ X-factor boyband, or maybe people might just think you have a bad cold.

        • In response to Rednecks comment I don’t think we are far off following the American example, retaliation of some degree is inevitable, you corner an animal and give it no choice but to attack to survive, it WILL attack. Extremist groups will be created in our own supposedly civil country, anyone knowing of such groups please let me know, I will sign up tomorrow, this government are going to murder me anyway so time to fight back. Words won’t do it!

        • Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

          “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

          — Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

      • Anomie shrugs

        Frank Field MP Calls For Time Limited Benefits – January 2009.

        “The Government’s approach is wrong for two main reasons. It does not time-limit benefits, and therefore allows claimants to continue receiving welfare while making little or no attempt to find work.”

        • I never considered Frank Field to be a real Labour politician. When he was young he WAS an actual member of the Conservative Party and his sympathies have lain with right-wingers ever since. He only spitting the dummy now because the report of poverty David Cameron invited him to write was binned by the Tories as soon as the ink was dry. Frank Field is an arsehole. Always was, always will be.

          • Frank Field has always been, to my mind, an odious piece of work. He is extremely right-wing in his views and always has been. His views on the unemployed and the sick made my stomach turn.

            Now, he is suddenly saying the complete opposite to what he has been saying in the press in the past. The man has no principles whatsoever, I cannot stand to look at him. It seems that he changes opinion to suit himself. Come on Frank, you cannot have it both ways, Stay right-wing, We all know what you really stand for.

    • There is only a nuance of difference between the party’s. The master’s, by the way are the World Bank, the IMF and The Trilateral Commission!

  19. overburdenddonkey

    what they do, causes the benefit trap…it traps one in even deeper poverty.
    can anyone suggest a practical, and therefore reasonable,a way out of this benefit trap.

    • How about the government stop having foreign war adventures. Not upgrading Trident. Cracking down on corporate and any tax avoiders. Not giving miliioniers a tax cut and some type of Mansion Tax. That way we as a society could keep some type of safety net and not drive people into destitution. People on a limited income did not cause this mess. Rich people did. Less of the scrounger rhetoric please.

    • Seems to me, the best way to escape from being exploited and get some self-determination is to set up your own business (easier said than done I know in this economic climate). For me, just to making enough profit to live on would be worth it, just to get away from the jobcentre and the work pogrom.

      • @R33 theres a thought you could set up your own jobcentre business and rent out workers to business and pay them nothing in fact i have a great name for that you could call it ‘workfare.’ im sure it would catch on a become a roaring success…

        • Yeah but unfortunately, I have this pesky little thing called a conscience …

          • I do understand were he is coming from though. I think that is the only choice for most of us. If you have a skill. Any kind of skill that is, that you can capitalize on, then use it to try and make some kind of income. Self-employment is one way of escaping their clutches.

          • @R33 Take it for walks in the park…

            • Good grief! Not the annoying owl picture again!! How am I supposed to concentrate when it keeps following me around all the time? – maybe a walk in the park is the best answer to the April Fools Day nightmare/Easter broken boiler effect.

            • @bob – I know, but life isn’t all about picnics in the park, just because it’s supposed to be spring. Today would be a good day for a long walk across a short park though – it’s either that or being stuck indoors seeing strange images of the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in a string vest, shivering, trying to work out when you know a kettle has boiled so he can pour hot onto packet noodles – before phoning his good friend, Esther & asking to borrow a cup of sugar (oh no, it looks as if he’s just realised the phone has been cut off and he’s run out of credit on his mobile) …

              There are (allegedly) concerted efforts being made to ‘encourage’ people en mass to think about setting up their own businesses – for obvious reasons. JCPs (well, one at least) have started talking about having their own ‘specialist’ people who can help/offer advice (these are probably the same person(s) who help people with their CVs – they just go round the back of their desk, change out of one shirt and into a different colour one, then come out again, like superman, ready to advise on all things
              self-employed) … It could be that Jeremy Beadle is back & having a laugh at our expense – I’ve not tested this out yet.

              • @Shirleynott one minute you are workshy feckless scum, and treated like shit, then you are mr entrepreneur and they are all nice to you..ok then in that case become a business boss then tell them you will employ a youngster then let them bung you two grand …

            • @ bobchewie


  20. even the fuckin BBC are stickin it to claimants wi their Benefit Cheat on the “Syndicate” bout time THEY were fuckin Privatized and made to work for their fee like the other channels

    • The BBC are smug cunts who are in serious need of a kick up the reality check arse. It is high-time these cunts were made to live in the Real World! PRIVATISE THE FUCKING BBC – NOW!!

    • Gooooooooood God, I am so pleased to see this comment about the BBC, this should have happened decades ago.

    • The media are either owned or controlled by zionists. Check out “Who Runs The World? Solid Proof That a Core Group of Wealthy Elites Is Pulling the Strings”

  21. Rosemarie Harris

    We all have to do what needs doing, Demo’s go on them, letters, emails, put up posters in your windows, tune into websites ,keep informed, tell everyone that will listen… It’s up to us, And remender that all these M.P’s all claim Tax payer’s money so attack then on that afterall we are in it altogether! lets get them!

    • We can get them on that. That is their Achilles Heel. These reptiles possess STATE-OWNED AND UNDER-OCCUPIED TW0 and THREE HOMES, THAT WE PAY FOR! About time that THEY TOO SHOULD PAY BEDROOM TAX OR GET OUT!.


  22. The high profile in the tabloids of the Tory MPs to deflect from the misery to come for millions of people. Propaganda to demonise the poor. IDS live on £54 per week what a joke. No MP should be paid over £50 per week.

    • You’re too generous to MP’s, they should earn sweet FA, that would prove whether they had the interest of the country at heart, instead of preferring to line their own pockets.

  23. Home Sec Theresa May once famously said of her Tory Party “people were calling us the nasty party”. She now has to amend this statement. The Tories are now going to be called the VERY nasty party!

    The TORIZ. A warning from history?

  24. Clegg swanning around in luxury in DAVOS with his rich business chums as the cuts bite,

  25. I want to see jv’s postings reading ‘the sick and unemployed attack local government administrators, national government administrators, atos offices, mp’s at surgeries and civic centres, gp’s who refuse to make a stand against atos, housing associations andcourts where eviction authorization is being carried out, the list is endless. Petitions will probably end up in a westminster bin, this government is trampling on democratic pathways. Don’t forget these public servants are well paid to do more than carry out laws made by criminals by mp’s from all parties. We also want to know which mp’s voted for what not just what our own mp’s voting activities are..

    • We no longer live in a democracy. The tri-party state has a monopoly on force. If they use it it is classed as ok, warranted and well deserved. If we even complain about things we are terrorists. That’s the way it is going, the country is dumbed down and happy with it’s serfdom, no matter the consequences on the coming generations, that’s if they don’t do something more serious to sort out “useless eaters” by then… but thats a Conspiracy Theory, even though it’s all in print and been implimented, like Agenda 21 from that hypocritical NGO, the UN.

      Oh well, the petitions put on almost 2,000 more signatures since I started writing this hehe, almost 84,000. Nothing will come of it, when you have to ask someone permission to complain you have already conseeded that they are in charge.

  26. overburdenddonkey

    one thing i have learnt in my 61 years, is violence achieves nothing, and only makes things worse..the way forward is to protest loudly…rage…

    we live in a democracy lets create one NOW..the duality of words or actions comes into play…3,000,000.. + votes can be harnessed to form a political party or vote for one that will reverse these savage cuts and help to genuinely, enhance the chances of the downtrodden.

    the blaming of the least able, to get through the doors of justice, has to stop…we are being scapegoated….for poor social policies..

    now where did i put my copy “of the boy in striped py……”

    • May I suggest the Respect party?

      • overburdenddonkey

        yes, you may.. good old george…i live in galloway…no not in george…i do gorge on m/t space…i’ll have even more now…

    • You do understand that a democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner and that the highest form of democracy in action could be seen to be a lynch mob. What we need is something like a Constitutional Republic with checks and balances to keep everything in order. Shame they eventually get corrupted as well.

      Democracies are not what you think they are, charlatans and thieves turn them into vehicles for their own purposes with corruption and pay offs, look at what controls the world at the moment, a banking cartel in charge of all of the central banks in the world, who long ago bought off all the governments, their think tanks set up the EU and UN, as well as the North American Union, as well as the other “World Entities”. Democracies are inherently corruptable, history has shown this to happen at every turn.

  27. The UK is Toast!

    What sort fucking CUNT-try to we live in ffs? A cow-towed population of obedient slaves ruled over by a one-party state and living in perpetual fear of destitution. Did out forefathers really go through two World Wars for this?

  28. Fucking Tory Morons Everywhere

    Fucking shit-gargling actively brain-dead thick tory cunt doesn’t understand you need MONEY to pay for electricity, gas and travel and resorts to SO U DON THINK TEH BENNYFIT BILL IZ OUT OF CONTROL?

    Fucking Low IQ far-right degenerate tory inbred

    • Fucking Tory Morons Everywhere

      Freeloading rich tory inbred Ian from shitty Sheffield who aquired his wife’s/other relatives wealth: I created my own company i hires people give me moneyz plz

    • Only 3% of welfare gets spent on Jobseeker’s Allowance and about 18% on housing benefit, much of which goes into the pockets of profiteering landlords, which is claimed mostly by low-paid working people. Nearly HALF of welfare is spent on pensions, many of which get paid to very, very rich people, Almost all the cuts to welfare are being made to help extended to the non-working, sick and disabled, most of which have no power to improve their situation and yet are blamed for it and call feckless because of it. This is true wickedness. Where’s the justice?

  29. Fucking Tory Morons Everywhere

    To the tory morons arguing about fairness: It’s also fair to display your phone number, address and other private info in the name of transparency, fairness and “libertarianism” as you’re self-employed nutcases, right?


  30. overburdenddonkey

    help out of benefit trap required…duh…i know i’ll cut your benefits…deeper trap created….now get out of that one….it’ll do you good….i blame the telly tubbies…

  31. The coalition are acting no better than Hitler.
    Creating scapegoats to shift the blame onto someone else.

    Hitler blamed the Jews for the state of the country and now the government are blaming the sick and the poor for the same reasons.

    Get the majority of the people hating another sector of the country and people soon forget who’s fault it really is.

    And its all fed by the governments sponsors; The owners of the media.

    The Mail, The Express, and The Sun take turns with horror stories of so called benefit cheats.

    And the people love it, because they need someone to blame and hate for their horrible miserable lives.

    When the crime figures are going through the roof because of all the cuts and those same haters are getting mugged and broken into for money to buy food by desperate people, who will they blame then?

    • overburdenddonkey

      you get it,does oskar have the answers?.

    • Well said Frank Bernie, nail on the head!

      • forget the SCUM DAILY HEIL EXCESS and Torygraph..they publish the lies this rotten govt feed them.the trick is to be ahead in the game and PROVE that they are like my 900,000 signing off incapacity benefit..i showed that was a lie..thing is how do you get that info out into the wider domain..when MSM wont got to make it relevant to others..

    • It has now become SOCIAL CLEANSING. There is no other way of looking at it. People have already DIED because of ATOS – the Government’s lapdogs – and because they where absolutely terrified of losing what little dignity that they had left – which is their home, because of these cuts.

      If these public schoolboy multimillionaires are so desperate to save the ‘public purse’ then maybe they should begin with themselves and give up their GRACE AND FAVORS SECOND AND THIRD STATE-OWNED AND UNDER-OCCUPIED HOMES! PROPERTIES THAT WE, THE BRITISH PUBLIC, PAY FOR!

      After all, that should save a large amount of money to the public purse. And maybe the Royal Family should give up BALMORAL, BUCKINGHAM PALACE, WINDSOR CASTLE AND SANDRINGHAM – ALL OF WHICH ARE STATE-OWNED [PAID FOR BY US] AND ALL OF WHICH ARE UNDER-OCCUPIED!

      Maybe then the housing problem would be solved overnight with the money we would save.The hypocrisy stinks to high Heaven. God save us from these sadistic reptiles who are heaping misery upon those who can least afford, and those who are sick, infirm, mentally and physically handicapped, and who are old, low paid and unemployed.

      The time has long arrived for a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE, PEOPLE! An early election has to happen now, by hook or by crook. If it does not, we could all be dead by 2015, if these multimillionaire public schoolboys get their way.

      Remember, that this lot have now before had power, but it seems that power has now gone straight to their heads. They have completely forgotten who they work for…US! THE BRITISH PEOPLE!

      They ‘govern’ for half of the nation, [and for the benefit of the rich] and not for the benefit of the whole nation. After this, they will NEVER SEE POWER AGAIN! Vote for NO CONFIDENCE, people, It is the ONLY WAY to get these reptiles into an early election – whether they like it or not.

      • ‘Remember, that this lot have now, have never before had power’. That is what I meant to say in sentence above.

      • we are not exactly spoilt for choice with political parties we avoid replacing this shower with ‘more of the same’..

        • You are right, we are not spoilt for choice. But let’s face it, there was never all of this when Labour were in power. Yes, Labour had their faults, by God they did, but can you ever remember a time, when there was such fear when they were in Government? No. But as soon as this lot got in, God help us all.

          • @w leon i think its because they believe its their destiny to rule,,the ‘natural party’ of govt..just like (in the words of idiot journalists) labour is the ‘natural party’ of then lets see what party came up with the NHS..oh yeah..

            • Yes, you are right. They DO believe it is their ‘destiny’ to rule. But rulers can be overthrown. The people have the ultimate power here. Remember, it is THEY WHO WORK FOR US, NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND! They are only tenants for 4 years.

              But if we, the people are not satisfied with the tenants, WE CAN KICK THEM OUT THROUGH FORCING AN EARLY ELECTION BY WAY OF A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE!

              • @W Leon a short while ago i came across a letter from a Tory MP to another Tory MP in the letter he admitted that it was probable they would get their arses kicked at a general election..and be thrown out of office…hows that for confidence eh?

                • Then let us make it sooner then they expect. It has to happen. There are just too many of us that this is hitting now. Vulnerable people, sick people, the old the young. – apart from the rich who remain immune.

                  But the rest of us have the power to FORCE an early General Election through a vote of NO CONFIDENCE… It is called, using our RIGHT! and PEOPLE POWER!

                • @W LEON as someone once told me small successes can lead to bigger ones…keeping ones nerve is the trick..

    • “When the crime figures are going through the roof because of all the cuts and those same haters are getting mugged and broken into for money to buy food by desperate people, who will they blame then?”

      Immigrants probably.

      • It’s bound to be the economical migrants and their ergonomical offspring who are to blame – it’s always ‘Them’.

        • @shirleynott perhaps we can take it in day its US then its THEM..

          • overburdenddonkey

            the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of our government..who have failed in their duty of care to all sectors of our population…they should facilitate…sustainable growth in our economy in any economic era…an enabling economy is what is required…not pushing the unabled and disabled back into “work”…

            the problem as angela murtle, the german chancellor pionted out….”mr blair..we still make things”…threats whipping and bullying can never work…

            most of our working population is exhausted by the demands made on them…caused (by-cause-of) by poorly thought out policies…and decades of neglect…
            the chickens have come home to roost…and they, them which we are dis cussing, at least i am…our government…need to continue to fill up their coffers…so that they are insulated from the poverty and neglect that they have caused…need to keep their pound or currency strong…(their assets and money in their bank accounts) and scapechicken…the poor..which includes me…they insulate them selves….with money…and they want more of it and for it not to become worthless….coz without their wealth they would be nothing….and in fact be like me…and they fear being like me…

  32. Fucking Tory Morons Everywhere

    Tory stupidity once again

    • Always thought of the Minimum wage as a poverty trap – an instrument to set and legitimise poverty pay.

  33. 101,000 supporters on the IDS £53 PW E PETITION 48,000 NEEDED..I thought you needed 100,000?


    The next attack, not a living wage but a cut to the mininum wage. They must think a collapse is on the way and think they might lose their wealth. Funny Mcvey MP the disability minister ex boyfriend Philip Davies the Shipley Tory
    mp is all for a cut in minimum wage. He wanted the disabled to work for charities and be paid under minimum wage. He claimed it was better than working for workfare. Vile all of them.

    • @paul you mean the same esther mcvey who is part of the BCC blue collar conservatives who claim to be ‘working class’ tories in favour of cutting minimum wage? yes i’m sure that will go down well with them..not.

      • Yes bobchewie
        That Mcvey, with her mate Davies a right wing creature from Shipley who has probably told her to get the disabled who have lost their benefits to work for the colluding charities and be paid below minimum wage Use the disabled as guinea pigs before dragging the rest of the poor into it.

        • @paul well i’d like to see her sell minimum wage cut to her ‘working class tory buddies’..unless her working class tories are business owners..

          • I remember last year watching Cameron cry at an awards ceremony for heroes of our country! You fucking hypocrite crocodile teared Tory twat!

            • @david baker one of the reasons the priority housing of armed forces is there in localism act is partly due to delegation from Veterans..who met up with shapps and cameron..he just loves the military to use to keep the ‘riff raff’ out of posh boroughs..

            • information is one thing relevance is’ve got to find a way where the truth gets to those and becomes relevant to them..

            • The military have been busy grabbing their own welfare system privileges over and above the rights of the people whom they are suppose to defend, they have breached the post-war covenant – they are now nothing more than banana republic mercenaries.

              • @anomie shrugs the veterans delegation who visited shapps and cameron with regard to housing priority got their way..also thy had another was over ‘bloody sunday’ where they thought it was a disgrace that terrorist death were compensated and not the paras..

        • I will NEVER SHOP AT THE BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION AGAIN. After I found out they were part of the the organizations involved in ‘WORKFARE’.

          And the managers of this organization, using this charity for fund-raising whilst creaming the proceeds at the same time? NO THANK YOU! Why should I, or anyone line their pockets anymore?

    • There will not be a cut to the minimum wage…THEY WILL ABOLISH THE MINIMUM WAGE, FULL STOP.! That’s the next attack. And let us not forget, that there are more savage cuts to come, for those who are on benefits.

      • The Minimum Wage IS legitimised poverty. But if it goes those smarmy cunts in the jobcentre/third-party providers won have any compunction in sending their victims to 1 PENCE an hour jobs. The UK is fast turning into a HELL HOLE!

  35. rainbowwarriorlizzie

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    In Solidarity!!

  36. Think some one shoyld start an e petition of no confidence by the people in this government wonder how many would sign it. Would send a clear and consise message to this load of rich boys what the people actually think of them. I find it really amazing that yet again all those people protesting and no mention in the bbc or other stations

    • @catwoman36 dear selina i thought that someone had already started on on that.the thing is which has more effect? the change ones or govt e petitions?

    • That is what I have just been saying. The time has long come now for a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE IN THIS INEPT AND EVIL COALITION! It has to happen now. Because if we all wait ’till 2015, we could ALL BE DEAD BY THEN. or HOMELESS, IF THEY GOT THEIR WAY!

  37. although its good to see so many signatures to the IDS £53 pw e petition..which is great, lets not forget Lisa with her Stop abolition of DLA who has been running this tirelessly for ages now..can you guys sign her petition and get others too as well? thanks..

  38. KEEP Disability living allowance say NO to reforms


  39. Jabba the Slut

    113,000 signed the petition, hope it hit the millions!!

    P.S fuck you IDS you slimey backward cockbiting cunt!!

  40. I would LOVE to see IDS try and survive on Jobseekers Allowence. This year could end up with a Tahrir Square style protest. Or mass rioting. Maybe that’s what they want?

    • It possibly is. It would give them the excuse to bring in martial law. What do you think all the debacle was with the Olympics for, nothing more than an exercise to see how easily they could get the military on the street with an excuse to do so.

      It takes a lot to wake up the sheep in this country, but history shows when they do it isn’t a picnic. The only thing is we will probably have agent provocatures and controlled entities directing it and nothing will get done. People need to see who the real enemies are. These politicians, like IDS, are just useful idiots, the people telling them what to do, the banking families, are the ones who are really in control. Just in case you all don;t understand what is going on and how when even the parties change in power, the policies all stay the same.

    • He wouldn’t be able to do it. I bet right now, he is squirming for opening his big mouth. I, too, would love to see these evil and mealy-mouthed lizards trying to live of what we have been living of for years, when we have had bouts of unemployment.

      Maybe then they will see just how hard life is for many of us on benefits through no fault of our own. I will not hold my breath on that one though.

      • @w leon lets see now..home paid for by tax payer..staff,equipment, travel expenses, money to wife for housekeeping, UJM (several millions) UC (more millions) oh er and his favourite hobby dog IDS will spend most of his time at the dog track trying to win a few quid, trying to stay afloat and all that on £53 pw..good luck..

        • EXACTLY! You have hit the nail squire on his bald head.

          • Should be ‘SQUARE’ – but then again, he does believe he is a ‘squire’ Lol.

            • by the way for everyones amusement i have uploaded some images onto flickr in order to express some thoughts of mine of this subject..i will be doing more later and will post addr as and when..there is an option for viewers to download on there using actions i believe..if anyone wants to make a poster or handbill from them..

  41. Tory government you’re a disgrace!!!
    A family who are in social housing could possibly lose a loved one tragically and be left with a spare bedroom, not only will they be traumatised but you will add to their misery by charging them or worse still making them move from a home where their happy memories lie.
    You talk of broken society but you are sending it to the scrapyard without attempting to fix it, shame on you IDS!

    • They are acting as if they are Victorian Landlords. That is exactly how they see themselves. Completely forgetting of course, that were are now 13 years into the 21st century – and NOT BACK IN 1837 AGAIN!


      • Look around you W Leon. We are cowed, we are trodden on and there is no fightback!

        Accept that this is the new world order.

        • You may think that, but I certainly do not. Hitler could not beat us, And I am damned if this bunch of public schoolboy multimillionaires are going to either. So, MAN UP, AND PREPARE TO FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE TO GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE!

          Whether it is signing petitions, marching or using your freedom of speech to voice your opinion JUST DO IT! We need EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US ONSIDE HERE. Only through THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE can these evil reptiles be defeated.

          • Most people are either too scared, too busy,too lazy or too trodden on to get out there. One needs enough people to avoid simply getting arrested and a criminal record.

  42. Iain Duncan Smith TOTAL LOSER


  43. someone invaded Tom Prides blog
    this pearl of wisdom he left there

    “At least they are paying some tax rather than the lazy scum living off the state. Blah blah rich people are evil blah blah. These people contribute more in tax to the running of the country every year than most of these commenters will in a lifetime.
    fed up with the prejudice against those who have money or work damn hard to be in a position to earn it.”

    so thats well thought out now isn’t it?

  44. 120,000 have signed the IDS e petition so far..30k still to go..

  45. With all this going on I don’t even want to come back to the UK right now.’As I would struggle to much under this utterly useless, evil and un-empathetic government which turns people on each other, hates foreigners (I have a Bulgarian girlfriend who did not like the UK, because of the policies). When we needed help and things were a bit rough, they gave us no help !!!
    Now in Vienna, where we have rights, I had surgery, and got financial help after while I recovered.It was first class treatment, there is a good minimum wage even, We think we will stay here a while, Although I miss Scotland, now is no time to go back.

  46. e IDS PETITION IS ON 140,000 SIGNATURES !!!! 10,000 TO GO…

  47. overburdenddonkey

    the tory profiteering gold rush, our gold..their pockets…they make hay whilst the sun shines…they know that they will not get back in…their motto is speculate to accumilate…tis a one way valve they set up to ensure wealth flow in one direction..theirs

      • overburdenddonkey

        think bigger—-will ids put our money, where his mouth is….sorry slip of the pen, he already does….will he live up to his claim….nah….but he will prove one thing, his misrepresentation of the truth….i know an election can be described as a petition..and often is by those not willing to listen to the people…but how does one vote a government out…i know a petitions them to go…to get lost..go away…how about it?

        • You vote them out when their ‘policies’ [ for want of a better word] become so unworkable and unpalatable, that they clearly are NOT in the interest of the whole country.

          Then, through mass demonstrations around the nation, and people power, and the signing of petitions will we, the people, force through a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in this inept, evil bunch of reptiles and FORCING AN EARLY GENERAL ELECTION THEREBY EVENTUALLY KICKING THEM OUT OF OFFICE FOR GOOD!

  48. overburdenddonkey

    so the die is cast…when these cuts really begin to bite…our energy to fight will be sapped…and they know it…how does one start an epetition…i am new to this technology stuff….and i have little physical energy now…let alone in a few mouths down the line..

  49. overburdenddonkey

    for me it is about finding true self and holding onto true self…and never letting go of it..once it is is truth–trust–consent—nothing else will do….

  50. IDS has replied to the petition that he live up to his claims about living on #£53p/w by calling it a “publicity stunt”:

    • @ARRANJAMES No what he said was a publicity stunt..he is a complete stunt..

      • The thing is though, the suggestion that he live on such a wage for a year was always going to be met as ludicrous. Perhaps if the petition had said a month there would have been less chance he could have backed out.

    • overburdenddonkey

      i’d like to know when he was on the dole….now as i remember it back then dole was earnings related for quite a while 6mths i think..and then tapered off…. and in fact was a reasonable amount…the other thing is i could leave an employer on friday and find a new job over the weekend and start on monday…the unemployed then consisted of mostly unskilled labour…i know this fluctuates with era’s….most people…would be unemployed…until the found something that suited them…if they were unskilled…and stick at it until
      they expired…the full monty comes to mind… for some odd reason…mostly uunemployment was unthinkable… back then, mostly people felt a sadness for one if one was unemployed….things must be bad for one if one could not find a decent job….how time have changed…

      ids is rude….i never signed for publicity…but by-cause-of being angry….i would like to know when he was unemployed….i certainly think that he ought to be now…he does not compare like for like…i wonder if his morgan suffers ash die back…? nice car v8 engine…poor soul…now i feel a sadness for him..

  51. IDS is a coward & to claim that he’s lived on the breadline is a complete insult to those who do –

  52. The bedroom tax as with the poll tax can be paid in one penny pieces, it’s not illegal. Can you imagine if this took off the shit it would create for the thieves? Someone please spread via facebook and twitter as I have neither, thanks in advance!

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  54. overburdenddonkey

    osbourne claims he supports hard working people….really….what if their body gives up, as caused by the hard work…as happened to me….where is he then…cutting my benefits…coz i’m no longer hard working,

    i’m a has been.

    to support the hard working…it is in sickness and in health, not one or the other, which is why clem set up the welfare state…to protect the vulnarable. what he is saying once you are worked out, you can get lost. can he not see the hypocracy he speaks. does he think others are blind to it.

    • Exactly. They just don’t get it do they? He supports ‘hard working people’. But what about the people who maybe had a job, many years ago, lost that job, have been trying ever since to get back into work, but no joy? So, to the likes of Osborne, people who have been out of work for a certain amount of time are nothing but leeches, to be sneered at, spat at, and trodden on.

      God forbid if you happen to lose your job, or fall sick, or be unemployed, you are no good to Osborne then. Does this cretin not understand that he – with those comments – has just brushed aside thousands upon thousands of people, as if they are nothing, simply because they happen to be out of work.

      Is he assuming that people out of work are not HARD-WORKING? How can this fool tie everyone down together like that? Yes, there are lazy so and so’s among the unemployed, that is to be expected.

      But then there are a whole bunch of them in Parliament RIGHT NOW! So before he throws bricks at us, let him get his OWN STATE-OWNED AND UNDER-OCCUPIED house [or houses, depending on how many we, the taxpayers are paying for] in order.

      • @w leon all this from a towel folder with inherited wealth..

      • Squeezed Lemon

        Once you are no longer “productive” i.e. not paying income tax you are of no use to Osborne and Co.

        • overburdenddonkey

          true, i’ll add this,as i have been thinking the same for some time now.

          the govt know, via statistical analysis/spending patterns for a region, they know there is little fraud….v.a.t. gives them a big indicator here…vat income has plummeted…therefore so has spending…

          when the welfare state was set up there was no vat..yes there were other purchase taxes…but the bulk of govt receipts came…from income tax….not as it does now…productive people pay more vat….the idea of vat was to reduce levels of income tax… one is taxed primarily on spending…the vast majority of people have reigned in their spending…

          vat is paid on behalf of every child…before they become income tax payers….vat receipts must be low….and i should not think that….govt ministers pay much vat pro-rata their lifestyle and via, other tricks that they can use, to avoid doing so….in a slump vat receipts plummet,,,that is a problem…if not the problem….

          this is partly what being unproductive is….not being a consumer…the other part is not creating of wealth….and so being at the start of the consumer loop….their solution….is as you see it unfolding…not scrap or reduce vat….but scrap or reduce people to rubble..and then blame them for their failures….

          • @overburden donke lets not forget the 900,000 who were made to disappear off the unemployed register..

            • overburdenddonkey

              the decimation of coal mining…mrs thatcher…said “no jobs…theres benefits, put them on benefits”…or words to that…so she started the benefit culture as a political tool….the miners were proud to work and of their communities….steel workers…et al…

              • @OVERBURDENDONKEY well i caught them out lying ..900,000 were diverted onto incapacity benefit because they were ill..and recently we were told that 900,000 all suddenly signed off as cos they were scroungers..the 900,000 were part of the hidden unemployed..

      man who bred children is guilty of killing them..

      that shitty rag is getting worse..

  55. Daily Mail and tory readers new hymn Tomorrow Belongs To Me

  56. @overburdendonkey and it was noted that these 900,000 were NOT fraudulent claims either !!!!

    • overburdenddonkey many were driven onto i.c.b.’s… and they were in need of them, (it is a complex issue, the whole light duties thing in industry, where jobs would be found, in house to suit the sick et al), i know this but, it is typical of the way the truth is twisted to suit what ever..they need to do to affect a new policy change rather than get back to the roots of their policy failures and admit that they were wrong…to do…to correct the twisted and distorted economy that we now find ourselves in..

      if britain was picture in her era…then, what could be described of what she did, was to tear it up, throw the shreds up into the air and before the pieces landed, was to put in place polices, that would create a fake plastic economy, where wealth is measured in what one could borrow to spend…and spend. BANG…the bubble burst…all future govts tied to those policies she introduced… this lazy govt rather than a complete restructuring of our economy…try to tinker and adjust…etc…etc,,,if the govt was a car would you buy it?

      • @overburdendonkey it was amazing to see that it was same figure that express torygraph mail etc was banging on about who were scroungers who had suddenly signed off incapacity benefit 900,000 suddenly signed off same figure as 900,000 who were diverted onto incapacity benefit last year ie the hidden unemployed..

        • overburdenddonkey

          yes…they run a massaging..accountancy service… something about a drunk using a lamp post for support, rather than illumination…it is the tory mantra, ted heath did the same..we are all in it together..stage 1, stage 2, “the economy is bad, pass the caviar, rather nice with this claret”

          .it is same old same old politics…thrown at people who are too busy trying to keep their heads above water…than to remember how we got here…i do believe in democracy…may be someday we will get one…i’ll add for clarity…there quality of truth is very poor, and they project their sins onto those who have no voice….as i note from the dwp who are reliable in at least one aspect….ignoring me! so i must go make some noise..

  57. United StereoTypes of Unemployment (U.S.T.U.)

    It all makes sense now.

    “Promote NO hope & destroy THE future, while solidifying the dreams that we were TAUGHT in school to dream..” the Coalition reminds me of Kim in North Korea.

    I will never meet them, yet they have me believing that they have influence, power & are protectors of the righteous.

    How is this possible?

  58. 60,000 Reichs Marks is the cost to the people’s community for this hereditary disabled over a lifetime; People’s comrade, that comes from YOUR gold.
    Read ‘New People’ – The monthly periodical of the Political Office of the National Socialist German Workers’s Party.”

    “The cost of disability benefits is simply UNSUSTAINABLE” – Maria Miller, Minister for Disabled People in an interview with the tabloid press in November 2010.

    • Roger Edwards

      I think the truth of the matter is: the cost of military intervention, the destabilisation of most african nations, including the overthrowing of sovereign nations – is truly unsustainable! And that doesn’t even take into account the crap going on in the middle-east!

  59. something survived...

    What is the cost to the taxpayer of the security guards of these government leaders? IDS, Osborne, Cameron etc. That cost is not covered by £53 a week. Surely the cost rises, the more idiotic the policies/comments of the ministers become,
    How many dictators are shot by their own bodyguards?

  60. hi all this is sort of interesting…on a yahoo news thread i posted ‘

    a lot of people are getting sick to death of this ‘scrounger’ rhetoric now

    of which i got 37 thumbs up..most ive had true its not a 3 figure sum..but it might suggest that theres an element of truth in that

  61. Robert Richardson

    Two more Tories standing full four square behind nothing in particular.

    DM Reports That Tory Disability Ministers ‘Too Busy’ To Attend Rosa Monckton’s Disability Meeting

    Princess Di’s friend Rosa Monckton.

    ‘Children’s Minister Ed Timpson agreed to spend 45 minutes at the two-hour meeting, but was forced to leave after 20 minutes because of other urgent business.’

    ‘His colleague Disabilities Minister Esther McVey also agreed to attend but cancelled because she had a ‘diary clash’. Yet the former breakfast TV presenter did turn up. Rosa said: ‘She swanned in a few minutes before the end, announced she wouldn’t speak because she didn’t like to shoot from the hip, and walked off at the end. It was a disgrace


  62. Dorothy Chambers

    Ask IDS who is a clever man to give us the address of a place letting one person one room at £53 per week.

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